Wenger deeply worried that Fabregas saga could derail Arsenal’s season. Head and sand springs to mind.

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What, did I read that right? Are you kidding me Arsene? This could have been sorted out in May. Something like this…

Barcelona – How much for Fabregas? 

Arsenal – £40mil cash, no add ons, no swaps and no part exchanges, £40mil

Barcelona – We’ll give you £27mil

Arsenal – Grow up, £40mil by July 1st or don’t bother come back ever again. End of story. Any longer and it will destabilise the team, pre-season and the player, not to mention it will hack off millions of fans, and frankly Barca, without them, we’d be in the conference league.

Whatever that very, very old, half witted, bloated, butt smoking daddies boy says. Stan do yourself a favour, kick him out or shove him in the attic and feed him fish heads for the rest of his miserable life, he really is that embarrassing relative that messes his pants at a party but won’t go home because he won’t admit he smells.

Once again we have had all summer to buy what we need and once again this club has failed spectacularly, Wenger already has his excuses lined up just like the rubber ducks he pays so much money to, and we can’t get them off the books, again, smart management. But no one ever says a word!

If you like me have watched pre-season, you can see we haven’t missed cesc and that killer pass, because when Cesc plays, we play tippy tappy football.

What we have missed since the invincibles is a credible defence, Squillaci, Koscielny and Djourou aren’t it I’m afraid, I have inside information that says the whole staff know it too, but Wenger’s ego won’t allow him to admit he’s cocked up royally, so we all have to suffer, please don’t think stubborn and massive ego are the same thing.

What happened to the days of sacking under performing managers, ask Terry Neil, Don Howe and Bruce Rioch!

It’s great having Gervinho, but we only got him because Chamakh is so bad, Bendtner is also poor but that’s because he is played out of position, either way we have had to suffer him for years because Wenger said he would come good, now he realises he won’t, he quietly disses him. Oh and remember when he used to quote Denilson’s Opta stats???

We are all so fed up, we applaud Gervinho arriving instead of questioning why we suffered Bendtner for so long, now we are going through the same thing with Chamakh.

I can see no difference between this season and last, we play the same way and defend as bad, we don’t miss Cesc, we miss Adams, Keown and Campbell, that’s what we miss. There are scores of top stoppers out there and we get 3 that can’t stop, smart move for a top manager that.

I can never understand the logic in selling a top player, then looking for a replacement, then using the excuse, ‘they know we have a lot of money so we can’t buy anyone, I won’t pay inflated prices’

We should buy Mata or whoever we like and let Cesc know we don’t give a rats arse about his feelings, this is Arsenal football club, not Arsene’s nursery and ex player roadshow, Sunday’s debacle showed us that.

Yes I know TH14 was a legend, but you know what? He left us for riches elsewhere, he now plays for Red Bull New York and getting 5 minutes for us is all about him and it should be all about us. And like everything else this club does, Wenger said he pleaded with the ref at half time, how long have we known about this fixture? If he wanted that he should have stipulated it last year, when the fixture came out.

I have said before, Cesc will be a crock, I have said before get a replacement in before we decide on him, I have said before we need 2 world class centre backs and we will need 4 throughout a season, TV5 and Bartley will make up the four, and I have said before that Bendtner, Almunia, Denilson, Squillaci and Eboue are not good enough, all are still here and the season starts next week, no wonder we have no money.

But Eboue makes everyone laugh, well so does a plastic turd at a party but you wouldn’t pay that £60k a week and give it an 8 year contract and image rights would you? Hmmmm but I know someone that might!

Denilson by the way says he’ll be back next year, as we are kindly letting him have a year off so he can be near his 3 year old daughter, generous that, never mind Arsenal’s needs, I also bet we are paying his massive salary too.

So a quick report on progress so far boss, we sell Clichy and replace him with one of two players that aren’t as good. We buy in a right back for the future and three 16 year olds, we buy in Gervinho (who does look good) and we are begging Cesc and Nasri to stay, but at what cost, oh and we are trying to sell 4 more.

Oh and I didn’t even bother mentioning the youth players let go or sold.

Me? I’d keep Nasri, but only if he signed a new contract, otherwise I would sell him to the highest bidder, if it were to City I would ask for Richards and De Jong in return or I would sell him for less elsewhere.

Cesc would go to the highest bidder, I’m afraid he has blotted his copybook once to often for me, I also believe he is now a crock, and who’s fault is that? Playing a kid at 16 in a mans team will do that everytime, there aren’t too many young kids that make it through a career, look at Michael Owen.

Jury is out on Gibbs, Ramsey, Wilshere and Theo, time will tell.

Have a great day Grovers, the weekend is looming and we have our last pre-season coming up.

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603 Responses to “Wenger deeply worried that Fabregas saga could derail Arsenal’s season. Head and sand springs to mind.”

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  1. wenger on holiday

    Jay he signed a 2 year deal last summer, so this keeps him until 2013 🙁


  2. wenger on holiday

    Vermaelen back is like a new signing
    Squilachi signing a new contract is like a new signing
    Bartley signing a new contract is like 3 new signings..


  3. Dutchman

    It has to be bullshit. We are still after CB’s and Bartley is the future. And with vermalen,kos en djourou we have already 3 defenders so.

  4. bade the gooner (bernard)

    big dave,
    i owe you one…
    you were right. we can face udinese, as benfica were placed higher than them….


  5. wenger on holiday


    ““We had a good preparation and good team bonding with our trip [to Asia]. Overall we are happy and confident. We were very close last year and we will give absolutely everything to do it this year,” said the Frenchman.

    “We want the fans to be proud of the team. We are confident we will make them happy this season.”

    Having completed what appeared to be an enjoyable work out for all involved, several players are now set to take part in supporter Q&A sessions in the Emirates press conference area.

    Note his constant use of THIS squad…no mention of changes now…thats it

  6. Marcus

    Our potential CL Play-Off opponents are Rubin Kazan, Udinese, Odense, Twente or FC Zürich.

    Would be happy to avoid Rubin and Udinese….

  7. Geoff

    Ok Julian sorry, I’ll ban Gambon. Anything else I can do for you?

    You ask what sort of a blog it is, if you don’t know, what does that make you for reading and leaving a comment on it?

    Thought I’d ask.

  8. Dutchman

    We will sign a CB for sure, but i don’t know if if will be another silvestre 🙁

    Absolutely disgraceful if wenger doesn’t sign another CB or LB.
    Gibbs is not ready yet and our defence is shit! Fuck you wenger!

  9. Samir

    Bob Wilson says Barca offer ‘no way near good enough’ & Cesc will have to stay. Says signed long term contract & ‘must get on and do job’

    Cesc is staying 🙂

  10. jay4741

    great, another season of speculation from the media regarding fabregas, they should have sold him, but the saga continues

  11. Big Dave

    no prob Bade.

    This silence on no new signings is scarey, am more nervous now before the start of the new season, the team needs investing in and fuck all is done about it, and wenger spouts his shit again about the squad being happy etc, the man is a fool and this will be his biggest downfall and wil be remembered for a being a stubborn prick and not a great manager

  12. Markyboy

    I try to stay optimistic, I really do. I try not to get as cross or as despondent or as angry as some on here. But I just can’t keep it up (my optimism, that is).

    Look at the way ferguson does his business. Young, De Gea and Jones done by beginning of july. Now he has rest of summer to try and pull off schneijder.

    we should have written a cheque for one of the obvious centre backs and enrique a month ago and spent the last few weeks trying to pull off something cool like a lukaku or benzema and figuring out what to do IF we sell fabregas.

    GUTTED today. For the first time EVER I am wondering why I renewed the season ticket.

  13. Ryan

    Gettin texts from mates at members day, mainly saying that Nasri was not there, and Cesc saying his goodbyes.

    I’m not arsed about them going as we all know this money will not be spent, just over a week from the start of the league who are we going to sign???? NOBODY! This makes the Mata deal even more disgracefull. I’d expect a combined fee of around £55mi. We could pump that into the defence………..but no……I’m going insane!

    Silent Stan fuck off!

  14. Spanish Dave

    Simple on the first home game don’t turn up one game forfeit is worth the message to the board and Wenger Just do it.

  15. Arse&Nose©

    The point of buying Galindo and Bothello was simply to say

    “I(Wenger) made this” when/if they become half decent for a midtable Spanish team.

  16. Ryan

    Nasri just walked onto the pitch, sell him to city. Loan fab to barca for the season for £10mil, let them pay his wages and they can have him for £30mil next year. Simples! Yes I’m clutching at straws but wenger has made me mentally ill, he’s got me haggling over penny sweets.

  17. bade the gooner (bernard)

    big dave,
    sad that every word you said is spot on……
    we have to offload him, as he’s the main deadwood in the team….


  18. Arse&Nose©

    Wenger is using our club to make ideological statements. This is our Arsenal not yours.

    Sell the fat ponce, we want to support players who are proud to wear our shirt.

  19. OPG

    My enthuasiasm has dropped for this club because of Wenger. Sure there’s still time for Wenger to give everyone a lift by making some new signings for now not the future, even the players have indicated the same. I’m just almost beyond caring now that we show such little ambition so far after that collapse last season that he keeps saying was ‘very close’

  20. bade the gooner (bernard)

    so anyone knows if the team had more than one traditional pic?


  21. ice

    relax….the American is in N5 for a reason…….either to sack the management team or endorse new signings and departures…..take your pick…atleast now we are poised for some action……

    management has now lost the owner as well as the fans….

  22. BillikenGooner

    Cesc gone, Nasri gone, team has the answers already in the squad and the market is ‘dizzyingly’ overinflated anyways, plus..

    50+mil in profits this summer.

    Only way to make this a perfect Arsenal summer would be to gold plate the cheques and put them in the trophy case.

  23. Pedro

    Wow… that was a bit flat!

    Cesc looked miserable, but at least he signed shirts… the Junior gunners were sweets, singing the whole time!

    Sandwiches were great… no free booze thought. Geoff dodged a bullet this year!

  24. Moshood Oladimeji

    When PV4 was forced out of the club, Cesc came forward. If we sell cesc today, i can assure you all we won’t be relegated. We have won fuck without his midfield contribution…what’s the worse scenario if we sell him? Yes, your guess is as good as mine, we would win a trophy by playing football, not the Cesc way, but the Arsenal way. He has lost the respect of his team mates even if they do not make it public. JK19 already saying we should get Mata already says it all. They probably see him more like a traitor than their captain now. Meanwhile, which other club has left their player out of pre-season just because another club is bidding for him? Mata, Samba, Matesacker, Cahill, Jagielka, Benzema, Parker etc has continued to prepare for the season. However, Arsenal FC being a special club has left off one of their best player simply because a classless club from Catalunya is interested in him. Arsenal FC with the current board and Manager has been shit on the pitch for 6 years; obviously, we are even worse off it.

  25. Geoff

    No free booze, count me out, also I can’t bear to watch Wenger strutting around like he’s done something.

  26. bade the gooner (bernard)

    arsene is like the rude fat boy, that always try’s to challenge his parents…. as much as they give him space, he’ll take advantage …..

    soon he’ll be telling us: fuck you i built arsenal, it wasn’t before i came, as he’s acting like this is the case, the nutty bastard….. i’m sure those arsene’s fans will not be arsenal fans when the donkey leaves……

    arsenal, one of the most respectable and big clubs. under arsene, we are becoming a laughing stock and a mid-size club that is happy not to get relegated, and happy for the participation in the CL and for being an also rans on the title race…. just like the runner who id used to drag the other runners who’ll end as winners to make their records right……

    well, thank you arsene. you surely helped the mancs their, you no more than also ran manager, with the same amount of ambition and intelligence – zilch!

    arsene is the worst loser i can recall in the football game…..


  27. bade the gooner (bernard)

    cheers for the update mate…….
    maybe the next one will be without arsene?


  28. bade the gooner (bernard)

    i have a question for you arsene:

    i wonder, why the 4th spot trophy wasn’t mentioned, untill we entered the desert, trophy (actual one’s) wise? was it a trophy then? or it’s a pity prize for losers now?


  29. bade the gooner (bernard)

    i also wonder how many wise people in retrospect and blogs will pop up, when the arsene’s said, claiming this was the right to do



  30. Thomas. it's up for grabs now...

    Wenger would be sacked if he was in charge at another big club?
    It has been mentioned here a few times that he would not survive in any other big club going 6 years without a trophy. So, while I agreed with that on first sight I decided to look into it a little more. Do a kind of Mythbuster on it.

    So first I had to decide who the real ‘big big’ clubs are. So I came up with this list just based on my own opinion and their pedigree domestically and in Europe. You may agree or disagree with the list but I didn’t consult any chart or table just what I felt myself were the real big European clubs. And maybe for younger Gooners who might Question Ajax being in there; they did win the Champions League (EC) 4 times, most recently in 95, and are one of only three clubs who have won all 3 Major European Competitions. I just couldn’t leave them out!

    Inter Milan
    AC Milan
    Bayern Munich
    Real Madrid
    Man Utd

    So I looked at all managers of these clubs who has served 6 years or longer in the last 50 years.

    What’s a trophy? I only considered their domestic league title, the major cup completion in that country if there was more than one and a major European trophy. Nothing else; no super cups, Carling Cup, or world club this or that shite.. And of course if I write Champions League it can also mean The European Cup.

    How far do I go back? Difficult! I decided to look back over the last 50 years to try to get a real pattern or trend. So I only researched back to 1960. (That did cause one small prob with Utd and Busby but you will see that later.)

    And one amazing fact I discovered? Real have had 23 Managers since Nov 1990!
    Next post peeps..

  31. william

    Geoff I think you are a hack of a writer. Here is what you said

    “I can see no difference between this season and last, we play the same way and defend as bad, we don’t miss Cesc, we miss Adams, Keown and Campbell, that’s what we miss. There are scores of top stoppers out there and we get 3 that can’t stop, smart move for a top manager that.”

    Now, if i knew how to type in bold i would, only to exaggerate the stupidity of your statement.

    The new season has not started yet. You claim that you can see no difference between this season and last. I actually agree with that. You can not see any differences because the new season hasn’t started yet. I am surprised that a writer of your calibre and style has garnered such a following.

  32. Thomas. it's up for grabs now...

    Longest Serving Manger: Ancelotti 2001-2009
    No other manager who has served 6 years or longer.
    Trophies won
    League 04
    Champions League 07.

    Myth or Fact?
    Fact… Milan never had a manager who has gone 6 years without a major trophy.

    Longest Serving Manager: Trapattoni 1976-1986
    No other manager who served 6 years or longer.
    Trophies won.
    League 77, 78, 81, 82, 84, 86.
    Champions League 85
    Domestic Cup 79, 83
    UEFA Cup Winners Cup 84

    Myth or Fact?
    Fact… Juventus never had a manager who has gone 6 years without a major trophy.

  33. Markyboy

    Did you really ban uba or whatever his name was for disagreeing?? Depressed and Grumpy today and starting to feel as doomed as everyone else on here.

  34. Thomas. it's up for grabs now...

    Longest Serving Manager: Trapattoni (also) 1986-1991. (Only 5 years but the longest at Inter)
    No other manager who has served 6 years or longer.
    Trophies won
    League 89
    UEFA Cup 91

    Myth or Fact?
    Fact… Inter never had a manager who has gone 6 years without a major trophy.

    Longest Serving Manager: Hitzfeld 1998-2004
    No other manager who has served 6 years or longer
    Trophies won
    League 99, 00, 01, 03

    Myth or Fact?
    Fact… Bayern never had a manager who has gone 6 years without a major trophy.

  35. Thomas. it's up for grabs now...

    Longest Serving Manager: Cruyff 1988-1996
    No other manager who has served 6 years or longer
    (Rijkaard 03-08 next highest 2 leagues & 1 Champions League)
    Trophies won
    League 91, 92, 93, 94
    Domestic Cup 90
    Champions League 92
    UEFA Cup Winners Cup 89

    Myth or Fact?
    Fact… Barcelona never had a manager who has gone 6 years without a major trophy. Cruyff was sacked after 2 barren years despite 4 consecutive league wins 2 years earlier!

  36. Thomas. it's up for grabs now...

    Longest Serving Manager: Miguel Munoz 1960-1974
    No other manager who has served 6 years or longer
    Trophies won
    9 league titles.
    2 Domestic Cups
    2 Champions League

    Myth or Fact?
    Fact… Real Madrid never had a manager who has gone 6 years without a major trophy.
    23 Managers since John Toshack in Nov 1990!

  37. Thomas. it's up for grabs now...

    Longest Serving Manager(s): Rinus Michels 1965-1971, Louis Van Gaal 1991-1997
    No other manager who has served 6 years or longer
    Trophies won; Michels
    League 66, 67, 68, 70
    Domestic Cup 67, 70, 71
    Champions League 71
    Trophies won; Van Gaal.
    League 94, 95, 96
    Domestic Cup 93
    Champions League 95

    Myth or Fact?
    Fact… AJAX never had a manager who has gone 6 years without a major trophy.

  38. Big Dave

    You become stale if you dont change, wenger rain should be over now far to long for a manager and should had been kicked out 2 yr ago

  39. Thomas. it's up for grabs now...

    Longest Serving Manager: Busby 1945 -1969,
    (Ferguson of course is next, nuff said… Sexton went 4 years from 77-81 without winning anything, Doherty was in charge for 5 years from 72-76 and won 1 FA Cup, and Atkinson for 5 years from 81-86 and won 2 FA Cups.)
    Trophies won
    League 65, 67
    FA Cup 63
    Champions League 68

    Myth or Fact?
    Fact… Manchester Utd never had a manager who has gone 6 years without a major trophy.

    (Remember I said I was only going back 50 years to 1960. Busby straddled this period being in charge from 1945-1969. He had a barren spell until 1952 when he first won the league and won it again in 56 & 57).

  40. Thomas. it's up for grabs now...

    Longest Serving Manager: Shankly 1959-1974
    (We had a number of other managers who served 6 years or more also. Paisley, 74-83 winning 6 league titles & 3 European Cups, Dalglish 85-91 winning 3 league titles and 2 FA Cups, Houllier from 98-2004 winning 1 FA Cup, (ufff.. close one that!), and Benitez from 2004-10 winning 1 Champions League and 1 FA Cup. So all of these never went 6 years without a trophy).
    Trophies won (Shankly)
    League 64, 66, 73
    FA Cup 65, 74

    Myth or Fact?
    MYTH!!!… LIVERPOOL did go six seasons with the same manager without winning a trophy. There’s a six season gap there from 1966 – 1973 when they won nothing with Shankly.

  41. Danny

    Members day sounded like a right barrel of laughs… Can’t remember feeling so depressed as an Arsenal fan

  42. Pedro

    William, I think only someone who is stupid would take that comment to mean that… that really is the lowest kind of nit picking.

  43. Thomas. it's up for grabs now...

    So there you have it. Liverpool spoilt it there at the end.. But nevertheless that 450 years of management at Europes top clubs and we have seen it only once where a manager has survived 6 trophyless years.

    Also apparent from this rather quick analysis is that English clubs seem to be more patient than our Latin ‘friends’!


  44. Mayank

    Of course English fans are more patient. The trend will change though now that English clubs have become a CL staple.

    The clubs you’ve listed though are on a different level to pre- Arsene Arsenal. And even to our current level.

    After Wenger and Fergie go I don’t expect any English team to hold a manager for more than 5 years.

  45. william

    Pedro. I guess you don’t want people to actually look into the words Geoff writes?

    That is hard to do, especially when Geoff puts certain things in bold like (Stubborn, Ego) in an attempt to push his opinion about the manager. For a blog that says “where you can have an opinion, not get one” Geoff sure is trying to force a certain style of thinking.

  46. Keyser

    Thomas – Think all your effort was wasted there, what do all of those clubs share that Arsenal do not ?!

    *Free the Fat Fuck Gambon Five.~

  47. BillikenGooner

    Unfortunately, while we may be worth more than most clubs out there, we aren’t exactly one of Europe’s top clubs.

    We are an ‘almost’ top club.

    That ‘almost’ was on the ascendancy in the late ’90s-mid ’00s.

    Now it is on the decline.

  48. ice

    ok it’s only a whisper but….manager and American and ceo have dinner meeting before flight to Lisbon. to discuss……

    mates at open house say wenger looked particularly on edge and mood was very very low key and forboding…..

  49. frenchie

    on twitter it is suggested that stan was there for a board meeting, nothing more.


    thought you would have been there, given you are itk. rather than platitudes, why not cough up what you know, fella.

  50. wenger on holiday


    all that research was for nothing, Arsenal are different to Real Madrid and Barca who have been european forces for decades, Arsenal have never won the european cup !!!!!!! how can you compare.

    People are getting on his back now because hes not buying, not for any other reason. If he won the CC last year, it wouldnt have made anything here better

  51. Ricky

    Dear members of le grove,

    It has come to a time where we urgently need your help, if you could all kindy donate a small fee of £10 to help the suffering.

    With all your help we would be able to raise enough funds to hire a contract killer to carry out the murders of arsenal manager arsene wenger & he’s bum chum ivan gazidis.

  52. wenger on holiday

    Did anyone else notice Wengers appearance? He was clearly not stressed, at times holding a bottle his hands were shaking, things are not right behind the scenes here..

  53. G STAR

    ‘Henri Lansbury has failed to agree terms on a new contract at Arsenal and the young midfielder looks set to leave.


    Fabregas is staying.
    Arsene and the board finally told Barca to pay or go away.
    Obviously the cheap b**tards went home to catalonia.


    According to Guillem Balague his article in AS suggests that Cesc Fabregas is staying at Arsenal this summer. It basically says that Barca have made a final offer of 29m euros + 6m variable addons + 3m for something else (38m euros all together). But Arsenal want £40m (45.8m euros), so they will reject the bid. Another reason that points to why he might be staying is that he is training with the squad on members day, and he’s going to play against Benfica on Saturday.

  54. Cloggs

    Good stuff mate but……..
    Winning trophies isn’t a concern (anymore) of the AKB-er.
    They’re deluded in such a way that playing CL qualifiers is a trophy,
    and if we get rid of Wenger, the Ems will collapse and we’ll drop out of the premier league.
    + they don’t seem to realize that somewhere in the future Wenger *will* go, me thinks they hope to die before that moment.

  55. ice

    the manager will effectively be issued with a performance warning by the American…..what occurs subsequently depends on the manager’s reaction to being “held to account” and “performance managed”…..I think we all know where that is leading don’t we….. mvb and db10 combo please….get a move on!

  56. Maciek

    Is Scott Dann a good defender, because I have read( probably some unreliable rumours) that we have “almost” signed him and the transfer will be completed soon.

    Thanks in advance.

  57. wenger on holiday

    If Arsenal are looking to buy championship players instead of champions and world cup winners i think its safe to say we;re not a big club anymore.

  58. wenger on holiday


    We were about to sign 3 players..but then the other teams asked for a transfer fee…the deals collapsed at this stage

  59. OPG

    Not true..
    JamieDalton82 Jamie Dalton
    Lot of rumours saying Arsenal had agreed a £8m deal for Scott Dann. Found it originated from arsenal-rumours.co.uk – Debunked.

    Btw Bolton have rotten luck Tyrone Mears now with a leg break, wrap Cahill in cotton wool please!

  60. Maciek

    Wenger on holiday. We are a big Club mate. Always will be. We will be ambitious once again when Wenger leaves.

    The end for him is near, don’t lose the faith.

  61. Xrysto

    Yes, Arsene is growing old and senile, definitely losing the plot. But the REASON the board is doing nothing to prevent it is becuase he has consistantly delivered CL football and continues to increase their share value. One season out of the competition and the board may turn on him. Maybe this year, maybe next. The REASON Ivan Gazidis is doing nothing is because HE IS A FOOKING MANU FAN. Grew up in Manchester. Went to Grammar school there. Played football there. As a boy, WHO THE FOOK DO YOU THINK HE SUPPORTED? He’s a plant. A spy. A traitor. To spend no money at Arsenal, or sabotage every transfer we attempt to make (Mata anyone?) – for him is a win-win. Help acheive the Manc’s success by defaulting on his Arsenal obligations, then turn a profit and pocket a big fat bonus. Ivan Gazidis is laughing at the fans all the way to the bank and celebrating Manu’s trophies in the privacy of his multi-million pound home. Congrats, Arsenal. You’ve been had…

  62. Maciek

    I agree Gambon. Ice knows as much as Myles Palmer. I started reading ANR in 2006 and since that time he is always wrong when we talk about the transfers.

  63. DaleDaGooner

    IvoryGoonz….do you have anything other than long post on why Wenger is not fit to be manager? Seriously, do some of you have anything else to repeat other than Wenger? You lot are as obsessed about Wenger as the so called AKBs…AKB\amg …SAME SHIT DIFFERENT TOILET

    Two extremities on opinions.

  64. wenger on holiday

    Have you guys met myles palmer?

    He hasnt got a clue what hes talking about, ive been in his house and he has liverpool shirts?

    Hes a muppet and doesnt know what hes talking about

  65. DaleDaGooner

    choy says:
    August 4, 2011 at 16:32
    Dann is better than Squid and Kos for sure…

    Yeah, on your own authority that we must all bow to, Dann is definitely better than Koscielny…..


  66. wenger on holiday


    well said

    we wont sign ANYONE

    as rafa would say…im talking FATS

    and that kids is a FAT

  67. gambon


    Dalglish said: “I don’t know of any football club that has ever had success and not spent money.

    “It is necessary, but it’s even more important to spend it wisely, and we’ve acted responsibly

  68. DaleDaGooner

    We have signed Kyle Bartley …. business is done. Unless a super duper deal on a sneaky cheap deal comes ….. or if Barca stumps up the asking price for fab.

  69. gambon


    Hes spent £50m net since January.

    Simple. Its only wenger that tries to make things so hard by spending nothing.

  70. Wenger out NOW

    Arsenal.com….For the very latest and Important news. (Hic)

    Carl Jenkinson has revealed the reasoning behind his Arsenal squad number.

    The summer signing has been allocated the No 25 shirt for his debut season at the Club and explained on Thursday why he selected that one in particular.

    “It was my parents’ door number so that was the reason!” he said during a Q and A with Arsenal Members at Emirates Stadium.

    “That was the number I wanted to have and luckily it was available.”

  71. Gooner Sam

    The club needs a revolution, how can this be achieved?

    1. Petition calling for the board and Wenger to be sacked?
    2. Protests outside the ground?
    3. Not turning up for matches?
    4. Any other suggestions?

    It seems clear from most of the stuff on cyberspace that the majority (not manority like AKB’s & Wenger would have you believe) are not happy withe the club.

    I think something needs to be done to make the point….but what??

  72. wenger on holiday

    wenger out now…


    they didnt publish an article about door numbers and houses as his chosen kit number

    ohyahwyhahsddddhasbnchweb 43438WENGEROUT 34f d fc 4783ersdjsdzzzzzz893

  73. Arse&Nose©

    Arsenal.com are embarrassing
    what a fucking embarrassment to us as fans to be publishing headline articles like that

    “i chose my door number because it was my parents door number”

    that isnt news
    that is not a headline article
    WTF arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

  74. DaleDaGooner

    gambon says:
    August 4, 2011 at 16:49

    Dalglish said: “I don’t know of any football club that has ever had success and not spent money.

    “It is necessary, but it’s even more important to spend it wisely, and we’ve acted responsibly

    everyone knows it’s true, even Wenger does and he does the same, now the amount chosen to be spent is the differentiating factor, ALL managers spend, Arsene included, and what is perceived wisdom, boils down to the end product…..with the way Arsene spends, another manager will see us 7th….just go ask Bruce Rioch

    Instead of moaning about Wenger all day long, and wishing him ill and all, can you turn your guns on the board prior to the 2 billionaires buying the club?

    I mean it’ll make for a more dynamic argument

    This everyday spouting vile at the same man is boring. I don’t agree with Wenger, but i blame his employers, not him, I saw this happen before Wenger with Rioch and GG,

  75. IvoryGoonz

    Dale: it’s funny how you actually only read my rants about Wenger which only happens when an AKB pops up and start spreading his crap without actually answering OUR questions.
    Do me a favour, if you start spreading rumours like “IG is only and always ranting about Wenger”, then do me a favour, do a statistical work and prove me just that. I know I’m right. You just don’t know how wrong you are. Finally if you have a problem with long posts, it might be related to the fact that I actually substantiate my opinions. And I haven’t seen any AKB sustaining any argument for the sole reason they just can’t defend the undefendable. They all flee as soon as someone with a higher IQ than a turtle actually start answering THEIR rants of how Wenger is the best manager ever still, and that everyone who disagree is a bad fan.
    Well. 2 words. Grow up. For as long as you will live you will never reach me. How many language do you speak again? How many countries did you travel to? How many continent have you been living on? What’s your job?
    How many people do you manage? What’s your actual footballing experience?
    Well. I’m not always right, I do know that I know nothing, but I could answer positively to all these questions. and this simple fact will always give me an advantage. If it posses you off that I can articulate my thoughts in more than one sentence posts, well, bless the ignorants.

  76. gambon


    You mean Rioch that got us into 5th in his first season and signed one of our top 3 layers ever?

    Jeez, some people call themselves fans!

  77. gambon

    Raphael & Donatello had high IQs, but Master Splinter had at least 140.

    Nearly as much as the mighty gambon.

  78. Wenger out NOW

    Wenger on Holiday

    Yep thats whats on Arsenal.com.

    Tomorrow on Arsenal.com…….Theo walcott, What my cats bring in from the garden, and Alex song, my wifes favorite shops in london.

  79. DaleDaGooner

    Just so we are clear guys….I’m as frustrated at what is happening to us as any Arsenal fan, but i’d like to understand the real root of our current standing before hurling abuse…

    I’d also look at what our rivals are really doing and look at it objectively and not subjectively….

    Chelsea haven’t done squat, aging team, and they won fuck all last term, they changed managers, and added an 18 year old Barca reject, who will return back.

    Man U are replacing Van Der Saar with De Gea!! a 21 year old who hasn’t proven anything much yet They also have Lindegaard. They brought Young, who isn’t even top choice in England and a young Jones at 19 that we thought we had in the bag, who still is raw

    Then We look at Spuds, done fuck all, may lose their star players too.

    Liverpool, ok, so they are spending wildly, and it looks good, but they still have a leaky defense, they are doing what we do, but spending larger amounts (which by no means equates to success)

    Man City…they spend like a fucking retard and fuck up the market, for all the money they still can’t beat Manure head to head and struggle versus an attacking team…i don’t mind that they are ambitious, but just buying up players so the football world can’t have the players is annoying. These greedy cunts are ruining the sports. Dzeko a promising player will soon be relegated to nothing. Tevez is sick and tired already and what ever happened to Adebayor and his “we are doing big things”

    My point in all is YES i’m pissed that Wenger is not moving fast to take advantage of the situation, but it isn’t as dire as a lot are trying to make it, when you see a supposed Gooner wish we get relegated or wishes Wenger dies, or claims he browses for young Senegalese, there has to be a line…taking things to far to be racist and bias has no place…and banning the opposite extreme while turning a blind eye to the other extreme is frankly, being irrational.

  80. IvoryGoonz

    Wenger on holiday; got one about turtles actually. I was with my ex Polish gf at one of Paris zoo that features giant turtles few years back. We were lucky enough to witness the first ever daylight sexual act between turtles in a zoo. That went so slow to get to the point, like 2 hours for the male to approach the female, and so quick to finish his business.
    We have a French expression: “Tout ca pour ca?!”…
    Well, that’s pretty much how I feel about Wenger’s promises of signings. Lot of wind for nothing.