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We have much to race through this morning. I had a good convo about the club with a few people close to the action yesterday and without getting anything majorly exclusive, I might have some little insights that’ll help ease you into Monday morning with a smile.

Last night saw the departure of rotten egg that’s been stinking out our summer. Cesc leaves (my tribute here) for a fee closer to £40mill than the originally mooted £29mill, in a humorous twist, some of the fee went to Barca as a sell on! Don’t believe the inevitable Barca stories that they picked him up for £16.50 and an pint of orange juice. Samir will hopefully move on this week, it’d be nice to get a part ex deal going, though I doubt that will happen.

So we head into the Udinese game on Tuesday a touch worried. The fans aren’t too interested either with the match going on general sale. The club are as nervous as we are about the game and the team has apparently never been flatter going into a season. Wenger is looking ill for a reason, he’s stressed out of his mind. Losing his two best players was a shock to the system. I think he believed in his waning miracle persuasion powers this summer. The ones that kept Paddy and Henry with us for so long. Sadly, they failed him.

However, this isn’t the time to sulk. Tickets for major September games have gone out to red membership, this was previously unheard of. Box tickets are being broken out into £6000 individual seats because they didn’t sell them all. The club exchange is packed with tickets from fans who are picking and choosing their games.

Ivan will be communicating this to Wenger. In my opinion, if Wenger chooses to roll with this squad without bolstering and it goes down the toilet, he won’t last till Christmas. Chants like the one the away fans have been singing will become contagious, and as Gazidis said, Wenger is accountable to the fans.

(Just a thought, but if he is intent on sticking with project youth against the wishes of everyone, why not stick a performance related break in his contract? If you fall outside the top 6, you can leave next summer without us having to pay out £21mill in fees. See how much faith he has then!)

Arsenal are apparently renegotiating deals with Nike now, I also believe we’re in negotiations about the shirt sponsor as well. You’ll never get a better deal with those two if your team can’t draw a home crowd.

Basically, Wenger needs to show some intent. He’ll bring in the best part of £60mill for Nasri and Cesc, he has £7mill for Clichy, he’ll have £4mill for Eboue and £10mill for Bendtner. Minus the fee for AOC which I was told was 5-6mill with add ons that if triggered would mean we had a player and a half our hands, Jenkinson £1.5mill and £12mill Gervinho…  That gives us £100mill (factoring the £40mill we already had) to play with. Substantial even for an Oligarch.

That cash serves no purpose sitting in the bank. Unless of course Arsenal plan on giving dividends (Geoff would be pleased)?

If Arsene shows intent, the fans will get off his back, the players will get an injection of confidence and there will be a bit of buzz about the ground. Kenny hasn’t bought world-class players in, but he’s bought back the belief to Liverpool. That’s after flogging Torres.

We can do the same. If he brings in Jadson and Mata, we’ve bought two players who can sit in the hole behind Robin. Not sure how good the Brazilian is but he’s got a Brazil cap and Eastern Europe isn’t the worst league. Rumour has it we’ll take the Cahill transfer as close to the line as possible while our defence is relatively stable. We could pick up him for £12mill and that would give us a good back 4. The feeling still is that Kozzer is a good player and I’m on that thought train. I’ve also been told Squillaci isn’t the sort to hang around if he’s surplus, he’d rather play football so don’t be surprised to see him slip out the back door to PSG (or someone like that) if we sign a centre back. Almunia should follow suit.

Next in we’ll need a top quality striker in and I’m talking top quality. Benzema is still at Madrid but so was an insistent RvDV last year. If they sign Llorente or someone expensive like that, we could make a move that would get the whole club going!

Gervinho and Chamakh aren’t sharp enough to fill in for Robin at the moment which is a worry for Tuesday. I think Wenger is settling for Alex Song, Frimpong and Diaby in that holding role, bad luck there. The other bit of good news is that Ryo is supposedly impressing everyone in training, when he’s let loose, he’ll cause some damage. That’s real pace we have off the bench and generally speaking, playing wide is one position you can get away with little experience.

So there you have it. Implement those changes, most or which look to be in the pipeline or under consideration and you’d have to say, we’d be contenders. We’re clearing almost 600k off the weekly wage bill and redistributing it to players who will make a difference to the team, the commercials and the managers longevity.

What about another positive? How about key learnings from the weekend? Chelsea looked ok but lacked any punch. United looked awful, Rio is out for 6 weeks with a hammy, at his age that could easily be 8 to 10. Vidic is injured as is Rafael. As for the keeper? Well jeez, I heard he weighed 9.5 stone, and judging how he was bullied by slight players like Shane Long that numbers wouldn’t surprise me. He let a soft goal in and he’s poor at commanding his area. Compare him to our monster and the difference is clear! Liverpool played a lot better than I’ve seen in a while but they still lack overall squad quality and Carragher is an issue they haven’t solved.

The league is there or the taking again, some smart moves and a bit of luck and we could be contending. Inaction and belief in the squad is not an option. Internal recruitment cannot be permitted, if we continue down the path we are it could end in a disastrous way and in my opinion, no vision as pure and naive as Wenger’s deserves that treatment.

End it on a high Arsene, then we’ll sell the script rights to Hollywood and roll out a film called Mental Strength… Though it has to be said, I can’t promise I’ll see it (get the reference? No? Ok… ignore that joke and move on).

Have a great day Grover’s match preview tomorrow!

Oh, and no creeping up Cesc’s back passage on Twitter, or his little sister. Man up and unfollow, he’s dead to us now.

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  1. Rhyle

    Dial…laughed my cock off at that…BRAZIL IS THE FAT BLOKE DOWN THE PUB…and just as reliable when it comes to his chat…he drinks in a bar down Bow Lane, just off Cheapside a lot and you catch holding court in there. Seems a decent bloke but absolutely full of shit and booze.

  2. Rohan

    Theo will start I gather.
    The fuck. Aaron’s our main man tomorrow. He NEEDS to put in a performance.

    We need to perform tomorrow. Stand up Nicklas Bendtner.

  3. frenchie

    dalton reporting that jadson is off, for now.

    not certain whether this is a bullet dodged or another display at arsene’s incompetence.

  4. Arse&Nose©

    Arsenal 2 Man Utd 1
    Nice to see a young arsenal side show passion and grit against a man utd side with fletcher, gibson, and kusack. At times boayeng, aneke, ebelico looked too strong for even fletcher to out muscle. The team is full of big athletic and technically blessed players which bodes well for the future.

  5. tricky gooner

    what we need is a fillet, a stellar signing, someone to get everyone UP again.
    Who..? not sure.
    Gary Cahill would be a fucking good start though..
    My mate went to QPR on sat and said he stood out a mile, both in d
    defence and by his goal, was just a cut above.
    Whoever it is we need him pronto.

  6. Keyser

    TomTom’s on a wind-up, he’s also been subtly peddling his own propaganda for the last few days.

    Dunno whether it was too subtle or no-one cares about immigrants and benefits.

  7. frenchie

    yeah, think so. but frustrating in sense that arsene cannot even pull off that deal. what is it going to take to pull off mata, cahill, martin, jagielka?

  8. frenchie

    cesc: To all Gunners: A big thank you for your unconditional support during the last 8 yrs. Just say that I will always carry you in my heart!


    It’s not a wind up Keyser,I heard it with my own ears tonight. I really dont care about immigrants or benefits to be honest,just thought that was a good article.

  10. Lurch LeRouge


    I don’t believe a word he says until the windows’ closed. These days there’s no truth in PR, how do we know Valencia don’t need to deny interest until they’ve squared away replacements? how do we know LeBenz wasn’t in the shop window last night? short answer – we don’t.

    Think we need to resist urge to go mental for another week tbh, LG has an international profile now and while not everyone reads the comments, our passion influences the Authors somewhat, so much is riding on the next fortnight – cool heads need to prevail.

  11. BillikenGooner

    Well… that was interesting. Got to hear what a crowd sounds like when introduced to a top quality signing.

    Alas, we probably won’t here that…. ever.

  12. frenchie


    all good points. as you said, we dont have the answer, but we do have history…and that has proven some costly mistakes over the years. 16 days left and cl qualifiers to really determine the flight of the season. that is not an ideal position to be in, but what can we do.

  13. hitman49

    if you read between the lines….

    our x captain knew he was going but was told buy the club to say nothing……

    so they knew all along he was gone ..ok who didn’t.

    but did the club cover it up to help season ticket sales or even returns ?

    as you legaly get 30 days from aviod that say nothing and wait it out ?

    it looks to contrived for me….

    they are all c~@ts anyway

    sack arsen NOW

  14. Dream10


    lol. Tomas Rosicky is when healthy is the same type of player. Just terrific. Thought he looked good on Saturday.

    Our problem is our attacking. Adam Johnson is a wide player with great skill.

    Theo Walcott has no skill, in terms of beating a man and his close control is not good enough to play in the box for a top side. He certainly would not start for Man City, Man Utd or Chelsea. He really has no position. The best thing for his career would be to go to a mid table and play everyday to develop

  15. Yandi


    Signings like Kun Agüero excite the supporters. You can hear how happy the stadium is. Looking at that City team is just another reminder on how far behind we’ve fallen.

    City have Silva? We have Rosicky
    They have Kompany? We have Koscielny (We even payed more for him)
    They have Yaya Touré? We have Song

  16. hitman49







  17. Dream10

    Laurent Koscielny has played very well for us in the last year. His debut season defensively was better than TV5s.

    Hopefully Frimpong can push Song out of the starting XI, with Gervinho, RVP and Arshavin starting most matches

  18. BacaryisGod

    We’ve dropped into the second-tier of the top clubs. Batting it out for top place will be Chelsea, Man United and Man City. There will then be a significant drop off to Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham.

    4th place and a domestic trophy should now be our goal. That is the unfortunate reality of where we now stand.

    The positive news is that we’ve got some money in the bank to spend, as long as we do indeed spend it.

    The bad news is that RVP and Theo will be in the Nasri position after this season.

  19. TOMTOM

    Is dream dreaming? You say Rosicky is terrific and that Koscielny has played very well for us. What have you seen of Frimpong to suggest that he will be good enough for a starting place? Are you the worlds most optimistic Arsenal fan?

  20. Pasman

    Dream10. They are more mobile. I’d give you that but they’ve still a lot to learn. Song’s the best we have in that position IMO.

  21. Yandi

    Dream 10

    Well frankly, Tomas Rosicky is utter dross. Utter, utter poo. No fucking way is he in any way equal or even better than David Silva. He’s just a sign of the hard times at Arsenal. Wenger’s supposed creative hub in his new midfield. It’s all a cruel, fucking joke now…

  22. Dream10


    I am dreaming. Coquelin, I have seen a few matches. He looks to be more pacey and more mobile.

    I have not seen much of Coquelin and Frimpong, but Song seems slow at times. We can do better and I am hoping they are given a chance.

    Rosicky is past his prime but looked okay on Saturday.

    Walcott has to be one of the most overrated footballers in this league.

  23. BillikenGooner

    Holy shit.

    Aguero is going to take City to the next level… and Wenger can’t find quality for value.

  24. Dream10

    Silva is on another level. I am trying to convince myself that Rosicky will return to his form of seven years. Delusions, or Wenger thinking as it can be called

  25. Pasman

    Holy shit.

    Aguero is going to take City to the next level… and Wenger can’t find quality for value.

    Maybe…but I think Mancini will do his best to ruin them though

  26. izzo

    Hahahaha what a cracker from Aguero. Way to strike fear into all premier league defenders. Aguero will have a field day against our defence.

  27. GoonerPress

    AGUERO! Fuck sakes, City have a real squad on their hands now. If they sign Nasri and we don’t replace him and Cesc, we can kiss goodbye to the top 4. I’ve never said that ever before, but I feel we will lose our top 4 spot this season

  28. zeus

    Is Torres’ record of most goals scored by a PL debutant under threat. He did surpass horseface from Man Utd’s record no?

    Aguero to really threaten that.

  29. cygans love child

    Watching citeh has depressed me even more about our team, we are as flat as a pancake at the moment, absolutely nothing to be excited about. When will this end? Will we ever sign a big player again?

  30. GoonerPress

    Liverpool choy. Believe me they will click, and Suarez will do damage. TOMTOM, what makes a striker is when they can score against any opposition, weak or strong. It takes real character to come into your debut game from another league and score. Who cares if it was Swansea, a goal is a goal. Who’s gonna score for us past Swansea if Robin is injured and Theo is played down the wing? Besides all of that, Aguero is a TOP player!

  31. TOMTOM

    Goonerpress,Aguero is quality but I dont think you can say that he is equal to Messi. Messi has proved over the past 4 seasons that he is the best

  32. zeus


    Aguero is not far of Messi. If you watch the NT, Messi has been a non entity bar a few touches and Aguero has been a better performer though neither has been able to inspire the team to victory.

  33. GoonerPress

    TOMTOM look who Messi has behind him, compared to who Aguero had behind him. That’s why I’ve always said put him in a top team and he will match Messi. We can only judge him as the season proceeds, but believe me he is that good.

    MD, my thoughts are with you.

    zeus I agree mate, for the first team I am actually shitting it.

    Oh and just a question lads, imagine this scenario, Cesc doesn’t get games and doesn’t fit in at Barca and suddenly starts to miss what he had here, would you take him back? Cos Wenger actually said something about I never rule out a return for any player. Correct me if I’m wrong, but he’s never said that before selling anyone.

  34. CedarBayDave

    All I can think when I see Man City supporters do that stupid dance is how awful it must smell in that mass of filth.

  35. zeus


    I didn’t. And you explained. You didn’t think he could cut it and you didn’t think he was that special, quality, but noting to break the bank over.

  36. Rohan

    I’d love us to buy Sneijder, and then proceed to knock Barca out the Champions League.
    If we do that, I wouldn’t care if we didn’t win anything for the next 5 years.

  37. DaleDaGooner

    Good God..this Yandi fellow, isn’t he more negative than gambon on here??? Chesoz! You moan every time i come on here…comparing City’s players to ours…do you not see they are owned by money men???? So we paid more for Koscielny, who by the way is a decent defender, whether u rate him or not, that’syour problem…..either support the Arsenal or follow the spuds, that way u can have a pop at Arsene without anyone getting irritated, mind you i can’t stand Arsene right now, but I have rational justifications and i won’t peer over the fence at Manure or shitty like a jealous, envious toad.

  38. Yandi

    Fuck right off Rohan! You got that City chav as your captain when you have someone clorer to home to choose, Chamakh.

  39. zeus

    We need to stop with this Cesc on the bench nonsense.

    Its far more likely that Cesc moves up a couple gears if that even possible.

    You will see a distinct dear I say Arsenal and PL flavour to his Barca play. Playing alongside his PL contemporaries in Scholes, Lampard and Gerrard has altered his game for the better and the numbers he will do (goals and assists) will make him even more revered than Xavi or Guardiola for that matter.

  40. Colonel Mustard

    Be under no doubt Nasri leaving with destablise the club 10 times more then the Cesc transfer. He is one of our three magicians. (Jack and Robin) and losing him to f****kin City is a disaster.

  41. TonyS

    1 Bolton 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 4 0 4 3
    2 ARAB OIL WEAPON 1 1 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 3
    3 Man Utd 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 2 1 1 3
    4 Wolverhampton 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 2 1 1 3
    5 Liverpool 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
    6 Norwich 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
    7 Sunderland 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
    8 Wigan 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
    9 Arsenal 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
    10 Aston Villa 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
    11 Chelsea 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0

  42. WengersSweeties

    No Nasri, No Van Persie and No Wenger for tomorrows match.

    Should be interesting….

    Can’t even think were a goal is going to come from……..

  43. Wenger the liar

    Songs contract is entering its last 24 months, I wonder how much of the tuppence hapney we got from the Cesc deal will end up funding Songs new hairstyles.

  44. Gunner4Real


    We desperately need that inspiration now and I’ll settle for a German (Schweistienger)or a Brazilian (Kaka).

  45. Lurch LeRouge

    on the other hand, Pat Rice marshals in a new era?

    curious to see if he sits all quiet on the bench….

  46. MD

    AW – a footy maniac as he is, I’m sure, has just watched the City match, and I feel, on a more subtle level, something is clicking in his learned head right at this excact moment and we , actually can expect some reinforcements to arrive.

  47. GoonerPress


    I’d settle for either of them too mate. Imagine signing Kaka, what a lift that would give to the squad. I just can’t see Real selling him though. With Wesley supposedly being on the transfer list, I think we should grow some balls and make a bid, and repeat history in the process.

  48. Colonel Mustard

    Nasri going public on twitter is a clear sign game is up with him. Imagine him at home watching Aguero…Oui Oui let me be part of that on mega wonga…..

  49. Yandi


    Are you kidding me? If I can’t compare Man City’s players to Arsenal’s then what’s the point of trying to compete amongst the best? Sorry mate, we’re not supporting Stoke City here. We’re supporting the biggest club in London, one of the richest clubs in the worst, one of the most valuable sports entities in the world and incidentally the most expensive football club in Europe. Who should I compare our players to? Bolton’s?

  50. incesc

    does anyone think he pulled out of jadson because someone told him he needs a proper player?

    or because he cost more than 2 million

  51. Terry Patrick (@TPat1974)

    Just a side thought on all of this, we know that in January Song will be going to the ACN, will Frimpong be going as well? If so who is going to cover CDM position?? Hasn’t Frimpong elected to play for Ghana (I think!)?

    Not being racist or anything but having two African players for the same position seems a bit suicidal to me, if they are both called up to ACN we are literally fucked in that position…

    We need experienced cover anyway, how can we expect kids to come in whether from the academy or from league 1 (effectively) and be able to perform regularly and to a standard that will win titles? Come to that, how can we expect a kid, thousands of miles from home who has only ever played schoolboy football before one season in a seriously inferior league??

    How can the board allow this to carry on unchecked without any repercussions??

    As I said in the comments last season (posting as OxfordGooner) Ivan Gazidis had said the season before last that it was time for AW to deliver trophies, he said the board now (then) expected trophies and that a club as big as ours needed to be delivering. If that was the case back then what has happened that means we no longer have to expect trophies or at least that AW is no longer expected to deliver trophies??

    We are fucked, rats abandoning a sinking ship seems apt for certain players…

    Sorry for longish rant! Anyone have any answers to the above??

  52. Gunner4Real

    MD, that’s a worrying comment. You sound like you believe AW thinks rationally.

    One game into the season and the man already looks worn out.

  53. Bennydevito

    How can anybody claim for a fact that Wenger has lost the dressing room? What did he do? Go for a walk in the woods, take a piss and forget where he left it??

  54. MD


    Nay, but tonight he might have realised for the first time that this time around, the EPL season would deffo be a defferent ball game for Arsenal

  55. Terry Patrick (@TPat1974)


    The last time we were in the shits and needed inspiration we also fired the manager. Good omen?

    That was in the days when the board managed the club not the manager! Since AW runs Arsenal now very little chance I’d imagine…

  56. Gunner4Real

    Wesley’s also injury prone, but either man is worth a place in this team.

    Considering we have top marketing execs, they should know top players sell you Jerseys

  57. Keyser

    Zeus – Don’t apologise, the Le Grove way is to be even more stubborn with your point and twist it until you get it right.

    I probably said looter in a riot, I heard it somewhere to describe a basketball player, and thought I’d sound cool.

    I mean’t even though he’s got a good scoring record for A.Madrid, it’s hard to tell how that translates because despite scoring those goals, the team didn’t really go anywhere and any decent striker in a team set-up like that would score goals, though last season Aguero was the focal point up front they’d lost some of the creativity going forward.

    Also he’s scored 2 goals against Swansea.

  58. incesc

    auclair slaughtered nasri and questioned wengers lies and press conferences.

    said nasri was the plan b.

    speaks sense

  59. Keyser

    Also if we were to spend 30+ million on a striker I’d rather have had someone like him than Benzema because of his all round play, and he’d fit perfectly with Fabregas and Van Persie.

    That dreams well and truly gone.