Arsenal want to compete with the best teams in Europe, so sell our best players then.

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Yes he really said that at his press conference as he fidgeted on his seat looking nervous, ‘to compete with the best you need to be in the Champions league’ so we’ll throw away our league position in the last three months of the season and when we get into qualifying we’ll do it not only without our two best players, we’ll do it without replacing them. Not only that,we’ll qualify without our shining light of a central midfielder because we ‘overused’ him last season. That wasn’t his fault by the way, he had no choice.

What a nutter, how is this board standing back and allowing this train wreck to happen in slow motion.

If we go out of the Champions league tonight and lose to the Mancs on Sunday and he’s still employed it will be a travesty, if they get shot of him then, the new man won’t be able to replace what we have lost until January and by then we could have no chance of getting back into the Champions league next season, what a mess, what a complete board of incompetent tools.

Or, and that’s a big or, we could go through tonight and smash the Mancs on Sunday, so how would we do that then? My guess is to surprise them from the off, sling the new kids on and hit them with pace and power, yes that sounds like madness but if we go with the team that won last week we are destined to crash out.

This would be my team.


Sagna Vermaelen Miquel Jenkinson

Frimgpong Ramsey Lansbury

Ryo Robin Chamberlain

Yes I know it’s a wildly inexperienced and raw side but at least Udinese won’t know what to expect, Miquel did okay against Liverpool, Ryo in his youtube clips looks direct, if we can use him before Wenger removes that quality he may get us a much needed goal and Chamberlain has to be worth a punt or we have spunked £15mil down the drain.

Song is not as solid as Frimpong and he gives the ball away too much, at least when Frimpong loses the ball he tries to get it back, and he loves Arsenal.

Samir if you’re reading this, I wish you luck as I don’t blame you, why would you want to hang around to see what Wenger is doing to our beloved club, you don’t support Arsenal, you don’t have to, we have no choice.

Talking of which, I would love Ivan and Stan to actually ask Wenger what his end game is. By that I mean this obsession with kids has to have and end, there has to be a point where Wenger says ‘and at this point we will begin to dominate’ or do we just tread water with kids for ever.

And it’s not like we are saving money, Chamberlain cost more than Nasri and is 4 years younger than he was when we bought him.

It’s called an end game, all businesses have them, you have to have a point where whatever your strategy, it pays off.

So that’s the question I have for today, what is the end game Wenger?

So in the last few years we have made £100mil on 4 players, add that to all the rest of the money and we must be close to debt free, you can’t bang on about the stadium costs forever!

Let’s get behind the boys tonight, let’s surprise them with a new and pacey team, let’s go through in Europe and salvage some pride, I know we have no players left but it is only Udinese and they lost their best two as well.

Have a great day today Grovers and let’s hope the team does too, despite the mad sod we have managing us.

P.S. Anyone notice our British core? We’ll soon be media and referee darlings!

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  1. Thomas. It's up for grabs now!

    FINALLY… FINALLY….A feel good moment for all Gooners… We needed that. All of us. SZCZESNY winning hearts and minds! Some good performances. And whatever I think about the club direction at the moment I fucking lept off the chair when Theo buried the second. Get in….

    That 25million is important, Spending it is altogether another matter but it might just bring in an extra big signing in the next week. The performance and result was important for the players confidence.

    Make no mistake, we still need some big quality signings with experience under the belt. We cannot depend on RVP, Vermaelen and Szczesny to go the full 38 games. without them we will struggle.

    NOW PLEASE, Go and spend the money. Let us see a bunch of marquee signings and we’ll be right behind the team all the way provided you give us the effort on the field.

    I am still more worried than any time in the last 10 years going to Old Trafford. But the most important battles now are the transfer signings in the next 7 days.

  2. IvoryGoonz

    Colonel: as I said, it’s not all black and white. he obviously loves his family before his football club.

  3. Mayank

    Surely it can’t be we don’t sign anyone. Surely.

    I’ll settle for Jag/Cahill and Hazard. Don’t make me beg.

  4. Colonel Mustard

    incesc you’ve changed man 🙂

    The interview if you read between the line seemed to indicate there is work behind the scenes. did anyone ever think the players themselves were waiting to see if the players we are targeting waited to see if we made champions league.

  5. Mayank

    And should we stop saying that we’ve won 20mil tonight. I’m sure the 20mil was already a part of our calculations. What we’ve done is made signing players a lot easier.

  6. arsenalone

    Brilliant performance from the boys,Cahill did not play for Bolton tonight,probaly sign for City tommorow[lol].

    What a save world class,my 11 year old recons Chessa will be in goal for Barca next year

    come on you gunners

  7. incesc

    every year we say, “hes just waiting to see if we qualify”

    next it will be “hes waiting for cheap deals on the last day”

  8. DaleDaGooner

    With Pedro calling for some positivity, some donkey’s just go on, hearing go, and not stop….great support.

  9. Dial Square

    Don’t see the need to spend money,we still have Sqillaci, Chamakh, Diaby back for a game and a half,next season Denilson comes back and big Al will take over from Szczesny just relax guys

  10. Dutchman

    Haha, typical wenger. One win and we are the best ever squad. Fuck off. It’s not the board , it is wenger!!! If hedoesn’t sign the Defender we were promised and the replacements for Nasri and our best player Fabregas then fuck off!!! That would be disgraceful, we would have another 60m in the pocket. Good worrk Arsene!!!

  11. Keyser

    incesc – Wright’s one of the reasons I started supporting Arsenal, people get upset when he plays on his Arsenal Legend status to talk shit in The Sung basically because they pay him some money to say something controversial.

  12. nishanth

    I think Mvila might come..and maybe another CB.That will pretty much it.Its a real shame.Because our current crop of youngsters is pretty good.Wilshere,Ramsey,Jenkison,Afobe,Frimpong etc.Most of them have been with the club for some time and seem to love the club a lot.Unlike the youngsters in 2008 like denilson,song,diaby,bendtner,fabianski.If we buy the right players we could be a real force for some time.But knowing wenger he will put too much responsibility on them now and fuck it up

  13. Yandi

    Well, fuck me, we actually won that! That’s the cheque-book closed for a further season though sadly.

    Nothing to moan about really. Good away European performance overall. We won both legs, and that’s a rarity these days! Song was actually good in the 2nd half. Gervinho was immense. Walcott on and off. Sczensny MoTM… Fucking awesome!

    Now sign some fucking players for fuck’s sake!! Wenger will probably have his “I told you so” face on tonight…

    Meanwhile, Emmanuel Eboue’s playing for Galatasaray against Real Madrid at the Bernebeu right now. 1-1. 34th minute. Ramos just equalised for Madrid.

  14. incesc


    vermalaen out for sunday??????

    jesus, you cant give us anything can you??

    oh and pedro

    can we ban the word nasri on here?

  15. Mayank

    Vermi’s out now?! We’re fucked for Sunday. Who the fuck will line up! We literally have to buy just to put people on the field.

  16. Rohan

    If Vermaelen’s out for Sunday. And Koscielny’s doubtful. Who the fuck is going to play exactly?

    If we send out Squillaci and JD, I’ll shoot myself.

  17. Colonel Mustard

    TOMTOM – not even funny. make some Nasri jokes if you have to. The way us fans have turned on ourselves and even the manager who whatever you say about him cares about the club.

  18. incesc


    he only says we need signings and what most grovers say…

    the only thing that puts me off him is his film career, that film he was in looks fucking awful.

  19. Yandi

    Well, fuck me, we actually won that! That’s the cheque-book closed for a further season though sadly.

    Nothing to moan about really. Good away European performance overall. We won both legs, and that’s a rarity these days! Song was actually good in the 2nd half. Gervinho was immense. Walcott on and off. Sczensny MoTM… Fucking awesome!

    Now sign some fucking players for fuck’s sake!! Wenger will probably have his “I told you so” face on tonight…

    Meanwhile, Emmanuel Eboue’s playing for Galatasaray against Real Madrid at the Bernebeu right now. 1-1. 37th minute.

  20. ritesh

    I saw steel in this team tonight.

    There is desire, its no longer Harlem Globe Trotters.

    Killer instinct…32 shots, 19 on target. Gerv impressive, Walcott’s stats a pleasant surprise. The balance is here, like in the old days.

    Lets get our playmaker back and we wll achieve great things now. Jack Wilshere will lead this team to the trophies which Fabregas could not deliver for so long.

  21. Maciek

    Colonel Mustard,

    Nasri is a clown and a greedy one. Wenger has lost the plot.
    We are so weak, we need 5-6 quality, ready made players.

    We will go to the Pld Trafford with Jenkinson, Miguel, Djouru and Sagna and without ANY PROPER CDM.

    Who’s fault is this?

    We are a joke.

  22. TOMTOM

    Ok Colonel I’ll give Wenger a chance but if it comes to next wednesday and we dont make any quality signings I wont be happy. I’ll burn an effigy of Wenger at the emirates if he wont spend.

  23. BillikenGooner

    2 things we will hear the rest of this week.

    The team is showing it has the mental strength and resilience.

    When we get all our players back from injury and punishment, we will have a very big squad full of enough quality. Dare he say.. like new signings.

  24. Keyser

    incesc – Mate, what most grovers say ? What that they want us to lose ?! Fuck that.

    “winning this tie should always have been a given,”

    It should never be a given, we could/should be expected to win, never guaranteed.

    We’ll probably lose on Sunday, but if we win, like you said we don’t need any signings.

  25. Keyser

    When Wright says, I’d have loved Shaun to play for Arsenal, but Chelsea were paying him more to sit on the bench, I bet he’d get everyone’s respect.

  26. Pier

    Shopping list for Wenger and the Board

    Parker or Barton

    Now get it done you fucking bumbling cunts.

  27. DaleDaGooner

    We work very hard on signings but if you look at the players we had tonight they were top class. [Does that mean you won’t make any signings?] There may be signings but I cannot lie and say we will sign someone tomorrow because it is not true. We try.”

  28. IvoryGoonz

    SUGA3 says:
    August 24, 2011 at 22:10


    Vermaelen did not take any knock, did he?

    please God, let this not be the recurrence…
    I think it was, the way he held is ankle didn’t look good.
    hopefully, it’s just a minor set back, and our miraculous physio will get him back quick…

  29. Byo

    It has been really depressing of late to read about Arsenal(especially a lot written by Arsenal fans). And AW would have been quartered and hung if we had lost to Udinese today! He does not appear as stupid as some may want to paint him.

    As elated as I am at this time, I still wish for a midfield general. I take a lot of good from today, especially Frimpong’s energy/ passion, and the general confidence of the team.

    I really do not want to read anymore about Fabregas and Nasri. I wish them all the best.

  30. TOMTOM

    Cahill,Baines,Schweinsteiger,Hazzard and Benzema would make a massive difference. Will Kroenke let Wenger spend that kind of money?

  31. Colonel Mustard

    TOMTOM – do mate, enjoy this. fair enough who knows what Wegner will do and i will make a wicker man with you if he does’nt but lets try to stay united for one week anyways

  32. gambon

    “Dunno. Wenger had that cheeky grin I fucking hate in that interview. I think he has something up his sleeve.”

    Oh fuck me youre naive.

    People have said this exact thing every window since old man qualidee arrived.

  33. Marko

    If he signs no one he should be sacked it’s simple as that. A couple good performers out there tonight though, thought the kid jenkinson looked sweet as

  34. Pier

    I admit the last 3 players on that list would be nigh on impossible to get, especially for the retards running our club, but the first 3 should be a given.


  35. TOMTOM

    Jenkinson got forward alot and if Gervinho can improve his passing while in dangerous areas he will be a good addition. Djourou was a disaster tonight and we really cant keep risking our season by playing this fool at the back.

  36. TOMTOM

    70 million in the bank plus the 40 million that we were told that the club had to spend at the start of the transfer window. We all know that the club will make a profit on transfers this summer while Chelsea,United and city spend at least 50 million.

  37. Sam

    Vermaelen is a Beast. Clear No 1 at the club ATM. JD – Kos, difficult to choose. Squid has to go and we need a CB who is atleast as good as TV5 and keep Kos and JD as backups or atleast fight with the other 2 to be 1st choice with TV5.

  38. Strikeforce1

    well done arsenal, szcesny really has showed he is a true number 1, am not scared at all with him in goal, jenkinson put in a good shift, so did song and rosicky impressed… he really is like our silva the way he turns, hope he returns to good form. Gervinho for me really stood out, needs to improve his passing more but my word does he dribble effectively, our next pires probably……… theo well theo is theo lol, i hope arsene spends if not we will be left behind, our aim this season should be fa cup and carling cup…with a fourth place finish at least… thatd be a great season given the circumstances we find ourselves now…

  39. Walking Wounded

    After the bad feeling this week, my hat goes off to the team tonight!

    Not that he had a bad game, but when Frimpong went off at half time, we ruled that midfield and Di Natale didn’t really get a sniff in open play. This is because Rosicky added a balance to the midfield and was excellent, and Song stayed back and played well.

    Chezzer is getting better every game.

    And Gervinho looked excellent because he seems to make the right decision often.

    We still need some depth though.

  40. gambon

    The minimum requirement is

    – 2 CBs
    – Cesc Replacement
    – Striker

    However that wont get us anywhere near the league, but we may get 4th.

    I honestly dont think we’ll sign anyone. There is something disgusting going on at the club right now.

  41. Pier

    I am afraid that wengers book of excuses is being dusted off for the weekend though for when ManU fist fuck us again.

    Song, Gerv, Frimpong, Vermy, Kos, Gibbs, and Wilshere will all likely be missing, so wenger will point to these guys being like new signings when they return.

  42. Rhyle

    For me the pain in the first half was the gain in the second as Song moved back in to his natural position – he was a 2 yard pass missing misfit, and much better in the second. Song going back to his natural position was a massive difference.

    Although, to say he was ‘immense’ is pushing it. 😉

  43. GoonerGaz

    Am I right in thinking that it’s the board that won’t break the wage structure, so when we look to buy a player like oxlade chamberlain at 12m plus e.g 30k a week over a 5 year contract, that’s less than 20 million over 5 years, whereas if we’re looking for an ‘experienced’ player on 125k a week over say a 4 year contract, that’s already 26million even without the transfer fee.

    Basically what I’m getting at is perhaps the board really are to blame and holding back Wenger spending where he wants to! There is immediate money to spend on players now as everyone keeps banging on about, but perhaps the board adamantly won’t pay the wages over the contract, therefore ruling out a high fee with high wages, it’s either one or the other with us.

    I’ve been a bit blinkered in the past thinking it’s just Wenger being stubborn, but now I’m not so sure.

  44. OPG

    mattspiro Matt Spiro

    More Wenger on C+: ‘We have excellent players who are 18 or 19. If we dont find replacements (for Cesc& Nasri) we’ll show faith in them’

    … Oh Wenger

  45. Keyser

    incesc – “if we win on sunday we dont need any signings”

    Well, that’s a pretty controversial statement to make incesc, and I think we’ll struggle to win at Old Trafford, but I cans ee your point there.

  46. Walking Wounded


    I would love to see a group of Barcelona, AC Milan, Man City and Borussia Dortmund, but as far as I can tell, for us groups 3 and 4 look fairly weak

  47. john

    BillikenGooner says:
    August 24, 2011 at 22:12
    2 things we will hear the rest of this week.

    The team is showing it has the mental strength and resilience.

    When we get all our players back from injury and punishment, we will have a very big squad full of enough quality. Dare he say.. like new signings.

    he near enough said that in the interview.
    I have mixed feelings tonight. Glad we won and worried Arsene will use it to justify no signings, or 1 at most.

  48. nishanth

    Must says hats off to Sagna.What a competitor.The real leader and the most consistent player in our team by a long way.I just hope Wenger buys a proper left back and let Sagna do his job

  49. Keyser

    incesc – I was quoting you, come on with the way the closet mancs were wanking themselves silly over United the other day, if we somehow managed a win at Old Trafford with Howard Webb reffing, you’re right.

  50. TOMTOM

    I agree Gaz,Wenger wont be critical of the board as he wont risk loosing his very highly paid job. Kroenke looks like he is stripping the club of its best assets

  51. DaleDaGooner

    Cesc and Na$ri watching us and bigging the team us is very annoying, it’s like they are patronizing us…fuck off

  52. paul mc daid

    Great result,lads played well overall,if we dont sign anyone then we are being fucked with a smile,time to blacken those lying eyes.

  53. Marko

    I wont be fooled into anything on the last day of the window again if we don’t hear anything concrete sat/sun the latest then that’ll be our lot for the season

  54. SUGA3

    over to Gazidis to prove me wrong, signing Cahill before Sunday will improve the options no end…

    would raid Everton for Baines as well!

  55. Sam

    Nasri left for more money and better chances of trophies.

    Anyone here would not have done that ? He was signed by Arsenal and was playing for Marseille. Now he has moved on.

    What is the problem ? Why would anyone call him names ?

    Selling him so late and not replacing is not his mistake.

  56. Pat

    Stu, Coquelin was at the u-20 WC. Came back from loan once the season ended. I expect he’ll start against United if he’s fit, which I think he is

  57. jules

    Song had a good second half as did rosicky

    Sorry but JD is a liabilty , we half to sign a c half and a couple more
    thank fuck we are thru though !

  58. DaveB666

    I thought Jenks played really well tonight. A couple of times things were going on around him and you could see he didnt know where he should be but a good find.

    Great we have got through to the CL – but with what happened at the end of last year our shopping list has to be…….

    Cahill/Samba/Jagielka (at least 2 from 3)
    Parker – think what he could teach our youngsters
    Hazard or preferably Shweinsteiger

    Come on Ivan and Arsene prove all us whingers wrong 🙂


  59. Gunner4Real

    Everyone seems to have an opinion on how to resolve Arsenal’s problems. Even the ITV pundit (Andy Townsend) recommends Parker and Samba.

    My question is will these players fit Arsenal’s style of play?

    What is Andy Townsend’s pedigree to openly brandish names to play for Arsenal?

    Watching some of these pundits speak make you question their level of intelligence.

  60. Pat

    YoungGunsBlog Jamie Sanderson
    Szczęsny says he said “something I can’t say on TV” to Di Natale before he took the penalty. What a top man.

    Before adding, “i felt silly though cause he’s a nice guy”

  61. MM

    Fantastic result for us tonight … despite Viera and Nasri declaring their love for each other at Citeh… talk about a couple of shits!!!

    “Nasri received a welcome phone call from the chairman, Khaldoon Al Mubarak, after arriving at Eastlands, and the player revealed he had spoken at length over the summer with Patrick Vieira, the former Arsenal captain now working as City’s football development executive.

    “He made a big difference because he’s a legend in France. Everyone loves him and respects him and when a player like that is telling you Manchester City is the place to be because they are the club of the future, that they want to win everything and have a big project, you have to listen.”

    The admission of what, in effect, appears to be tapping-up from Vieira is unlikely to ease the bad feeling that has been left behind at Arsenal at the end of a summer-long saga that began with Arsène Wenger declaring the player would not be sold.”

  62. Pat

    To be honest, I think we’re well stocked at CDM. None of them are world class, but all can do a job for a championship winning team. Our problems lye elsewhere.

    Don’t know whether Wenger has Frimpong as 3rd choice or 2nd though. Personally, I think Coquelin is better. Frimpong’s physicality gives him a chance though

  63. 87gooner

    Walking wounded

    That group proposition is absolutely fucking savage

    The one the other season with real, AC, ajax and marseille was pretty stonking as well

  64. westlondongoon

    Just for the record, I didn’t say Gus Poyet. I said someone LIKE Gus Poyet. Who is passionate, understands both the Premiership and the Champions League, commands respect from the players, but isn’t afraid to shout the odds when the players need it.

  65. zeus

    Just saw the hghlights after being in a work day training session.

    Maybe I’ll just read through the comments about the game, but anyone mind giving me the cliffnotes version of events.

  66. asan1960

    Do Arsenal really need trphies?No,probably not.Both the board of directors and Arsene Wenger need money and Manchester City want trophies.Stubborn coach Arsene Wenger.

  67. Goonerman

    Fucking sack Wenger, he is useless and past his sell by date. He is a nutter, behind the times etc etc etc etc.

    You load of plonkers, you know who you are!!!!!!!

  68. incesc


    udinese won the first half although we had more of the ball, that natale bloke hit the post scored a powerful header (shit defending) and missed more chances.

    gervinho played well, set up rvp and swung it our way.

    dodgy pen, fantastic save chesney, and we controlled comfortably after that.

    not bad considering

    verm possibly out for man u. song was out of position first half and was atrocious, better 2nd in dm.

    thats about it.

    udinese cut us open a lot, we did the same to them, typical arsenal really.

    and gervinho is twice the player nasri ever was, beats his man almost every time.

  69. Pat

    Rumors in Spain that our loan request for Kaka has been rejected. Madrid don’t mind keeping him, but would sell for decent price.

  70. Pat

    Incesc, Hazard has more potential but is not better than Gervinho atm.

    Every French analyst will tell you Gervinho was the driving force of Lille’s impressive offense.

  71. bade the gooner (bernard)

    hey buggers, cut the negativity as listen to this

    i had my new love over watching her first arsenal game (actually first football game ever), wearing an arsenal shirt with me of course, and we won a toughy one, even with a touch of class 🙂 …

    then i drove her back home so she texts me “good night go arsenal”….

    i think she’s the one 😆

  72. Supercod

    Incesc – Song played more advanced with Frimpong in the deeper role first half. Once Rosicky came on he reverted to his usual position. He is not Wilshere but played there because needs must sometimes.

  73. Alan109

    My opinion of Wenger remains unchanged. Why should anyone get overally excited about beating the 4th placed team in Italy who sold 3 of their star players? for 3 quarters of the game, they were the better side whilst in the past we’d have beaten this side quite comfortably.

    Jack’s comments about spurs were funny but small club menality I am afriad. What on earth has that game got to with that lot. We seem to be talking about them a lot more than we used to and less so about UTD. You know why? We are looking down rather than up.

    We are about 4 top players away from a title challenge. Wenger you’ve got a week. Mission won complete and well done for that. Should making signing the players BADLY NEEDED easier.

  74. Hitman

    Wenger is aiming for 4th place and knockout stage of Champions League. He wont buy anyone else.

    Another ground hog season await.
    We should achieve those ‘targets’.

    Our domestic challenge will come from Loserpool – but they dont impress me much.

  75. E.I.E

    I would love Kaka at Arsenal.. The type of big signing we need alongside Hazard and Cahill.. That’ll make me a happy man

  76. CRM

    “We have a new stadium, a fantastic training ground, a very good financial situation and a very strong team. Sometimes you have to take a distance a little bit [from the criticism]”

    i wouldn’t say a very strong team wenger, ffs.. i thought winning tonight would give him no more effing excuses

  77. Gooby

    i told you we signed the best player in france in gervinho,

    he wasn’t the official player of the year but he was the best according to press and public

  78. Gooby

    “When I saw the [City] fans had tattoos and were passionate, I thought, ‘That’s what I want.’



  79. Kleinfeld

    I heard that Gooby…he’s such a fucking wanker. Listen to him talk about ‘the project’…fuck off you patronising lesbian looking french fried mother fucking butt fucking stuffing bastard cunt.

  80. Ricky

    Reading the comments from when the game start to finish was fucking hilarious!

    The boys done well to get the result tho certain players are clearly never going to be good enough for us to move forward.

    Good thing is we won now but im now very, very affraid.. Just waiting for the moment wenger says we dont need any new players.. (you just know it’s comming even though were down to the bare bone)

  81. gnarleygeorge9

    That was a pretty good win by The Arsenal. Last year they may have just turned it up going a goal down(1-1) on agg away.

    Anyone will tell you that when some naive geezer comes to town with plenty of money, they are there for the hustle.

    With the nasri deal now done, it can certainly be said that Arsenal has hustled man city over the past 3 years 😆

  82. Rhyle

    Hear him telling us to “trust Wenger – he knows what he’s doing” and “he’s a great human being”.

    If you think Wenger is so amazing why are you so happy to have got the fuck away from him?

  83. Black Hand Ninja

    I think it is imperative that we make about 5 signings.

    But please, no Cahill or Parker, really overrated right now……

  84. gnarleygeorge9

    With Nasri gone, it would appear that all the rats in the ranks have been dealt with. Going forward now, the question should be asked to the entire squad, if there is anyone else not totally committed to The Club, to put their hand up now,so they can be shown the door.

  85. incesc

    i know we wont buy kaka because wenger wont be able to sell him 2 years down the line for his bonus but surely we could pay his wages through shirt sales all over the world?

    loan with 100m to spend???


  86. zacharse

    Gambon might be the smartest 12 yo I’ve ever seen post.
    Gambon, I think I now understand your strong feelings against wenger, but don’t worry you’re just being paranoid

    ramseys giant zit = good omen

  87. tiarnan

    Somethings weird happened tonight….

    But I feel the first flutters of a an aching heart…Frimpong and Szczesny…where for art thou?

    Vermaelen…Walcott…Van Persie…. Desire, Passion and Heart…

    Sagna…I love you….

    Frimpong and Szczesny….wow!


    I take it all back…Im in love with my club again…Lurch, yes, in my fucking face, but Ill take that as friendly fire….!

    What a difference a day of passion makes!!

    Vive la Arsenal!!

    Lets destroy those Manc cunts now!!!!!!

    (underneath it all I really do love Arsenal, I just needed to know the fuckers who play for us do too….I havent been this happy in years….is Frimpong the new Roy Keane?…I think so….I love that motherfucker!!)

  88. tiarnan

    Frimpong & Wilshere are unreal talents….

    Szczesny is (Suga 3 was right) going to be world class….

    Vermaelen has the heart of a lion….

    All 4 of them do…

    If we can build around that….then…THEN…we have a fucking chance….

    But no more pussies, no more wankers, we need fighters….

    Frimpong & Szczesny are now the DNA that all future players should be cloned from…how many times tonight did Frimpong barge players off the ball, like, “give me taht ball u cunt”?? I love that mofo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’ll gladly go 5 years without a trophy with that kind of heart….

    So fuck off nasri

    fuck off denilson

    fuck off fabregas

    fuck off bendtner…et al

    coz u fuckers never had the heart….

    maybe, definitely maybe, this new breed does.

  89. incesc

    Wenger on transfers: “I expect to, of course, but at the moment I’m very happy if we get Diaby back in midfield & a few others that are out”

  90. tiarnan

    I havent been this happy since I were young lad (way aye) and I first marinaded my sun burnt nads in a mixture of after sun lotion and honey and this sexually (masturbaturally) video came on MTV….that was a day to remember….

    Sorry for reducing this to the lowest common denominator, but metaphorically, whats better than a wank?

  91. zacharse

    ramsey’s zit is sitting out this weeks match for fear it may pop,
    QPR have made a 5mil bid for the zit. the zit has responded at this time
    “I’m very happy here on rambo’s forehead, felt I had a very good run in italy and I’m looking forward to the season and playing with pingpong, song and ger-ger vinho

  92. Goon from BD

    True that. Really what a difference passion makes. I am astonishingly positive in the last few days watching the likes of Frimpong,Szczesny,Jenkinson etc. Cesc broke my heart into peaces in these last two years. We have a superb talent in Jack. We signed a ready made player in Gervinho who always wanted to play for Arsenal…….good to see positivity in the comments 😀 today. Now its Wenger’s turn to make us happy. Sign some players to complete this squad. We might lose to the Mancs but it would still be only 3 points. If Wenger just add the needed players we could be back sooner than expected.