Rosell thinks he clever because he paid £30mil for Fibregas, he would have been cleverer had he not paid at all, ha, ha!

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Yes I did say Fibregas because he’s a liar, a greedy ingrate and will end up retiring early from football with hamstring problems and when that happens, karma will be served, well and truly. And yes I know cleverer isn’t really a word!

This is the last time I write about Cesc except to report on his exploding hammies in the not too distant. The worst thing is our gutless management sold our captain for way less than market value 4 years before they needed to, we were in the box seat, not Barca,  but as usual our spineless duo went down like a pair of Cuban hookers and received all that Barca could shove up, then they wished him well, you know what? I don’t.

Sandro Rosell is bragging he didn’t pay a penny more than the £30mil they first offered, well thanks to our gutless leaders Sandro, that’s very true, but you know what? You just paid £30mil for one of your own players you dozy feckless Mexican muppet, ha, ha! That would be even funnier if it wasn’t so cringemakingly embarrassing, I would keep that quiet if I were you, Barca must be the only club in the history of football to pay £30million to buy one of their own academy kids back!

Oh and once the EU find out how long they’ve been fudging their figures and the Spanish government have to go to Germany and beg for a loan to stop them defaulting on their worthless economy, one of the first things they’ll be forced to do is to increase their taxes, my guess is way over 50% for high earners and guess which greedy bastardo will get caught up in that then? Ha, ha, ha!

Wenger spent 8 years building project youth around him and that’s the thanks he gets. The worse thing is Barca paid what they offered in June, so why on earth wait until the season has started to sell him, and without getting a replacement in first, we’ll probably do the same to Nasri, shocking, shocking management Arsene, truly shocking.

How many times have I said on here a smart manager would always buy what he needs first, not after, otherwise we get held to ransom.

And Cesc tearfully said Wenger was like a father to him, what? He should have been a football manager, if he wanted to be a father to all these overpaid kids he should start fostering and get out of Arsenal football club.

What he should learn from this, is buy them when they are ready not train them for 8 years and when they get good leave. We’ll find out how much this fatherly act has cost us in two weeks. The fact that tickets for today were on general sale will tell you something, remember last season I said the boxes weren’t renewed and Gazidas said they were sold out? Well if they sold out then why are they trying to sell seats in them for £6k a pop? Another appalling lie from the management of Arsenal.

Well after the Newcastle game I struggled to see anything different from last season, people say our defence was more solid but I can’t remember them having a shot, so it was hardly tested, pre season will show all you need to know about our defence, the one improvement I did see was the keeper, as Pedro said yesterday, he looked far more commanding.

The last part of the contract was he had to say nice things about Wenger, piffle, he said Jack and Aaron are the future, we used to say that about you Cesc. No doubt those two will be off next. Right behind Theo and Robin.

So we got £30 mil of which we got £12mil up front, another £12mil in October, £900k for every year he plays, a bit more if they win 2 La Liga’s and European Cup and so on, so in effect we sold him for £24mil, the rest, we are betting against ourselves, I’m surprised we didn’t offer to pay his salary as well, we are a joke. Thanks Cesc, and that’s my last word on him, onto tonight.

We entertain Udinese in the qualifier and we do that without a manager, Robin our best striker and possibly old crock Rosicky, I have to say I would sooner stick Bendtner in with Gervinho than Chamakh another waste of space. Tonight will be tough, it didn’t need to be, the last month’s collapse saw to that though, lets think about tonights team then, this would be my line up.


Sagna Koscielny Vermaelen Gibbs


Ramsey Arshavin/Lansbury

Gervinho Bendtner Walcott

Put Chamberlain on to see if he can tear them a new one with his pace and trickery and give Bendtner a go in the middle when Theo gets tired of scoring.

I put Frimpong in as once again Song showed what an unintelligent player he is by stamping on Barton, that has now cost us 3 games, I hope he gets a fine for that Arsene, because stamping is as cowardly as spitting, or was Ade stamping on Robin in the heat of the moment last season, does Song think no one will notice? Plonker.

I think it’s time to give the new players with pace a chance to show what they can do against a weakened Udinese. With no Wenger out there we might do better than a lot of people think. I think trickery and speed is what will surprise them, if they have been watching us recently they’ll know how to stop us, lets surprise them.

The other think I would do would be to front Nasri, offer him the playmaker role and if he accepts then make him sign a contract, if not then sell him.

Go out and spend proper money on world class players to replace him and the feckless one and bring in Cahill with immediate effect.

We got rid of a world class player and nothing short of a world class replacement will suffice, when Wenger says the fans should be pleased with the way Arsenal football club are run, take it from me you out of touch chump, we’re not. You said we could have got more by selling him on the open market but he didn’t want to go is rubbish, if you had stripped him of the armband and threatened him with 4 years in the stiffs he would have gone in a heartbeat, what you showed the fans was a manager and his favourite player are indeed bigger than the club.

We have a real chance this season, but unless you go out and buy proper players then it will be seven years and that was only done once before in the old testament, 7 years of famine, and we all know what happened to the Pharaoh don’t we!

One last thing about Arsenal and reading our blog, yesterday Pedro said something about red membership and ticket sales, we got an email from Arsenal which that proves they read it, well enjoy this post Arsenal and pray to the gods we win tonight or they may well be a few redunencies on Wednesday.

If the management don’t like or agree with what we write, come on and we’ll interview you!

Have a great day Grovers let’s put Udinese to the sword tonight with a convincing win!

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217 Responses to “Rosell thinks he clever because he paid £30mil for Fibregas, he would have been cleverer had he not paid at all, ha, ha!”

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  1. Yandi

    Martin Hayes Never Missed says:
    August 16, 2011 at 10:26
    Bade – as someone said before…would Cesc want to return home if home was Valencia?
    Yes. They’ve actually qualified for the Champions League this season, and have also won something in the last 6 seasons. Most importantly though, they’re not managed by Arsene Wenger.

  2. lamia

    Ridiculous criticism of Cesc. Is it his fault that Wenger chose to build a team around him. At his age cesc should have been playing in a midfield with seasoned pros and great players like Viera and taking time to learn his trade. Instead he has been the main man and carrying dross players on his young shoulders. It is clear that he is not going to Barcelona for the money. So therefore it must be because he wants to win things and it is also his boyhood club. Would you condemn a player for having ambition. In all other aspects of life this would be considered an admirable quality. And as for the back heel against Barca, why don’t you remember the the brilliant goals, the countless assists over eight years of service. Eight years and one FA cup medal. Do you resent the fact that he might wants more from his career, which he has fat chance of getting with us judging by the way this club is going. I wish him all the best except when he is playing Arsenal.

  3. GoonerJohn

    Hello everyone 🙂

    Wenger said: “Maybe there are more questions about our quality this time, but that is where we have to show our strength and belief. We have a way to play football that we know.

    “Ideally I wanted to keep Fabregas – and Nasri is still here. You might say not for long, but the situation is completely different. He could play for us again.”

    Turning his attention to the challenge of Udinese he added: “No matter how big the game is you still have to play good football and make a good pass when you have the ball. It is not more complicated than that, even in aWorld Cup final.”

    We can’t tolerate this delirium anymore, this “strength and belief” speech is making me sick, we all know he’s not gonna make the right signings, and we’re probably gonna fall out of the top 4.
    Time for the fans to stand up against him, we have to make it clear that we want Wenger out of the club!

  4. Wenger out NOW

    If we dont make the group stages the club will lose around 30 million pounds. Cahill and Mata (Before Aug 1st) Would of cost around 35 Million….Do the maths Wenger!!

  5. bentley

    Absolutely great post again from the grove, read it every day absolutely epitomises everything the fans are feeling! Really happy that someone at the arsenal is reading these blogs maybe one day they will take notice but I won’t hold my breath! I watched Manchester city last night and I hope you were watching mr wenger it appears to me that that is a very clear correlation between the 38 mil price tag on kun aguero and the quality of the footballer!

  6. Yandi

    Wenger out NOW says:
    August 16, 2011 at 10:28
    Before anyone gets carried away with barndoor Bendtner, just go back to the nou camp in those last dying minutes.

    The only reason his still at the club is that no one will pay the silly money we are paying him as he is, simply put……Shite
    Yes, but I also remember him scoring at the Camp Nou in 2010. Who do you suggest we play up front then? And don’t dare mention Chamakh. He’s atrocious. Sad excuse of a footballer.

  7. Paul

    The people saying that this is the lowest of the low must have only been supporting the club for five years. Armchair fans indeed.

    As for the article, it’s no wonder that this blog is routinely mocked by others, Geoff is an absolute muppet.

  8. DaleDaGooner

    Is it me or does anyone think Walcott a bit weird…i mean that book or any of his books for that matter..why would you release memoirs of your encounter with Capello, when you plan on playing under him the next few years?

  9. Yandi

    Martin Hayes Never Missed says:
    August 16, 2011 at 10:28

    Who from our ”Internal Transfer Market” is an improvement on our Captain, World Winner, Cesc Fabregas?
    Aaron Ramsey

  10. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!

    “The team was built around Cesc”

    The notion that we built a team around Cesc is total bollocks. We filled a team with a mixture of over the hill crap and a vast array cheap youth players that Cesc was often able to raise from the level of average to good.

    If you were going to build a team around someone the first thing you would do is place emphasis on the quality of players directly around that player. Cesc spent the vast majority of his years looking around and seeing:


    The formation changed in order to maximise Cesc’s impact on the game, its not his fault that the rest of the midfield was no where near his level and the team was 100% not built around him – Thats bullshit.

  11. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    “No matter how big the game is you still have to play good football and make a good pass when you have the ball. It is not more complicated than that, even in a World Cup final.”

    This sums AW up and his waffle…his idea of fancy pantsy good football comes first – winning by any means comes second = Loser

  12. Matt

    Theo should spend mote time practicing crossing, shooting and general dribbling with the ball and less time writing books!

    As a footballer, he is up there with Chamakh as possibly two of the most uncomrtable players on the ball playing top flight football.

  13. Wenger out NOW

    Yandi I suggest Wenger goes out and buys a world class striker and earn the millions that we pay him.
    As for tonight, Walcott up front (His correct positon) Arshavin and Gervino on the flanks. Wonker wont play 442 anyway.

  14. nuudles

    Yandi, Ramsey is an improvement in energy, commitment & engine but he is not close to be an improvement in efficiency, skill & vision. Hopefully he can be close enough to Cesc (efficiency, skill & vision) but I think Cesc left 1 year early for Ramsey to take over and us not feel a big knock.

  15. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    Yandi – Ramsey and improvement on Cesc?

    He might be one day but not right now. He is an improvement in the way that his hamstrings arnt fkd, but not alot else right now.

    I like him though – but another YTS player who should be a sub.

  16. GoonerJohn

    I’d like to see Chamberlain on the right, arsha on the left, and gervinho up front tonight. No Chamakh please

  17. Franchise

    Paul Im sorry meant to say its the highest of highs

    if you are any intelligent then you’ll realise that fans of the last five years would have known nothing but sorrow

    you obviously arent

    if you got nothing to say then Gary’s waiting

  18. Franchise

    Imagine loosing say Vieira and Pires in the same season at their peak

    or Henry and Pires

    or Henry and Vieira

    that is what loosing Cesc and NAsri would feel like in terms of their importance to the team

  19. Franchise

    worst thing is we’ve probably left things too late. The next thing you’ll hear is that Wenger would not panic buy

    and we’ll buy from internal transfer market

  20. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    Said it before and will say it again…

    I still don’t agree that you can sell a player at a reduced rate, just to keep him happy and then tell the punters to pay more money for their tickets.
    AW said ”It isn’t about money. This is a transfer of the heart.”

    That alone is reason for protest.

    Sell Cesc on the open market and reduce ticket prices, is in fact the correct way to do things.

  21. Arsenal Tom

    fran, no way you can compare nasri to any of those players you mentioned mate.

    loosing nasri is like when we lost reyes

  22. Lurch LeRouge


    AW’s been punked on the Nasri fiasco for sure, why the boy wasn’t tied to a contract 2 years ago we’ll never know. In context of ‘I’ve always known Cesc would one day return home’ the Nasri fiasco is gross proffessional negligence.

  23. wardo

    Anyone notice that Jenkinson crosses the ball better than Sagna and Clichy put together.

    I like his attitude with crossing. Its almost like “the ball goes into the box or the defender cuts it out and we get a corner. I am not walking away with nothing from this position”.

    Good attribute. I have a feeling he’ll be another Lee Dixon so i’m just gonna say, good purchase Arsene !!

    I heard a few things last night when i was offered a ticket. I said bollox cause I’m not spending my money if Arsenal aren’t and that a signing of Jadson to replace Cesc is shocking. I was told with a little agression back that Jadson is not being considered and that we have had a few probs getting in players who we wanted but still have a few players on our list that we are after…… real details though.

    P.s. I have said this before but haven’t gone on about it cause over the last few seasons, i have had no inside info at all !!! But i get my tickets from someone at the club (who has been mentioned in one or two blogs by Geoff/Pedro). Basically these people sell off their tickets each week and they are struggling to sell them at the moment……. I hope things will change i really do.

  24. Franchise

    Arsenal Tom the overall quality of the team has dropped big time i agree

    but Nasri, Cesc, Van Persie are/were the players you would look for inspiration. They are at the top of the pile in terms of talent ion the current squad hence why I made the comparison

  25. Franchise

    u kind of get that feeling after watching decently priced superstars shine for other teams. David Silva at 24m and 35m Kun Aguero and I think what a bargain

    fuck this self sustainable model we need a Sugar daddy or simply a manger who is not weary to spend

  26. Lurch LeRouge

    the barcelona model of building teams from youth is all great, but they still have the highest wage bill in the world.

  27. Arsenal Tom

    fran… dunno about nasri in there on just talent maybe but other than the good few months he just fadeded into the background like usual.

    dont get me wrong we need to be keeping players like him, but he’s no pires/vieira.

    jack, verm, rvp, even song (simply because we have no other DM) might be more important to our team over the course of a season.

  28. Yandi

    “I’d prefer Bendtner to Chamakh”

    Don’t people realise how fucked up that is. That it’s taken just 2 ommisions from Wenger’s squad to make made us now choose between Bendtner and Chamakh for the forward positions?? And how the alternatives are teenagers who’ve never played a Champions League game in their life?? Scandalous management from Wenger. Absolutely horrible. How does he sleep at night? That Arsenal team going to play Udinese tonight just wreaks of mediocracy. And then Wenger talks about “super quality” and how difficult it is to find players players better than what he has. I can’t fucking stand him, not one bit. I’m glad he’s not on the bench. I wouldn’t be able to stomach the sight of him, the senile twat.

  29. Gazthegooner

    Tonight isn’t about Cesc or Samir, This is about the badge on the red and white shirt, not the names on the back of of the shirt.

    Getting behind the boys tonight if we lose then we will have a scream up but till then support your team and get behind em!

  30. gambon


    Thats the problem with Wenger.

    His appraisal of “value” is stuck in 1999, hence why we still havent spent more than £15m on a player. Wenger always goes on about how he shops in the £10-£20m bracket, but thats fucking bullshit, he will never spend £20m.

    Yet he was happy to spend £13m 10 years ago….as i said, he is stuck in the past.

    Players like Toure, Silva, Aguero, Suarez, Young are bargains, unfortuantely for our lunatic a bargain means signing some cunt from ligue 1.

  31. Bloomers

    Arsenal fans wanting us to lose, fucking hell what is going on here??? I think this is becoming a bigger problem at this club than anything else. Wish some of you would just support the team and forget who is coming or going now. All the griping and moaning should be kept for the pre season, when the season starts get behind the f’kin team.

    I can’t imagine any other premier league sides fans moaning as much as ours at the moment.. We are becoming a laughing stock, not just the club, but our fans..

    I for one HOPE WE WIN TONIGHT in style aswell! Fingers crossed

  32. Yandi

    Gazthegooner says:
    August 16, 2011 at 11:56
    Tonight isn’t about Cesc or Samir, This is about the badge on the red and white shirt, not the names on the back of of the shirt.
    Oh do shut up. You can dress it up any way you want to, and it won’t change reality. It’s been about Cesc and Nasri for about 3 months now and one game against Udinese won’t change that. Supportters can see that the club in under melt-down and the manager’s gone senile

  33. Franchise

    yeah Gambon I have made that point a few times here and so have you

    12m for Henry in 99 is equivalent to at least 30m in today’s market

    TV revenue has at least trebled since then

    highest paid manager in the world then was on probably 1m a year

    big clubs revebue has at least doubled since then

    yet le prof thinks you can still buy at 1999 prices

    a lot of our bargainish kinda buys of recent have had those sort of prises because of certain risks selling and buying clubs were well aware of

  34. Franchise

    Gervinho might come of good but he showed on Saturday (not the red incident) why he cost only 12m

    the dude still has a lot to learn if he is going to be a successful wide player

    decision making is very poor. he reminded me of Eboue at times

    fair play to him its still early days

  35. Clément

    I am sorry mate but your point of view is poor. 7 years playing for Arsenal and giving everything. Should be gone the past two summers but stayed when convinced by his “father” wenger.
    One day last season i said to myself: fabregas deserves to play among the best players in the world but the club keep letting him down by not buying world class players. Fabregas is an arsenal legend and loyal.

  36. Yandi

    decision making is very poor. he reminded me of Eboue at times
    Said the same thing on Saturady and was crucified. It would actually be criminal if he was the best we could do in the transfer window.

  37. gambon

    Wenger goes in to McDonalds.

    AW: “Erm, ello, I would like to obtain ze mental strengz from one of your super super qualidee burgers”

    Assistant: “Yes, Sir, they are very good burgers, what would you like”

    AW: “Well, I will look for something cheap, as price isnt always linked with qualidee, these value meals look to have interesting qualidees”

    Assistant: “Yes, youre a bit weird, which one would you like”

    AW: “Ze Big Mac, it has interesting qualidees”

    Assistant: “Thats £3.99”

    AW: “Sacre Bleu, zees prices are dizzying, I will pay £2.88 as I did in 1999”

    Assistant: “No you fucking wont you cheap cunt, its £3.99”

    AW: “I cant afford to spend £50m on burgers”

    Assistant: “I said £3.99 not £50m”

    AW: “Zis is le financial doping”

  38. Franchise

    Wenger that said he is not selling Nasri and was willing to lose 20m rather than sell him is now saying he hopes he can keep him this summer

    Really Wenger what is wrong with you

    say one thing and do another

    The pressure has never been greater I tell thee

    even more insulting he was insinuating then that allowing samir to see his contract out was synonymous to him splashing the cash

    AKBs wil no doubt have a very logical explanation i tell thee

  39. michael

    id give bendtner a go UP FRONT not on the wing tonight but not sure if hes on squadlist

    poor eboue on his way aswell(sarcasm)

    can anyone tell me if we have release clauses in our contracts or is that simply unethical in the mind of the board

    wenger said yesterday that he will only bring in quality players as we already have quality players at the club surely theres atleast 5 players in the whole world bete than diaby ,denilson,rosicky,almunia and squillachi

  40. Gooner S

    This is not one of your high points in terms of posting. You just seem to take a contrary view to whatever the club say or do. I can understand the dissapointment but this is just an unbalanced rant.

    Cesc didn’t want to play for the club anymore and he only wanted to go to Barca. So do we keep a disaffected player on 100k+ a week or do we try and get the best deal under the present circumstances? Wasn’t it this very blog last week that said “don’t believe what Barcelona are saying about the price paid, it’s closer to £40m”. Make your flipping minds up.

    Personally, I think the club did the right thing. They also (apparently) have first right to buy if Cesc is subsequently sold on and 50% of any future transfer fee.

    Now, in anticipation of your next rant; Nasri – he either signs up (my preference) or we sell him to whoever wants him. Again, if he doesn’t want to be at the club we should get rid.

    I’m looking forward to tonight and the start of a new season at the Emirates.

  41. Gazthegooner

    Yandi are you a yid???? Or 1 of these cunts that watch on from your armchair????

    Do i agree with whats going on no! but i will support my club instead of wishing misfortune just so you can shout from your armchair “told ya i was right” Prick!

  42. Chukwudi

    Can you please forward this write up to Arsene???? he needs to read it FAST! we need a replacement for Cesc and very FAST too.

  43. Arsenal Tom

    “Robin van Persie will be captain this season,” Arsène Wenger told the Official Matchday Programme.

    “He is a leader through the way he plays, through his attitude and through his desire to win.

    “He’s been at the Club a long time and he’s a technical leader as well. Thomas Vermaelen will assist him, it’s the decision I have made and I’m confident the group will respond to it.”

  44. arsenalone

    Shitting my self for tonight but we have to dig in and stand fucking tall,The last time my confidence was this low with the Arsenal as i remember is when George got caught with the bung scandal and then Merson admitting he had a charlie problem.

    The poor management Arsene has shown with Cesc and Sammy might come back to haunt him,i hope not don’t get me wrong i am not defending Arsene if he left the club tommorow morning i would not lose sleep.
    At least we have got rid of Eboue hopefully that cunt N bentner will follow.

    3 class new players would give the club and us a massive lift just go out and do it Arsene spend our money!!

    But lads i know there is doom and gloom at the moment losing our best players but The Arsenal will always be there unlike;
    Fab,Nasri,Henry,Viera,Brady,Adams, and maybe Mr Wenger but we will move on were Arsenal we might have to take a bite of a shit sandwich for a while the very thing them muggie cunts down the road have been bitting since 1961[black and white tv’s]

    We must rally our troops tonight and get through this huge huge game.

    Right im off to the 12 pinns and then the game come on Arsenal!!!

    oh ps i am third in our fantasy footie league try to keep up boys

  45. squeak's when he walks

    Best post ever, Cesc was walking about the club with a serious Hump he was vitually on STRIKE., that is the long and short of it.

  46. G787

    Haha Wardo – excellent. On that topic.

    Wenger recently compained that his wife is high maintenance, and always orders the most expensive meal when they go out for dinner.

    When asked to explain he bitterly stated; ‘Yees, my wife, she always asks for ze Supersize menu when we go to McDo’s.’

    My point is we got £24M upfront for a player worth £45-50M.
    That is truly shocking, incompetence and hypocritical since we app. don’t offer enough for players we desperately need.
    The 3 stooges strike again !