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“Unfortunately Wilshere is not ready. Maybe it is a consequence of last season, he was in the red like I told you and in fairness what nobody wanted to hear.”

The consequence of those actions and an early return to training has resulted in England’s best young player being crocked for 2 months minimum. Very sad for Jack. He’s a warrior, he wouldn’t want to be out and he’ll be sorely missed. Once again, Arsene Wenger has demonstrated that he’s not one for learning lessons. The manager still doesn’t seem to be able to correlate having a tiny squad with increased injuries. He still can’t correlate super intense training sessions with fatigued bodies.

People have often slated me for making these points, but time after time we’re proved correct. Last year the manager came out and admitted that there was a competitive advantage to having super fit players in the last ten minutes of a game. The way they achieve that is by training to match level during the week. This fatigues the body, a fatigued body is more susceptible to an injury. Jack Wilshere was playing in the red zone for two months, combined with 57 competitive games… and the ingredients were there for a problem. You can’t abuse an underdeveloped body and not expect something bad to happen.

If you still dont’ believe me, and you can’t see the logic, how about the quotes of Raymond Verheijen. He’s coached with Russia, Netherlands, South Korea, Manchester City and Chelsea. The man knows his stuff and he had this to say on our set up. (Quotes from

“How many times does this pattern have to repeat itself before someone inside or outside Arsenal [is going to] wake up and do something about it?”

“The problem is a lot of people think ‘more is better’ in terms of sessions.

“Traditionally, people assume you have to develop the body first before you play the game.

“They push players to extend their limits to get fitter because they copy the training methods from other sports. In a lot of sports, indeed, more is better such as cycling, running, gymnastics or swimming.

“You have people who make football so unnecessarily complicated. Because of this scientific invasion people stop thinking themselves and stop using common sense. The world of football is brainwashed by fitness language. That’s why I always say, ‘Get back to basics’.

“How is it possible that 10 different clubs have 10 different fitness coaches who use 10 different training methods? Players are the victim of subjectivity. Training methods should not be based on someone’s opinion or past experience. The training methods should be football-specific and use different principles to athletics and hockey.”

“At Arsenal he has suffered several muscle injuries which cannot be put down to bad luck.”

‘Arsenal is only just another example of an underachieving team because of injuries due to incompetent periodisation and injury prevention.’

Arsene Wenger put in place a team of GPS whizzkids in last season, they’ve told him Jack Wilshere is in the red and he’s ignored it. Sure, he had no choice. So this summer, when he had the chance to improve the depth of the squad, once again we’ve fallen short. History keeps repeating itself, yet every season we curse our luck! It’s managerial negligence not a 5 year sulk from Lady Luck.

Take note of the last line… injury prevention. This isn’t a medical staff problem. They just deal with the consequences of bad process. You don’t blame the hospital for amount of ladder accidents that happen in winter. You’ve got to address the problem at its core. Why are the injuries happening? Who is telling the manager his methods are flawed? Who has the guts to make a stand. This goes for the players as well. They must know that they’re being over trained. There were plenty of rumours last year that Cesc was very unhappy with the set up and we know that Robin uses his own personal trainer when he returns from his customary injury.

Removing the impact injuries… most soft tissue and stress injures are preventable. Playing someone who was 18 for 57 games last year is ridiculous and reckless. Just like the overuse of Vermaelen and Gallas the year before was also stupid.

Interesting to see Tennis is having the same problems with injuries as Arsenal. 19 players have dropped out if the US open this week. Jim Courier insisted if he’d had more rest when he was younger he’d have been able to address his shocking get up and he’d have put 4-5 seasons on his career. Is it any wonder Wenger won’t put more than 2 years on a 30 year olds deal. They’re destroyed by the time they get to that age.


At least Jack I’d pleased about Arteta.

‘Arteta is a great player, I played against him when I was on loan at Bolton and he was one of the best players on the pitch. Again, last season when I played he was one of the best players on the pitch. He’s one of the best players in the league an he’s a good addition to the squad.


Rumblings of Usmanov being offered a seat on the board are doing the rounds. Matt Scott over at the Guardian reckons Stan may have been sold a dream of sustainability that has well and truly been shattered this summer with big name departures and bodged transfer attempts. Stan could in no way sustain a City type spending spree. If he wants to see value on his over priced asset, he’ll have to ensure it doesn’t drop off the elite club map. To do that he’ll need to invest. Has he the stomach for that in a sport he doesn’t love?

Usmanov on the other hand can’t be ignored. He’s rumoured to be the richest man in the UK. He’s a visionary businessman. He comes to the game, clearly has a passion for the sport and he could fund us to the top in a very short space of time. Forget his past. I’m sure your aversion to him doesn’t keep you off Facebook, Zynga games or coupon site Groupon. They guy knows how to run a business. He has success on the brain and the clout to deliver.

Unlike Chelsea, we’d come complete with the countries second biggest second social media following, the number one most clicked club online (According to Metro) and a commercial platform so poor, you couldn’t help but fail to improve it!

Anyway… worth paying attention to that story. Stan Kroenke pretty much tanked in his first year as leader of the club.

Gary Cahill

Lots of excitable talk about Gary Cahill in the press after his marvellous performance for England. He’s after Champions League football when he moves which explains why he didn’t pressure for a move to Spurs. He’ll most likely move in January. I hope Chelsea, City and United don’t have any injuries or need then.

I like the cut of his jib and at 25 he’s only going to get better. Apparently he stays behind after training to practice his finishing much to the annoyance if his peers!


You listen to the rumblings about Theo and his 5 year quest to play up front and you wonder if that will be what finally pushes him out the club. I’m not overly fussed about him from an out and out talent point of view but we forget he’s still only 21 an whatever you think of him, he puts teams on the back foot with his devastating pace.

Poll Results

Emmanuel Frimpong 38%
Ryo Miyachi 27%
Jack Wilshere 20%
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 10%
Aaron Ramsey 4%
Carl Jenkinson 1%
Kieran Gibbs 0%

Votes – 2788

Well, it’s no surprise that man of the moment, Emmanuel Frimpong smashes the award for the player who fans are most excited about seeing this season. Is this just about raw talent? Not for me. It’s about his clear love for Arsenal, it’s about his lack of respect for towing the party line when it comes to saying goodbye to Samir Nasri and it’s about the way he tears around the football pitch like he owns it. I haven’t seen a player try and gee the crowd up like Frimpong since Thierry and before that, the legend that was Patrick Vieira who used to clap the fans when we used to sing his name!

We all want a hero, we all want a player we can connect with and I think this boy has all those ingredients. You know he feels each loss the same way we do. You know he wants to succeed and I have a feeling he’s going to be something a bit special. Patience is the key though…

Ryo Miyachi slips into second with after impressing out on loan last year. His blistering pace and silky skills have me thinking of Reyes when he was a lot younger before he was a battered winger.

Jack Wilshere was 3rd followed by AOC. Not a lot of love for the full backs… primarily because of their position and some dodgy performances I’d imagine.

Final Poll of the break…

This is something I’ve wanted to run for a while and I think it’s a fair time to do it. What satisfactions rating would you give the manager? They do it in American every week with the President, why not with the manager of the club? You might not want him fired, but you might not be over the moon with his current performances. Or you might be elated at his signings and think we’re turning the corner! We’ll do this on a monthly basis and track his progress as the season goes on.

That’s your lot!

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  1. Gordon

    Wenger deserves a big fat zero. I read somewhere that Wenger wasn’t even in England to do the transfers during the last few days of the window. Ivan and his gang set to action with Ivan calling up Wenger every 20 mins to keep him posted. Apparently Wenger was in Switzerland doing some talk or some shit

    Wenger DID NOT want to make the signings that were made. It was Ivan who told him to fark off with his ideals after the 8-2 drubbing and he would call the shots to save Arsenal’s season. After the signings were frantically made, Ivan told Wenger to get the fark out on set and tell the fans what he personally thinks of the players signed.

  2. please, call for help!!!!

    Let us see if the good old Alan Sugar 3 understands what “progress” is.

    “08/09: 4th, paltry 72 points (18 off), 68 scored, 37 conceded

    09/10: 3rd, 75 points (13 off), 83 scored, 41 conceded

    10/11: 4th, pathetic 68 points (12 off), 72 scored, 43 conceded

    progress? fuck off!”

    18 pts off, 13 pts off, 12 pts off…. is there a pattern here?

  3. Moray

    Gordon, according to Myles Palmer, Wenger chose to spend the last couple of days of the transsfer window in a FIFA Swiss coaching academy. He also posits that Wenger had nothing really to do with the signings we made, choosing instead to go all in on (what were finally unsuccessful) bids for talented youngsters such as Goetze and Hazard. The signings were made frantically by Ivan and his team when they realised Wenger planned suicidally not to bulk up the squad in the areas we desperately needed. Interesting reading, and it kind of makes sense.

    So what Wenger will make of these new signings, I don’t know.

    It is also unclear if Wenger was behind the fire sale of our dross.

    food for thought…

  4. Moray


    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Arshavin start a couple of games in goal this season, the way Wenger’s sanity seems to be collapsing.

  5. SUGA3

    oh well, when you see a player that was pretty much always fit turning into a Diaby-esque permacrock, questions need to be asked…

    of course he was overused in his first season, just like Jack last season and D******n a few years back…

  6. OPG

    Too much hype is added pressure from fans and media, its not good for developing players especially. We’ve seen that in the past couple of years..
    M’Vila seems to be the real deal even Arshavin apparently said we were in for him.

  7. Rhyle

    One of those “magic” I told you so moments, courtesy of the BBC gossip thread and Metro…

    Arsenal have taken a gamble on the fitness of new signing Yossi Benayoun, after it emerged the midfielder was brought in from Chelsea without a complete medical.

  8. OPG

    Benayoun seems to be a quick solution because of Wilshere’s injury and maybe Arteta too given his fitness problems, though how much contribution he will make I don’t know with his own injury last season.
    M’Vila didn’t want to leave it seems, but Hazard and Martin would take the chance I think but it was all left too late still.

  9. Sabeel

    This is exactly the reason why i wanted us to buy cahill ALSO,instead of a midfielder, well we got none……

    Midfield we can manager,but not the defense….Dont want to see Djourou & Squillaci anywhere near the first team,marmites

  10. Lurch LeRouge

    In other news….

    we won a trophy recently.

    RVP took home the highly prized red&black marksmen award after vanquishing Cesc.

  11. Lurch LeRouge

    So did Gary lewin leave our setup for Englands because he knew AW would never assimilate the new physio methodologies?

  12. WengersSweeties

    “We really haven’t utilised arshavin’s talent properly.He is a lazy fucker so playing on him the left wing where he has to track back is fucking stupid to say the least.Play him behind the striker and he will be top class”

    Not being funny but from 90% of those clips Arshavin came from wide positions….

    He looks leaner in that video too.

  13. SA Gooner

    I note from yesterday’s crap about the Russian Blob that, in an attempt to put somebody else’s money where your mouth is, Le Grove has fallen behind ‘this visionary businessman”.

    So in order to live up to the pimp-sugardaddy philosophy of Chelsea and Shitty we have to pretend that Usmanov did not get his visionary money through mafia murders, extortion and racketeering. Great I will enjoy supporting the prostitutes we will be able to afford with that money knowing are shirts are red for a damn good reason. Who knows we could even change the gun…..

    Good luck with that. Of course you don’t care how it comes, or who suffers getting it, you have big money names to sign.

    Luckily for us, he is a million miles from investing his crap here.