Arsenal want to compete with the best teams in Europe, so sell our best players then.

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Yes he really said that at his press conference as he fidgeted on his seat looking nervous, ‘to compete with the best you need to be in the Champions league’ so we’ll throw away our league position in the last three months of the season and when we get into qualifying we’ll do it not only without our two best players, we’ll do it without replacing them. Not only that,we’ll qualify without our shining light of a central midfielder because we ‘overused’ him last season. That wasn’t his fault by the way, he had no choice.

What a nutter, how is this board standing back and allowing this train wreck to happen in slow motion.

If we go out of the Champions league tonight and lose to the Mancs on Sunday and he’s still employed it will be a travesty, if they get shot of him then, the new man won’t be able to replace what we have lost until January and by then we could have no chance of getting back into the Champions league next season, what a mess, what a complete board of incompetent tools.

Or, and that’s a big or, we could go through tonight and smash the Mancs on Sunday, so how would we do that then? My guess is to surprise them from the off, sling the new kids on and hit them with pace and power, yes that sounds like madness but if we go with the team that won last week we are destined to crash out.

This would be my team.


Sagna Vermaelen Miquel Jenkinson

Frimgpong Ramsey Lansbury

Ryo Robin Chamberlain

Yes I know it’s a wildly inexperienced and raw side but at least Udinese won’t know what to expect, Miquel did okay against Liverpool, Ryo in his youtube clips looks direct, if we can use him before Wenger removes that quality he may get us a much needed goal and Chamberlain has to be worth a punt or we have spunked £15mil down the drain.

Song is not as solid as Frimpong and he gives the ball away too much, at least when Frimpong loses the ball he tries to get it back, and he loves Arsenal.

Samir if you’re reading this, I wish you luck as I don’t blame you, why would you want to hang around to see what Wenger is doing to our beloved club, you don’t support Arsenal, you don’t have to, we have no choice.

Talking of which, I would love Ivan and Stan to actually ask Wenger what his end game is. By that I mean this obsession with kids has to have and end, there has to be a point where Wenger says ‘and at this point we will begin to dominate’ or do we just tread water with kids for ever.

And it’s not like we are saving money, Chamberlain cost more than Nasri and is 4 years younger than he was when we bought him.

It’s called an end game, all businesses have them, you have to have a point where whatever your strategy, it pays off.

So that’s the question I have for today, what is the end game Wenger?

So in the last few years we have made £100mil on 4 players, add that to all the rest of the money and we must be close to debt free, you can’t bang on about the stadium costs forever!

Let’s get behind the boys tonight, let’s surprise them with a new and pacey team, let’s go through in Europe and salvage some pride, I know we have no players left but it is only Udinese and they lost their best two as well.

Have a great day today Grovers and let’s hope the team does too, despite the mad sod we have managing us.

P.S. Anyone notice our British core? We’ll soon be media and referee darlings!

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  1. Doublegooner


    “What a nutter, how is this board standing back and allowing this train wreck to happen in slow motion”

    That my fellow Goon sums it up.

    There is nothing more to add.

  2. Nickw

    I’ve stared betting on the opposition it’s a win win situation. Otherwise you can’t enjoy watching the footy anymore

  3. gooner-pak

    arrghhh i want to cry at the current statet just dreaded to even think how the season will end if current affairs continue

  4. Goonerfied85

    Agree we have to get behind the lads tonight.

    Could be an interesting next few games really.

    Wenger really does leave you dangling like a tit in the breeze!

  5. PV4

    I like your optimism today, and after my terrible nightmare last night about Arsenal selling their best players, not replacing them, buying untried kids and being run by a despot…OH FUCK! Must lay off the booze. Come on you Gunners, tear ’em another arsehole!!!

  6. Stuart

    MASSIVE MASSIVE GAME!!! but why play ryo yesterday in the reserves!!!!!!!!!

    i like your thinking however there is no chance of wenger playing like that

    i hope we will NOT see arshavin strolling around on the left wing and whenever he get the balls he gives it straight back to udinese!

    if miquel starts i will be very worried, that di natale will rip him apart – i hope djourou or song will play centre back

    this will be the side:


    That is still a good side – as long as we keep the ball

    udinese players and their supporters know arsenal at crisis point, they we be extremly physical, but if we can keep the ball, we can keep them quiet


    please wenger do NOT start Arshavin and Rosicky – they are a liability!!!!!


  7. wattsy65

    Bearing in mind the circumstances, a very reserved piece of writing, much to my suprise there still appears to be much support for our manager, despite him leading us like the pied piper into an abyss full of shite. Stan is nowwhere to be seen, just why did he buy all those shares? He is obviously not at all interested in our demise. It was a very sad day when Danny and Lady Nina sold up to him, where was Usmanov when we needed him the most? I agree we have no choice but to have areal go tonight, if we sit back, we are done for. I wish all our young men the very best, hope we have all the luck going, and the ref does not turn out to be some anti Arsenal prick.

  8. Mark J

    Campbell doesn’t yet have a work permit and Lansbury hasn’t travelled with the squad, so your team prediction is a bit off.

    Does anyone else worry that Wenger says he will strengthen the midfield but made no mention of defense!?

  9. miki dora

    “Samir if you’re reading this, I wish you luck as I don’t blame you, why would you want to hang around to see what Wenger is doing to our beloved club, you don’t support Arsenal, you don’t have to, we have no choice”.

    100% spot on. I don’t blame him one bit either. If a club comes in, doubles your wage and says we want to win everything and build a Barcelona oop north then your not going to say ‘Nah, I’m alright, I’ll stick with nut job and a load of 16 year olds’.

    If I don’t laugh, I’ll cry. Tommy will be immense tonight and we’ll scrape through. Either that or it’s not worth thinking about.

  10. Maverick

    “what a complete board of incompetent tools” – Maybe the last word should be fools.

    I would play a very different team tonight. Play a 4-2-3-1 with Song and Ramsey sitting in front of the defence. Gervinho-Van Persie and Rosicky/Arshavin forming the attacking trio with Walcott being the forward.

    We haven’t scored goals this year. 1 goal in 3 matches needs to be corrected. Van Persie coming slightly deeper might provide us that bit more creativity. And they can shift to Walcott-Rocisky-Gervinho with RvP as the forward if required.
    And I would also tell the full back on whose side Gervinho is playing to be more attacking rather than both of them going forward.

  11. azed

    with the media’s praise of untd young team, expect Asharvin to be flogged of soonest and replaced with a teenager.

  12. Wenger this, Wenger that

    It’s tiiiime motherfuckers. Splash the cash or i’ll raise the Emirates to the ground you hear?? Peace.

  13. Goonerfied85


    Old red nose fergie has come out & backed Wenger now.

    He said we would not get a better manager ever. I think Fergie has only said this as Wenger is no longer a threat & gets owned by Fergie every game.

  14. Doublegooner

    Read an email sent to Ivan today & cc to me by a very long term home & away fan known to the board;

    Dear Ivan

    According to Philip Beresford who compiles the Sunday Times Rich List, Alisher Usmanov (our Club’s second biggest shareholder) is now Britain’s richest man – QPR’s Lakshmi Mittal has held the crown for the past seven years.

    Tell me Ivan – when are you and Stan going to stop ignoring this man and invite him to join the Board ?

    Are you worried he won’t be happy just settling for a SuperBox, four pairs of Club Seats and a couple of organised trips to the Training Ground ?

    It’s crazy – this man only wants to invest in the team and help our beleaguered manager.

    How long will it be before his frustration gets the better of him and he packs his bags full of cash for somewhere where his contribution is really valued ?

    Best wishes

  15. Maverick

    I think Arsene would ensure that the average age of the team playing on Sunday is less than ManUres. After all how can we lose the age battle and our well known excuse.

  16. Lurch LeRouge

    JW overused? Does he buy reinforcements to stop the problem recurring?

    Hell no, he sells 2.

    Joke manager. Joke board.

  17. hitman49

    great post geoff

    morning all…

    well its yet another judgement day already..

    really confused as i want us to win always but that french man will only gloat like a deranged cat and tell us all….

    mental st……i cant even say it…and if we lose maybe just maybe something may happen..


  18. Ricky

    I dread to think what the team spirit is like right now.. That arsenal dressing room must be far less exciting then the house of commons..

    We need to start pushing those board members backs against the wall cos there the real problem.. Forget about wenger now, as long as they’re running the club, it’s going to be the same old shit every season.

  19. Skandibird

    PV4- laying off the booze not necessarily a good thing…. I have to confess to the odd too many glasses of wine, but I have decided to continue down that road until we win a game, as at the moment that is all aspire for my team, now, how sad is that?

    Go Geoff; is nice to read a post that doesn’t hold back and your comment of well wishes Nasri is fair, he isn’t at fault, this club has not shown any ambition whatsoever for the the last 3 years. Players leaving, none with PL experience or super quality (his words) have come in. The only hope I’m holding onto now, is that Gazidis will pull his finger out and actually sign experience and quickly.

  20. Paulod

    The board are incompetent tools, and the manager is a nutter. You complain about the teenagers and then propose to start four of the kids we signed this summer. That, my friend is the worst suggested line up I’ve ever seen from any punter in my life.

    And you bang on about the club reading your blog. Do you really think they care about your opinion when you come up with this bullshit?

    Have often enjoyed reading your blog but you’ve lost the plot a bit, you need to come back down to earth.

    You need to take a couple of weeks off mate. I’m afraid your glasses are all fogged up at this stage…you need a bit of distance

  21. amit

    As much as it Wenger to be blamed I also think the board have played their part…when other top clubs are offering more than double and triple the wages of what we pay, this thing was going to happen…it is not only about transfer fee…stan, ivan and wenger are the tainted trio who have brought our beloved club to this pathetic state.

    This sad show which has been going on with arsenal is now making new entrants to think twice…Mata clearly said Arsenal is not a winners club, I mean if our top players leave how can we make the top players from other clubs to join Arsenal…

    I like the optimism in this article but the sad fact is Udinese are will go through…the loss of players due to transfers/injuries has had an immense loss of confidence…the tweet from frimpong was more than enough to point that young players have not liked the transfers of nasri and fabregas…wenger had said if we sell samir/cesc we would no longer be considered a big club…and that is the truth…

    Arsenal fans all over the world have now to face this reality…we can no longer stay behind the veil and rest on out past glories…even the legendary tony adams says wenger is not a movitator…the invincible team was due to the players and i think wenger just got lucky to have those great players…

    Today is the day when we lose and then the board/coach have to play the hardball…whether they want Arsenal to be just another mediocre feeder club…desperate situations need desperate measures and I truly feel that fans have to get involved to prevent this massive shit trench that Arsenal are slipping into…I am not quite why the supporters are still holding back…

    serenity now serenity now!!

  22. TheBayingMob

    Woah! That’s pretty rough Gambon, you shouldn’t wish anyone to die mate, it’s only a game. Pedro posted about the Wage Structure last week, that’s what’s holding us back and has to change, only to change that takes renoegotiating contracts – if we put a plan in place now I reckon we take two to foue years to restructure, but at least it would allow us to start signing top players who want top wages. It has to change at some point, my dad is still shocked that it costs more than a fiver to go out for the night but then he’s stuck in time too. Our wage structure is frozen in time ten years ago when we had the biggest wage bill in the prem, and we won stuff!!

  23. Wenger this, Wenger that

    You got 1 week, or im coming down there with a box of matches and a can of petrol. Cahill, Baines and Hazard please. And then a striker in January. And then Usmanov in next summer if it all goes tits up.

  24. cavalry

    There would be nothing wrong with buying players in the 18-21 age group if they were the right kind of young players with heart and soul and a bit of balls. CHrist Rooney was the right kind of player at 17. DO you remember his debut against us with Everton. But we seem to buy ballerinas all the time and not just young ones. Look at Arshavin for instance. That is why Frimpong’s debut foro us was such a breath of fresh air last week. He got stuck in and imposed himself….. albeit the fact the fact that he got stuck in a tad too much. No Nothing at all wrong if you buy young players with the necessary back bone, just like Portoand tams like that have done.
    But we go for wingers and fairies and the likes of NAsri who can see nothing but dollar signs. There is none of the moral courage in these players. We need more of the Keane, Vieira type player. and we will never get them while Wenger stays with us.
    Nobody wants to come to us at present, with or without CL football and it looks like we are very quickly apporaching the point where nobody wants to stay. Hope we win tonight but I can’t see it, not after our form from April on, it is white flag football. Still we live in hope. Come on you Gooooners

  25. Toar Mantow

    I only hope we will survive the Champions League Playoff tonight..
    Damn i will be humiliated by my office mates if we failed to qualify.
    I don’t care who Wenger will buy but please offload Squilacci, Chamakh, Fabianski, Rosicky as soon as possible..

  26. Buchi

    Who said this”If we sell our best players then we cannot claim to be a big club”We end up selling the same players and the manager with a wry smile says to the camera,”we will now promote from within”
    This man is leading us by the neck to eternal doom!!!Can’t people see!!!I have lost all faith in Wenger and Arsenal supporters should resist what is happening to our club by voicing their displeasure.
    The people who keep saying Wenger has done a lot for the club and there is no better replacement should wake up and smell the coffee.
    I am sure Gaddafi did a lot of good for Libya,but boy,did he do a lot of baaaaad!!!!Look where they are today.

  27. Mike

    Complete rubbish. How many times must it be made clear that it is the board NOT Wenger who are to blame? Wenger wants to spend but the board keep stopping him. They are more interested in big profits so their dividends and bonuses continue to rise. Wenger can’t attract big players any more because the board refuse to meet wage demands that have soared in recent years. Wenger is the public face so gets the blame whilst the board make statements which hang him out to dry.

  28. pete

    Or Wenger does a runner when it all falls apart.

    I have a bit of sympathy for Wenger. If he’s guilty of anything it’s believing in his players. They are the ones that let him down at the end of last season and the same ones who have left us short before the biggest game of this season. Yes Wenger should buy buy buy. But look at it from his point of view, so far he’s picked a few good youth players. The experience everyone craves will only be available once qualification to the CL is confirmed.

    If we win tonight I can see some quality arriving. and at best a draw at Old trafford.

    If we lose I’m just going to close my eyes and cover my ears.

    C’mon u gunners!!

  29. Squirrel

    I don’t think the problem is sorted out if usmanov comes on board.
    The manager has funds to spend,gazidis has said the manager has funds to spend,they both tell us he can buy a player for 30-40m,so usmanov throwing 100m at wenger will not change a thing.
    Wenger wants to continue bringing in “potential” rather than here and now experienced,proven quality ie mata,cahill,jagielka etc.
    Wenger is the problem,he has to go as we are 5 days away from being totally fucked(out of cl and in the bottom 3).

  30. Maverick

    Arsenal has something like the “Axis of feeble” on the lines of what Bush said in 2002. It is like “Stan, Ivan (Board), Wenger”. Someone in this lost has to stand up and speak/Do for the good of Arsenal rather than paying lip service whenever something goes wrong.
    We are still not very far off from competing for titles, but what worries me is that things haven’t changed for 6 years, why would they do so now?

  31. cavalry

    move over in the bed in the lonnie bin. We’ve just received a new admission. Says he is a French manager but had to sell all his best players. Still believes his team to be a great team with loads of focooooos and determination. A complete nutter. The two of you should have great conversations.

  32. azed

    kc says:
    August 24, 2011 at 09:27
    To those who wants Arsene out, please read Sir Alex Ferguson’s comments.
    Enough said.
    When will all you akb’s grow a brain???
    Kc fergie and wenger became friends when we stopped being a threat…. wat do u think about that??

  33. Walking Wounded

    At least we have RvP back tonight and if we play Song and Frimpong, Ramsey will be allowed to find the space he needs to be effective. Ryo won’t/can’t play tonight as he was in Wigan last night, but I think we will see the OC at some point.

    The Mancs game (and I don’t believe I am saying this) is irrelevant, and I think Wenger sees it like that too. Tonight though we have to go through, otherwise it will be 2 or 3 years before we are back in the CL, because I just cannot see the board spending money to strengthen without the Champions League helping the coffers.

    Well at least Wenger has got his wish. Us fans, this season, will see 4th as a success.

  34. Kingkonggooner

    Poor post mate for a 40 year Arsenal fan. And cambell doesn’t have even a pemit, so I realy question your knowledge regarding AFC.

    Common Gooners, let’s stop listening to moaners and let’s get through tonight.

    Arsenal fan till I die. Fuck cesc, fuck nasri, fuck clichy. AOC will tear them apart tonight. And I hope Wenger will shut you up at the end of the window. Tired of your pessimism.

  35. Arsenal Tom

    ryo played for the reserves yesterday so no chance of him playing, guess he wasn’t deemed fit enough for the CL

  36. gazzap

    Stuart, spot on with that line up. 2 holding midfielders. Keep it tight and hit them on the break with pace from Gerv and Theo.

    Jenkinson djourou vermaelen Sagna
    —-song frimpong
    Theo RVP gervinho

  37. Andrew (real talk)

    I dont think all the blame is on Arsene wenger, from what im hearing its actually the board stopping him from bringing in the big players because they want to keep the wages below 100k per player, thats why we had to sell nasri and fab, Kroenke is just lining his pockets also as he instrumentated the sell of fabregas. arsene wenger can blame himself for not replacing our invincibles 3-4 seasons ago and now we are being left behind. lets just hope usmanov (true arsenal fan) can find a way of getting more influence in the board and become like abramovich, giving orders on players to buy.

  38. pioneerunit

    2-0 to Udinese. They are going to be very strong at home. We have too many raw, inexperienced players (and average experienced players – Rosicky, Song, Arsharvin).

    Tony Adams claimed recently that although he ‘loves’ Wenger, he is a useless motivator (he used to chuckle at Wenger’s efforts to rev up the team). The only thing that can get us through tonight is passion because relying on Jenkinson and Miquel in our back line is just pure hope.

    Obviously we all need to get behind the team, but this is a bridge too far. The Italians will be smelling blood. The annoying thing is that it was all so avoidable.

  39. Doublegooner


    So you dont hold Wenger responsible for all the cunt on field tactics, the total belief in the Youth project, playing Denilson, Eboue, Diaby for season in seaon out ?

    Failure to address goalkeeping & defensive issues.

    I have never given up my seasson ticket. Go all home & most away – but am totally fed up with Wenger, & the fucking inept current & past board for allowing him so much power.

    I vervally back the team, but no way am I gonna back a cunt like Diaby or Song when they are a pair of useless cunts getting sent off or just walking about when I’m financing their exorbitant wages.

    I assume you think most of the ex players who question or criticise Wenger are pricks too but you’re not.!

    Let me tell you pal, if you dont like people like me & 000’s of other questioning what Wenger is doing then perhaps its you lot who back him blindly who need a pasting.

  40. Walking Wounded

    If the team doesn’t qualify for the CL, tonight, then there should be demands for refunds on the season tickets already purchased. We pay the most, so we expect the best. If we have to tolerate a team of potential, this season, when signings were promised, then it speaks volumes about what the contempt the board hold the fans in.

  41. bade the gooner (bernard)

    good post geoff,
    he’s a nutty bastard, no doubt, he doesn’t deserve any backing, no doubt, but its the arsenal we love we’re talking about, as hell we’ll get behind the team tonight and hope we’ll qualify…..


  42. Ricky

    I dont believe wenger does not want to spend anymore, It just doesnt make sense.. He’s gotta be covering up for these corrupt monkeys upstairs.. Seriously! I do believe that with usmanov & dein upstairs we would see a changed man in wenger.

    He’d have no other choice, especially with dein always turning up at the training ground & on the end of wengers line.

  43. goonerjim

    Relax boys, Arsene knows. In 1 more year we will be debt free. Then the board will have to back him with proper signings.

    Just 1 more year.

  44. azed

    Nick says:
    August 24, 2011 at 09:30
    Right now fuck off all u cunts that are moaning . Yeah I’m frustrated too about lack of signings but anyone who wants wenger to go is a proper mug. Don’t turn up at the grove unless you want a pasting. So what if we don’t make champions league? That doesn’t mean I stillwontsupport my club- I’d still do that even if we got relegated . I’m a gooner u lot and u lot are just pricks
    Nick next time your MP f**ks up, still vote for him, cos you love your country. Mug

  45. Paul King

    Nice to read some different opinions to the standard speeches repeated day after day by the resident doomers, defectors & keyboard pundits!

  46. vcc

    Listening to or reading an AKB is like trying to convince a drug addict or someone corrupted by a cult. There have gone beyond hope and redemption. This piece from an AKB is bad enough but look towards the bottom of his comment where he talks about the ref for tonights game. TALK ABOUT PARANOID AND DELUDED.

    “I just don’t agree with the negative tones..or rather with the pitch that those tones are at..Seriously, it’s one loss at the start of a season. Of course the squad isn’t strong enough yet, and signings will have to be made. The Champions League qualification is probably the reason of the delay. Am I happy about it? No. But how many times have I heard people say I don’t care if we lose, if the players show heart, desire and determination. Well, the last 3 matches have been pure determination. Considering how many injuries and suspensions we have, we’ve been really doing well. Is that good enough? No. But if we do get a few signings in, then we will have a very deep squad, if people like Frimpong, Miquel, Lansbury, Jenkinson etc can step up, which they seem to be doing. We are a few signings away, and I don’t agree with the contention that Wenger doesn’t see the problems. He’s always tried to address problem areas on the pitch, with the possible exception of DM. The loss of the chief playmaker will hurt any team. We still need to figure out how to attack. The absence of Gervinho and Wilshere doesn’t help of course. If we do not buy some reinforcements before September 1st, I will question the direction the club is taking, and whether they are being honest with us. I will question what Kroenke’s intentions are. But I still don’t think I’ll believe that Wenger is happy going into the season with this squad the way it is. People can point fingers at the manager because he is the most public face and in charge of footballing decisions. I don’t think anyone could have, and can do, what Wenger has done with what he’s had to work with and I believe firing him, will do more harm than good. We still have the basis of a very good squad. Will we get some additions?? I’m waiting to see..But first.. The tie against Udinese is the most important thing. I’m still absolutely terrified that the referee will find some way to screw us over. If it happens, I do not want to hear then about how we are to blame for the referee’s error, and how we should have been better and then it wouldnt have mattered etc etc. Watch the match. Cheer for us. Pray that we win. Our future as a club just might depend on it.”

  47. Gooner Sam

    Doublegooner the board will never invite Usmanov to the table because they want all the profits for themselves whereas Usmanov doesn’t need them. Greedy self interested incompetents. Sack the board, sack Wenger!!

  48. Squirrel

    The board won’t pay the wages? 120-150k a week?
    Since when has wenger tried to sign a player that demands them wages?
    Cahill? Samba? Jagielka? Baines etc none of them would be anywhere near that figure

  49. Moray

    many deluded fans on here today. Must be coming over from another site.

    Since when was playing Udinese a 50-50 for Arsenal football club? that is the terrible thing. We could equally win as lose today. In the past, we could have played these guys with our reserve side and whipped them. Now our reserve side is our first side, and it’s probably not going to be good enough.

  50. Thomas. it's up for grabs now...

    Gambon… Point well made!

    And I agree fully with the sentiment.. But I do believe there always is room for 1-2 young ‘uns in the squad…And by that I mean players like Frimpong. Players who stand out as having real potential and qualities. Actually I mean only him from this current crop.

    And I really really like Frimpong.. I see in him a spirit and a fighting quality that we badly need right now.. and to see that in a 19 year old says a lot about the rest of the team.. (OK add Vermaelen and maybe Szczesny) And I like him even more after his tweets yesterday.

    He fucked up against the Pool but you know what I actually forgive him for that! He said he will learn and he has passion and drive. I may be going off the wall a bit here but he might just develop into our new Viera!! Our problem is we don’t have an experienced team around him, like you suggest, to allow him to develop. Sadly we’re depending on him now to be a match winner.. and that’s fucking ridculously bad management….. But Frimpong will be a big player..

    I’ll never forgive Eboue for that penalty madness against liverpool last season.
    I don’t forgive Song and Gervinho for their stupidity against newcastle. These boys have a few games under the belt and cocked it up. I don’t care that it was Gervinho’s first PL game. He can’t do that in France also.

    But in Frimpong I actually see someone who Joey Fucking Barton would be afraid to mess with..

    Remember how many yellow and red cards Viera picked up? But we sure got our moneys worth for the 30 or so games a season he was not suspended for! Can you seen any one member of this team who would square up to Roy Keane in the tunnel.

    I agree he’s too raw and he’s far from the finished article, but I would definitely keep him on board. I was not impressed by our other two debutants last saturday. Jenkinson doing 360 degree turns whenever somebody runs at him is worrying.. If he came up against Messi he’d be pirouetting like a balerina!

  51. Uk Bubbler

    Wow! what has happened to my beloved club, we have truly become an irrelevance. Who really sells their players to a direct competitor? Man city will always coming sniffing around our better players now, not just barca anymore.

    Wenger claims we have brought players this summer, not to worry. I feel sorry for all you season ticket holders what a con. This time next week will tell us alot.

  52. Skandibird

    I might be wrong, but I did hear/read somewhere that both Gazidis and Stan Kroenke went to ManC yesterday to ‘oversee’ the Nasri deal? If that’s the case, why where they so keen to ensure the transfer, and why aren’t they equally keen to ensure transfers coming in to Arsenal?

  53. wenger's straightjacket

    i agree with your feelings….wenger has screwed up and is now totally lost in his crumbling world.
    Just to explain that fans that want wenger out are arsenal fans…its the rival fans that want him to stay…(CAN YOU SEE THAT LOGIC???)
    Also fergie compliments wenger these days…simply because he wants him to stay as manager as we are a pushover these days. (although we beat them 1-0 at the emirates)
    We need to score tonight and i believe we can get through probably on away goals…….hot tip: bet on a red card for either side

  54. Goonerfied85

    I do find AKB’s ammusing & I think opions from both AKB’s & non AKB’s are needed.

    No one will stop supporting our club llike some AKB’s are suggesting or even offering a pasting to anyone who questions Wenger, what we are saying is that as fans we don’t want to accept the current situation of the club.

  55. Walking Wounded

    My prediction is that Wenger will be “moved upstairs” and Remi Garde will be brought in as our new manager.

    Not what I want, necessarily, as Garde has and always will be Wenger Lieutenant, but he seems to be the next big manager.

    And just for all you warring factions out there, I do not choose to be an Arsenal fan, it is something that seems to be built into to me. I hate what is happening and someone is to blame, be it Wenger or the board. Nothing has caused us to fall from grace, like we have, except ourselves. We have a great stadium that is affordable, but we have chosen to downsize and downgrade the team. 3 years ago, I had hope, now my morale, as a fan, is so low that only the team can pull this around, and I just don’t see it happening, because this has been going on for season after season.

    The only common factor to all this is Wenger, and he is now stale and past his sell by date. he should fall onto his sword gracefully and make way for someone who can see we have a good squad, but lack the individuals to make us great. We have the money, as it is not important to make profits, and a season or two of investment will push us back to where we belong as the best team in the land.

  56. Gooner Sam

    Vcc a cult is a pretty good explanation for those poor deluded AKBs. The reason they go on about ref’s is because both Wenger and his key disciple that Tony bloke from emirates stadium blog harp on that all our woes are due to refs….I swear that blokes on the take by Arsene…..either that or another nutjob

  57. bade the gooner (bernard)

    no red nose is coin to arsene’s defence??

    ha ha ha, if anyone needed further proof how deep we’re in the shite, here come fergie, all he wants to keep us out of competition, so surely he’ll back arsene to stick with us


  58. Paul King

    Let’s have a Copenhagen 94′ defensive performance tonight! Chezzer, Tommy V & Sagna to dominate the fuckin’ grease balls!

  59. wenger's straightjacket

    what is this idiot nick on????? he must be wenger’s love child!
    i bet he couldnt paste a roll of wallpaper

  60. darren webb

    Hugely negative report and site. Have you ever heard of supporting your team whatever, through thick and thin. If you don’t want to support arsenal anymore go and follow City. We all want a transfer or two but the negativity created by the fan base does not help the team!

  61. finestcuts

    We have every chance of qualifying tonight. We’ve hit our worst patch of form in the League since most of us can remember, have kicked the league campaign off without a goal, the worst for 42 years. It can only get better. I believe Wenger will bring in some players after the Udinese game and although I’d like us to beat Manyoo next week, make no mistake, it’s the mid table and relegation strugglers we need to be ruthless with.

    I do believe the board are to blame for the problems associated with this seasons’ transfer policy. They should be replaced ASAP.
    As far as replacing Wenger is concerned, that’s a definite no no, because who else would have got us into the Champions League with the squad that we’ve got? Hardly anyone IF anyone.

    If Wenger is to be replaced it must be in May, no more than seven days after the last game of the season to allow the new manager to build a team. Right now Wenger is irreplacable, no one I can think of can get more out of this crop of players than he can.
    Just imagine if we had a team of world class players. I have no doubt Wenger could lead them to victory.

    I’d like to see Arshavin played in the middle, and tonight we need our most experienced players to handle the occasion and ensure we’re Champions League contenders. That’s the biggest problem with coming fourth, top players want to know they’re not swapping apples for apples and that they’ll have a chance to play in the group stages.

    Score predicition:

    Udinese 1 – Arsenal 2

  62. Moray

    Well, on the plus side, at least we don’t have many decent players left for other clubs to come sniffing around after, like a feral cat. It may be that next year is a bit more stable, and we only lose, say, VP and Walcott.

    And our kids will be one year older then 😉

  63. bergkamp10

    nick has a good point though azed
    it works both ways

    WHY DO YOU THINK EVERY ONE IS TALKING ABOUT ARSENAL the press sky sports talksport etc etc

    everyone in football is stunned at how poor arsenal are operating
    and it really does make me wonder if wenger would of EVER lifted a trophy had he not inherrited SEAMAN ADAMS BOULD KEOWN WINTERBURN DIXON PARLOUR BERGKAMP etc they helped inspire the vieira’s and Ljungbergs

    these shower of shit players like bendter chamakh diaby denilson eboue etc etc are the equivalent of man utds obertans and bebes – and how many games did they get at man utd???

  64. Yandi

    kc says:
    August 24, 2011 at 09:27
    To those who wants Arsene out, please read Sir Alex Ferguson’s comments.
    Enough said.
    While Ferguson is basking in his bottomless pit of trophies, he recommends we keep a nutter at the helm, eliminating a possible rival. Gary Neville did it too. Genius that!

  65. Arse&Nose©

    If Wenger left every club owner in the world would be lining up to hire him simply because of the profit making ability he has.

    Face it most owners these days only care about making money, and you will only find a handful who invest money for love.

  66. Moray

    haha Le-grove is being flash mobbed by a bunch of AKB’s from a rival site. And they can’t even be bothered to write more than one line contrary comments.

  67. ArsenetheClown

    Only good players left in Arsenal now are:

    Sagna (one of the best players for his position)
    Vermalean (Good solid defender)
    Van Persie

    Out of those only Van Persie can “maybe” called world class when fit and in fine form!

    Wilshere’s obviously quality, but he s still has to prove himself over a few season to get into that classification!

    Very ordinary team, fit for mid-table only!

  68. Yandi

    Arse&Nose© says:
    August 24, 2011 at 10:04
    If Wenger left every club owner in the world would be lining up to hire him simply because of the profit making ability he has.
    What a load of bullshit. You should feel ashamed

  69. Paul Potts

    Given Ryo isnt in the squad he would have difficulty being in a starting 11….. surprisingly uniformed – perfect for a job at talk$hite

  70. IvoryGoonz

    Just to reiterate what Wenger said just 10 days ago about Fabregas and Nasri, basically, if we don’t keep both, we can not be considered a big club anymore. A club who can’t keep his best players can’t be seen as a top club.
    Well Wenger.
    F* off please.
    There are still plenty people believing in the Arsenal, and that we can be a top club again with proper reinforcements. Let them bring their stone to the construction…
    And please this time don’t build a team around just one player and one tactics. Until this is learned, we won’t evolve.
    For all you Grovers and Gunners, be ready for some dire time ahead.
    We are back to where we were when Fabregas joined the invincibles team, but this time with Wilshere, and no classy experienced players to help his progress.


  71. N21 Tone

    …..and it really does make me wonder if wenger would of EVER lifted a trophy had he not inherrited SEAMAN ADAMS BOULD KEOWN WINTERBURN DIXON PARLOUR BERGKAMP etc they helped inspire the vieira’s and Ljungbergs


    Very valid point! Also, as I said yesterday Hill Wood has to take a large slice of blame. I saw the team with Brady, O’Leary and Stapleton not backed by his family, I saw GG win the league at Liverpoo and not get the backing so whilst Wenger seems to be incompentent, Hill-Wood is the common factor!

  72. Moray

    gambon, the Board do hold responsibility. They sanctioned the long and expensive contract extension offered to Wenger, even after it became clear he was losing the plot and developing cabin fever.

    I think communication has broken down. It seems the board are scared to sack Wenger because of the loony loyal fans who support him more than the club itself. They choose simply to let him smash himself against his own rocks of stubbornness and arrogance.

  73. Andy T

    I hope that he starts with Theo – i think he will.
    That away goal is going to be so vital and i think Theo’s pace will cause them problems.
    We also really need a big game from RVP

  74. gambon

    “Gambon, wishing Wenger out is fine his time is up, but wishing death on the man is bang out of order”

    I dont agree. Hes fucking destroyed this football club, he should pay the ultimate price.

  75. bade the gooner (bernard)

    onto the line up,
    geoff, i don’t think the line up is good enough

    we cant play this game with the stupid 4-4-3

    i agree we need pace, but we need two strikers, robin and either of gervinho or theo to be able to counter. then we have to stiff our midfield, and have another pacey playmaker. so that’s would be my line up


    you can’t counter with two wingers and a striker. better be 2 strikers, or one striker and winger (which effectively is the same) a pacey playmaker like arshavin (he’s 2.5 years in arsenal shirt, about time to play him the position suits him more)… arshavin can distribute the ball nicely, robin can shoot, theo/gervinho can make those killer runs behind defence.
    rambo isn’t playmaker, at least still not. he like to fight and tackle, pair him to the future-legendary frimpong and song (no other option), and you’ll have a solid midfield giving the circumstances, that can try and block the 20-30 yards italian shoot out, that we’ll certainly be taking

    i think we have to play djourou unless he’s not 100% fit. his height can be used as the italians play the direct game, and not so many through balls. so hid body and experience should stand for us. miquel will be pressured and targeted….

  76. Robbiec1123

    Is that true that we will be debt free in a year? I thought it was years yet.

    Know one knows whos fault it is as u can see!! wenger? The board? Thats whats bollocks about it all no one knows! The fans aint told anything. Causing divides and shit.

  77. Paul King

    The doomers favourite sweaty boss:

    “The man has been simply unbelievable. He has given Arsenal platforms they never thought they’d get to.

    “He should carry on. He shouldn’t listen to the critics. The one thing you need in this game is ear plugs.”

    Very similar to Le Grove really…..It gives those that couldn’t get a job cleaning shit-houses at a Premier League Football Club platforms they would never have.

  78. Squirrel

    “As far as replacing Wenger is concerned, that’s a definite no no, because who else would have got us into the Champions League with the squad that we’ve got? Hardly anyone IF anyone.”

    Isn’t wenger the person who signed all these players that is “the squad we’ve got”?

  79. gambon


    You are so wrong its untrue.

    How many clubs in european football make a profit? Barely any.

    People dont own football clubs to make money, they dont get into football to make a quick buck, just like shareholders of JP Morgan dont care about the 5 a side football team winning a tournament.

    Success is what matters to people in football.

  80. pharays

    Arsene wenger has punctured our souL so much,he has stabbeD us @ d back,as far as m concerned,he has committD sum ideological parricidE. He should change his orientation,he has failed & he should apologise. If wenger were to be a coach in d NPL,he wud have ‘d many stitches on his head,hands,legs,body & even balls by nau. A couple of other suicide cases in Africa,Asia all bcos of wengeR….mscheww.May God rediscover Arsenal……. Arsene wengeR

  81. Walking Wounded


    It is not the AKBs that the board are scared of, it’s the compensation package Wenger would be due.

    I do believe that Wenger is the paid more than our best players now. Can that be right?

  82. Rhyle

    You’ve got to laugh at those daft bastards who believe that blindly accepting mediocrity…and worse…is “supporting” your club. If you truly love something, surely you want what’s best for it?

  83. Yandi

    “We will strengthen our squad of course, in the coming weeks,” confirmed Wenger in the Daily Mirror ahead of Wednesday’s crucial UEFA Champions League play-off against Udinese. “Hopefully we can manage to do that.”
    That knackered old goat doesn’t actually realise that there’s only one week left of the window. ONE!

  84. bade the gooner (bernard)


    i disagree,
    most of the AKBs are arsene supporters, not arsenal, so the minute the nutty walks away, the’ll go with him i feel….

  85. We'll Be Back (@alexnk1)

    I remember the times that we went 17 years without trophies and there was no pressure then

    I remember when we had a squad full of , players such as John Hawley, Kosmina, Chapman etc.

    I remember when we almost got relegated

    and remember the mid-90s

    You Wenger haters are a disgrace, you have no respect for the greatest manager in the club’s history, yes things are not too clever right now but he doesn’t deserve your abuse

    he will dip in the market, judge the team after august

  86. ArsenetheClown

    Whats our debt like rite now? If Wenger doesnt invest any of this money we ve received and it all goes towards the debt, then do any of u guys know how much debt we ll have left?

  87. Goon from BD

    Okay I have had enough of depressing myself. To me it seems like its Arsene’s last season at Arsenal………so…….Im gonna give him my full backing and support. This is a difficult moment for Arsenal so we should all stick together and support whoever is wearing an Arsenal jersey and whoever is working for the team. I clearly know Wenger has only himself to blame but still my heart says something is just missing here. He is not blameless of course but I don’t know why I can’t bring myself to call him names and all that. I’m gonna give him my support………this possibly is his last season. This season these players need to repay the blind faith he has has shown them all these years. Give the man a warm goodbye.

  88. PV4

    @ nick…there’s a lilly white shirt just waiting for you at Shite Fart Stain, so ssshhh…go on now, hurry along home, and remember what mummy said – no swearing or talking to strangers.

  89. Zee

    Agree with the post, disagree with the team. It’s a game for experience so djourou has to play if fit. I’m not a traore fan but for balance he also to play if fit, he’s just spent a year playing against Italians. Ryo was playing at Wigan yesterday afternoon so don’t think he’s an option and Lansbury hasn’t travelled.

  90. Pedro

    Lady Nina said in The Times to day, the board have always given Wenger full control.

    How can they support him anymore than they have?

  91. gambon

    “We will strengthen our squad of course, in the coming weeks,”


    Anyone remember:

    – We will be very active early and late in the windon – LIAR

    – We will do our business in late July LIAR

    – For once I will be very active YEP, Selling everyone

  92. bade the gooner (bernard)

    i truly hope we’ll get the qualification tonight….

    i don’t mind the way, the result or the display… i don’t care even if we get through thanks to major wrong referee decision, as long as the CL is there…..

    not that i think we’ll go through the group stage, or we’ll win it. it’s only about the big money we’ll earn for our next manager

    so i’ll take a draw, or even a 1-2 loss, that will see us through…

    as for the mancs away i have no hopes or illusions, without jack and frimpong, without LB?? we’ll be battered …..

  93. jay4741

    my team for tonight

    Sagna JD Verm Troare

    Song Frimpong

    Walcott Arshavin Gervinho

    Van Persie

    need pace to counter and solid back 6 and we will have to score, due a bit of luck

    up the gunners!!! 2-1 Arsenal

  94. G787

    Last Night I was playing footie with my work colleagues who support a variety of teams up and down the country. In the bar afterwards we discussed the recent premiere leagues results but nobody really mentioned Arsenal. Someone just briefly said ‘poor old Wenger’ – in sarcasm. It was like not discussing the close relative that recently got a terrible degenerating disease in terminal decline.

    Even Supporters from other teams feel sorry for us.
    Sad n embarrassin.

  95. gambon

    I dont know how many times this has been pointed out on here:

    We dont have the option of paying debt off early. We have long term debt, repayable over the next 20 years, and the board have said there is no intention to pay any off early. Anyone suggesting the board are taking all the money to pay debt off are just trying to excuse LeSenile

  96. The Blaster

    aaaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhh. Geoff, you always write like you’re the voice of common sense, but behind it is either some Sky-swallowing ignorance or proper la la land daydreaming. WE DON’T PAY PLAYERS 100k per week unless we’ve had thumbscrews applied, we CERTAINLY don’t pay 150-160k/week, which is the going rate in wages for a top player. DO you think Arsene has the chequebook???? Does Arsene own the Club??? Is his secret surname Arsene Kroenke or Arsene Usmanov? No NADA NEIN. For fucks sake. If City/Chelsea come in and say, yeah mate, we’ll double your wages, what would you do? And do you SERIOUSLY expect Nasri (or Mata) to say ‘Well we joined Chelsea/City for the money’…come on mate…get a brain and get a life. Standing behind Nasri when he’s so plainly fucked us and ran away makes you a disgrace to Arsenal fans. Proper disgrace, you should be ashamed of your self. Someone fucks the club, then you damn well stand on the side of the club, otherwise you can’t call yourself a fan…. and if you want to start harping on about George Graham or your years of devotion, it’s irrelevant…that’s like being a fan of Di Stefano or Pele…IRRELEVENT to the here and now. We stand together and support our club. The owners and the board set the wage structure and the transfer budgets. If they need to raise our wage structure (meaning Arsenal FC will need to raise it’s annual income to stay in the black), then blame the owners. Like all old school managers, like Fergie, Arsene will work within the parameters he is set and will stand together with the club even if it means he’s getting all of the shitstorm personally….and much like United with the Glazers, our board are conspicuous by their absence, but unlike United we have a whole load of wankers around who want to use it as an excuse to get the French guy out of the club, jump in a time machine and take it back to the world of the 80s/90s when they were teenagers. Before jumping to the defense, ask yourselves if there’s any grains of truth in that last sentence that apply to you.

    I am not an ‘Knows Best’. Nobody ever ‘knows best’.I think the guy’s ‘stubbornness’ is an issue, he looks tired and beaten down, and I have felt he needed to get some new blood in to the management team to breathe some new life… a junior who may succeed him just like we always bring in junior players…however… Arsene is a world class top manager, and he’s at Arsenal. If fan pressure and a shitty atmosphere forced him to say ‘fuck this for a game of soldiers’, then we would drop like a stone into mid table at best… so much for all of you ‘winners’ ! A lot of players would leave…maybe that would be some players Le Grove doesn’t like, but it would also include many who Le Grove LOVES. In his place we would get another manager… only who would that be? What top manager is going to jump into this hot seat when the previous guy’s been forced out by a cunty fanbase? Welcome to the world of Newcastle and West Ham. I would like to say Liverpool, but I know enough scousers to know they are pretty damn solid in their support.

    The problem with all of you people is while you bitch and scream about Arsenal’s plan A, you haven’t got a plan B…just daydreams.

  97. Walking Wounded

    We’ll be back

    Wenger is close to being the greatest Arsenal manager of all time, but he is 2 years beyond his usefulness.

    Brian Clough was probably the best club manager of all time, but he still got Forest relegated.

    Times have changed from those dark ages, because football has changed. It was a game for the fans, it is now a game for the moneymen, but we, as AFC, just do not understand that concept, and the richmen get richer whilst the fans get poorer.

  98. Rhyle

    If I had a salesman working for me who had sold nothing for 6 years he would have been fired 5 years ago. I have had an engineer working for me who’d only get things working to the bare minimum of acceptable standards, he’d have been fired 5 years ago. If I had a bus driver working for me who always got to his destination 5 mins late he’d have lost his job 5 years ago.

    Only in this industry does a man get to live off of his accomplishments of so long ago. You’re only as good as your next game I believe the saying is…Wenger’s is tonight. In the words of T…I pity the fool.

  99. westlondongoon

    Does anyone honestly believe that Song will be in midfield tonight? I expect a defence of Sagna, Velmaelen, Song, Jenkinson….the product of 4 years of underinvestment!
    Interesting that Blackburn have bought a CB today, seems to indicate that Mr Samba may be heading to N London….probably to that lot down the road!
    As for Frimpong….he’s got the potential to be huge for us in the future. One thing that does bother me, he’s been at the Arsenal since he was 9 years old; he’s a true product of what the manager has preached to the fans…brought up ‘the Arsenal way’. IThe worrying truth is that after 10 years of being coached like this, no one was able to instill the need for discipline after getting his first yellow. I hope that he learns his lesson after the weekend.
    Sort that out, and I’d play him ahead of Song, as he actually sits in front of the defence instead of wandering all over the pitch all the time.
    As for being ‘a proper mug’ for wanting the manager out, I don’t agree with his man management, it’s simply not good enough.
    The Fabregas and Nasri deals should have been sorted before the end of July by putting them both on the list and inviting bids from any interested parties, not by just accepting that they would move to Barca and City, then dragging it on until 2 weeks into the season.
    The players coming in should have been brought in before the tour to Asia, this would have allowed them to bond with their new team-mates and actually build a bit of confidence and spirit. Then we would have been better prepared to approach the CL qualifiers. It’s called forward planning.
    Finally, instead letting people like Squillachi and Diaby run down their contracts, just pay them off and get rid of them. Far better for the squad as a whole to get rid of these dead-weights.
    As for Bendtner, 9 days left for him to move otherwise he faces another 4 months at a club he so wants to leave. Perhaps if the manager played something other than 4-5-1/4-3-3, both he and Theo could well have contributed a lot more in the past 2 seasons.
    I, for one, would love to see another manager have a crack with this squad. Wenger’s time has past now; football has moved on and left him behind. Tactically naive, devoid of respect, and lacking in motivational skills; who could have imagined that the man who gave us the Invicible team could become the bumbling fool that we now have before us.
    Win or lose tonight, there needs to be change. Someone needs to come in who can motivate this squad, give them some standards, discipline them. Clubs suits and ties, no tracksuits; attending games if you aren’t in the team, not going to GPs; and club fines for players booked for dissent. We need discipline and passion, but in the right mix.
    Someone like Gus Poyet perhaps?

  100. Arse&Nose©

    If you watched the channel 4 dispatches special on foreign owners of British football teams you will understand that the number one reason they invest is to make money.

  101. gambon


    90+% of english football teams run a transfer DEFECIT.

    We are one of the only teams in the history of the gane to run a transfer surplus over the long term.

    Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea & City have spent about £100m each more than us this summer.

    Our rivals want to win trophies, we just have a senile mentally ill manager thats obsessed with his kids and his project.

  102. ArsenetheClown

    Guys whats with the panic? Once Diaby comes back from his injury, we ll dominate all the teams and storm to the top of the league!!

    Patrick Viera looks up to Diaby the King!

  103. finestcuts

    @Squirrel, yes you’re right, Wenger is also responsible but it all boils down to Wenger getting paid 6 mill to tow the boards line. He has 6 million reasons to do so.
    If the board were more concerned about performance, they’d proivde Wenger with greater leverage to set wages for star players. Clearly this hasn’t happened, he tried to sign Mata, but Mata knew he could get better wages from one of our competitors and has done so.
    We’re trying to sign players but failing. Wenger isn’t getting the players he wants. The board are responsible for getting Wenger the players he has requested, Wenger’s job is identyfying the players he wants, and the board to supplying them to him.

  104. AFC by Birth

    A couple of problems with your starting x1. Ryo played 90 minutes yesterday for the reserves and is not in Italy. Here is the worst one, Henri Lansbury was omitted from Arsenal’s Champions League Squad due to a clerical error, it was spotted just befpre the 1st leg. However, we were only allowed to make one change, so the club added Ryo instead of Henri and then decided to play him in the reserves yesterday. Lansbury is said to be fuming and said it is the final straw, havinhg seen so many younger players over take him in the pecking order and rumour is he has told Wenger that he will not be signing a new contract, he is in his last year, so coulod be on his way within the next week. Blackburn are said to be interested in a part exchange deal involvong Samba, Liverpool and Norwich are also in the hunt.

  105. Arse&Nose©

    gambon, don’t use the example of badly run english teams as a benchmark. Use bundersliga teams, the PL will go bust it is in a bubble atm.

  106. ben

    Le Grove you often write very good articles, but to include miqual in your line up is shocking. Was at the game on Saturday and I must say he will never be an Arsenal player he is scared to tackle slow and lets players run off him, I understand he is young but he does not have what it takes to make it. As for jenkinson he is another player that is no where near ready, if them to play we are certainly going out. With this manager and this board I see no light at the end of the tunnel. He is commiting the same mistake again, breeding youngsters who will leave him at 23. Wenger lacks ruthlessness always has hence why fergie wins so much. Technically Wenger is best in world but lack of ruthlessness and stubbornness brings him right down. Every time he is close to a great team he fails to buy the missing pieces and then our main players leave. There is no place for sentiment in football and if by sep 1st we are out of CL and have no major signings, he and the board have to go.

  107. gambon

    Lol, in a bubble.

    Funny, people seem to say that every year, yet its going nowhere.

    Infact revenue are rising quicker than ever, and dont look like slowing down.

    As for badly run teams…..erm Utd badly run? They just secured a commercial deal that puts us to shame.

    City badly run?…..they have gone from 10th in the league to super club in a couple of years.

    Chelsea have no debt…..badly run?

  108. Lou

    Gambon. What would be the point of paying off the debt early anyway. I am no economist but surely manageable debt at a low interest rate is ok? So, it would make the club debt-free, but this would only be relevant if it was going to be sold perhaps. But I suppose the main point is that, if Wenger won’t spend the enormous amount he has now, what is the point of a debt- free club, unless it is to line the pockets of the owner? Erghh, did I just answer my own question?

  109. Walking Wounded

    Phil C

    so if these so called “half-wits” follow the money, then we will all be supporting the LA Rams in two seasons time, when Kroenke cashes it all in. I am actually excited with the way we are going because when we are relegated…
    1) The season ticket will be reasonably priced
    2) The board may then reinvest in keeping the fans happy and I can then love this club again.

    I currently feel like I would if I my wife told me she was a lesbian, I would still love her, but I wouldn’t be getting any anymore

  110. Paul King

    Arse&Nose…You’re not questioning Gambon’s “back of the envelope math?” He’s a Wikipedia-economics-genius!

  111. Goonerfied85

    To any AKB’s,

    We will always support our club just not the board/ mangement as the way they are handling things at the moment is far from admirable.

    To think for one moment that any fan on here will stop supporting our club is nonsense, we will follow the mighty Arsenal through thick & thin.

    So to all AKB’s grow up & wise up you deluded pricks.

  112. gambon


    Its fucking hilarious isnt it!

    The man is a few weeks away from a breakdown. Infact I think it started last saturday with the flea ridden head scratching.

    I cant wait for the next water bottle smashing moment!


  113. Renald

    Why do some Arsenal fans and journalists refuse to read between the lines and blame AW for what is happening?
    Why not judge AW on the basis of his track record and some common sense?
    His track record shows him to be what he is, a brilliant coach. What about these last five years? Yea what about them? Had he had the financial support he would have bought and bought and bought. Is that not the logical thing to do if they put funds at your disposal, so why does he not strenghten by telling acquisitions? I would and I am no football coach. Why would he let his best players go if you had the funds to keep them, or why let them run out their contract if you have the resources to pay for their “loyality” and negotiate better deals. If you were Arsenal’s coach and had the resources would you not buy a Messi a Ronaldo a Schneider etc? But if you do not have the resources what do you do? You just buy kids and try desperately to hold on to your stars. This is what common sense dictates, this is what AW has been forced to do.
    Arsenal is a club that is run by an economic oriented philiophy that places on its priortity list first the finacial bottom line. Arsenal is run by a Board that thinks that realising a profit and coming fourth is better than coming first and making a loss. AW’s only fault in all this is that he is loyal to club that does not provide him with sufficient financial resources and a club that has adopted a stringent wages policy that is not in sync with the market realities. Truth will out but not while AW is still Arsenal coach. Most Arseanl fans kick the lamp-post because the dog pissed on the thier trouser. Come on gooners and use a little bit of your gray matter!!! AW may be Arseanl’s coach but he is not the policy maker but a policy taker.