Comical Ali speaks at the Arsenal!

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Remember him? He was the bloke who was saying that Saddam was spanking the allies as an allied tank was trundling along in the background behind him. Another bloke was called Nero, and he was strumming a tune as Rome was burning!

Yesterday our manager said this after we got whipped by Liverpool at home.

‘The result is very harsh on us. The decider was the sending off and the offside goal’ He must have been watching another game, the offside goal came with minutes to go and we never looked like equalising.

Years ago he was asked what he looked for as the most important quality in a player, he instantly said intelligence.

Well two games in and we’ve had 2 players sent off for stupidity and one banned for 3 games for stamping, thinking he would get away with it. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm 1.

So we start the season without the best midfielder in the world whom we let go cheap even though he had a 4 year contract, he missed the whole pre-season and then left us, went straight into the Barca side that beat Madrid and won his first medal in 6 years. So we were lied to yet again by our manager, who said he was injured. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm 2.

We needed to address our defence during the summer, yesterday Koscielny went off and was replaced by 18 year old Miquel, some addressing the defence that was, Cahill and about 6 others have been available since May and still are, yet we put on an 18 year old, we haven’t even got Bartley to use as we loaned him out, how can that happen? Loan Bartley out and keep a younger not as good player who comes on yesterday. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm 3.

We put Samir Nasri on yesterday because we had no choice, what? No choice? Doesn’t he play for us then? He showed all the spirit that this team of babies lack, he was our best player yesterday and to have a situation where he wants out because our manager lacks ambition is nothing short of scandalous and who can blame him, I don’t. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm 4.

I’m not even going to comment on the match, the warning signs were all there last week, I expect we’ll go out of Europe next week and if that is the price we have to pay to get a manager in that will do his job, then so be it. I will never say I want us to lose a game, but his inaction will see a lot more of that this season.

Vermaelen had another great game, Ramsey will be a great player but for now we need a ready made. Jenkinson tries hard but look no further than Enrique to see what we need at the back, the stupid thing was, he wanted to come, yet again we miss out.

I think our manager has something wrong with him, it’s not the constant lying, it’s the inability to see what needs doing, he lives off past glories and even said his record of 15 years of transfer dealing cannot be questioned, what, why? He is a manger, he is massively well paid and his job is to be questioned, by us the fans, how arrogant to say he cannot be questioned.

This club is going downhill, it upsets me to watch it, it still hurts and will no doubt ruin my week, thing is, what have we got to look forward to? Udinese and ManU away, and with a manager that thinks we were unlucky against Liverpool, yes Frimpong was terriific, but when he got booked Wenger should have had a word with him from the touchline, he said nothing and we all knew what was coming didn’t we? Pedro even called it in his post yesterday.

I cannot see anything happening until we spend some money, the crowd had a spend some money banner yesterday but he won’t look at them, the stadium had holes all over it but he only listens to the announcer saying 60,000, people say he’s being stubborn, he’s not, he just can’t see what wrong, and that to me is what’s worrying.

Perhaps his salary should be performance related, he wouldn’t do that though would he? We shouldn’t be buying Cahill because Kozzer is injured, we should be buying him because our defence is crap, add a left back to that list as well. Oh and get a DM with a brain.

I though Chezzer was immense again, at 21 we have a keeper that will see me out, let’s just hope he stays uninjured and keeps flappy on the bench.

Finally, if you want a match report, ask Pedro, I don’t do them.

Have a great day Grovers, unless he acts very quickly, this season is already over, by next Sunday we’ll know for sure.

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  1. Marko

    He’s Marseilles best player along with M’Bia is who he is ad both would currently walk onto our team and improve it

  2. Dial Square

    John i couldn’t give a flying fuck, bad enough we’ve got a Yank in charge, but a fucking Arab no thanks.

  3. kev

    what the fuck is your problem cloggs? maybe i havent time to trawl through over 700 posts you fucking moron. go back to sucking on your mamas titties

  4. kapslock

    Why is it so difficult to buy the right player Wenger? There are hundreds of great players out there who I’m sure would love to play for us and would automatically get into our team. You have the money. There is no problem. Fix the fuck up you tight cunt.

  5. kwik fit

    Kapslock we don’t even need great players just good ones would be fine. United are full of good players not great bar maybe rooney and they do alright!


    GuillemBalague Guillem Balague
    €60m buy clause Mata had, only meant any club had to negotiate with Valencia. B4 the clause got activated he could have gone for €22-23m

  7. Marko

    Someone like M’villa is a must before the United game cause at this rate we’ll be playing Ramsey Lanbury and Aneke or something

  8. kapslock

    Guillem Balague is a bullshitter and a massive cocksucker.

    @kwik fit – true. If we could find 4-5 Sagna’s in their respective positions I’d be happy. Good, hard working individuals. Bacary doesn’t get enough love from our fans. We don’t even have a Sagna song do we? I’ve never heard one at games…

  9. Cloggs

    If you’re too lazy to try + and find out then you must be a lazy annoying spamwhore. I am nice now, I left “fucking” out of it.

    maybe i havent time to trawl through over 700 posts you fucking moron

    Morons like you make me scrolling my arse off thru useless repetitive spamposts over here.

  10. wellington

    sagna samba vermaelen baines

    walcott wilshere kaka hazard

    rvp benzema

    now your talking

    85 mil would get you that lot with kaka on loan

    then the back ups could be

    jenkinson kocielny djourou gibbs traore miguel
    miyachi ramsey diaby camberlain rosicky arshavin
    gervinho afobe song frimpong chamakh


    sagna samba vermaelen baines

    walcott wilshere kaka hazard

    rvp benzema

    now your talking

    85 mil would get you that lot with kaka on loan

    then the back ups could be

    jenkinson kocielny djourou gibbs traore miguel
    miyachi ramsey diaby lansbury camberlain rosicky arshavin
    gervinho afobe song frimpong chamakh

  12. Marko

    Right I’m off hopefully some news on some signings tomorrow eh lads. I’m not a religious man but I’ll say a few prayers tonight

  13. Rohan

    MARK GOONER says:
    August 21, 2011 at 22:58
    GuillemBalague Guillem Balague
    €60m buy clause Mata had, only meant any club had to negotiate with Valencia. B4 the clause got activated he could have gone for €22-23m

    lol the clueless cunt knows fuck all.

  14. kwik fit

    Wellington your team is very good but alas walcott is not even on the bench man ! and have serious doubts about Samba!

  15. Goon from BD

    Wouldn’t signing Kaka be a HUGE gamble? I mean he literally hasn’t done anything of note for 3 years. Would it be a good move just to keep the fans quiet??? Another worry is his fitness and loss of pace(his greatest asset)

  16. kwik fit

    Alright guys shes pulling at me to give her another seeing too!
    As scouting for girls said I may not make it trough this!
    Got a feeling guys that thinks are looking on the up! Kev take it easy man! Adios and ola!

  17. kev

    why dont you go scroll somewhere else then if it annoys you that much you prick. fuck sake. youd swear i posted here and insulted you. go watch an episode of power rangers or something

  18. incesc

    YoungGunsBlog Jamie Sanderson
    Arsène Wenger: “We are not short of money. People say I’m stubbon – I’m not. I just want to buy the right players.”
    55 seconds ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    YoungGunsBlog Jamie Sanderson
    Wenger says signings so far are ‘top quality’, but youngsters need time. He also admits he wants ‘experienced’ signings.
    4 minutes ago

    YoungGunsBlog Jamie Sanderson
    Some good stuff from Arsène Wenger in tomorrow’s papers. Says Wilshere and Djourou have a chance of playing v Udinese.

  19. OPG

    Arsène Wenger: “We are not short of money. People say I’m stubbon – I’m not. I just want to buy the right players.”

    So that’s why you scout players a dozen times and lose out on players like Mata..

  20. Cloggs

    Wenger is a wise man, he knows Mata will be getting home-sick within a year or two anden wants to go back to Real.

  21. Arse&Nose©

    Watching motd2, even more pissed at frimpongs first yellow after seeing henderson shoved him in the chest and got nothing!

  22. luke


    bench-Koscielny, jenkinson, frimpong, ramsey, flapianski, walcott, ryo.

    eh, still need a better RVP backup IMO on top of hazard and mvilla and cahill. Not to mention gibbs’ injury record and positioning woes…

    its gonna be a scary year

  23. Goon from BD

    I remember Wenger saying that we want to bring players but they would need to be willing to stay. Thats a good thing but if we bring good players and don’t succeed they won’t stay anyways.

  24. Cloggs

    Frimpong got the 1st Yellow @ 07:30, ok can happen, he’s young etc.. bu the worrying thing is that Wenger had to play him for the rest of the game.

  25. luke

    maybe nasri would sign a contract if we bought some players…? Id still love him to sign for us if he really wants to be there.

  26. Othello

    I can’t stand to see nasri to city…

    Mata to chelsea, Nasri to city….

    we keep losing and losing…


    Please I hope wenger knows and doen’t tell yet.

  27. incesc

    check this out

    Arsenal legend Robert Pires told Canal Plus: “The time has come for Arsene Wenger to think about investing the money from player sales into players with experience and more of a guarantee.

    “I think other players have spoken with him and told him the same. The set-up has changed now.

    “Before this, many players wanted to stay at Arsenal for a long time but this has changed now, too. Players leave now at their first chance.

    “That goes for Clichy, Nasri and Eboue. Indirectly, Wenger is to blame. Unless new players come in and others stay then the problem will get worse.

    “I don’t think that they can rival the likes of Manchester City or Chelsea but you can’t win just with young players.”

  28. Pier

    I’ve got a funny feeling that wenger will be gone soon, however he won’t have been sacked or resigned. I have got a feeling that he is going to do something really stupid like hit a reporter or journo as the pressure building on him gets to unmanageable levels. By doing something like that his position would become untenable.

    It’ll be a win / win situation for the fans though. The dumb AKB types can go into mourning for their martyr citing their usual conspiracy theories, and the rest of us can finally get a manager for our club that isn’t mentally ill.

  29. Colonel Mustard

    wait you will see the board has a huge part to play in Wegners inaction. Can you not read between the lines. He is basically being told he can buy the like of Cahill/Jag but not Mata etc. This does’nt work for him as he see 15mill on them as a waste.

  30. Hitman

    Team against Udinese:

    Sags, Verminator, JD, LB?
    Song, Frimpong, Wilshere, Nasri
    RVP, Gervinho

    Should be enough to get a result.
    Mdifield pretty solid with those 4.
    Left back is only worry.

  31. Rhyle

    Colonel Mustard – the big wall of silence coming out of the club means I can’t see the lines you’re reading between let alone what you think you see being hinted at there?!

    This mental guessing / conspiracy theory / making up of things has got to stop – believe what you see and that is that Wenger is no longer good enough to take this club forward…the rest is academic – under Wenger’s control this club is WEAKER than it was 6 years ago, 3 years ago and weaker than it was 1 year ago.

    Hopefully, if there is dischord between Wenger and the board it’s because they’re actually ENCOURAGING HIM TO DO SOMETHING OTHER THAN PAY THE SHIT IN HIS SQUAD A FORTUNE…

  32. Hitman

    Vicious transfer market this summer. Blink and you miss out.

    Gazidis is to blame. Wengers job is to identify the players he wants. Sealing the deal is Gazidis’ task.

    Fergie & Kenny did the right thing – do your business early doors. Avoid the stampede at the end.

    Gazidis wasnt prepared for this summer – he doesnt have a clue about English & European football.

  33. Hitman

    How long does it take to sign a player – Chelsea sniffed out Mata in less than a week. Easy.

    We have been dithering all summer.

  34. Pat

    Gutted we missed out on Mata. Hazard rumors will pick up pace if we qualify for the CL. It is true that we have first refusal on him. Also, wages won’t be a problem. He might be our “marquee” signing this summer.

    Song or Frimpong vs Udinese? Frimpong will shine in the PL, but can he do it against an Italian team? Song is still the better, more composed player despite his lazy appearance.

    Wilshere will make a huge difference if he plays. RVP will be back as well, so we should create more than we did at home. Udinese’s pitch is much smaller as well so our defense won’t be stretched as much.

  35. Goon from BD


    Sagna/RB – Song – Vermaelen – Sagna/LB

    Frimpong – Wilshere/Ramsey

    Gervinho – Van Persie – Arshavin


    We score we win

  36. Colonel Mustard


    Do you honestly believe that all the transfer failings are due to Wegner. that he has the last word? of course not. the club are coming up short in todays market (btw Mata has signed for Chelsea).


    do you actually think this is the case. they are not releasing the money. Wegner has hinted at this. I think this is true. The silence from the board is ominious. silent. Listen to Gazidis speak all smokescreen. There is something very strange going on there. i personally believe a power struggle leading to a vacuum at the top right now.

  37. bade the gooner (bernard)

    valencia officially confirmed, mata to chavs done deal, subject to medical to be taken tomorrow …….

    well arsene, it’s hard to catch your players eh?

    how come the chavs snapped him in less than a week when we were sniffing around like useless losers for about two months???

  38. Hitman

    I think we should play both Frimpong and Song. More protection for the defence.
    We couldnt hit a cows are with a banjo at the moment so no point being too attck minded. We will get the odd chance to score at some point.

    I do think there is something not right about Nasri/ Man City transfer
    He doesnt seem to want to go. Is Nasri getting cold feet? I think he will play on Weds. Just a feeling.

  39. Pat

    Coquelin might play against United is we don’t sign a CDM(M’Vila maybe?) by then.

    He’s probably ahead of Frimpong from what I’ve seen last season, but we’ll see.

  40. Hitman

    I dont understand the Mata thinking. Why go to Chelsea?

    Does he not know we are the bigger club? Miles bigger.

    Its like chosing Athletico over Real?

    Surely money cannot the overriding factor in these players’ decisions.

    How about prestige and history?

    Both Ade and Nasri were/ are reluctant to go to City – they know.

  41. Rhyle

    when has he hinted at this? What did he say? I have no idea what you’re seeing Colonel…and I’m neither singling you out here nor having a goal. It’s been frustrating and this desperate need for an explanation is part of that.

    And no, I don’t believe that it’s all down to Wenger but I believe what we’re seeing on the pitch IS all down to Wenger. That’s the bottom line.

    As for your quote, you left out the first half which included the word “hopefully”…as in I DON’T HAVE A FUCKING CLUE WHAT IS GOING ON BEHIND THE SCENES AT ARSENAL, as in this is largely the problem behind everyones conjecture, manipulation of the facts and reading something in to nothing that’s going on at the moment. THE SILENCE – NOT JUST FROM STAN BUT GENERALLY FROM WENGER, GAZIDIS, ET AL – LEAVES US WITH NO UNDERSTANDING OF THE SITUATION AND FILLING IN THE LITTLE WE KNOW WITH NONSENSE.

    Give me ACTUAL PHYSICAL EVIDENCE that this is happening. Give me someone in the club willing to speak up (instead of ridiculous bullshit “unnamed sources”).

    You can’t? What a fucking surprise…

  42. Rhyle

    Hitman…you’re almost right. It WOULD be like choosing Athletico over Real…but only if Athletico were actually winning and likely to win more trophies in the coming years than Real.

  43. Goon from BD

    I don’t understand Falcao’s decision to go to Atletico. He had better opportunity to win stuff at Porto but maybe not the same salary.

  44. 87gooner

    Fucking A

    Chelsea’s time tested strategy of seeing who Arsenal want, and then stumping up a bigger fee and wages wins again

    Why couldnt the board pull their fucking finger out? If Mata wants £100k p/w give it to him, the wage structure is BS as we wont offer the going rate for top talent, but give mugs like denilson/diaby/bendtner/almunia all around the £50k p/w mark.


  45. Colonel Mustard

    Rhyle – Kronke is in London and is saying nothing during Arsenals biggest crisis in years. No saying Arsene can buy any target his wishes. nothing. not a whisper. Remember Kronke, the board etc. is Wegners boss, he does’nt own the club. He can criticise his boss. most of us cant do that. why is it different for him. He said recently i a few years time (when he is gone) he will say what went on, no doubt I had no cash from board.

  46. Colonel Mustard

    87gooner – exactly. how can Wegner be blamed for not landing Mata? he cant do everything. so and this is to Rhyle who fault is it that Mata is’nt landed.

  47. Rhyle

    My point is that none of us know how negotiations are held, how involved Wenger or Gazidis is in the process…so to point fingers at anyone in it’s entirety as being their fault is fucking pointless.

    All I want to do is to focus on the facts and change what we know to be wrong – Wenger. We know his team isn’t good enough and we know that he’s the architect of it’s current malaise.

    Everything else is fucking guess work and until someone can prove otherwise that it wasn’t at least partly Wenger’s fault that we lost out on Mata, I’m going to assume he was…why not, since we’re all guessing at exactly what happened..?

  48. Lurch LeRouge

    yeah good characters i thought, a little thin on screenplay but funny to see that genre shot in london.

    it had bits from vertigo comics in there, the preacher etc…

  49. Goon from BD

    I would like Coyle to replace Arsene but he is a Fergie arselicker.
    Fergie is scared of Mourinho but Mourinho would tarnish the name of Arsenal.

  50. incesc

    saw pirates of the carribean 4 today.

    seeing as its a popcorn film for families or whatever its well fucking confusing so i fell asleep.

  51. Pat

    Appointing Mourinho wouldn’t help. The only clubs he’s managed have been the richest ones in their respective leagues. He’s nothing in my mind until he proves he can do it with a different club.

    And before you bring up that overrated Porto tale…Before Mourinho took over, it was hailed as the strongest squad ever in Portuguese football and the manager was unfairly sacked. Not to mention all the luck and decisions Mourinho got against ManUtd in the CL(Scholes goal disallowed, etc.).

  52. xx


  53. zeus

    Still upset about Mata. Even with Wilshere back we desperately need a playaker. Hazard is more a dribbling CR7 type, we need another Cesc really.

    No one like him out there outside of Barca I can think of, any suggestions? That Gotze looks to be a no go too.

  54. Paul King

    I really don’t think a Cahill, a Samba, a Jagielka would appease the fans now. It has to be 2 marquee signings now….A Tevez, a Kaka or a Benzema.

  55. Moray

    Paul…or a couple of comdy signings, like a Micky Mouse, a Marvin Marvin, a Genghis Khan or a washed up Man Utd player.

    Who would have think it, eh? Our summer transfers coming down to the wire in a panic as our first squad lies in tatters and suspensions…what are the odds on that?

    I think what is infuriating the fans (and the players!) is that fact that nothing has changed over 6 years to remedy the decline. It’s like an Olympic athlete traveling to the games without their shoes.

    We just expect a marquee signing or two cause we can’t believe he WON’T sign them, but he never has done in the past, so why would he start now? As far as Wenger is concerned, it is business as usual. As far as I can see, we are signing nobody, save a panic inadeqaute buy at 7pm on the final day of transfers

  56. Moray

    Aquilani is a tank, compared to our squad.

    I tell you what, I am really enjoying watching Man City play. They have a great balance of strength, pace and skill throughout the team – reminds me of the invincibles more and more. I think I will continue to support Arsenal of course, but start watching City instead. Watching Arsenal is too painful at the moment. Like watching your loved ones crashing in a car every weekend.

    utd are going to rape us.

  57. rob green

    We are desperate for a left back as well!! i cant believe we had to play sagna as left back!!
    Gibbs is always injured!!

  58. Moray

    Sagna had better get used to covering left back then.

    That is another player Wenger will force out of the club by playing him out of position…

  59. gambon

    We need so many players, but clearly dont have enough time to get them.

    Realistically, if we are to save our season (yes already) we need:

    – Expercienced GK
    – 2 CBs
    – Left Back
    – DM
    – AM (Cesc replacement)
    – Winger (Nasri replacement)
    – Striker (Chamakh isnt good enough to be second choice)

    So is there any chance of signing 8 players in 1 week?

    Of course not, Wenger takes 1 month to sign just one.

  60. Paul King

    So fuckin’ disappointing…We were the club with the visionary master back in the day! Now AW is like an F1 team boss who is always developing his car for 5 years time….problem is, in modern day sport…you will either be out of business or the forgotten man if you don’t prioritize the present!

  61. Gunner-Mac

    Part of me wished that today’s Headlines saying ” END GAME FOR GADAFFI” Was infact “END GAME FOR WENGER” Instead…
    Not sure how much more of this BS i can take!.

  62. Moray

    the real problem is that we carry with us integral problems, such as a squad of undesirable players on contracts which are way too high and who we have not a hope oif getting rid of unless we subsidise the move (which probably happened to Denils*n). The fact that these players have come out and said they want to leave the club and are still here playing for us is humiliating.

    Arshavin is overweight and past caring, Diaby is a crock, Rosicky finished, Chamakh is a partyboy who has no motivation, Bendtner has been leaving ever since last season, Denils*n is probably coming back, Gibbs has no brain and is a crock, Theo is brilliant in flashes but mostly useless, VP is great but only plays 20 games a season. Oh, and for some fucking reason we have Squillachi on a new contract and Almunia still at the club.

    Where is the governance or the oversight on all this? who the hell is in charge?

  63. Moray

    Didn’t Gadaffi once own or part-own Napoli? i remember him buying a woman and letting his son play in Serie A.

    Perhaps we could ask Gadaffi if he’s interested in buying Arsenal…? Can;t be worse than the sack of shit with a tache that we have at the moment.

  64. Rhyle

    Moray…the Libyan national oil company Tamoil sponsored Juventus, and as part of that deal one of his sons joined the Juve squad for the season…ah…corruption, who’da thought you’d rear your ugly head in Italy?!

  65. Moray

    I suppose Tamoil is out of the question as a sponsor now, then, seeing as they will shortly be gobbled up by the US once they have effected their takeover of Libya.

    Wasn’t it Napoli that signed the female player? There must be some of those better than Squillachi and stronger than Kozzer…

  66. Paul King

    Part of the problem moving to the Grove was that we got so big, we’ve become this slow-maneuvering super tanker who could only really destroy itself from within! At Highbury we were fast and nimble and had to act quickly for the present results.

  67. Moray

    I think football has changed, too.

    There’s no denying that there is a clear line between money and success. Perhaps people overlook the dominance Man Utd have had for so long financially. Although it is true that Ferguson is also a very good manager.

    The reason Arsenal fans are frustrated is that we have money but for some reason we do not spend it, prefering to hoard it and divvy it out to the various stakeholders, I guess.

    It is obviously easier than we think for a Board to focus on things like facilities, tickets, tours etc and neglect the most important part of the pie – the team. They just rely on the fans being loyal enough to come to watch through hell or high water. Problem is that it doesn’t wash if your tickets are the most expensive in the country and if your team played some of the best football in the world until recently.

  68. Arse&Nose©

    It would take an absolute miracle for us to sign the 7 experienced quality signings that we need. I’d be surprised if we sign 2 players

  69. usedbustickets

    The most telling point of Saturday’s game, when I knew we were in serious trouble as a club, was when Wenger used transfer want away Billy Bentdner rather than our second choice striker Chamak….

  70. Spanish Dave

    La Liga will fold up 6 clubs are in administration here and RM and Barca get 90% of tv money.The country is bankrupt, 40% unemployment and the banks have 2 million properties on their books at prices of 4 years ago, if they re assessed to today’s prices these properties the banks would go under.

    La Liga is now like scottish league with only two clubs in it.

  71. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    Wenger ‘ if i buy Parker I will Kill Frimpong, If i buy Cahill il will kill Kos, If i buy a pet snake i will kill Goonersaurus

  72. soulbutterdj

    Wenger doesn’t have the time in this transfer window to do anything to save this season – he can’t possibly sign the 5-6 players we need (it’s no longer only 3 players). He’s c*cked this up big time.

    As for the board – they need to have a word with AW. Everyone says they are only interested in money. If that’s the case (which it is with Americans) then they will begin to worry about the value of their shares and the value of their brand as both are plummeting. Kroenke’s shares are surely worth a lot less than what he paid for them. The ONLY way to make money in sport is to be successful.

    WTF is going on!!!!!!?????