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We have much to race through this morning. I had a good convo about the club with a few people close to the action yesterday and without getting anything majorly exclusive, I might have some little insights that’ll help ease you into Monday morning with a smile.

Last night saw the departure of rotten egg that’s been stinking out our summer. Cesc leaves (my tribute here) for a fee closer to £40mill than the originally mooted £29mill, in a humorous twist, some of the fee went to Barca as a sell on! Don’t believe the inevitable Barca stories that they picked him up for £16.50 and an pint of orange juice. Samir will hopefully move on this week, it’d be nice to get a part ex deal going, though I doubt that will happen.

So we head into the Udinese game on Tuesday a touch worried. The fans aren’t too interested either with the match going on general sale. The club are as nervous as we are about the game and the team has apparently never been flatter going into a season. Wenger is looking ill for a reason, he’s stressed out of his mind. Losing his two best players was a shock to the system. I think he believed in his waning miracle persuasion powers this summer. The ones that kept Paddy and Henry with us for so long. Sadly, they failed him.

However, this isn’t the time to sulk. Tickets for major September games have gone out to red membership, this was previously unheard of. Box tickets are being broken out into £6000 individual seats because they didn’t sell them all. The club exchange is packed with tickets from fans who are picking and choosing their games.

Ivan will be communicating this to Wenger. In my opinion, if Wenger chooses to roll with this squad without bolstering and it goes down the toilet, he won’t last till Christmas. Chants like the one the away fans have been singing will become contagious, and as Gazidis said, Wenger is accountable to the fans.

(Just a thought, but if he is intent on sticking with project youth against the wishes of everyone, why not stick a performance related break in his contract? If you fall outside the top 6, you can leave next summer without us having to pay out £21mill in fees. See how much faith he has then!)

Arsenal are apparently renegotiating deals with Nike now, I also believe we’re in negotiations about the shirt sponsor as well. You’ll never get a better deal with those two if your team can’t draw a home crowd.

Basically, Wenger needs to show some intent. He’ll bring in the best part of £60mill for Nasri and Cesc, he has £7mill for Clichy, he’ll have £4mill for Eboue and £10mill for Bendtner. Minus the fee for AOC which I was told was 5-6mill with add ons that if triggered would mean we had a player and a half our hands, Jenkinson £1.5mill and £12mill Gervinho…  That gives us £100mill (factoring the £40mill we already had) to play with. Substantial even for an Oligarch.

That cash serves no purpose sitting in the bank. Unless of course Arsenal plan on giving dividends (Geoff would be pleased)?

If Arsene shows intent, the fans will get off his back, the players will get an injection of confidence and there will be a bit of buzz about the ground. Kenny hasn’t bought world-class players in, but he’s bought back the belief to Liverpool. That’s after flogging Torres.

We can do the same. If he brings in Jadson and Mata, we’ve bought two players who can sit in the hole behind Robin. Not sure how good the Brazilian is but he’s got a Brazil cap and Eastern Europe isn’t the worst league. Rumour has it we’ll take the Cahill transfer as close to the line as possible while our defence is relatively stable. We could pick up him for £12mill and that would give us a good back 4. The feeling still is that Kozzer is a good player and I’m on that thought train. I’ve also been told Squillaci isn’t the sort to hang around if he’s surplus, he’d rather play football so don’t be surprised to see him slip out the back door to PSG (or someone like that) if we sign a centre back. Almunia should follow suit.

Next in we’ll need a top quality striker in and I’m talking top quality. Benzema is still at Madrid but so was an insistent RvDV last year. If they sign Llorente or someone expensive like that, we could make a move that would get the whole club going!

Gervinho and Chamakh aren’t sharp enough to fill in for Robin at the moment which is a worry for Tuesday. I think Wenger is settling for Alex Song, Frimpong and Diaby in that holding role, bad luck there. The other bit of good news is that Ryo is supposedly impressing everyone in training, when he’s let loose, he’ll cause some damage. That’s real pace we have off the bench and generally speaking, playing wide is one position you can get away with little experience.

So there you have it. Implement those changes, most or which look to be in the pipeline or under consideration and you’d have to say, we’d be contenders. We’re clearing almost 600k off the weekly wage bill and redistributing it to players who will make a difference to the team, the commercials and the managers longevity.

What about another positive? How about key learnings from the weekend? Chelsea looked ok but lacked any punch. United looked awful, Rio is out for 6 weeks with a hammy, at his age that could easily be 8 to 10. Vidic is injured as is Rafael. As for the keeper? Well jeez, I heard he weighed 9.5 stone, and judging how he was bullied by slight players like Shane Long that numbers wouldn’t surprise me. He let a soft goal in and he’s poor at commanding his area. Compare him to our monster and the difference is clear! Liverpool played a lot better than I’ve seen in a while but they still lack overall squad quality and Carragher is an issue they haven’t solved.

The league is there or the taking again, some smart moves and a bit of luck and we could be contending. Inaction and belief in the squad is not an option. Internal recruitment cannot be permitted, if we continue down the path we are it could end in a disastrous way and in my opinion, no vision as pure and naive as Wenger’s deserves that treatment.

End it on a high Arsene, then we’ll sell the script rights to Hollywood and roll out a film called Mental Strength… Though it has to be said, I can’t promise I’ll see it (get the reference? No? Ok… ignore that joke and move on).

Have a great day Grover’s match preview tomorrow!

Oh, and no creeping up Cesc’s back passage on Twitter, or his little sister. Man up and unfollow, he’s dead to us now.

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  1. frenchie

    the loss of cesc is a pr nightmare. rather than having his replacement in and settled within the team, arsene provided the impressive display at nufc illiciting further questions of where do we go, what do we do, and who will we do it with. the talk of renegotiating deal with nike and emirates is laughable. who would want to invest in arsenal fc as it is now? the squad is barebones, the players are jaded, and it will get worse when rvp signs for a rival next summer.

    this could have been avoided had the right purchases been made over the last 3 years. it was out there, we all knew what troubled the side. and now we hear how difficult it is to buy quality. buying quality is not as hard as arsene says; it is only hard when go to clubs, ask for the player and then, after the deal has been worked out, ask for a tug on the nutsack. arsene is the cheapest man on earth, and the most stubborn.

  2. zeus

    Fabregas completed his £25.4 move to Camp Nou following three years of uncertainty as he signed a five-year deal on Monday.

    Zubizarreta stated that the 24-year-old’s arrival, coupled with the capture of Alexis Sanchez from Udinese last month, has signalled the end of Barca’s summer shopping spree.

    “We don’t need any more players to complete the squad even though the market is still open. However, we do not have any more money for new players,” Zubizarreta is quoted as saying on

    Speaking of Fabregas and what he will bring to Pep Guardiola’s side, the director said: “We were looking for competitiveness with Cesc and he will give our play versatility.”

    Barcelona face Real Madrid in their second-leg Supercopa match on Wednesday at Camp Nou, but it is unclear whether the Spain international will make his debut in that game.

    With Spain going the way of Greece they are in the shitter for sure if they over pay anyone.

  3. frenchie


    i hope you are joking. chamack?!? he is only good on gourcuff’s balls. he is not good enough for arsenal.

  4. cph gooner

    Thomas your idea of grandeur is very creative. Bring in the man with the money so we can buy the best players just like Chelsea and City?
    You were probably on of the many people who critisized Chelsea for their spending power when Abrahamovich bought the club?
    Do people really want the easy solution to win trophies?

  5. Yandi

    WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum – Cause Hes Worth It!

    You think that’s retarded? Spectrum got this one off ACLF yesterday

    “My friends, my team, my champions. Though it is the same, this is our biggest challenge yet and the stakes are greater than this time last year.

    Last year we were defiant, make no mistake about that. None expected us to achieve, none expected us to do what we did. The juggernauts of City, cowered before us. The mighty Barcelona humbled before us. Chelsea, knelled, and the champions United felled. Though we ultimately fell in our quest, we gave them all pause for thought. We punched the untouchable, bled the invincible, and shook the establishment as though it were Samson’s tomb.

    But our defiance has angered them, and their wrath, all that they could do is spread mistruths and make their expectations of failure bolder. We cannot give them the victory. We must not let the proclaimations of doom affect our spirit, our unity, any more than it already has. Now is the time to regain what was once ours; now is the time for our desire for victory to become emboldened by the faith we have.

    Let those who want to leave leave. We have new allies, ready to take up the burden. And that burden begins in earnest now. Today with an enemy who sought to embarrass us like none before. We have a justice to be righted today. Do not play with this in mind, play with the mind to win, to score, to be impenetrable.

    Play as a team, attack as a team, defend as a team, fight as a team, and when May arrives, let us celebrate as a team.

    Vindicate those who believe.

    Victoria concordia cresit.


  6. Honest Bill

    We don’t need a billionaire investor. We have the money to become competitive already, it’s just being invested in the weong areas

  7. patthegooner

    Just want to say thanks to Cesc Fabregas

    I think he was one of the best players I have ever seen in an Arsenal shirt and it was a pleasure to see him grace the pitch at the Arsenal. I am sure every club in the World would have loved to see him in their shirt.

    Also whilst the sum varies, I still think that the 30 or so Million we have got for him is not a bad return on an investment especially when the club that bought him back nurtured him.

    All I will say is that I dont agree with the Barca DNA bullshit excuse for him leaving. If it was that important he would not have joined us in the first place. Ultimately Cesc is leaving us for the same reasons that Henry and Vieira left and for the same reason that Nasri cant wait to jump ship. That reason is that Arsenal Football Club will not win anything until Wenger leaves our football club. All of these players recognised this and as a players career is relatively short, they ultimately want something to tell the grand kids about when they get older, so when they turn up for training and see the likes of Rosicky, Bendtner, Eboue, Squilacci, Almunia, Denilson, Diaby, Fabianski, Koscielny etc etc, they know that silverware is not going to be coming their way. And when they also see a complete lack of ambition in the transfer market with continued collections of kids and journeymen rather than surrounding the quality with more WC players, what do you honestly expect them to do???

    How can Wenger honestly face the worlds media and say he will only buy players that will improve our squad when he continues with this policy?

    This is a massive two weeks for Arsene. If he does not bring in AT LEAST 3 quality players (not kids or journeymen) I dont see him lasting the season and the legacy he built 1997-2004 will be in tatters.

    Seriously Arsene, fucking quit whilst you still have a bit of a reputation and a legacy.

    Finally I keep hearing this bullshit about who else could drive Arsenal forward. Well lets put it another way. If Chelsea, Man Ure, Man City, Real Madrid, Barca, Inter, AC Milan were looking for a Manager right now, and if Wenger was available, do you honestly think any of them would take this clown?

  8. goonerDNA

    cesc4official Cesc Fàbregas Soler
    To all Gunners: A big thank you for your unconditional support during the last 8 yrs. Just say that I will always carry you in my heart!

    I don’t know if I should say thank you or fuck off

  9. zeus

    I find u mugs that make declarations like ‘this is a massive week for Arsene’ really laughable.How many times do you need to see and hear it. Wenger doesn’t give a damn.

    The man says the Mata deal is dead and I don’t need to give a reason why. Hahahaha. Arrogant beyond belief.

  10. Ricky

    What was being sung at the newcastle game about nasri?

    Apparently he’s thrown a bit of a strop about it. (god knows why)

  11. David

    Wenger needs to be sacked for many reasons.

    But the fact that he let Cesc go for so cheap is putting personal relationships before the interests of the club.

    And that to me is a sackable offense amongst a host of others.

  12. ikon

    I wouldnt say congratulations on Cesc’s move to Barca, but yes good luck to him. Has been a loyal servant to the club, and has given the best every single time. AFC will miss his services largely due to the ineptitude and stubbornness of the manager and the greed of the board.

    I personally believe Gazidis has got nothing, he is incompetent as anyone can be. Nothing good can happen till PHW is removed and Dein is brought back.

  13. patthegooner


    Probably because he wants out, so if he can make his position in the squad untenable then its a win win situation for Nasri.

    Personally I say fucking sell him and fuck Wenger off and bring someone in that will spend the 60m on players that WILL ACTUALLY IMPROVE us. I wouldn’t trust Wenger with my money in a £ Shop.

  14. s mitchell

    cant see how the support can be divided anymore how can anyone be behind that prat if they are they need help

  15. Ricky

    Cheers yandi,

    Lol, he’s thrown a strop cos fans have called him a cunt?? All the things he could have been called & he’s throwing a tantrum cos he’s been called a cunt for not showing enough loayalty that put him on that world stage?

    I call my old man & best mates cunts everyday, he should count himself lucky.

  16. zeus


    Gazidis is a good politician. He’s able to deflect and convolute straightforward arguments and say everything you want to hear in a calm soothing reassuring voice.

  17. Rohan

    Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

    we’re in the shit now.
    I even have a bad feeling about Udinese now. If we somehow get knocked out (imagine team morale is at an all-time low right now), that’s pretty much season over.

    We also get 20 million from entering the group stages.

  18. JJ

    It is a joke that we did not do the Cesc deal at the start of the summer.

    I don’t think Benzema is the answer. He is poor with his head and is not a clinical finisher. We have enough of these players.

    I love the idea of a Tevez/Nasri trade but that is probably just fantasy.

    I would also love to see a Sweinsteiger type signing. That is real intent.

    Unfortunately I have become so pessimistic that I can see Wenger either going with what he has or buying some cheap French League 2 nobodies.

  19. patthegooner


    “We need to remain united and not let the media manipulate our fans in a way they should not.”

    So it is the media that is manipulating the way we feel as fans

    Thats strange, I thought it was because of 7 years of shit transfer policies, shitter tactics, shitter squad management and a fucking shitty self sustaining model that makes money by fleecing the fans for the most expensive and worst value for money seat in world football!!!!

    Fucking MORON. He really does not get it does he.

  20. zeus


    Yep. We are in the shitter. To be further compounded by Wenger’s purchases of 2 more 18 year olds to appease th fans.

  21. Gunner4Real

    I have a feeling no one briefed Stan on how much Carroll and Henderson were sold. Neither was he told how much “five goal” Modric is being valued.

    If they did, I doubt he would sanction a deal worth less than £40m for Cesc.

    It feels so wrong that that the fans can be made to pay extra and then lose out on money from a player sale out of sentiments

  22. David


    Wenger told them to do it. And they did it.

    Read the story on

    Wenger said it was his decision.

  23. bennydevito

    You’re right Suga, I agree, but surely Cesc must realise we’re just as pissed off as he is? He hasn’t even played a game for them yet ffs. I’m so depressed.

  24. Rohan

    I’d rather Nasri stay than leave. He’s our only world class (yeah, he is) attackign midfield player.

    I’m not blaming the fans. Just commenting on the sad state of affairs.

  25. Gunner4Real


    I understand him agreeing to the sale, but at that price?

    Why would the manager be responsible for financial decision?

  26. Stu

    How many injuries is that so far? We may aswell just forfeit this season. Im not even gonna bother following this season. I’ll watch motd and check scores now and then but no fucking chance im going out of my way to waste my time watching the matches and just get pissed off listening to Wenger make a spastic of himself trying to make everything seem rosey.

  27. Stu

    I want one of the players (preferably a good one, if we have any left) to come out and say “if cesc and samir want to go then they can fuck off. This club is bigger than those pricks. Wenger, you can fuck off out of my club too” …hopefully it’ll come from wilshere or someone

    (fuck, been gone so long i cant remember how to do smilies)

  28. David


    Selling Cesc was Wengers Idea.

    Why would the manager be responsible for financial decisions?

    Good F8888kin question.

  29. frenchie

    the cesc and nasri debacle has overshadowed a truly sad moment in arsenal history…eboue signed for galatasary. 🙂

    so, that makes 2 out. replacements, arsene? or do you need a skeleton squad first?

  30. GoonerPress

    Stu Wilshere’s already come out and congratulated him hasn’t he? Besides nobody will speak up against Cesc cos they were all mates with him, but I have a feeling somebody might speak up against Nasri when he leaves

  31. patthegooner

    The only person driving Nasri out is Wenger and his shit management.

    And come next summer, we will be faced with the same situation with RVP and Theo.

  32. gambon

    Why shouldnt they congratulate Cesc?

    Hes gone from a joke of a club to the best in the world. Hes taken a big step up.

    That shouldnt be the truth, and wouldnt be if we didnt have a cunt of a manager, but it is the sad truth. We are falling apart, while they are getting even stronger.

  33. Stu

    Yeah GP, seen Wilsheres comment but i suppose i wouldnt expect any bad words from anyone.

    Nasri really is a prick. Went from fat ponce, to skinny half a season ponce, to greedy cunt. He’ll probably to back to fat ponce at city.

  34. Stu

    And here i always thought VP grew up a feyenord fan. He will still want to leave next season if this shit continues though. Trophies are still inticing no matter how much you love the club.

  35. ikon

    Zeus I share the exact same sentiment on Gazidis.

    As for the comments made by manager some one from the AST needs to tell him that if there no better player than his present squad, why didn’t his squad win the premier league? Why has the team shipped in goals at almost a consistent level three years now on the trot? If other teams above us manage to concede less, then its either the problem with the players or the problem with Arsene himself. So either get the players or help yourself out of AFC.

  36. JJ

    If we do not qualify for CL proper and our opening run of games is poor, Wenger will be sacked. The fans will be heard and the Board will have no choice.

    That is my prediction.

  37. ikon

    Gambon, the potential captain of the club who has been at this club for a long time and till now only managed one and a half injury free season, has no fucking business congratulating on anything rather than when he leads this team, scores goals from chances like he missed the one at Newcastle, stops distributing his medals to supporters and instead starts scoring from set pieces. RVP should just shut up and do the work he is supposed to do which is help the team and show that he is worthy of the faith shown in him.

  38. gambon

    Anyone else think Wenger is more than happy to lose Cesc & nasri, as it means he can wheel out the “we are very young” excuse.

    Have you ever noticed that since wenger lost his marbles we have been a team in perpetual transition, driven by wenger constantly selling out top players.

    This summer he has strategically reduced the age of the side from front to back. Replacing Cesc with ramsey, Clichy with Gibbs, Eboue with jenkinson has massively reduced our age.

    Martin Samuel was right, wenger is terrified of pressure so he keeps it away by maintaining a young side that cant possibly win anything.

    Its ridiculous that our club has become the plaything of a sick old man.

  39. patthegooner


    I think you are wrong buddy.

    RVP is not getting any younger and if we have another barren season and he is continued to be played on his own up front, RVP will jump ship for the good of his career.

    Theo the same but I think Theo will also leave for a club that will play him through the middle.

    I dont know why we dont play Theo and RVP together upfront.

    I cant be critical of Cesc or Nasri. They are leaving to win things. If we were fighting on all fronts and genuinely in the title hunt, then sure I would be pissed with both of them, but I am struggling to find a reason why Nasri would want to stay and play alongside some of the halfwits and average players we have in our squad.

  40. ikon

    i would prefer us going through the udinese tie, but dismantled in games against liverpool and united….. weird thing to say, but this is the only way which leads to a change in board and manager stance

  41. gambon


    RVP doesnt give a shit, hes eyeing up his move for the end of the season.

    Wenger has let the players down massively, and has completely lost the dressing room. No-one at the club cares anymore.

  42. goonerDNA

    Frimpong DEEEEENCH, I would play Frimpong over Song anyday for 1 he’s a gooner 2 he’s stronger faster and African English rather than French African.

    Dench….makes me feel very old

  43. JJ

    ikon, wanting your team to lose is a disgusting attitude. You can want ambition and change without making comments like that.

    I might make a prediction that we could lose games but NEVER wish that to happen.

  44. Keyser

    So Wenger is terrified of pressure so decides to sell his best players, promote youth, and not win a trophy for 6 years, and gets the away fans on his back for kicks.

  45. frenchie


    looks like you are going to get that wish. song likely unavailable for pool and manu. but wasnt that stamp on barton worth risking a couple loses?

  46. JJ

    Gambon – I agree with you that Wenger has lost the respect of the senior players but the kids are still happy that Wenger gave them their chance. Give it a few years before they start to resent him (if he is still there).

    I think RvP is loyal but is starting to look around the dressing room and realize that he is on his own. RvP can not help that he is a crock but you have to give him credit for his goal tally despite all his injuries last season.

  47. Lurch LeRouge

    spot on Pat,

    Nasri’s not behaving unprofessionally, we as fans just need to modernise & learn to measure our disappointment.

    The time is nigh for 442.

  48. gambon


    Yes, exactly that.

    Ever notice how AKBs like you and the ACLF crew constantly go on about how much UTD/Chelsea spend, and how 4th is good for such a small club (lol)

    Well…..scumbags like you have given wenger a lovely way of avoiding any kind of pressure. Keep the team young and in transition and mugs like you will tell the world things are just fine.

    Spend £80m and wenger knows he has to deliver.

    Mourinho and Guardiola have both been very vocal about how Arsene has no pressure to win trophies.

  49. gambon


    Yes, somewhat, and ive said many times that the problems we have are both the fault of the manager and the board.

    Wenger is a useless manager, and obviously the board are heavily at fault for not sacking him.

  50. Keyser

    Haha, that’s demented even for you.

    Scumbags like you want change yet do nothing to effect it except wish cancer and death upon people on blogs like this.

  51. goonerDNA

    Frenchie, had he got away with it I would be praising song…fuck tv replays especially since barton got away with manhandling gervinho.

  52. SUGA3

    Traore apparently off injured with a groin strain…

    watching the ressies on the MUTV stream, they can get to broadcast their fucking AWAY game played at Underhill, what does Arsenal have on offer?

    live fucking text commentary!

  53. Lurch LeRouge

    interesting comment on twitter today…

    Gervinho was waved to play on after he went down in the box, Barton fouling him in the box should have been a penalty no?

  54. incesc

    nasri goes on tv and says he would move to man u and then calls the fans that sang his name all last season disrespectful…

    footballers hey

    bunch of cunts.

    I did tell him this on twitter but had to remove it because wenger wont replace him and we need him to stay and win everyone round.

  55. Keyser

    Whenever we’ve lost someone before there’s always been a strong player or personality to give us hope, this one’s the hardest to think of who the next player could be.

  56. frenchie


    true. part of me applauded when watching the stamp. and then i got sick because it was blatant enough to warrant disciplinary action; it’s not like the rooney cr7 stamp that looked accidental. know waht i mean? problem is that song does things like that stamp all too often, placing the side in a precarious position of having to trust an untried youngster in the cdm position. truly, i cannot see frimpong handling the attack brought by united, much less against pool. he needs to be bled against smaller clubs first.

  57. BillikenGooner

    That’s because it’s now been heaped on a couple young players (Wilshere, Ramsey) who we all know their best years are a few off.

    Just like what happened.. oh say… a few years ago when it was heaped on Cesc and we were told to wait for the golden age.

    Now we all can wait for Wilshere and Ramsey to get to 23-24 and see where they will leave us for when we can’t pay them or they get frustrated playing with a new crop of 17-19 year olds.

  58. Pasman

    Richards is a fucking beast…an improved beast from a couple of seasons ago, certainly.

    Swansea playing some good shtuff

  59. incesc

    hey every cloud

    song could be suspended



    also said fabregas wouldnt leave and that hed strengthen the defence.

    he clearly does the opposite of what he says and he said he wouldnt sign mata.

  60. Keyser

    Vermaelen’s not vocal enough, Wilshere seems a bit thick, I’d say Van Persie, but he’d need to exert the sort of influence Fabregas did.

  61. frenchie


    i think the board is heavily at fault for sanctioning his madness. especially this summer. there is no sane reason that arsenal should be facing this situation a day after the season began. the answers should have been brought in june, july, not end of august. cesc should have been sold in june, not the day after arsenal begins their season. the board should have placed more pressure on arsene to purchase quality, not youngsters. if youngsters are part of the plan, make certain to balance the plan with proven quality. not one supporter was screaming for 40-50m deals, but ever supporter was asking for a quality cdm, cb, and striker for the last 3-4 years. the writing was on the wall and they failed to enforce.

  62. ikon

    JJ It has been 3 years of wanting ambition without saying things like wishing for a loss and so on. It is not that Barcelona’s interest in Cesc came up only this year! It had been coming for the past 3 years. The only reason that Cesc stayed, although arguable , is that Wenger promised to invest in squad which he didn’t. If I were Cesc, even I would have had enough,and Nasri is intelligent enough to see the whole saga of Cesc and not follow and sacrifice as much as Cesc did. Frankly why should anyone? The board is unmoved, the manager is absurdly stubborn and his generalising comments on how big AFC is even without great players is plain bs. Only when the manager invests in squad and keeps up the ambition is the club can remain at that level. Compromises can be done at many levels but not with respect to ambition. I feel nothing else is going to shake up things other than some shock defeats. I feel bad but seriously can’t think of anything else which will help trigger some changes in the ridiculous attitude among the board members and manager.

  63. WengersSweeties

    How can Pedro say Cesc is dead to us now?

    Geoff calling him a cunt!!??

    I follow Le Grove because my views are very similar on how poorly this club is run, but insulting Fabregas when he hasn’t done anything wrong is outrageous.

    We’re embarrassing ourselves as fans!

    Fabregas hasn’t done a Cole or a Adebayor! he’s returned to his home town from a club we nicked him from.

    If you going to take a young player on the sly from his boyhood club against their wishes you might have to expect losing them when they turn good.

    Le Grove is wrong for disrespecting Cesc, he was a World Class player in a shit squad!

    The board and Wenger let him down by never meeting his ambition!!

    Good luck to Cesc unless you up against the Arsenal.

  64. ikon

    Rohan, almost every team in the premier league has progressed. Looking at the battles going on in the opening week, it seems to have become a great deal more competitive, no one is giving absolutely an inch to anyone. In these situations you can put an inexperienced player as good as Messi, and he would struggle. Only experience can help and we lack heavily in that aspect. It is going to be very very tough for Ramsey to achieve even half a consistent level as Cesc. Wilshere will, Ramsey wont.

    Although I back Frimpong to be the star of the side this season. He looks a great prospect, better than Song all the way.

  65. Keyser

    You’re embarrassing yourself there, if you want people to be gracious once he’s left then don’t go on like he did us a favour by playing for us against his will and we should thank him for every glorious minute.

  66. Colonel Mustard

    WengersSweeties – problem is the support is on a hair-trigger at this time. I have a huge beef with the board not doing anything to counter bad PR and Barca utterly disrespecting us. In this saga the shi**te has stuck to everyone. Cesc, Catalans, Wegner board etc.

  67. ikon

    It would be absolutely sick to place Cesc in the same category as Ade or Cole. Anyone would have left after seeing zero ambition from the manager and promises broken for 3-4 years. Had Cesc not been so young, he would have left early. Request everyone to please not direct any abuse at the player who could have been a part of a glorious period at Arsenal but for the circumstances and the mis management

  68. goonerDNA

    frenchie, I would still pick frimpong over song even without him having no premiership experience, we all want to see players with passion song aggression isn’t passion its being lazy and misreading play. A stamp than a hug…what a prick

    I would take Richards, been saying it since he said he was a gooner so too Young, both are very good and both would of kissed the badge of the right reasons

  69. WengersSweeties


    Don’t a spanner mate.

    It’s not the Arsenal tradition to speak so poorly against a ex-player who has so much respect for the club.

    That’s not the Arsenal supporter I am.

    As far as I’m concerned Wenger AND the board has let us down again. don’t take it out on Fabregas.

  70. Rhyle

    Everyone commenting on the lack of action / comment from the board / Wenger are spot on – it’s been frustrating to watch us basically bullied in to selling Cesc on the cheap in the press by those wankers from Catalan…

    As my old Grandma used to say, when someone starts flinging shit your way, best you get a handful yourself and fling some back, otherwise you’re just the sad kid in the corner who looks like shit.

  71. kc

    So Arsene in an interview yesterday said, ” We will try to buy new players if we can find ones better than what we already have.”????um..Cahill, Mata, Hazard, Sjneider, Benzema, Samba, Mertasacker, Alex, Baines???? Then he rambled on with, ” Lets not forget we have already brought in quality players, Chamberlain, Jenkinson, Gervinho, and Miyaichi. ” ??????? This statement worries me dearly considering it’s made the day we sold Cesc! Sure you brought in players Mr. Wenger, but only one of them can actually make a solid contribution for this season ahead. Where’s the defensive additions this team needs? Where’s the replacement for Cesc and most likely Nasri? Since we’re selling Bendtner the winger we can consider Gervinho his replacement right? I’m worried Wenger is done with this transfer window after reading these comments on Scary times having this lunatic of a manager at the helm.

  72. Rhyle

    Tomtom…care to qualify these rumours? Otherwise I’m thinking it’s another “fat bloke down the pub says” story…

  73. Keyser

    Did you even read what I wrote ? If you won’t want people speaking poorly of a player who’s left, then don’t go on like he did us a favour by even playing for us.

  74. TOMTOM

    Family on benefits moves to exclusive €2m London home
    A family who fled war torn Somalia for Britain have exchanged their modest home in the West Midlands for a £2m (€2.3m) detached house.

    And the taxpayer is picking up the tab for the house in one of London’s most expensive neighbourhoods.

    Taking advantage of housing benefit rules introduced by the last Labour Government, jobless Saeed Khaliif, 49, his wife Sayida and their children have been able to set up home in fashionable West Hampstead, an area beyond the reach of many well heeled house-hunters in the capital.

    The family, who had been living in a semi-detached house in Coventry, were able to move south and sign what is believed to be a £2,000 a week lease for the six bedroom property despite having no connection with their new area.

    The house, on a leafy street close to where Oscar winning actress Emma Thompson lives, is estimated to be worth £2m.

    But under the old housing benefit rules there was nothing preventing the Khaliif family applying for Camden Council to pick up the £8,000 rent bill.

    Neither Mr Khaliif nor his wife claim to speak English and refused to explain why they had moved to London from Coventry.

    In April the Government introduced a cap on housing benefit of £400 a week, but it is thought the Khaliif family moved before the change was introduced.

    The house, which has a large garden at the rear and is just a two minute walk from the trendy bars, restaurants and cafés of West End Lane, was bought by the current owner in 2008 for £1,480,000.

    The property next door was recently offered for rent for £1,850 a week.

    A spokesman for Camden Council said: “We cannot comment on individual cases.”

    The Government acted to change the rules after the housing benefit bill soared from £14bn in 2000 to £21bn in 2010.

    But critics claim the changes could lead to a mass exodus of families from the capital to the towns of the Home Counties where rents are slightly cheaper.

  75. incesc

    i reckon all the players are getting pissed off.

    the manager is a deluded cunt destroying the club, the fans are booing them constantly on the bus and in games, and their captain just jumped ship to sit on the bench at barce.

  76. Keyser

    Rhyle – and there’s the thing, why were we bullied ? Pretty much because Cesc forced his way back, we’re lucky we got what we did from them.

  77. Dream10

    Frimpong has a very good chance to prove himself and contend for first XI spot.

    Attack is a big problem. Somebody like Chamakh who has decent pace lacks strength. For somebody who is a professional and is on 50-60k a week, you wonder why he could not put on 6-10 kilos in the summer.

    We sign attackers and attacking midfielders who play around the periphery but nobody in the centre. Somebody with an extra yard of pace and presence about him.

    Demba Ba of Newcastle looked shit on Saturday. But he had a decent scoring in Germany and did well for West Ham.

    Not everybody has to be Diego Maradona on the ball.

  78. frenchie


    think lurch said it yesterday: young gets his first assist and first goal for manu. arsene really missed one there.

    we all can agree that young should be playing for arsenal. could not care less about richards. vieira called him out, and that said enough for me.

  79. Rohan

    I think it’s time to rally behind the players. Regardless of the negligence of the board/managers.

    As fans, we have no choice. The players have done nothing wrong. Booing them before and during the games is counter-productive.
    Tomorrow’s a massive game. We need to be on top of things.

  80. Rhyle

    Fuck Alan Brazil. He’s a fat drunk cunt. I should know, I’ve been just as fat and drunk as he is. We can smell our own. Believe half of what you hear and none of what you read…

  81. incesc

    i agree rohan.

    sing spend some fucking money


    wenger is a retarded, deluded old cunt

    and songs like that but no point booing the players. Desperated to play in the champions league this year, get Jack and ramsey playing in some huge games…

  82. frenchie


    wasnt de gea toilet? watching him i remembered days of almunia handling crosses, thinking “please dont fuck it up. please dont fuck it up…fuck! you fucked it up!!”

  83. Lurch LeRouge

    yeah thats fair Keyser, the kids bloody acrobatic though and hasn’t succumbed to the pressure . early days sure, but I like the cut of his jib after 45 min.

  84. TOMTOM

    I’ve heard he likes a drink or two but he is probably right,why would Rvp stick around? He was also saying that alot of arsenal players are now questioning thy medical setup at the club.

  85. Rohan

    Do that after the game if you want.

    Tomorrow’s absolutely massive. No RvP and Nasri also. Jack’s doubtful

    We’re really in for it. Fans HAVE to be the 12th man. No more dicking around. We have to get a 2 goal cushion tomorrow.
    I’m pretty worried.

    I’ll play Frimpong. And start AOC.

  86. Lurch LeRouge

    he was Frenchie,

    Haven’t seen Vorm come off his line for a cross yet but he gets it spot on rushing an oncoming threat.

  87. Rhyle

    I am so fucking bored of watching this club falling to pieces. It’s like death of a thousand cuts…