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The view from my new cattle class seats. 

No chants for irresponsible spending rang out during or after the game but no mistake, everyone was thinking it, well those that decided to turn up (very empty last night). I was pleased the fans backed the players, yesterday was not the time for mutiny, it was the time for support. Our line up was fragile with youth and packed full of experience that was yet to cut it.

Theo opened his account early on in the evening, this was the catalyst for a calm night in the stands. He latched onto an Aaron Ramsey through ball and perfectly manoeuvred his body to bury his shot inside the keepers near post. Relief…

Back down our end, Udinese managed to hit the bar from a well struck freekick but we scrambled away. Di Natale looked dangerous and the Italian team was packed full of powerfully built pace machines.

This was exposed when their striker waltzed through the middle of our team with only Song chasing back, thankfully Chezzer was on hand to make a top drawer save followed by a great Song clearance.

Half time came and we’d played out an exciting half, though we struggled to convince in the midfield and up top, we might as well not have had a striker. Chamakh was awful, as my Arse mate said, unless he is relaying a backwards pass it’s hard to see what he offers.

The second half opened with a sub. Surprisingly it was Kieran Gibbs who had strained his calf strain. What can I say? I’m shocked it took this long. Arsene clearly not into judging squad depth by injury records. A massive oversight as usual.

JD came on, Tommy V slipped out wide on the left and within moments he’d slid in to deny Udinese a goal scoring chance. A great interception.

It was game over for JD shortly after that. His fragile 14 stoned frame was broken… again. If it wasn’t so comical, I’d have cried. Jenko came on and slipped in at left back.

Rambo slipped Theo in again, this time he fluffed his lines worse than King George in the nervous days.

Down the other end Chezzer kept out the freekick Ronaldo whizzed past Almunia in the champions league 3 years ago. What a crucial save!

Wenger knew the importance of a clean sheet out weighed another goal. He took off the mostly anonymous Rosicky and threw Frimpong on, by far the best thing that happened to the game.

He gave Arsenal some belief, he chased round the park like a pit bull that had been sprayed in the face with deep heat. He motivated the whole team and we started playing with more confidence and belief than we had in a long time.

Di Natale broke free of the defence and struck the post… From our view it looked like the main post, on replay it was the post that held up the net!

Gervinho looked to have another good penalty shout turned down… he should have a word with Eboue about working on that (watch out for those Turkish roaming charges though!).

The final role of the dice game when Theo was played in by some superb Gervinho trickery but was denied by a terrific save.


We need to sign some players. At times we barely looked like a top 4 side. Confidence was lower than I’ve ever seen and we didn’t look like we believed in our game. Simply put, we don’t have the quality to make through a season and compete. We have lots of potential, but without the glue of quality experience, we’ll struggle.

Udinese weren’t a massive threat but we made them look so. We really look poor with Chamakh up top and when you have a team that doesn’t have the directness of Nasri or the vision of Cesc, you end up with a confused mess at times.

Wenger can’t keep on pretending we have team spirit and belief. The fans need to see intent to improve as do the players. The crowd were generous last night, they could see that it wasn’t the players fault and for once, they could see that they were all trying their best. Wenger has a short amount of time to turn this squad around. If he does, we can still launch a 4 pronged assault on this campaign. If he fails, we really could be in trouble because if you scratch below the surface of the squad… their really is nothing behind the layer you saw last night.

Take nothing away from yesterday though, that result was massive. Two clean sheets in a row and some very positive defensive displays. We’re still prone to the odd Rohan Rickett, but we’ve got top class talent in goal helping us out. We need a left back badly, that was a huge oversight by Wenger, that could cost us stability. We need a striker, possibly 2 centre backs, a left back a creative outlet and a striker.Not too much to ask in 15 days is it?

Next up… A revitalised Liverpool.


Chezzer: Solid commanding performance littered with good saves. He oozes confidence and presence. 8

Vermaelen: Solid performance and little sign of rust from his sabbatical. He showed great battling spirit yesterday but he’s also calming influence. 7

Kozzer: Another encouraging game from a player who I think will prove people wrong this year. 7

Sagna: A beast of a player with an attitude that should form the baseline for any future purchase. He boasts speed, agression and superb awareness. 8

Gibbs: Has a tendency to not know where he’s standing. Floats wildly out of position and most importantly, never lasts more than 3 games. 6

Song: A lot of dopey passes that put the team under pressure but at the same time, some great tackles and interceptions. 6.5

Ramsey: A lot of debate around this performance. The outside eye looking at what he can bring to a challenge now, I’d say he disappointed at times. For a 19 year old being thrown in at the deepend I’d say he worked hard, never gave up and was by far our most creative outlet in a game that lacked that ingredient. 7

Rosicky: What is he good for? He keeps the ball moving, occasionally puts the boot in, other than that, he’s just a body that scrapes by. He should be taking the lead, not melting away into the background. 6

Theo: certainly has some swagger about him this year and he definitely looks motivated. Scored a great goal but also wasted some great chances. His final ball was also a little desperate as well. 6.5

Chamakh: One of the most ability retarded strikers to pull on an Arsnal shirt. How did he get the gig? Vik Akers long lost love child perhaps? He offers us nothing. His control is embarrassing, his movement telegraphed. He can’t play with his back to goal, he doesn’t shoot, he’s of no use from corners. We’ve been sold a dud and the better version is sitting on the bench with a ‘Made in Denmark and I’m the best’ stamp on his back. Very poor, very worrying… because you know at some point, we’re face with Chamakh being our only outlet. 4.5

Gervinho: After the dust had settled on the cheers of ‘Wenger’s unearthed another gem’ proclamations, it’s clear that what we have is a very rough diamond. He’s a hard worker, but I’m hard pressed to see how he greatly improves the team. His final ball is rusty and his decision making at times is terrible. For me, he’s like a slightly more cultured Eboue. I’m sure he’ll grow with the season, and my hope he is that he turns into the wing version of Adebayor in 2008. I like his work ethic and I like that he doesn’t let bad moves get him down… a bit like most middle-aged men on the dance floor. 6.5


Frimpong: I told you last year that people inside the camp said Frimpong was the real deal in terms of passion for football. He’s a fighter, he’s built like a tank and he seems to love Arsenal to the core. We’re starting to bring through players who genuinely have a passion for the club, not a passion for the dollar. He came on yesterday and changed the attitude of the team. He raised confidence and he pressed Udinese the same way Barcelona press teams. I really like him. He shouldn’t be overused this year, but he should be given playing time. He’s an important player for the future and a handy one now. 7.5

Jenkinson: Came on and did a good job filling in at an alien position. Can’t work him out yet, but he’s looking pretty good. 6.6

JD: Good tackle. Breaks down. 6

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  1. Confidentgoner

    You know who I look forward to seeing on this forum? A.

    The guy melted away as our season faltered. Glad to read that Pedro caught up with him but I expected him to put his hands up and admit he made errors.

    Why do people find it hard to admit they screwed up? When we know that, we can fully understand Mr. Wenger.

  2. Kushagra India

    Lurch LeRouge says:
    August 17, 2011 at 14:41

    my point is nothing said is really personally insulting, its a blog we’re all anonymous, to take it on the chin and be insulted means one is looking for an excuse to be insulted, my point is to just ride it and give it back – keyser manages it and he’s the eye of the storm…a wise man once said “the medium is the message”.

    Wish I could do this for real….pretty enlightening ………Keyser is a winner here

  3. Kushagra India

    “The riot, though, has for centuries, been part of the vocabulary of English politics, each a medium for a message — and politicians would be ill-advised to miss the one sent out by London’s underclass last week.”

  4. Yandi

    It’s now got to a point where next season should be a write-off. There’s no fucking chance Wenger buys the 4 to 5 quality players that Arsenal desperately need in the space of 2 weeks… Actually, make that 4 days because that fucker’s waiting for the Udinese game next week before he even thinks of doing anything. Basically, in the space of the 2 weeks Wenger’s sold 2 of our best players, sold more experience (regardless of how shit) and lowered the average age of the squad. I’m sure he get’s a boner just thinking about that shit. Pubescent little boys, shit journeymen, bargain-basement buys… Arsenal FC’s basic mantra.

  5. Rohan

    Kush. You might be interested in this.


    This one’s a lot more hardcore than the one I linked you earlier.

    I don’t have the time to do both so might do this one instead. I have a bit of background in machine learning as well so shouldn’t be too bad.

  6. i did not see it

    after the end to last season we had i cannot believe wenger has allowed the squad to regress even further..

    what the hell is he doing?!? … ivan the expensive clown burning the candle at both ends on transfers… yeah right

  7. Kushagra India

    Rohan says:
    August 17, 2011 at 20:06
    Pedro, why did you mention me in today’s post?
    never knew Pedro was of the same ilk as you and pinky….WTF….

  8. incesc

    fuck me thats incredible.

    gambon says:
    August 17, 2011 at 10:05
    I said this last night, and I think it needs to be said again. Geoff/Pedro you should put these facts in a post as it truely is amazing. I am emailing the following to the club in disgust at what they are doing:

    1- Since the PL started in 1992, we have invested less in transfers than every other team in the PL. We are literally 20 out of all 20 teams in transfer spend.

    2- In 2006 we moved into our new stadium to compete with UTD & Madrid etc, and were promised it would mean a step change in squad investment. Since then we have spent less than all 91 other teams in the football league. We have been outspent by the likes of Colchester, Macclesfield, Walsall.

    To put this into perspective, since 2006:

    – Wigan have spent £43m more thyan us in transfers

    – Norwich have spent £45m more than us

    – QPR have spent £64m more than us

    – Bolton have spent £77m more than us

    – Hull have spent £66m more than us

    – Blackpool have spent £47m more than us

    How can we EVER hope to compete when we spend less than every professional football team in the country?

    No-one wants us to spend £300m in 3 years like City.

    Man Utd have spent £58m in the last 5 years. Thats £11.6m per year on average. That is sustainable.

    Making on average £10m profit isnt sustainable, its money hoarding.

    The stadium is getting empty, why do you think thats happening. The lack of investment is killing the club, and it seems no-one at the club has any desire to spend money, or force the manager to spend money.

    Even Tim Payton said just a few days ago, £100m cant score a winning goal or keep a clean sheet, or bring success. The players £100m can provide absolutely can.

    If we dont start to act like a big club we will become exactly what we are acting like – a small club trying to eek out profits.

    Then when we find ourselves with 40,000 fans in 3 years, and 8th in the PL, the board and manager will blame the recession, which is bullshit. The club are strategically destroying the club in order to make profits.

  9. Rohan

    gambon says:
    August 17, 2011 at 20:12
    Just sent the spendsomefuckingmoney link to every available email at Arsenal.

    Don’t you have anything better to do, gambon?

  10. Yandi

    Anybody ever wonder why we never hear anything about the contracts of the likes of Rosicky, Song, Diaby, Denilson, Almunia, Vela, Djourou or Fabianski and whether they’re running out…? They seem to be on these extraordinary never-ending contracts with Wenger’s Arsenal. And you can also bet your house on the means of the contracts improving each passing season, no matter how shitter they get. What a fucking shithole we’re in.

  11. Rohan

    Apparently, Roberto Mancini has written a research paper on the role of the “trequartista”.

    jeez, and here we have Arsene with a bachelors in electrical engineering and a masters in economics.

  12. incesc


    If you’re around and seeing as you earn 2k a day


    can you just buy the club and play me up front?


  13. cygans love child

    Watched some fan interviews the other day on internet and its worrying how many fans are still blinded by wenger. I felt insulted as well as the people who still fully support arsene call anyone who questions him a plastic glory fan. That’s not on, we ain’t plastic fans, we care and love arsenal, and these arsene fan boys are getting on my nerves. I’m not saying that every older fan is like this by the way, far from it, but it seems that most of the interviews Ive seen with these arsene fans are older and cone out with shite like “the younger arsenal fans don’t know how lucky they are” or something on the lines of that. It really is pathetic

  14. Evan

    WengersSweeties: Excellent maybe they can buy Alumia, Bendtner, Chamakh, Rosicky, Denilson, Vela hell i will even let them have Wenger.

  15. WengersSweeties


    We’d probably sell them Wilshere and Van Persie instead and replace them in our internal market.

  16. incesc

    @arseblog: For the evening crowd – Nasri’s wage at Man City will be £200,000 per week + £5m net signing on fee (via @gunnerblog)


    200k a week for nasri to sit on the bench.

  17. 87gooner

    Wenger thinks he is one of the following:

    1) a trader. His commodities are football players and he is obsessed with his transfer p&l

    2) smaug the dragon sitting on that pile of hoarded gold

  18. WengersSweeties

    Where will Nasri fit in?

    I am surprised he’s keen to join City.

    What is his real reason? is it just money?

  19. Yandi

    cygans love child

    Don’t beat yourself up about it mate. Some people are so upside Wenger’s arse that they’re basically ingraved in there. But he’ll fuck off one day and we’ll get our Arsenal back. He’s old, mentally shot and going senile… He won’t last long. The men in white coats are on standby. You now basically get wound up supporters going against other supporters, when in actual fact, we all love Arsenal. Wenger doesn’t. He’s the chief trouble-maker. Lining his pockets before he hits retirement is his primary ambition.

  20. gambon

    Are you kidding me? Nasri was second in POTY last season, and starts in AM for France.

    You think Adam fucking Johnson will keep him out of the team?

  21. geekpie

    Imagine the worst situation – we lose Fabregas and Nasri,” stated Wenger. “You cannot convince people you are ambitious after that. You cannot pretend you are a big club.

    “A big club holds onto its big players and gives a message out to all the other big clubs that they just cannot come in and take [players] away from you.”

    what this team needs is a big pair of balls – 22 sets of them. we won’t win anything till we get some.

  22. Lurch LeRouge

    not really Dial,

    be a bit hypocritical wanting AW’s head on the block and expecting our squad to tolerate his bullshit.

  23. gambon


    What do rats do when the ship is sinking?

    Especially if another ship sails by with shit loads of cheddar.

  24. Jerry

    Tottenham are possibly in for Adeblackwhore on loan, if Madrid can’t get him on the cheap that is. What would the odds be that he’d score more goals than any of our forwards this season. I didn’t like the fucker but to not replace him is outrageous and to consider his replacement as being a “FREE” Chamack is an insult.

    Wenger has been indulged enough I feel, he’s brought in his handful (no pun intended) of young men & now he’s left with gaping holes (again no pun) to fill with quality meat, sorry I mean, players. He’ll be cruising Heaven nightclub for players next ffs! 3rd game of the season coming up and we’re about to send out the Carling Cup team because that’s all there fucking well is.

    And where the fucks Stagnant Stan & his pet weave (worse syrup seen since Brucie’s) in all this? Speak up you thieving bastard and invest some of your wife’s money in players. Not even asking for 6.5% of her fortune either, you just buy us a nice marquee and our current balance pot can sort the rest. Fucker!!

    Uzminov & Dein now please, before we become the new Villa.

  25. incesc

    i blame wenger


    nasri calling the fans disrespectful makes him a little cunt, cant wait till he scores against us.

    shame wenger wont give us a team that would have a chance against citeh so we will all boo him then he’ll win. wenger has his bonus, nasri gets the fuck you, we get shafted

    wenger is a fucking arsehole-

  26. Dial Square

    Gambon only one man to blame old king canute himself.The atmosphere coming out of the ground yesterday was as if we had lost.

  27. WengersSweeties

    geekpie says:
    August 17, 2011 at 21:26

    Imagine the worst situation – we lose Fabregas and Nasri,” stated Wenger. “You cannot convince people you are ambitious after that. You cannot pretend you are a big club.

    “A big club holds onto its big players and gives a message out to all the other big clubs that they just cannot come in and take [players] away from you.”


    Very worrying…….

  28. Rohan

    Lurch LeRouge says:
    August 17, 2011 at 21:29
    not really Dial,

    be a bit hypocritical wanting AW’s head on the block and expecting our squad to tolerate his bullshit.
    Can’t argue with that. But they probably do “owe” more to him. Most of them anyway.

  29. gambon

    King Canute


    Take the ‘a’ and ‘e’ out, re-arrange the ‘n’ and ‘u’.

  30. Lurch LeRouge


    fair point , but when you’re done studying and out in the wide world of career development come back to me if you feel the same way about that loyalty…. then project yourself into a career that’s got a 12 year shelf life.

  31. Yandi

    Dial Square

    I’d have done the same if I was in their shoes. Wouldn’t you? Cesc said he was watching last night’s shower of shite, and Nasri was actually there, at the stadium. What do you think they were thinking?

  32. sustainable - my arse!

    My lad has asked his mum if she can iron off the Nasri on his home shirt, his younger brother says he is not having a name on his because whoever he chooses will probably be sold. For fucks sake, I basically forced them to support the Arsenal and find it very hard to take their disapointment at the shower of shit our club is turning into. There will be no young fans left other than those who have a big Arsenal influence in their life. These cunts are ruining our club.

  33. WengersSweeties

    That is a interesting site gambon.

    It just speaks volumes that Arsenal are all about filling the pockets of the board members and Wenger.

    What else does that suggest?

    It’s not even self-sustainable. It’s just buying bargins and selling them on once they’ve played your brand of football and then making a profit.

    We’re more like a FARM that grows players and once they’ve reached a certain level and they are ripe they are sold for money.


  34. David


    One can imagine that we wont be having this fiasco if we finished 2nd and won the carling cup.

    For me the Manchester City business is not an Issue. There was United, and then Chelsea and now these Etihad c&nts.

    The reality of it all is that when it came down to it, the sqaud couldnt beat the likes of West Brom and Birmingham.

    The parochial view is to keep banging on about Arab money but the reality is that we self implode when it really matters regardless of the competition.

    Leyton Orient comes to mind.

  35. Keyser

    David – The reality is during January and February, the time we supposedly implode anyway, we played more games in a shorter period then any other team, go back for some odd reason people deluded themselves into somehow thinking this was the norm, it isn’t, no team wins all four trophies and we caved under the pressure.

  36. gambon


    Probably doesnt include the Eboue money either.

    So you can either go with what the site says, or my figures, or add £29m.

  37. David



    But there Manchester City has nothing to do with our ineptitude when it came to purchasing a much needed CB during that time.

    Or a striker playing Arshavin upfront in the business end of the season the season before last.

  38. kapslock

    Come on Madrid. Spain is fucked though! Games aren’t even starting this weekend and maybe not the weekend after due to players striking, having not been paid their wages.

  39. Keyser

    “One can imagine that we wont be having this fiasco if we finished 2nd and won the carling cup.”

    We offered him 115k a week, Citeh offered him 185k a week, it’s simple dude.

  40. Jerry

    Bang on there Sustainable, furthermore seeing as a kid doesn’t automatically follow his dad’s team so much these days anyway, where is the next generation of stadium filling mugs going to come from? At this rate we’ll be part exchanging the Emirates for the Olympic stadium in a few years, wouldn’t be surprised if Stan’s men already have that money spinning venture in their grubby sights. Fucking thieves!

  41. David


    According to Sinclair.

    City only made their offer 6 weeks ago.

    We’re in August. Not January or Feb as you say.

  42. gambon

    Arsene Wenger is on £140k pw, hes probably the only manager in world football that earns more than every one of his players.

    The idea that we cant pay 4 players say £150k pw is ridiculous.

    Defenders never command these kind of salaries anyway.

    We could easily accomodate a few megastars on huge money.

  43. Lurch LeRouge

    don’t know Keyser, there was disclosure of which teams are in early stages of bankruptcy…. hopefully Valencia is and Mata rather’s us over CFC, not likely though.

  44. Pedro

    Do I add #26million to the sums now Nasri is off…


    QPR have spent £64m more than us



  45. gambon


    Ive already said about 10 mins ago….i didnt include the eboue money or the nasri money.

    At the moment transferleague havent updated the last 3 that have left.

    You can either add £29m to my figures or wait a few days til its updated and get the exact numbers.

    Suffice to say since 2006 we have invested less than all 91 other league teams.

    If you take this list:


    And add £64m to every total, you get the current figure (£64m being Nasri+Cesc+Eboue)

  46. Keyser

    Supposedly all players will be on strike, maybe the top teams will agree to paycuts to help their starving brethren down the lower half of the league.

    Will they fuck.

  47. Lurch LeRouge

    doesn’t matter if the sums are out a little Pedro, SurferX is the only nerd that’ll hold you to account and he’s on the dark side nowadays…

  48. Rohan

    Khedira is a fucking machine. We should have gotten him.

    First proper game of football I’ve seen in a while. Forgot how much I missed this.

  49. Rohan

    Absolutely gut-wrenching incesc.

    A sadistic part of me wants us to face them in the Champions League this season.

  50. Rohan

    Cesc will be Barcelona captain within 24 months. He’ll displace Xavi by the end of this year.
    The boy’s different class.


    if nasri announces he is staying would you be happy?

    i fucking wouldnt, but talk sport seem to think were gona break the bank for him

  52. WengersSweeties

    *The work rate and the fight in tonight’s game is 10000% better than what you see at Arsenal.

    We are so slow compared.

    Cesc is going to have the shock of his life!!

  53. Jerry

    Where we were once close there now lies a canyon. We are fucking miles away from the likes of Madrid & Barca, how many of our 1st team would get into theirs whilst just about everyone of their subs would walk into ours. Our squad is pitiful in comparison. The fans don’t have to fork out at least £50 a time to see it either.

    Domestically a fair old distance is also growing with Utd, Chavs & Arabs, where as the Bin dippers & Looters are on our shoulders again after a decade of silence.

    We left “The home of football” to compete with the best? My hairy hole!! Nevermind waiting lists, next year the people who put their names on it for a laugh will be getting a call.

  54. WengersSweeties


    Like I said to Pedro, we need top top players at the moment, not money.

    So yeah, I’d prefer Nasri to get paid whatever it is he wants want and we keep him.

  55. WengersSweeties

    2-1 Barca.

    We are a million light years away from being anywhere near as good as these two teams.

    Wenger’s had 17+ years to build a top side plus silly money from City for Adebayor, Toure and Clichy. Money from Barca and yet we are shit.

  56. incesc


    when you have worked a day in football come back and tell me messi is better than alex chambelain oxlade bow