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The view from my new cattle class seats. 

No chants for irresponsible spending rang out during or after the game but no mistake, everyone was thinking it, well those that decided to turn up (very empty last night). I was pleased the fans backed the players, yesterday was not the time for mutiny, it was the time for support. Our line up was fragile with youth and packed full of experience that was yet to cut it.

Theo opened his account early on in the evening, this was the catalyst for a calm night in the stands. He latched onto an Aaron Ramsey through ball and perfectly manoeuvred his body to bury his shot inside the keepers near post. Relief…

Back down our end, Udinese managed to hit the bar from a well struck freekick but we scrambled away. Di Natale looked dangerous and the Italian team was packed full of powerfully built pace machines.

This was exposed when their striker waltzed through the middle of our team with only Song chasing back, thankfully Chezzer was on hand to make a top drawer save followed by a great Song clearance.

Half time came and we’d played out an exciting half, though we struggled to convince in the midfield and up top, we might as well not have had a striker. Chamakh was awful, as my Arse mate said, unless he is relaying a backwards pass it’s hard to see what he offers.

The second half opened with a sub. Surprisingly it was Kieran Gibbs who had strained his calf strain. What can I say? I’m shocked it took this long. Arsene clearly not into judging squad depth by injury records. A massive oversight as usual.

JD came on, Tommy V slipped out wide on the left and within moments he’d slid in to deny Udinese a goal scoring chance. A great interception.

It was game over for JD shortly after that. His fragile 14 stoned frame was broken… again. If it wasn’t so comical, I’d have cried. Jenko came on and slipped in at left back.

Rambo slipped Theo in again, this time he fluffed his lines worse than King George in the nervous days.

Down the other end Chezzer kept out the freekick Ronaldo whizzed past Almunia in the champions league 3 years ago. What a crucial save!

Wenger knew the importance of a clean sheet out weighed another goal. He took off the mostly anonymous Rosicky and threw Frimpong on, by far the best thing that happened to the game.

He gave Arsenal some belief, he chased round the park like a pit bull that had been sprayed in the face with deep heat. He motivated the whole team and we started playing with more confidence and belief than we had in a long time.

Di Natale broke free of the defence and struck the post… From our view it looked like the main post, on replay it was the post that held up the net!

Gervinho looked to have another good penalty shout turned down… he should have a word with Eboue about working on that (watch out for those Turkish roaming charges though!).

The final role of the dice game when Theo was played in by some superb Gervinho trickery but was denied by a terrific save.


We need to sign some players. At times we barely looked like a top 4 side. Confidence was lower than I’ve ever seen and we didn’t look like we believed in our game. Simply put, we don’t have the quality to make through a season and compete. We have lots of potential, but without the glue of quality experience, we’ll struggle.

Udinese weren’t a massive threat but we made them look so. We really look poor with Chamakh up top and when you have a team that doesn’t have the directness of Nasri or the vision of Cesc, you end up with a confused mess at times.

Wenger can’t keep on pretending we have team spirit and belief. The fans need to see intent to improve as do the players. The crowd were generous last night, they could see that it wasn’t the players fault and for once, they could see that they were all trying their best. Wenger has a short amount of time to turn this squad around. If he does, we can still launch a 4 pronged assault on this campaign. If he fails, we really could be in trouble because if you scratch below the surface of the squad… their really is nothing behind the layer you saw last night.

Take nothing away from yesterday though, that result was massive. Two clean sheets in a row and some very positive defensive displays. We’re still prone to the odd Rohan Rickett, but we’ve got top class talent in goal helping us out. We need a left back badly, that was a huge oversight by Wenger, that could cost us stability. We need a striker, possibly 2 centre backs, a left back a creative outlet and a striker.Not too much to ask in 15 days is it?

Next up… A revitalised Liverpool.


Chezzer: Solid commanding performance littered with good saves. He oozes confidence and presence. 8

Vermaelen: Solid performance and little sign of rust from his sabbatical. He showed great battling spirit yesterday but he’s also calming influence. 7

Kozzer: Another encouraging game from a player who I think will prove people wrong this year. 7

Sagna: A beast of a player with an attitude that should form the baseline for any future purchase. He boasts speed, agression and superb awareness. 8

Gibbs: Has a tendency to not know where he’s standing. Floats wildly out of position and most importantly, never lasts more than 3 games. 6

Song: A lot of dopey passes that put the team under pressure but at the same time, some great tackles and interceptions. 6.5

Ramsey: A lot of debate around this performance. The outside eye looking at what he can bring to a challenge now, I’d say he disappointed at times. For a 19 year old being thrown in at the deepend I’d say he worked hard, never gave up and was by far our most creative outlet in a game that lacked that ingredient. 7

Rosicky: What is he good for? He keeps the ball moving, occasionally puts the boot in, other than that, he’s just a body that scrapes by. He should be taking the lead, not melting away into the background. 6

Theo: certainly has some swagger about him this year and he definitely looks motivated. Scored a great goal but also wasted some great chances. His final ball was also a little desperate as well. 6.5

Chamakh: One of the most ability retarded strikers to pull on an Arsnal shirt. How did he get the gig? Vik Akers long lost love child perhaps? He offers us nothing. His control is embarrassing, his movement telegraphed. He can’t play with his back to goal, he doesn’t shoot, he’s of no use from corners. We’ve been sold a dud and the better version is sitting on the bench with a ‘Made in Denmark and I’m the best’ stamp on his back. Very poor, very worrying… because you know at some point, we’re face with Chamakh being our only outlet. 4.5

Gervinho: After the dust had settled on the cheers of ‘Wenger’s unearthed another gem’ proclamations, it’s clear that what we have is a very rough diamond. He’s a hard worker, but I’m hard pressed to see how he greatly improves the team. His final ball is rusty and his decision making at times is terrible. For me, he’s like a slightly more cultured Eboue. I’m sure he’ll grow with the season, and my hope he is that he turns into the wing version of Adebayor in 2008. I like his work ethic and I like that he doesn’t let bad moves get him down… a bit like most middle-aged men on the dance floor. 6.5


Frimpong: I told you last year that people inside the camp said Frimpong was the real deal in terms of passion for football. He’s a fighter, he’s built like a tank and he seems to love Arsenal to the core. We’re starting to bring through players who genuinely have a passion for the club, not a passion for the dollar. He came on yesterday and changed the attitude of the team. He raised confidence and he pressed Udinese the same way Barcelona press teams. I really like him. He shouldn’t be overused this year, but he should be given playing time. He’s an important player for the future and a handy one now. 7.5

Jenkinson: Came on and did a good job filling in at an alien position. Can’t work him out yet, but he’s looking pretty good. 6.6

JD: Good tackle. Breaks down. 6

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  1. zeus


    Messi is in a class of one. Aguero CR7, maybe Neymar could one day reach that level. I shudder to think what Aguero could do with that midfield behind him.

    But for now, the maestro is alone atop world football.

  2. SUGA3


    thank you very much :mrgreen:

    and oh, Colonel, so he does have the board backing now, yes?

    so why does he fuck about signing kids like fornicating was to become passé?

  3. Goon from BD

    Messi didn’t have the best of games but still scored 2(2nd the winner) and assisted 1. Cristiano looks average compared to him.

  4. cph gooner

    did you guys see Mourinho touch the barca assistant’s ear and pull it? And the barca man pushed Mourinho back. Mourinho is such a prick. He was so big mouthed in England, now in Spain because he doesn’t win anything he has become so humble. Hate him. Well done Cesc. Who can blame him, he wants to play next to MESSIAS

  5. WengersSweeties

    Colonel Mustard says:

    August 18, 2011 at 00:05
    Its like you brother or family f**uking up. We now they F**ked up but you support them anyway. hate to have you two in the trench next to me. be running for the hills.


    What are you chatting about now?

    Fabregas didn’t do anything wrong. Wenger did! now most want out! are they all cunts now?

    The way our manager runs the club is ridiculous!!

  6. cph gooner

    zeus mate, NOONE we know of as yet can reach the level of Messi. NOONE. Maybe there’s someone 12-13 years old now, that will surpass him but we don’t know him yet.

  7. zeus


    Spot fucking on. His autobiography should be a leaflet. What the fuck has he done in his 21 years to think he should be writing a book. Anything over a 1 page should be filled with puzzles.

  8. Colonel Mustard

    I think fund are there now Suga. Nasri is leaving for money not trophies. how can you blame Wegner for that. Philiipe Auclair (a reliable source on French matters) said he was advised by his posse (anelka brothereque) to take the money as he would never get a contract like it.

    “so why does he fuck about signing kids like fornicating was to become passé?”

    it found Cesc did’nt it?

  9. paul mc daid

    Congratulations Arsene,you have just ran another world class player out off the club,your mission is almost complete now,we only have one left.

  10. SUGA3

    yeah, it found Cesc, he has been groomed nicely for sale, eh?

    and how many of these players have we released?

    let it go, you ain’t got no leg to stand on, Wenger is a dead man walking with the team as it is…

  11. Colonel Mustard

    i have never seen a player as good as Messi. his constant performances in big big game is breathtaking. Cryuff, Maradona, Zidane. he is better I dont say that lightly. BUT he is no Dennis….

  12. zeus

    To think we could’ve had Xabi Alonso, Flamini, and a massive punt mind you, on David Villa when he was begging us to come get him in 2007.

    Bendtner was the answer though.

  13. zeus

    Mourinho will be fired inshame. He sure hasn’t wasted any time dragging the name of Real, and image, the the mud.

    He must think its Chelsea.

  14. Pasman

    I hope he gets taken to a brothel of french rappers so he gets it over and done with..then he can get back to winning stuff again

  15. Pasman

    Wenger is still a top top manager but some of these lines are quite hilarious e.g.

    November 20th 2011
    An excitable Dirk Kuyt forces a Sparta Rotterdam shirt over captain Robin van Persie’s torso during an international break, prompting speculation that he is pining for a move to his beloved hometown club:
    Robin is still an Arsenal player and 100% dedicated to this club…. He will stay…. We hope he will stay… It is not decided… We don’t want him to leave… I’d like to thank Robin for his contribution and wish him all the best.


  16. Pasman

    January 3rd 2012
    Arsenal are linked with a prodigous winger from Southampton’s under-9s team:
    We are looking, yes. I am not afraid to spend money, just not on average players. Only very attack-minded defenders and children. They are our future.

    January 28th 2012
    Wenger is asked if he plans to sign any proven Premier League defenders during this window:

  17. Yandi

    Pasman. Looks like something someone on Le-Grove would post. Not as funny when not made by a Gooner though. Thom Gibbs just wanted to take the piss out of the situation at Arsenal. Not fucking appreciated. We’re like a sick fucking parody everyone’s taking aim at… If not that cunt Arsene, it’s the club. Don’t get me wrong, Wenger’s still a bastard and I hate his guts (if he even has any), but I hate reading shit like that from everybody else…

  18. BacaryisGod


    If you think it’s stupid, then it must be smart.

    You’re confusing two different issues, you poor thing. I was just saying we got the better end of Man City when you look at their last four buys from us.

    I don’t think it takes a genius to figure out that Arsenal have a responsibility to replace key departures. I’ve said it recently on this blog too and I’m almost but not quite a genius. I’ve also said we should wait to the end of the window before we pass final judgement.

    What excites me is that there has been a huge shakeup (Denilson, Eboue etc are out) , but we need a minimum of 2 top level internationals (I would prefer 3) to strengthen the squad.

    I can see the mood being lifted considerably if this happens, but we desperately need a signing to excite fans. We already can see Gervinho’s flaws but his pace and attitude are promising. Chamberlain will be superb in a couple of years but we need 2 great players to get people buzzing.

  19. JJ

    If we get the results we are all expecting, I predict that Wenger will be gone by Christmas.

    The man has truly lost his marbles. How the Board has let it get this far is amazing in itself. It is like watching a train wreck in slow motion….

  20. 1886-2006

    SUGA3 says:
    August 18, 2011 at 00:11
    talk is cheap, Theo should just STFU and let his football do the talking…

    If his book is like his football then it must be a Peter and Jane classic.

    Well done to Cesc. And look on the bright side, after selling Nasri we have no world class players that any other team would want to buy. Good night.

  21. Lurch LeRouge

    well if you put David in your bloody handle it would have made sense, i don’t just go following every freak that follows, my timeline gets chocked with enough shit messages…

    no offence santos


  22. David

    Hahahaha. Well said. I could understand there are a few half wits running around the place confused and pretending to be Arsenal fans.

    No offence Dale.

  23. charliegeorge

    Wenger : I Will Spend £40m

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger hit out at the critics who claim he does not want to spend any cash, maintaining he would splash £40 million if he could find the right player.

    Wenger has landed himself a reputation for prudence by refusing to bring in players over £20 million during his Arsenal career, despite the likes of Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and, of course, Manchester City raising the transfer bar.

    But Wenger says that he would spend as much as he needs to get his man.

    “I will pay £30 million I will even pay £40 million if I find the right players,” he told Sky Sports News. “But it’s not a question of money, it’s a question of quality we find. I think I have a wrong reputation of not wanting to spend money – I do not want to spend money for average players.

    ”We are not frightened to spend money when we think it’s right. Our fans have more reasons to be proud of this club – the values here, the way the club is run, what the club is built (upon) – than being angry with the club.

    “Of course we want to deliver trophies, of course we want to win trophies, who wouldn’t want (that)? But we feel we were very close last year and my regret of course is that we didn’t do it but we are battling on all fronts and a bit unlucky on all fronts I think.”


    The pathetic senile twat doesn’t mind spending astronomical wages on “average” players, though. No wonder most rational supporters can’t stand the sight of him!

  24. Doublegooner


    I’m told even your namesake now thinks Wengers fucking senile.

    I HATE Gazidas, I HATE Wenger as we watch them destroying the Club.

    Bring back George Graham with Keown NOW to stabilise this place.

  25. PistolPete

    Why is wenger putting me through this transfer nightmare. I am trying to keep liking him , but i feel like he is playing a game we the fans. How could he let it get like this,how. God help us, and roll on the end of the transfer market.
    So much for getting the business do early. Nob