It’s time for someone at Arsenal to stand up to Wenger

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I was staggered to read that Steve Rowley (our chief scout) was sent to watch Scott Dann and Gary Cahill, the latter because Vermaelen is injured yet again.

First question is why? Did we not see enough of them last season to know what they can do? Were we not offered Cahill for £17mil in May? Why on earth is watching them in one pre-season friendly going to change anyone’s mind?

When Vermaelen had his first season and he looked class, we still shipped over 40 goals, the problem is the way we defend and the type of player we buy. I have heard many times that Kozzer will be better this season as overseas players need time, why? Vermaelen didn’t. Why spend £10mil on an unknown defender when we could have bought any number from the EPL, and still can that would have adapted straight away.

When will Pat Rice or Ivan Gazidas stand up to the manager and say, ‘you know what Arsene, zonal marking doesn’t work and Squillaci is absolute rubbish’ we can all see it but no one has the bottle to tell the nutty professor, no one. If he thinks the defence is good enough, then he clearly isn’t. (any more)

Gazidas comes in and amasses a huge management team to do player trading and sponsorship deals, well so far I can see we have done the Thomas Cook deal, hmmm I wonder what the return on Ivan’s crew is so far? Yes I’m sure there are others, but nothing big enough that warrants buying a player or paying for his team.

We were promised signings and big changes to our defence this season, so far we bought a 19 year old with potential, got rid of our regular left back and paid Squillaci a bit more, comforting, we can’t even win the Emirates Cup, we have a manager that seems more interested in giving Henry 5 minutes in our team than winning the Cup. Don’t forget Henry broke our hearts when he left for Barca. He wasn’t the victim, we were.

We signed Gervinho for Bendtner, who because he earns too much, we can’t get rid of, we should have got rid of Chamakh, and played Bendtner down the middle.

I suspect we’ll sign Chamberlain and Scott Dann, I also suspect we’ll get shot of Nasri and let Cesc go, and if we replace them the spin will be we signed this player and that. All we would have done is replaced two top players.

Why do we need to sell them before we can buy? What happened to our £50mil transfer budget? We are treated like children.

It’s scadalous that we are a few days away from the start of the season and we have 2 unhappy want-away players, a crap defence and even if he makes the signings we need, they won’t know each other, we should have bedded players in months ago, and all our management do is sit and do nothing. Sleepless nights and working around the clock my rectum.

Arsene Wenger seems hell bent on destroying his legacy which is a scandal in itself, what is the matter with him?

I don’t care if he falls on his feet, leaving it this long is complete madness, if we get lucky then that’s it, we get lucky, look at the Mancs yesterday, they did all their business early and looked settled, well settled enough to beat City, we couldn’t even beat an MLS team for goodness sake.

We were woeful against Benfica, Cesc not playing is the tail wagging the dog and Nasri having a row on the plane for me is understandable, I don’t blame him, he knows we need new players, Cesc does so does Jack, Theo and Robin, in fact everyone bar Wenger knows and not one person at our club has the guts to tell him, well bar Nasri and Cesc anyway.

Project youth is doomed, Cesc wanting out says that and that’s why Wenger is being childish, he can’t admit his madcap experiment has failed, that’s not stubborn, that’s autocratic and very, very dim, it will cost Arsenal, and Arsenal is about the fans not the ego of a manager that has gone way past his sell by date and surrounds himself with buffoons like Hill-Wood and the other sycophants.

I get sick of hearing from our manager that we were so close last season, we were miles away, our last 11 games form wasn’t as good as the teams that went down, close, are you blind?

Our team lacks fight, passion and mental strength, our team is brittle, why? Because we play them too young and too often, and that is the real issue with project youth, they get way too many injuries, so why doesn’t someone point that out to Mr Wenger?

We need a Barton in there, forget what you think of him, what he did was as stupid as Alex Song driving with out a license, Barton stubbed a cigar out on someone, Song could have run someones kid over, footballers do stupid things, it doesn’t take away his ability and he’ll cost nothing, better a Barton than a Chamakh for nothing.

Pat Rice won the double with Arsenal, I remember watching him at Highbury, from the schoolboys enclosure, he played with players like big Frank and Peter Storey, who make people like Joey Barton look like a girl, he knows what we need, get off your hands Pat, you don’t need to agree with him, you know what’s wrong.

Another interesting thing is Wenger pulling Jack from the England squad, why? We need him in the England squad, all that will do is piss him off and next season City or Chelsea will be after him.

It would have made far more sense to stop RVP going to play for Holland, those games have cost us his services for months at a time.

This post is a moan, granted, but I, unlike the Arsenal management teaam cannot sit by and watch this happen to the team I have supported my whole life, and not since 1996 like most of the twits that won’t like this post.

Before you think I have it in for Wenger, I don’t, we started Le Grove on the day he committed his future to us, we were delighted, he only started to go pear shaped when he became obsessed with young players, he still is and that will screw this club over, he will eventually get fired and we’ll have to start all over again, why?

Sign what we need now Arsene, this can still be saved, and you are the only person right now that can do it in time.

Kroenke, Gazidas and Wenger aren’t Arsenal fans so they don’t care like I do, Usmanov I’m ASSURED is at least an Arsenal fan…

Have a great day Grovers, something will happen this week, but will it be what we want?

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827 Responses to “It’s time for someone at Arsenal to stand up to Wenger”

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  1. Rohan

    Typical Wenger isn’t it. 3 signings. 2 League 1 teenagers and a bloke from Ligue 1.

    Really hope we get a DM. Even more than CB.

  2. OPG

    £7m upfront + add ons. Got to question our priorities though after his ‘Super quality’ claims though.
    Need a some experienced players prefereably CB and DM in under 3 weeks now.

  3. Rohan

    He must be the next coming of Pele if Wenger shelled out that sort of money. Atleast we know we’re not skint.

  4. Pasman

    I’d scrap the education bit, how fucking thick do you have to be to rebel against society by fucking up your own neighbourhood.

    What’s important is why they appear ‘thick’ as you put it? It’s a complex problem but one that has been explored many times before. The solutions are there it’s the will that is lacking.

    But it’s okay just as long I can put a food on my table I’ll dig my head in the sand and I’ll adopt a simplistic ‘us vs them’ approach to it all.

    I wish these fuckers will attack certain people, preferably, blow their brains out too.

  5. Hitman

    Fcuk me. Surprised at all this indignation. Thought Grovers had more about them than this.

    Where was all this anger 3 years ago! Why no such anger when the Bankers comitted brazen looting of the national coffers on a much bigger scale which we are having to pay for

    Looks like our yoof learn quickly. Just copying the bankers and politician. Getting a share of the pie without paying it.

    Dont really care if they loot for a few trainers or HDTVs.

    I am more concerned at the treasonous bankers bailout which started the whole slide into chaos. Its all linked

    The feral kids are the least of our worries.

    On a positive note, at least JW will now get to put his feet up on weds night.

  6. Marcus

    can’t sleep! Keep thinking about where we will be next season when the injuries come.. Worst case scenario: Cesc and Nasri leaves. RVP and Walcott gets injured (of course), Szezszsszsney gets injured so we’re stuck with flappy. Perhaps even LJW will finally succumb to his 50 games last season and get a big injury as well… This would leave us to a bunch of wieners and gonads.. and the scary thing is that it could so totally happen!

  7. Marcus

    regarding AOC transfer fee.. all we can really know is that it was a transfer record for Southhampton.. So i guess it’s a similar deal as the one that was made for Walcott:

    Received: Theo Walcott, £12,000,000 to Arsenal, payable by instalments. (£5 million down, £5 million club appearances, £2 million England appearances). Revised to a total of £9.1 million by a compromise settlement agreed on 31 March 2008.[37]

    But for a couple of coins more..

  8. Keyser

    Pasman – “But it’s okay just as long I can put a food on my table I’ll dig my head in the sand and I’ll adopt a simplistic ‘us vs them’ approach to it all.”

    The vicious circle of it all, the parents of the kids that are destroying their local impoverished neighbourhoods do what they can to get by, to give their kids something they probably didn’t have growing up and they go on to destroy all that their parents worked soo hard for.

    They’re thick, and maybe to an extent you could argue it’s the results of decades of generational decay, the segregation involved in the construct of society today between classes, the lack of a proficient educational system, but at some point you have to accomdate the fact that like the Richest of society where greed and the selfish reign supreme who walk over and destroy to get a step ahead, may share the same personality traits of the plebs that get their parents to shell out 100 squids for a pair of Tn’s.

  9. Rohan

    petermacrobert Peter MacRobert
    Riot police moving up Jackson Road towards Emirates stadium #londonriots #holloway

    Right then. Man the barricades. Bring on the Verminator.

  10. incesc

    shit if the emirates burns down we will be putting out an under 5’s team next season to make up the money


  11. Pasman

    The vicious circle of it all, the parents of the kids that are destroying their local impoverished neighbourhoods do what they can to get by, to give their kids something they probably didn’t have growing up and they go on to destroy all that their parents worked soo hard for.

    This might be the case. But I don’t think these ‘kids’ (I don’t these miscreants are all kids, contrary to media reports) are necessarily fully aware of the consequences of their actions or circumstances that make them act the way they do. So, they will not necessarily understand or conceive their rampage in the same terms as you have done.

    They’re thick, and maybe to an extent you could argue it’s the results of decades of generational decay, the segregation involved in the construct of society today between classes, the lack of a proficient educational system, but at some point you have to accomdate the fact that like the Richest of society where greed and the selfish reign supreme who walk over and destroy to get a step ahead, may share the same personality traits of the plebs that get their parents to shell out 100 squids for a pair of Tn’s.

    To an extent, I agree with some of the reasons you put forward like segregation, hyper-competition, decay and so on. However, I feel the resulting inequalities, with its pernicious effects, may manifest in acts that appear ‘thick’. Proportionally, I would suggest that there as many ‘thick’ kids in rich areas as there are in deprived areas but as you have seen the riots are in certain areas.

  12. Keyser

    See why the fuck can’t John Cross or fuck it even Pedro, do some real reporting right now instead of making up shit for us to talk about.

    They should both be down the actual Grove reporting from the frontline.

  13. Keyser

    Pasman – I understand your point of view, but you can’t absolve them completely of blame, it doesn’t really matter if there’s thick rich kids, they’re rich and probably happy, you can only try to educate the ones that don’t have the means to know how to help themselves. At some point they should realise it for themselves.

  14. Pasman

    Keyser, I knew you’d understand unlike some goats on here. I am not trying to absolve them all from blame at all. There would always be criminal elements and research suggests that most of these (blue collar crimes) would be committed by people from low income (and ethnic minorities). Some of the reasons this happens we have touched on. My point here is to raise these reasons but more importantly suggest that a majority of those involved in this unrest may not necessarily be all ‘natural’ criminals and, thus, could have been saved. The blanket stereotyping I saw on here was unfortunate, regrettable and doesn’t help resolve the issues at all.

    I think there’ll be a positive outcome from all this carnage. (The civil rights movement had its fair share of destruction and criminality but things did change afterwards.) So you might be right this might be these ‘thick’ kids realising how to ‘help’ themselves, albeit inadvertently.

  15. Keyser

    I think you need to keep in mind that people come on here to vent for the most part when they write what they do and at the end of the day I doubt they’d attribute much respect or weight to what they do post up.

    Look at the people that make light of topics like Paedophilia they in their own way are trying to riot in the blogging world something they have little to no respect for.

    They might be able to work out to help themselves to affect real change they need to learn how to others aswell.

  16. Moray

    at least if our first game is postponed because of civil disobedience, it gives us more of a chance of buying those CDs and that DM we so desperately need. Well played, Monsieur Wenger.

  17. xx


  18. OnDGooner

    And Arsenal will be lucky to come in 6th if things don’t quickly improve before the 13th! What then happens next season?? Walcott, Wilshere, Gervinho, TV, RVP & possibly Ramsey will be handing in their transfer requests as these guys are made for the Champions League and are winners but are being led by a loser!
    Alex Song will never want to leave as he has a cushy life here and is a poodle to Messiuere Wenger!

  19. Moray

    surprise, surprise, first choice and glass-legged left-back Kieran Gibbs is out for our first game. this means we will either have to play untested Traore or else move Vermaelen over and thereby weaken our central defensive line. Fantastic…the season hasn’t even started and our threadbare squad is necessitating drastic measures to be taken.

    I’m not sure what Wenger has seen in Gibbs and Traore that makes him think they are a first and second choice good enough for a team with top-4 aspirations anyway…

  20. Moray

    gnarley – high expectations and sense of entitlement, matched with low ambitions and laziness.

    not unlike the Arsenal squad.

    “Come join the Arsenal: you won’t even have to get tackled in training”.

    Interesting, what Myles said the other day that Arsenal players are only expected to join the club christmas party every couple of years. It matches what (if my memory serves) Alan Davies said about being asked to do a speech there and finding not only player in attendance.

    If this is the case, then no wonder we have all the problems we do…if Bendnter had any ambition and confidence in his own abilities then he would take a pay cut to join a new club. Problem is, it would be from around 55k a week to around 25k a week…

  21. tiarnan

    Watch this movie and you’ll understand why these riots are happening:

    To bring about a police state you need to create alot of chaos –

  22. Moray

    tiarnan, right: the police in London seem to be standing back and watching this happen. As soon as the rioters enter the more affluent areas, then they are moving in directly.

    I have a question, though – it seems that the police are now refered to as the “Feds”. Is this down to the gradual removal of local policing? They are now seen as a national unit rather than identified as a regional face?

  23. tiarnan

    Moray –

    Absolutely – theyre called “feds” to remove any type of human face to them – they need to be seen as a monolithic, black, faceless unit – that move and think solely at the behest of the real rulers of Britain….

    The point of the London riots is to assess how quickly they can cause riots using the combination of Social Media (like Twitter & Facebook) and Agent Provocateurs –

    You’ll always know the Agent Provocateurs by their mainly black hooded garb, and white runners….

    For example:

  24. Moray

    right, the guys in the black-windowed BMW’s that I keep reading about.

    this is a government’s wet dream. I bet they will impose a curfew next.

  25. tiarnan

    Moray says:
    August 9, 2011 at 04:49

    tiarnan, right: the police in London seem to be standing back and watching this happen.


    Watch that movie above – you’ll see the exact same thing happening at the G20 in Toronto –

    The police sit back to let the Agent Provocateurs (or “Black Bloc” as theyre called) run amok

    In Toronto it all kicked off with 2 police cars being set alight –

    Funnily eough, thats exactly how the London ones kicked off the other night too….

    After the Black Bloc (there was about 150 of them) caused tonnes of damage and mayhem – they assemble – remove their black garb – to reveal “normal” clothes….and then disperse randomly amongst normal people….

    When they disperse they simply go home – then THATS when the police move in and kick fucking lumps out of all the idiot “protesters” who are left behind….

    All the chaos thats been caused in the meantime is used as a pretext to enact new laws which restrict liberties and bring about a more tyrannical society

  26. gnarleygeorge9

    Cheers Moray & Tiarnan

    Now this from wikipedia.
    Alexander Mark David “Alex” Oxlade-Chamberlain (born 15 August 1993) is an English footballer who plays for Arsenal as a winger.

    Surely he hasn’t already played for Arsenal. Arsene will loan him out for 3 years won’t he 🙂

  27. Moray

    gnarley, and it is a little early to describe him playing for us as a winger…perhaps Wenger will see qualities in him that mean he gets to play in goal or in CD?

  28. simon mcmahon

    wow people on hear preaching for understanding for the cunts doing this !!really whilst I understand growing UP During the thatcher years were we shared text books in school to do o’ levels were you didnt have much of fuck all ,least of all prospects .
    But You did your best to change your circumstances the right way.
    Lets bring some true perspective to this , THESE CUNTS are not are lootinf for food and water ,
    fucking wake up they are looting for electronic goods , And got forbid are breaking into people’s houses ask your self how much understanding you would have if they broke into you nans house whilst she was a sleep.

  29. rob green

    anyway this a football blog and not for politics!! lets talk about football!!

    where is out centre back!?!?

  30. tiarnan

    simon mcmahon says:
    August 9, 2011 at 08:15

    wow people on hear preaching for understanding for the cunts doing this !!


    whos doing that?

  31. rob green

    You have to be stupid to think they are rioting for a reason!! They are not!! They are just scum causing trouble!!

  32. simon mcmahon

    Hi Rob, back to the footy, ivan reminds me of the snake in disney’s robin hood ,I can see him slithering around wenger, talking in his ear.
    yes where’s the centre half/s..??????????

  33. dennisdamenace

    Here’s an idea.

    National Service.

    Basic training, then send the cunts out to Afganistan, and bring the proper troops home.

  34. rob green

    sorry. Yeah let’s try and keep it footy related!! 😉

    i can’t believe we have spent 12 million on a 17 year old. I am not saying he won’t be good but that money should be spent elsewhere we have enough youngsters!!!

  35. tiarnan

    rob green says:
    August 9, 2011 at 08:20

    anyone on here agreeing with the riots should be banned!! you scum!! go and get a job!!!


    simon mcmahon says:
    August 9, 2011 at 08:15

    wow people on hear preaching for understanding for the cunts doing this !!


    Still waiting for you to show me who was agreeing – you both came in with your knickers on your heads screaming like a pair of poofs – now back up your shit talk….

  36. angeausarsenal

    I think they are referring to “pasman”‘s comments, his faith in those rioting pricks is misplaced, kids mostly with no clue who’s parents can’t be arsed to raise them properly and teach them respect for others and respect for themselves

  37. rob green

    tiarnan – jog on you little boy!! dont get brave on here!! go and smah JD sports up and get yourself a new hoody!!

  38. tiarnan

    ok my bad – coz ive no sympathy for cunts who riot – but undercover cops that dress up as protesters that then burn out shops and destroy private property and after doing so run off leaving civilians to get their heads kicked in – would most likely not get my sympathy….

    Anyway onto the football…

    Wengers a cunt.

  39. rob green

    shall we try and get this place talking about football before we start rioting!!

    any news on a centre back? what we going to do for a left back this season? Gibbs is always injured!!

  40. SUGA3


    and get me a pair of trainers while you are at it 😆

    just kidding…

    seriously, all it takes is a few watercannons, if it’s enough to rapidly disperse crowds of violent football hooligans in Poland, it will be more than enough for a few skinny hoody wearing cunts…

    can’t use rubber bullets? you what?

  41. gambon

    Loved Ian Wrights article in the sun today.

    Totally agree with him, wenger is officially a fuck up, the club is a business not a football team, and Usmanov should be brought in.

  42. tiarnan

    rob green –

    Sorry to offend you – you’d most likely wear a gstring on your head, not frilly knickers.

    I apologise.

  43. rob green

    Does anyone think that ian wright is very bitter? He has always got something negative to say about arsenal!!

    What does he know? telling his son to go to city!! looked what happened!!

  44. gambon

    rob green

    Not at all, hes just very honest and passionate about the club.

    He doesnt give a fuck about ‘sustainable models’ he just wants to see us win.

    Anyone that questions Ian Wright has a very short memory IMO.

  45. Mayank

    It’s not that simple SUGA3. I’ve seen a few riots here(albeit from a distance) using any kind of force will disperse the crowd there but sure enough they’ll be back with more indignation.

    No easy way out like shooting them all etc. Thankfully it’s only loss of property upto now it could easily escalate to real violence if the crowd feel force can be used against them.

  46. SUGA3


    seriously mate, most of the population is against the riots and the measures like rubber bullets and watercannons will not cause any permanent damage/injuries if used appropriately…

    standing back is not the way forward: it gives you the idea of a ‘weak’ state and that is bad news, no matter how you look at it, IMO…

  47. Moray

    Mayank, if Braveheart is anything to go by (and we know it is) then the best procedure if to fill pits of pitch and draw the rioting crowds on to them and them set them on fire using well placed burning arrows…

    Any spare arrows, then you can fire them at Patrice Evra, Teddy Sherringham, Twithing Arry, Xavi etc etc

    Just noticed that Evra shares the same first name as our Assistant coach…

  48. tiarnan

    Gambon –

    Thats a class article by Wrighty…

    Also, it hurts to see Patrick Vieira in an ambassadorial role at Manchester City. He is an Arsenal legend and I’d like to see him at London Colney every day.

    so true –

    Yeh Suga haha – even tho I wouldnt riot….if no-one was lookin I mite nip in for a pair of jocks or sumthin…..

  49. Goon from BD


    sup man….. can I get the link to that article?

    can someone tell me what the fuck is actually wrong with Arsene? I just don’t find the logic in signing Chamberlain when our defense is awful and according to many we are unable to sign them due to disagreement in price. I am losing the respect I had for this man.

  50. Xristos Sfetsios (@XristosSfetsios)

    I stand by Arsene!
    Every year, doom and gloom predictions about how Arsenal will not qualify for Champions league is paraded.
    Every year, Arsenal qualifies! Fact is, it is the exact opposite that frustrates fans, faulting at the last hurdle. Therefore, to start crying foul before the season has even started, as every other season, that Arsenal will not qualify for the Champs league is getting old.
    When the club finally pays the stadium off in full, and starts to profit from the sales of its shirts, there will be more money available! If not, then questions need asking.
    In the last few years, clubs like Man City have been buying big and buying now. Tottenham/Liverpool always splash large sums of money, have they won their worth in spending, I do not think so! Have they guaranteed themselves Champions league football, no! Spending like a child in a candy store for these clubs has not guaranteed success.

    Arsenal is run in an ethical way, a streamlined model of a football club and business that is the envy of many clubs around the world. A person would be a fool to want to change this. Arsene will not break his wage structure for anyone player or member of his coaching staff. The man has his house in order. What he has done and doing is immense! And I do not just say this in pure admiration. Let’s look at fact!(sounds of benitez)

    By sticking to his wage structure and tight budget, he faces enormous pressures. Yet he stays committed to the cause! He has the pressures of having to contend with big spending clubs who are buying top rated to world-class players every year like they are cheap as chips.
    Every year, he knows that Arsenal financially need champions league football, and every year they qualify and do better than expected. Every year, he sticks to his philosophy of playing beautiful football to entertain the fans. And every year he constantly delivers this and he still achieves the fundamental objectives to keep the club on course to be hugely successful in the future and Financially Powerful.
    When moving to the new stadium, Arsene clearly pointed out the objectives, stadium aside, and the other project was the young squad, tied into the debt of the move, and he had no choice but to rely on them!
    Last year, was a spectacular fail for trophies, considering they were in the hunt for all four trophies. But tell me, with everything Arsene has had to contend with, Arsenal still achieve above and beyond what everyone expected. Arsene was offered to take over at Real Madrid, yet he stayed to see the project through! Just think about it. Compare his loyalty to the fickle loyalties of the overpaid brats.
    Carlos Tevez is earning how much but cries about going home like a Schoolgirl only because now he can afford early retirement, and Ad-Ebay-Yoh(yoh…yoh) has been reduced to a gypsy! So when fans and pundits shout buy him buy him.. what’s to say we not gona have these problems all over again.
    Arsene Wenger is leading the way like a father, with morals and loyalty and tries to instil this in his young generation of players. This will hopefully foster a love and affection between them and the very club that gave them their success. This is something special.
    The signing of Alex Chamberlain is fantastic! It was only a few months ago, many fans thought we lost his signature to Man United, which left fans fuming. Things that were said “how come we are so bad at singing players” and “our rivals are always beating us to sign quality players”, I also heard that “we do all the scouting for great talent and then notify our rivals and let them sign our targets”.
    Now that Arsene has signed this player, beaten our rivals, these same fans are now saying, “well we did not need him”.
    Bah… humbug, temperamental like a woman on her periods! You are haemorrhaging nonsense!
    Ok fans want trophies. I know I do! But if you take a step back and look at the whole picture, would a man who does not care about the club, put himself under so much pressure.
    Yes the Chavs have spent loads of money and won trophies, “SINCE ROMAN STARTED HIS EMPIRE”. BUT what happens when that empire comes crashing down or decides to walk out? Fact is Arsenal cannot spend like Chelsea. If fans still do not understand why Arsenal cannot spend like Chelsea or Man City/Utd, I must assume they have the IQ of a cabbage!!

    Arsene Wenger has his heart rooted to the core of the club and people who criticise him for not spending big money, to put it simply, do not care about the club or its ethos. How can a person who has never had to pay for something, understand its true value, kinda like a friend who says he cannot afford an mp3 player so borrows your brand new expensive iPod and returns it broken and then asks so which one you buying next? These are the type of people, who want Arsenal to spend big and now! (I hope that made sense)

    To play beautiful football, to put so much faith and trust in this group of players, to play with so much financial constraint, to move to a new stadium, all of which would put massive amounts of pressure on any manager, have left him seemingly in a position of appearing to have failed due to the lack of trophies. Yet he has achieved more for this club, which many other managers wouldn’t even dream to attempt with more money at their disposal. He puts himself into the spotlight so that other do not have to. His job appears to be on the line as fans grow disgruntled, and still he will not break budget or wage structure even to save his job. This is a man who cares about the club. – Or he’s just nuts.