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We have much to race through this morning. I had a good convo about the club with a few people close to the action yesterday and without getting anything majorly exclusive, I might have some little insights that’ll help ease you into Monday morning with a smile.

Last night saw the departure of rotten egg that’s been stinking out our summer. Cesc leaves (my tribute here) for a fee closer to £40mill than the originally mooted £29mill, in a humorous twist, some of the fee went to Barca as a sell on! Don’t believe the inevitable Barca stories that they picked him up for £16.50 and an pint of orange juice. Samir will hopefully move on this week, it’d be nice to get a part ex deal going, though I doubt that will happen.

So we head into the Udinese game on Tuesday a touch worried. The fans aren’t too interested either with the match going on general sale. The club are as nervous as we are about the game and the team has apparently never been flatter going into a season. Wenger is looking ill for a reason, he’s stressed out of his mind. Losing his two best players was a shock to the system. I think he believed in his waning miracle persuasion powers this summer. The ones that kept Paddy and Henry with us for so long. Sadly, they failed him.

However, this isn’t the time to sulk. Tickets for major September games have gone out to red membership, this was previously unheard of. Box tickets are being broken out into £6000 individual seats because they didn’t sell them all. The club exchange is packed with tickets from fans who are picking and choosing their games.

Ivan will be communicating this to Wenger. In my opinion, if Wenger chooses to roll with this squad without bolstering and it goes down the toilet, he won’t last till Christmas. Chants like the one the away fans have been singing will become contagious, and as Gazidis said, Wenger is accountable to the fans.

(Just a thought, but if he is intent on sticking with project youth against the wishes of everyone, why not stick a performance related break in his contract? If you fall outside the top 6, you can leave next summer without us having to pay out £21mill in fees. See how much faith he has then!)

Arsenal are apparently renegotiating deals with Nike now, I also believe we’re in negotiations about the shirt sponsor as well. You’ll never get a better deal with those two if your team can’t draw a home crowd.

Basically, Wenger needs to show some intent. He’ll bring in the best part of £60mill for Nasri and Cesc, he has £7mill for Clichy, he’ll have £4mill for Eboue and £10mill for Bendtner. Minus the fee for AOC which I was told was 5-6mill with add ons that if triggered would mean we had a player and a half our hands, Jenkinson £1.5mill and £12mill Gervinho…  That gives us £100mill (factoring the £40mill we already had) to play with. Substantial even for an Oligarch.

That cash serves no purpose sitting in the bank. Unless of course Arsenal plan on giving dividends (Geoff would be pleased)?

If Arsene shows intent, the fans will get off his back, the players will get an injection of confidence and there will be a bit of buzz about the ground. Kenny hasn’t bought world-class players in, but he’s bought back the belief to Liverpool. That’s after flogging Torres.

We can do the same. If he brings in Jadson and Mata, we’ve bought two players who can sit in the hole behind Robin. Not sure how good the Brazilian is but he’s got a Brazil cap and Eastern Europe isn’t the worst league. Rumour has it we’ll take the Cahill transfer as close to the line as possible while our defence is relatively stable. We could pick up him for £12mill and that would give us a good back 4. The feeling still is that Kozzer is a good player and I’m on that thought train. I’ve also been told Squillaci isn’t the sort to hang around if he’s surplus, he’d rather play football so don’t be surprised to see him slip out the back door to PSG (or someone like that) if we sign a centre back. Almunia should follow suit.

Next in we’ll need a top quality striker in and I’m talking top quality. Benzema is still at Madrid but so was an insistent RvDV last year. If they sign Llorente or someone expensive like that, we could make a move that would get the whole club going!

Gervinho and Chamakh aren’t sharp enough to fill in for Robin at the moment which is a worry for Tuesday. I think Wenger is settling for Alex Song, Frimpong and Diaby in that holding role, bad luck there. The other bit of good news is that Ryo is supposedly impressing everyone in training, when he’s let loose, he’ll cause some damage. That’s real pace we have off the bench and generally speaking, playing wide is one position you can get away with little experience.

So there you have it. Implement those changes, most or which look to be in the pipeline or under consideration and you’d have to say, we’d be contenders. We’re clearing almost 600k off the weekly wage bill and redistributing it to players who will make a difference to the team, the commercials and the managers longevity.

What about another positive? How about key learnings from the weekend? Chelsea looked ok but lacked any punch. United looked awful, Rio is out for 6 weeks with a hammy, at his age that could easily be 8 to 10. Vidic is injured as is Rafael. As for the keeper? Well jeez, I heard he weighed 9.5 stone, and judging how he was bullied by slight players like Shane Long that numbers wouldn’t surprise me. He let a soft goal in and he’s poor at commanding his area. Compare him to our monster and the difference is clear! Liverpool played a lot better than I’ve seen in a while but they still lack overall squad quality and Carragher is an issue they haven’t solved.

The league is there or the taking again, some smart moves and a bit of luck and we could be contending. Inaction and belief in the squad is not an option. Internal recruitment cannot be permitted, if we continue down the path we are it could end in a disastrous way and in my opinion, no vision as pure and naive as Wenger’s deserves that treatment.

End it on a high Arsene, then we’ll sell the script rights to Hollywood and roll out a film called Mental Strength… Though it has to be said, I can’t promise I’ll see it (get the reference? No? Ok… ignore that joke and move on).

Have a great day Grover’s match preview tomorrow!

Oh, and no creeping up Cesc’s back passage on Twitter, or his little sister. Man up and unfollow, he’s dead to us now.

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  1. Rohan

    “Zeus – Don’t apologise, the Le Grove way is to be even more stubborn with your point and twist it until you get it right.

    ha, brilliant

  2. Ricky

    That auclair interview was a good listen!

    Nasri is nothing but a selfish little bitch out to earn an extra buck or two..

    No wonder a lot of the french players did’nt like him. If he wanted to see what wenger was gonna be doing in the transfer market then he shoulda made that clear from the start.

  3. GoonerPress

    Arsène Wenger believes the fee for Cesc Fabregas would have been higher if he had been sold on the “open market”.

    The former Arsenal captain left for Barcelona on Monday in a deal reportedly worth around £35million. Wenger says that the Club held out for as long as it could to get the best possible fee for the midfielder but admits that Fabregas’ refusal to consider other destinations kept the price down.

    “If he was on the market to any club we would have got more money but we did want to get a decent fee,” said Wenger. “That’s what I’m paid for.

    “You cannot say because you want to get the deal done as quickly as possible: ‘Just take him and give us what you want’. You have to fight for your rights.

    “If Cesc is for sale and you can make an auction between Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester City, you will certainly get more money, but he just wanted to go to Barcelona.

    “We didn’t even try [to encourage other clubs to bid] because we did not want to sell the player. Our desire was to keep the player.”

    Fabregas was fulsome in his praise for Wenger when he faced the media in Barcelona on Monday. His former manager repaid the compliment when he spoke to reporters back in London.

    “Cesc has given us eight years and it was a pleasure to work with him on a daily basis,” said Wenger.

    “It was a pleasure to watch him – every day – to play football. And I’m sure it was a pleasure for you as well to watch him play. So that’s part of life. Maybe he will come back one day to the Club, you never know.”

  4. incesc

    look sneijder is on huge money, its why man u wont sign him.

    forget about it.

    i dont get why we dont have a punt on modric, berbatov, gourcuff, mata or even van der vart.

    we have probably over a 100 million to spend

  5. Yandi


    Yes, very noticeable that. He looks bloody awful nowadays. A man in need of the easy life at a retirement home, with a nurse by his side. His behaviour is erratic, he’s delusional, also showing signs of going senile, turning into a pathological liar and is just a fucking twat in general. For his health and overall mental state, he should just resign. Wenger and Arsenal FC both need new beginnings.

  6. BacaryisGod

    We have 25 players in the squad right now, and none of them look like leaving at this point. This already includes 4 new arrivals (Gervinho, Jenkinson, Chamberlain and Campbell) and 4 players who missed most of last season for various reasons (Vermaelen, Ramsey, Frimpong, Miyaichi and Traore).

    Szczesny, Fabianski, Mannone
    Sagna, Jenkinson, Gibbs, Traore, Vermaelen, Koscielny,, Djourou, Squillaci,
    Song, Frimpong, Diaby, Wilshere, Ramsey, Rosicky
    Arshavin, Gervinho, Miyaichi, Chamberlain
    Van Persie, Chamakh, Walcott, Campbell

    The dark clouds are:

    1) First choice XI is way down from last season with Cesc and Nasri gone (and arguably Clichy too)

    2) Depending on too many fragile, frequently injured players on the books (Rosicky, Diaby, Gibbs,Walcott, Van Persie, and that’s not including the unfortunate Ramsey). We can assume at least 5 of the squad will miss large parts of the season.

    3) Squillaci is tragically doomed as an Arsenal player, much in the mould of Cygan. The difference with Squillaci is that he checked many of the boxes that fans were looking for (Experienced International, years of top flight (Serie A). He simply got found out in this league.

    The silver linings are:

    1) Eboue, Bendtner and Denilson have all been handled and won’t be in the squad. I still rate Bendtner as a talent, but he really had to go.

    2) We have cash. Lots of it. Spurs will need to offload Modric to spend serious money and Liverpool have already overspent. Breaking out the checkbook for two first-team regulars will tip the balance in our favour, at least as far as keeping on to the 4th spot.

    Jagielka or Cahill would be a good start.

  7. zeus


    Ha. Thats it. Looter in a riot. Only Swansea but it bodes well for him.

    Auclair throws out 3 names at the end of that interview: Sneijder, Mata and who?

  8. Ricky

    It’s sad looking at those pics on Just looking at all those players wondering what happend……

    Vela, jenkinson, bedntner, walcott, etc etc… Remember the days when you’d get that good feeling inside whenever you see the likes of vieira, henry, campbell, pires, bergkamp, freddie, list goes on..

    Now, apart from van persie, vermaelen & maybe wilshere no other players have that sort of pressence.

  9. Keyser

    Of course it bodes well you see the size of his thighs, but it’s a lot different to Atletico, though if he links up well with Silva and the rest it could be easier. Instead of scoring whenever he likes, he now has to score when it matters if Citeh want to go right to the top.

  10. Keyser

    Remember the days when you were shit scared of Parma or Sampdoria not knowing what’d happen, it’s fun to relive them with Udinese.

  11. incesc

    dont know if its fun keyser,

    more like fucking annoying that hes let us be in this uncertainty.

    we barely have a team to put out there.

  12. zeus

    But in an e-mail to Arsenal supporters, Wenger has insisted large transfer fees are not a stumbling block for his side but has reiterated the player’s fee must reflect his ability.

    “The transfer window is still open and we are not scared to spend money if we find the right player,” said Wenger.

    “If it is for £2 million or £20 million we will do it if he adds quality to our squad. We have all our scouts all over the world and we look everywhere.


  13. Ricky

    sagna kosielny vermaelen gibbs

    ramsey song rosicky

    walcott arshavin gervinho

    Subs: vito, squillaci, frimpong, oxo, vela.

    Yh i know, sad.

  14. OPG

    Yes the ‘Messiah’ might play but is allowed to leave except it seems not many ‘big’ clubs can afford him and his wages.

  15. Rhyle

    How does non-existant money make the deal worth more? Surely Cesc waiving his £4m bonus just makes the deal worth £35m instead of £31m?

  16. Max

    Lille striker Moussa Sow wants to join up with former strike partner Gervinho and sign for Arsenal.

    The Senegalese forward topped the scoring charts in Ligue 1 last season with 25 goals as Lille claimed the domestic double last season.

    While Gervinho’s form attracted Arsenal, Sow is hoping to catch the attention of the north Londoners as well.

    “I want to play at Arsenal,” he said. “I think my game is best suited to the Premier League.

    “It is my dream and I want to be playing Champions League football”

    Haven’t seen much of him, but would prefer him over Chamakh and Bendy when RVP eventually gets injured. Will also be off for the ACN though. But at least he is a proven goalscorer, unlike Chamakh. And it seems he wants to come here….

  17. OPG

    “We will try [to buy] but let’s not forget that we have brought players in. I have Carl Jenkinson, we have bought Gervinho in, we have bought Joel Campbell in, we have brought Ryo Miyaichi in and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. You do not know them very well yet but they are all quality players.”

    Yea most of them are unproven kids though.

  18. Jerry

    OPG, it’s that quote that worries me the most, not exactly the statement of intent required just now and certainly not one of a “big club”. Now I appreciate he’s got to big up the new arrivals but “trying” to buy just aint good enough, it’s weak.

    The man’s lost it for sure.

  19. Dick (aka Willy)


    Hey everyone. Regular posters here will know I post on here sporadically, and try to refrain from posting unless I have anything meaningful to contribute. All other times I prefer to read the blog posts and the comments.

    However, I just met a VERY senior Arsenal source at a private dinner and have some quite interesting info I think I should share with you.

    If you’re hoping I’m going to tell you we’re signing Benzema, Sneijder and Gogo Power-Ranger, then you’ll be disappointed. However, if you’re looking for a little truly inside knowledge to ease the negativity (it certainly eased a few of my feelings toward Wenger) then it’s worth reading on.

    Without going into too much detail and giving away who it was (this person answered the questions of a concerned Arsenal fan in good faith and I shouldn’t abuse that gesture) but I was amazed at how open they were considering this person is, in part, a key decision maker in the club.

    So much was said it all feels like a blur but here is the gist of what I remember most prominently:

    Wenger apparently knew Cesc was at a crossroads and had known this since May when Cesc told him that whilst last season he was “50/50” about returning to Barca, this season he was almost certain it was right for him to go home. Wenger put this down to Cesc being out of the team for most of the season’s end and even used Thierry Henry’s last season at Arsenal – where he became distanced and even a tad alienated from the team from being out for so long – that he would of course be feeling more in favour of Barca than Arsenal. Wenger told Cesc he thought he should think about it a little longer but said that if Cesc was 100% sure he wanted to leave, he would sell him. It was Cesc’s decision to take extended time to reflect on what he wanted to do, and given that he was captain the board agreed to leave any decision until Cesc had made his choice. Whether Cesc did this so that he could wait and see if Arsenal signed anyone, no one knows. All that is known is that Wenger said he needed a decision by the time they came back for pre-season. Cesc returned, said he wanted to go and it was from that point real negotiations with Barca started. Arsenal then had the chance to sell Cesc at the beginning of July – and would have done – but the biggest sticking point, more than the fee, was that Barca were not willing to even consider offering Arsenal a first-refusal or sell-on fee for Cesc. Arsenal told Barca that any negotiation would HAVE to include this and if they weren’t willing to consider it, to not bother making a renewed bid (apparently we were very blunt about it too!)
    Barca thought this was Arsenal’s way of making them bid more so they returned with a marginally improved offer, yet still wouldn’t consider the first-refusal or sell-on clause. The ONLY reason this saga dragged on this long was that Arsenal were convinced Barca would not agree to this and thus no deal would be done. Cesc was told of the situation and what Arsenal had asked, and it was only when Cesc himself intervened, telling Barca that if he one day left Barca, there would only be one club he would ever want to go back to, and that was Arsenal. As a result, Barca agreed. The 200M Euro buyout clause that has since been inserted into Cesc’s contract is a legal requirement in Spanish football and can be set at whatever they want. Therefore it’s almost a technicality. A gentlemen’s agreement has been put in place between Arsenal and Barcelona to say that if at any time during Cesc’s time at Barca he isn’t getting in the team and decides he wants to return to England, Arsenal not only have first refusal, but we would only have to pay what Barca have paid us so far. Obviously, that would only be influenced by the desire of the player, but such an agreement has been agreed by all parties.

    I have to say, I was slightly buoyed by this to hear that Fabregas had been so vocal and got involved in these negotiations to ensure Arsenal were given this option. In many ways it protects him too from being sold to whoever Barca choose should, in the unlikely event, his move not work out. But nevertheless, a player doesn’t usually get involved in this, but he did.

    The rumours of Wenger having a bust-up with Nasri on a plane are vastly out-of-proportion. They had a private chat whilst on the flight about Nasri’s contract situation, after which Nasri got up and walked back to his seat at the end of the plane. Wenger then summoned Nasri back for more discussions later on in the flight and this is where the club believe that the stories surfaced from. The overall word on Nasri is this: he feels he has backed himself into a corner by agitating for a move, similar to Adebayor. He concedes he’s done wrong but fears he’s lost the fans. Apparently Nasri’s agent has angered Arsenal so much that Arsenal have recommended Nasri change agents as they have such difficulty dealing with him. Nasri’s agent is also the same agent who scuppered Arsenal’s deal for Ribery (before he joined Bayern) by reneging on a deal brokered between Arsenal and Ribery’s previous agent. The chants at the weekend haven’t helped the situation but Nasri himself hasn’t ruled out staying at the club. The other factor in the equation is that Nasri has told his agent that any move to Man City will be dependent on him being given a central role in the team – something Man City aren’t able to guarantee him. He’s told Wenger he wants to play centrally in Cesc’s role and Wenger is apparently open to this but has refused to give Nasri an extended run in the team in Cesc’s position until he signs a new contract. If Nasri signs on with Arsnel, Wenger will sign another winger to replace Nasri’s position, then deploy Nasri in Cesc’s role. If he doesn’t sign, Wenger will buy a winger to replace Nasri and a central creative midfielder to replace Cesc.

    I was assured that Arsenal have come very close on numerous deals this summer, the Mata deal being one of them. The whole release-clause story is a bit of a smokescreen and not as straight-forward as many newspaper reports have suggested. Wenger DOES have a target list that sits with board. I wasn’t told names but they are still working away on those targets and the club anticipate at least two, but most likely three new signings before the window closes.

    Arsene feels extremely let down by some of the player’s loyalties to Arsenal. A discussion took place between Kroenke, Wenger and the board in which the club’s whole transfer policy was raised. But (and this did surprise me) apparently the one that Wenger was really annoyed about was Clichy. Even though he broke off contract negotiations Wenger was convinced this was about money. The source didn’t want to give specific figures (which is understandable) but Clichy’s wages were considerably lower than the likes of Fabregas and RVP, and considering Clichy (who last season nearly signed for Juventus) was officially our longest-serving player, Wenger thought this was the reason behind him dragging out negotiations, to get the best deal. But when Clichy told him it was because he wanted a change of scenery, Wenger was shocked and told Clichy he felt he was being ungrateful to the club. Liverpool were first to express their interest but Clichy wasn’t interested in going there. When Man City expressed an interest Clichy wanted to go because he was always close with Kolo Toure and felt he needed a fresh start after two years of bad form (Clichy supposedly knew more than anyone that he was playing badly).

    Wenger DOES drill the defence in training! I never thought they did, but they apparently do. They have a whole defensive unit of the coaching staff who deal with this. The perceived problem in the eyes of Arsenal’s coaching staff is that not enough of our current defenders attack the ball, and Wenger has made it his priority to buy a defender who is aerially aggressive.

    This was the most surprising of all – a lot of the board think Hill-Wood was out of order for making the comments he did and Kroenke made it clear to Hill-Wood. The problem with PHW is that he’s part of the furniture at Arsenal given that his family have had such a lengthy association with Arsenal. He commands a lot of respect but his views are definitely seen as a little antiquated and he’s tolerated more than anything.

    So all in all, nothing hugely major. But the good news is that signings ARE coming. The other positive I took from the conversation was that there is a REAL, genuine confidence in Wenger. I have to say, i’ve been quite critical of him recently. I’ve called him all kinds of names. I’ve even called for him to be sacked. But actually, when you sit with someone from the club and hear what they have to say about him, you can’t help but think that maybe there is a little bit too much negativity around Wenger at the moment that isn’t deserved. I am going to give him literally one last chance to change. He’s been told “you can spend as much as you like to make the team competitive”. Surely that is too tempting a proposition, even for Wenger? I believe inside knowledge over newspaper folly any day. I am ready to believe in Arsenal again…

  20. incesc

    interesting stuff willy

    i guess actions speak louder than words now

    your not employed by the club by any chance?


  21. Man

    …that post smells of Gazidis. So everyone smells of roses except the irrelevant PHW.
    Frankly, I don’t mind as long as we sign players and we become competitive again. The post is quite right in that Nasri might earn big bucks at City but he’ll be a squad player there

    Good morning

  22. gnarleygeorge9

    I really hope Nascar stays, & judging from what Dick/Willy provided it sounds like he just might. I guess the results against Udinese may go a long way to solving this.

    But hey, cheer up everyone. The draw with the Gordies isn’t too bad IMHO. Gervinho, etc got into positions to score and/or pass off for an assist on numerous occasions but didn’t. But Arsenal will get better.

  23. Rohan

    I used to work in a restaurant near to where we live. One weekend I was bored at work and as a joke asked the manager if he could make anyone interesting come in. About an hour later, I came out of the kitchen and nearly dropped the plates I was carrying when I saw Cesc Fabregas sitting at a table with Danny Karbassiyoon. I talked to them for a little while and told them I was going to the AC Milan match away the next month. Cesc responded (and I quote!) “Wow, big fan!” Biggest compliment ever!

    After telling them that I had been at the match earlier that day (and read an interview with Danny in the programme), Cesc asked: “Have you got your shirt on you? I will sign it for you if you have.”

    We continued talking and he asked my age. When I told him I was 16, he replied “Oh, I thought you were older!”… I deeply regretted telling him the truth.

    Next time, a few weeks later, he came in with his girlfriend. Being the good guy he is, the first thing he said to me was “Do you have your shirt on you? There’s some more of us coming so if you bring it down we will all sign it for you” as I had been too busy with other tables to get it signed the previous weekend. My nerves tripled not knowing which other Gooners might be coming in!

    A little while later, “the others” arrived. In came Gael Clichy and his girlfriend, Bacary Sagna and his wife (who is the loveliest WAG in the world), Lukasz Fabianski and his manbag, and Philippe Senderos.

    Towards the end of the meal Cesc reminded me about the shirt. Our bouncers took them out the back so they could sign it without being bothered by anyone. After they had all signed it, we noticed there was a note on the staff noticeboard saying “I want to make love to Lukasz.” All eyes shot back to me and I had to explain that it was actually my joker of a friend Tyler who had written it and not me. Clich’ took a photo of it on his phone and they all found it hilarious.

    A few weeks later, the day after Eduardo had his leg smashed to smithereens by the lummox that is Martin Taylor, we were in a café near us. First to notice Cesc was my Mum who went “Yoohoo! Cesc!” Luckily he didn’t hear.

    I went off to the loo and came back to find my Dad happily chatting away to Cesc (who was with Philippe Senderos). As I went over, Cesc went “Oh hi, how are you!” If I had have died that day, my life would have already felt complete at 16. Cesc Fabregas knew who I was!

    I’d be a Gooner anyway, as nothing else is allowed in my house, but it really does help to know that our boys are as brilliant human beings as they are footballers. (EVIE, LONDON)

    Ev’s shirt
    ~ ~ ~

    And on that note, I think it’s time to confess to you that Bacary Sagna is me and Evie’s favourite. Sure, I won’t hear a bad word said about Nicklas and Evie is besotted with Cesc but really, it’s Bac that we adore.

    It’s one thing for someone to be polite to a waitress, but it’s another for him to be polite to her Dad! Last year on my birthday weekend, we decided to drop into the place we both worked after dinner, parents in tow. As we walked in, Bac and his wife Ludivine, regulars at the restaurant, were walking out. Dutifully, Evie introduced the parents and Dad even got chatting away to Ludivine about the baby (she was about 8 months pregnant at this point). Patiently, in heels, she then proceeded to wait around while Dad spoke to Bac about the upcoming Roma match. When Bac heard that we were going, he promised to give his shirt from the match to him.

    So, you can imagine Dad’s disappointment when, after the uselessness of the game that was Roma away and then the subsequent penalty shoot-out, the boys all threw their shirts into the crowd! Nowhere near us!

    A few weeks later, Evie was back at work. It was about 1am and in walked Bacary Sagna in his full training gear, just back from the Newcastle away game. Yes, he had remembered, and yes he had a signed shirt ready for our dad. What a guy!

  24. BacaryisGod

    If Frimpong and Song are both at the ACN (although I’m not sure if Song patched up his spat yet with the Cameroon Football Federation) then the best guess is that we would see Wilshere, Diaby or Ramsey drop into the holding role and possibly even Djourou (although we saw how good his distribution is on Saturday from a midfield position). If we are sticking with a 3 man central midfield then Rosicky or Arshavin would probably play in the hole behind RVP and Ramsey, Wilshere or Diaby would take the other 2 positions.

  25. zeus

    No idea who is awake, but championship manager time.

    Realistically who would excite and potentially get.

    Sneijder, Mertsersacher, who?

  26. Burny

    Cahill for a start, then as it’s fantasy time, Hamsik to ease the passing of Cesc and then Cavani/Pato up front.

  27. alan b'stard M P

    Gervinho has lost me already. Slaps like a girl. In round 2 I hope Barton strangles the fairy on the spot. At least then the red card is worth it

    I hope you all aren’t expecting any talent transferred in

    Expecting Wenger to bring in talent is a form of fantasy football

  28. observer

    let-downs, enormous let-downs – to be precise, are reasons for assassinations. i wish i not just had the anger and agony of a crusader but also had balls like them. source of a malaise/disease/suffering should be better executed than attempted to get corrected. I wish there was a crazy Gunner fan who goes and pulls the trigger on Wenger.


    For me, Wenger is dead. Operating from hell under the blessings of devils at the Arsenal board.

  29. Evan

    Joey barton has escaped agressively strangling Gervinho, another sign of the FA being fuckups. Na na na na na na na Nasri your cunt your a cunt brilliant banter.

    Tonight we lose and not one person here would be suprised

    P.S Bendtner is back in the squad and according to the insane prick “he is looking sharp in training”

  30. LAzer

    We are not going to sign anyone.

    Btw Cesc talking about his repetitive letdown at Arsenal says quite a bit, about him AND the ze mental strength. Obviously Arsene goes on about it because the boys lack it. When that sort of an attitude sets in, where you expect to lose first, things like the Carling Cup happen.

    God help Arsenal FC because certainly the management and the players are not doing it justice.

  31. Geoff

    Morning all, if you are happy with the way Arsenal is run like Wenger says you should be, then don’t read my post.

    New post!