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I do ok for a living, but I must say, nothing gives me more joy than raiding reduced food aisle in Waitrose. Landing a prawn salad for thirty nine pence when I’ve got a £20 note sitting in my pocket feels like a victory against the man.

Arsene Wenger is like me. He’s got £100million sitting in his pocket, but he’s not interested in shopping in the proven aisle, he’d much prefer to take a chance in the reduced section with a player that might represent some supreme value. How can I not respect this approach when I have the same vision when it comes to sustaining my body?

Problem is, I’ll buy anything with a yellow sticker on it, now sometimes that works out, I mean, who knew what a culinary sensation fresh veal escalopes at £2.68 could be (Sagna)? Other times though, things have gone horrifically wrong in my desperation for a bargain. Only recently, I purchased pig kidneys, I whacked them in the frying pan without soaking them in salt water to remove the unwanted bits, within 2 minutes my house smelt like a pig urinal and the taste of those kidneys still haunts me to this day (even though I knew it was potentially dangerous, I slogged away and tried to convince myself this bargain would work out (ring any bells?)).

You see, a bargain is a good idea when you have nothing to lose. However, when you’re cooking for your job, you’d best ensure that whatever you’re purchasing has the best chance of tasting good.

This guy is 26 years old, he hasn’t scored many goals and he’s not been tested at the highest level. Matt Spiro (@Mattspiro), a France based journo / commentator, has told me that he’s a good all round striker, he can head well, he’s very two footed and he has good technique. The overall feeling though is that he’s an underwhelming signing, even Lille were signing him as a back up. This isn’t first choice for us by the looks of it. Joel Campbell has been deemed a not so special talent and he could find his way into the Lille squad as a result.

People keep telling me I don’t like him because he’s not a £20million striker. Well, that’s not fair. I haven’t said I don’t like him. But Arsenal fans have got to stop getting excited by a player because he’s cheap. I generally judge a players quality on goals, assists, Champions League experience, trophies and pedigree. Now, I’m not saying this guy isn’t the one. He might be. But surely we should be looking at someone a bit more prestigious considering 1) We already have a striker who is good for 15 goals a season, who is an international, who is experienced and proven to a degree in the Premiership, who is 3 years younger (Who should be gone by next week now apparently) 2) Robin is only good for 30 games, whoever comes in should be equal to Robin’s quality if we want to progress.

I can paint any picture here I like, I haven’t seen him. However, I’d like to point out that we’ve gone from sniffing around Benzema and Tevez, to signing a player even the most ardent French Footballing Ambassador struggles to muster up 3 lines about.

Maybe he’ll come good. Maybe he won’t. Whichever way you look at it, he represents a risk…. and don’t kid yourself this is low risk because it’s a low fee. The cost of missing out on top 4 this year is roughly £25million and the potential loss of three of our best players who we’d have to sell as they wouldn’t re-sign.

The stakes have never been higher. Still, one thing you can guarantee with a Korean is that they will work till collapse for the team. He’s also the captain of South Korea and if he can score 12 goals for a relegated team, the chances are, he’ll definitely score 56 for us.

Eden Hazard

Many are speculating that we’ve blown our chance to sign Eden Hazard by gazumping them for Chu-Young. I’m pretty sure that’s not the case. The Korean is worth £3million, Hazard is potentially worth £26million plus. If we want the Belgian, we could have him. I don’t understand why we wouldn’t be interested in him for that fee. He’s clearly top-notch, he’ll likely go on to be one of the best. Dithering over price is what cost us Mata… a player who is clearly going to take the league by storm. I hope we don’t make the same mistake with Hazard. We need a talented creator, he’s one of the few available that we know we’ve got a solid interest in. Plus, Lille are a tiny club moving to a new stadium, even Arsenal had to sell their biggest players when we left Highbury.

That said, this is not the midfielder I was tentatively told we were going in strong for, though the word a a week or so a go was that we’d bid for him before month end…


It does strike me that the only market we’re interested in purchasing from is the French League. We’ve always spoken of the need to save for a rainy day, right now, as far as the squad is concerned, it’s pouring. Now, we’ve got £100million sitting in the bank, the rest of Europe is in dire financial straits and we’re not focusing our attention in any place other than Ligue 1? Arguably 4th or 5th when it comes to strength.

There surely must be some skint Spanish or Italian teams who have top players? Surely there is a left back or a decent holding midfielder out there who could do a job for us? Spain have the most technically accomplished players in the world, why aren’t we sniffing around their senior teams for first team players? Makes no sense… we saved for the day financial Armageddon came, now it’s here, we’re not taking advantage?


So a massive whopper of a game today. Some say the biggest game since Premiership was created, others say just a big game because if we lose it, we’ll be severely off track in the league before its even got going.

The line up for tomorrow is looking more desperate than ever. I’m yet to hear if Vermaelen is fit for the game, there’s been no confirmation either way, news leaked to Young-guns that Sagna is ill, so that potentially means we’ll have Traore, Jenkinson, Kozzer and JD at the back. Then there’s the midfield. Now, if Tommy V is fit, we could move Kozzer into the holding role. That would give me some comfort, he’s fast, good on the ball and aggressive. However, if that isn’t a goer, you face the choice of Henri Lansbury who isn’t a holding midfielder or Coquelin who is greener than Arsenal’s pitch. Rosicky played well the other day and Rambo is a talented young player, but we’re playing a proper team today. Turning them over is a massive ask. Our midfield and defence could be in crisis…

Up top, the team picks itself, Robin, Theo and Arshavin. Outside of that, we have the weakest bench I can remember. AOC, Miyachi, Coquelin, Chamakh, Oyakzup, Bendtner and Fabianski. How have we got to this stage? It’s unbelievable. I’m having a face palm moment before we’ve even started.

Still, today is about miracles and proving people wrong. If we put the United keeper under pressure and work hard, you never know what could happen. United won’t play to our strengths in the same way Udinese did. Expect them to bully us with the absence of any strength and expect them to bomb our box with crosses. We have to be sharp from the off, we have to work our socks off. If we do that, anything is possible. We don’t have a strong line up today, I do hope the coach has factored that into our tactics. I don’t think I’m the only one that thinks ‘just play your game’ on the white board will be enough.

I’m nervous but excited to see what the game throws up. If it goes tits up, we’ve got time to bring in players, if it goes well, maybe we don’t quite need 6 players to compete.

Put your predictions on a postcard and sign it faith!

See you in the comments…

P.S. So much for Fergie being nice…

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2,033 Responses to “Park Chu-Young… the low down | Manchester United preview | Hazard Update”

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  1. LeProf

    Park Chu-Young name translated from Korean into English means :::::::”Francis Jeffers!”. Woohooh! Holy cow!

  2. Cesc Rule

    everybody’s been waiting for decent players since day 1..this is what we get for deadline transfer..but park would be behind rvp..4-4-2 i suppose

  3. patthegooner

    I have very little faith or belief that we will get anything today.

    We are woefully short of quality available and Man Ure have started off strong and they look hungry.

    I imagine the odds on us getting anything out of this game are as long as they have ever been since the PL began. Everything stacks against us.

    Which is why you never know.

    Remember the League Cup Final. I would have put my house on us winning that, I was that confident. I was wrong that day and I hope I am today.

    I dont want us to lose this, but if we do, maybe it is exactly what the club needs to ensure that Wenger is not clouded by any kind of doubt to buy what is needed between now and Wednesday.

    I would go 4-4-2 today. I think it represents our best chance of getting something out of it. I would also take a risk on Miyachi and AOC. They will want to prove themselves against the best and maybe a bit of pace and trickery is the key to snatching a surprise result.

    Good luck Arsenal, I fear you will need it.

  4. scooby

    I reckon we keep looking at the french league because we know we can better the wages on offer; we can’t do this so easily with players from the “bigger” leagues. Plus Wenger has a good reputation for development in France.

    I read that P.C Young has an IQ of 150, this intelligence, and potential work rate, is my hope that he will offer something to the team. However, in reading of a reputation in the lines “he’s a good all round striker, he can head well, he’s very two footed and he has good technique” I couldn’t help thinking of Chamack

  5. bergy

    jag and arteta to old…no use paying high tranfer fee

    worry bout these bargain strikers,didnt turn out well for the jeffers and eduardo’s

  6. Anggarizkick

    ozyakup maybe will make surprising touch, rosicky? definetely, he is the right man when arsenal needs, like he did last match

  7. Rhyle

    There was a lot of talk of Park having to do his national service in a couple of years…does anyone know why Park Ji-Sung has never done his at the age of 30?

    Just interested – I still don’t think Park is the new messiah.

  8. SUGA3

    morning 😉

    good read Pedro, I actually lol’d at the pig kidneys story…

    now, checklist:

    – no expectations whatsoever: check
    – beers in the fridge: check
    – bag’o’haze: check
    – sarcasm: check

  9. wtf wanker

    eduardo was good though a clinical striker……is this park guy a poacher…..i think we need such kind of striker….coz rvp creates……sagna crosses n fucking there is no one in the box….chamakh is outside the box doing something except shooting….

  10. Cesc Rule


    we hv wasted a lot of freakin time.. .plus A+ striker wouldnt join us..since our aces wenger is scroogeee

  11. LeProf

    Lose some, gain some.

    Losing Eboue the black Korean only to snatch actual Koren Park, not bad Arsene well done!

    Shame isn’t it Eboue couldn’t sharpen his Korean with Park Chu Young!

  12. amit

    today arsenal is set to get a nice thrashing!! i do not have any expectations about arsenal lifting the PL/CL/CC/FA/CS so that helps…i realize now that arsenal is just a club which is happy to make profits and plays games with their tippy tappy and win a few…

    my joys of being an arsenal fan are now limited, if they win great and if they lose I wont be mad as i know we dont have the players to bring in consistency at the top flight…of course i will support the club as used to normally but i also understand that beggars cant be choosers…wenger and the board want our club to be run in a thrifty and an economic manner, so be it…

  13. Arse&Nose©

    Pat also remember howard webb is officiating. Expect lots of calm down gestures to rooney after he commits red card offences!

  14. Frank28

    Expect to lose 2-0 today,anything else would be a bonus. Hopefully no more red cards or dodgy Rooney-won penalty. I’m more interested in what’s going on off the’s been a write off for weeks…..

  15. Rhyle

    Jeffers was never a “bargain” signing…£8m doesn’t sound much now but 10 years ago it was a fair old chunk o’ change…similar to Eduardo, he was never a risk, more of a Suarez type signing! Phenomenal player whose potential was limited / ruined by an absolute tosser in a Birmingham shirt.

  16. Rhyle

    Pedro…surely Pam wouldn’t get upset if you reveal the midfielder? Surely the only thing “she” could get upset about is if you revealed who “she” is?!

  17. bergkamp10

    PARK CHU YOUNG will do well he is a great worker and a good cog in the team
    we have needed an attacking player running around pressuring players like carlos tevez is good at.

    so im happy with with cahill and mvilla 😉

  18. Jimi hendrix

    Arsenal haze all in ma brain,
    lately things just don’t seem the same,

    Wenger is acting stingy but i don’t why,
    coz this time we have mad money and it aint no lie,

  19. LeProf

    “..Park Chu Young with high IQ 150 score?”

    He should work as chess player then. Wonder why Park Ji Sung decided to join Manure.

  20. Thomas. It's up for grabs now!

    For today’s game? I’m as nervous as Gary Neville one day before his Mensa test!

    It’s says a lot on where we are when we are relying more on hope and miracles than confidence in the team. The bench is as weak as I can remember. But nevertheless we’ve got to get behind them.

    Four competitive games in and we are severely weakened by injuries and suspensions. Proof positive that we need real talent in depth. At this time we need only top proven players. This team does not have the luxury to bed in new raw talent.

    What is more important NOW is winning the battles in the next three days of the transfer window. We’ll get over today’s result if it’s negative.

    But if we don’t sign PROVEN quality we’re in for a lot of pain for the rest of the season.

  21. LeProf

    Spuds would be paying half of Ade salary back Arsenal as per clause and double that if he scores against us. Woohoohh!!!

  22. Sidney896

    Why not play the young’un that Fergie wanted, just to annoy him?

    I am filled with memories of the great Stepanovs disaster of time gone by…

    Expect Ark to do a job, bit like Rosicky, won’t set the world on fire, but on his day could turn one or two. Plus, he isn’t lazy like Arshavin!! We didn’t hear much of the Mancs Korean till he tore us apart!?!?

    Nervous, need two miracles today, two red bull gear boxes to blow up and an f16 to hit the Manchester team bus on the way to the stadium.

    Come on arsenal!!! No matter what happens, like haing an ugly kid, I love you!!

  23. Arse&Nose©

    The midfielder is m’vila.

    Jeffers was expensive, 8m back then is like 20m today!

    Today is a write-off, always has been with webb in charge. To come away with any pride we need to play 3 cb’s and pack the midfield

  24. Burny

    Shame we don’t have anybody that can head the ball as Chu Youngs free kicks are a bit special. Back to today, I think it could be another one of those bad days….cast your minds back to Feb 2001 and the stepanovs horror show. But, I’m not really expecting anything from this match so maybe the boys will put on a show and surprise us.

  25. OPG

    Will we buy a creative midfield I wonder? I don’t think 3 players is enough as it is even though its the minimum required.

  26. terry

    we will play 433 coz we need 3 cm or else our lack of experienced players will be easily exposed.
    mayachi is not yet ready. my formation for 2day:
    sagna kozzer vermy traore
    ramsay djouru/rosicky arshavin
    Oxa RVP walcott

    this team could actually cause united a lot of problems.
    we just attack and either ramsay or djouru sit back and save our butts on counters.

  27. Goon from BD

    Are the M’villa links true? The French Busquets :D…..great ball retainer,clean tackler,awesome maturity and composer with fabulous pass completion.

    I can sense a change in dynamic if ^this^ happens. We switch to a 4-3-3 from 4-2-3-1 and balance the midfield better. I would like to see that happen as we would have a much more efficient midfield. More pragmatic but equally techincal and flexible considering the type of midfielders we have. RvP would have more responsibility to provide a final pass in the “Totti” role with fast efficient players on the wing. I guess thats why we are signing another no.10 striker. We would still need another creative midfield enforcer till Ramsey matures and we are most likely getting Cahill. We would still need another mark signing along with M’villa to dazzle opponent defenses……..on the right wing may be 😉

  28. gazzap

    For me Coquelin has to play because he is the only DM in the squad. I wouldn’t stick a CB in midfield.
    Would also love to see AOC get a game. he is the kind of person who could make a massive impact on his debut.


    Young is good commercial deal which will work well in raising much needed funds that we then won’t spend.

    On way to OT where will Gooners be drinking?

  30. Gooneroo

    Play Chamakh or Bendnter with RVP and pepper the 18yard with crosses. That way we can exploit their only weakness.

  31. Thomas. It's up for grabs now!

    @ Bergy. 09.34

    This mornings transfer gossip in summary!

    1. Arsenal will land Cahill this week for 12m, rising to 15m – BBC Sport

    2. Spurs to Hijack Kaka deal from Arsenal and take him on loan because Real don’t want to give him to a team in the CL! Sky Sports News, TV.

    3. Arsenal target Mikel Arteta and offer Bendtner in part exchange. Sunday People

    4.Chelsea’s Alex is a target for Arsenal! BBC &

    5. Arsenal can sign Marseille’s Lucho but permanently for 7m and not on loan as Arsenal want. Sunday Mirror.
    (But this on Sky Transfer stories! [Marseille] Club chairman Vincent Labrune told L’Equipe: “It is official, I held talks with Lucho on Friday night and I can confirm that he will remain with us this season.” Lucho’s agent Marcello Trapasso has also confirmed that his client is going nowhere).

    6. And this one still hanging around since Friday! understands that Arsenal have made an enquiry for Hamburg winger Eljero Elia.

    7. And Parma’s Pereira still being mentioned!

    All bloody gossip and rumour and take your pick from that lot.. I think Cahill will come.. after that? Fuck knows.. I would really like the Arteta deal!

  32. OPG

    I’m nervous about the transfer window closing more than anything, it’s a big event as it is! We will know where we stand people said judge him on September 1st so we will have to.
    Having to buy in January is not always ideal.

  33. Gooneroo

    What is the deal with Wenger and buying “young” players???

    It’s either he buys young players or players with “young” as part of their name.

    No but seriously, he seems ok but is it what we need???

  34. gambon

    I can see another 1-6 scoreline.

    Koscielny is the new stepanovs so it all makes sense.

    I would rather lose by 6 than 1-o as it may result in wengers dismissal.

  35. finestcuts

    Manyoo have Ferdinand and Vidic out which means we should attack and just play our game. Traore can play LB, Jenkinson RB, it’s times like these we need to rely on the squad. I’d like to see Arshavin in the middle, and we should give Miyachi his debut.







    I want Arshavin in the middle in a Cesc/Bergkamp role, which he plays for Russia.

    Miyachi played left wing for Feyenoord last season and has bags of pace……..just what is needed against a weakened Manyoo defence.

    Lansbury has the workrate and can go forward, him and Rambo are both round central mids, our best options currently available.
    Although Coquelin may be called upon to protect the back 4.

    I’d rather Verm + Kos in the middle than Djourou……..Djourou’s not in form at the mo and would represent a high risk. Traore’s meant to be our backup LB, and we’re in need so lets use him instead of playing Vermaelen out wide.

    Jenkinson is an auto choice with Sagna ill, so the above is who I hope we’ll see.

    Oxo was touted by Fabianski on the news wires as ready to roll, so todays selection should be interesting.

    If I was Wenger today I’d play the most attacking team possible, play all out attack, hit em at full throttle and hope we score enough to win.

  36. Cesc Rule


    We still need strikers..what if rvp gets injured during the african cups and bendtner’s already elsewhere..we’re in deep fried shiteee

  37. LeProf

    Another gossip as well:

    David De Gea is a closet phobia of rats.

    Arsenal players to wear special one-off jersey with mickey mouse emblem embroided replacing the Emirates logo. The return match would be the same trick as well.

  38. Rhyle

    2 things…this is never 6-1, I’d say 3 at most. Man Utd will go in to cruise control after that. Can’t believe they’d get out of second gear today and still put 3 past us. That midfield is going to fold like a pack of cards, fall like a stack of dominoes. Checkmate.

    The second is that we don’t score. Not enough impetus going forward, no one to dominate anywhere on the pitch.

    It’s not a cheery thought and I hope I’m wrong…REALLY hope I’m wrong but you’ve got to be pragmatic… :-(

  39. Lordbergkamp

    FinestCuts: Have you seen Phil Jones and Chris Smalling? Unfortunately Manure have two fab players who can come in when first choice CBs are injured. They’re not any weaker.

    This is why Wenger’s a tosser – we have DJ, Squillaci they have Jones & Smalling.

    Pile of shit.

  40. Rhyle

    Just seen the Norwich sending off….that was never a red…he’s lost control of the ball and is going wide of the net. Bit of common sense should have come out there.

  41. Philipo

    We buy from France because except for the recent fortunes of PSG they have no wealthy teams who are going to claim the player back home. With few exceptions the best Spanish players play in Spain, the best Italians in italy, the best English in England. Brazil, France, Belgium Argentina, their players play away from home, making them a more stable buy.

  42. ritesh

    Crazy reaction to Young’s arrival.

    I have watched 5 of his matches with club and country and I’d have him over Walcott anyday.

  43. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    so watching sky sunday supplement, one of thejournos says that in january we bid 8m for phil jones, blackburn say make it 10m and he is yours, yet again we dilly and dally, and wont go the extra bit (like ronaldo) and we lose out..

    thank you arsene wenger may you never come to harm…. can anyone answer this who is the sub we have oyalkup where does he play?

  44. Evan

    Finestcuts: If I was Wenger today I’d play the most attacking team possible, play all out attack, hit em at full throttle and hope we score enough to win.

    Depends on Ze handbrake :-)

  45. Lordbergkamp

    Jules: The Kidneys could be:-


    Take your pick

  46. roaaary

    Having watched our feeble attempts at playing footy this season its obvious we have no creativity without cesc and Nasri. So y are we getting all wet over the thought of m’vila? He is a dm…..a good 1 at that but we have song and Frimpong?
    Sort your head out Wenger

  47. LeProf

    Great Coup de’tat / snatch job by Arsene!

    BTW, Coup De’Tat translated in English means:
    “A power takeover by rebels driving in two-door car.”

  48. SUGA3


    yep, I would at least try to go out in a blaze of glory, with a puncher’s chance of nicking it, it we sit back, we will get murdered…

  49. Rhyle

    Lol @ Baptista. I still remember how pissed off me and a lot of my mates got when we lost him to Real….those 4 goals at Anfield were awesome though…but he did fuck all after that.

    Hold on…Arshavin is the new Baptista?! Fuck.

  50. Lordbergkamp

    Here’s a thought for Wenger…. don’t play our usual game. Try and come up with a plan to get a result.

    9-1-0 anybody?

  51. gambon


    Ozyakup is a central mf, used to play similar to cesc but has been playing deeper recently alongside a DM. Good player but will probably leave soon as he wont really get ahead of Ramsey or JW.

  52. OPG

    Baptista is one that could have done with some preseason time, but apart from Rosicky we left our dealings late that year.

  53. Scott

    Arshavin norm today.
    Why,I gave no idea….gut feeling.
    Attack these bastards….what have we got to lose?
    We will not stop them scoring,there is a penalty to be had,so just try and score more.
    There defence is definitely a weakness…..keeper is bloody useless,so at least make them earn a win.
    Oh,and give the Korean a chance before telling us he’s a waste of money.

  54. Evan

    The (Diaby) hanbrake is the lever to a completely mechanical braking system, which will bypass the primary hydraulic system if it fails. Oh i now understand what Wenger means

  55. LeProf

    Yet another gossip:

    Meanwhile Eboue revealed that he joined Turkish club after he found out Phil Jones opted for Manure thus no chance of him bonking Jones’ gal pal instead!

  56. Lordbergkamp

    OPG: Baptista’s at Malaga. He’s found his level. You could have played him in every preseason game and he still would have been crap.

  57. roaaary

    @cesc rule arteta is a good mid table team I just have never seen a game dominating performance from him. I don’t watch a lot of everton though.

  58. Cesc Rule


    as long as no tippy tappy and crab football from him should be ok..just need the through passes thts been lacking these days..

  59. LeProf

    Diaby is very good in leg-breaking eg.Nasri’s leg.

    Perhaps a dry run at Fletcher’s leg by Diaby. Niceeee!!!

  60. Tiger

    Why wouldn’t Arsene spend the money if he finds the right player? Its not as if he gets to keep any of the transfer funds if he doesn’t spend them. Who does the funds and money belong to ? The shareholders. The board, and shareholders’ silence is defeaning. Also isn’t Richard Law paid a huge sum (asst Chief Executive) to make deals? What has happened? Bring back David Dein and we will have the good old days again.

  61. Rhyle

    Can we make a list of these?

    Jones – £2m more would have got him.
    Alonso – £500k more would have got him

    Any more? I’m sure there is…

  62. OPG

    Arteta hasn’t exactly made himself stand out in recent seasons he’s really regressed with the injuries not helping his cause.

  63. TOMTOM

    Fergie: We would not wait that long
    Sir Alex Ferguson insists he would never have allowed Manchester United to go six years without a trophy as he prepares to face Arsenal on Sunday afternoon.

    The Gunners have not won any silverware since 2005 when they claimed the FA Cup. They were favourites to win the Carling Cup last season but Birmingham snatched a late winner to condemn the north London club to another season without a trophy.

    On the prospect of going six years without winning anything, Ferguson said: “I wouldn’t have allowed that to happen.”

    Manager Arsene Wenger has found himself under increasing pressure, although it was alleviated a little with their qualification for the Champions League in midweek.

    However, United have continued to accumulate trophies and last season they became league champions for a record 19th time.

    Ferguson added: “You know, I don’t contemplate these things.

    “Arsene has got his way and I’ve got my way and, you do the best with what you believe in. And that’s what Arsene is trying to do. It is a different way of management.”

    The Gunners visit Old Trafford with just one point from their two Barclays Premier League games so far this season.

  64. bade the gooner (bernard)

    hello pedro,

    good post as ever, though i don’t get you right sometimes maybe?

    i don’t know if you use the same irony geoff does, when stating maybe we don’t need 6 quality players to compete……

    well, even if we escaped the guillotine today and managed to scrap good result, still we need to bolster massively. still that would be not tough game arsenal won or drawn, it will be a steel! it will be unlucky mancs (they used to be unlucky for 3-4 games a season), only another momentary lapse by them, and momentary lift for us.

    probably if we scrap anything in this game, and i truly don’t see us doing it as much as i hope we’ll do, guaranteed that we will throw it all away when we screw up our next home game…..

    the squad we have, even with it fully fit, can’t compete for 38 games quality wise, and you need that to challenge the title really. i fear we will be found wanting very soon….

  65. Rhyle

    Aye but how far were our valuations off? So far we could have signed Jones and Alonso by not buying Park and adding his cost to their transfers…bit tenuous but I’m sticking with it!

  66. roaaary

    We will never get away from the tippy tappy shit. All our players have been transformed to play this way. I saw gervinho in the emirates cup sprinting past defensive lines and being picked out time and again. Slowly he is coming deeper and looking more n more like a supercharged Eboue dribbling with no destination.

  67. gambon

    We pulled out of signing DiMaria at the last minute for £5m, the player himself even said he was an Arsenal player.

  68. natty

    We need a big, pacey, aggressive CF and we get this Korean guy, you can’t make it up. We needed a big, strong CB last season we got Toto, now we can’t get rid of him. Today, prepare for a nightmare.

  69. Rhyle

    Good one, Cesc Rule – that’s another £500k we missed out on a signing by…we must be the tightest bastards in Premier League history.

    There’s a big difference between being commercial / frugal and being tight cunts and we crossed that 4 years ago when we fucked the Alonso deal…

  70. Rhyle

    ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC…even given the no.9 shirt by Wenger, then Arsene (in his wisdom) asks him for a weeks trial…Zlatan tells him to shove his trial up his arse. 8 years later he goes to Barca for £40m.

  71. ritesh

    Why care about Mata when we have Wilshere. Rambo, Wilshere and Frimpong (after he takes Song’s spot in 2 months) are the midfield for me.

    We do need a left back however. I feel we have enough in center of defence with TV, Kozz, JD and Miquel.

  72. Goon from BD

    Hazard is an inside forward like Gervinho. Creative wide player. The problem with him is that he is selfish and inconsistent. Very bad attitude according to his national team coach.

  73. Lordbergkamp

    Rhyle – you are spot on. Wenger fucks up 24/7 – and this is the issue – he never learns from his cock-ups.

    And now people are wise to his tactics and – you get a strong sense – laugh at him now.

  74. incesc

    its a shame we got man u in the carling cup today but i guess if we go out we can concentrate on the league.

    hope our reserves do ok.