We’ve lost Cesc Fabregas, we’ve lost Cesc Fabregas

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Sad times… One of the most talented players to throw on an Arsenal shirt looks set to leave after one of the longest transfer drama’s since Nik Anelka, Ashley Cole or Chamakh!

A part of me is relieved. Relieved because this forces Wenger into a corner. He needs a total rethink about how we play. I think we’ve tried to build about three systems around Cesc, all have failed for one reason or the other. Now it’s time to revert back to good old fashioned power, pace and aggression.

Now it’s time to bring in a captain who sees the arm band as something more than a CV diamond. We can choose someone who can lift the team, maintain high standards on and off the pitch and stay with us for a decent period of time. If Robin won’t sign an extension, give it to Vermaelen… Simple as that, no messing around bribing non-committal players.

Ask yourself this… How many Captains have Chelsea and United had over the last few years? There’s something in that…

Wenger has to buy, Dan Roan from the BBC says he’s been told all the funds will be reinvested. Good job, they need to be to prevent a fan revolt. Buying a centre back we had the money for all summer won’t suffice. Buying Mata alone will also not satisfy, he was coming before he was deemed a replacement.

I’m pretty annoyed the best we could get for our captain is 6mill less up front than Newcastle got for Andy Carroll. That’s a poor deal for a player who will no doubt win the Balon D’or at some point.

Still, if we spend that plus the money we land for Nasri and actually end up with a more dynamic and hungry team we might surprise a few people.

We’re struggling for bodies at the moment. Jack Wilshere looks set to miss the opening two games, Aaron Ramsey picked up a calf injury for Wales and we’ve probably lost our two best players. It’s maddening that the board knew they’d end up bending over to Barca and instead of buying in replacements before the world knew we had a war chest bigger than Americas cash reserve… We’ve waited until after.

Lots of names are being thrown about. None are floating my boat. An injury prone Japanese player from Dortmund. A Marseille creator I’ve never seen. Eden Hazard again! We’re basically trying to replace Megan Fox at the Barnsely Tuesday night Fat Busters Club. I have no idea what Giltube and Wenger have up their sleeves…

Out of all this, always remember one thing, Arsenal are bigger than any player. We were great before Cesc arrived, we’ll be great after… He’ll never have the adulation he’s had at Arsenal, he’s a commodity now… One of many… We’ll work it out soon enough and hopefully when the Barca bubble bursts, we’ll be there to take over.

Blind faith? Absolutely…

So… Who makes sense to you? How do you feel about Cesc? Do you think Arsene can rescue this?

As always, let us know in the comments!

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  1. Evan

    I think that its criminal not to have a striker in the box for a corner, Not one player can score from a freekick, this was evident in preseason when Song decided to have a pop.

  2. gambon

    Anyone read Steven Howard this morning in the sun?!

    Haha legend, basically accused Wenger of being Senile! He must be a gambonista.

  3. Amit

    the season is about to start in the next 36 hours and officially we still have Cesc and Nasri tied to Arsenal…so basically both Nasri and Cesc if they go will have to pen the deal today itself!

    sky sports had confirmed about a barca new offer yesterday but it never mentioned whether arsenal officials were accepting it…i mean for 35 million pounds I am not sure whether the board will agree to take that low a price…cesc is clearly above 40 million pounds…

    it might also happen that Nasri is allowed to go today as city is a club which can pay all the money asked for up front…I mean Nasri might leave & Cesc to stay after all…

    whole lot of possibilities still…

  4. gambon

    DDM, will put it in the next post.

    Its a fantastic piece of writing, while also completely cunting off Wenger.

  5. wardo

    Was Cesc completely innocent in moving to Arsenal.

    Why do Barca just hate us over this? Cesc wanted to move as well.

    Its like you girlfriend leaves you and shags some other fella for 8 years then says she wants to come back. You wouldn’t blame the other fella and forgive her would you? You’d tell her to f right off…..

  6. WengersSweeties

    Yep – On SSN he’s been accused of losing the plot!

    You just get this strong sense that all this is coming to a sad end for Wenger.

    It is sad but he’s brought all this on himself. It could have been so different.

  7. wardo

    Pedro, why don’t you release today’s post then do a mini post giving us your thoughts on Wenger’s press conf ???

    I know you dont get paid but when I win the Fantasy league, i’ll give you my Ipad mate……

  8. wardo

    WS @ 09:10

    Spot on mate.

    It is very very sad if this is the end for Wenger. He has done loads for Arsenal FC.

    But as you say, HE has brought this all on himself.

    Although, the board haven’t helped have they ?? you know they have a job to do as well!! Wenger has failed Arsenal. The Board have failed the fans……

  9. gambon

    Wenger is a fucking cunt.

    One month ago he said that big clubs dont sell their best players…

    Just now he was asked anout it and said “Well UTD let Ronaldo go, they are a big club”

  10. gambon


    Wenger is asked about replacements and he says “there are 2 markets, one internal & one external”


  11. WengersSweeties

    Utd reinvested in World Class!!

    And anyway, Utd got £80million for Ronaldo! £45million MORE than what we’re get for Cesc!!!

    He’s crazy!

    He’s lost, he has lost complete control of his players and no one believes him anymore.

    Just leave now Arsene!


  12. dennisdamenace

    Twitter Feeds –

    henrywinter Henry Winter
    Wenger: Van Persie and Gibbs test today ‘should be available’. Walcott Vermaelen back in squad #afc

    MirrorDarren Darren Lewis
    “Fabregas not in the squad. Nasri certainly not” #wenger #arsenal #pressconference

    henrywinter Henry Winter
    Fabregas not in #afc squad v #nufc. Wenger will decide later on Nasri (tho unlikely). Adds ‘I expect nobody to leave’. !!

    OliverKayTimes Oliver Kay
    by LeGrove
    Wenger: “Fabregas in the squad. Nasri not certainly in the squad. He has had a sickness. No other issue”

    diggermattscott Matt Scott
    Oh. My. Goodness. “@SamWallaceIndy: Wenger ‘I expect nobody to leave the club’ #afc”

    OliverKayTimes Oliver Kay
    by arseblog
    Wenger: “I expect nobody to leave the club. At the moment there is no news. What we want today is to focus on the players who can help”

    MirrorDarren Darren Lewis
    “I am not the only one working on (transfers), we have a complete team.” #wenger #arsenal

    henrywinter Henry Winter
    Wenger: ‘I have not been disappointed by attitude of Cesc or Nasri. They have been professional’ #afc

    RedArmy49 Red Army
    by arsenal4ever2
    “@rosssarsenal: AW doing what he always does. Does he think we’re that stupid?”

    Gooner_66 Gooner 66
    by arsenal4ever2
    “I expect nobody to leave the club” Shut up with your lies Wenger!!

    MirrorDarren Darren Lewis
    “I have no problem with the attitude of Cesc Fabregas.” #wenger #ohplease

    henrywinter Henry Winter
    Wenger says he has ‘no evidence’ of #mcfc tapping up Nasri. #afc

    samuelj29060 S J C
    by arsenal4ever2
    HAHAHA, Nasri has been “sick”. Wenger, just tell the truth.

    gunnerblog gilbertosilver
    by arsenal4ever2
    AW: Chamberlain has “exceptional quality”. Is that better than “super quality”?

    DarrenArsenal1 Darren
    Wenger ‘I expect nobody to leave the club’ and this Arsene is why the fans think the club treats them like fools

    MirrorDarren Darren Lewis
    “The message we want to give is to have a fully committed team on the pitch. The players not on the pitch cannot give that.”

    arsenalangel sarah clarke
    Has he lost it?

    timpayton tim payton
    Wenger saying he sees nothing wrong in attitude of Cesc & Nasri is an insult to fans paying the highest ticket prices in world football

    BlackScarfAFC Highbury Harold
    Nasri not in the squad for tomorrow because he’s been ill?! My word, Arsene.

    MirrorDarren Darren Lewis
    “Manchester United let Ronaldo go. Do you think they are not a big club?”

    MirrorDarren Darren Lewis
    “I have told you Fabregas and Nasri are not in the squad. I do not understand why the press conference is about them.”

    c_wearne Chris Wearne
    This press conference is more shocking than announcing Cesc and Nasri are leaving.Is AW just old and confused!?! #afc

    henrywinter Henry Winter
    Wenger keeps stressing he wants players ‘with commitment’ to play for #afc. Says #afc still a big club. Impressively calm despite issues

    arsenalangel sarah clarke
    No matter the talent involved this is not good for the team, the fans or Wenger

    MirrorDarren Darren Lewis
    “There are 2 markets. One internal and one external. The one internal is the promotion of young players.” #wenger #ohdear

    JamieDalton82 Jamie Dalton
    by arsenal4ever2
    Wenger is a little bit of an embarrasment now – as well as insulting fans intelligence. Unbelievable.

    DarrenArsenal1 Darren
    For Arsene to say that he sees nothing wrong in Nasri and Cesc attitude is an utter contemptible loyalty to players and insult to fans

    henrywinter Henry Winter
    Van Persie captain v #nufc. Wenger denies Cesc on strike. #afc

    ashburton_grove Ashburton Grove
    by arsenal4ever2
    Wenger on signing players: “It’s not as easy as people think it is.” –> That’s cos we make it difficult because we want to save a few £m.

    rosssarsenal Ross Anderson
    by arsenal4ever2
    Nasri plays 3/4 of a game for France in midweek but conveniently has sickness. Dear oh dear.

    MirrorDarren Darren Lewis
    “Cesc is not on strike. He is not match fit. I do not want to go into anything else.”

    MirrorDarren Darren Lewis
    “I am not here to talk about how great I am. I am here to give my best for the club.”

    samuelruback Samuel Ruback
    by DarrenArsenal1
    Press conference a complete waste of time. May as well have sent Gunnesaurus

    arsenearound Arsene Around
    by diggermattscott
    @arseblog @diggermattscott @arsenearound @tianuk No one leaving?! The boss is turning into Comical Ali from Gulf War II. This is upsetting.

    DarrenArsenal1 Darren
    Arsene “Van Persie will be the captain tomorrow.” Long term? “I have not thought about that.” Amazing just Amazing

    timpayton tim payton
    House, House! Everyone won Arsenal bingo. We’ve already burst off the scale. Completed with ‘we are a young team who can only get better’

    DarrenArsenal1 Darren
    So the head of Arsenal Pravda proves once again that he speaks with forked tongue and wonders why people laugh at the club now

    OliverKayTimes Oliver Kay
    by arseblog
    Wenger: “At the moment we have too big a squad. We are not in a position where we are short of players”

    ashburton_grove Ashburton Grove
    by arsenal4ever2
    Wenger: “We are all replaceable…you do not want to lose big players..you fight to keep them.” (Sell the pair for £60m and replace)

    DarrenArsenal1 Darren
    Wenger: “At the moment we have too big a squad. We are not in a position where we are short of players” Honestly now I’m just laughing

    raunyoubeauty Raun Anand
    by arsenal4ever2
    Shocking. Give us some clarity, Arsene. Shambolic presser.

  13. CFM

    Love that Arsene Wenger drew comparisons with the saga that saw Ronaldo leave United. Clear difference, Manchester United still had a winning manager, players of the calibre of Rooney, Vidic, Scholes and Giggs as well as upcoming Nani (much as we all hate him).

    Fabregas and Nasri leaving sees Arsenal put all the emphasis on Robin Van Persie and possibly Gervinho. Mata could come in but he’s closer to Nasri than Fabregas. Arsenal needed to build, not lose two of their three best players. How can you possibly push on to win the league?

    Looks like Liverpool didn’t need to spend all that money to match squads of the top four this summer as Arsenal were going to decline anyway. 5th this season followed by a year of European football on a thursday night!

  14. Iyasu

    So Wenger sees nothing “wrong” with the attitudes of fabregas and Nasri…..

    so Wenger says he sees “nobody leaving the club”……

    So Wenger thinks selling clichy–FOR PEANUT CHANGE!!– and becoming man shitys feeder club is OK……..


    So another summer of bickering with broke barca over a HUGELY OVERRATED PLAYER, signing unknown, unproven players on the cheap and YET MORE INVESTMENT IN YOUTH AND NOT EXPERIENCE OR CLASS……..

    So how much longer do we continue to “TRUST IN ARSENE?”………

    So SICKENING!!!!