Have Wenger and Arsenal finally learnt from George Graham?

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It’s all a bit reminiscent isn’t it? When George Graham, the original financial dope got caught for lining his own pocket he had one last lunge in the transfer market, we as fans (for those that can remember life before Wenger) were getting pretty irritated that we were signing no players, were amazed when suddenly George decided to garner fan support before he got tin-tacked.

Sorry for the three were’s, there was no other way of saying that!

Only those he signed were odd to say the least, we got John Hartson (not bad) Chris Kiwomya (rubbish) and Glen Helder (even worse) we were all amazed and wondered what they were like, well we soon found out and then George lost his job.

So what’s the parallel? Well both had/have been at the club too long and both made last minute panic buys in the transfer market, it remains to be seen if Arsene’s panic buys do better than George’s.

I decided to break the habit of a lifetime and read a few other blogs and see their take on it, well to be honest most out there spotted the cynicism of the last few days, project youth for 7 years until the poster boys leave, an 8-2 thrashing, the manager going to France instead of losing his job, the inevitable panic buys, but incredibly a few of them thought it was a Wenger masterstroke so I read on with interest.

They believe that because of the big rich clubs, no one stands a chance as no one can match the wages, a bit like Barca/Madrid, Milan/Inter, Chelsea/City and Rangers/Celtic. So a few clubs cannot be matched saved by brilliance or a Wenger.

No mention of course that the incumbent EPL holders don’t have a sugar daddy, just a manager that buys what he needs and when he needs it, (Gooner) Ashley Young, say no more.

Some even think we almost pulled it off with the Carling Cup, What? Almost? Are you kidding, we didn’t get beaten by ManCity and their millions, we got beaten by relegated Birmingham, the Old mother Hubbards of the EPL, bad tactics and crap defending, that not only cost us that game, it cost us the other trophies as a result.

We could compete with the big clubs if we paid the big players the big salaries, but not us, we pay reserves such big salaries, we can’t get rid of them, look at the list, Bendtner, Almunia, Denilson and even Lansbury put 2 EPL teams off because they couldn’t afford his wages, that’s what we need to address.

Bendtner by the way has vowed never to come back to Arsenal, I bet he turns out to be a decent signing for Sunderland, especially if they play him up front and not as a full back or whatever we played him as!

We have an obscene amount of highly paid youngsters that will never make it, never, look at Sunu, we were all told he was the future, same as JET but they slipped out without a word. Get rid of them and release millions. Some would call that basic economics, over to you boss!

Anyway back to the new players, Wenger said that to bring as many as three players in would be counter productive, what about letting three go then? What was that all about?

And before I’m accused of being negative, don’t forget 2 years ago I was calling for Mertesacker, we got Squillaci and Koscielny, stable and door spring to mind.

We should have signed Cahill as well, now then we would have a decent defence, we’ll probably get him on a free next season but that’s not good business because we need him now and no one is ever free, I bet Chamakh’s wages took care of a lack of a transfer fee.

We better do better this season than last or we’ll see Theo, Robin and Jack away next year.

I like Arteta and Yossi is a decent player when fit, but Park, hmmm, Jenkinson is one for the future, Gervinho is a good signing and we needed a Mertesacker for sure, but I would have preferred a Hazard and a Mata considering who we lost.

To sell your best two players in August and to sign two in the last hour of the transfer window was not only naive, it was bad management and no-one but a fool can defend that.

Time will tell, I expect a big score against Swansea, but I would have expected that anyway, still at least we have a couple of weeks to integrate the new boys and I for one will be intriged to see his starting line up, especially as Arteta allegedly was a Gazidas signing!

Have a great day Grovers, plenty to ponder on!

P.S. Check out The Footy Show Podcast for a bit of Le Grove in your ears and also take a read of Le Grove’s deadline day thoughts on Dan Roan’s BBC blog .

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  1. Lurch LeRouge

    sorry dropped out there…

    Gooby I ain’t dissing Arteta, I’m not dissing any of our signings – i’m fully behind them at this stage.

    I just think making comparisons with Cesc is flawed, I’d be surprised if we saw his class again in our lifetimes at AFC.

    No offence Jack.

  2. Lurch LeRouge

    tell you what Incesc I will be looking out for old bob smith when he supports crystal castles…

    best thing he’s done in ages!

  3. kwik fit

    Alright guys this week le grove went national ! Pedro/geoff those guys are milking what we do ! We take this fucking blog to the extreme and those guys reap the benifits ( not tits just benifits)!
    Pedro and geoff I think we can make it !

  4. Yandi


    Im waiting for someone in the current squad to grab a game by the horns like that this season, consistently… In vain???

  5. kwik fit


    When was the last time arsenal played like a team?
    Perhaps January 2011( BirminhAM AWAY)
    Someone grab the game by the horns ?

  6. Yandi

    kwik fit

    On the brighter side, our Soduku champ looks bright. Scored a hattrick for his country. One to look out for. Might shock a few during the course of a season. Surely hope the term “You get what you paid for” doesn’t come to sting us again with him

  7. kwik fit

    Pedro /geoff can you handle this cos it is big it is real big are you for to hold a medias spin with only one hand? Le Grove its a fucking growing! Pedro and geoff are you out there?

  8. kwik fit

    If you want my symathy you lay back in the arms of someone you give into the charms of someone

    o lord you lay back in the arms of someone you love!

  9. kwik fit

    Here I go again on my own . walk down the only road i have ever know like a hobo i have been born to suck a long I have made up my mind!

  10. kwik fit

    Incesc is the number one in the grove! how many years and incesc has always been trhe best !

    No old dirty talk with incec that guys likes it straight!#

  11. kwik fit

    Incesc is the Grove he is the personafercation of the grove Gmabon make up with incesc and you may be acepteded. You could also be come a stalwart!

  12. kwik fit

    Gambon I am sex machine ready to reload!
    I am burning trough the sky with balls that are ready to inight
    and if they do then i am fucked cos i iam ready to screw cos my women is lying and a waiting!

  13. Moray

    Lukaku out of Champions League squad
    Chelsea’s new £18m signing Romelu Lukaku has not been included in their Champions League squad

    says everything!

  14. Chop-Suey

    just saw the Arteta interview.
    nobody asking him the typical ‘how important was AW in you deciding to join arsenal’ ’cause they probably never spoke and the lad doesn’t give a flying fuck about the senile fossil anyway

    it’s very refreshing and reminiscent of the good old ways to see that players are joining the club to claim honors and not to compliment the ego of the manager

  15. Evan

    I do enjoy Kwik’s friday vids ha ha

    Moray i find that most amusing i’m betting he is gutted about this and he could have walked straight into the arsenal team, i recall him quoting that he wanted to play on the best stage.

    Good news, Park Chu scored a decent hatrick lastnight very good finishing and RVP scored 4.

    I think that Mvila guy scored last night to, central beast that can score and we didn’t sign grrrr

  16. terry40

    If Wenger had no input into signing Arteta,will it end like the robbie keane move to liverpool a couple of seasons back

  17. SUGA3

    Arteta did not even give the interview directly to the Arse.com, the vid posted there was made by Everton, which is pretty damn unprofessional from the Arse TV side, if you ask me…

  18. Evan

    Plus Wenger wasn’t even in the country to greet the new signings, its easy to pick out unprofessionals, we got a board of them

    Gone from the invincibles to the unprofessionals

  19. SUGA3

    to be honest, I could not care less about what the dead man walking of a manager does or does not do, I think we can all agree that he is insane and leave it at that…

    but posting the interview made by the player’s former club where he talks about how ‘difficult’ it is to leave is prettty embarrassing, especially that Arteta speaks English and it would not take too long to make the vid, no?

  20. Dave Button

    I did see helder have 1 good game for the Arsenal lol. Wenger hasn’t learned nothing from Georgey boy. The club has changed football has changed and I don’t want my team playing like they did. We will go through a transitional period for around 10 years after the move. Wenger needs to be in charge now and he needs to be in charge in the future. George could not have taken the team or the club forward.

  21. SUGA3


    nothing to do with anarchy, I just think that the staff involved in all this are not necessarily the cream of the crop – I did the Benfica stadium tour yesterday and I have to say that judging by the looks of things, their commercial dept pisses all over ours from a great height, range of goods on offer at their megastore is really something else!

    they also have the proper TV channel, which, according to our very nice guide broadcasts 24 hours a day (we even had a look at their studio), whereas we have to watch the reserve games on the other club’s TV channels, how bad is that?

  22. SUGA3


    don’t even get me started on that tracksuit subject – Wenger does not instill discipline and clearly does not value some trophies…

    this is just arrogant and disrespectful towards the 30K or so fans who came to have a jolly good day out at Wembley…

    IMO, the team was set up for a fall in the CC final by no one else but the OGL himself…

  23. bade the gooner (bernard)

    sad to heat it suga3,

    arsenal needs badly a makeover, starting from ownership, down to board, manager and lower level employees…..

    people still living in our glory past and don’t realize we are heading to fast towards being another good club, but not a big club, in all levels, sporting, commercial and so….

  24. Evan

    On the plus side Suga3 its sunny enjoy your weekend, i’m going down to london today for many alcoholic beverages and a little gutted the Swansea game isn’t this weekend i would have liked to mee fellow groves in le Pub. Any recommendations on funky house nights, bars etc?

  25. SUGA3

    not much of a house man, but I guess the usual suspect areas like Camden will have something to offer, as for the bar, Holborn’s Guanabara is a nice joint to start the night…

    R U coming to the game next week then?

  26. Evan

    Cheers Suga3, i can’t afford the game and yet i can afford to go down to london and get pissed?? lol

    I’m not one for live footy matches i like to see replays on the box, i do like the atmosphere tho, first game i saw was Ipswich versus Arsenal (we won 5-1 Ian Wright hatrick) next game John Warks testimonial, first glimpse of Dennis Bergkamp, Bobby Petta outshone him ha ha.

    Regarding the Swansea, i wanted to join in on the protests, i emailed double G and got reply but haven’t heard anything since, i assume people are happy with the signings? i’d happily come down and watch the game in the local and protest, but part of me thinks that the timing isn’t great tho a i feel the neutral is waiting to see if Arteta and Co can give Swansea a beat down..

    Have you heard anymore on numbers or even if its going ahead?

  27. seamlessInSeattle

    If a protest was going to happen I agree that the swansea game would be a spasmoid time to do it.

    It would kill the team, make all our news signings feel like shit, make all our youngsters feel like shit, make the atmosphere in the ground feel like shit.

    It could be more damaging than than sneaking into the Arsenal medical suite and replacing Arsene’s green goo with ectoplasm.

    Personally I think we should be protesting against the club’s silence policy when it comes to anything financial. If we all knew the truth we could form balanced informed opinion and most importantly know why we do what we do in the transfer market?

    this could end up looking bad for the board, bad for Arsene or bad for both. OR!! it could end up looking good for them. Either way it would be the truth and put and end to a lot of speculation from us gooners.

    I think the board has lost most peoples faith (wenger thankfully still has the majority support although less than previously)> So unless something super sinister is going on, it would be in their interest to make public their deaings, financial projections and financial results. NO MORE CLOAK AND DAGGER