Arsenal want to compete with the best teams in Europe, so sell our best players then.

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Yes he really said that at his press conference as he fidgeted on his seat looking nervous, ‘to compete with the best you need to be in the Champions league’ so we’ll throw away our league position in the last three months of the season and when we get into qualifying we’ll do it not only without our two best players, we’ll do it without replacing them. Not only that,we’ll qualify without our shining light of a central midfielder because we ‘overused’ him last season. That wasn’t his fault by the way, he had no choice.

What a nutter, how is this board standing back and allowing this train wreck to happen in slow motion.

If we go out of the Champions league tonight and lose to the Mancs on Sunday and he’s still employed it will be a travesty, if they get shot of him then, the new man won’t be able to replace what we have lost until January and by then we could have no chance of getting back into the Champions league next season, what a mess, what a complete board of incompetent tools.

Or, and that’s a big or, we could go through tonight and smash the Mancs on Sunday, so how would we do that then? My guess is to surprise them from the off, sling the new kids on and hit them with pace and power, yes that sounds like madness but if we go with the team that won last week we are destined to crash out.

This would be my team.


Sagna Vermaelen Miquel Jenkinson

Frimgpong Ramsey Lansbury

Ryo Robin Chamberlain

Yes I know it’s a wildly inexperienced and raw side but at least Udinese won’t know what to expect, Miquel did okay against Liverpool, Ryo in his youtube clips looks direct, if we can use him before Wenger removes that quality he may get us a much needed goal and Chamberlain has to be worth a punt or we have spunked £15mil down the drain.

Song is not as solid as Frimpong and he gives the ball away too much, at least when Frimpong loses the ball he tries to get it back, and he loves Arsenal.

Samir if you’re reading this, I wish you luck as I don’t blame you, why would you want to hang around to see what Wenger is doing to our beloved club, you don’t support Arsenal, you don’t have to, we have no choice.

Talking of which, I would love Ivan and Stan to actually ask Wenger what his end game is. By that I mean this obsession with kids has to have and end, there has to be a point where Wenger says ‘and at this point we will begin to dominate’ or do we just tread water with kids for ever.

And it’s not like we are saving money, Chamberlain cost more than Nasri and is 4 years younger than he was when we bought him.

It’s called an end game, all businesses have them, you have to have a point where whatever your strategy, it pays off.

So that’s the question I have for today, what is the end game Wenger?

So in the last few years we have made £100mil on 4 players, add that to all the rest of the money and we must be close to debt free, you can’t bang on about the stadium costs forever!

Let’s get behind the boys tonight, let’s surprise them with a new and pacey team, let’s go through in Europe and salvage some pride, I know we have no players left but it is only Udinese and they lost their best two as well.

Have a great day today Grovers and let’s hope the team does too, despite the mad sod we have managing us.

P.S. Anyone notice our British core? We’ll soon be media and referee darlings!

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1,401 Responses to “Arsenal want to compete with the best teams in Europe, so sell our best players then.”

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  1. Rohan

    JackWilshere Jack Wilshere
    This is what makes #AFC such a special club! We got it right in every way tonight! Szczesny brilliant save inspired us! Gervinho amazing!

  2. Zacharse

    Big day!!!!
    Who’s gonna signwith us now suckas, we look fucking SICK (except 4 JD).
    Arsenal is back!!!
    Great to finally see rvp n gerv link for a goal that counts for something. Even with that speed, walnut should be 2nd string. Also anybody Rambos giant zit? Haha

  3. gazzap

    does anyone seriously think eboue was better than Jenks? He wasn’t. Eboue was bloody useless at everything. Couldn’t defend, dived everywhere. couldn’t cross, over-ran the ball, gave stupid penalties away. and thats after 7 years of playing for arsenal. Jenks has played 4 games and he’s already better.

  4. Colonel Mustard

    nice tweet from Jack . great to see lads that care. that greedy f**ker Nasri made me sick. obviously criticising fans on first few minutes with City.

  5. reality check

    go and check the comments section for last 3years of le grove and many others, you’d never find me advocating wenger or any akb. alot of you guys need to take a step back and think. do you support arsenal or oppose wenger..he is a great manager some of the kids might not agree with it and he may well have lost it but not agreeing with someone is one thing but giving non stop abuse to someone is another.. absolute classless in my book and i hope admins of this blog also agree

  6. incesc

    arshavin on, cup tied now


    nice to have something positive to think about for the arse, first time in ages.

  7. gazzap

    without pingpong, song and Gerv we will get murdered at OT.

    Oh well at least we can look forward to CL and some better quality signings!

  8. Rhyle

    Radio Raheem…he’s been better but far from immense. And I’m really not one of those who bashes Song – year-on-year he’s been the most improved player in the EPL over the past couple of years. He’s been pretty poor today – although, as I said, better in the second half since he’s moved back to his natural position.

  9. Pat

    No Gervinho, Song or Frimpong against United though. Hardest to replace is going to be Gervinho. I rate Coquelin ahead of Frimpong so if he plays, I’m not that worried.

  10. incesc

    imagine if wenger comes out for the interview and says we’ve bought m’villa, baines, cahill and hazard?

    to much to ask?


  11. Rohan

    Cheer up Maciek.
    These are your comments today.

    Maciek says:
    August 24, 2011 at 19:42
    3:0 to Udfinese. Hope I’m wrong.

    Maciek says:
    August 24, 2011 at 20:59
    We will still lose it 3:1

    Maciek says:
    August 24, 2011 at 21:31
    Still United could trash us, even though Szczesny is class.

    We’ve won. Have some fun.


  12. patthegooner

    Well Done Arsenal

    lets hope half time was our lowest ebb and that from now on is onwards and upwards, starting with some signings of real intent


  13. Pat

    Think we’ll get one of Hazard/Marvin, a CB(Cahill), and I have heard there is a genuine interest in M’Vila. Whether we’ll get him is anybodies guess.

  14. bade the gooner (bernard)

    now i dont care fir the mancs away
    lets just celebrate the massive result tonight shall we?

  15. SongtheGreat

    great fight from Our Beloved Arsenal :)im proud of the lads..Song’s second half proves he can be world class…but he must keep it up ;

  16. David

    Seen more fight in this team that i havent seen in a long long long time.

    They didnt give up.

    Jenkinson will be one great player!

  17. Colonel Mustard

    bade the gooner (bernard) -that lazt C**t was embarrassing on Saturday. A disgrace to the club. Once his gets his owly jockey fat ass moving again and show some f***kin commitment. Ardshavin is well paid and is acting like a lazy F**k…..

  18. GoonerGaz

    Rosicky put in a cracking shift and Jenkinson’s confidence is improving and Chesney what a save my son!

    Not forgetting Frimpong in the first half, maybe would have been better if playing ahead of Song though instead behind at least until he has a bit more experience. Anyone know if he was injured or was it purely tactical?

  19. Mayank

    So happy to see a good ‘Keeper like Handanovic, and not want Arsene to sign him up. Woz Szcz is the best.

    Shame can’t say that about every position.

    Nonetheless, well played boys. We now have no excuse to not sign.

  20. wardo

    Now fucking sign what fucking needed.

    £25mm nearly wasted tonight.

    Thats ces, nasri, ade kolo + £25mm = enough>

    enough to buywhat we desperately need.
    .u cunt 😀

  21. Rohan

    Nanas08 Samir Nasri Official
    Congratulation guys fantastic team performance fully deserved
    Favorite Retweet Reply


  22. G787

    Gotta give credit wherecredit is due.

    Jags & Arteta I read somewhere 2day for 28M. That’ll do for starters.

  23. Rohan

    hahah Jack you legend.

    JackWilshere Jack Wilshere
    Sorry Spurs fans….we will not be joining you this year! Enjoy 😀
    Favorite Retweet Reply

  24. TOMTOM

    I was watching my next door neighbour’s daughter sunbathing topless from my bedroom window. As I was wanking I turned to notice my wife just standing there,arms folded,watching me. Is she a pervert?

  25. tipitapi

    got there in the end reasonable 2nd half effort but one swallow dosent make a summer wenger long term will remain a problem

  26. Radio Raheem

    Rhyle says:
    August 24, 2011 at 21:33

    Agree with everything apart from the immense bit. Song was immense that half I thought,,even played for JD as well. Wenger shouldn’t have messed with his position.

    I hope Rosicky plays just as good this weekend.

    JD or Lansbury could play DM…I’m terrified

  27. Samir

    Well done Gervinho and Szczesny 😀 Fucking brilliant, both of you!

    No excuses now Arsene, SPEND THAT FUCKING MONEY!

    I want to see at least 4 players coming in now!

  28. incesc

    gwarn gazidis.

    time to put all those deals in motion

    if hazard is better than gervinho then get him in tonight!

  29. Rohan

    Don’t know why Jenkinson gets hated on here.

    He’s solid, willing to learn, season ticket holder, proper gooner, and has massive heart. Lungs of a blue whale.

    Few bright spots here and there. There’s still some life in Arsene’s project. Just need to get a few top signings and we just might surprise this season.

    JD for me HAS to go. He’s a liability. Cahill would do I guess.
    We need a top top CAM. Anyone would do.
    I’d also like another midfielder.

  30. gambon

    Arse&Nose© says:
    August 24, 2011 at 21:36

    Need to send RVP on a weekend break to Amsterdam to RAPE some hookers.

  31. IvoryGoonz

    incesc says:
    August 24, 2011 at 21:39

    jenkinson played well but hes sagnas back up at the end of the day.

    we need a left back and soon.
    NO!!! now we can sell Sagna, and bring in Cruise at left back

  32. TOMTOM

    Brady talking about us not breaking the wage structure again,no chance of signing players like Sneijder or Tevez he said. Dont expect any big signings any time soon lads

  33. Colonel Mustard

    Maciek – why dont you detest Nasri? his greedy f**kin snake head does’nt give a shit about Arsenal. Wegner cares for this team. he has his problems and failings but i feel this week you will see money spent. You cant tell me that man does not go to bed every night dreaming of Arsenal while Nasri is dreaming of his paycheck.

  34. Keyser

    IvoryGoonZ – Drogba looks pretty normal, but the way Gervinho just drops a shoulder and suddenly he’s two yards in front of the player is supernatural.

  35. MD

    Something to be really happy about at long bloody last!

    I gonna commit some blasphemy here and state:
    Rosicknote has been very good indeed tonight 😀

  36. arcastic

    thank fuck for that, thought i was going to spend my tues/wed nights watching the old dears down at the trampolining for the over 60s club.

  37. IvoryGoonz

    Colonel: not everything is black or white… Samir actually loves the club. But you have to know when to move on in your career with his talent, especially when you’re not even offered a proper contract, and not really loved by the fans…

  38. gazzap

    Coquelin finished playing in the under 20 world cup at the weekend. Question is has wenger sent him for a 3 week rest? or will he bring him in for one game before giving him a rest?. He isn’t on loan.

  39. Radio Raheem

    IvoryGoonZ – Drogba looks pretty normal, but the way Gervinho just drops a shoulder and suddenly he’s two yards in front of the player is supernatural.

    It’s voodoo, black magic…cut his pubic hair and he’ll be useless

  40. goonerton

    Going by a majority of the post I seen on here this morning I bet so many of you are fucking gutted about the result eh?


    fuck nasri and anyone that likes him

    beast of a centre half
    dominant central midfielder
    20 goal a season striker

    then were ready

  42. GoonerGaz

    Rohan, I had no idea Jenkinson was a gooner & season tkt holder, all the better! I think Squid has to go before Djourou does, but Cahill and Verm together would be quality.

  43. gambon

    “Brady talking about us not breaking the wage structure again,no chance of signing players like Sneijder or Tevez he said. Dont expect any big signings any time soon lads”

    Small clubs buy small players

    Arsenal = small club

  44. Colonel Mustard

    IvoryGoonz – “Colonel: not everything is black or white… Samir actually loves the club. But you have to know when to move on in your career with his talent, especially when you’re not even offered a proper contract, and not really loved by the fans…”

    mate you are deluded. Paycheck paycheck. you say he loves this club. a proper contract!! there is only one club in the world that could offer him more money and thats the blue mancs. His greedy Anelka brotheresque entourage and father (who wanted 3 million for arranging deal) wanted their cut. This is all about money. nothing else. “Samir actually loves this club”……pppfffffth….

  45. gambon

    Reporter: “Will there be some signings”

    Wenger: “We work very hard, blah blah blah”

    In other words, the cunt isnt signing anyone.

  46. yangkamp10


    Hazard Swingstiger Gervinho

    ——Wilshire M’Vila

    baines TV5 Cahill Sagna


    Just fucking do it Arsenal, this team is not good enough currently to make the top 4 nevermind win anything.

  47. incesc


    Wolfsburg want to sign Arsenal’s Tomas Rosicky, according to Bild. Apparently his agent Pavel Paska was already in Wolfsburg yesterday. #AFC

  48. Rhyle

    And Gibbs, Incesc…and that’s it…

    For those of you (like me) with Hammers mates – they lost to Aldershot tonight. That’s right…ALDERSHOT. Magic. Fucking love the fact that Fat Sam is still a cunt in the Championship.

  49. Radio Raheem

    With tonight’s performance we don’t need to sign anyone…we’ll go through the rest of the season unbeaten 🙂

  50. 1886-2006

    Going to get slaughtered for this. Oh well here goes, I thought Rosicky showed a bit of his old self in the 2nd half and possibly changed our luck. If he regains some of his old magic he could well be the player that could teach Jack and Rambo the ropes.

    And Jenkinson, a solid game for one so young and inexperienced at this level.
    Put on the tin hat and run for cover.

  51. Arse&Nose©

    So we are selling Arshavin to the russian man city and Rosicky to Wolfsburg??

    Fine, sell em but fuck knows how we can replace them in time.

  52. Keyser

    gambon – Come on you fat fuck, you wanted us to lose today, a part, even a small part of your massive obese body must have enjoyed tonight.

  53. gambon

    Dial you old cunt

    Easy Utd win, which means we have 12 points from 14 games.

    But dont worry, at least we’ve qualified for a competition we can never win, and the board & Wenger can pay themselves more.


  54. yangkamp10

    Oh forgot to mention, we have a monster of a keeper! I just didnt see that ball going past him. Told the missus it would be a save but didnt expect him to swat that cannon ball out like that.

    He’ll be at Barca in a couple of years then.

  55. TOMTOM

    What did Rosicky do tonight? He played some simple passes but he was nothing special,lets not get carried away as he will be injured soon.

  56. incesc

    lets enjoy tonight, but not get too carried away.

    winning this tie should always have been a given, much harder tests to come, i still want wenger sacked, he wont buy anyone of note…

  57. IvoryGoonz

    goonerton: personally I expect and I hope we get out of CL early, unless we actually spend the money. but that’s just me.
    I was hoping to qualify tonight, because I’d actually rather be out of CL in group stage, AND avoid Europa League.
    Cause there’s no point running for CL OR Europa at this stage… We just don’t have the squad for it, this was Udinese. A good team, but we struggled against them, and they are not Man U or Chelsea, or Barca.
    7 days Wenger.
    One £15m signing per day with all the money in the kitty. or £30m every 2 days?
    C’mon Wenger, let’s get some spanish on strike players for cheap…

  58. Pier

    I didnt find the mute button in time, so had to hear wenger spew more bullshit. I don’t expect anyone significant being signed. Cunt.