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Arsene Wenger shows Park Chu-Young the ice box he'll be sitting in if he misses a penalty

Well good morning everybody! It’s international week, which is normally a struggle for Arsenal fans. It always comes that little bit too early in the season, it’s always completely boring and it usually results in at least 60% of our players returning with niggles or out and out broken bodies.

I haven’t heard any bad news yet. In fact, in the main, it’s been quite positive so far.

I watched a bit of the England game last night, what a blast that was. Gary Cahill looked fantastic. Good with the ball at his feet, positionally excellent and dominant in the air. I’m not going to rue his absence from our squad though. I heard that on deadline day, Spurs offered £12million for him, Bolton wanted £15million… but Gary wasn’t fussed enough to push through the deal. My hope is that he’ll be hanging on for a January move to Arsenal. Hope and reality are often not at one. It’d just be nice to know that if we need an extra body, we can pick him up for a good price and he won’t be Cup tied.

We had good news on the goal scoring front as well. Park Chu-Young literally smashed Lebanon to bits with a hatrick which was thoroughly excellent to hear! If there is one player that I have reservations about, it’s him. His lack of top class experience and his slight frame is a worry. However, knowing that he’s taken a world-class defence apart gives me hope. Simple fact is, you have to be able to find the net, scoring goals is never a bad thing. He looks like an intelligent player around the box, hopefully he’ll be able to bring that to the Premiership. Hey, you never know, he could be our very own Chicarito? Check out his goals here, they got me a little excited it has to be said!

Aaron Ramsey also landed one for Wales and Henry Lansbury managed a terrific write up in the Times the other day for his contribution to Under 21’s. Overshadowing Henderson big time apparently. Is there still hope for him? Maybe…

Robin Van Persie ripped San Marino a new one when he powered 4 goals past them last night. I’ve never met someone from San Marino. I have doubts it’s a real country. In fact, I’ve never seen a package holiday there, or heard of friends destroying it on a stag do despite them boasting over 2 million visits a year. I mean honestly, considering it’s a country that boasts 1.5km of aerial tramway, I don’t know enough…

Sorry… Robin… Goals… Good times.

I read the story about Nik Bendtner yesterday. I don’t disagree with him in parts. I’m pleased he won’t be coming back. He’ll be a good striker for Sunderland, but he’d never be able to replicate what a proper carthorse like Adebayor did for us back in the day. I guess that’s what it boils down to. In my opinion, if you’re going to be that lumbering, you have to have pace in your game. You also have to have a decisive touch every now and then. His career went down the pan for me when he mis-controlled against Barcelona. The things he doesn’t understand are fair. 1) Why are you playing me on the wing 2) Why are you selling me instead of Chamakh 3) Why was Chamakh given so many more chances over me 4) Why does Messi keep winning the Balon D’or

He’s right to be perplexed. Most Arsenal fans are. He had to go though, his head wasn’t there anymore… he needs a fresh start.

There have been rumours circulating about Thomas Vermaelen and his long term fitness, now, I haven’t spoken to anyone recently about that topic, but as far as I was told last season, there are no concerns that he’s a broken man. I’ll do some digging to see if I can get anymore goss, but a 25 year old man shouldn’t have black marks over his long term fitness. He’s had a bad run, I’m sure there will be niggles, but if his fitness is managed properly, he should be ok.


Now the dust has settled on our squad, I’m really quite excited. Sure we might not be good enough to win the league, but even if we’d spent £120million this summer, we’d have still struggled against the never ending squad of City and the ever improving United. I think we’ve given ourselves a chance though. I don’t think the fans will be booing at the ground and I think there is some genuine excitement around Arsenal. Sky Sports ran a poll that had Arteta as the best buy of the window. I’d disagree, I think Mertesacker is the best buy. He’s the solution to a 3 year problem we’ve had. I’m also quite excited about Yossi Benayoun. He’s Alex Hleb with product!

If we can keep those players fit this year, we could easily land ourselves a domestic cup. I know that reeks of lowered expectation, but that’s the only way I can get myself through the season. I think a League or FA Cup is the only way we can end our trophy drought. If we can nip in with a top four finish this year, that gives us a good platform to sign M’Vila and Eden Hazard next summer.

I’m excited, I think you should be excited… lets all get excited together. Like a big footballing swingers party.

Anyway, that’s all I could handle writing so damn early in the morning.

See you in the comments!

P.S. Still having a great time enjoying Spurs fans misery… I spent 30 minutes at a staff party agreeing with a sad Spurs fan that Harry Redknapp should go and that their whole squad was a disgrace. Lots of fun…

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508 Responses to “Park Chu-the-man! | Robin bangs in 4 against San Marinwho | Arsenal Transfer thoughts…”

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  1. observer

    Can someone advise as to how Wenger has solved two other problems we have had for many years now:

    a) we don’t have great head to nudge in goals from corners
    b) we do not have a dead-ball kicker. i don’t remember when Arsenal last scored a direct goal from a free kick.

  2. charliegeorge

    Another deluded Pedro post.

    It’s like manic depression here.

    High one minute, down the next.

    Show some consistency young man!

  3. The BearMan

    Back to Arsenal football?

    In a strange way I like the Arsenal new signings. Wenger appears to have assembled a collection of desperate men. Parks with only two seasons of football before being sent to the tour of duty. Arteta and Beni in the last chance Solon, Per can’t grow any further. Arsenal offers these lads the last opportunity to play ball on the top stage. Somehow I feel they will appreciate and take advantage of this opportunity more than some of those we pruned recently.

    Rosicky’s attitude worries me!

    Finally Pedro, who do you and your fellow dark trumpeters think will be Arsenal’s top gun / the ultimate hitman this season?

    Assists don’t count, only goals scored?

  4. Rhyle

    The BearMan – there’s only one to pick isn’t there? Walcott will fade and RvP will be our 15 goal a season man and top scorer. Again.

  5. charliegeorge


    Funny you should say that. Chaka Khan was all the rage last year – and we know how he turned out.

    Yep, the man who was hailed a hero; who had more goals in him than God himself.

    Knowing Wenger’s form, these signings are too optimistic by a coutry mile. Just wait until we run into the big boys. Should be doozies aplenty.

  6. Moray

    Thomas, this was the rumour a couple of weeks ago about Wilshire.

    I think they just waited to announce it until after the transfer window had shut, to avoid any calls for “panic” buys…

    Interesting to see what will happen when half our team is away at the ANC, esp. if Wilshire is still in the treatment room.

  7. Rhyle

    charliegeorge – I don’t see what’s negative about yesterday’s post? Yes, there’s a lot of (hangover led?) sarcasm but it’s generally very positive…

  8. bade the gooner (bernard)

    f**k it hell!!!

    i hate when i’m right about those things!

    if any one needed more evidence we over used jack last season, here comes the painful definite answer……

    oh me, like we have so many other midfielders to field on there….

  9. Rhyle

    Apparently Steed Malbranque has retired from professional football to look after his kid full time after he was diagnosed with cancer. Good work, fella…proof, if we needed any, that there are more important things in life than football. Not many, but there are some…

  10. Rhyle

    Let’s not overreact to hearsay…wait until you hear it from the horse’s mouth…or the club at least.

    Although…shit if it’s true…and if you even if we ignore JW, how many times does this need to happen before we learn anyway?! Our methods are clearly not conducive to long terms fitness…

  11. Thomas. It's up for grabs now!

    I take your point Rhyle..
    I was looking for a direct quote in that from someone at the club. There isn’t any. Hope it’s not that bad!

    O this medical thing. interesting read in a Bellamy interview which I will post in today’s blog about his special treatment at Man City which helped his injury problems.. This by the same physio who criticised Arsenal for their injury treatment and prevention methods.

  12. Leedsgunner

    Hopeful the new signings will gel together with the existing squad but very disappointed to hear in Caughtoffside (pinch of salt required) that the Eden Hazard deal fell through because Lille felt that they couldn’t do the deal b/c they felt no time was left to find a suitable replacement. If this is indeed true I want to ask the board/Gazisdis — Why wasn’t Arshavin offered as makeweight in the deal — he was AFC’s record signing after all. Why not? It is clear to everyone and his dog that Arshavin’s heart is not in it. Come on AFC board — do your job!

  13. goonerboy

    It is still concerning that the club will not pay more than 10 m for any player.

    One of the biggest myths held by the Wenger lovers is that he can get something for nothing in the transfer market- that those paying big money for top players are complete idiots- when you can buy kids, unknowns or crocks for under ten million- and they are just as good. The Wenger lovers have never acknowledged that buying cheap failed badly last year- Koscielny was not strong enough for the EPL, Squillacci was a disaster and the freebie Chamakh was not worth having.Well we all know that you can waste money (you dont have to look as far as Maine Road to see that)- but if you know players well enough-you get what you pay for. The trouble is Wenger does not know the English market well enough to know the players that are worth spending extra on.