Yeeeaaah! Arsenal signed someone! We spent £15mil too, but we may have to wait a while.

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Let me begin by saying how great it is to sign England’s most talked about talent, beat all the top English clubs (sugardaddyfreeones) to it as well and spent decent money too, but how long will we have to wait to see him making £15mil’s worth of impact? Who knows.

So we won’t spend £17mil on Cahill or £12mil on Samba, but we are happy to spend £15million, yes £15million on a 17 year old that has only ever played in the old second division.

In his position we have what? Ryo, Theo, Arshavin, Nasri, Gervinho, Van Persie, Chamakh, Bendtner, Vela and Rosicky in the first team and from the reserves we have Wellington, Freeman, Galindo, Sunu, Afobe, Aneke, Murphy and Watt as well as the two Barca players and the kid from Madrid, who’s names I can’t even find on

We do though have the biggest collection of potential young talent in the world, only there isn’t a trophy for that is there?

Now before you say all I do is moan, I ask for a decent signing and now we get one, let me address that, of course I’m delighted we got him, but for that money we could have bought what we need to win the title now, sources tell me Cahill is next, great, but he should have been in in May.

If we have no money, spending on someone for the future is a bit wasteful, however, time will tell.

So that’s what, 21 players? How many centrebacks have we? How many DM’s have we? Hmmmm. There seems to be an obsession with young midfield/forwards that cost a fortune but so far have rarely delivered. How long do we plan for the future? Because by the time Wilshere reaches 23 he will cost us what Rooney costs the Mancs, that or he’ll go, so why not sign a grown up or two now, when they can make an impact.

And how many players that we signed for any amount at 18 or under have ever, ever made the first team? Cesc, Wilshere and Walcott, and Cesc is about to leave. Hmmmm.

We won’t win the youngest team award any more, Fergie’s just done that, so let’s kick on from this signing and get Cahill, Mata and Parker/Barton in and maybe we can win something.

If we sell Nasri then get someone back our way, a De Jong or a Johnson, or someone, if not then sell him to Milan. Me I would keep him and sell Cesc, Cesc wants out so sell him to the highest bidder, if he loses the armband he won’t want to stay, but then that’s good business and I don’t think we have anyone at Arsenal that understands that.

Bring in Mata to replace which one of those we sell and we have the makings of a winning side, so out of the ashes, Wenger could pull this off.

We are so close I am tingling, although Chamberlain isn’t what I necessarily wanted to hear, I like him and maybe he is the start of something big happening at last , it’s a shame it wasn’t sooner as it would have been great to see him in pre-season, but it’s a start, let’s hope for Cahill and Mata today.

If we get Ryo a permit then we have 5 players that can rip new ones on the wings, Ryo, Gervinho, Arshavin, Theo and Chamberlain, so that’s 5 options, and at least three of them are proper wingers, add Mata to that little lot and we could become the wing kings of Europe, yeah, I like that, Arsenal’s wings kings win the Champions League!

So Grovers, we do have reasons to be cheerful, step one!

Have a great day, and no matter what the temptations, don’t be a giant mug and join the looters, stealing is wrong and what’s happening isn’t British, in this country we don’t act like that.

Stay safe and stay away.

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505 Responses to “Yeeeaaah! Arsenal signed someone! We spent £15mil too, but we may have to wait a while.”

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  1. Goon from BD

    Samir’s got a point 😛

    On the other hand imagine City……Balotteli,Tevez and now Nasri. If they sign Barton, Cassano and Materazzi.

  2. kapslock

    maturks says:
    August 9, 2011 at 20:29

    Cesc is staying because Barca can’t pay. Nasri is hwever, leaving for the money. 185k per week having been convinced by his Arab brothers from Qatar. Note that Nasri is a French/Arab.


    He’s Algerian mate, not Arab. Get him the fuck out of the club.

  3. David


    We’ve got Oxalade and Miyachi. Who needs nasri?

    And when Miyachi gets to Nasri’s age, im sure we’ll find the next 15 year old messi to replace them.

  4. choy


    Its ridiculous though…

    so how many more players “in” you reckon?

    I am sure another CB and hopefully a Nasri replacement!

  5. Samir

    Eto’o’s agent – “We’ve reached an agreement with Anzhi. Now I hope that the two parties (Inter and Anzhi) can agree among themselves.”

    Who are Anzhi?

  6. Samir

    FC Anzhi Makhachkala (Russian: ФК “Анжи” Махачкала) is a Russian football club based in Makhachkala, capital of the Republic of Dagestan, who play in the Russian Premier League.

    Apparently he’s on 30M a year wages aswell :O Ridiculous.

  7. Goon from BD

    So Internazionale’s adventure is over for a few years. Moratti needs a new scandal to win again. After lavishly spending so much he couldn’t win then created this bullshit of a scandal to start winning. They are most likely in serious debt or something. They are probably going to appoint Guardiola after this season ends.

  8. Graham O'Keeffe

    Canning circus police station near my wifes hospital firebombed tonight but arrests have been made. seems that this shit has spread uk wide. The army need to be on the streets. Se how macho and hard they are now?

  9. kev

    looking at some of those hard men i get the impression theyd shit their pants if they werent backed up by four or five of their mates. pathetic really

  10. BacaryisGod

    Distin on Arsenal’s pursuit of Jagielka:

    “Jags is an amazing player, you don’t play for your country if you’re not,” said Distin.

    Sebastien Squillaci: 21 caps for France-enough said.

  11. MatthewT

    They should hand out rifles to the shop and home owners and tell them they can use lethal force to defend their property.

  12. gambon


    I knocked on his door, asked for the book and he just kept mumbling about self sustaining models, and how he couldt afford to spend £50m on an excuse book.

    So I gave him a dry slap.

  13. Marcus

    “Upon hearing the news, Arsène Wenger said: “We are absolutely delighted that Ryo has been granted a work permit. This is almost like a new signing for us, as we weren’t completely sure we would be given the authorization” (

    I actually LOLed when i read that! “Almost like a new signing” hahaha… So I guess in wenger’s head he has now signed two players this week! Both SUPER WORLD CLASS quality, ready to make an impact……. Oh will it never end?

  14. Goon from BD

    If Falcao goes to Atletico Madrid then the dude is mental. I mean if he is going to play for the third place finish and Europa League than Porto was a far bigger club.

  15. Ricky

    Utd dont fuck about, see how quick they get shot of there shite players for straight cash.

    We need to take note.

  16. Zizou

    How can Wilsher cost more than Ronney, you been drinking mate, Arsen is building for the future as ever, if he want self glory like Morino , he could spend 120 millions win the legue, and C.L , and by the way buying established player do not garantie trophies Torres 50 millions, for 1 goal last year, Morino with Madrid, after spending over 250 millions, they finished with the small cup, there is only one way, is building Arsenal Team that play Arsenall way, and that’s why people support the team, when we were winning doubles no body was complaining now we have 6 years, with no trophies, but we were in 3 finals, in the same time we build the stadium, which great step for the future of the Club, try to be positive, not every thing done in the club is dark.

  17. LeProf

    Thanks for the memories Arsenal….”Have you ever seen England play like this?”

    December 3, 2007
    Aston Villa 1-2 Arsenal…
    Goals: Gardner (14) 1-0; Flamini (23) 1-1; Adebayor (36) 1-2.

    Aston Villa (4-4-2): Carson; Mellberg, Knight, Laursen, Bouma (Berger, 76); Gardner, Petrov (Maloney, 32), Barry, Young; Agbonlahor, Carew. Substitutes not used: Taylor (gk), Harewood, Davies.
    Arsenal (4-4-1-1): Almunia; Sagna, Tour, Gallas, Clichy; Ebou, Diarra, Flamini, Rosicky (Silva, 74); Hleb (Walcott, 60); Adebayor (Bendtner, 90). Substitutes not used: Lehmann (gk), Senderos.

    From The Independent news:
    Aston Villa 1 Arsenal 2: England woe stressed by Wenger’s fluent foreigners
    By Glenn Moore, Monday, 3 December 2007

    …The problem with hiring Wenger was neatly encapsulated in the two chants which echoed from the away support as his team passed their way around a bewildered Villa in the first half: “You need more foreigners”, and, “Have you ever seen England play like this?” Arsenal play football of a fluidity and style rarely, if ever, seen in the English game. There is, this season, a nod to local traditions when an occasional long ball is sent to Emmanuel Adebayor’s brow, but generally Arsenal play pass-and-move on the ground…

    …Wenger can also bring in players from around the world, and does. The question has to be asked, if Wenger cannot find one English player good enough to start for Arsenal, is it possible to select a squad of English footballers capable of playing this way?

    …Where is the English Alexander Hleb, who dictated the game before being chopped down by John Carew? He comes from Belarus, a country which has never qualified for a major tournament. When asked, O’Neill largely avoided the question, except to argue that Manchester United, with several English players, had played just as well against them.

    …But Gareth Barry echoed so many opponents when he said: “We were taught a footballing lesson in the first half. “They showed us how to play the game. There is not a team in the country who can touch Arsenal on that style of football.” That probably includes the national team, whoever the manager is. O’Neill’s Villa, by contrast, play in a style which is recognisably domestic.

    From The Sun:
    Aston Villa 1 Arsenal 2
    By JANINE SELF, The Sun, Published: 03 Dec 2007

    …In Fabregas’ absence, Mathieu Flamini pulled all the strings in first half and never gave up when the going got tougher after the break. Villa skipper Gareth Barry would agree with that verdict – especially after what was ack-nowledged as Arsenal’s best 45 minutes of the season.

    …The England midfielder said: “The first half was a big lesson for us. That was some of the best football we’ve seen here in a long time but we thought about it at half-time and responded.

    …”We were taught a footballing lesson in the first half. They showed us how to play the game. They are so easy on the eye.

    From The Guardian:
    Aston Villa 1 Arsenal 2
    Arsenal pass skill and spirit test in the face of Villa’s best and worst
    The Guardian, Monday 3 December 2007

    …Shortly after the final whistle confirmed the end of Aston Villa’s four-game winning run, their manager, Martin O’Neill, was standing expressionless, staring at his feet and preparing to explain his feelings, presumably of crushing disappointment, at his side’s frustrating failure. Instead eventually he said: “Obviously, I’m delighted.”

    …If O’Neill was that happy, imagine how Arsène Wenger must have felt. “We were absolutely amazing,” the Arsenal manager purred. It was that kind of game, the kind it is impossible not to enjoy. For Arsenal, this was unequivocally impressive: in the first half they proved their skill, in the second their spirit. Villa also proved two points: the best way to approach a game against the league leaders, and the worst.

  18. Goon from BD

    FUCK! If Arsene and the board would have been a bit more ambitious…….what he could have done. We could have had another great squad and a group of players who knew each other inside out. Flamini made a mistake. He is now rotting on the bench in Milan and can’t get ahead of fucking Gattuso who can’t even walk properly. WHY THE FUCK HAS ARSENE CHANGED SO MUCH? TURN IT AROUND PLEASE………………………………….

    Anyways this is fucking classic… read it in comments section

    “Joey Barton is just inches away from taking matters into his own hands and stopping the violence in the country”

  19. Anbu

    Along with a CB (Cahill or Jagielka) and DM, don’t you think we need a Left Back? What if Gibbs got injured – more likely – and something happens to TV5 last year.. Then who will play on the left?

  20. Goon from BD

    We need a lb even if Gibbs is fully fit I think. We could do is make Vermaelen permanently a lb and sing 2 CB:s then send Gibbs on loan or if Cesc goes we should ask for Abidal in the deal.

  21. OPG

    Why does Leprof come on here every couple of months and post that same rubbish?

    I don’t understand our priorites especially how we’re promoting so many unproven youth players into the first team without top level experience when most clubs send them on loan to PL clubs to gain experience and play more games?
    So we are keeping Diaby and Rosicky as the more ‘experienced’ players but they don’t contribute enough over the course of the season.

    We need to replace Clichy adequately he made mistakes but he was still solid defensively and one of our most experienced players and also bring in a experienced midfielder to hold things together, someone like Vidal would have been good value and improve the squad.
    Along with a PL CB at the very least that would make us a title challenging team but looks like Wenger may have to replace Cesc and/or Nasri instead of relying on what we’ve got already.

    Feel so deflated about the new season but 3 weeks can change alot..

  22. Lurch LeRouge


    haha Barton!

    the man would solve a load of issues, might cause a few, but those he solved would outweigh those he created.

  23. Lurch LeRouge

    have we considered the reason why we keep amassing attacking forwards is because we refuse to break our pay structure, and this type of player is the one most likely to run down his contract and seek pastures new for financial reasons?

  24. Geoff

    Lets not forget that Nasri didn’t walk to Arsenal over broken glass, this manager spent months signing him.

    So much for all that mental dossier shit, he fucked up there didn’t he!

  25. Spectrum

    12 million upfront for Oxlade – Chamberlain. That was the exact fee for Samba. Ironic isn’t it ?
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  26. Spectrum

    We have heaps of wingers already. So we buy yet ANOTHER one ( 18 years old ) for 12 mill, when we could have got Samba for the same money. Strange how we agonise over and won’t pay for, a player we DO need, yet have no problem when it comes to someone we DON’T!
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  27. Gunner2301

    Boozy mate Theo is average. Study his game properly and you will see so many flaws you will be thinking WTF the guys been with us 5 years WTF has he been doing when all he has to learn is how to kick a ball. Admittedly Theo has got better last season but come on after 5 years? Let me enlighten you.

    Theo’s ball control is not good he is quick but struggles to keep control of the ball at speed, he runs faster than he can think and is not composed enough in front of goal. His crossing has improved but the way we play it is mostly wasted and many of his crosses are done in hope. He can outrun a man but can’t go round him he has no trickery in his locker and is easily dispossessed.

    When you consider if we weren’t a training ground and had an established player in that position we would have probably done a lot better. For every player we have learning on the job and Walcott has been learning for 5 YEARS that area of the team is weakened unless you have an exceptional talent like Wilshire but that is rare.

    I believe Chamberlain is will be better than Walcott shortly give him 2 seasons. He is a more rounded player and has a good head on his shoulders which is the opposite to Theo. Don’t get me wrong Theo is good and a useful tool but over-hyped. His stats as a starting player are not good and it seems as if he is only effective when he’s played off the bench limiting the options we have for using him.

    So the more inexperienced players we let out there to LEARN, the more we are weakening the team and decreasing our chances of actually winning anything. Any team with ambition would balance the number of players learning to a minimum in order to still be successful that’s where we have got the balance wrong.