Wenger deeply worried that Fabregas saga could derail Arsenal’s season. Head and sand springs to mind.

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What, did I read that right? Are you kidding me Arsene? This could have been sorted out in May. Something like this…

Barcelona – How much for Fabregas? 

Arsenal – £40mil cash, no add ons, no swaps and no part exchanges, £40mil

Barcelona – We’ll give you £27mil

Arsenal – Grow up, £40mil by July 1st or don’t bother come back ever again. End of story. Any longer and it will destabilise the team, pre-season and the player, not to mention it will hack off millions of fans, and frankly Barca, without them, we’d be in the conference league.

Whatever that very, very old, half witted, bloated, butt smoking daddies boy says. Stan do yourself a favour, kick him out or shove him in the attic and feed him fish heads for the rest of his miserable life, he really is that embarrassing relative that messes his pants at a party but won’t go home because he won’t admit he smells.

Once again we have had all summer to buy what we need and once again this club has failed spectacularly, Wenger already has his excuses lined up just like the rubber ducks he pays so much money to, and we can’t get them off the books, again, smart management. But no one ever says a word!

If you like me have watched pre-season, you can see we haven’t missed cesc and that killer pass, because when Cesc plays, we play tippy tappy football.

What we have missed since the invincibles is a credible defence, Squillaci, Koscielny and Djourou aren’t it I’m afraid, I have inside information that says the whole staff know it too, but Wenger’s ego won’t allow him to admit he’s cocked up royally, so we all have to suffer, please don’t think stubborn and massive ego are the same thing.

What happened to the days of sacking under performing managers, ask Terry Neil, Don Howe and Bruce Rioch!

It’s great having Gervinho, but we only got him because Chamakh is so bad, Bendtner is also poor but that’s because he is played out of position, either way we have had to suffer him for years because Wenger said he would come good, now he realises he won’t, he quietly disses him. Oh and remember when he used to quote Denilson’s Opta stats???

We are all so fed up, we applaud Gervinho arriving instead of questioning why we suffered Bendtner for so long, now we are going through the same thing with Chamakh.

I can see no difference between this season and last, we play the same way and defend as bad, we don’t miss Cesc, we miss Adams, Keown and Campbell, that’s what we miss. There are scores of top stoppers out there and we get 3 that can’t stop, smart move for a top manager that.

I can never understand the logic in selling a top player, then looking for a replacement, then using the excuse, ‘they know we have a lot of money so we can’t buy anyone, I won’t pay inflated prices’

We should buy Mata or whoever we like and let Cesc know we don’t give a rats arse about his feelings, this is Arsenal football club, not Arsene’s nursery and ex player roadshow, Sunday’s debacle showed us that.

Yes I know TH14 was a legend, but you know what? He left us for riches elsewhere, he now plays for Red Bull New York and getting 5 minutes for us is all about him and it should be all about us. And like everything else this club does, Wenger said he pleaded with the ref at half time, how long have we known about this fixture? If he wanted that he should have stipulated it last year, when the fixture came out.

I have said before, Cesc will be a crock, I have said before get a replacement in before we decide on him, I have said before we need 2 world class centre backs and we will need 4 throughout a season, TV5 and Bartley will make up the four, and I have said before that Bendtner, Almunia, Denilson, Squillaci and Eboue are not good enough, all are still here and the season starts next week, no wonder we have no money.

But Eboue makes everyone laugh, well so does a plastic turd at a party but you wouldn’t pay that £60k a week and give it an 8 year contract and image rights would you? Hmmmm but I know someone that might!

Denilson by the way says he’ll be back next year, as we are kindly letting him have a year off so he can be near his 3 year old daughter, generous that, never mind Arsenal’s needs, I also bet we are paying his massive salary too.

So a quick report on progress so far boss, we sell Clichy and replace him with one of two players that aren’t as good. We buy in a right back for the future and three 16 year olds, we buy in Gervinho (who does look good) and we are begging Cesc and Nasri to stay, but at what cost, oh and we are trying to sell 4 more.

Oh and I didn’t even bother mentioning the youth players let go or sold.

Me? I’d keep Nasri, but only if he signed a new contract, otherwise I would sell him to the highest bidder, if it were to City I would ask for Richards and De Jong in return or I would sell him for less elsewhere.

Cesc would go to the highest bidder, I’m afraid he has blotted his copybook once to often for me, I also believe he is now a crock, and who’s fault is that? Playing a kid at 16 in a mans team will do that everytime, there aren’t too many young kids that make it through a career, look at Michael Owen.

Jury is out on Gibbs, Ramsey, Wilshere and Theo, time will tell.

Have a great day Grovers, the weekend is looming and we have our last pre-season coming up.

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603 Responses to “Wenger deeply worried that Fabregas saga could derail Arsenal’s season. Head and sand springs to mind.”

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  1. Geoff

    No mate, I don’t think this mob will ever, ever get rid of Wenger, he holds too much power over them, he even answer the Platinum line FFS!

  2. wrongturn

    Near the end of the Arsenal-Shitsalona dialogue up there you forgot the part where Arsenal turn to Fabregas and say,

    “If your buddies haven’t come for you by July 2nd and you can’t live with it, we’re putting you on the open market. Same price – 40mil.”

  3. dennisdamenace

    I’m also hearing that we are chasing yet another random fucking 16 year old from Spain!!

    Who the fuck sanctions this madness?

    We can’t find the quality needed for the first team, but we can easily throw £5k, £10K, £15k a week to a fucking kid with promises of first team football, quite frankly we are disgusting, and it is no wonder many of Europe’s leading clubs have had enough of our kiddie dealings.

  4. PV4

    Stand alone best blog so far. The tedium that is the Arsenal transfer saga has hit new lows. We are woefully short of quality defenders, some experience in midfield and an additional attacker. Have to agree that Cesc is injury prone – and have thought for a while that with Jack and Rambo we don’t really miss him. The season is so painfully close that I am seriously worried about our inactivity in the market. Barton, Parker, Cahill, Samba, Zarate – the list lengthens yet AW is looking to bring in another kid from Real! If I didn’t know better I’d think that Harry had paid AW to ruin the club. Now we have to hope we avoid Rubin in the CL Qualifier.

  5. dennisdamenace

    Oh well, just wishful thinking i suppose, wishful thinking that someone, anyone, at the club would have the balls to stand up to this fucking out of control lunatic.

  6. bade the gooner (bernard)

    good morning grovers,

    top spot geoff, as always….



    Something must be done, we need protests urgently!!! last thing we need is fans like AKBs and tony atwood from untold Arsenal whom NEVER criticise wenger. We are going to have to have a revolution it WILL have to happen to Change, Arsenal fans are too laid back, especially the season ticket holders, they just keep paying and paying. YOU ARE CATTLE!!

  8. wardo

    Great post Geoff……in fact, i think you held back a little. What is happening at our club is a joke now !!

    Nasri wants to go cause the club is showing lack of ambition. If you dont buy then he will simply leave on a free next year.

    I’ve said before that part of a manager job spec is to buy what is required for the team he manages. If Wenger fails to do this then he has simply failed in his job that he gets £6mil a year for……. There is no way out of this imo !! no spinning statements in the press. You either buy what we need or fail in your Job Mr Wenger !! If you dont want to do this part of your job then either get someone else to do it or bugger off.

    As for PHW !! what an utter fcuking tossa this man is. I hate people like him who really have no idea about the game but because they were born silver spoon style and have had everything given to them on a plate, they feel they know more that the fans and have the cheeky of saying “they will have to be bloody patient”. What the hell does this guy know eh ??? Even for someone on £50k a year, a day out at Arsenal is not cheap by any means. So, he expects us to wait 6 years (whilst being patient) then when we FINALLY show that we are not happy with the ways things have gone, PHW take offence and makes a statement like that in the press. He has a fcuking cheek…… lets all chant “Pter is a bloody c nut” at our first home game. Let his family see the fans hate this prick and let them see he actually does fcuk all for our club.

  9. wardo

    Can we get a petition to get PHW out of Arsenal…… dont forget he hides behind most ppl at the club and would let other fall before him.

    I think he has a big hand in our decline so would love it if he was kicked out first.

  10. Mayank

    We don’t know how we’ve handled the Cesc situation, all we know is we were prepared to sell him for the right price but Barca didn’t cough up. The rest is all speculation. And you know what he’s still with us, so we may well have said to Barca what you want us to.

    I don’t think Henry even asked for it when it was announced, maybe he felt like it when he came back, Fair enough. And I would have loved him to play in an Arsenal shirt.

    Cesc is the best CM in the land, if he leaves it will be no small task to replace him. Just because we coped against mediocre opposition against nothing opposition doesn’t mean we won’t miss him. I don’t care how we keep him as long as we do. Vieira was kept after he voiced his desire to leave. And he won us a cup with his last kick.

    We’re trying to kick out some of the underperformers, that they’re still here means nothing. And Eboue is not on 60K.

    And sure we should’ve bought CBs early but Vermi and Kos are top class. JD and Squill are not and that’s why we need to buy. And don’t try to make out as if the staff think Kos is shit.


    Couldnt agree more fans need to start chanting against WENGER AND ,PHW ,IG ALL the other hook noses upstairs !!! I cant wait to lose 1st game at st james!!

  12. Mayank

    Wardo Nasri doesn’t want to leave because of our lack of ambition. He would’ve wanted to go to Man Utd then.

    He wants to leave because his agents told him he can get double of what he’s making here.

  13. wrongturn

    this business of Wenger, Grimandi and Hill-Wood siring little bastards in foreign lands and bringing them to Colney the minute they can tie their laces and kick at a ball has to stop.

    whenever i hear new kid i think Bischoff. it makes me sick hearing this nonsense. i can only make concessions to new kids like Ryo – mainly because he’s already signed and we have live with it, but because he HAS been exceptional at Feyenoord.

  14. Gunner4Real

    Jagielka, Cahill and Samba: Why is Arsenal the only top 4 club after these players? If they are as good as we think they are, why did Man City have to go out to get a defender?

    Why is Chelsea not looking at any of them?

    United signed 2 defenders without sniffing around any of these players.

    My take, these players are very average, lets stop the hype.

  15. PistolPete

    If Wenger doesn’t address the defense he will be gone within the first three months of the season and rightly so. This is one area he has no clue,and needs help.(where is Pat Rice, speak up)

    Dose the board realizes that all the slow purchasing of new players are having an irreversible affect on the fans feelings for Wenger, and as Gizzie said the fans will decide when Wenger rein will end. Will be funny next season when there say attendance of 60,000 – when there is only 20.000.
    All this can be rectified very quickly be just buying a few players for a few extra quid. The money is not coming out of your pocket Wenger , but the fans. Do the right thing
    Such a shame to have to be so negative.

  16. The prophet

    Great post but how do we as supporters change things? Are we all talk or do we have some leverage? Arsene & the board have told us what we wanted to hear……and then dropped us.
    What can us supporters do in order to get our message across?

    Do we:
    1. Not attend the games?
    1. Refrain from purchasing and food & beverages on game day?
    1. Petition a restructure of management?
    1. A court interdict?
    1. Find a 24 year old who looks 16 and get Wenger to buy him?

    All of these are lablled 1 on purpose….

    10 days to go and I feel FAR worse than I did at the end of the 2010/2011 season.

    ……maybe Wenger has a last trick up his sleeve??

    The prophet has spoken

  17. Gooner Sam

    Completely agree with your post Geoff, only problem is it will take the board at least 12 months to gave the balls to do something about it. I used to almost hang on Wengers every word, now I just cringe!

  18. Arse&Nose©

    Agree with the Post.

    Wenger is all about his players.

    Arsenal fans are all about the club.

    and because of these differing behaviours we are at odds with the the people in charge.

  19. kc

    Great Post! Cesc saga should have been over by now. Barca made their choice to spend money on Sanchez rather than Cesc, so he should have been announced for sale to the highest bidder a long time ago. Use that kitty for Mata, or better yet Sjneider and Cahill.

  20. sheene7

    Another season of booing will seal Ostrich wengers fate , I don’t think I have ever felt more despondent about a coming season in the 45 years I have been supporting Arsenal

  21. Gooner Sam

    Another thing, whenever Wenger talks about fans these days it is to patronise and talk down to us ‘he is a quality player you will see’ and ‘people want me to spend 50mil on a player but that is not within our means’ how many managers do you know that talk down to their fans? Arrogant!! What has happened to our wonderful club?

  22. hec

    Great Article got it spot on and the letters about the kid from Real Madrid a priority before a Centre back that we are screaming out for ,it really is Nero fiddling while Rome burns.

    Another season that we will not compete again when it comes to the crunch part of the season, we are too weak , we need leaders ,winners, we need men that can stand,up and be counted when the likes of Stoke City start their assault on our goalkeeper, we need a big Sol to get torn into them , we need a Big John Radford who challenges for everthing fearlessly, a McLintock who with pure determination drives the team forward , we dont need egotistical chumps and wimps like Bendtner, Nasri, Denilson, Diaby and I have to say it Fabregas, IT ALL MAKES YOU WONDER IF GALLAS SEEN AT THE TIME WHAT WE NEVER SEEN.

  23. uba

    I like le-grove but you people sound like spoilt brats. All your accusations have no base and you sound like a broken record. I cant see how Wenger can go from a genuis who goes a whole season unbeaten to this idiot you paint him as. Your brain cannot operate at .0001 % of his. So please until you actually work a day in football, stop taking the higher road

  24. Pierre

    “Wenger’s ego won’t allow him to admit he’s cocked up royally, so we all have to suffer”

    The painful truth summed up as clearly as I’ve ever seen.

  25. G_AFC

    BRING BACK DAVID DEIN!!!! He was the only one with BALLS big enough to say to Arsen “Listen you french c””t we are buying these players( Cayhill,Samba Benzima) and that’s the end of it.”We no longer have any one that can push AW in the right direction.So another year of shattered dreams.I’m pretty sure we will finish top4 next season but that is poor.How can a club like ours be happy with a top four finish.Problem is AW cannot admitt that he has fucked it.Project youth failed.Know it’s time for project cheque book.

  26. Rags

    Dunno why you keep on dissing Koscielny. i mean he is an excellent technical defender.Only thing he lacks is experience.

  27. wrongturn

    interesting qhuestions, prophet!

    1. Find a 24 year old who looks 16 and get Wenger to buy him?

    ha ha..

    i think Wenger did feel the pressure earlier on when Gazidis came out saying there was more than an ample transfer budget. he had to echo that statement.

    but as the pressure declined [post Gervinho] he grew complacent in making shit happen, started feeling the young-boy fever again, and got it in his head again that we can get in there with the best this season.

  28. Gunner4Real

    @ Mayank, you are spot on.

    We are relying heavily on speculations and it is being portrayed as facts,

    No one knows the true details of the Cesc saga, so lets stop the speculations. Big players have lefty Arsenal and the club has survived, Cesc would not be an exception.

    Nasri just wants to get paid, forget the ambition excuse.

  29. Victor

    Arsenal fans are too soft. Look at how liverpool fans force out hodgson? It can be done, but they need to start having some protests going around.

  30. wardo

    The Prophet, opt 5 seems good. Tell Wenger that Messi is only 14 years old…..

    Mayank, he wants to go to win trophies. He knows that he will not challenge for the EPL or ECL given the way Arsenal are structuring their squad. If it was purely the cash he gets, he would have told Arsenal and they would have sold him.

  31. gambon

    Wenger moans that Barca are messing around…then goes and bids £10m for Jagielka 3 times in 1 year.

    He hasnt got a case to moan about the old cunt.

    If youre happy holding out for £40m for Cesc then you should be happy getting out there and paying what Everton & Bolton want for their CBs.

    Just imagine how miserable Liverpool fans would have been if Arsene took over in January.

    He wouldve sold Torres for £50m, signed no-one, then this summer wouldve signed 5 16 year olds and told everyone that the prices were dizzying.

    Hes a fucking cancer, hope a car hits him today, or tomorrow at the latest.

  32. indian gooner

    Are you guys the only ones with the guts to tell the truth?I am seriously appalled to see many websites still being AKBs.Some of them asked why fans booed in a “friendly” match in the weekend.I feel sorry for ourselves that we have let AW take over this club to the extent that now he appears unanswerable to anyone….boo and boo until they are heard.boo until AW changes his ways…ppl are asking us to stay quiet till the window is closed.then if nothing has been done they ask us to protest.WTF is wrong with some ppl.If the windos is closed what can be accomplished?We boo now to let the manager/board know what they might get if they dont change….

  33. uba

    Gambon illustrates how deluded and messed up you people are. You just wished that another human being gets hit by a car because he came 4th last season in the Premier League with limited funds. Because of fucking soccer. Get a perspective you fucking tossers.
    God help you..and if you’re an athiest…help yourself

  34. Arse&Nose©

    gambon, remember last season we were after Schwarzer from Fulham and we bid 1.5m at the start of the window then a few days before the end of the window bid 1m !!!

  35. rooster1108

    Not so sure the jury is out on Wilshere, Walcott and Ramsey Geoff. Maybe Walcott for some but he’s improved an awful lot over the last 2 years. Gibbs fair enough, he’s a kid and learning his trade and he’s not had the best in jury record, I would have Enrique preferably as he is a specialist LB.

    A lot of people would have you believe project youth has failed but there have been some remarkable successes like Wilshere, Chezzer, Frimpong looks very good and Bartley is involved now. Afobe and Aneke will push on also. I don’t have a problem per se with purchasing young players to bring through the Academy BUT we have to balance this out with some ready mades to help the team now.

    As ever I agree with a lot of the statements made on here but not all.

  36. wrongturn

    uba, i’ve never spent a day in football my whole life. but i’ve watched this team for years with my whole heart – forsaking family, friends and women to enjoy a decent game of the Arsenal..

    ..a number of those years ended badly.

    i’ve also heard Wenger talk shite over countless transfer seasons – even admitting there needs change hear and there, and i’m not talking of unspecified positions either.

    i can’t explain wenger’s irrational behaviour and the leak in strategy from his inner circle of coaching staff and club executives, but you can’t tell me how upset or rational i have to be in order to deal with this.

  37. craigy

    im fucking depressed, i wanna rip wenger’s head off! he’s deeply worried that Fabregas saga could derail Arsenal’s season! are you pissing me, this guy is a fucking joke, i had a feeling that wenger would use this summer to finally put things right with the shit we have in the squad, but no, his disgusting ego gets in the way yet again, im sick of looking at the smug lying face and its now time for him to go, and he can take his legacy with him, coz for me he’s destroyed it, purely with stubbournnes and the biggest ego i have ever witnessed. its a real shame coz i love the guy, or loved. i didnt want him to leave without putting things right but now i couldn’t care less, oh and another thing if there’s n e 1 out there happy with the current situation id luv to hear it?

  38. rooster1108

    HB, thanks, I must have not linked that part of the post 🙂
    What does my head in is that Wenger has used this smoke and mirrors thing for years and we used to know he’d pull something out of the hat as a nice surprise like a Pires or an Henry or even Rosicky, business done quickly with minimal fuss. Now the same smoke and mirrors thing is there but with a booby prize at the end covered in brown stuff.

  39. Matt

    How many other ‘big clubs’ would be in a position where they have to take two team photos for the coming season, one with two of their best players in it and one without in case they are sold.

    Sums it up painfully well!!

  40. bade the gooner (bernard)


    i would say even he’s all about his false ego and his self crusades.

    he is a bad loser, he’s the spoilt fat rich boy from school, that no touches only cause he has a rich parents.

    arsene failed and it is no more a secret, or a true word from a small innocent boy claiming the truth about the naked king, it’s now a wide spread we have a deluded, blindly arrogant manager that doesn’t have enough self respect and courage on him to admit his bullshit and mistakes. he lost his dignity, and he lost me respect for him or his legacy due to that …..


  41. JimmyRimmer

    Pistol Pete

    Can’t see Pat Rice speaking up. When have you ever seen him do anything other than to look on aimlessly while Wenger whines and flaps his arms on the sideline!

  42. OPG

    Think I’ve had enough of Wenger’s spin but most of us can see past it nowadays.
    This is what Pep Guardiola said after losing to Chivas it was mostly reserve although players like Xavi, Pique and Villa (Who have been injured) came off in the 2nd half “We will have to change our mindset very quickly. This was a wake up cal”

  43. wardo


    firstly mate, Nasri wants success. If it was purely money based then Arsenal would have just sold him to manure…….instead they are trying to convince him we will be able to challenge for the EPL and ECL.

    Secondly, It looks like we will have two team photo’s in case Cesc does leave.

    Are you happy with the way the club is run…..leaving transfers til the last minute risking our ambitions whilst at it?? What gives them the right to mug off the fans with lies to get our money then have a director come out and make yet another stupid comment in the press.

  44. Grimandi

    Uba is the new Gambon but exactly for the opposite, he makes some valid points and a democracy we have to applaud that, you just just at people because they have a different point of view.

    We all know we have not done as well as we should, but we cannot deny the fact that we came so close in the past surely with few new players I think we can win something big, we have been in 4 finals in the past 6 years, finished in the top for consistently, we had the pleasure in watching some of the best football on the planet, we have an amazing stadium and great players, the rest will follow.
    All this Wenger out nonsense is not needed, the fact remains, Arsene is the second most successful manager in Premier league history and will deliver once again.

    Uba takes over from Gambon!!! long live UBA UBA UBA!!!!!

  45. Arsenal Tom

    myles’ info aint looking so good at the moment! 3 internationals this week!? lol

    we are a pathetic football club at the moment

  46. Greg

    One of the posters says that how could Wenger have changed from being a genius – simple – he never was – he was given GG’s defence and team and actually he should have won more than he did ie the EPL in 1999, 2003, the FA cup in 2004 etc – that attitude lived on through Keown etc – once they were all gone – that winning mentality went with them – since then we have been a Franco-Spanish team that will never win the EPL – we don’t have the bollocks for it

  47. Big Dave

    Something is seriously wrong over at that club, might lose out on Cahil/Samba. and Jag wants to stay in north west area

  48. wardo


    Think you will not be about to receive a cyber beating from Gambon!Think i can hear him smash his keyboard keys as i write this :O:

    Brian Clough was successful once but then completely lost it.

    I would love it if Wenger changed his ways and bought what we needed.

    We dont need £50mil players
    But we do need new players.
    Clichy has not been replaced. instead Gibbs will replace him and he struggles to show for more than 5 games in a row.

  49. Arse&Nose©

    wardo, hey mate!

    gambon and uba are wishing each other were hit by trains

    AT-I noticed myles changed his headline from

    “Arsenal will sign Jagielka and Cahill this week”


    “Arsenal will sign Jagielka and Cahill very soon

  50. henry14


    Arsene is a fucking cunt – sack that incompetent piece of shit.


  51. Mayank


    That doen’t make sense both Man U and City are offereing very similar amounts to the club. But it seems Nasri wants to go to City cause they’re doubling his wages. It will take a lot to convince me he’s not doing it for the money.

    A lot of clubs will be selling their players between now and 31st. Doesn’t mean they’ll all be taking two or more pictures. Any permutation of players could stay, arrive or leave.

    How many pictures do you think clubs across the country will be taking.It’s nonsense spouted by the Spanish press to convince themselves that the deal is not dead. Hopefully that answers your question as well Matt.

    And as for being happy with the way the club is run that’s not really a question that solves anything. Of course I’m not happy with every aspect of how the club is run, but that doesn’t mean I’m unhappy with all the facets of the club.

  52. gambon


    How do you do it?

    Do you wake up each day and think “Im gonna trawl the Arsenal blogs, find some fans who know what theyre talking about and understand that our club is heading for disaster…then moan about their views and defend the french weirdo who i want to suck off”

    It actually tells more about your gay tendencies than Arsene FC, the club you support. Anyone with “Arsene” in their name is a cunt and a fucking lunatic.

    I’ll stick to Arsenal FC.

  53. Arsenal Tom

    AAA… give us some positives about the current state of arsenal FC then mate… let me guess…

    we’re a young team
    1 year older so will learn from our mistakes (again) LOL!
    mental strength
    wenger said we’re looking for super class players (silvestre is a free agent again by the way)

  54. hec

    UBA , you write as if you have no opinion of your own , you accuse genuine Arsenal supporters of being spoilt brats, If any othet major football club went 6/7 years without winning anything and by the way the last thing they won the FA cup they were seriously lucky ,they got humped that day,anyway 6/7 years no trophy would have meant the sack for the manager years ago . Manu/Chelsea/ManCity/Liverpool/Real/Barca/Inter/AC.Mila/ all the big clubs in Europe and even the likes of Spurs and Villa he would have been sacked , so UBA where do you get off accusing genuine Arsenal fans of being spoilt brats , they have to pay the highest prices to watch their team , they have been tolerant and patient for years , its people like you that have allowed us to get in this mess , by all this AKB bullshit.

  55. Geoff

    Zar we do miles more than that mob, arsenal.com do the most and they aren’t on there, we aren’t because we don’t do something they ask for, Pedro will tell you but he’s at the ground right now.

    Say goodbye to Uber.

  56. Goonerfied85

    Wenger is a drisgrace.

    Such a s shame really because he has done great things for the club but I do stress the has part.

    Unfortunately he has not changed his ways.

    Really thought from the comments from Gazidis & Wenger that we would have a summer of intent with signings of quality but guess we were fooled again.

    I feel sorry for those who renewed your season ticket on this basis, still great to go watch the gooners week in week out don’t get me wrong but there is definitely a bitterness in the mouth at the moment beacuse of Wenger & the board.

    Lets see what this season has in store for us then with no real strengthening to our squad apart from Gervinho.

  57. Matt

    Fair point I suppose Mayank. You have to believe there is an element of truth to it though where Arsenal are concerned.

    Also, as you say, lots of clubs will be losing players before the start of the season. However, not many will be losing arguably their two BEST players.

  58. Francis Jay(Malaysian Gooner)

    This the last sesaon for wenger. Silly manager who couldnt handle success. Success is now goin to eat him out. Fool, act now before you ruin AFC. If everythin remians as it is, AFC will be like the lower middle clubs. Wenger, if you are reading this, change your dumb policies. Your youth policy is screwed. Learn to have a proper balance. You are a economist and you should know better. Dont like you anymore. You and the board are useless nuts who have lied to the fans not once but year in and year out. Should have pelted you with rotten eggs when you visited us. Lucky you.

  59. Bush Gooner

    I am sick as a fucking parrot!

    We barely have 2 weeks left before the start of the season and we still have not made any further progress to resolve the Cesc and Nasri situation, AND the blindly obvious additions to our defence. What are we waiting for?

    We are heading towards another season of inadequate signings and inept defending and insipid performances which will surely put out a negative message.

  60. Mark_

    Nowadays i immediately see after reading few lines that it is Geoffs post.

    Please for stop writing the same line 365 times. Yes you have repeated over the past 2 months how much you don’t like Wnger, Bendtner, Eboue, denilson, Rosicky etc.

    Yes we got the message and we are in the same boat. But really does not help when every post you write contains 100% of this.

    Yes, i am the first to admit that I would like to change a manager and that is my honest 100% answer. But as long as this guy is there we need to minimize the negativity as it does not help the team as well.

    Look at bloody liverpool. they are in a bigger mess than us and that is after spending 100mil. on shitty players. Their pre-season form is the worst in the league and I do not hear any scousers complaining about this.

  61. Gunner90

    Great article – reflecting the thoughts of 80% of Arsenal fans right now – the other 20% are the AKB’s who are living in cuckoo land and think the club is in good hands with Wenger,Gladis,DHW and a disinterested American owner. Apart from Gervinho – the squad has not changed at all and the defence will be even worse this season. We are stuck with a captain who does not want to be at the club and will hardly play any games if he is not transferred to Barcelona. We will also be playing another midfield player who does not want to be at the club and will walk out at the end of the season on a free!! What a way to run a football club that charge the highest prices in the world!!

  62. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    good post… you can read the anguish in bewteen the words taht are felt by a lot of supporters…now pool are linked with cahill , they will have it wrapped up by saturday!

    we are wasting our time in hoping as the post says this season is a forgone conclusion odf misery and doubt!

  63. gambon

    Funny that Wenger is so quick to sell a player when he hits 29, but cant recognise that he was finished in May 2004.

    He should have done the right thing and retired years ago.

  64. Arsenal Tom

    whos worse… Wenger for ignoreing what so obviously wrong with our club and just pursuing his personal fantasy or Gazidis for allowing it to happen and doing fuck all about it

  65. Ashburton Patriot

    just got told to come to Le Grove after being called a moron because i don’t think we’ll win anything next year with this squad.

  66. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    i hope hwenger gets booed and heckled by the 10,000 at the ground today! its ironic today we have showers in august, we will have a shower of a team all season!

  67. Big Dave

    Reading other blogs etc, I feel their is so much hatred towards the club more then ever, that is the making of IG and AW fault, making gooners argue and fight amongst eachother.

  68. goonerDNA

    uba, i’m joking bad one i know ok i hope your bcg gets infected,

    Geoff, loved the post nearly as much as the metro interview.

  69. Arsenal Tom

    mark… at least liverpool are trying to sort their problems out… what are we doing? getting bullied as usual.

    reina and agger (at least) have both come out and said they need to improve and they probably will! how many times do we have to read a “we’ll learn from our mistakes” article on arsenal.com only to see those very same mistakes cost us for the rest of the season?

  70. wardo

    A&N, oh….haha – i now get it. Perhaps they can hav a fight on platform 9 Liv Street station. Winner get to push the other one under a train. 😀


    Lets not wish each other to get hit by a train mate 😀

    However, i left Mancity out for simplicity. Yes both manure and mancity were in for Nasri and both would have bettered his wages. Maybe there is an element of Nasri wanting more cash granted. But, I think the main driver for him is to challenge for the League title and ECL. Both mcity and manure are both in the ECL. manure was in the final last season and man city are buying quality players which is a sign of intent. I would imagine that Nasri would not consider say Lpool if they offered to double his salary and Arsenal were challenging (by this I mean that if Livpool did now he might be inclined as Arsene is not showing ambition in the market. Plus Nasri can see what is coming through in the club. If it were 5/6 Willshire type players then maybe he would be satisfied. I think he has had enough of the bullcrap about us being “very active” when in reality we have done next to nothing !!

  71. Keith

    Milan to bid 26 million for rvp other teams can smell blood this currant manager and board have no ambition why have we not signed Cahill samba or jagelka yet? Why did we not just buy mata it’s funny how all the transfer rumours where stirred up just before the emirites cup and now everything seems dead was this a pr stunt to avoid mass demonstrations Arsenals transfer budget and money spent will be less than that of leichester city out eboue bentner clichy cesc 58 million in gervinio jenkinson 12 million a cool 46 million profit it needs a mass demonstration asap to save this club

  72. hitman49

    we are to blame for letting

    gazidis/wenger/board/. get away with not investing in the team.

    when you need you have to paye the prices or pay the price..

    we need to make our feelings know…and i mean us who go to the games pay our money to sponser this bunch..

    make your voice count !

  73. NickW

    Bang on about the defense I’ve long thought Wengers’ ego is now more important to him than the well being of the team, it’s the the only thing that could explain sticking so long which such awful players. The centre of defense has become a joke only it’s our opposition who are laughing. We are supposed to be a top club the 5th richest in the world but I’m sure 3 out 4 of our centre backs wouldn’t get in most established premier league teams. Why does our manager settle for such second rate players, I don’t care what he’s done in the past he’s screwing us up now and has been for about 4 years.

  74. Arsenal Tom

    to be honest if i was nasri id have bitten man utd’s hand off… he’s not an arsenal fan remember, who wouldn’t wanna play for man utd? the consistently win and challenge for the top comps.

    ferguson has won more trophies in the 6 years we haven’t won a thing than wenger has in his whole time with us!!!

  75. hitman49

    geoff dont ban uber please

    i dont think thats right leave him on

    as we all need to have a laugh now and then !

  76. gambon

    Kenny Dalgleish has a poor squad.

    Response: Signs Carroll, Suarez, Adam, Henderson, Downing & Enrique for £110m

    Wenger has a poor squad.

    Response: He signs 8 players under 19, and a winger, when our problem is defence.; Oh and he sells numerous players including our best player.


    As ive said a million times, Wenger is a con man, and as Myles says the biggest spin doctor in football. Hes trying to reinvent a game that cant be and doesnt need to be reinvented.

    Hes also a fucking liar. He always says he doesnt need to spend as spending money doesnt improve a squad, then he moans that City & Chelsea have loads of money.

    Well cunt, I thought you said spending money wasnt the answer?

  77. DeiseGooner

    @Greg – Say whatever you want about Wenger now – but please dont start taking away what he has achieved in the past by crediting it to managers long gone from the club. Why didnt GG win more with that ‘winning mentality’ if it was so great? Beacuse while GG built a very solid side, they did lack going forward. Wenger addressed that. Didnt Lauren, Kolo, Sol, Cole prove he can build a defense?

    What the fuck Wenger is up to now i just dont know but the mad did have it, else we wouldnt have won what we have in his tenure.

  78. Mayank

    Haha Wardo, Yes let’s not…

    The money thing comes to mind because he’s ready to go for a Bosman. That’s not a career move it’s a money move. We’ll have to wait and see though I guess.

  79. Dan

    Excellent article!

    I cannot wait for the day that Wenger the coward and his AKB brown-nosers to get the f*** out of our club!


  80. Ashburton Patriot

    Yes definitely. while being absolutely roasted by ACLF yesterday i realized too many fans have too much faith in Wenger and in the current squad.

    i knew that some did but i didn’t realize how strongly they felt. oh well.
    when i asked what gives people hope that this year would be better i couldnt get one solid answer.

    Like the slogan… Le Grove a place where you can have an opinion, not get one.

  81. NickW

    Just another thought what are the odds on the Fabregas saga not being resolved until the last day of August and then the club turn round and say they couldn’t buy anyone because the money wasn’t available until it was too late. A bit cynical I know but I’m beginning to think the club are just trying to hoodwink the fans into thinking they are willing to spend some money. After all they’ve been doing it for years.

  82. Matt


    That is probably exactly what will happen. The board wont care though. It will be another £30 million in the coffers!!!

  83. wardo


    its the school holidays !! Alot of people fly to Spain, Greece, Cypress, Turkey etc etc etc and are out the country…… all the scoucers are robbing their homes as we speak hence, they don’t have time to maon about their footie club.

  84. Arsenal Tom

    A.P… youll never get a proper bit of arsenal chat over there mate, like you say all you get is comments like…

    “oh look another ‘fan’ bashing our squad before we’ve kicked a ball, wish they’d fuck off to spurs”.

    none of them can actually hold a good football discussion because 90% of them are just wenger obsessives and not real football fans.

  85. Mark_

    Arsenal Tom,

    All I am saying we are facing two scenarios:

    1. Continue this trend from the first game of the season becuase of this negativity and a nightmare season is ahead.

    2. Support the team and give the guys that extra 10% to win every game at home. As you have seen when the atmosphere is great and we fans turn the turn gets added energy and performs very well (Manure, Baraca and Chelsea at home last year).

    At the of this year if Wenger does not win anything we will let hime know at the end of the season.
    BUT let us guys realise that whatever we say now HE IS NOT LEAVING. so it is up to us to either get behind the team aor continue this insult.

  86. Ashburton Patriot

    AP we can. If wenger changes his philosophy
    or we get someone who cares more about success than running a finishing school…

  87. ArsenalArseneArshavin

    gambon hahah you are mentally ill, not Wenger. To actually want someone to get hurt is sick. And mate you definetely are sick. I follow mostly withoút dropping a comment and some people like you in here moan all day long. I guarantee that you are a moaner in your normal life as well.
    1) We are more likely to be more competitive now than before when we played at Highbury.
    2) Arsenal today is a global brand, and that is NOT Graham’s work, despite 6 barren years. If you actually travel you’ll see lots of Arsenal shirts on young kids.
    3) We are competing despite the wealth of Chelsea and City and the power of United. In Spain only 2 teams compete because they are the most powerful. No team is even near barca and real, but we are still close despite our limits. Of course nearly winners is NOT good enough but you must as well be realistic. If City, United and Chelsea go for a player we like, we have no chance. You simply cannot fail to see this. That is why Wenger is doing businness in Asda and not Waitrose.
    4) Some clubs have spent so much more than Arsenal but still find themselves behind us. I think of Spurs in particular. Spending is not the sole answer.

    To be clear, I’m NOT happy that we are not winning any silweware but I’m being realistic about our chances. Liverpool used to be the biggest club in England, look at them now. This could happen to us or maybe it is happening in front of our eyes. But the barren years have actully made me love Arsenal so much more.

  88. PV4

    Uba – as you sit there in your lily white shirt (you must be a spud with comments like yours) try to compose a comment which outlines your authority on the game – (bollocksed of course if you really are a spud) – and then stun us all with your extensive footballing knowledge and insite. Otherwise, do try to find a spare car or train!

  89. hitman49

    arsenal tom

    100% correct…keep all,, not the rude vulgar ones though

    balance to our fan site….

    again leading the way …….

  90. Jonas

    Very much doubt any new players will arrive before start of the season…..god how depressing this all is and the shitty weather adds to it..doom doom doom

  91. Walking Wounded

    Fuck me, It’s pissing down with rain out there, and you come out with a post like that!!! Suicidal now!

    But seriously…..

    Scott Dann?
    Is he any good or was he just good with Roger Johnson?

    Why him over Gary Cahill, or will it be both (please let it be both)

    Is our problem really the defence, or did we always concede the odd goal or two? Or is our problem the fact that we are not clinical enough. Our chance conversion rate needs to be better, then we wouldn’t give a rats arse how good the defence is (Squillaci aside)

  92. IvoryGoonz

    @Geoff: nice post. sums the situation.
    @WillyBilly and UBA: we do sound like a broken record, because we keep saying the same truth over and over again, and this because your dear “Lord Wenger” doesnt listen. He is the broken record repeating year after year that we stick to a sustainable business and will compete for all 4 trophies, and only thing he delivers is keeping the board happy with his financial statements, and the old farts who cant be bothered thinking about ambition and titles.
    that push us to repeat the same and the same again.
    Being an AKB, you wouldn’t have so much pride about yourself if you coulcnt complain about so called – Anti-arsenal fans, would you>? So being an AKB you should be proud that we are your anti-thesis, your nemesis. And be warned, what was a minority some years ago grows year after year. And this is not up to us, it is up to Wenger to stop is crap.
    Keep being blind, we’ll keep ignoring you. Finally, who gives a sh*t about being ranked on a wikio news list? Why should Pedro and Geoff submit this free blog to the mass-self-masturbating corporate crap given by Wenger on other blogs like Untold.
    We are proud to be different, and every reader knows this blog is one of the only blogs who actually challenges Wenger’s biased views about our beloved club, and as has been proven by many ex-arsenal legends, whoever stands in Wenger’s way, is flagged as unwanted. We are proud to be the ones holding the light while every AKB follows the shepherd to the sewer.
    Its time the tendency reverse, and it will. You can not prevent it I’m afraid. Finally, the more you actually come on this blog to voice your AKB views, the more we will resist to the oppression, the more weight we will have, and the quicker Wenger will go, so yes, please come back asking for more beating as any of you who actually post on here doesn’t even have half a brain to substantiate any claims Wenger does. Start thinking for yourself, rather than just spilling the board’s will.
    You want peace? Stay on whatever low IQ and sheep-minded thinking blog out there, there’s plenty of them, and leave us be.

  93. Arsenal Tom

    mark… the fact we beat man utd, barca and the chavs is because the players actually put some effort in. even braindead diaby has said the fans are too east on the team.

    maybe they need a bit of fear to perform from the fans because there’s clearly no fear of the manager any more.

    the support thing is two-way as well, when the club start doing something positive maybe the fans will feel positive, as it stands we’ve had more broken promises and more ticket-selling drivel from the manager and CEO. in fact because of the amount of bollocks we’ve been fed this summer is for me the worst of the last 6

  94. Moray

    Wenger should be sacked for loading the club up with shit players on ridiculously high long-term contracts, while neglecting to sign up those decent players who are able to angle for a free transfer.

    And buying players out of position, making ridiculous signings like Bischoff, having a squad size so large that many of the kids don’t get a chance, giving the capptaincy away to unworthy players and bribing players to stay (Henry/Cesc)

  95. wardo

    Mayank, if he does go on a free then I agree that maybe a higher percentage of the decision was money based…….

    Geoff, dnt agree with Uber but dont think he deserves a ban. Unless i missed something he did of course…….

  96. Pedro

    HB, they don’t rank properly… their algorithm is all about back links etc… where as a blog should be ranked on activity and traffic. I’m sure we’d do well on the ranking, we’ve had a lot of high profile backlinks of late… however, I don’t think the list is truly representative. You’ve got blogs in there that rarely post flying high… I’d only want to be part of a proper ranking system that took all factors into account.

  97. Robbiec1123

    We are going to strugle this year. We all know rvp and walcot will be out at some point. We have a defence minus a cb lb

    Liverpool are stronger, spurs are a threat. Dont expect top 4. Not unless they get the shits again

  98. Shevo

    “One of the posters says that how could Wenger have changed from being a genius – simple – he never was – he was given GG’s defence and team and actually he should have won more than he did ie the EPL in 1999, 2003, the FA cup in 2004 etc”

    So why did GG not win more with the same defence then GENIUS.

  99. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    like most my opinion cahnges from tim3e to time,,, i remember similar conversations about him not nuying themn out of the blue he signed reyes, whoom may have made it had he not lost his bottle after being scythed down for 90 minutes by the nevilles and scholes…

    you never know maybe just maybe wenger will think right sod it klets break the bank to get the right person! but more worringly will they remember to get the new man to resign his contracty aftyer 2 years of a 4 year deal… doubt it!

  100. Honest Bill


    I thnk the main problem there is people’s belief that a team can actually be split up that easily into defense and attack. all areas of the pitch affect each other, so no i don’t believe it’s just our defenders, and that it’s a team thing where attack and defense is intrinsically linked.

    However, the centre half thing has been a problem for a while,but let’s not forget that even when we had two very good ones (Toure and Gallas) we were still shipping goals.

    The team as a whole just rolls over, and whenever there’s a fairy tale story to be had by some little team, we just roll over every time.

  101. gambon


    Your points are all very poor.

    1- I dont think you are much of a fan. At Highbury we won the league 5 times in our last 17 years there. Since we moved we have won?????????????????

    1a- At Highbury we finished in the top 2 every season since 97/98…..since we moved we have been 3rd or 4th every year.

    That point was appaling as the facts show you are wrong.

    2- Arsenal as a global brand? Hmmm, thats more down to the growth of the PL as a whole. We dont make much from merchandise sales and its actually falling, probably due to the influence of the mad frenchman.

    3- No we are not competing. We are nowhere near. Lets not pretend we are. If a team is regularly competing they dont go 6 years without a trophy, it wouldnt be possible.

    4- What the fuck have spurs got to do with us. Spurs spend what they do have in an effort to improve. We have vastly more resources yet a manager who is either too ill, too incompetent, or too scared to use these resources. And do i need to point out that Spurs spend £50m pa less than us in wages.

    Also, answer me this….who most recentley won a trophy, Spurs or Arsenal?


    It does make me laugh when people compare us to Spurs, is that the fucking limit of your ambition? To do finish higher in the PL but win less trophies than a small team with half or our turnover and a tenth of our history.

    You should be ashamed of yourself.

  102. Jonas

    Not sure when they went on sale but there are plenty of tickets left for the Liverpool game for Red Level Members.

    I know people are on holiday etc but first game at home and against a top team usually sells out pretty quickly…..worrying times

  103. Sarge

    DeiseGunner – that back 4 didn’t appear overnight. It spent some time getting schooled by the best in the business before coming together as a unit in its own right. The old back 4 made sure that defence was still key to our game and also made sure that whoever came in knew that too. We had some strong characters then who had been about for a few years and weren’t scared of Wenger and Wenger wasn’t going to go toe-to-toe with those old hands.

    Clean sheets don’t get Wenger wet, scoring goals does. He thinks that he can send out a side to outscore anyone. The problem is when they have an off day and they had many last year, the defensive side of our game isn’t good enough to get us over the finishing line and earn us valuable points.

    GG’s problem was that the club was potless and he couldn’t invest in the team to build the dominance that we threatened. Which is why that 91 team broke up and some of his buys were distinctly average. GG had an excuse, what’s Wenger’s?

  104. Honest Bill

    Fair enough Pedro.

    To be fair i didn’t even know of the exostence of this blog league until now, so i’d say you aren’t missing a great deal

  105. Gunner4Real

    Greg, how many titles did GG win with this mythical defence?

    Which member of GG’s defence went the season undefeated under Wenger? (Lauren, Sol, Toure, Cole).

    Wenger’s brand of football is much better than GG’s cautious approach.

    I would rather hold Wenger’s employers responsible for his lack of improving the team over the years. If they are not holding him accountable, then they are a party to the demise.

  106. Walking Wounded

    Vidic is a great Centre back and scares the shit out of opponents and gets away with murder with referees because he is ultra aggressive. There is enough pressure on TommyV this season, but if he can step up to this level and drag one or two of the others with him, then our CBs maybe able to cope. Do you sense that Bartley is shooting uo the pecking order?

  107. BIG AL

    I admit that once upon a time I was in Wenger’s corner. But for the last 2 to 3 seasons i have rapidly moved out of that corner. Please don’t get me wrong his brand of football is a sight for sore eyes. However he is living on his past glories. We all know that he is a stubborn sod. The board knows this also but whilst he is bringing in money the fat cat board members are not going to do or say anything to rock the boat whilst the £’s are rolling in. They are more than happy just smoking and chewing on there big fat cubans. Whilst us supporters are having to keep popping the blood pressure tablets, which I thought was due to my 2 young daughters. I have now realised that it is due to the club I have supported and loved for the past 38 years. Something has to be done about the constant lying from Wenger and the board stating ‘we are going to do our business early’ and ‘we will be very busy in the market’. This was just a ploy to fool supporters in a false sense of security as the board has realised that season ticket was on a low. I can just imagine Hill-Wood standing by a window at the Emirates saying ‘The natives are getting restless’ but still doesn’t give a dam as he is given a piece of paper with our bank balance at a all time high, which puts an enormous smile on his face. .As Grazidis stated in the AST meeting only the supporters can sack Wenger. So therfore the board are more than happy with him. If this is the case move him upstairs and bring in someone who wants success on the field and not interested in the balance of bank account. But this maybe up to us…….