Arsenal want to compete with the best teams in Europe, so sell our best players then.

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Yes he really said that at his press conference as he fidgeted on his seat looking nervous, ‘to compete with the best you need to be in the Champions league’ so we’ll throw away our league position in the last three months of the season and when we get into qualifying we’ll do it not only without our two best players, we’ll do it without replacing them. Not only that,we’ll qualify without our shining light of a central midfielder because we ‘overused’ him last season. That wasn’t his fault by the way, he had no choice.

What a nutter, how is this board standing back and allowing this train wreck to happen in slow motion.

If we go out of the Champions league tonight and lose to the Mancs on Sunday and he’s still employed it will be a travesty, if they get shot of him then, the new man won’t be able to replace what we have lost until January and by then we could have no chance of getting back into the Champions league next season, what a mess, what a complete board of incompetent tools.

Or, and that’s a big or, we could go through tonight and smash the Mancs on Sunday, so how would we do that then? My guess is to surprise them from the off, sling the new kids on and hit them with pace and power, yes that sounds like madness but if we go with the team that won last week we are destined to crash out.

This would be my team.


Sagna Vermaelen Miquel Jenkinson

Frimgpong Ramsey Lansbury

Ryo Robin Chamberlain

Yes I know it’s a wildly inexperienced and raw side but at least Udinese won’t know what to expect, Miquel did okay against Liverpool, Ryo in his youtube clips looks direct, if we can use him before Wenger removes that quality he may get us a much needed goal and Chamberlain has to be worth a punt or we have spunked £15mil down the drain.

Song is not as solid as Frimpong and he gives the ball away too much, at least when Frimpong loses the ball he tries to get it back, and he loves Arsenal.

Samir if you’re reading this, I wish you luck as I don’t blame you, why would you want to hang around to see what Wenger is doing to our beloved club, you don’t support Arsenal, you don’t have to, we have no choice.

Talking of which, I would love Ivan and Stan to actually ask Wenger what his end game is. By that I mean this obsession with kids has to have and end, there has to be a point where Wenger says ‘and at this point we will begin to dominate’ or do we just tread water with kids for ever.

And it’s not like we are saving money, Chamberlain cost more than Nasri and is 4 years younger than he was when we bought him.

It’s called an end game, all businesses have them, you have to have a point where whatever your strategy, it pays off.

So that’s the question I have for today, what is the end game Wenger?

So in the last few years we have made £100mil on 4 players, add that to all the rest of the money and we must be close to debt free, you can’t bang on about the stadium costs forever!

Let’s get behind the boys tonight, let’s surprise them with a new and pacey team, let’s go through in Europe and salvage some pride, I know we have no players left but it is only Udinese and they lost their best two as well.

Have a great day today Grovers and let’s hope the team does too, despite the mad sod we have managing us.

P.S. Anyone notice our British core? We’ll soon be media and referee darlings!

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  1. Goon from BD

    Tiarnan- haha yes, a heart full of positive emotions reflected in your words buddy. I am loving these “kids” really. You are so true that the passion these players show gives a fan immense pleasure and real hope. I was sick with these players disrespecting the badge. I absolutely want this group to stay here forever and see a lot of this kind of players coming in and through the ranks. Its a different kind of pleasure. Oh bdw, good to see you mate 😀

    Its a very good day indeed.

  2. Goon from BD

    Szczesny is a fucking LEGEND in the making……..

    He saved two penalties against two no.10s who are the most important players of their teams(Rooney and Di Natale). Written in the stars…….

  3. nishanth

    Wenger has said that its difficult to replace the calibre of cesc and nasri.Well then not replacing at all would be a pretty retarded decision.Badly need a striker and a CB.

    On another note why are people criticising vieira for nasri’s move.Nasri would have moved anyway.

  4. OPG

    The problems with the squad and lack of investment has merely been swept under the carpet for a few hours. Good news for the AKB’s but I don’t trust Wenger right now he has to earn it.

  5. bade the gooner (bernard)

    you made my night yesterday boy
    robin you’r greast, keef fit plz
    ger had a blinder
    theo, even when you’r lost n poor, you can have this one crucial moment of pure genius!!!!!

    well done boys

    but let’s not fool ourselves, eh?
    we need to spend money and bring in players
    that wont be enough, not for the CL, surely not for the league

  6. SA Gooner

    The only thing more wrong than Djourou being on the pitch, was this blogg. I loved that slow mo train crash that is Arsenal under the ‘deluded’ Wenger, I watched the replays again and again.

    Wenger will not go soon, so find your own ways to the door.

  7. SA Gooner

    The only thing more wrong than Djourou being on the pitch, was this blogg. I loved that slow mo train crash that is Arsenal under the ‘deluded’ Wenger, I watched the replays again and again.

    Wenger will not go soon, so find your own ways to the door.

  8. Mayank

    After half a week of media blackouts and searching for other hobbies, I finally have something to smile about. Strange game football.

    Last season we were a stronger team but funnily had fewer players I loved. Cesc, VP, Jack, Sagna maybe Nasri for 3 months.

    This season we are considerably weaker but Ifeel a better connection to the club. VP, Jack, Frim, Vermi, Szcz, Sagna, Gerv. And even players like Jenks, Theo and Ramsey who haven’t had good games but seem to be giving it their all.

    Somehow I think we’re closer now than we were last season. But make no mistakes about it, we need to sign players.

    Cue news of Vermi being out for 4-6 weeks to demolish my mood.

  9. Geoff

    I am delighted we won, of course, that’s why I write a blog, I’m an Arsenal nut.

    So when half wits come on and say we must have been disappointed I get annoyed, because they miss the point.

    Nasri, Kolo, Clichy, Ade and Cesc left us for silverware, same as Henry did, if they believed in Wenger they would have stayed.

    Last night was papering over the cracks, it was Udinese for fucks sake, not ManU. We need to take the money we got from the 3 that left and replace them with class, don’t forget last season we were short of three players, now we are short of 3 more.

    Winning last night didn’t change a thing, Song and Djourou were woeful but Rosicky changed the game, last season he was one of our worst players, so think about it, this team needs a big boost, buying world class players would do that.

  10. amit

    paul, all the critics were happy to see arsenal win…but even the players like rvp are saying we need to build a new team and buy strong players…yesterday was a nice time after a long time to see arsenal win!!

    but the fact remains we need to change our wage structure…we need to rebuild the defense and the midfield…how are we going to cope with PL with such a depleted team…

    wenger had said we dont buy superstars we make them…but the thing is after the young players turn into superstars they leave…cesc and nasri used arsenal to make their stature and stabbed us in the backs…so basically we are like a feeder club and currently have to start the whole process once again to make the superstars in wilshere, ramsey, aox and ryo…

    wages at other clubs that are thrice to what arsenal pays, players will leave…humans are by nature greedy…we should match at least 80% of what the likes of city, madrid, united pay!!

    so basically although the win was very welcome yesterday we should not forget that there is a long road ahead…with a depleted team to face united and the tough schedule of the PL/CL we are bound to have injuries and we need cover which we dont have…so wenger still has a lots to do, after all its the 7th years without a trophy!!

    we have to win many more matches all through the season but sadly with the current line of thinking from the board, owners and the coach it looks quite difficult…

  11. Geoff

    Amit I agree with your comment bar the wages, we paid Cesc £7mil in his last year and god knows what we paid Ade and Nasri, it sure as hell wasn’t what Arsenal claim.

    Henry got £10mil in his last year.

    The real trouble is what we pay the kids, that’s how he gets them, he pays silly money, that’s how we got Cesc.

    Our wage bill is the 4th highest in the EPL and twice what Spurs pay, so I really wouldn’t believe what Wenger’s PR company peddles.

    Not to mention we have a manager that earns more than Guardiola and Mourihno.

    Go figure and we win fuck all!

  12. tiarnan

    For 6 years we had Almunia – now we have Szczesny

    For 6 years we had Denilson – now we have Frimpong

    That alone gives me a semi.

    Yes we need 3-4 top players Now, or Wenger can fuck off.

    It wasnt that we beat Udinese, it was that we now have players that have heart, even Frimpongs shadow would challenge harder for a ball than Denilson.

    Thats all I want to see, players with cojones….

  13. Mayank

    Well said Tiarnan, good to read your previous comments as well welcome back to the light/dark side.

    Geoff, we had the 4th largest wage bill and we came 4th, seems about right. I don’t see what the indignation is about.

    We do need to sign Cahill and Hazard or the like to have anything to look forward to this season though.

    JD is not good enough for high intensity games.

  14. alan b'stard M P

    after this win, AW won’t buy as his confidence in his beliefs has returned

    Drogba please, and englsh defenders. Fancy KaKa not wantin gto come over. barton taken

    fucking hell

  15. tiarnan

    In fact to see players like Wilshere, Szczesny, Frimpong, Sagna, Van Persie & Vermaelen and NOT buy the 3-4 players that would give them the chance of winning things would show Wenger to be an even bigger cunt than before….

    he has 6 days if he doesnt buy then he can die (metaphorically die, from metaphorical gonorrhea)

    the cunt should have bought these players in June.

  16. tiarnan

    Mayank, thanks man – I was drinking organic wine last night and I have ZERO hangover…

    Organic wine is the future people……

    (Organic doesnt mean its mixed with whale spunk or anything….they just dont use pestiscides…)

  17. Geoff

    Mayank, no indignation, it was answering the previous comment from Amit that was concerned about our wage structure, I was saying we pay well and the structure is bollocks.

  18. rob green

    Geoff 08:00 – i agree great result but we are painting over the cracks!! We still won’t win f*ck all this year and wont challenge for the title!! The bar has been lowered and expectations are finish 4th!! What a joke!!

    It was udinese they lost all their best players at we was 1-0 up in the first leg people are making out we have won the fa cup!!

  19. Mayank

    Organic wine eh? I’ll make a mental note of that.

    I’m having a big binge on Saturday to avoid all media before the Utd match. Hopefully we wign someone and don’t get smacked.

  20. gambon

    I do find it hard to get excited that we’ve qualified for a competition we cant possibly win.

    I also find it hard to get excited that we’ve made £25m extra that wont be spent on the team, and will only go to the board & wenger as bonus & inflated salary.

  21. Mayank

    The thing is Geoff, we need to be at least one of the top 3 in wages to compete. 4th (and now possibly 5th behind Pool) isn’t good enough. And that has to be done by upping the wages of JW, Vermi etc and adding top players who’ll demand top wages.

    Just use the cash generated to buy players and use the transfer budget to pay the difference in the wages.

  22. Savage

    Sad state of affairs in here. Do you watch Arsenal for fun, or is it some kind of slavery that you got forced into? Either way, you’re in a pretty lousy position and you can change your position by your own choice. If you’re miserable today, it’s your own fault – it truly is.

  23. rob green

    Geoff – well if he doesn’t buy more than 2 players we won’t finish in the top 4!! Wait until Vermaelen, Van persie get injured then we will be in real trouble!!

  24. Geoff

    Mayank, we just need to pay players the going rate, not everyone can play for Chelsea and Man City, there are many more clubs in Europe that pay reasonable money.

    Trouble is we pay our kids way too much, that’s how we get them.

    They don’t come to play under Wenger, they come because he pays them so much, Ramsey came because we offered him twice what the mancs did.

  25. Arse&Nose©

    Just goes to show that the spirit of the team is more important than any 1 player. Never should we hold on to a player against his will again, it simply drains the spirit of the club. We now have a batch of committed, passionate individuals which is what supporters want to see.

  26. OPG

    Every club knows we have money now, there’s not much room for bargaining with 6 days left and players leave for international duty next week!

  27. Gunner Down Under

    damn so much a place where you can have an opinion? wanting to know why much original post was blocked.

    All i am asking is for LeGrove to acknowledge that the team he said would be knocked out of Italy got the job done.

    Lot of Wenger bashing goes on here, how about giving him credit for trusting his players for getting us through?

  28. Cajun Gooner

    Great day for Arsenal yesterday. I think Arteta and Benyoun will support each other very well. Having them both will enable Wenger to make sure each of them gets adequate rest and recovery between games and hopefully keep the injury bug away. Santos is very encouraging. We have not had a good left back since Cashley Cole. I am confident Mertesaker can suceed in the Premier league. The Bundesligue is not a push over, they are quite physical. For those worried about his lack of pace just think about the best CB Arsenal has ever had- Tony Adams- he also lacked pace. However, Adams was strong and read the game well, just as I heard mertesaker is. We now have chance for 4th place!

  29. volpino

    “I would love Ivan and Stan to actually ask Wenger what his end game is”

    I think it has been the other way around mate. Wenger has been pleading with Stan to free him of the highly prohibitive wage structure. A 90k/week cap limits his options in the market. Big time.