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The view from my new cattle class seats. 

No chants for irresponsible spending rang out during or after the game but no mistake, everyone was thinking it, well those that decided to turn up (very empty last night). I was pleased the fans backed the players, yesterday was not the time for mutiny, it was the time for support. Our line up was fragile with youth and packed full of experience that was yet to cut it.

Theo opened his account early on in the evening, this was the catalyst for a calm night in the stands. He latched onto an Aaron Ramsey through ball and perfectly manoeuvred his body to bury his shot inside the keepers near post. Relief…

Back down our end, Udinese managed to hit the bar from a well struck freekick but we scrambled away. Di Natale looked dangerous and the Italian team was packed full of powerfully built pace machines.

This was exposed when their striker waltzed through the middle of our team with only Song chasing back, thankfully Chezzer was on hand to make a top drawer save followed by a great Song clearance.

Half time came and we’d played out an exciting half, though we struggled to convince in the midfield and up top, we might as well not have had a striker. Chamakh was awful, as my Arse mate said, unless he is relaying a backwards pass it’s hard to see what he offers.

The second half opened with a sub. Surprisingly it was Kieran Gibbs who had strained his calf strain. What can I say? I’m shocked it took this long. Arsene clearly not into judging squad depth by injury records. A massive oversight as usual.

JD came on, Tommy V slipped out wide on the left and within moments he’d slid in to deny Udinese a goal scoring chance. A great interception.

It was game over for JD shortly after that. His fragile 14 stoned frame was broken… again. If it wasn’t so comical, I’d have cried. Jenko came on and slipped in at left back.

Rambo slipped Theo in again, this time he fluffed his lines worse than King George in the nervous days.

Down the other end Chezzer kept out the freekick Ronaldo whizzed past Almunia in the champions league 3 years ago. What a crucial save!

Wenger knew the importance of a clean sheet out weighed another goal. He took off the mostly anonymous Rosicky and threw Frimpong on, by far the best thing that happened to the game.

He gave Arsenal some belief, he chased round the park like a pit bull that had been sprayed in the face with deep heat. He motivated the whole team and we started playing with more confidence and belief than we had in a long time.

Di Natale broke free of the defence and struck the post… From our view it looked like the main post, on replay it was the post that held up the net!

Gervinho looked to have another good penalty shout turned down… he should have a word with Eboue about working on that (watch out for those Turkish roaming charges though!).

The final role of the dice game when Theo was played in by some superb Gervinho trickery but was denied by a terrific save.


We need to sign some players. At times we barely looked like a top 4 side. Confidence was lower than I’ve ever seen and we didn’t look like we believed in our game. Simply put, we don’t have the quality to make through a season and compete. We have lots of potential, but without the glue of quality experience, we’ll struggle.

Udinese weren’t a massive threat but we made them look so. We really look poor with Chamakh up top and when you have a team that doesn’t have the directness of Nasri or the vision of Cesc, you end up with a confused mess at times.

Wenger can’t keep on pretending we have team spirit and belief. The fans need to see intent to improve as do the players. The crowd were generous last night, they could see that it wasn’t the players fault and for once, they could see that they were all trying their best. Wenger has a short amount of time to turn this squad around. If he does, we can still launch a 4 pronged assault on this campaign. If he fails, we really could be in trouble because if you scratch below the surface of the squad… their really is nothing behind the layer you saw last night.

Take nothing away from yesterday though, that result was massive. Two clean sheets in a row and some very positive defensive displays. We’re still prone to the odd Rohan Rickett, but we’ve got top class talent in goal helping us out. We need a left back badly, that was a huge oversight by Wenger, that could cost us stability. We need a striker, possibly 2 centre backs, a left back a creative outlet and a striker.Not too much to ask in 15 days is it?

Next up… A revitalised Liverpool.


Chezzer: Solid commanding performance littered with good saves. He oozes confidence and presence. 8

Vermaelen: Solid performance and little sign of rust from his sabbatical. He showed great battling spirit yesterday but he’s also calming influence. 7

Kozzer: Another encouraging game from a player who I think will prove people wrong this year. 7

Sagna: A beast of a player with an attitude that should form the baseline for any future purchase. He boasts speed, agression and superb awareness. 8

Gibbs: Has a tendency to not know where he’s standing. Floats wildly out of position and most importantly, never lasts more than 3 games. 6

Song: A lot of dopey passes that put the team under pressure but at the same time, some great tackles and interceptions. 6.5

Ramsey: A lot of debate around this performance. The outside eye looking at what he can bring to a challenge now, I’d say he disappointed at times. For a 19 year old being thrown in at the deepend I’d say he worked hard, never gave up and was by far our most creative outlet in a game that lacked that ingredient. 7

Rosicky: What is he good for? He keeps the ball moving, occasionally puts the boot in, other than that, he’s just a body that scrapes by. He should be taking the lead, not melting away into the background. 6

Theo: certainly has some swagger about him this year and he definitely looks motivated. Scored a great goal but also wasted some great chances. His final ball was also a little desperate as well. 6.5

Chamakh: One of the most ability retarded strikers to pull on an Arsnal shirt. How did he get the gig? Vik Akers long lost love child perhaps? He offers us nothing. His control is embarrassing, his movement telegraphed. He can’t play with his back to goal, he doesn’t shoot, he’s of no use from corners. We’ve been sold a dud and the better version is sitting on the bench with a ‘Made in Denmark and I’m the best’ stamp on his back. Very poor, very worrying… because you know at some point, we’re face with Chamakh being our only outlet. 4.5

Gervinho: After the dust had settled on the cheers of ‘Wenger’s unearthed another gem’ proclamations, it’s clear that what we have is a very rough diamond. He’s a hard worker, but I’m hard pressed to see how he greatly improves the team. His final ball is rusty and his decision making at times is terrible. For me, he’s like a slightly more cultured Eboue. I’m sure he’ll grow with the season, and my hope he is that he turns into the wing version of Adebayor in 2008. I like his work ethic and I like that he doesn’t let bad moves get him down… a bit like most middle-aged men on the dance floor. 6.5


Frimpong: I told you last year that people inside the camp said Frimpong was the real deal in terms of passion for football. He’s a fighter, he’s built like a tank and he seems to love Arsenal to the core. We’re starting to bring through players who genuinely have a passion for the club, not a passion for the dollar. He came on yesterday and changed the attitude of the team. He raised confidence and he pressed Udinese the same way Barcelona press teams. I really like him. He shouldn’t be overused this year, but he should be given playing time. He’s an important player for the future and a handy one now. 7.5

Jenkinson: Came on and did a good job filling in at an alien position. Can’t work him out yet, but he’s looking pretty good. 6.6

JD: Good tackle. Breaks down. 6

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  1. Tim

    One top defender, a creative alternative to Wilshere and a forward (assuming Bendtner leaves) will be OK for me, and if we can add 1 or 2 squad players that would be helpful too as the bench is looking worryingly thin.

    Pleased with the result and the defensive toughness, although we rode our luck a bit at times. Without Wilshere we will really struggle to carve out chances against good teams.

    Poor Chamakh. He’s trying but he has so clearly lost all confidence. It’s sad to see but we really need him to step up or move on. His was one of the ineffective performances I have seen in a long while last night, wasting much of the good work of Gervinho and Theo on the flanks.


  2. Sidney896

    Got to disagree slightly on Jenkinson, he looked nervous (not too surprised) but more worrying, kept turning his back to players on the move.

    Overall, agree with all your ratings, though Chamakh would have got a 3 from me. Utter shite.

    I hope last night was enough to make AW see sense. Tv cameras on gazidis and AW last night didn’t show happy faces.

    Maybe the JD injury is a good thing, forces the hand of the purse holders.


  3. Mikeyr01

    Gotta be honest and say last night was probably the most nervous I have ever been for a game, that includes Barca last season.
    The main thing that stuck out for me was a lack of a cool head in the middle. We need some experience in there to tell everyone to get their foot on the ball and calm down when its all going a bit mental. This is why I feel we need Parker, he would be perfect for that. Song is not disciplined enough to do that and he worries me.

    We had about zero threat up top other than a few chances from walcott who looked lively but lacked the final touch. Chamakh still looks like the soul has been sucked out of him, his first touch is awful and its like hes nervous to touch the ball. It just goes to show what we are like without RVP. I never thought I would say it but I am hoping Bendtner now stays if thats what we will be left with. Chamakh needs a loan to get his confidence back.

    As for the defence, if we lose Sagna next year I will be gutted. I love this guy! he made a couple of mistakes but him and Tommy are becoming my 2 favourite players. If wenger has not already been on the phone to Bolton for Cahill then we are in trouble for Liverpool. I dread the thought of Squillaci against Carroll in the air. I would personally play Kos left back and go with TV in the middle with Squillaci if we have to, gives abit more assurance in there.

    Sagna Verm Squillaci Kos
    Ramsey Frimpong Rosicky/Lansbury Arshavin
    Theo RVP

    thats the team I would go with for Liverpool, if we play 3 of those in midfield then I think we wil get beaten, we need to pack it if we have got a chance with these players.

    So still 4 players need another defender at least, a cool experienced head in midfield, a creator and a goal scorer if Bendtner goes.

  4. Andy T

    I much prefer Bendtner to Chamakh. Offer Chamakh and a bundle of cash for Hazard!
    I can see Gervinho is going to be extremely frustrating to watch. Occasionally he will produce something brilliant but more frequently fuck it right up

  5. namibiangooner

    Chamakh is utter utter poo. i might just as well be playing for the opposition. really poor. can’t hold the ball up. can’t pass. can’t run, never shoots. makes you wonder what he does for the team.

  6. Gus J

    Seems like the political climate is not only area in life where expectations have dropped to ridicullous lows. Seems like at this stage just trying and offering “passion” seems an element worthy of praise and admiration and all for the paltry sum of a few 100K here and there…

    How can we not sit back in awe of their “passion”.

    Exactly what is wrong with the current climate (in all walks of life). We are being fed shit and told to love it! Seems at this stage the one who doesn´t shit himself is king.

    I for one am incredibly underwhelmed and quite honestly rather bored by this farcical football “powerhouse”.

    Let’s see if any of the back four were managing or even coaching this side, whether there would be any anonymous spacewasters (al a Rosicky) prancing around the pitch doing nought.

    They would not be able to string two passes together, but they sure as hell would leave the opposition knowing they had just played the Arsenal!!!

    And as a (well let’s face it – former Arsenal fan – can’t really find anything in this “Arsenal” side or anything surrouding the current organisation – worth supporting) much rather see that then anything and I mean absolutely ANYTHING that Theo or the other kids might conjure in their glorious efforts to get more followers on Twitter.


  7. BB

    Can anybody explain to me why we bother buying a player like Jenkinson who seems to have little natural ability even for his tender age – surely our youth system must produce players of similar or better quality, otherwise change the youth system – I understand that we go out and buy AOC who is meant to be talented, but Jenkinson has nothing to make him stand out as a player – shocking – thats money thrown out of the window for zero added value

    And Pedro, you are far too generous with your marks and comments today

  8. Victor

    This saturday will be interesting, We are really down to our bare bones! Its really time for Frimpong to come in and be counted!

  9. David

    Great bloody poat m8!

    Looooved that the fans finally figured out that it miggt be good to support our team atleast when there’s a bloody game goin on, great spirit!

    Like U say, the situation is hardly ideal but given the circumstances I thought the team put in a great effort last night. And funny enuff, Arsene might have put in one of his best live coaching efforts in a long time.

    Only issue I have is why keep Rosicky in starting eleven instead of letting Arahavin play and have Ramsey as the box2box?

    Regarding Chamak i’m actually starting to believe last fall was the freak period and that this is his actual lvl inatead of the other way around, he rly need to find his mojo and fast as hell, preferably last week!

  10. The prophet

    As I said before, singing “One nil to the Arsenal” will become a sweet sound again, even though we are used to scoring more goals in a game. One goal more than the opposition wins games, attractive passing and tricks with no end result doesn’t.

    I watched some classic games yesterday of Arsenal in thier prime…my goodness we were fast, accurate and above all we were fighters! Remember 03/04 season when we went down twice to Liverpool at Highbury? Remember how we fought back?

    It was good to see some guts on the pitch yesterday, but we need some experience to calm the younger players and give them guidance.

    Arsene, we need some purchases ASAP as our squad is looking thinner than an anorexic’s waste-line.
    A DM, CB (or 2), 2 midfielders and another stricker. Heck, we would’ve done a LOT better if Bendtner was up front.

    In Arsene we trust #ForeverArsenal #GunnerForLife

  11. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    Sagna was top class last night he had their winger in his pocket all night didnt understand JDs injury he done more running on the touchline then he did in the game. we need players especially a playmaker. Chamakh sorry but hes disappointing. hardly makes any chances he needs a goal desperately

  12. frichie79

    Rosicky was shit!, There was a time when his trade mark cruyff turns would bamboozle opposition, now he just does them for show and no effect, got caught in possession way too many times. True he did get a few sliding tackles in, but when you end up with Song playing an advanced cesc role you have to wonder!

    ~DEEEEEENCH! Frimmers was a good sub that i didnt see coming, but injected energy into the flagging midfield.

    Dont know what is wrong with Chamakh, when he first joined he was tearing up the pitch, defending from the front, busting a gut to get into position, now he barely looks interested to walk towards goal!

  13. DeiseGooner

    Although Gervinho was inconsistent in his final ball he still kept trying it. He kept running at their defense. He kept trying to make things happen. He kept working back. He never hid.

    Chamakh on the other hand gradually got worse over the course of the game. To such an extent that he drifted out wide left and became totally anonymous. He bottled it. He lost the heart because nothing is coming off for him. Thats weak.

    Injuries meant we couldnt even take Chamakh off. Quite a lot of what Theo and Gervinho did deep and out wide came to nothing because we had no one centrally. For our goal when Ramsey went out wide both Theo and Gerv were on hand centrally for the cross. Where was Chamakh? He barely made it to the edge of the box. Hiding…

    Still though we kept a clean sheet and will have a few players back and maybe a few shiny new ones in too. This season is salvageable

  14. paul mc daid

    Everything about the club is inept,the management and the board are totally clueless,its one lie after another,cant even pull off a little communications stunt without looking like idiots,its like the lunatics have taken over the asylum,this regime are destroying our club,we are being fucked with a smile,the fat lady is clearing her throat.

  15. bergy

    Real problems if we dont sign another striker.chamakh is really awefull. Kos and verm seems to play well together.

    do need lots more creative play

  16. mark

    wenger only wants to buy players better then what hes got. so he cant find anyone better then Jenkinson, Chamakh,gibbs,Bendtner ,vela. this means hes to old or shit for this job now. come on arsenal fans empty seats on saturday lets save our club. we fans are keeping wenger in hes job and paying him money out of our pocket to fuck our club up.

  17. finestcuts

    Good match report. If RVP gets injured, we’re screwed.
    Eboue has officially left and there’s no comment, why not?
    He has been the subject of heated discussion here for many years, surely there should be a farewell post for our jack of all trades, master of passing.

  18. Anthony Timothy

    Wenger has been given too much authoritiy and as a result Arsenal are suffering. If the tw closes and he hasn’t bought anyone
    experienced and the gunners can’t compete,he should be axed.
    He refused to fix the flaws in goal and defence the last five years.What makes anyone think he will fix it this time?He thinks he is right all the time.When any manager refuses to heed the warning signs in th team,he is clearly delusional and should be removed asap otherwise the team could sink further into the morass.
    Btw no manager or player is indispensable. Arsenal will still be around when Wenger goes.

  19. Stuart

    we must buy either a centre back or left back

    man utd have 5 centre backs to choose from and all 5 are good enough to start in arsenal’s defence!!

    vertonghen would be a great buy as he can play centre back, left back and defensive midfield

    im delighted with frimpong, hes a beast and he will give us more steal in midfield

    we MUST buy a more attack minded midfielder that is comfotable on the ball and is very direct, eden hazard or juan mata would be perfect, both can play anywhere across the midfield and habve the ablity to win the game by themselve!

    interesting that arshavin didnt play – are we preventing him getting cup tied to force a sale????

    we also need a striker, chamakh is an ideal centre forward to bring on for last 10-15 minutes if we are planning to put the ball in the air, however we need an all round striker, but if we are gonna spend £££ on someone like benzema then surely we would have to change formation to 442 to accomodate rvp upfront aswell!!!

    it might have been an ugly win, but a win is a win, lets get a good win against liverpool on saturday

    c’mon the arsenal!!!!

  20. GunnerB

    A C/B, L/B and a striker pls, seems we have only 1 striker in RVP. The most scaring thing is Squilacci is getting nearer to playing time now that we have only 2 fit C/backs.

  21. Gunner4Real

    Wrong with Song’s rating (even if you don’t like him), he was very disciplined and positionally aware through the game.

  22. Sarge

    We were devoid of any real sustainable threat up-front last night. Gervihno reminded of Chris Kiwomya – plenty of endeavour but no end product. Chamakh looked liked someone plucked from the crowd just to make up the numbers and Song looked like a one man charity with the amount of times he gave the ball away. The acid test will come next week when Udinese play in their own back yard. They were extremely mobile and moved the ball well. We were lethargic, lacked fluency and had little quality with the final ball. The decision making was poor at times which led to a breakdown in play and turning over the ball too frequently. Even if we get to the group stages, more performances like last night will lead to an early exit anyway. Our away form in this competition is our achilles heel and has been for years.

  23. indian gooner

    Nice write up though I believe you have been kind with your ratings to some of the players.
    Rosicky was useless as a creative drive in the middle.And Ramsey just doesnt inspire the same confidence as Wilshere does.He seems to be a little lethargic and casual at times(ala Denilson was all the times).Chamakh is the best bit of business that we can ever do-if we manage to sell him before the window closes.Seriously speaking what does this guy bring to the game(apart from a lot of hair gel).People are saying that he needs to build up his confidence-then f***ing shoot the ball instead of stroking it like a cat, put ur body on the line for corners and freekicks, take some knocks and play like a man instead of running away from the box.

    We had no real creativity in the middle and gervinho is definitely not the boy for now.His final ball is so poor that it startles me if AW thinks he can be our answer to cesc/nasri in any way.We also need a proper LB-without which i cant see either us or Wenger lasting the season.

  24. dsqd

    BB, back off Jenkinson FFS. This was his debut appearance for us, coming in a crucial CL qualifyer , where he was thrown into the middle of a fast-paced game, and being played out of his preferred position.

    And still he came in and did a job for us.

    Bullshit criticism, go and pick on Chamakh instead.

  25. arsenalone

    We looked short of quality players,a better oposition woul of scored 4 goals,just so depressing we don’t at the moment look a top 6 club let alone top 4.

    if we end up outside of the top four or worse then we should look to sack the board and the manager.

    Arsene looked under preasure and tense,so he should the whole thing looks like he has lost control we are a laughting stock at the moment.poor poor show Arsene

  26. Nimz

    Why Arsene chose to loan out Vela and keep Chamakh is beyond me. He needs a stint in the reserves to get what little confidence he has back…

    How about a cheeky 25m bid for Sneider??? His skill and experience is exactly what we need in the midfield.

  27. Matt

    The most important thing SOng did last nigth was throwing himself in the way of a shot after Chesser saved the initial one. However, the reason that attack started is because the dopey twat gave the ball away so cheaply on the edge of their box.

    Too fucking stupid to ever be any better than average.

    We looked shit last night aside from the first five minutes. For me, the only thing that Gervinho currently brings is pace and directness. But you can expect Wenger to take one of those away from him over the coming weeks so we are left with a faster version of Eboue.

    Had enough of this season already!!

  28. Dial Square

    Mark the problem with not going against Liverpool is that the club already have conned us out of our money for the season tickets.

  29. Pascal Cygan

    morning grovers…

    thanks emmanuel for all the memories, you bordered on legend-dom for a long time 🙂 . One thing we will miss is his willingness to run at the defenders which very few in our team can do these days.

  30. wenger on holiday


    Im working to a sustainable model,

    Chamakh is qualiddty.

    So i can only buy a new player, who is SUPPAA QUALIDDY

    Now please,

    If you think you can do the job better.


    you tell me that

  31. Pascal Cygan

    jd, gibbs out. why on earth did bartley have to go on loan ? it really is silly season and arsene is stark raving mad.

  32. gambon

    Fucking club is falling to pieces.

    Wengers now too scared to even face the press. Hes completely isolating himself, he has truely lost it.

  33. Munitionsman

    Whats the difference between chamahk and NB52. Just the passport really and one can play football. So one plays and one doesnt.

    wenger out

  34. Arse&Nose©

    Spot on about Frimpong.

    I knew he was strong but only yesterday realised how quick he was. In one move he skinned two udinese players over 40 yards

  35. realistic tony

    chamakh is not a prem quality player…he is slow…an incredibly low power-to-weight ratio…cant control a ball and cant score… i would score him 1 for being on the field. Gervinho is also way under-powered and runs into trouble….his dribbling isnt effective. I agree maybe he will improve…he needs more muscle power..a bit lightweight…(barton nearly pressed him overhead!!!).
    We have the core of a very good side however…just need 4 or 5 quality players…which wont happen.
    If we fail in the replay even wenger surely cant squirm an excuse out can he??
    We fans have evey right to be disappointed…that team last night would have been trampled on by arsenal teams of old.

  36. Geoff

    Song is piss poor, Frimpong’s better and way more intelligent now.

    Chamakh is the worst striker I can remember us have since Christopher Wrey and those new seats of Pedro’s are shocking, I don’t understand how you can see any of the game down there.

  37. Dial Square

    Great quote from Arsebog re Chamakh

    thought we struggled badly in the second half, we lacked cohesion, there was nobody in midfield to control the game for us, and up front we needed more of an outlet from Chamakh whose form isn’t so much in the toilet as halfway down the u-bend and heading out for sea. Frimpong came on for Rosicky and added some energy to things but it’s a sign of his inexperience that the first two incidents he was involved in gave free kicks to Udinese. One of them in a very dangerous position and di Natale forced a good save from Szczesny.

  38. pioneerunit

    We need to sell Traore, buy a world class left back and have Gibbs as back-up (if he’s ever fit). Gibbs has got plenty of skill and made some great tackles but he’s way too green. He leaves us exposed way too often.

    Rambo looks good but he’s no Fabregas. Rosicky is a waste of space. Song gives up possession way too much through both bad passing and giving away clumsy free kicks.

    Chamakh is just a body on the pitch. I honestly think I could do what he does. He receives the ball and lays it off back to the player who passed him the ball. He seems like a nice enough person but we need another Henry, Wright or Bergkamp, not someone to make Bendtner look good. The fact that many Arsenal fans now want us to keep Bendtner shows how low we’ve sunk.

    Szcz looks solid and will only improve so at least there’s some good news.

    We’re 2 games into the season and our squad is already decimated. It seems Wenger really does believe that only 1 or 2 players are required. If that’s true, we’ve regressed by 5 years. It’s Project Youth 3.0.

  39. Jonas

    Gus Ceaser > Chamahk

    Chamahk’s performances could possibly be the worst by an Arsenal player I’ve seen in last 30 years.

    Ramsey did ok as did Frimpong when he came on but there are serious problems out there. The team looks fragile, low on belief, lightweight and were only 2 games into the new season.

    What’s happened to my Arsenal

  40. wenger on holiday






  41. ICE77

    What about booing the board!!!! Dont feel proud anymore thanks to the greedy club we have become..I will allways be a GOONER,but i have lost my trust in the club 2 years ago!!All i got to say:SPEEND SOM F…… MONEY

  42. Sarge

    Unless he gets his finger out and buys real quality for proper money (none of his usual bargain bucket buys from pound stretchers) this season could end up like the 94/95 season. That was a watershed for the club and the board found a convenient excuse to get rid of GG by way of the bung. If he sits on his hands then the club have got to be prepared to see crowd sizes like last night and lower. Without RvP, Cesc, Nasri and Jack in the team we have no creative hub. It’s just functional football with a heavy reliance on pace players to undo opposition defences.

  43. gambon

    Once we’ve sold Nasri & Bendtner we would have raised £78m from sales.

    You give any manager the Arsenal job, literally any manager in the world, and the first thing they would do is buy 5x £20m players.

    Yet for some reason Wenger thinks he knows better.

    He says spending money isnt the answer, then says City and Chelsea are stronger than us as they spend money.

    So which is it Arsene?

  44. realistic tony

    • wengers straightjacket says:
    all you whingers need to look at the untold arsenal blog where the great “oscar wilde” is labelling you as goners….he thinks you are cretins and cant believe that you are not supporting the great lord wenger (THE COACH OF THE DECADE).
    I’m with quenton chrisp and untold,,,le grove is for morons.

    In wengers flat earth soiety i will always trust

  45. wardo

    good post Pedro.

    Chamakh and JD are just not good enough. Once again, JD nearly slipped over the ball in our own penalty area instead of just clearing. I have had enough of watching him whilst constantly wishing he comes good….

    For me, Kozzer is 2nd best in our defence at the moment.

    I heard that we are after a defender and a midfielder last night from a pretty reliable source……… lets hope that the club can make it happen.

    I must say that I think the club should be adding a left back to that list and a striker but hey ho !

  46. Robbiec1123

    If he doesnt buy at least 3 / 4 proven quality players then its over. What will be interesting is if we dont make top 4. Then what happens?

  47. finestcuts

    Wenger IS going to buy players, the window isn’t shut yet, so hold tight. All Wenger is saying is, he only wants to spend on quality, not on dross, so we’re all in agreement about that.

  48. wenger on holiday



    we are not buying this transfer window.

    Hes going to give it till January, see how the youth shapes up, then sign Cahill on a free to join us next summer.


    the season has started


    accept it.


  49. Gambit

    Kos and verm could be a legendary cb partnership………….they have a brilliant understanding already…….offensively we were piss poor, only ramsey and frimmers should hold there heads high……..Aaron was a proper box to box mid yesterday…….PAT RICE LOOKED HOPELESS AT TIMES….lol

  50. bergy

    Certainly need a cb lb cm and a striker.4 signings.doubt it very much.gibbs cant even last 2 games.disaster written all over

  51. wenger on holiday




    pat sorted them out, give him £100M to spend, pats the man

  52. chris lunga

    we as gunners fans around the world are tired and frustrated of the same words repeated time and time again IMPROVE, BUY. he is now a liability and he wont take us anywhere, an economist by proffession his interests lie with balancing the cheques not success on the pitch or the fans. In his heart of hearts he knew he could never hold on to Fab. did he prepare ? or Nasri. he knew we had a tight opening schedulle, incl champions league qualifiers, and how prepared are we? its sad that our club has sunk so low, and here he is again scouring the horison for cheap buys, when we have the money to buy quality experience that will lift us in the short term,….for the fans. truly our voices must be heard.

  53. Dan T

    @Gus J – You’re a self confessed glory seeker then. In which case you were never an Arsenal fan. A fanatic supports the team regardless of personel. If Arsenal had more real fans driving the team on and not luke warm ‘fans’ like you who just need something to do with their saturdays afternoons then we would drive this team forward. I hate to say it but Man U fans are so much better, even when they have a poor squad they still win because the crowd gives them the confidence they need to perform.

  54. gambon

    I said this last night, and I think it needs to be said again. Geoff/Pedro you should put these facts in a post as it truely is amazing. I am emailing the following to the club in disgust at what they are doing:

    1- Since the PL started in 1992, we have invested less in transfers than every other team in the PL. We are literally 20 out of all 20 teams in transfer spend.

    2- In 2006 we moved into our new stadium to compete with UTD & Madrid etc, and were promised it would mean a step change in squad investment. Since then we have spent less than all 91 other teams in the football league. We have been outspent by the likes of Colchester, Macclesfield, Walsall.

    To put this into perspective, since 2006:

    – Wigan have spent £43m more thyan us in transfers

    – Norwich have spent £45m more than us

    – QPR have spent £64m more than us

    – Bolton have spent £77m more than us

    – Hull have spent £66m more than us

    – Blackpool have spent £47m more than us

    How can we EVER hope to compete when we spend less than every professional football team in the country?

    No-one wants us to spend £300m in 3 years like City.

    Man Utd have spent £58m in the last 5 years. Thats £11.6m per year on average. That is sustainable.

    Making on average £10m profit isnt sustainable, its money hoarding.

    The stadium is getting empty, why do you think thats happening. The lack of investment is killing the club, and it seems no-one at the club has any desire to spend money, or force the manager to spend money.

    Even Tim Payton said just a few days ago, £100m cant score a winning goal or keep a clean sheet, or bring success. The players £100m can provide absolutely can.

    If we dont start to act like a big club we will become exactly what we are acting like – a small club trying to eek out profits.

    Then when we find ourselves with 40,000 fans in 3 years, and 8th in the PL, the board and manager will blame the recession, which is bullshit. The club are strategically destroying the club in order to make profits.

  55. Rom Merlozzi

    No disrespect intended at all, I love your blog and it always brings a smile to my face especially during this somewhat eery time for the club.
    I completely disagree with Song 6.5 and Rambo 7 – they were both absolutely shocking yesterday evening. Granted you watched the match at the ground and I saw it at home and you always see different qualities from either formes of viewing but I can not find anything positive to say about Song. he’s been shocking for a while recently, can’t pass for sh*t, gives the ball away, everytime we gave him the ball we looked open to every possible attack possible. he was absolute rubbish and played exactly like his new hairdo.
    Rambo kept going for the full 90 granted and tried to run everyball down but was left exposed and looked naive at times. Positive being a quality pass for the goal that many would have fluffed.
    I would also like to add that Sagna can’t cross for sh*t either, quality defender and rumour has it in France that he could be called up to the rugby world cup squad he’s that much of a wrestlign defender with pure strength but bloody hell can he not cross. Eboue was better at crossing and that beautiful cross for henry against Utd in our first season at the emirates to win the match springs to mind as my best Eboue moment.

    keep up the great work on the blog

  56. boozy

    OMG OMG OMG OMFG how is chamack still playing for arsenal. OMG, dont the coaches see him in training- OMG. I am still in a state of shock.

    btw nice post pedro.

    apart from wenger’s stuborness, his tactical ability is a cause for concern.

    OMG. i try to stay positive, but yesterday was just shocking. at the moment we’ll be lucky if we make top 7. shocking.

  57. Santos

    I know I always doom, but some of you sound as if we just lost a game. We played crappily sometimes, but we won one nil. All we ought to do is to improve in the next match and in the second leg. Frimpong and Chesney are bullies. Exactly what we need in opulence. I am tired of Wenger, but wanting us to lose games is not an option. Here is hoping that we will get some good players by next week, it would really please me.

  58. Maverick

    Transfers comparison with the top 10 premier league clubs is valid and we will come at the 10th place for sure in that list.
    But an overall comparison is not valid as the salary costs that we incur would be a few multiples of what other clubs have. A club like Wigan would have a salary cost of around 50-60mn pounds which is half of what we pay (and unfortunately a decent part of this goes to crap players).

  59. arsenalone

    Gambon great post,will Arsenal FC reply to your email ??
    we spent less than even championship clubs WTF is going on

    And you did not mention the pedo stuff

  60. WengerOUT

    Problem is chamakh needs to play regularly. His a big guy – but our insitance of playing 4-3-3 which was put in place for Cesc means Chamakh does not play if RVP is fit. Chamakh played well at the beginning of last season as he had a long stint playing. Bendtner same argument, a striker needs to play to be effective and in the correct position. Not like B52 on the wing.
    We do have Joel Campbell to come – So there is your striker – another piece of peanut buying by Arsene. We do need defensive cover. but Arsene is blind to his own shortcomings here. Letting Vela goes allows Campbell a spot in the squad.
    He needs to buy british – that will cost and Arsene won’t pay.
    We look dogged and not pretty, we need some expierence players now – no more kids.
    15 days till the window closes – Udinese away is bigger than Liverpool as Arsene puts all his belief in Champions League money. and money is what counts for Arsene.

  61. wenger on holiday




  62. Cloggs

    What I saw yesterday was a mid-table team struggling to control and master the game in the second half, no cohesion in midfield, no creative solutions up front to finish it off, while Sczsecny saved us a couple of times from real embarrasment.
    Apart from Sagna, TV, Kozzer Chezzer and maybe Gerinvho (who looks like an OK prospect to me) Song?? Sometimes he’s great, just then he turns out to be a worry moments later, the others are too young and lack guidance they still need or are simply not good enough.
    We’re walking on thin ice; If Sczcesny or TV picks up an injury we’re fucked.

  63. Pascal Cygan

    I wish I could buy marouane a lifetime’s supply of shampoo to get rid of that oil slick on his head. no wonder he cannot get his headers straight.

  64. mike

    While Didier Deschamps has recently explained that Lucho Gonzalez should not leave, Arsenal have still tried to approach the Argentine midfielder of OM. Reportedly, officials of the former Porto player was in Marseille on Tuesday afternoon to report a loan offer from the pay of Londoners. Thing immediately rejected by Jose Anigo. “It’s not even debatable. We did not want him to leave. It is full fill. The market closes in less than 15 days and I do not see how we could do to replace it, “said Marseille sporting director should quickly conclude the arrival of Djimi Traoré, free agent, to double the station Morel .

    Lucho: OM rejects Arsenal

  65. wardo

    Wenger on Holiday

    Going by what i heard last night from the person I get my tickets from….he works for Arsenal and is very close to the players

  66. wenger on holiday

    ARSENALONE, it is true

    WARDO, my sauce was ketchup, it never lets me down

    Pascal,the same magic water from wengers bottle

  67. amit

    chamakh ha become useless…he was not like this last season or when he was with bordeaux….not sure what the problem with him is!

  68. Uk Bubbler

    Personally I would give Chamshit a 2 and we thought Bendtner was bad. Was Ashavin injured? because if he can’t get into that team he might aswell leave. Wenger looking for super super quality because the team is already packed with them, more delusional shite.

    Read a comment from a manure fan asking whats happen to your team, says it all really when the opposition feels sorry for you. One last thought, watching citah fans drooling over Auguero, I was wondering the last time we got excited over a transfer, maybe Bergkamp a 100yrs ago.

  69. wenger on holiday


    I will only buy super qualidy…okey..u find me this super qualidy and i will buy..i cant find super qualidy.

  70. HumAnimal

    Honest opinion on chamakh. Good player wrong team.
    He got into key positions in the match but his passing was rusty. we should put hi out of his misery and sell him.

    BTW however much we sell him for we’ve made a profit

  71. Wenger the liar

    I think the post was hit and miss but the title was spot on.

    In reality we watched two very poor teams that have fuck all chance of winning a competition they are fighting to enter, nothing new to us.

    Gus J says:
    August 17, 2011 at 09:03
    Keown for Manager!

    I see this as the outcome if the shit hits the fan and Pool get a result, United hammer us (We are 5-1 lol) and the Italians get a result.

    My indifference is annoying me. George Graham made me beilieve, GG made teams with mental strength and never once talked about it. I always thought we had a chance with this guy and even when we fucked up in the league I still felt we would lift tin in the cups.

    Man I cant wait for that cunt to be sacked.

    Pool at home is going to be funny, so glad I am there.

  72. Keyser

    Wardo/ wenger on holiday – Sorry matey’s, but I’m proposing anyone who says they’ve got inside info or any rumours should instantly be banned.

    Though at the same time I’ve head Starvin Marvin loves the new restaurants and we’ve got Kim Kardasshian to put the Arse back in Arsenal.

  73. MD


    Chezzer – solid , commanding

    Frimpong – obviously rusty but what a beast of a player

    By the way don’t agree on Carl – he was all at sea last night

  74. Wenger the liar

    gambon says:
    August 17, 2011 at 10:05

    Willy Billy says you are wrong!

    This shit is coming to a head mate, no doubt.

  75. James Wood

    Nice to see Wenger having A nice Pre game lunch,and tea and Scones at Half time,it was even better to see him in the stands?,
    and to see PANACKING PAT in the dugout.

  76. Hocusfocus

    I spoke to a players wife this morning, who didn’t play last night and she told me that Wenger hasn’t slept for a year and lost the dressing room 1/2 way through last season. Ive worked up at Colney and done a few jobs around the players over the years and the atmosphere has always been great. Things have definitely changed. I was at the game last night and the whole team seemed to reflect this. I will be there again Saturday so let’s hope we see some heads held high.

  77. wenger on holiday

    From: Ivan.Gazidas@Arsenalfc.com
    To: Arsene.Wenger@Arsenalfc.com
    Sent: 17/8/11 09.36am
    Subject: Spend

    Arsene, myself and Stan have had a conversation about our spending this summer.

    At the start we gave you £4OM to improve the team, to bring joy back to our fans, but its been noted, none of the £40M has been touched, not including the sales from Fabregas, minus a few of your cheapo deals.

    We must ask to have these funds back, in total just under £100m we plan to give a new manager the opportunity to bring joy back by spending these funds, we heard whsipers you might have a swiss bank account operating, allowing you to take the interest, hence why you dont spend, and leave it so late to spend, if indeed you do.

    As you know this is a criminal offence, however if you split the interest with me, we will pretend this never happened, then unleash 5 marque signings to please the fans.

    If you solely intend to not spend, and keep profting at our expense, im afriad i will have to show you the door.

    Im also not happy, that you told me to move seats in the second half during the game yesterday.

    Watch your steps Arse’ene



  78. amit

    top point gambon!! but i would like to add one thing which you missed….
    *** how much does arsenal pay in salaries for the last 20 years…i am sure we are in top 5…in essence we buy players mostly young who are cheap…and speculate of them becoming superstars which happens but only on minor occasions…and end up paying big money to such players…chamakh, bendtner, eboue, denilson, crock diaby and the likes…

    also, when you calculated the transfer spend did you consider the wholesale price index / inflation?? i presume this should be considerable.

  79. Jacknrambo

    Fair post.

    The team I saw out there is not a top 4 team. The encouraging part though is that most of the players have dropped that pedestrian approach that led to (or resulted from) last season’s collapse.

    It is easy to see little or no creativity through the middle. The flanks are looking good though and we could have gotten more goals if RvP had played.

    What we need most is 1. to keep Nasri and play him through the middle, or 2. sell him and buy a top notch creative AM. Jack can be our AM but he is still vastly inexperienced and may be susceptible to injuries this term.

    Our high defensive line can easily be punished by fast teams.
    On keepers, Chezzer is raising the bar too high for Fabianski. The older Pole must be shitting in his pants now.

    Arsene, buy us 3 first team starters and we will surely compete this season.

    Up next, we spank some scousers.
    Come on you Arsenal!

  80. Samir

    Where is Traore?
    Why is everyone saying Jenks will play LB etc?

    Traore is better than Gibbs at LB even…Obviously he’ll play there…Unless he’s injured?

  81. Pascal Cygan

    when we are looking to NB52 to save our season, be sure that the end is near.

    what struck me when i watched the Newcastle and Udinese matches is – HERE IS A BORING TEAM – and then i thought, ” what a ghastly thought – i never imagined i would say those words ever”. whether we were losing leads or lacking fight, we were never never boring – we played attractive football and genuinely tried to be inventive.

    This is the first truly boring team i have seen from AFC in a long long time, with very few entertainers in the side. I am sure I can put a video of Marouane chamakh playing for my kids at bedtime.

  82. wardo


    you can ask for me to be banned if you like.

    Do you think the Arsenal staff get their allocated seats and go to every home game ?? They don’t. They sell them……. i take their seats.

    As for inside information, I truly believe that the true inside info would come from the board of Wenger which i do not have any contact with of course…..

  83. Gazthegooner

    His Big, his strong, his name is Frimpong, Frimpong! Frimpong!

    We all know the negatives of what we need to challenge so gunner comment on the positives.

    – Clean sheet hence great to see Tommy back in defence.
    – Chezza Man of the match great to see a keeper in an arsenal jersey get the man of the match award.
    – Not convincing but fuck it we won and didn’t concede any away goals.

    Cahill, Hazard, Mata, Parker and a proven Striker That Di Natalie from last night he would be a great aquisition.

  84. Yandi

    I like that he doesn’t let bad moves get him down… a bit like most middle-aged men on the dance floor

  85. Grimandi

    I don’t understand Chamak, all he does is pass the ball back and he even gets that wrong.

    The worst player after Chamak is Jenkinson, he has no idea, can you imagine someone like Nani running at him.

    This is the thing about Arsenal fans, for a very long time we all wanted Eboue out and we now have Jenkinson who is utter rubbish.
    Fair enough he was playing out of position but I heard he played left back for Charlton, Ramsey was even begging the guy to overlap!

    One thing is for sure, Eboue would have given us more last night, great pace, skill and he was so direct!!

  86. Miki Dora

    A guy next to me last night said that Chamakh just lacked confidence. Incorrect. He lacks any sort of fucking talent.

    God forbid any of our actual first team gets badly injured then we really are bare bones. I’m not joking when I say that Sunderland has more strength in depth than ours. Seriously.

    Where are the world class players in our team? Buying now is too late, it’s like climate change – It’s damage limitation for the foreseeable future.

  87. Wenger the liar

    Pascal Cygan says:
    August 17, 2011 at 10:32

    dont kid yourself, the akbs have maintained the myth of us playing better football than our peers for years. In reality the amount of good goals we score is no more than most and United have played better football than us for at least four years.

    “We are just like Barca”

    Yeah right.

  88. Yandi

    Dial Square says:

    August 17, 2011 at 09:12

    Very genourous mark for Chamakh i presume the points were that he kept his kit clean
    Funny stuff

  89. Keyser

    Wardo – I’m kidding, don’t really care, G-Star is easily the most respected fan on here, gets everyone through the summer, though this year his cousin ICE stepped in.

  90. realistic tony

    it really is the muppet show!….poor old pat rice…totally exposed and out of depth. You see he is used to having his sidekick with him…there was no-one to listen to whingeing and moaning…no-one to watch kicking bottles and waving arms about…he was outside his comfort zone.
    wenger on the phone…pat…pat…why is chamakh playing shit?..where is gibbs mental strength?……where is my medication?…..why are the players so small from here?…….why are my scones full of raisons?…..what does spend the f______ money mean?…..

  91. wenger on holiday

    realistic tony

    if you lip read in the first half, wenger looked over to ivan, shrugged his shoulders and said,

    “wheres the money”


  92. gnarleygeorge9

    Are things that bad. The team won & kept a clean sheet again yet its all gloom & doom?

    It could be suicide watch for some Arsenal fans if Liverpool score this weekend 😆

  93. Samir

    L’equipe have confirmed we have had an approach from Marseille turned down to sign Lucho Gonzalez on loan. On loan???? How bloody small time are we!!!! Marseille say they have no intention of letting him go. Gonzalez wants out though.

  94. Terry Patrick (@TPat1974)


    dont say that about kaba again

    KABA was fantastic

    ignorant man

    I know, how could I besmirch the name of the all conquering Kaba?! Such a legend for all the clubs he played for!!

    One of Wengers better buys, or it is that he picked him up in better buy???

  95. Yandi

    Frankly, if Koscielny, Chamakh, Gibbs and Rosicky are the amswers, it’s logically inconcievable what the question is. Scoreline was decent, but let’s not lie to ourselves, that was awful. FFS, even the most ardent AKB has to realsie that the team out there just wreaks of medocracy due to Wenger’s shocking incompetence.

    The squad is utter shit, the manager looks mentally shot, and the supporters are as nervous as ever. Gazidis, onto you then, start earning your fucking money!

  96. wenger on holiday


    Better buy were doing buy one get one free, buy yourself a Kaba, get a Jeffers for free,

    oh wait..

  97. sustainable - my arse!

    Samir @10.30
    Traore is crocked mate, he didn’t even last five minutes at Underhill on Monday night went off holding the back of his leg.

  98. N21 Tone

    Hi all – was it me or did they not make the attendance annoucement at the end of the game? Any idea what the attendance was??

  99. Doublegooner


    Enough is Enough.

    The club is like the Titanic now.

    August 17th & no proper one decent even looking like theyre going to sign.

    Squad is the worst in 20 years.

    If we’re staring Channnel 5 by next wednesday who the fuck of note is going to want to join a sinking ship ?

    All hell will break out if we lose saturday again next wednesday.