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So I broke the news yesterday that the club fully expect Cesc to be at open day this Thursday, providing Barcelona stick to their guns in not offering the £40million Arsenal are expecting for him.

Poor old Cesc, he’s been hung out to dry by the club of his dreams.

This isn’t cause for celebration though… From what I understand, Cesc is making no secret of his upset about the situation, but at least he’s given up on his ‘injury’ and rejoined the group. He’s in no shape to play though… Hopefully Barcelona will offer up the money we need sharpish, so we can move him on and buy in a replacement. It’ll be a waste of £140k a week if we keep him here next year, but don’t be surprised if he lines up for us in August. We don’t need to sell him on the cheap.

Samir Nasri has been good as gold apparently… Just coming in and working hard, so even if we do get just one more year out of him, at least it won’t be a sulky one.

I asked around about Jagielka and Cahill, all I can say is that we’ve been looking at both but there’s been no movement at the training ground and none of the players are aware of a deal in the offing. That doesn’t mean a one isn’t being thrashed out by Dick Laws as we speak…

So all in all… Not much to report except the continuation of a bad summer.

Arsene and the backroom staff have gone stale if this is what they call progress… Ivan Gazidis has very publicly put pressure on Wenger this summer by offering up the money he needs. If he doesn’t spend it and it goes tits up next season at least the next coach will have the funds to play with.

One thing I do find interesting is that Nik B is on the exit list over Chamakh. He’s been awful this summer and has shown no signs off picking up from the 3 months if good form he displayed last year. From what I’ve heard, the Moroccan enjoys himself in his private life, I wonder if that’s reflected in his football and the fatigue he suffers? Nik B is also one for a party, but at least he can last a season without complaining about how tired he is. Still no move for him, that £52k a week he’s earning seems to be a bit of a sticking point for the paupers of Europe.


To Tony Roberts for taking up a full-time post as goalkeeping coach at Arsenal. He’s credited with the progression of Chezzer at the club and he’ll be a welcome addition considering the problems we’ve clearly had in the keeping area.

Season ticket prices…

Yesterday, the BBC released the results of their survey, of which Arsenal topped their table as the most expensive day out in the Premiership. Our pies top out at a staggering £4 a pop and the cheapest day out an Arsenal fan can expect is £44. £1200 sounds like a pretty modest outlay compared to the sort of money Geoff, myself and the people we go with spend out over the course of a season, but it’s still the richest ticket in the Premiership. That’s why I find it staggering Peter Hill-Wood can come out and say that Arsenal didn’t profit from the VAT increase when he should full well know tickets went up by 6.5% this season. If you’re into listening and stuff, I did a piece for BBC London last night about season ticket prices, it’s about about 30 minutes in. The Professor on before me was quite interesting as well, but nowhere near as educated as me… so sorry about that.

Fantasy Football…

That time of year has arrived again where we pedal a bit of Fantasy football! We have a £100 prize for the winner, which basically feels like I’m gifting myself and Geoff £50. The league comes with an app for your phone and it’s all very sophisticated! If you fancy your chances…

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  1. Dutchman

    Yeah we have to protest, that’s what i said for 6 months now. They are just lying to us all the time. If the fans do some protests then wenger will leave for sure. Arsenal is nothing without their fans.

  2. Jonas

    Has anyone on here got any faith left in Wenger.

    Compared to last year and year before the number of those still supporting Wenger on this blog has dropped to errr that Willy bloke.

    I think the atmosphere for the first home game will be interesting. As soon as Song fucks up his first 3 yard pass or Gibbs goes down injured in the first couple of minutes the crowd are going to be on at Wenger

  3. nuudles

    gambon, no one wouldbe let into the stadium with a “in arsene we trust banner” but it is very easy to get such a banner in, just make it “trust” in stead of “rust” when you enter the gates, then hang it up somewhere and make cover the “t”

  4. gazzap

    It’s time to do a deal on Cesc. No point keeping him a year now. His value will drop anyway so its not like we can expect more next summer. Get the money in now and use it now. That is more use to us than holding out for another 4 or 5 million. Wenger can spunk that much on a player like Squillaci so lets not get all attached to £4 million. The bigger picture tells me to sell and replace. Or take £35m and the next Barca school prodigy. AW loves a 16 year old.

    same as Nasri. Sell him for £22m. To lose that much money in a year’s time would be criminal. Get rid buy some quality like Mata, and lets get some optimism back inside the club.

  5. Yandi

    “I believe that this team was beyond expectation from the first day of the season,” “Unfortunately they don’t get the credit they deserve at the moment for the quality of their displays.“I think we have learned a lot. We were very close to winning the European Cup and the Premier League. We were unlucky with some bad decisions from the referees’ consistency since the Birmingham game.“And maybe when we were under pressure we lost a bit of freedom in our display. That’s what we have to learn.“But I feel it bodes well for next season because since I have been in England this has been the unluckiest team I have had. But as well this is the best team I have had.” – Arsene Wenger, May 2008

  6. Gunner Mac

    In about six or seven years from now we will look back at these times and see that AFC was in the depths of its “limbo years under wenger”.
    No leadership on or off the field.
    a tranfer policy that is inept at best.I’m afraid this is our clubs future untill wenger departs.

  7. Pedro

    If anyone is interested in coming to the open day with me tomorrow… firstly ask yourself if you’re a hot 20 something girl… if you’re not, don’t bother asking for an invite.

    As there are no girls on this board, just make sure if you want an invite, you’re at least partially sane.

    pedro @ le-grove.co.uk

  8. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    i’m sure wenger is doing this to wind up the fans…?

    yoof policy has fallen over, broke down, expired after one success!

  9. Jonas

    Gazzap, is there any point selling Fabregas or Nasri, what will Wenger do with the money.
    Will either go in Arsenals high interest Halifax account or go on players like Squillachi, Kos, Chamakh etc.

  10. PV4

    Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood has warned the fans the club could face another season without a trophy.

    The Gunners have now gone six seasons without a trophy and Hill-Wood claims it has become increasingly difficult to challenge clubs with far superior spending power. He told the Daily Star:

    “Some people have gone 25 years without a trophy and it is becoming more and more difficult with all the people with unlimited pockets.”

    As for the price rise for season tickets, where Arsenal were already the dearest in the league, Hill-Wood said:

    “People don’t seem to realise that VAT went up so we weren’t trying to make any money out of it.”

  11. nuudles

    haha Wardo, nope, obviously not. English is my second language so it does not come as naturally as one would want. If only more of the fans went to oxford then they could figure out the terribly complex idea of having a banner like that where you simply cover up the t to completely reverse the meaning, i mean it is clearly rocket science. Or does one have to go to MIT to figure that one out? 🙂

  12. gambon

    – Wenger has said every year that this is his best team since 2008

    – Wenger has said every year that this is his unluckiest team since 2008

    How can we have any faith in a manager that refuses to look at himself and his players, and believes luck is the only reason we arent winning things?

    Also, has anyone noticed that every year Gazidis says “We know what the problems are, we will be busy” and then we do nothing.

    Well its pretty obvious that Arsene & Fester dont believe there is any problems at all, hence why we dont ever make any changes.

  13. bade the gooner (bernard)

    if you’re willing to contribute some perils to arsene full dictionary i might limit it to only SACK ARSENE!

    THE JUDGMENT MAY is a pun referring to the “judgment day” and the month of may. didn’t arsene say “judge me in may”? why isn’t he judged?

    blimey i pay each year a season tickent money for the joy to watch one arsenal game, as it’s costing hell to travel to your land and watch my beloved arsenal live on the stands….. so i’m entitled to express my rage.

    by the way, i’m no jihadist and i can’t be qualified for it, due to religious reasons, though i live in a freaking jihadist area.. as you can imagine, with the IP special services help.

    all i’m trying to prove, is there are people in this world who can be more stubborn than arsene…. so no need to get carried away or contact the interpol…


  14. wardo

    Nuudles, second language. Well you are not doing too bad then eh? Its actually a good idea to be fair… I understand a little Spanish but can not write it to save my life.

  15. Dutchman

    WTF did Hillwood think when he said that it is difficult to win trophies with teams who have unlimited sources. WTf did he think??!! We don’t even spend our sources we have!! So don’t moan fucking idiot!!

    And if you are moaning about those unlimited sources why the fuck didn’t you take usmanovs money??!!!!! Arsenal is the most mysterious shit club ever at the moment. Why the fuck is he moaning about unlimited sources when usmanov has said ten times that he waants to give arsenal the money they need. If you want to win things , you have to spend and you must have money (what we already have) , so take usmanovs money if you want to win things.
    To ignore usmanovs money just shows how little ambition we have.
    Fuck this club.

  16. HumAnimal

    If Wenger reckon’s 4th is a trophy.
    He’s taking it for granted if he doesnt reinforce our squad soon 6th will be a trophy and then top 10 and then avoiding relegation and then maybe we’ll win the championship and he’ll say “theres your trophy… oh yeah now lets get back to project yoof”

    Assuming he’s at the helm that long.

    key to success: never drop your ambitions, never accept defeat.

  17. nuudles

    wardo, to be fair, the vast majority of the western world has English as either first or second language, and especially in business one is virtually forced to be decent in English if you want to achieve something. Most English speakers do not have much incentive (other than possibly for self-fulfilment) to learn another language while those who have a different first language it is almost a necessity to learn English.

  18. bade the gooner (bernard)

    pedro, gabon others,

    it’s catchy, it’s not that militant imho…

    once you meet me you’ll realise i’m of the most pecifist lads you’ll ever meet. and a very good looking too. but mostly – stubborn….. 😆

    i think you all should join aboard, and we all should call for arsene’s sacking. he is killing our arsenal. if we’d get a formal and organized movement, i’ll be the first to drop the “JUDGMENT MAY BRIGADE” and join you, whatever it’s name will be…..



  19. bade the gooner (bernard)

    i didn’t mean the double sign

    so here you have one without any, as a makeweight…..

  20. nuudles

    bade, I believe it is judgement and not judgment (in british english) except if you are referring to the ruling of a court (wiki said it is not a hard and fast rule)? Im no expert though.

  21. Jonas

    If any of us here were doing Gazidas’s job we would all tell Wenger, enough with these youngsters ,heres some money and go buy some experienced players and win us the league again.

    If he says no then we say, goodbye and thankyou for the first 6 years.

    Very simple

  22. Yandi

    And the demented one’s at it again…


    “Real Madrid have not given up on persuading the player to stay but the idea of being fast-tracked to first team football and being on a full professional contract when he turns 17 in December have made the prospect of moving to London more enticing than staying in Spain.”


    Upon signing in June, Hector Bellerin said, “We met Mr. Wenger and it went so well. It was all too much for me but I paid full attention to everything he said. When there is a team that guarantees you can play in the first team and above all in the Premier League, then it is very difficult to say no.

    “Mr. Wenger was explaining to me how the club was and the project they had prepared for me and above all he wanted to get to know me.”


    Is that what candyman Wenger promises all these kids? immediate first team football?

  23. JimmyRimmer

    Hill-Wood would never take Usmanov’s money. Usmanov would upset the little secret gentlemans club otherwise known as “the board”.

  24. Spectrum

    We’re not likely to get Mata, but we could be in for the next best thing ; Matt Jarvis !
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  25. bade the gooner (bernard)

    it could go both way, imho
    and i refer to court ruling, yes. as i’m a lawyer/advocate…..


  26. goonerDNA

    for the 1st time ever i actually think spuds will finish higher than us with our current squad and unlike alot on here i had faith this summer that we would improve, wenger and phw and the rest of the spinless board you’ve made even the optimists hate you, well done because we’re no longer blinded by your lies we now know you don’t give 2 fucks about us yes the ones that pay your wages the ones that actually love arsenal and now even the guys that tried to keep the faith thru the hard times, so well fucking done.

  27. tiarnan

    I cant wait for the defeats which will dominate our early season…

    The boo boys are sprung like an over eager mouse trap – waiting to pounce on every retarded mistake…

    And the more nervous the players get, the more mistakes they’ll make….

    Song passes straight to Rooney in front of his own goal …BANG 1-0….BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    Jenkinson slices a clearance 90 yards into the air – it hits off Squillacis chin and Djourous elbow – BOOM – its an own goal….2-0….BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    Chamakh runs towards goal – with only the keeper to beat – his shorts slip…he falls over himself and the ball rolls harmlessly out of play….BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    One by one the players will crumble into dust, because of that deluded FRENCH CUNT….:

  28. IvoryGoonz

    @nuudles: I remember I suggested that, with a “Arsene is NOT the worst manager of the decade” and hiding the NOT…
    This said, I believe it doesn’t matter if it’s inside or outside the stadium. If there were enough banners “in arsene we rust”, “judge me in May” and others outside the ground, you can be sure to get covered by media…
    But again, I’m not sure either would actually be effective at getting rid of Wenger. Attendance dropping is probably the only way forward…

  29. Bush Gooner

    There is no way Wenger will change his stubbornness and listen to the fans. He will listen when (And i say when) we lose our first two games. It wont be the scoreline that will the problem, it will be the manor in which we lose the games.

    Gunner Mac – How you doing ?

  30. Marcus

    When we were dealt the fixture schedule this year I feared the opening game away at newcastle.. however, now they seam determined to return to the championship.. so i guess we will start of with a comfortable win and Wenger will tell us that the team has great spirit, are mentally strong and its the best team he’s had since 2008………

  31. Ricky

    Anybody on here play fm11?

    Bought it a few weeks back & decided to give it a go yesterday but need some help with buying players….

    P.s, its not a bad arsenal joke, i really could do with some tips.

  32. Bush Gooner

    Dear Arsene,

    If you needed to replace a player in a key area of the team would you….

    A) Spend 8M for an experienced player that can do the job
    B) Spend 500k for a 16 yr old unknown who we will not see till the Emirates cup in 2016?
    C) Tell the board and loyal fans that we dont need to buy
    D) None of the above

  33. Tom C

    regardless of whether cesc goes or stays this season he has to be stripped of the captaincy, he doesn’t deserve it. Give it to RVP, at least he makes an effort on the pitch and doesnt fake injuries so he can sulk while barca debate whether buying him or not. If it was me in cesc’s position and i really wanted to move that much ,and barca weren’t able to afford me , then i would use some of my own cash to fund the move, its not like he’s poor. But has cesc done this ? No he hasn’t therefore its clear he’s only in it for the money else he would agree to do something like that to fund a move to his supposed dream team.

    We need to get rid of all the players at the club who are only in it for the money and just put in half arsed performances for the club, get in some players who know what it means to wear the shirt with pride , i’d rather have people like that, who might not be as good technically, but make up for that in the effort they put in on the pitch

  34. gambon

    Man Utd have spent £50m, and are bidding for Sneijder.

    Liverpool have spent £50m and are about to buy Enrique.

    Chelsea are bidding for Modric & Pastore & have bought an awesome young manage in

    Man City have spent £50m and are bidding for Nasri.

    Arsenal have spent £10m and are trying to tie up deals for Joel Campbell and a 16 year old from Madrid.


    Fucking disturbing.

    We are now the 5th team in the PL.

  35. gambon

    Sorry…should have read…

    Arsenal have spent £10m and are trying to tie up deals for Joel Campbell and a 16 year old from Madrid.They are also negotiating to sell their best player for £40m, having sold all of their better players over the last 5 years.

  36. Colonel Mustard

    gambon – i dont often agree with you but disturbing is the only word. The Cesc and Nasri situation has the club cajones in a vice.

  37. Ricky


    My man! I’d be really grateful mate. Im very close to putting this game in the attic for good.

    I’ve not really had any previous experience with this title but was a fan of the CM series so kinda expected the transfer dealings to be similar.

    Right now i seem to be turned down for any player i make an enquiry about.

  38. Spectrum

    Gambon@12:35 – And they’re also prepared to let a player go for free in a year, rather than collect 20 million plus, which would buy Cahill outright ! Good business, Arsene.
    “In Arsene we rust.”
    ( The original. Don’t accept imitations.)

  39. Spectrum

    Gambon – And Spurs have bid 22 million for Mata. Who’s showing the most “intent”. ?
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  40. abnet

    WE Arsenal Fans
    2008/2009 summer – we summer we were dispointed
    2009/2010 Summer – We were disjointed and lied to
    2010/2011 Summer – we were betrayed and lied to again
    2011/2012 summer – we are being punished for our love to this club by the board/manager and co
    What next ? Arsenal

  41. Tahsein

    Liverpool just signed Enrique. We needed a LB more than Liverpool! Is Wenger really retarded enough to go into a season with Gibbs as 1st choice?! That lad is fucking horrible! I am 200% sure our left side is going to show some magic soon.

    We didn’t get Mata for just 4 fucking million. We won’t get Cahill. We didn’t get Enrique…which people are running this club. No fucking ambition whatsoever! TRANSFER SEASONS ARE FOR IMPROVING THE CLUB!

    AND, we got sulky nanny Cesc though and Samir ‘I WON’T SIGN’ Nasri. The way we’re going we’ll lose them plus Wilshere.

    Who will rescue us?

    Denilson, Almunia, Squillaci and Stubborn Wenger.

  42. abnet

    Big Dave says:
    August 3, 2011 at 12:50

    Arsenal fighting for 4th spot along with LPool
    that is a sad state of mind we as a fan even we are in accepting 4th spot , we are going down people even our expectation is loosing form , it wont be far if continue like this we wld be hoping for 6th spot soon

  43. HumAnimal

    ricky dont make enquiries. check how much your scout says you can sign him for pay them a little bit more but over a period of 36 months. then negotiate until you find an amount your willing to pay.

    in FM 10 i signed Di Maria for QPR in my second season with them.

  44. Spectrum

    abnet@12:52 – What next ? Seeing how out of touch the board is, they’ll most likely extend Le Senile’s contract again. For ten years this time ?
    “in Arsene we rust.”

  45. abnet

    Arsenal deny they have recieved any new offer from Barcelona, report Sky Sports News.
    here we go again this has stop right no matter what the conclusion

  46. OPG

    Negotiations probably ongoing but once Jeffren is gone we’ll see maybe.
    Wenger seems to think it’s wrong to spend and strengthen as though it’s cheating instead he must do things things the hard way with raw talent.. all conjecture though.

  47. abnet

    Spectrum says:
    August 3, 2011 at 13:01

    abnet@12:52 – What next ? Seeing how out of touch the board is, they’ll most likely extend Le Senile’s contract again. For ten years this time ?
    “in Arsene we rust.”
    tbh i started supporting arsenal because of him but while Arsenal’s love grow in my heart his is dieing rapidly , actually arsene is the only person i hate right now i even made peace with fucking crazy neighbor of mine recently

  48. N21 Tone

    Just on the AFC website and see that the 1st home game v Pool has gone to Red Membership. Anybody think it might go on General Sale? I think somebody on here said that a no league game had gone on general sale since we bought DB10 – It could happen!

  49. Bush Gooner


    It is a process by which the involved parties or group resolve matters of dispute by holding discussions and coming to an agreement which can be mutually agreed by them.

    Barca – We want Cesc

    Arsenal – Cesc is not for sale. However if you want him its £40M cash by 3rd August or fuck off till you get some money..

  50. Pepperoni

    We do have a lot of leaders on the pitch. Leadership though, starts from the top down. Wenger has many great qualities, but he has failed in the this aspect especially more evident when developing a youth program. When he first came there where leaders on the team, that were older, experienced, already been doing. Our experienced ones aren’t given a chance and our young ones are still young. That has been the problem with him getting rid of too many our guys at once and starting over again. Then he gave Cesc captaincy just to keep him here longer. Great football player, but doesn’t know how to lead. I think V Persie and Verm are the best 2 candidates we have. We then have Wilshere, Schez, Sagna through play, Gervinho it seems through play, even Arshavin would have been good had he been given the chance. I think Frimpong and Ramsey will be rising up too. But, until the top changes, then it is going to continue to shut these natural leaders down. Arsenal is held back by Arsenal too many times.

  51. IvoryGoonz

    @ricky: what humanimal says is right. Basically, being able to buy a player not only depends om if you got enough money, but mostly onthe rating of your team. For instance, taking Barca with a rating of 2000 can attract any players. Arsenal being around 1500 if I’m not wrong, you basically will struggle to sign the most expnsive players.
    1) do a “root” save, that you will re-use. That is because most coaches and players attributes fluctuate from one save to the other. This way you are sure that you can always rely om the numbers you got first. You could cheat your team rating by using the editor and raising it to the maximum… But you then lose realism.
    When you really want to sign a player that doesnt want to sign, 2 options. A) basically keep saying to media your admiration, and hopefully after a few bids rejected his club will start listening to offers, but make sure your original bids are low, to not raise the player’s value. B) alternatively you can cheat, take over the club he’s playing at, put him in reserve and not needed, then it’s easy to sign -I do so when I want to simulate a game with players I could not normally sign. But to do that it means you have to add the country he’s playing in as a playable league.
    2) scout all the players you actually are interested in a first time, your scout report will show the value they think you can buy them, and if they are actualy interested I’m signing for you. Keep a note of that, then as humanimal said, offer them not hard cash, but payments over 36, or as I do 48. You will have to raise a bit say, if you can buy Vertonghen with hard cash for £10.5m, you will have to offer £11m on 48 months – also most go for same price. Try Neymar for £26.5m over 48 months for example…
    I’m saying this cause some players will renew their contract between the moment you scout them and the moment you offer them a contract. So basically, know how much a player would coat to come to you, then once you know who you really want, restart your save, and you can avoid scouting, and buy them straight. This is very true for Mexes and Frey who tend to resign a contract early with their current club…

    3) contracts. Player will change their contracts demands depending on your actual finances. Buy your new players first, then sell your dross, not the other way around.
    When scouting say a player like Gervinho, you will be told a price. Let’s say 15,5. If you offer first 10, basically it might get rejected. The closer you get to the actual value the club is ready to sell, the higher their club will raise. Say if you offer 15, they will tell you pay £30m. That’s when you know you are close to real value they’ll accept, so just raise half a million at a time to get the right price buy be aware the more you do that, the more the selling value raises.
    4) tactics: tactics are mostly irrelevant, if you stick to an attacking 4-4-2 with correct players you should be ok. I do play with tactics, but to get some results with a tactics like I use 4-2-2-2 with inside forwards on the wings, you will need to master pre-season training.

  52. abnet

    JamieDalton82 Jamie Dalton
    Suddenly Marca report Arsenal have until Saturday to sign Juan Mata – Funny I thought that was last weekend. Oh the hilarity
    1 minute ago Favorite Retweet Reply

  53. IvoryGoonz

    Ricky: one last thing about buying players on instalment. As soon as you do offer instalments rather than hard cash, other teams will do same and offer you installments for your players.
    In that case, make sure you sell your most expensive players first with hard cash, and then bring in players on instalment. For example, you can sell Arshavin for 20m cash to CSKA Moskow, or Bayern. If you have bought players on installment (or even just made bid with installments) these clubs will offer 20m over 48 months…
    If you take Arsenal, with current db, here’s what you can sell (trying to only sell outside the premier league)
    Arshavin for 20m at Bayern
    Rosicky for 9.75m to Zenit
    Almunia to Malaga for 5m (you will have to pay 3800£ of his salary til contract ends)
    Fabianski for 7.5m to Bayern or Zenit (I think)
    Diaby for 10.5 to Malaga
    Eboue for 11.5m to Newcastle or Juventus (depending on save).
    Gibbs for 7.5 to Aston Villa?

  54. HumAnimal

    Pepperoni… ure right ther

    we have
    Ramsey captain wales
    Rosicky captain Czech Rep
    Arshavin Caotain Russia
    Nasri CaptainED france
    Vermaelen captain belgium

    hell even denilsons captainded brazil under 20’s

  55. Marcus

    Our possible Champions League opponents

    Arsenal’s fourth-place finish in the 2010/11 Premier League means they will enter this season’s Champions League in the Play-Off Round.

    Arsène Wenger’s side must win a two-legged tie to take their place in the Group Stage.

    The draw for the Play-Off Round is on August 5 and the matches will be played either side of the second weekend of the Premier League campaign – the first leg is scheduled for August 16 or 17 with the second leg on August 23 or 24.

    It’s also worth noting that the draw is ‘open’ so Arsenal could be home or away in the first leg.

    Possible opponents
    So who could Arsenal face in the Champions League Play-Off? This is where it gets more complicated.

    There will be 20 teams in the Play-Off Round but they are split into two sections – champions and non-champions. As non-champions, Arsenal cannot face a side that won its domestic title in 2010/11. That list includes Dinamo Zagreb and Rangers, assuming they are still in the competition at that stage.

    Arsenal’s section of ten teams will feature:

    The five winners from the non-champion section of the Third Qualifying Round:
    Standard Liege (Belgium) v FC Zürich (Switzerland)
    Benfica (Portugal) v Trabzonspor (Turkey)
    Dynamo Kyiv (Ukraine) v Rubin Kazan (Russia)
    Twente (Holland) v FC Vaslui (Romania)
    Odense (Denmark) agg 5-4 Panathinaikos (Greece)

    The remaining four teams in Arsenal’s section come from:

    The fourth placed team from Spain (Villarreal)
    The fourth placed team from Italy (Udinese)
    The third placed team from Germany (Bayern Munich)
    The third placed team from France (Lyon)
    Once the ten clubs are confirmed, the five with the highest UEFA coefficients are seeded and will be drawn to play one of the five clubs with the lowest UEFA coefficients.

    Arsenal’s coefficient is bettered only by Bayern Munich in the list of potential teams in the Play-Off Round so Wenger’s side would definitely be seeded.

    As it stands, if all the seeded teams from the Third Qualifying Round advance to the Play-Off Round, Bayern, Arsenal, Lyon, Benfica and Villarreal would be seeded.

    In that scenario, Arsenal’s potential Play-Off opponents would be Dynamo Kyiv, Udinese, Odense, Twente or Standard Liege.

  56. Cloggs

    N21 Tone,
    There’s a misunderstanding between what some call “General Sale” and what AFC calls “General Public”.
    When tickets go on “Generale Sale” it means a specified amount of them can be assigned to Non Members, ie the general public BY any Membership Card holder that orders the tickets.
    Such was the case with the Emirates Cup, Members can buy tickets, both for themselves as for any other non member. In that case paper tickets are issued and send to the members address.
    For League games more then one ticket can be purchased by a Member but they can only be assigned to another Member.
    This is what AFC means by “No tickets are on sale to the general public.”
    And if they are, then in most cases only members can buy for non members.

  57. paul mc daid

    How much longer are we going to stand ideally by and watch our football club being destroyed by Arsene Wenger and this board ??

  58. Armoury

    this site is becoming a joke, wheres the ambition you wrote about few days ago? ambition based on rumours? are you serious, how many times you wrote about the centre backs wer’re interested in and still nothing happened. This site has te power to put pressure on Wenger and the club, sadly i dont see much of it.

  59. Big Dave

    This must be all pointing to the fact that we wantthe debt right down to a real low figure,

    35m to spend, plus any sales something must be wrong somewhere, hate to say it but am being turned into an Arsenal hater right now, they are making me angry so much,

    No LB thought we would buy one, Gibbs not upto it, midfield of JW/AR can not do it all season, the defence well, joke, MC29 is not going to get you 20+ a season. need a top striker. all this should be in place now and ready for new season ahead

  60. Ryan

    @wardo Agree with Richards, i’ve mentioned that before, But would you rather Man U get their little prince for free next season??? I’d take berba in a flash! Wenger needs a dose of foresight not hindsight!

  61. IvoryGoonz

    Some to add:
    Djourou starts injured but you can manage to sell him for 10m as soon as he’s back to full fitness
    Denilson can sometime go for 9.5m, I prefer to send him on loan with option to buy
    Squillaci can go on loan with option to buy, 100% wage to PSG I think.
    Koscielny same to Bayern…

    Some great players I tried out but will never happen under Wenger:

    Gk: Frey for £9.75m
    DC: Mexes for £10m, Vertonghen for £10m, Toloi for £5m (usually Man U offers 5m when you add him to your watch list, offer him decent wages he comes to you instead, Mbiwa for £11.5m (great for DC, and DLR cover)
    DL: try Balzaretti, for £17m I think, M’bengue for £6,5m (you have to get him quick when Sunderland bids for him), Phil Jones for 15m does a great job
    DR: De Silvestri (14 or 15m) haven’t found a better RB yet
    DM: Arturo Vidal is ideal, for around 17-20m depending on save, then Casemiro (3.6m) who can also play DC if you buy him after 1st july, and if your game start with UK window. (he doesnt get DC if you pick earlier game starts…) M’Vila, Moussaka Sissoko are expensive and get injured all the time. Fellaini is ideal but is injured at start of season, get him during winter transfer window, but Casemiro is the real deal.
    CM: Not too many options that worked out, I usually use a AMC there when Fabregas is tired of injured – Paulo Henrique from Santos for £22.5m, Javier Martinez is an option but I find him not competing enough with Fabregas.
    AML: Mata for £22m or so, Hazard for 16.5m (you need to offer 15.5 for Gervinho and 16.5 for Hazard at same time otherwise price of Hazard goes up). You can get Griezmann for 13.5m but not enough stamina with my current high pace tactics.
    AMR: Gervinho’s the man for 15.5m
    ST: Neymar any day for £26m, Lukaku if you are lucky first time for 7.5 or 7.75m, goes up to 17m otherwise. Khouma Babacar is a good option at 10-12m.

    Few other names to try out as they are cheap or quality:
    – Leandro Damiao (yes, the one that scored the equalizer against Barca at the Audi cup game with Internacional), becomes a great target man
    – Giuseppe Rossi for 25m or so, he sticks to the current wage structure
    -Subotic and Hummels, if you sell 2 CB (Djourou/Squillaci)

  62. gambon

    “Anyone fancy berbatov + £10mil for Nasri?”

    Wenger doesnt sign established players, pointless question.

    If you said….16 year old from the Congo + £10m

  63. timao

    Ryan – no but i will take Joey Barton on a free transfer without thinking twice, an absolute ‘no-brainer’ – no pun intended.

  64. abnet

    Arsenal Arsenal.com
    Arsenal Football Club is delighted to announce that defender Kyle Bartley has signed a new contract with the Club
    get squied out of the club and give his place to kyle

  65. Samir

    Arsenal deny that any offer has been made for Fabregas – SSN.

    Arsenal – “No bids for Fabregas.”

    That’s usually the kiss of death in a transfer saga…

  66. gambon

    Glad to see Kyle has signed a new deal.

    Now all we need to do is sign Jagielka & Cahill.

    Sell Djourou, Koscielny & Squillaci.

    Our new CBs – Cahill, Vermaelen, Jagialka, Bartley.

  67. HumAnimal

    IG my legendary team with arsenal on FM10

    Lahm Tasci Chiellini Vermaeln
    ———-Khedira Cesc

    All thanks to 48 and 36 month installments

  68. Samir

    I’d LOVE that to happen SO much gambon!

    But, I wouldn’t sell Koss…He has something about him! I do think he’ll make it to a top top level one day!

    Djourou and Squid though…Both are complete shit!

  69. Samir

    Barca sports director: “Negotiations shouldn’t be live broadcasted. You have to show respect. We won’t comment on the Fabregas talks now.”

    Seems like we have told them to keep their mouths shut and they are finally listening, makes me think were getting close to a deal though 🙁

  70. azed

    this is how our season will start,
    We’ll win the first 2 games then Wenger and all d akb’s start saying this team has matured, its d best ever squad and how spending isn’t the answer…. next game untd expose our team and the free fall begins..

  71. G STAR



    S.Ramos Pepe T.Silva Coentrao

    Alonso Gerrard Lucho

    Nasri RVP Ronaldo



  72. HumAnimal

    azed agreed. fucking AKB’s

    anyway speaking of AKB’s im off to have a look at ACLF havent been there in a while

  73. timao

    ramsey and wilshere look to me like the finest centre-midfield pairing in the league since Vieira and Petit. If we hang on to samir nasri, as looks likely and cesc fabregas we have real strength in depth. ok only pre-season but even rosicky seems to be playing better than he ended last year. riquelme called frimpong our best player at the emirates cup. he could be our secret weapon this year.

    i was dubious about gervinho at first but he looks to be the business.

    in short i am really looking forward to 2011-12 season.

    they score 3 we score 5. proper old-school Brazilian-style football. i love it!

  74. wenger on holiday

    We need usmanov

    He walks every home game through the streets to holloway to the game, he doesnt alianate himself like all the other board members in thier own world. he knows the issues and he wants to win the league by investing money.

    He isnt scared to compete with the other big dawgs.

  75. Gooner Sam

    So still not even asny sniff of a new signing, what are they doing behind closed doors. There is either one of two things going on here:

    1. The ‘world class’ commercial team are cr*p and not worth the money they are on (unless fleecing the fans is the target and if so they are doing a stirling job)

    2. The club don’t want to buy anyway and are just going through the motions to make themselves look like they are

    For me the biggest issue is the lack of transparency at the club at the moment. Their PR department is shocking…we never hear a thing? The manager whenever he talks speaks to the supporters like we are all gullable idiots and the other board members either say nothing at all or (PHW) insult the hard working paying fans and don’t seem to have any concept of the real world.

    Stan needs to have a strategy in mind pretty sharpish because at the moment it looks like his investment is going to nose dive and fast!

  76. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    why dont we jusrtt put cesc on the transfer list and say he will be sold to the highest bidder.. irrelebvant to whom that is or which country they paly in!

    play barca at their own tatics!

  77. BillikenGooner

    The reality is that Cesc and Nasri have realized we have become a training ground for youth players for us to sell on and make a profit as opposed to a club trying to win things.

    Clichy realized it and left.
    RvP will realize it and leave.
    Wilshere will realize it and leave.

  78. BillikenGooner

    “timao says: ramsey and wilshere look to me like the finest centre-midfield pairing in the league since Vieira and Petit. ”

    The moment they become the finest midfield pairing in the league is the moment we won’t be able to pay them *half* of what the big clubs in the league or Europe will be able to and they will leave.

    Don’t spout some line about “loyalty” keeping them around for what we can pay them or that somehow FFP will even things out, it won’t.

  79. HumAnimal

    ACLF is dry right now. it feels like ACLF’s followers are decreasing unlike Le-Grove.

    Could it be that people are finally realizing that Wenger’s killing this club slowly

  80. Ryan

    Been reading some articles about Usmanov regarding his investments over the past two years. His net worth this year is expected to rise from $17.7bn to at least $21.3bn. He’s made more money in one year than silent stan has every had available (all his money is tied up, liquid cash is minimal).

    This guy has a reputation, not that I giving a feck about that because it’s a dog eat dog world. This guy only knows success. Why didn’t stan clear the clubs debt?? Surely that saves the club tens of millions in interest over the terms of the loan??

    We are a club that just needs tweeking we could do with a strong owner with a manager who will spend what he has available. We don’t even need £100mil ffs!

    He needs a place on the board at a minimum

  81. Squirrel

    ten days to the kick off and still no new defender/s,looks like they have been busy working night and day,also didn’t cunthead say nothing happens till the end of july? it’s august now,cunt

  82. BillikenGooner


    If he hasn’t said it already, the next few quotes will be “the best deals are had in the last our of the last day”… plus there is the added bonus of being able to say, “Hey, we tried.” if all the deals fall through.

  83. wenger on holiday


    Usmanov is a dawg.

    Hes scary
    Hes a beast
    Hes a succesful money making machine
    He wont take failure – 6 years of no trophies

    Wenger is scared of this, thats why hes making the board block Usmanovs take over attempts.

    With Usmanov we would win. thats 100% certain.

    He is a gooner. He walks to the stadium, he feels the upset we feel.

    Instead we get PHW sitting on his perch CRITICISING ARSENAL FANS about our frustrations and critiscism of poor results and ticket price increases. AMAZING

    baord needs to go, Usmanov the no nonsense food eating money making DAWG in

  84. HumAnimal

    BkGooner just like we got shava at the lest hour of the last day of the xtended deadline hey. too bad we would have already lost our first 3 matches by the time aug 31 comes

  85. JimmyRimmer

    Arsenal Tom

    Now that was funny. It’s only when you read stuff like that from official AFC websites that you realise how out of touch these tossers are!

  86. wenger on holiday



    Look at that and tell me he would take defeat, that caption is what he would do after another season without a trophy and Wenger is trying to give him excuses.

    He wouldnt have it
    He wouldnt take it
    He wouldnt listen

    Hes a winner
    He wouldnt let this team fail, he would be competiting against his friend abramovich, he would want Arsenal to be bigger and more succesful than Chelsea.

    He is the key

    A large key at that, but still the key

  87. Squirrel

    Yeah,the market didn’t match arsene’s valuations
    Oh well at least we might get another 16 yr old that should help us out at old trafford in a few weeks

  88. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Jack has got being franlk lampard’s replacment wrote all over him.. maybe next season if not deffo 13/14.

  89. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    jack would fare well at chelsea… will win at least 4 PL 2 CL!

    we should get around 40 for him next season!

  90. HumAnimal

    also managed England in the 2014 WC and cos spain hadnt called him up and he played so well for for me at arsenal i made him england goalkeeper also had Enrique as left back for england cos Cole got old.
    won the world cup against the swiss.

  91. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    why do we all bother… its all drivel everything associated with AFC… its a club in dire strairts!

  92. IvoryGoonz

    To give you some idea, without cheating, On the iPhone version, on which you cant cheat, here’s my team after one season (FM2010) as of 22/11/11:
    GK: Frey, De Gea, Szczesny
    DC: Pique, Vermaelen, Vertonghen
    DR: Sagna, Santon, Van Der Wiel
    DL: Clichy, Bale, Gibbs on loan at Bolton
    AMC: Fabregas, Gourcuff, Milner, Wilshere, Paulo Henrique, Dentinho loaned out
    AMR: Perotti, Walcott
    AML: Nasri, Di Maria, Jovetic
    ST: Neymar, Villa, Bendtner, Chamakh

    Total wage bill: 1.7m
    Maximum wage: Frey at 120k.

  93. asan1960

    Is Arsene Wenger in this world?Arsene Wenger why have you forsaken Arsenal Fans?Arsene Wenger why 6 years in the wilderness.Arsene Wenger would regret if he refuse to sign players.Mark my words

  94. frenchie

    “I expected more buying,” he told Inside United. “Especially the likes of Arsenal. I thought they’d have bought a few players. But it’s early days – August 31 is a long way off and a lot can happen.

    says it all when rednose is taking shots…

  95. GunzSp

    Almunia? Check . Bendtner? Check. Diaby? Check. Denilson? Check- still an arsenal player till he moves. Eboue? Check

    Less than two weeks till kick off and we still have all the deadwood. Well done wenger, the most expensive manager in the world and dont need a y success part from your 4th place trophy, top of the top 4 league and so called mental strength.

    Last season for you monsieur

  96. Ricky

    Thanks IG & hm,

    Most grateful.

    I ended up buying vidal just before the first game of the season but i may just start all over again with the advice you both have given me cos i think i could do with some better tactics also.

    (this thing does keep you grounded though, would be perfect for a prision sentence lol)

    In the meantime im gonna try get some work done & have dirty toughts of licking georgie thompsons bacon.

  97. Listen2MeArsene


    +Frimpong, Bartley, Gibbs, Diaby, Chamakh…

  98. gooner

    What are the odds that Wenger sells Bartley as

    ‘the new english centre back signing’ we are looking for

  99. HumAnimal

    I didn’t cheat.
    Its boring wen u cheat.
    One thing that I figured out is that pace kills in FM10
    So I had Rooney and Gabby upfront Walcott and Yound out wide Rodwell and delph in the middle Enrique and johnson as fullbacks and Richards and some regenerated player at CB

  100. wenger on holiday


    I take it you wanted Wenger to sell them?

    The clubs wants to sell them..

    But no club will buy them as thier wages are to high?


    Thier wages combined, come to over 500k per week+-


    thats £2m A MONTH



    no wonder we cant buy anyone

  101. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    arsene wengers targic he wears a tragic hat…

    and when he saw the price for Cahill he said i’m not paying that!

  102. frenchie

    Ernesto Paolilli has told the club’s official website: “Sneijder is here and he’s an important part of our team. Not so much of what is read in the papers is the truth. As for Sneijder, there is a complete intention that he will stay with us.”

    i expect him to be in united’s hands by the weekend.

  103. frenchie


    is that not the same myles palmer who stated arsenal would purchase 3 by this weekend, and 2 of which would be cahill and jagielka?

  104. DaleDaGooner

    gambon says:
    August 3, 2011 at 09:38
    “One thing I do find interesting is that Nik B is on the exit list over Chamakh”

    Bendtner isnt French.

    I’m thinking it has nothing to do with Bendtner spouting shit

  105. william

    Hello men. Here is what I do not understand.

    gambon says:
    August 3, 2011 at 09:57

    Its at the point now where I actually hope we lose our first 3 games in a row.

    WTF mate?

  106. John A

    What an effing shambles our beloved club has become.

    On the bright side, at least Jag didn’t leave it till the last minute to turn us down, which is what usually happens and we don’t have enough time to sign a replacement.

  107. gambon


    Its pretty obvious.

    If Wenger is replaced we will finish in the top 4. If he stays we wont.

    We need him out asap, so the best result is for us to lose the first 3 games, while we still have 35 to save our season.

    The alternative is to fall out of the top 4 and lose CL money, then Wenger gets sacked. This would be a disaster as the board will pull all funds and the club will die and become the new Villa.