Two news signings in two days | Blind faith time for Arsenal fans

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Nice wings...

Two new signings in two days. You’ve gotta love that, as Geoff said yesterday we’re now the ‘wing kings of Europe’… We’re not the Gunners, we’re Top Guns… Bring back JET and Cruise and we’ve got ourselves a party!

Ryo Miyachi landed a permit yesterday for special talent. Great news, Wenger clearly aware that last year we lacked pace going forward. Chamberlain certainly has speed to burn, I’m just not to sure expecting those two to give us a winning edge this year is fair… rumour has it Southampton expect to earn their add ons in year one of the deal, so we either set the triggers low or he’ll be seeing a lot of first team action. He’s been saying he’d like to be the new Zola. Short, ugly and playing for Chelsea? I hope not… let’s hope he’s got a bit of the magician in him.

The other big news this morning is that Cesc and Nasri are in our Champions League squad. If they play, they’re cup tied and less likely to move. As I’ve said all summer… One can leave and we can cope, if two leave that’s a disaster on the playing front and the team morale front. At this late stage, there is no one who can replace what Cesc does… certainly not anyone younger than 20.

Mata would be a great buy, a Cesc / Nasri hybrid from what I’ve seen. With Man City rumoured to be gearing up to sign Nasri, we could be on the verge of getting the best outcome. Though if Cesc stays, he should be relieved of Captain duties and benched until he comes back with the right attitude. Maybe sent to the footballing naughty step, or spanked with a Copa Mundial.

The season is edging ever nearer, still no sign of a centre back… Which you’d have to say is messing up both Bolton and Arsenal’s preparation. Bolton can’t afford to keep Cahill on this season, Arsenal can’t afford to keep messing around, so in my view, Bolton should just hand him over gift wrapped pretty sharpish.

I still can’t quite believe that the extent of our summer transfer business is one player over the age of 19 who doesn’t play in defence. I still can’t believe that after all the young player disappointments we’ve had, some Arsenal fans are rejoicing over two more children being added to our squad… what you gonna do eh?

It’s getting pretty close to that point where blind faith starts kicking in, that point where I start believing that between Jack and Ramsey, they can give us 15 goals and 25 assists. Where I start to think that Benik Afobe can be a genuine 3rd choice striker who can offer us something different, that Chamakh will take a hit of confidence and Robin will stay fit for 80% of the season. Most of my blind faith will go on the defence though… JD and Kozzer were a pretty mean pairing for large parts of last season. I’m hoping that Thomas Vermaelen can add statistics to his great presence this season. I’m hoping that with a good keeper behind him and the monkey off his back (Gallas), he can dominate that defence and show us what it is to lead from the back.

If we keep Cesc, this season will be no good for him heading into the Euro’s if he’s not on top form. He’ll be 24 this year, he doesn’t want to be warming the Spanish bench again and he certainly doesn’t want to be handing over his super sub spot to Alcantara. If he stays, this season is massive for him. If he wants Barca to buy him, sulking isn’t the way to make Barca up the fee… playing like a hero is. If you’re in a bar and you want to best looking bird in their to take notice, you don’t act all mopey and desperate.You bust out your football kit and play a 30 yard pass into the DJ booth to rapturous applause. Cesc needs to remember that when London isn’t being looted and set on fire by rioters, it’s the best city in the world… things could be far worse, you could have just been part of the group that looted Primark in Romford… the shame.

Have a great day Grover’s and let us know how you think the strongest line up will look this season!

P.S. Nik B looks like he’s making for the exit door, read my tribute to at the Sabotage Times.

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636 Responses to “Two news signings in two days | Blind faith time for Arsenal fans”

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  1. Santos

    What has Wenger said again that made you infuriated?

    I heard somewhere that we were finalising the deal to sign scott Dann. Meh.
    I am gutted we are losing Cesc >:0 >:0

  2. incesc




    massive meh






    massive meh


    huge double meh


    meh meh meh

    when we gonna sign a decent player, its been ages.

  3. Lurch LeRouge

    ‘people reproach me for making a profit… Blah blah if I buy older players JW doesn’t get chance to play blah blah’

    Completely deluded geriatric old fool.

    If he was a horse he’d be a pot of glue by now.

  4. Lego

    Read this from a youtube comment by a Feyenoord fan:

    “how many games has he played for Feyernoord? 10-12 and what a difference those games have made, even the danger opposition view Ryo has changed

    First 1-3 games marked by the winger, 4-8 games permanently marked by a fullback and occasionaly by a midfielder/winger but now he has atleast 2-3 players around him at all times.

    If anyone saw the PSV game then it was hillarious how they tried to mark Ryo, fullback, DM, RW. Three players all squeezed on their RM spot

    The difference is how other teams has played against Feyenoord since Ryo came.

    As you mentioned, there are 2, 3 players need to watch his side all the time. As a result, there are so much space on the right side. Although he sometimes seems to stay quiet, it’s really worth it for Feyenoord to keep him on that side. They only lost 2 and tied 2 games out of 11. If they had the same results in the first half season, the team should have been on 1st place throughout the season.”

  5. zeus

    Lurch LeRouge says:
    August 11, 2011 at 01:36
    hate is soooooo yesterday.

    meh is the new hate.

    Hahahahaha. classic. That should be your new catch phrase. Up there with In Wenger We Rust.

  6. Honest Bill

    Fabregas is one of the best midfielders in the world and they are seriously considering letting him go for such a low price?

  7. Northbanker

    Been a while since I was last on

    Quie excited about Oxo but still bed a CB and hope Cahill as well as Dann signed

  8. angeausarsenal

    Its beyond a joke now Bill. Its embarrassing, the management and board of this club are inept at best and criminal at worst, there is no way they will win back the confidence of the fans and players unless there is a complete clearout of Wenger and his yes-men.

  9. Wonderboy

    I don’t care, give the whiny fuckhead away for free. I’d break the fuckers nose as a going away present. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  10. Chop-Suey

    this is without a doubt the most humiliating moment of our club’s recent history

    our own fuckin’ skipper paying a fortune out of his own pocket just to get out. fab you fuckwit never understood what this proud club stands for nor showed the responsibility of captaining a group you disgusting piece of shit

    feeling let down, can’t believe we are bending before those disgusting catalans but right now it really is impossible for him to ever wear the red shirt again

  11. Geoff

    There won’t be though, Wenger does what he wants and no one stops him.

    We need a defence and he buys 2 kids and a winger, he then gives the worst defender we’ve had in our history a pay rise, what happens? Fuck all.

    Then we have a captain who is begging to leave who hasn’t played in one pre season game, and he’s still captain, now I haven’t heard of that in football history, but again, no fucker says a word to him, he’s untouchable.

  12. amit

    We need a massive non-violent movement (protests) outside the Emirates…this is the most embarrassing thing happening to the club, this is outrageous!! If we as fans do nothing and just watch our players being sold day in day out I am afraid we will officially be on a road to become just another club in England…


  13. Geoff

    Amit that’s why I write a blog, if we let Fabregas go for a penny less than £40mil then Wenger is a wimp and Barca’s bitch.

    We should strip him of the arm band, keep him for 2 years then sell him.

    Sell Nasri for £15mil and get De Jong, take it or leave it Shitty, then buy Mata. If they don’t take it then sell him to the highest bidder.

    It’s time to show you are a man Wenger.

    Trouble is he isn’t and we’ll cave in.

  14. dennisdamenace

    Euros or Pounds Sterling, it’s still not enough.

    How piss poor is this management, to be possibly losing Nasri AND Fabregas so late in the transfer window.

    Fucking shocking “management”.

    WTF are the board/owner doing while Wenger overseas this implosion?

  15. dennisdamenace

    Wenger needs to start doing what’s best for Arsenal Football club NOT the fucking individuals.

    Sell Fabregas to the highest bidder, not the fucking club HE wants to go to. If he wants out so badly he’ll go to Real Madrid. If not he can have four fucking years on the bench.

    Grow a pair Wenger you muppet.

    The same with Nasri.

    And, as for not improving the team to give those fucking continual fuckups like Djourou is beyond negligent. How long has Djourou been at the club, 4, 5, 6 years. Flogging a dead horse springs to mind. He ain’t gonna wake up tomorrow morning and suddenly become the World Class, dominant Centre Back we’ve been craving for for FIVE fucking years.

    Like so many others, he’s a fucking error prone crock, again grow a fucking pair Wenger, and manage the situation.

  16. Rohan

    Fuck it. I’m sick of Barca and the transfer sagas.

    They won. They can have him. We should move on. Make van Persie captain.

  17. amit

    geoff, we definitely need more people like you…at least we who support the club from far off places get a platform to raise our voices and put forth what we feel!

    but we need a mass movement guys, I mean look at the way in which united scum reacted when rooney threatened to leave…if we dont unite & protest now we will repent later…inaction is the source of all problems Arsenal is facing today!

  18. Lurch LeRouge


    Yip George I’m smack bang in the middle of it.

    Cheers for asking.

    That said in my city there’s more world class cultural institutions than there are in your whole country so I’ll hardly blink at your patch of sunburnt rusty dust bowl. 🙂

  19. Geoff

    At least we are beating India and we’ll be best at something. No offence to Indians. No it wasn’t racist as they are the same race as me, though it could be classed as bigoted, well it can’t really as I only said we are beating India, oops there I said it again, but I’m not a racist…

  20. cavalry

    We never did have the money did we? The board have known since the end of last season that both Nasri and Cesc would go. Instead of getting replacements in early to strengthen our hand in future dealings with other clubs concerning the two we have been forced to wait until the start of the upcoming season. We play our first premiership game this Saturday and the mother of all hard starts to the season. Now we will hear over the next couple of days how we will reinvest the money from Cesc (our former captain!!)and Nasri on new players when it is clearly too late. And there is not a snowball chance in hell that we will spend it all.
    This with board that has two multi millionaires as the two major share holders.
    This after the ticket prices were put up again at the start of the summer and where we were promised that we would be very proactive in the market during the summer.
    Compare our meanderings with the decisive actions of Fergie and Manchester United at the beginning of the summer. He decisively figured on what areas of the team that needed fixing and bought well and quickly. He now has two excellent centre halves Smalling and Jones that could and should have become Arsenal players again if it wasn’t for our dithering and finacial reticence. On top of being perennial choakers we are now also tight fisted indecisive ditherers. We have sold our soul.
    We have become a weak club in every sense of the word.

  21. jeremy

    No more ifs and buts. Wenger should go. You don’t find any potential cl winner selling two of their best players.Granted they want to go. They want to win trophies. To do that you have to play soccer to win,not pleasing to the eye.

  22. stevengGUNNER

    mata and jadson would be ideal replacements plus a defender like dann or cahill or samba. i believe we can be stronger than chelsea,liverpool and challenge man u and man c for the tittle. i know most gunners would rejoice if arsene completes these signings.