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I do ok for a living, but I must say, nothing gives me more joy than raiding reduced food aisle in Waitrose. Landing a prawn salad for thirty nine pence when I’ve got a £20 note sitting in my pocket feels like a victory against the man.

Arsene Wenger is like me. He’s got £100million sitting in his pocket, but he’s not interested in shopping in the proven aisle, he’d much prefer to take a chance in the reduced section with a player that might represent some supreme value. How can I not respect this approach when I have the same vision when it comes to sustaining my body?

Problem is, I’ll buy anything with a yellow sticker on it, now sometimes that works out, I mean, who knew what a culinary sensation fresh veal escalopes at £2.68 could be (Sagna)? Other times though, things have gone horrifically wrong in my desperation for a bargain. Only recently, I purchased pig kidneys, I whacked them in the frying pan without soaking them in salt water to remove the unwanted bits, within 2 minutes my house smelt like a pig urinal and the taste of those kidneys still haunts me to this day (even though I knew it was potentially dangerous, I slogged away and tried to convince myself this bargain would work out (ring any bells?)).

You see, a bargain is a good idea when you have nothing to lose. However, when you’re cooking for your job, you’d best ensure that whatever you’re purchasing has the best chance of tasting good.

This guy is 26 years old, he hasn’t scored many goals and he’s not been tested at the highest level. Matt Spiro (@Mattspiro), a France based journo / commentator, has told me that he’s a good all round striker, he can head well, he’s very two footed and he has good technique. The overall feeling though is that he’s an underwhelming signing, even Lille were signing him as a back up. This isn’t first choice for us by the looks of it. Joel Campbell has been deemed a not so special talent and he could find his way into the Lille squad as a result.

People keep telling me I don’t like him because he’s not a £20million striker. Well, that’s not fair. I haven’t said I don’t like him. But Arsenal fans have got to stop getting excited by a player because he’s cheap. I generally judge a players quality on goals, assists, Champions League experience, trophies and pedigree. Now, I’m not saying this guy isn’t the one. He might be. But surely we should be looking at someone a bit more prestigious considering 1) We already have a striker who is good for 15 goals a season, who is an international, who is experienced and proven to a degree in the Premiership, who is 3 years younger (Who should be gone by next week now apparently) 2) Robin is only good for 30 games, whoever comes in should be equal to Robin’s quality if we want to progress.

I can paint any picture here I like, I haven’t seen him. However, I’d like to point out that we’ve gone from sniffing around Benzema and Tevez, to signing a player even the most ardent French Footballing Ambassador struggles to muster up 3 lines about.

Maybe he’ll come good. Maybe he won’t. Whichever way you look at it, he represents a risk…. and don’t kid yourself this is low risk because it’s a low fee. The cost of missing out on top 4 this year is roughly £25million and the potential loss of three of our best players who we’d have to sell as they wouldn’t re-sign.

The stakes have never been higher. Still, one thing you can guarantee with a Korean is that they will work till collapse for the team. He’s also the captain of South Korea and if he can score 12 goals for a relegated team, the chances are, he’ll definitely score 56 for us.

Eden Hazard

Many are speculating that we’ve blown our chance to sign Eden Hazard by gazumping them for Chu-Young. I’m pretty sure that’s not the case. The Korean is worth £3million, Hazard is potentially worth £26million plus. If we want the Belgian, we could have him. I don’t understand why we wouldn’t be interested in him for that fee. He’s clearly top-notch, he’ll likely go on to be one of the best. Dithering over price is what cost us Mata… a player who is clearly going to take the league by storm. I hope we don’t make the same mistake with Hazard. We need a talented creator, he’s one of the few available that we know we’ve got a solid interest in. Plus, Lille are a tiny club moving to a new stadium, even Arsenal had to sell their biggest players when we left Highbury.

That said, this is not the midfielder I was tentatively told we were going in strong for, though the word a a week or so a go was that we’d bid for him before month end…


It does strike me that the only market we’re interested in purchasing from is the French League. We’ve always spoken of the need to save for a rainy day, right now, as far as the squad is concerned, it’s pouring. Now, we’ve got £100million sitting in the bank, the rest of Europe is in dire financial straits and we’re not focusing our attention in any place other than Ligue 1? Arguably 4th or 5th when it comes to strength.

There surely must be some skint Spanish or Italian teams who have top players? Surely there is a left back or a decent holding midfielder out there who could do a job for us? Spain have the most technically accomplished players in the world, why aren’t we sniffing around their senior teams for first team players? Makes no sense… we saved for the day financial Armageddon came, now it’s here, we’re not taking advantage?


So a massive whopper of a game today. Some say the biggest game since Premiership was created, others say just a big game because if we lose it, we’ll be severely off track in the league before its even got going.

The line up for tomorrow is looking more desperate than ever. I’m yet to hear if Vermaelen is fit for the game, there’s been no confirmation either way, news leaked to Young-guns that Sagna is ill, so that potentially means we’ll have Traore, Jenkinson, Kozzer and JD at the back. Then there’s the midfield. Now, if Tommy V is fit, we could move Kozzer into the holding role. That would give me some comfort, he’s fast, good on the ball and aggressive. However, if that isn’t a goer, you face the choice of Henri Lansbury who isn’t a holding midfielder or Coquelin who is greener than Arsenal’s pitch. Rosicky played well the other day and Rambo is a talented young player, but we’re playing a proper team today. Turning them over is a massive ask. Our midfield and defence could be in crisis…

Up top, the team picks itself, Robin, Theo and Arshavin. Outside of that, we have the weakest bench I can remember. AOC, Miyachi, Coquelin, Chamakh, Oyakzup, Bendtner and Fabianski. How have we got to this stage? It’s unbelievable. I’m having a face palm moment before we’ve even started.

Still, today is about miracles and proving people wrong. If we put the United keeper under pressure and work hard, you never know what could happen. United won’t play to our strengths in the same way Udinese did. Expect them to bully us with the absence of any strength and expect them to bomb our box with crosses. We have to be sharp from the off, we have to work our socks off. If we do that, anything is possible. We don’t have a strong line up today, I do hope the coach has factored that into our tactics. I don’t think I’m the only one that thinks ‘just play your game’ on the white board will be enough.

I’m nervous but excited to see what the game throws up. If it goes tits up, we’ve got time to bring in players, if it goes well, maybe we don’t quite need 6 players to compete.

Put your predictions on a postcard and sign it faith!

See you in the comments…

P.S. So much for Fergie being nice…

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2,033 Responses to “Park Chu-Young… the low down | Manchester United preview | Hazard Update”

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  1. i would have left too- just like cesc

    3 days to sign a left back, a centre back, two mid fielders and a striker. what a fucking joke when we knew that cesc and nasri were leaving we should have replaced them before leaving.

    Possivle solution, Gary Cahill, Leighton Baines, Scott Parker, Eden Hazard and then maybe this Park bloke, otherwise we are going to have a season full of results like this.

    we easily have enough money from all the sales this yearfor these players.

  2. zeus

    Its 1:24 am. Went out with some m8s and had some drinks and COMPLETELY forgot about this shit result. Was hoping at least that the board would come out and refund every member of the away support.
    Oh well………..Colonel Gaddafi media lockdown until Tuesday when the Tuesday Club with Alan Davies should be a fun listen.

    Then watch as we buy no one.

    (Panic buying…….Sneijder/Shweinsteiger, Hazard, Baines, Cahill and Samba)

  3. LAzer

    Wenger will get the sack very soon. But not before destroying our team and season. The end always happens like this. It HAS to happen now.

    I can echo the same as most here, people just said sorry all day and felt bad. That is how low we have sunk with Wenger manning the ship.

  4. charliegeorge

    No glossing from me, gnarley.

    Arsenal Football Club has become a charity and a training institution.

    A charity to line the coffers of the board, Wenger and his players.

    A training institution that grooms 9 year olds to follow the lead of players who are at the top of their games – Cesc, Nasri and co – in ultimately seeking greener pastures.

    There is something immeasurably wrong with the direction, ethos, and raison d’etre. Arsenal are a club redolent of a corrupt Third World Nation – morally, financially and spiritually.

    We are sick of the excuses; excuses which have become exceedingly more fanciful with each unexpected and expected loss.

    People who have followed this club for 20 or more years have been reduced to tears, flailing like a drowning swimmer to be rescued from the impending horror. But the horror continues; and it is now beyond any sort of comprehension.
    Only a very large broom can undo the wrongs. Only a mass application of some creative destruction can get Arsenal back to where it belongs. If losing 8-2 to our most bitter of rivals (Spurs have never been good enough to take this crown) is not a sackable offense, then winning something like 2 of our last (14, 15, 16?) matches is most certainly that.

    The Arsenal I knew is gone. Arsene Wenger has appropriated the club for himself and his whimsical, eccentric fantasies.

  5. LAzer

    Wenger has to go now. HE MUST go. Their is no other way to clean this mess up. IT has to start from the top.

    Surely tomorrow’s post Pedro and Geoff must echo the same.

  6. Rhyle

    I encourage everyone coming to the blog this morning to e-mail Doublegooner to support his efforts to organise / instigate a demo. E-mail him at or

    Whether you think it’s time for Wenger to leave or not, we need to let the club know what we think of the direction it’s moving in.

    One voice, one message


  7. Rhyle

    I’ve been getting e-mails, text, status comments from everyone. Even Spurs fans have miraculously forgotten that they lost 5-1 and are revelling in our apparent demise.

    The noise coming from fans of Championship and SPL sides, who have a massive FUCK ALL to crow about is astonishing. Schadenfreude, it appears, is still as popular as it was at it’s Jeremy Beadle hayday.

    This has been one bank holiday weekend to forget.

  8. zeus

    Very good read……

    As I watched at home, I briefly (and, I now realise, irrationally) wondered if Wenger might resign in the aftermath of the game. What changed my mind was our extraordinary fans, who for much of the second half drowned out the United supporters with a chorus of “We love you Arsenal”. They will have reminded Arsene of his commitment to this club. He won’t walk away now.

    Nor should he. This is his mess, and he needs to fix it – a change of manager at this stage would benefit no-one. The obvious place to start is in the transfer market. A centre-half and a central midfielder are absolutely vital. We’d all like business to have been done earlier, but there’s no point moaning about that now: we’ve got three days to do the required repair work on this squad. Transfers can be done very quickly. Take the case of Park Chu-Young: Arsenal received news that Joel Campbell’s work permit appeal had been declined on Friday afternoon – by Saturday morning the Korean striker was on his way to London.

  9. MorrowsBrokenArm

    Well, its al been said……someone posted earlier that the players see AW as a father figure. Think what you like about Gary Nevile, but I respect his playing career. He wrote a piece in the mail, he said that for anyone who thinks a manager can’t effect a game once players cross the white line, didn’t have a clue what they were talking about…I believe his word of choice was bollox. He spoke of how Fergie was always in the players minds, always thinking “shit, i fucked up, im gonna get it at half time”. Fear and respect, bred pride and passion in the team.

    wasn’t it Wigan who refunded their fans after spuds trounced them 8 or 9 nil a few seasons back. The fans were amazing today, truly awesome effort in the face of such frustration.

    just fed up…and i got up at bloody 3am to watch that shite, and more fool me i stayed as the goals mounted up….ughhhhh…..its gonna be a long season aint it! Where’s the fight gone!

  10. Cesc Rule

    geekpie says:
    August 29, 2011 at 08:03

    In Le Grove We Trust

    Our minds n opinions say it all..

  11. ArsenetheClown

    We ve to get Arsene out now, when the frustration is at the highest! The Akb’s are hiding, but if we get a result against Swansea (which is expected), then have these fickle cunts will come up with more excuses, and then we ll be still stuck with Wenger!

    So time to get that cunt out rite now!!!!


  12. Paul King

    Yesterday finally revealed that we have had misguided faith in clueless authorities! I’ve defected..I’ve jumped the fence…I’m no longer among the dopes!

  13. Rhyle

    It’s AMAZING that the AKB’s are still able to mount a defence, albeit completely nonsensical, in the face of such an abject performance.

    Weapon of choice? 8 first teamers out. Now, I’m no rocket scientist…but I am fairly bright…RvP, Walcott, Chezzer, Arshavin, Kozzer, Ramsey…surely with our squad these are all first team players? And 11 minus 6 does not equal 8 right? And if the remaining 5 second choice players are not good enough to compete…because, let’s face it…at NO POINT yesterday did we compete…then isn’t that also the managers fault for letting the squad get in to this bad of a shape? Apparently not, that would be the fault of our new owner, a man who has been in charge for all of two months…a man who, prior to that, was on the board but who’s voice was diluted by other majority shareholders. Kroenke even said he’d be maintaining the status quo when he bought the club…not sure why anyone expected else but when he’s just continuing with the business plan he bought the club on.

    Wenger must be held accountable for the state of the first team squad. Look at who we were competing with just 12 months ago – each of them has 2 super, super quality players in most, if not all, positions.

    We should be ashamed that we’ve let things descend in to this farce.

  14. ardentgooner

    After being raped in broad daylight by fergie and his boys…all our manager can say is i’m close to signing a striker…fucking idiot…sort out the defence and midfield first….we’ve needed a defender for 2 years now and he’s signed a winger and close to signing a strieker….fucking asshole…sign a LB, a CB a CDM and Striker…then we might be able to avoid relegation….WENGER OUT YOU CUNT

  15. SUGA3

    how many kids have we signed thus far? anyone?

    not saying it should all be laid at the Wenger’s door, I have been saying that IG and his cronies were incompetent from the moment they were appointed, but on the other hand, Wenger is happy to pocket £7M p.a. and be the mouthpiece of all this nonsense…

    did you notice that Fergie would not even celebrate the later goals, like he always does, no matter what bunch of shitkickers they happen to play against?

  16. ArsenetheClown

    For all u Stupid AKB’s:

    United were missing their first choice centrebacks too! Only difference is that they have capable deputies who can come in and do a job when there are injuries!

    And the reason for our thread-bare squad is Wenger! Honestly if u cant see the light still then probably u ll never see it! And serious u AKB cunts can fuck off, no longer give a damn in tryin to convincing u guys! We can win our battle without u DELUDED CUNTS!



  17. Yandi

    Wenger says we lost under special circumstances. What exactly were those…? Fergie didn’t start Ferdinand, Vidic, Park, Giggs, Valencia, Rafel, Fabio, Carrick, Fletcher, Berbatov and Owen, and his team was younger than ours. What the fuck is he on about!?

  18. Rhyle

    He also mentioned that “there were times during the game that we played with quality”…

    Despite 2 goals I failed to see anything worthy of the word quality.

  19. SUGA3

    the funny thing is that due to his faffing around not buying that CB we needed, a promising partnership between JD and LK had to be split, say what you want, but these two together were better than the sum of ingredients, if you get my drift…

    that’s why, due to the fact that neither Arsene, nor the coaching staff can see this, I am considering them to be a bunch of frauds, simple as that…

  20. Goon from BD

    Can someone help me with this please? LURCH or anybody??

    Theres some serious stink behind the scenes. I do want Wenger out now but if I remember the Newcastle and Udinese(1st leg) game he did go for defensive substitutions to not expose the defense and yesterday he took off Coquelin for Lansbury. What the hell was that for??

  21. ethan_gunner

    well , i dont think anyone needs to justify how truly crap we are .
    most of us have known for years 🙂

    getting more ordinary by the year …

    rome wasnt built in a day sure , but it took along time to go down also ….

    wengers , close but not close enough approach is pissing me off .

    got closish last year as a few players have advanced , like the hleb ,flamini days … only for the cnuts to get big heads and go for cash , now nasri and cesc , its a cycle …

    now 1/2 seasons of rebuild …..

    get ready for it …

  22. charliegeorge

    Or Manchurian Candidates, suga. Brainwashed by some higher force with the sole intention of destroying Arsenal.

    Looking forward to gambon’s, tonyadamsisgod, and Geoff’s comments.

    In the overall scheme of things, today is gonna be a doozy.

  23. wardo

    i blogged yesterday BEFORE the match the the game would be like a league 2 team facing a top EPL team in the CC cup !!

    I also said that Fergie is going for the kill by also playing a young team.

    Utd had strength in depth. We didn’t.

    Utd’s players had more fight although, i was pleased to see theo getting into the game a little bit more.

    RVP tried hard also…….

    We had quite a few players out and we cant cope with out them. All we have atm is a 1st team with youth players as back up.

    I still think we need £100mil spent on 5-6 players if we are to rescue 4th spot.

    Yes i said 4th spot. Utd adn city will just drive off into the distance now………wave bye to them !!

  24. Rhyle

    Wardo, don’t forget Chelsea close behind them…

    Couldn’t agree more that we need at least 6 players… and that’s even with Park coming through the door…

    2 CBs
    1 LB
    2 CMs
    1 CF

    We have 2 1/2 days to get anything done.

    Let’s see what happens.

  25. ikon

    I hoped that Arsenal qulified against udinese but gets thumped by pool and united. But I never though this team was formed of such useless clueless players who would allow the team to get beaten 8-2!!!!! even 5-2 would have been understood considering the low expectations. 29th of august and yet to see the 2nd signing which is good enough to fit right into the team.

    absolutely ridiculous. Why would anyone want to stay in this team right now?

  26. Arse&Nose©

    My observations:

    Non premier teams have gone to old trafford and not been humiliated the way we were. That says a lot about our tactics, or lack of them.

    Walcott has no right to berate jenkinson, he is a twat.

    Djourou outmuscled by a kid for the first goal,

    Our worst performers were our most experienced and highest earners

    20 people involved in transfers, who are they?

    Does kroenke even know what happened, does he care?

    For all his faults you can’t accuse Wenger of hiding like many managers would have, but where are the board, where is ivan?

    Away fans deserve a refund, 6.5% you’re having a laugh!

  27. SUGA3


    I believe the problem is that Wenger has the last say on everything football, but that sadly is touching the transfers, as he can’t decide…

    neither Kroenke nor Gazidis is a football man, some bring up the former owning Rapids or some other shit Yank side and the latter being a Deputy Commissioner of the MLS, where he was rubber-stamping deals done by other people…

    now compare this with David Dein, who knew every player and member of staff by their names…

  28. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    I’m getting it in the ear from my Swedish colleagues who know fk all about the prem but realise that pro sportsmen should not let in so many fkn goals. Embarrassing!!
    Sunday league stuff.

  29. bnsb

    The only good thing about that result is that Le Grove is about to top 2000 comments

    Common all you doomsdayers/naysayers/thinkers/realists 🙂

  30. eastofthelea

    gone on about this before but why didn’t we bring barton in,
    yesterday would’nt have happened. The only issue should have
    been is a squad of 25 enough to accommodate him as back up.

    For all those who go on about his character,if you use pro
    footballers as role models you really need to take a close look
    at yourself.

  31. Rhyle

    It’s not about endorsing Barton as a role model, east – it’s about endorsing him as a man. Scumbags like Barton, Mills, Savage and their ilk should never be associated with our club regardless of their (debatable) qualities – we should more respect for ourselves than that.

    Can anyone confirm what all this talk about Cascarino being sacked is all about..?

  32. charliegeorge

    This is making news in Australia. The shock has turned to amazement to disbelief to groans of laughter. I’ve never seen anything like it.

  33. Doublegooner

    Various fans from real old timers to the 20 somethings have been calling me.
    Many are talking about organising and asking how we can arrange Demos.
    We ALL need to come together. There are 000′s who feel like we do.

    Lets ALL see what we can do. We ALL love this club & Wenger, Gazidas have failed.

    Lets not kid ourselves, forget top 4 .We are in a relegation battle.

    email me at

    SWANSEA GAME – Armoury ‘ ROUNDABOUT’ around 2pm

    I’ll print T.shirts & offer them at cost ( approx £3-4 each) Digital
    Printed large banners all at cost.

    Geoff & Pedro, stop fannying about, You’ve both been a brave voice for a long time. Lets all get together !



  34. Sabeel


    dont worry, we are gonna have plenty of 8-2 or 9-1 this season….everyone will get there chance….

    this is a season of huge negative Goal difference for us….a record for goal conceded in our history,that am very confident,.

  35. ArsenetheClown

    If nothin is done soon to get Wenger out then we re gonna be stuck with him for a Whole lot of time More! If we win versus Swansea (yes, it is possible even with this shit team), then all the AKB’s will start puttin a positive spin on everything!

    Need to get him OUT n NOW!!!


  36. Rhyle

    eastoflea – not true, fella. I’ve seen many people in all kind of jobs, smart people, great at the jobs lose their jobs for a variety of reasons.

    I believe stubbing a cigar out in the eye of a kid would qualify as a quality we could all do without in any employee?

  37. eastofthelea

    He could do a job for us now rhyle. he’s fucked up before and
    rightly sacked.Most jobs you get another chance.

  38. Rhyle

    You’re scratching, now east! You’ll never convince me that someone like Barton, regardless of qualities, has any place at my club. The man has had countless chances and fucked every single one of them.

    As for your point, Sabeel…nearly 25% of our total goals conceded last season conceded in our first 3 games. Says it all.

  39. ArsenetheClown

    Both the Manchester clubs look scary good! But for me City may just be better! Sp*rs are a tougher side to play against than us rite now, and with City’s attacking quartet they look really good! Nasri looked really good too, i guess coz he s playing with better players!

  40. MOB PIRU




  41. Arse&Nose©

    On paper our players aren’t light years behind man utds but our tactics are . fergie can get average players to put in a shift by instilling spirit, wenger can’t

  42. Thomas. it's up for grabs now...

    6 of the team who started yesterday starred in the 1-0 win against Utd at The EM. 6! So we’ll give him 5 missing and not 8. However, we must also acknowledge the absentees from Utd’s line up! And they did ok without them!

    Coquelin & Ozyakup are not even listed on the official site first team squad.. Amazing! Not even listed.

    And as for conceding goals.. Good point. I think it was 16 goals conceded by our famous title winning side of 89… or was it 91? My brain is fucked after yesterday! Anyway it was one of those two years! 16 ! in a whole season… and we are at 10 after 3 games. How much worse does it need to get.

  43. Goonerman

    We have been deteriorating since the Stadium move; so whose fault is it? Edelman for accepting poor sponsorship contracts and for his propert development strategy, Dein for his duplicity within the Board, Gazidis for the benign way he conducts his work and, Wenger, for inexplcably, forgetting how to win.

    Arsenal away fans are wonderful.