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We have much to race through this morning. I had a good convo about the club with a few people close to the action yesterday and without getting anything majorly exclusive, I might have some little insights that’ll help ease you into Monday morning with a smile.

Last night saw the departure of rotten egg that’s been stinking out our summer. Cesc leaves (my tribute here) for a fee closer to £40mill than the originally mooted £29mill, in a humorous twist, some of the fee went to Barca as a sell on! Don’t believe the inevitable Barca stories that they picked him up for £16.50 and an pint of orange juice. Samir will hopefully move on this week, it’d be nice to get a part ex deal going, though I doubt that will happen.

So we head into the Udinese game on Tuesday a touch worried. The fans aren’t too interested either with the match going on general sale. The club are as nervous as we are about the game and the team has apparently never been flatter going into a season. Wenger is looking ill for a reason, he’s stressed out of his mind. Losing his two best players was a shock to the system. I think he believed in his waning miracle persuasion powers this summer. The ones that kept Paddy and Henry with us for so long. Sadly, they failed him.

However, this isn’t the time to sulk. Tickets for major September games have gone out to red membership, this was previously unheard of. Box tickets are being broken out into £6000 individual seats because they didn’t sell them all. The club exchange is packed with tickets from fans who are picking and choosing their games.

Ivan will be communicating this to Wenger. In my opinion, if Wenger chooses to roll with this squad without bolstering and it goes down the toilet, he won’t last till Christmas. Chants like the one the away fans have been singing will become contagious, and as Gazidis said, Wenger is accountable to the fans.

(Just a thought, but if he is intent on sticking with project youth against the wishes of everyone, why not stick a performance related break in his contract? If you fall outside the top 6, you can leave next summer without us having to pay out £21mill in fees. See how much faith he has then!)

Arsenal are apparently renegotiating deals with Nike now, I also believe we’re in negotiations about the shirt sponsor as well. You’ll never get a better deal with those two if your team can’t draw a home crowd.

Basically, Wenger needs to show some intent. He’ll bring in the best part of £60mill for Nasri and Cesc, he has £7mill for Clichy, he’ll have £4mill for Eboue and £10mill for Bendtner. Minus the fee for AOC which I was told was 5-6mill with add ons that if triggered would mean we had a player and a half our hands, Jenkinson £1.5mill and £12mill Gervinho…  That gives us £100mill (factoring the £40mill we already had) to play with. Substantial even for an Oligarch.

That cash serves no purpose sitting in the bank. Unless of course Arsenal plan on giving dividends (Geoff would be pleased)?

If Arsene shows intent, the fans will get off his back, the players will get an injection of confidence and there will be a bit of buzz about the ground. Kenny hasn’t bought world-class players in, but he’s bought back the belief to Liverpool. That’s after flogging Torres.

We can do the same. If he brings in Jadson and Mata, we’ve bought two players who can sit in the hole behind Robin. Not sure how good the Brazilian is but he’s got a Brazil cap and Eastern Europe isn’t the worst league. Rumour has it we’ll take the Cahill transfer as close to the line as possible while our defence is relatively stable. We could pick up him for £12mill and that would give us a good back 4. The feeling still is that Kozzer is a good player and I’m on that thought train. I’ve also been told Squillaci isn’t the sort to hang around if he’s surplus, he’d rather play football so don’t be surprised to see him slip out the back door to PSG (or someone like that) if we sign a centre back. Almunia should follow suit.

Next in we’ll need a top quality striker in and I’m talking top quality. Benzema is still at Madrid but so was an insistent RvDV last year. If they sign Llorente or someone expensive like that, we could make a move that would get the whole club going!

Gervinho and Chamakh aren’t sharp enough to fill in for Robin at the moment which is a worry for Tuesday. I think Wenger is settling for Alex Song, Frimpong and Diaby in that holding role, bad luck there. The other bit of good news is that Ryo is supposedly impressing everyone in training, when he’s let loose, he’ll cause some damage. That’s real pace we have off the bench and generally speaking, playing wide is one position you can get away with little experience.

So there you have it. Implement those changes, most or which look to be in the pipeline or under consideration and you’d have to say, we’d be contenders. We’re clearing almost 600k off the weekly wage bill and redistributing it to players who will make a difference to the team, the commercials and the managers longevity.

What about another positive? How about key learnings from the weekend? Chelsea looked ok but lacked any punch. United looked awful, Rio is out for 6 weeks with a hammy, at his age that could easily be 8 to 10. Vidic is injured as is Rafael. As for the keeper? Well jeez, I heard he weighed 9.5 stone, and judging how he was bullied by slight players like Shane Long that numbers wouldn’t surprise me. He let a soft goal in and he’s poor at commanding his area. Compare him to our monster and the difference is clear! Liverpool played a lot better than I’ve seen in a while but they still lack overall squad quality and Carragher is an issue they haven’t solved.

The league is there or the taking again, some smart moves and a bit of luck and we could be contending. Inaction and belief in the squad is not an option. Internal recruitment cannot be permitted, if we continue down the path we are it could end in a disastrous way and in my opinion, no vision as pure and naive as Wenger’s deserves that treatment.

End it on a high Arsene, then we’ll sell the script rights to Hollywood and roll out a film called Mental Strength… Though it has to be said, I can’t promise I’ll see it (get the reference? No? Ok… ignore that joke and move on).

Have a great day Grover’s match preview tomorrow!

Oh, and no creeping up Cesc’s back passage on Twitter, or his little sister. Man up and unfollow, he’s dead to us now.

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  1. Arsene Nose Best

    i wonder what the feeling will be towards this current defence after,udinese,liverpool and united have finished with them,prehaps people will start to wake up then.

  2. Rob The Goon

    Seeing Cesc going in for a medical on SSN kind of left a bitter taste in the mouth.

    Am I wrong for hoping that his hamstring’s snap during his first game?

    Off to read the post

  3. Arsene Nose Best

    if cahill is not picked up soon,as usual,someone will pay the fucking money and we will miss out,again…..

  4. Arse&Nose©

    Ok so we have confirmation that we were well and truly fucked over with the Cesc deal.

    This has just come from Sandro Rossell:

    “We paid €29 million(£25m) for Fabregas, not 40. We said that we wouldn’t pay more than €30m, so we have every reason to rejoice.

    “Additionally, the variable amounts consist of €5m [£4.3m] and another €5m. I will further explain the deal on Monday.”

  5. nash chiyangwa

    looking for a striker? Fernando llorente is there from Bibao.£25 million and he is hours. he is strong,good in the air,good height and has flair. i hear spuds are in for him. this ill be a coup

  6. Elgunin0

    Great post! I will try to be positive for the next week and hope that good thoughts equal good signings. IN fact, any signings!!

    Tuesday is bigger than just CL, if we win he’ll invest. Win big, he’ll think the squad is good enough!! Lose….. Don’t want to go there.

    Come on Wenger, shut us up for five minutes!!

    I wish Cesc luck, I know lots of people want him to fail but I thought he was great for us. Had Wenger kept Flamini, think he and Cesc would have been the best in the business.

    Samir can get fucked. Twat.

  7. Sketchy

    Good post but you failed to notice, I’m top of the grove ff mini league!!! at least till tonight!!! so i’m milking it!!! 😀

  8. Arse&Nose©

    Cesc had a chance to be a great, a legend, but he won’t be remembered now. I’m disappointed in his childish attitude but not upset, I’ve seen many players leave and know that only the winners are remembered.

  9. Goonerfied85

    Good morning Grovers,

    I feel a little better after seeing all the other teams in action this weekend.

    The only team left to play is shitty & even if they win you cant take much from them beating a newly promoted Swansea.

    Either way good or bad I’m gonna get behind the mighty Arsenal with or without Wenger there as much as Mr Wenger does piss me off.

  10. Disgruntledgunner(formerlly kunle4fabregas)

    This is the beginnning of the end for ma darling team. I am so sad. I mean how can you allow a great club to degenerate into a laughing stock? Ok no player is bigger than the club and I dont care if Fab4bacha and Nasricash are off, but the fact is are we should have seen this coming for long and make plan b before the beginning of the season. Will the almighty wenger reinvest the money or will he bank the cash. Even if he does the former, when the player gell?

  11. ZARgooner

    Cahill is a must… Think Kozzer as a number 3 and Djorou as a number 4 CB is acceptable…..

    We need creativity and a touch of pace in the centre of midfield (unfortunately Rosicky cannot offer this). I would love another striker…. Perhaps then could play RvP behind him

  12. Amit

    what about the german mid fielders…bastian and podolski?? and there is this 18 year old german kid mario…wilshere copy, ditto…

    wenger please sign gary cahill…if we can at least clean up our defensive mess we can challenge for top 4!

  13. rvp15

    No Doubt, I feel like I’ve been punched in the stomach. Cesc leaving is just devastating especially at that ridiculous price. I think this deal must’ve been done last year as we had no reason to sell him and defs no obligation to sell him to Barca.

    On the article itself I agree that this year is open, but only if Wenger spends and I don’t personally think he will.

    That means the good news is that Wenger only has another 25 days in his job. Bring in Ancelotti and lets end this madness.

  14. Digitilly

    There is no chance Real will sell Benzema. He started last night ahead of Higuain in the Spanish Cup and was arguably Real’s best player. We should have tried to snap him up along time ago.

  15. Buchi

    Great post!!best Arsenal blog by a long mile!!I only hope Arsene wakes up from”lah lah land” and give us what we need and fast before we sink like the Titanic!!!!Cheers fellow Gunners who wish the best for the club!!!

  16. decampo

    I’ve never had such low expectations for the season ahead but reading your post was refreshing today Pedro.

    Lets hope Wenger listens and finally makes the signings we need.

  17. Goonerfied85

    I agree with the not waiting till the last minute with Cahill.

    I heard that Liverpool are sniiffing around & you know they wont think twice about paying £17 million for Cahill.

    Tomorrow for champs league will be interweeesting.

    Pull your finger out Arsene & bring back trophies to the fans that deserve it, us gooners!!!!!

  18. Baafuor from Ghana

    Wenger would rather die than give in.His ego will not let him do what he knows he has to.Why do they have to wait till 31st August to try to sign Cahill when we have money?

  19. Rhyle

    Liam Brady won the same amount of trophies as Fab…and he’s still remembered as a legend…

    Think the whole Fab situation is shit – we always knew he was going to go home, just didn’t know when.

    Great, great player…but he’s no Vieira. He’s no Pires…he’s no Ljungberg even…

    Right…what’s next????

  20. Rob The Goon

    Good post.

    Its a bit hard trying to be positive at the moment but to be honest I can’t see wenger changing. After seeing the game on saturday our priorities need to change…

    We desperately need a replacement for cesc, we looked weak going forward. I think we need to forget about Cahill too, I just don’t see that one happening either when has wenger caved in to fan pressure?

    But on a plus side it looks like man utd have bought alumina MK II…hahaha!!!

    anyway, I hope wenger proves us all wrong by spending some of that f**king money!!!!!

    Good day gents

  21. dennisdamenace

    The selling of Fabregas may well have been inevitable, but the replacement MUST be of equal or as near as dammit quality. Anything less will be selling the long suffering fans short, and seen as yet another indicator that profit over on-field success is the priority, and yet another indicator that Wenger has not changed. Selling Fabregas, and replacing him with the 27 year old Jadson would be a con, a cop out, an absolute slap in the face for all paying customers, who have underpinned Wenger’s nonsensical policy with over inflated ticket prices.

    Wenger will undoubtedly see this deal as a ‘success’, another ‘reason’ why he’s ‘safe’ in his job, indeed worthy of his extended contract. He has obviously found it easier to turn a profit rather than invest in experienced, quality, ready-made players. It’s an utter cop out. Pure and simple, it will be another example of why he managed to get a lucrative contract extension.

    Who’s next? RvP? Jack?

    Can you imagine yet another season of abject failure on the back of Fabregas’ and Nasri’s departures with purchases/replacements of the level of Jadson coming in.

    Never forget that Fabregas was always going to go back home, but maybe, just maybe this wouldn’t have happened so soon or be so angst filled if Wenger had stopped surrounding a real World class talent with such abject averageness, especially over the past 2/3 seasons, when incidentally he’s had serious money at his disposal. But, no he was happier to increase the salaries of the very same players who were holding the club and Fabregas back than invest those funds in players of the level of Schweinsteiger, Özil, Aguero etc etc.

    The Wenger statement about being considered a big/ambitious club if we sell Nasri & Fabregas is a valid one. However, it also depends on what you do after selling those two players. If you go out and buy two ‘World Class’, established, experienced players, you then move on, you retain belief, and you make the statement that no player is bigger than the club. However, if you sit on the money (a la Toure/Adebayor), or promote from within, or buy two relative unknowns from some third rate league, then Wenger is right, you are not a big club, and you do lack ambition.

    Imagine being RvP right now, and waking up this morning to this latest set back. Seriously, think about it, he’s into the last two years of his current contract. What do you think he will do should we either not recruit as a big, ambitious club would, or not recruit at all?

    This whole saga has been handed woefully. Just how much do we pay Wenger, Gazidis and our much vaunted management team? This is yet another in the long list of recent fuckups, with yet another probably to conclude in the next 48 hours. Remember we’re now expected to pay a further 6/5% on our tickets, presumably now to help pay the bonuses those mugs “earn”. Because it sure as hell isn’t going on new players or players wages. Selling one of the World’s top midfield talents, who has FOUR years of his contract still to run, for the pittance we’ve (allegedly) sold him for is nothing short of appalling. It’s compounded by not dealing with this situation decisively, and in good time. Holding onto him throughout the summer has been detrimental to us, not him, not Barcelona. Fuck the player’s wishes/feelings, fuck Barcelona, this deal should have been done for the benefit of Arsenal Football Club. What part of this deal has been good for Arsenal Football Club? How have we benefitted from this deal?

    Remember, Christiano Ronaldo only wanted to go to Real Madrid, and Ferguson got £80m for him. And, that was in a less inflated market.
    As a footnote, everyone needs to stop hiding behind, and consoling yourselves with the thought that Fabregas wanted to go back to his hometown club blah blah blah. Fabregas has moved because he’s ambitious, because he wants to win things.

    It will be the very same the reason that RvP will probably leave for.

    Arsene Wenger now has seventeen days to make us serious contenders again, make others take us seriously once more, give the fans and the players belief again, and basically save our season.

  22. Jimbo

    I’m a bit confused Pedro, how much of that have you ‘heard’, and how much of that is just speculation?

    That we’re after Jadson & Mata?
    That we’re after Cahill?
    That we’re after a top drawer striker?

    All sounds dubious to me…

  23. Baafuor from Ghana

    And Song is a fucking dumb ass!Does he think he is Messi?He holds on to the ball for far to long.
    I think Kozzer would be a very good DM!

  24. 037

    Please take @cesc4official off the players twitters list.

    2 versatile creative midfield/wingers in, plus another good CB back-up (koz & verm were EXCELLENT vs newcastle), and we’re good for the season

  25. Jimbo

    From this point, a good summer would be…

    > Cesc & Nasri out.
    > Mata in
    > Cahill in
    > Tevez in a swap for Nasri (ok, dreaming).

  26. Pedro

    Morning all!

    Does anyone have any insight into European Gambling I should know about? Like who are the biggest gamblers… are their any laws?

    Jimbo, the Cahill thing sounded pretty solid, Jadson and Mata are as good as the speculation and the striker is going on how little we have and how poor Gervinho and Chamakh have been behind the scenes.

    Lots of speculation in there… but from a good source.

  27. Skandibird

    Pedro; very very good post this morning, cheery and factual. Unfollowed Cesc 2 weeks ago, and Nasri. Never followed his ‘sister’, can only think if she wasn’t his sister, would so many people be following her in the first place? I did raise a question re Nasri yesterday; why aren’t Arsenal selling Nasri to the highest bidder outside UK, why to ManC only? I sit because they alone have made a bid?

    Rob the Gooner; no, you are not alone in thinking; I hope his ”hamstring” pops

  28. Jimbo

    speculation from a good source?

    It’s not that Arsenal Inside her bird off Twitter is it?


    I’d be pretty happy with that, at this stage, but we could have dropped 8 points and be out of the CL by the time we get it all done.

  29. Pedro

    A&N, Ukraine would come under Eastern Europe… the UN place them there and they’re in the European Champions League. I stick by my statement.

    Also, don’t believe the Barca fee stories…

  30. Jimbo

    Pedro, from what I’ve seen in European competitions over the last couple of years, Jadson is nothing all that special.

    I’d take Douglas from Shakhtar, and that’s about it, though Adriano isn’t bad as a striker. Even Willian is better, for my money.

    That said, I’d take Jadson if we get Mata as well – but on his own he’s really nothing special, and not going to re-invigorate our midfield at all.

  31. Burny

    On the bright side, it looks like Fergie has signed Almunia 2.0 and Chezzer looks like he’s come on leaps and bounds – especially his kicking and command of the box. Downside is that we could well lose out on Cahill for waiting till the last minute and Goetze has been mentioned as an alternative target for the filthy mancs (red variety).

  32. Jimbo

    didn’t the Indie say we’d signed Jadson already?

    They know cock-all, though Sam Wallace’s article the other day was pretty good.

  33. Arse&Nose©

    If Barca say they got Cesc for a bargain £25m what evidence do we have to the contrary?

    It wouldn’t be the first time we got fucked over transfers.

  34. OPG

    Speculation and so much uncertainty now at this time sigh.
    Don’t feel bitter towards Cesc, more towards Wenger and the board and it’s lack of ambition.
    Nobody trust them anymore yet at this time we’re going to have Scrooge McDuck vaults of gold coins deep enough to dive in.

  35. nuudles

    top post, love the occasional optimism we get here, yes often when things are looking bad Le-Grove tend to overstate how bad things are but it is still by far my favourite Arsenal read out there!

    Sad to see Cesc go, he was a top top player, but if his heart is not in it anymore then rather get someone else who wants it…

  36. Arsenal Tom

    why we still talking about mata? did everyone miss this…

    “We will not do a deal for Mata — I don’t have to give a reason why.”

    “We are nowhere near on Jadson either. We are not talking to Shakhtar about him.”

    cesc and nasri money is going into the arsenal black hole bank account

  37. Baafuor from Ghana

    Wenger and co knew all along that they would let Cesc go,they should have had his and Nasri’s replacement in a long time ago.

  38. Jimbo

    If I honestly believed that Wenger would make agressive moves to replace him, I’d be happy enough to see Cesc go.

    As it is, the tosser will either just roll the dice on more kiddies, or spend a nominal amount on more shitsters from France.

  39. incesc

    Its sad losing cesc before he finished the job but we knew he was going. Its how we repond, cesc makes and scores a lot of our goals. The worst thing is wenger won’t replace him properly, or nasri. The next transition is starting before the last one finished. 🙁

  40. ardentgooner

    Carlota fabregas thanked all the gooners for the support and said she will always be a gooner…. its just a disgrace that havent heard anything from Cesc even after he got his new blackberry….FUCKING ungrateful prick…….Atleast a note of thanks for all the years of support would be good but i supposed he is happily sucking on pique as we speak…no time to thank us…..

  41. pioneerunit

    We have allowed Cesc and Barca to fuck us over. Is this the worst deal in the history of football? We just sold one of the best midfielders in the world, with 4 years left on his contract, for the same price as Andy Carrol.

  42. Jimbo

    Why would you hate to say that, Burny?

    Getting rid of Wenger would be a bigger trophy than le tosseur has ever imagined.

  43. Goonerfied85

    Arsenal Tom,

    The Shakhtar manager come out & said Arsenal are interested in Jadson.

    More mind games from Wenger saying that he isn’t.

    Truth is the way we do business & how wenger does business until its confiirmed on we will never know who we are signing.

  44. Stuart

    great read again

    we need to bring in jadson and mata

    we can’t rely on arshavin and rosicky, they are past their prime

    i was dissapointed that arshavin wasnt starting in the middle, thats where he made a name for himself so why not play him there.

    I dont understand why ryo miyachi wasnt on the bench, think he could have played a big part against newcastle, they wouldnt have known much about him and he could have unlocked their defence with his speed

    i still think we need to buy a left back, gibbs looks the part dont get me wrong however there is a big question mark about his fitness!! maybe wenger is planning on using vermaelen at left back if gibbs gets injured and use either djourou or cahill at centre back – but i can’t see arsene spending £15 million on a centre back to sit on the bench as he will want to prove the doubters wrong that koscienly is a good centre back!!

    hopefully we will bang in a few goals on tuesday to get the confidence goinf. liverpool will fancy their chances especially with their tactic of hitting the ball up to carroll – it will be a good test for our defence next saturday!

    a new era begins at arsenal today – players may leave, but ARSENAL will remain!!!

  45. ardentgooner

    Lisandro Lopez is available for 15million…Would be a great signing.

    Also would love to see the Cesc money invested in Hamsik…Top player…..


  46. nuudles

    Although I would LOVE to see Benzema at Arsenal I dont see it happening this summer, maybe only in 3-4 years. He is class, and he was superb last night.

    He looks to be their new 1st choice striker, and they are not exactly a small club, so why would he come here? Like you said maybe if they sign Llorente or Neymar or Falcao (now that Aguero is gone) or Tevez or Cavani or similar Benzema would be more keen to leave but we would have to pay up for him. Even then Benzema should be able to hold his own with the very best of them and they would first have to get his first team spot from him for him to consider moving here.

    Sadly it is a deal that does not look very likely even though I would love to believe it possible, he looks like a fighter and a top footballer so I strongly doubt him leaving Real.

  47. Jimbo

    Stuart – Jadson ain’t much better than Rosicky.

    Miyaichi couldn’t play against Newcastle because he was still sorting the formalities of his work permit.

  48. ZARgooner

    maybe we should try buy back Fran Merida?

    Im with Jimbo in the sense that if we get Jadson + 1 I would be happier. Jadson is a solid player and would do well with creativeness around him. But on his own would just be a solid squad addition

  49. Maciek

    Cahill won’t be signed, since Wenger loves Koscielny( he paid 10m for him) and he will partner Vermalen.

    So no Cahill, who will go to Pool or Chelsea. Squilacci will remain our 4th cb, you can bet on it.

    And answer me this? Which of top quality players available will want to play for a manager who didn’t win a trophy since 2005?

    Who will want to play for a Club like ours, which just lost his 2 best players?

    We are a joke. Nasri and Fab should have been sold a month ago, and the money should have been reinvested.

    We need a quality cb, lb, cdm, creative midfielder and a striker and our manager won’t do it.

    Udinese will knock us out and our board will tell us that because of that we don’t have money to spend.

    But who’s fault is this?

    A joke of a Club. Only Dein and Usmanov with his investment can save us.

  50. thegoon

    I dont have any bitter feeling towards Cesc, may be “Disappointed Love” hehe. He was the one of the best players i have seen play in an Arsenal shirt in the past decade or so.(been following arsenal since 1999 only). My bitterness is towards Wenger. If we fans feel we are being cheated by not winning trophies, how must players like Cesc feel? Players like him can be motivated or should i say bribed for only so long, and when they reach saturaiton they would leave. I hold Weneger responsible( if the statements that board indeed gave him money to spend) for this stupnedous failure.

  51. bergkamp10



  52. Goonerfied85


    “a new era begins at arsenal today – players may leave, but ARSENAL will remain!!!”


  53. Jimbo

    ZARgooner – think you’ve got me wrong, I’m afraid.

    Jadson on his own would be £10m down the drain. He’s not going to have much impact in the current squad, because he’s not, probably, even good enough to get into our first XI even without Nasri & Cesc. He’s a bit better than the likes of Rosicky, but I’d pick Ramsey, Jack and Diaby in midfield before him.

    Maybe if we sign some REAL quality (and gasp, pay REAL money for it if we have to), like Mata or Goetze, Jadson might be a reasonable squad option.

    But really, I don’t see the point.

  54. Skandibird

    ardentgooner; she’s just ‘saying the right thing’ – why would she be a ‘gooner’? Like her brother, Barca is the only club in the whole family blood. Dont’ care about them anymore and likewise they don’t care about us.

  55. gambon

    Its all well and good being positive, but its a bit false really isnt it.

    Wenger wont sign anyone. He has completely lost it, and is no longer all there. As you say, we likely have £100m to spend, and outside of a few pointless kids we will still have that in 3 weeks.

    As for Mata, thats a dead one.

  56. Ryc

    Was at the game Saturday… Strange atmosphere at full time, like everyone is resigned to watching this rubbish.

    Not sure how Wenger can say the fans need to get behind the team more, there’s no enthusiasm on the pitch and the fans can feel that. Give us something! Fans did their best.

    By the way contrary to reports, the team wasn’t roundly booed getting off the bus, just Wenger was. Says it all I think.

  57. ardentgooner

    Best way to avoid a Joey Barton like incident in a game is to SIGN HIM UP!!! then atleast all the antics will be in training and not in the game.

  58. Arsene Nose Best

    gambon says:
    August 15, 2011 at 09:55
    Its all well and good being positive, but its a bit false really isnt it.

    YES IT IS.

  59. Pedro

    Jimbo, I have never seen Jadson… 27 years old still playing in Ukraine isn’t good though. Still, he’s an experienced body in there and he’ll be better than Lansbury in the hole!

  60. Arsenal Tom

    gooner… i think your clutching at straws mate.

    in the past wenger always gave his little wry smile and said “there are no updates” or something similar if we were interested. he very rarely signs someone he categorically states we aren’t interested in.

    wenger doesn’t even look like he’s in control his own mind these days let alone try and play games with people

  61. gambon


    Dream on mate, wenger is too scared to sign big names, and they would probably laugh at him anyhow.

    Etoo has been offered £300k pw by a russian team, you think he would join us for £70k pw and zero trophies?

  62. Jimbo

    Pedro – you have seen Jadson. He played against us twice last season!

    Don’t blame you for not noticing him though – he wasn’t very good.

  63. Burny

    The most heart-breaking thing about this summer is the whole club needs a lift, the squad, the management, and more importantly – the fanbase. However obvious it is to all and sundry, a marquee signing like Benzema, Goetze or Hamsik would provide this, yet I fear that the narrow-minded manager and his sycophants just wont do it. It’s such a shame that our wonderful club has come to this, and I hope we can rectify it before we slide into permanent mid-table obscurity. I have, and always will support the mighty Arsenal through thick and thin, but this preseason, more than any other has promised so much and given so little……..yet.

  64. nuudles

    Players I would approve of spending the Cesc + Nasri money on:
    Schweinsteiger, Goetze, Hazard, Mata, Eriksen, Hummels, Subotic, Cahill, Felliani, Benzema, Falcao

    Out of that list we probably only have a shot at getting (if we are serious):
    Goetze, Eriksen or Cahill

  65. gambon

    Pedro, im convinced he’ll be gone soon anyway, cant happen quick enough.

    As for Jadson, its pathetic & typically Wenger…..losing the PLs best player, and replacing him with a nobody on the cheap….just cos theres an outside hope wenger will one day be able to say “i told you so”. He is utterly obsessed with being given credit, hes even said at least 5 times in the last few years “We dont get the credit we deserve” – he has real self esteem issues.

    Hes a sick man.

  66. Tommygun

    morning, thanks for that post Pedro – still feeling negged out by the whole Arsenal scenario but at least there’s a bit of hope out there (until the end of August at least)

    Just one point though, “Tickets for major September games have gone out to red membership, this was previously unheard of.”

    Reds have had 1000 tickets for every prem game for a couple fo seasons now and I think that has been increased this season as well. Demand for tickets is definitely down but I’ve seen a couple of blogs saying games going to reds is a sign of unhappiness but the club guarantees red tickets these days.

    Keep the good news coming

  67. Arsenal Tom

    pedro… do you really think the board have the bottle or care that much about the on pitch success to sack wenger?

    theres absolutely no chance in my opinion, we’re stuck with him till 2014 at the earliest.

  68. Harry671

    Actually, thats a pretty positive article and shows some good intent on how we should move forward. It is a difficult time and it does seem a bit gloomy out there in Arsenal fans land……But the more negativity we as a fan base heap on OUR club, the harder it will become.

    I am willing to give wenger a chance to spend the cash available and show some real intent – as you quite rightly alluded to, no one is pulling up trees…….

    As for Koscienly, he is more that good enough, for me all he lacks is an aggressive streak, he reads the game well and is positionally very strong.

  69. Jimbo

    I have to say, I don’t know how an article that says ‘Arsenal should sign players X, Y & Z’ is remotely positive, when we all know full-well it won’t happen.

    Don’t give Wenger the chance – sack the twat now.

  70. Andy T

    I would be happy with Alex from Chelski.
    Solid, PL experience, CL experience and has won things in his career.
    Juventus and linked with a bid of £7.5M, great value!

  71. Arsenal Tom

    the CL game going to gen sale shows a huge lack of interest in watching us.

    dont think it’ll make a difference though

  72. Maciek

    Aside from Jadson and maybe Dann we won’t sign more players.

    Hope, Wenger will be booed at every single home game and will be sacked this season.

    Even if he had 200m to spend he would have spend it on dross, average players.

  73. Jimbo

    I cannot wait for the Udinese game tomorrow.

    Will boo Wenger the wanker the second he steps into the directors box. What a cunt.

  74. Arsene Nose Best

    As for Koscienly, he is more that good enough, for me all he lacks is an aggressive streak, he reads the game well and is positionally very strong.

    he’s shit,they guy will be getting murdered in the next couple of weeks,expect to let in a shit load of goals with him and vern at the arsene we have rusted,not even wd-40 can fix it now….

  75. Pedro

    AT… I absolutely believe Gazidis wants him to spend… he knows tickets sales are falling and attendances are dropping… he knows that’s linked to the manager.

    Everything Gazidis has said this summer points to this…

    Jimbo… well, there’s my answer on Jadson! Mata would do though… I like him.

    Who would everyone else replace Cesc with?

  76. voytech83

    just FYI Polish Eurosport claims that Arsenal is after Marvin Martin (£15mil) and Andre Ayew from Marseille (£12mil release clause). That sounds affordable and I wouldn’t mind having Marvin in the team. Don’t know the other dude but he scored last weekend and he is french african and is 21 years old so that are two checks in Wenger’s book. Not a word about Jadson in that article.

  77. Goonerfied85

    I woul take Schweinsteiger, he is a winner & a top player.

    The only thing is I think he may well become cup tied if he plays for Bayern Munich is the qualifiers.

    It’s all fantasy football talk but I reall y would like to see Schweinsteiger playing for Arsenal.

    Arsenal Tom your right I did not even think about how Wenger has lost the plot 🙂

  78. Jimbo

    Pedro – Mata, Hazard or Goetze for me, though I wouldn’t be too disappointed with Marvin Martin either.

    Ayew & Jadson aren’t good enough.

  79. Jim

    You think Wenger somehow wakes up one day in the next 2 weeks and starts to spend. Dream on. It won’t happen. We’re doomed and he’s unsackable. Ivan is his servant, no more.

  80. Arse&Nose©

    Excellent point

    We lost Nasri and Cesc in Jan 2011, they haven’t performed for us since then.

  81. hitman49

    i just read this on sky news page…its spot on nige

    wenger says we are not behind the team..

    well he can certainley hear us then !

    Arsene Wenger’s arrogance is beyond belief. To assume real fans are not behind the team is at best ignorant and at worst totally insulting. It is his absurd and flawed beliefs that we object to. Can you imagine Sir Alex allowing the Fabregas saga to have gone on into the start of the season. It must have done untold damage to moral when for the whole of May, June, July and most of August you have a so called captain ready to leave who you know would prefer to play for another team. Outrageous. On Friday I saw Wenger’s press conference on Sky. He stated and then re-affirmed that “no one will be leaving” . How stupid was that? But this is what he is like now. A blind belief in his own propaganda. Please Mr Wenger. Au revoir and merci but GO please!

  82. Pedro

    Arsenal have just been in touch… the reason there are more red member tickets is that they’ve increased the allotment to 3,500 from 1,500

    Question is, where did those extra 2000 tickets come from?

  83. Arsenal Tom

    ped… thing is saying it and doing it are a million miles apart and i doubt AKB hill-wood would sanction it.

    gazidis has been saying these kind of fan pleasing things since he joined us and has made very very little difference to how things are at the club.

    for me he’s just another yes man but tells the fans what they want to hear so he doesn’t get a hard time from them at the supporters meetings etc. he’s on a cushy little number at arsenal earning a fortune and doubt he’d risk that by upsetting people.

  84. Squirrel

    Can someone get Arsene to confirm that he expects nobody to leave the club please.
    “If we sell our 2 best players it sends out a message that we are no longer a big club” err can you confirm this as well please

  85. dennisdamenace

    “great value”

    Sorry to pick up on that part of your post, but how sad have we become where we keep having to make statements that include that little gem.

    I know of no other supporters from any other league that are concerned about whether player represents “great value” or not.

    Jesus! Whatever happened to the days when a player was either good or rubbish, or when a player would make a difference or not, or God forbid a player that excites the fans…..

    I despair for our club.

  86. albo

    Good post. My worry is Udinese. If the team is flat and dejected for those 2 games and we drop out then the shit really hits the fan.

    But as you say, in the league Man U and Chelsea both looked flat. Will be interesting to see if Man City lay down a marker and really fly out of the blocks…

  87. OPG

    No chance Alex is leaving, not even for £7.5m quoted from the Sun, Dann and Samba is just media hype I feel especially the latter, most likely it’ll be Cahill or Jagielka, someone abroad (not Mertasacker) or no one.
    Some saying we should support the team only trouble it’s Wenger’s team and it is crumbling we have every right to voice opinion especially after the rise to ticket prices. The fact so many players are leaving shows he has got it wrong the past couple of years the trouble is losing Cesc and Nasri, the former had a system built around him that is a big overhaul in 1 summer.

  88. goonermart

    Positive post Pedro but i’ll believe it when I see it.
    I think wenger has lost it and is clueless (judging by fridays press conference).
    Best we can hope for is a new manager by December and new signings in Jan.
    If we pick up a few injuries we are f$$ked.
    Looking forward to seeing Ryo though.

  89. Arsenal Tom

    who gives a fuck if we drop out the CL, we’ll be out by the quarters anyway.

    the only difference is that we’ll have more money not to spend if we do go through.

  90. nuudles

    Pedders, as I said above I would spend it on:
    Schweinsteiger, Goetze, Hazard, Mata, Eriksen, Hummels, Subotic, Vertonghen, Cahill, Felliani, Benzema, Falcao or Hamsik

    Dont think we necessarily need a “replacement” for Cesc. If we get a box to box midfielder then Jack can play in Cesc’s role.

    We can also always use Arsh, Ramsey, Rosicky or even RvP there. Out of my list above we could play Schweinsteiger there or as box-to-box, Goetze, Mata, Eriksen or Hamsik can be a drop in replacement for Cesc. Felliani is also a decent box-to-box freeing up ?Jack to move a bit forward.

    Hazard I would think can also play there, he is like a young Arsh to me so maybe him on the wing & Shava in the hole.

    If we sign one of the CFs RvP can occasionally be used in the hole (or switch to our old 4-4-2 with RvP in Bergy’s role).

    The CBs would make us more solid at the back (move Squilly further from playing), potentially allowing us to use Tommy as DM or as LB if needed. (give him a run there and see, Kozzer also looks like he could be a beast of a DM)

    On another note, Chezzer was fantastic (especially compared to De Gea), Kozzer and Tommy looked superb, do we potentially have the best CB pairing in the PL? Maybe, more likely with Vidic & Rio out.

  91. Jimbo


    In our current lineup, I’d play Mata in midfield alongside Jack and (yes) Song. We NEED creativity in the middle – Ramsey is flakey, Jack doesn’t get enough done in and around the box, and Song is, well, Song.

    We’re going to miss Cesc’s creativity very, very badly.

  92. hitman49


    its not our club any more…

    a yank has it and he wants cash…..

    manager wants to make it for him..

    keep fans holding on and on and on…..

    increase prices…..

    tell them of the high demand….

    keep them scrambleing for tickets….

    make more money….

    get kids in cheap…..

    build them up big and strong sell to BIGGER CLUBS..




    as they cannot change teams they dont do that…?

    WE WRE F#@K’D

  93. Jimbo

    Arsenal Tom – EXACTLY.

    Who gives a fuck about a competition we can’t win, and money we won’t spend?

    Hopefully it will either force Kroenke to invest, or just sell to a man who will.

  94. Squirrel

    Arsene Wenger last night admitted Arsenal “can no longer be called a big club” if they sell Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri.

    “Imagine the worst situation – we lose Fabregas and Nasri – you cannot convince people you are ambitious after that,” he said.

    “And even if you lose Nasri, to find the same quality player, you have to spend again the same amount of money. Because you cannot say, you lose the player and you do not replace him.

    “I believe for us it is important the message we give out. For example, you talk about Fabregas leaving, Nasri leaving.
    Click here to find out more!

    “If you give that message out, you cannot pretend you are a big club, because a big club first of all holds onto its big players and gives a message out to all the other big clubs that they just cannot come in and take away from you.

    “We worked very hard with these players for years to develop them, and now it’s a time for us to keep them together.”

    Arsene’s words not mine

  95. Nick

    Good points peds, have you seen wenger thinks the fans care more about the cost of a player then quality!! I for one dont care if thier 50p or 50mill as long as they do a job think that was more an insight in to the mind of wenger. Yes his shit but he only cost 50p!

    Also yesterday the only player not to shake hands with Barton was TV the rest even rvp was up his arse dont like the prick but he made the diffrance no matter how he did it still put us off and made the players worry when he was near. We need that in our team more then Cesc imo

  96. LAzer

    Good shout out on Cesc’s backside and twitter. Been half tempted all day to let him know my mind. But whats the bloody point anyways. He is dead to us like you say.

  97. goonermart

    Arsenal Tom

    100% spot on mate. Plus Jack is miles more important (than Nasri) and was by far our best player last season in my opinion.

    Squad strenght is a major problem though.

  98. Arsenal Tom

    ryan… no. we’re not good enough. even if we were putting out our first choice 11 for every league game i don’t think we’d win the league.

    jimbo… lets hope its the latter

  99. gurkhaligunner

    Why not Javi Martinez instead of Zedson to replace Cesc . He`s young, tall , technical and has even won a world cup under his belt . One spaniard of another.

  100. Alexandrasmith

    If people are gonna blame this on Wenger they need to think again. Yes, I know it’s the Arsenal way these days “it’s all Wenger fault” – but this was caused because of Fabregas. He left the club no choice and gave Barcelona all the cards. We could have said no but for every year we would have done that Barcelona would have offered less moeny until he would have gone for free – and all the fans would then say that we should have sold him now.

    Fabregas is smart, he kows that by not saying anything Arsenal fans will blame the club and not him, and he has tricked us all. I am sure he made Wenger take that bid, look at how he’s been acting this whole pre season – that’ show he would have been the whole season if we made him stay. Fabregas got what he wanted, Barcelona got what they wanted because Fabregas did everything they wanted him to do and Arsenal are the losers … because of how he choose to act.

  101. nuudles

    I dont think it is right to critisize Ramsey on the Newcastle game, to me he should be played further forward. He is solid as a box-to-box but he does not excel there. We badly missed Jack though, cannot wait till he is back.

    So who is going to be our new captain? Seems like RvP since he was given the armband with Tommy also playing. If Tommy was to be the captain then why would Wenger have given RvP the armband? Also since RvP was vice captain last season it is the natural progression. I hopy Tommy is vice this season.

  102. LAzer

    Btw that world class striker you are looking for, let me remind you lest you forgot, Joel Cambell is here to save the day!!!

    I think at best we get Cahill and Jadson. At worst we get “ze mental strength”

  103. LAzer

    I think Arsene has been caught a bit in the crossfire this time. He was used to running the roost for a while and Stan has stepped in and said hold on a minute mate, we are not pissing away an opportunity cost of 22 mill on Nasri and keeping a sulking player. I don’t care if the egg is on your face, you should have not said those statements. Find a replacement and spend some f**king money.

  104. nuudles

    Im sort of on the fence about Marvin Martin and Andre Ayew. Ayew has ACN this season but he was very good at the WC last year, fast, a good shot, hard worker, team player, nothing phenomenal but decent.

    I have not seen much of Martin, I know he was phenomenal in his French debut but he looks quite small to me. Both seem much better options than Jadson though…

  105. Nick

    Also I think the back 5 played well yesterday we looked flat going forwards but if we could keep that back 4 all season I dont think we would need to sign anybody. Also we had the best away record last season so I heard thats got to count for something at least we improved somewhere, the pundits used to sit on us for being soft up north. With the improvement in defence yesterday if we can sort out the attack we could surprise a few this year.

  106. DaleDaGooner

    cracking post Pedro!!! Great makes a lot of sense.
    I for one agree unfollow Cesc no kiss ass, he is dead to all Gooners, I don’t think we owe him any legendary confirmation, at 24 and our captain, 8 years of service that amounted to no trophies off his back, he is just another player that came, shined virtue of our kindness and is where he really always wanted to be….we are bigger than him, i know we will win without him.

    Shocking that i can still buy a ticket for the Udinese game, great seats too. Maybe now Gazidis will let Wenger know who is boss.

    We need to make top signings now! Our midfield is ordinary, and we need a top striker, Squilaci should be out and replaced with A TOP center back.

    I told anyone that De Gae isn’t Van Der Saar, who won United theleague btw. They may have won, but tough times for them and Chelsea too.

    C’mon you Gunners, and lets have a bit hope Wenger cannot afford to be as stubborn or clueless anymore.

  107. Baafuor from Ghana

    We really missed Cesc on Saturday,and we will be missing him even more in the coming weeks.
    And RvP’s body language on Saturday was not good.He clearly was missing Cesc.

  108. Nick

    I also think chezney has made an impact comanding and confident, look at how much united paid for “the gay” on the weekends form I know who I would rather.

  109. Yandi

    Lets hope Wenger listens and finally makes the signings we need.

  110. LAzer

    Actually I think Ramsey fits better further forward than Jack right now. He has a better shot on him no doubt.

    Frimpong, Jack, Ramsey are the future in mid. Mata plays down the wing along with Gervinho. Walcott and Arshavin as backup or whoever is in better form/uninjured. Still leaves a void for a proper striker imo. Rvp is Rvp but when he isn’t there we will have issues. If we add Cahill I think we are covered.

    leaves Miyachi and Cambell to be x-factors.

  111. goonergerry

    You are right about one thing but one thing only- Fabregas and Nasri have been a cancer at this club who lacked commitment and needed to leave. It doesnt take a lot of skill to sell your best players for less than they are worth- or to bolster your rivals in the EPL. We knew Fabregas and Nasri wanted to leave at least 6-12 months ago- I dont care about them- they are history. In order for your optimism to be more than another empty wish list- there needs to be some substance- some evidence of the clubs ability to bring in players other than kids and unknowns who have never played at this level before. There is none. Its sad but true. We have to get used to the idea- the club will never buy big- just talk big.