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So I broke the news yesterday that the club fully expect Cesc to be at open day this Thursday, providing Barcelona stick to their guns in not offering the £40million Arsenal are expecting for him.

Poor old Cesc, he’s been hung out to dry by the club of his dreams.

This isn’t cause for celebration though… From what I understand, Cesc is making no secret of his upset about the situation, but at least he’s given up on his ‘injury’ and rejoined the group. He’s in no shape to play though… Hopefully Barcelona will offer up the money we need sharpish, so we can move him on and buy in a replacement. It’ll be a waste of £140k a week if we keep him here next year, but don’t be surprised if he lines up for us in August. We don’t need to sell him on the cheap.

Samir Nasri has been good as gold apparently… Just coming in and working hard, so even if we do get just one more year out of him, at least it won’t be a sulky one.

I asked around about Jagielka and Cahill, all I can say is that we’ve been looking at both but there’s been no movement at the training ground and none of the players are aware of a deal in the offing. That doesn’t mean a one isn’t being thrashed out by Dick Laws as we speak…

So all in all… Not much to report except the continuation of a bad summer.

Arsene and the backroom staff have gone stale if this is what they call progress… Ivan Gazidis has very publicly put pressure on Wenger this summer by offering up the money he needs. If he doesn’t spend it and it goes tits up next season at least the next coach will have the funds to play with.

One thing I do find interesting is that Nik B is on the exit list over Chamakh. He’s been awful this summer and has shown no signs off picking up from the 3 months if good form he displayed last year. From what I’ve heard, the Moroccan enjoys himself in his private life, I wonder if that’s reflected in his football and the fatigue he suffers? Nik B is also one for a party, but at least he can last a season without complaining about how tired he is. Still no move for him, that £52k a week he’s earning seems to be a bit of a sticking point for the paupers of Europe.


To Tony Roberts for taking up a full-time post as goalkeeping coach at Arsenal. He’s credited with the progression of Chezzer at the club and he’ll be a welcome addition considering the problems we’ve clearly had in the keeping area.

Season ticket prices…

Yesterday, the BBC released the results of their survey, of which Arsenal topped their table as the most expensive day out in the Premiership. Our pies top out at a staggering £4 a pop and the cheapest day out an Arsenal fan can expect is £44. £1200 sounds like a pretty modest outlay compared to the sort of money Geoff, myself and the people we go with spend out over the course of a season, but it’s still the richest ticket in the Premiership. That’s why I find it staggering Peter Hill-Wood can come out and say that Arsenal didn’t profit from the VAT increase when he should full well know tickets went up by 6.5% this season. If you’re into listening and stuff, I did a piece for BBC London last night about season ticket prices, it’s about about 30 minutes in. The Professor on before me was quite interesting as well, but nowhere near as educated as me… so sorry about that.

Fantasy Football…

That time of year has arrived again where we pedal a bit of Fantasy football! We have a £100 prize for the winner, which basically feels like I’m gifting myself and Geoff £50. The league comes with an app for your phone and it’s all very sophisticated! If you fancy your chances…

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  1. wenger on holiday



  2. william

    John A. The club may not be performing at maximum efficiency. That does not equate to being in shambles.

    Mr. Gambon is the one in shambles. He said this about our
    beloved club.

    “Its at the point now where I actually hope we lose our first 3 games in a row.”

  3. wenger on holiday





    i particulary like the last one..ill be singing it at newcastkle vs arsenal

  4. william

    Haha Gambon c’mon man!!

    You want us to get into the top 4. So do I.

    If you want our team to make it into the top 4, why the f*** would you sacrifice 9 points!!???

  5. John A

    I completely disagree william. We are in nosedive and the board and Wenger do not have the balls to sort it out.

  6. william

    Fair enough John. Care to explain any evidence of this nosedive?

    If anything I would say our position in the league has been regressing slightly. Granted, we are still in the top 4. You know that magical place that Man Sh*tty has spent 400 millions pounds getting to?

  7. wenger on holiday


    unfortunatly none of these kids have developed shoulders yet, the cannon is weighing them down to failure

  8. wenger on holiday


    do you think we should change our badge to somthing lighter than cannons? united have a small red devil, that doesnt seem to be weighing thier shoulders down.

    these cannons r to heavy

  9. gambon


    What are you striggling to understand? Let me spell it out:

    1- With Wenger we will finish 5th or worse
    2- With a good manager we will spend and finish top 4
    3- The only way wenger goes is if we lose multiple games

    Think of it as the better of 2 evils:

    Scenario 1:

    We score 7 points from our first 3, wengers job is safe, we completely fuck up as always. If we sack him we get a replacement in too late to do anything, so either way we finish 5th or worst.

    Scenario 2:

    We lose 3 in a row, but this means Wenger gets sacked. We replace wenger with a top manager and despite losing 9 points we now have a manager who isnt mentally ill, who isnt scared to spend £60m in January, and we finish top 4.

  10. Gunner Mac

    William: what was it two wins from our last 11 games,
    Thats a worry for anybody! maybe not a nosedive but it bothers me.

  11. gambon

    Of course we are in nosedive:

    – We scored 68 points, our lowest for 10 years
    – We lost 4 games at home
    – We conceded 43 goals – our worst for years, and this is declining yearly
    – We got beaten by a relegation team after luckily avoiding any tough teams on route to the CC final
    – We are selling our best player
    – We arent signing anyone
    – We have a manager with severe mental illness that is degenerting by the day

  12. william

    Gunnermac. I’ll give you that much. I don’t know the hard facts but I would assume that was our worst patch of play in at least 5 seasons. Strange thing is, RVP was on fire, scoring and assisting. Was it the defense that let us down? Or the lack of other scoring options. Either way, we could have won the damn league if we didn’t lose all confidence at the end of last season.

    Gambon, my depressed dying dandelion. What I am struggling to understand is your logic (thought process). Somehow you go from Wenger being manager to finishing 5th place or worse. IF the past is anything to judge by, Wenger is good at assembling a squad that will challenge for the title. He has kept us in the top 4 for the past what, 15 years?

    I’m trying my best to avoid insulting you, but the temptation is growing ever so sweeter, my poignant little peacock.

  13. patthegooner

    I too think the club is in nosedive and it has been for the last 4 years. we have slowly regressed and lost the overall level of quality and now given that Cesc and Nasri will probably both leave (without ADEQUATE replacement) before the end of the month takes it a step further.

    Wenger will keep to the one and only Plan A which will involve more substandard French journeymen and kids.

    This will be his final year though. We will finish outside the top four, make the same mistakes and come next April, we will start to see real anger in the Emirates aimed at both the Board and Wenger.

    I agree with John A. Wenger does not have the balls to do anything about it and his stubbornness is infuriating. What is worse is that he still remains unsackable and answerable to nobody. The Board are the real fucking shambles as they are the ones in a position to do something about this mess.

    I wouldn’t mind so much if the club came out in May and said we will stick to the plan and replace players from within and will continue to sweep up a load of kids that will either go straight out on loan or will disappear into reserve and youth football for the next 3 years. But they didnt. For the 4 or 5th summer on the bounce they LIED to us to get bums on season ticket seats and that for me is unforgivable and IMO this is the last time they will get away with it.

  14. william

    Beware all, Gambon (the loose lactating liability) is shouting blasphemy!!

    And I quote. “- We arent signing anyone”

    uhhhhhhhhhhhh GERVINHO.

  15. John A

    william, of course we are in nosedive. Apart from the valid reasons gambon gave, we have a manager who plays players out of position for no apparent reason, has no idea about the art of defending and instructs our players to walk the ball into the effing net instead of shooting. He really has lost the plot and refuses to take any advice or constructive critisism on board.

  16. william

    I’m really happy that you think we are in a nosedive John A.

    I for one will not be buying into that theory.

    “Apart from the valid reasons gambon gave”

    Do you mean these valid reasons?

    1- With Wenger we will finish 5th or worse
    2- With a good manager we will spend and finish top 4
    3- The only way wenger goes is if we lose multiple games

    *cough cough*

    *invalid argument*

    *the truth of the conclusion does not follow from the truth of the premises*

  17. william

    John you say this about our manager “has no idea about the art of defending and instructs our players to walk the ball into the effing net instead of shooting”

    They call that type of invalid argument a “slippery slope”

    You take a fact, which I agree with (fact being that our defense is sub par and we need to shoot more from long range) and exaggerate to try and prove your point.

    I highly doubt Wenger instructs the squad to walk to the ball into the net instead of shooting. Honestly, I do not recall one instance last season when the ball was walked into the net rather than shot.

  18. Mayank

    Haha looks like we gave Barca a taste of their own medicine by telling the world they haven’t even made a bid.

    Makes them look like right cocks.

    And now they say they won’t discuss negotiations in public. Well took you long enough to figure that out.

  19. william

    Zero news Zeus. Unless you consider news to be that fellow Gambon spouting non-sense like
    (Wenger in charge)= (out of top 4.)

  20. ice

    Rip it up and start again (quote from staff today)

    told ya………last days of the Alsace guvnor…..could be a big day at N5’s open day tmrow…….watch the eyes……

    Or………same old same old……boring if it is hey!

  21. IvoryGoonz

    William: give Gambon a break. Start reading all the comments since the post was posted, and maybe you might actually start to understand.
    I won’t personally try to explain to you why he’s right. Had enough of a WillyBilly. Or maybe that is you init?
    If you fail to see that whatever happens, if Wenger stays nothing will change to our title ambitions, and that the only way to get rid of Wenger is by cumulated bad results (although in my humble opinion 3 losses won’t be enough for the board to sack him, neither dropping CL for a year would, I believe we’ll first have to prove the board Wenger has really lost majority of fans backing for that to happen.)
    Point is: if you do defend Wenger, then please do answer to Gambon’s statements at 17:24.
    He actually tried to have an intelligent conversation with you, but you obviously turn it against him… Not really smart mate. We are watching YOU

  22. goonerDNA

    “Both Arsene Wenger and Ivan Gazidas have promised a busy transfer window, but we didn’t think they meant it’d be us selling players”


  23. william

    Hi Ivory Goonz. I am all for intelligent conversation. You know, something that is logical. Gambon is not a fan of logic, which I have already proven.

    Okay now what did he say at 17:24.

    He claimed that Wenger has a severe mental illness.

    He claimed that we are selling our best player. Also that we aren’t signing anyone.

    I’ll concede that 68 pts isn’t the best. Also I will concede that our defense is was not good enough. Those are topics that one could
    reasonably debate.

    My respect for another poster is thinned when they claim lies as truth. How does Gambon know Wenger has a mental illness. That statement is LOLworthy. As I already pointed out, we have signed two players, and are looking for a 3rd players (presumably a defender)

  24. IvoryGoonz

    Gooner786: the first proof she regrets is that she opened her mouth afterwards.
    She realised what was the real aim of the board and that she could have got 150% more money had she sold to Usmanov instead…

  25. Gooner786

    If Usmanov took over the club the first thing he would do is get rid of Wenger,Gazidis and the board.

    He would bring back David Dein,recruit a world class manager and also buy some world class players.

    Money is no object for Usmanov.

  26. Rohan

    If gambon is logical, George Bush is a living genius.

    Don’t pay too much heed to gambon. He makes valid points and isn’t as stupid as he sounds. He’s just the biggest wind-up merchant around here. He probably spends his weekends volunteering at the animal shelter

  27. william

    All hail Gooner786. Prophet among lay-men. He alone has the answers!!!!

    Thomas he has signed two players. Does two players qualify for something?

  28. Pasman

    Thomas he has signed two players. Does two players qualify for something?

    NO!! Gervinho and Jenkinson are not things, thankfully

  29. Samir

    I agree!

    Usmanov in!

    Let’s see what Wenger can do with unlimited funds 😉

    Ask Wenger what players he wants…But dont tell him the prices 😉

  30. Rohan

    I’d love Mata but I think our priorities lie elsewhere. That is, in defensive midfield and a CB who can play at LB.
    If we really don’t want to buy 2 players, we can just kill 2 birds with one stone and get Vertonghen.

    I do hope that we are not done with our transfer spending this summer. I’ll be very dissapointed if we end up making a surplus. Atleast a 25 million net transfer spend if Cesc does not leave. 10 if he does leave.

  31. Yandi


    If gambon is the biggest wind-up merchant around Le-Grove, what does that make Wenger!? And btw, he gets paid to do it. He’s got millions of sane people around the world ranting like mad men.

  32. Pasman

    I wouldn’t call most posters on le grove sane though. They spout the same things repeatedly, in the same way, everyday…It’s a mad house

  33. simon mcmahon

    big fat and orange every time my friends !!!not this, LYING FRENCHMAN and his henchmen the ridiculous shower of americans and the old eatonian who looks down on all of us!!

  34. IvoryGoonz

    William: just read between the lines ffs. I’ll give you some idea about what to think about … maybe that will make you realise how severely delusional akbs and Wenger are.

    a) greed is a severe mental illness. Society push you to it, but that is not natural for human beings. Wenger only goes by economics reason.
    Either you are the MANager and deal with men only, or you are a ECONOMist and you only deal with finances. We have an economist for manager, and thats where everybody disagree. If you are happy with that, fair do, just dont call yourself a football fan, but a finance geek.

    b) We both now and Gambon as well that Wenger is not truely severly mentally ill as in ‘diminished capacity’, ‘should go to an asylum’, but as in severely damaging the club and the club’s ambitions by denying his own mistakes, and responbilities, thanks to the back up of the board, and saying one thing, but doing the contrary later. (although I would argue that Alzheimer starts when you dont remember you said the same thing 2 years ago or 2 months ago, Im sure Wenger does know he did it, and will keep doing it as long as there are some akbs to buy his bs) Such as telling the fans to not judge him as soon as February-March, where it was already going tits down, and saying to judge him in May, and in facts, what happened in May? Nothing. We were even lower that where we were when fans started to raise the flag.
    The way he takes us all for fools and you the first is just a proof of that “mental illness”. After all, we are all crazy, and only the ones who actually have the humility to admit it are less crazy. Wenger just believes he’s always right, and that’s his first mistake.

    c) we are selling our best players, even if they are not objectively the best in the universe, they are the best we have, and not replacing them all by equivalent or better quality. I take you the example of selling Clichy for 7m and relying on Gibbs to do the job, is a proof that raising the quality of the team is not the first objective of the manager.
    (Or Jenkinson for Eboue. Wenger signed first Jenkinson to try him out and see if he could do Eboue’s job of being Sagna’s cover. He was proven it doesnt work, and Eboue is still there. Jenkinson wont be a first team player. He’ll eventually slowly take some first team appearances, but Sagna is still first choice there.)
    So in the end, we really only signed Gervinho. Unless you also count Toral Harper as a first team member? We are talking first team signing here. You dont get a premier league title by buying 16 years old only. Finally I’ll add on Gervinho that Wenger didnt really do much of work on that one, as Gervinho stated long time ago he wanted to come here, and that is the reason why Wenger managed to get him 50% cheaper than any other teams would have, so in other terms, there’s no glory for Wenger in signing Gervinho. (although Im glad he did, any other manager could have done the same). We were promised lots of class signings, and we only had Gervinho so far.

    d) “I’ll concede that 68 pts isn’t the best. Also I will concede that our defense is was not good enough. Those are topics that one could
    reasonably debate. ”
    you concede but still think you can reasonably debate about it? anout what? just accept we were very average.

    e) we all know Gambon exagerates things from time to time, so do I, so will you Willy. just read between the fucking lines.

    If you are here to defend Wenger, you’re doing a very bad job at it, and you’d better be off to Untold or Whatever to learn some akb tricks first before going to war…

  35. Gooner786

    Joke time

    The Insider (Aston Villa) says…

    Tarrattt will be an Arsenal player by the end of the transfer window,, in a £13 million pound deal

    Kevin Wilson (Liverpool) says…

    I have just heard from a very reliable source in the media that dalglish and comolli are set to make a shock swoop for theo walcott. They see him not only as someone who can offer another pacy wide option but also to boost their firepower and give suarez and carrol competition and cover in attack. And wenger could be willing to sell to allow his own rebuilding plans plus he now has gervinho, a similar player and wants rodallega from wigan along with juan mata. Liverpool would have to clear out ngog, cole and pacheco first but believe they can do that and walcott fits the clubs policy of signing talented young british players whatever the cost, which would likely be around the £20million range!

  36. IvoryGoonz

    Rohan says:
    August 3, 2011 at 18:49

    If gambon is logical, George Bush is a living genius.
    Not trying to defend Gambon solely here, but maybe less direct attacks works better to communicate?
    Making all the americans believe that 9/11 was a “terrorist attack” is not exactly at the hands of the first village idiot, and although some would classify as morbid genius, it still is genius nevertheless.

  37. william

    I agree Rohan. I think signing Gervinho + Jenkinson is a solid foundation to our transfer business. Now we need to really solidify the off season with a defender.

  38. Rohan

    I communicate with gambon just fine. He confides his deepest darkest secrets with me.

    If you want to talk about conspiracy theories, I suggest you talk to our resident expert, tiarnan

  39. hitman49

    i dont understand why letting nasri go for free is a good idea ? ?

    hello sell, sell, sell,

    if he wants out sell him….

    no player is bigger than the

    club.are they ? ?

  40. william

    IvoryGoonz. I’m not going off to war or anything. Nor am I a finance geek. A finance geek would probably spend time on finance blogs. I spend time on Arsenal blogs, because I am a fan of the footy and the club.

    If you want to debate about the defense, let’s do it. Although I would assume that neither me or you will budge on our stance. I can tell you what I think of Koscielny and TV5, you can tell me what you think.

    Also you just conceded that a Economist managed the Invincibles.

  41. IvoryGoonz

    and personally I dont expect any signings till after 2nd round of CL qualif, ie 23-24th august.
    Probably usual Wenger end of window deals such as Squillaci, depending on who he manages to get rid off.

  42. Arse&Nose©

    OK, so anyone care to enlighten me on what the hot topics were today?

    I see we haven’t signed or sold anyone so I can’t have missed much.

  43. DaleDaGooner

    Damn! is it me or does IvoryGoonz write a long post that draws on and on to prove he agrees with gambon and anyone who are on a wind up project….

    Lets dance to a new tune every now and then guys1 the negativity in the papers (spouting shit most of the times), Wenger not moving is depressing enough

    FACT is we’ve signed 2 players for the first team…it may not be enough, but it’s there

    Wenger isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so wishing we drop out of top 4 so you can jizz yourself is inconsequential

    Nothing has moved in terms of Fabregas and Nasri leaving, so hold the Obituaries till they do…

    What makes you Jesus to think we will end up 5th or 6th, bit like AKBs saying “we will win the league” SAME SHIT, DIFFERENT TOILET with the AKBs and the AMG brigades, both delusional and void of realities of what is really going on.

    With a good manager: we are not gauranteed a good manager at Arsenal, and if we do get a perceived “good manager” he will have to work under the same constraints that is ” she string budget” we’ve always been like that

    Jeeze i thought some of you were Arsenal supporters! wishing the club fails and wishing for a different manager that will continue the status quo…Fact is Gus Hiddink and all your approved managers will quit or get fired cause no one will be allowed to spend silly

    Bruce Rioch people!

  44. Arse&Nose©

    Dale, I think you have come up with a gem of a slogan:

    “Same shit, different toilet”

    Brilliant! hahaha

  45. Yandi


    I pray to God that’s fucking true. We had a false alarm about a week ago causing premature celebrations, only to see the dopey idiot in the Red and White last weekend. Yes, I’d love a signing or two, but above all else I want Eboue out of Arsenal. I don’t find himt endearing and he’s about as entertaining as the Titanic. The sooner we get his sort out the club, the better. Can’t we throw Wenger into the deal?

  46. DaleDaGooner

    A&N, it is right……tired of Wenger, the AMGs and the AKBs, i just want to enjoy supporting Arsenal again, Was talking to a manure tard yesterday, almost got into a fight about how many trophies we’ve won…and then i turn around i see Gooners yapping like they are spuds, dissing their own team.

  47. DaleDaGooner

    I read earlier, someone said he wanted Jagielka, Cahill, Vermaelen and Bartley as our CB, wanted Koscielny, Djourou and Squillaci out..ok, i can agree to Squillaci out, but Bartley over Koscielny or Djourou, come on, take off the goggles…Koscielny is still miles better than Bartley as it stands.

  48. DaleDaGooner

    A&N…I heard that term here before, “Arsene Must Go” but you are right, they are a sniper riffle those lot, they shoot shit at AKBs at any given hidden chance.

  49. gambon

    I wish someone would take a sniper rifle to the emirates, light wenger up with IR and tell him to hand his notice in immediately or hes gonna get popped.

  50. Rohan

    Why the fuck would you get a sniper rifle to shoot someone if you’re going to walk up to him and threaten him?
    I’d get a bazooka.



    And get Mark Randall

  51. gambon

    The clubs fanbase will break apart soon anyway….when wenger leaves.

    The Arsenal fans will carry on supporting the club, the AKBs will follow Wenger to PSG.

    And Dale will go back to watching little league, and with his Arsene inspired methods will start saying things like “this young guy has interesting qualidees” and “he is swinging with the handbrake on, but he has ze mental strengz”

  52. Yandi

    Wenger isn’t going anywhere anytime soon

    That statement alone is enough to send any logical and sane Gooner who genuinely loves Arsenal into cardiac arrest. It’s enough to send me into 10 month hiatus from football, just to check back in May 2012 whether he’s gone yet, and I pray he is.

    DaDaleGooner, the fact is that we’re nowhere near a big trophy however hard Wenger tries to spin and lie, and all the mental strength and handbrake in the world speeches won’t change that. The overall squad, tactics, attitude, philosophy and attitude is a joke, and we aren’t laughing… Fergie, AVB and Mancini are.

  53. DaleDaGooner

    If we don’t sign a CB, and Bartley is retained, I’d be pissed if Squillaci gets a crack at replacing ahead of Bartley….we’ve seen what he can do, he needs to be knocked back to 5th choice, Silvestre style.

  54. Yandi

    Wenger isn’t going anywhere anytime soon

    That statement alone is enough to send any logical and sane Gooner who genuinely loves Arsenal into cardiac arrest. It’s enough to send me into 10 month hiatus from football, just to check back in May 2012 whether he’s gone yet, and I pray he is.

    DaleDaGooner, the fact is that we’re nowhere near a big trophy however hard Wenger tries to spin and lie, and all the mental strength and handbrake in the world speeches won’t change that. The overall squad, tactics, attitude, philosophy and attitude is a joke, and we aren’t laughing… Fergie, AVB and Mancini are.

  55. ArsenalArseneArshavin

    Nick W you are just a good day fan in fact then. What you are saying is, I will support the team in good times and abandon it in bad times.
    You know what, my love for Arsenal has grown even bigger in the barren years. You appreciate the good times even more when going through bad times. Of course all is not well at the moment, but for some to actually want us to fail is beyond me.

    Some people don´t know the meaning of being a fan.

  56. william

    We are nowhere near a big trophy yet we just made it to the finals of the Carling Cup, we consistently make it to the Quarter or Semi’s of Champions League, we consistently hang around the top of the league.

    I understand the frustration of not winning, but to say we are
    “nowhere near a big trophy” is a str8 up lie.

  57. DaleDaGooner

    Gambon, I kid you not, i was having a banter with a manure fan yesterday, i swear your arguments sound just like his….dude was saying the same thing you always right on here, and he’s a manure turd.

  58. Yandi


    We consistently make the semi’s of the Champions League? We’ve only done that twice in Wenger’s reign! We’ve also now conceded 19 goals in our Champions League exits in the last 4 seasons. I don’t think I need to bring any attention to our league performances. They speak for themselves. If any of the bullshit you’ve seen in the few seasons has convinced you that we’re anywhere near a big trophy, then you need to join Wenger in the mental assylum.

  59. Mayank

    Not to condone talking to Man U fans but opposition fans are generally quite close to the truth when talking about other clubs unless there’s a direct rivalry or they’re on a wind up.

    While talking about your own club you’re either overlooking some of the problems or over-compensating and being too critical…

  60. IvoryGoonz

    Wenger was lucky in his first years, he listened to his scouts, the players didnt realise yet that the tactical side of his game was lacking and still believed in him and themselves, they had won an FA the year before (which we should have gone for last year), and in the end, he doesnt adapt his tactics. Sooner or later, opposition find the way to the goal.
    we dropped of FA cup that year against Man U, and against Chelsea in the Champions league, and actually focussed on the Premier league rather than anything else, which helped. We could have done same last year, start by claiming the FA Cup by sending our strongest team, and prepare for it by checking every opposition. No matter the league, the CL, or the Carling.
    You walk before you can run.
    We would have won the league last year had he clearly said we were going for PL, and rest was experience for the squad. He should clearly leave the FA and Carling cups to the reserve and youngsters now, same he did the year before the invincibles, and the main team focusing on premier league.
    CL is a bonus with lot of possible injuries, and he shouldnt send injury prone key players to CL games, not until semi-final.
    Finally, if you look at the invincibles team, let’s see
    Signed under Wenger:
    Reasonably debatable:
    Lehman: to quote a biography of him somewhere on the net, “past his soccer prime (34), was mostly considered as an emergency transfer, his aggressive style of play also proved to be costly in Champions League, lost against Chelsea after two mistakes from the German soccer goalkeeper.” that sums it up quite well.
    Lauren: basically kept being injured
    Campbell: my opinion? a treator who left Tottenham for us, and the rest is history. I dont like treators, one way or the other. but he worked well with Toure, who was immense for us. Asec Mimosas is my hometown club and produced lot of great players such as the Toure brothers, or Gervinho.
    Money issue:
    Cole: well, money is not a bad thing, its what people do with it that can become a problem, and I cant judge him for what he does aside of the pitch. footbalistically, we should have kept Cole and give him his 90k/wk, at least offer him 75-80k/wk+bonus on performance. but same old same old. we dont keep our best players because they become too expensive for us does that happen to Barca? Real?… any one heard of market rate? well you cant blame players for leaving for greener pastures, while they played under their real rate for long time, hoping to get that contract, and you never offered them until they actually listened to better offers 3 or 5 or 9 years down the line. you want to keep them? value them.
    Toure: well, he’s Ivorian, and I wish he had stayed at Arsenal if only the club was not so “greedy” / (rapiat in french). He deserved a raise, same as others.
    Over 29-30 rule:
    Ljungberg: should have stayed model for Calvin Klein to please the ladies, after that he seems he lost his mojo to Wenger’s ‘over 29-30’ rule.
    Vieira: legend, should have kept him as well . ‘over 29-30’ rule. stupid
    Gilberto Silva: legend, ‘over 29-30’ rule.
    Pirès: legend, ‘over 29-30’ rule..
    Henry: legend, 29-30 rule

    Not signed by Wenger:
    Bergkamp: he was the real reason why we had spirit and why they became the invincibles. he wasnt given a new deal because he was over 36 already. shame. could have kept us afloat and ended coach.

    No matter who signed them, and how they got there, you cant compare any of them to Squillaci, Diaby, Denilson, Almunia, Bendtner, Chamakh, or even Walcott, Wilshere and Ramsey. the first lot is far from having qualities to be compared, the other lot too young to be compared too yet. Saying this is the best team he’s got so far is a fucking joke. Whichever statistics he’s using, he’s clearly not reading it right, and im not the expert…

  61. IvoryGoonz

    william says:
    August 3, 2011 at 20:07

    We are nowhere near a big trophy yet we just made it to the finals of the Carling Cup, we consistently make it to the Quarter or Semi’s of Champions League, we consistently hang around the top of the league.

    I understand the frustration of not winning, but to say we are
    “nowhere near a big trophy” is a str8 up lie.
    —> we might get lucky is more accurate yes

  62. BillikenGooner

    The success of the late ’90s – early ’00s at Arsenal should be known as the Bergkamp Era and not Wenger.

  63. BOOZY

    hellow grovees.

    been watching some of our preseason games lately and i have made some observations-


    which ever way you look at it, are all new signings – ready for first team football- particularly gervinho and frimpong who i believe are ready for a starting spot.

    kieran gibbs – may spring a big surprise this season – once he is able to sort his positioning out, he could be a top left back.

    arsenal now revolves around jack – with jack out the engine runs down – so we should pray for his fitness through out the season.

    Finally we are a top central defender away from retaining our top 4 status.

    but we are a Top central defender, a top striker, a top left back and a top defensive coach away from winning the title.

  64. gambon


    3 of them are 19 or under.

    The 4 of them have zero, o repeat ZERO PLgames behind them.

    What youre saying is ludicrous.

  65. IvoryGoonz

    @Dale & William:
    If De Gaulle hadnt said f*ck to the actual Marshal Petain’s government, who had become Hitler puppet (after being abandonned by UK troops and planes in the middle of a battle btw), this country and France would be Germany.
    Saving your club is also knowing when to say stop and look at the mirror. Even if that means displeasing a “Marshal”, or a Wenger.
    If calling for resistance is being a treator, then please keep calling me that way. When Wenger, PHW, Kroenke, will be gone, we’ll see who were the real treators to this club… Until proven the contrary, the board still refuses to admit Usmanov at the board, and for him to see accounts. Thats what I call a dictatorship. Well. Im a free man.

  66. william

    Fren-chee the dryness of that conversation is perfect.

    Yandi. Notice how I said semi’s OR quarters. Logical operators will prove my statement.

  67. incesc

    do we find out our champions league opponents tonight?

    also whens the international call up date?

    anyone know?

  68. Arse&Nose©

    The Cesc and Nasri saga’s are like 2 big holes in the Arsenal bucket, the longer we leave these the more we lose and I don’t mean money.

    What is the most valuable resource in the world? Time.

  69. IvoryGoonz

    A&N: time? there’s plenty of it, and not ready to stop.
    but hey, at the end of the day, value is subjective I guess …
    If that wasnt a rhetorical question, I’d go for souls.

  70. BOOZY


    ryo has arshavin as understudy – not bad

    jenkinson has sagna as understudy – not bad

    frimpong is on the same level as song – if not defensively better, although he lacks the technique song possesses.

    gibbs has no understudy.

    i’m not surprise wenger is trying to work out a work permit for ryo, put him in with top players and we’ll see an out standing player.

    frimpong is just ready to go at any level.

    jenkinson – maybe one or two more years.

    but we need competition for jack, a player without competition becomes complacent no matter how good he is- scott parker or henri lansbury.

    but more than anything we need a defensive coach and a new defensive philosophy.

  71. Samir

    I’ve got an idea: how about we change formation, like Barca are going to do to 3-4-3? Then no need for fullbacks.


    —Koss—–new CB?—–Vermalean—





  72. incesc

    frimpong is just ready to go at any level.

    not sure about that.

    hes just come back from a massive injury and has no experience at all.

  73. incesc

    theres internationals next week isnt there ivory?

    means no transfers whilst all the players are away and then the season starts…

    it also means these next 3 days should be very important if we want to strengthen before the first game

    although we all know nothing will happen.

  74. DaleDaGooner

    Forever in Our shadow, Wenger is building a team for the future, Get behind the team. Spurs , ManU and Barca are shit.

  75. BOOZY

    frimpong is your typical old school defensive midfielder –

    win the ball
    give a pass
    make your self available
    help in the double team.

    simple, no over elaborate diaby stuff.

    i’ll play him against the best, and not worry a bit.

  76. gambon


    Have you not been watching the last 5 years?

    Having a team full of 18-22 year olds has killed us.

    We need 27 year olds, not 19 year olds to make the leap back to where we used to be.

  77. gambon

    “Forever in Our shadow, Wenger is building a team for the future”

    How embarassing!…Mugs have been saying that since Feb 2007 when we lost to Chelsea in the CC final…and been proved wriong time and time again.

  78. BillikenGooner

    All ‘team for the future’ means is we hope they can win us something before they are 23-24 and we won’t/can’t afford their wages anymore.

    FFP won’t fix anything.

  79. IvoryGoonz

    incesc: it’s friendly, there’s no “call up date” I believe. Only the usual minimum to name a squad before a game at international level I think. anyone?
    for the european championship that starts for england on 11th sept, not sure about a date. I’d guess 2-3 weeks before start of it.

  80. Arse&Nose©

    Ivory, are you going to live forever? Time is ‘infinite’ but it is a finite in terms of our lives, which is why it is the most valuable resource

  81. Yandi


    So you clearly subscribe to Wenger’s “We are close” speeches. Suits yours and Wenger’s agendas then. To me it’s lunacy. Utter, utter madness. A team that loses a cup final to a relegated side, exhibits relegation form whenever the pressure is on and consistently concedes more and more goals each season is nowhere near winning big trophies in my eyes, or those of anyone with a wide and objective scope of judgement.

  82. IvoryGoonz

    A&N: not obligatorily in that body, but my soul will.
    time is infinite for my soul. and thats the way – I – look at time.
    the most “objective” valuable resource is always what you miss the most, and the reasons you go for war. oil for the usa for example.

    about Robert Surcouff, famous corsair, discussing with a British officer:

    “You French fight for money, while we British fight for honour.”
    “Sir, a man fights for what he lacks the most.”

  83. BOOZY

    gambon – Aside from their back line- the new man u team isnt as old as people think- there are lots of young players in that team.

    but who would would bet against them.