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So I broke the news yesterday that the club fully expect Cesc to be at open day this Thursday, providing Barcelona stick to their guns in not offering the £40million Arsenal are expecting for him.

Poor old Cesc, he’s been hung out to dry by the club of his dreams.

This isn’t cause for celebration though… From what I understand, Cesc is making no secret of his upset about the situation, but at least he’s given up on his ‘injury’ and rejoined the group. He’s in no shape to play though… Hopefully Barcelona will offer up the money we need sharpish, so we can move him on and buy in a replacement. It’ll be a waste of £140k a week if we keep him here next year, but don’t be surprised if he lines up for us in August. We don’t need to sell him on the cheap.

Samir Nasri has been good as gold apparently… Just coming in and working hard, so even if we do get just one more year out of him, at least it won’t be a sulky one.

I asked around about Jagielka and Cahill, all I can say is that we’ve been looking at both but there’s been no movement at the training ground and none of the players are aware of a deal in the offing. That doesn’t mean a one isn’t being thrashed out by Dick Laws as we speak…

So all in all… Not much to report except the continuation of a bad summer.

Arsene and the backroom staff have gone stale if this is what they call progress… Ivan Gazidis has very publicly put pressure on Wenger this summer by offering up the money he needs. If he doesn’t spend it and it goes tits up next season at least the next coach will have the funds to play with.

One thing I do find interesting is that Nik B is on the exit list over Chamakh. He’s been awful this summer and has shown no signs off picking up from the 3 months if good form he displayed last year. From what I’ve heard, the Moroccan enjoys himself in his private life, I wonder if that’s reflected in his football and the fatigue he suffers? Nik B is also one for a party, but at least he can last a season without complaining about how tired he is. Still no move for him, that £52k a week he’s earning seems to be a bit of a sticking point for the paupers of Europe.


To Tony Roberts for taking up a full-time post as goalkeeping coach at Arsenal. He’s credited with the progression of Chezzer at the club and he’ll be a welcome addition considering the problems we’ve clearly had in the keeping area.

Season ticket prices…

Yesterday, the BBC released the results of their survey, of which Arsenal topped their table as the most expensive day out in the Premiership. Our pies top out at a staggering £4 a pop and the cheapest day out an Arsenal fan can expect is £44. £1200 sounds like a pretty modest outlay compared to the sort of money Geoff, myself and the people we go with spend out over the course of a season, but it’s still the richest ticket in the Premiership. That’s why I find it staggering Peter Hill-Wood can come out and say that Arsenal didn’t profit from the VAT increase when he should full well know tickets went up by 6.5% this season. If you’re into listening and stuff, I did a piece for BBC London last night about season ticket prices, it’s about about 30 minutes in. The Professor on before me was quite interesting as well, but nowhere near as educated as me… so sorry about that.

Fantasy Football…

That time of year has arrived again where we pedal a bit of Fantasy football! We have a £100 prize for the winner, which basically feels like I’m gifting myself and Geoff £50. The league comes with an app for your phone and it’s all very sophisticated! If you fancy your chances…

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  1. wardo

    Ivan, Please ask Arsene 2 questions !

    1) Aren’t you gonna spend this money, Arsene?

    2) If not, do you want to still be manager at Arsenal.

    If Wenger does not spend where he should (a left back has left and no replacement as yet????) then if this does go belly up then i hope like mad everyone joins in booing the manager !!

    Sick and tired of this crap from Arsenal now.

    Oh Spurs have gone in for Barton which would be excellent for us next season !
    Looks like they have also gone in for Samba and look close to agreeing a player + cash deal for the player

  2. Moray

    I am dreading the start of this season, I really am.

    We could be out of it by October…how on earth can nothing have happened by now? What is going on at the club. There must be something brewing.

  3. bade the gooner (bernard)

    good morning, arsenal surers! yes, you are the ones that will keep supporting the arsenal club, the arsene club ……

    i’d love to


  4. Baafuor from Ghana

    AKBs complain that the board is not releasing funds for Wenger to sign players,but he Wenger is prepared to lose £22million for a player with only one year left on his contract.

  5. Moray

    haha the money the Spuds save on not having any scouts, they can lavish on buying up players we are linked with…

  6. Doublegooner

    AFC have had fantasy football already…
    ‘We’ve signed Carl Jenkinson’
    ‘We’ve signed Carl Jenkinson’
    ‘We’ve signed Carl Jenkinson’

  7. ZARgooner

    Some old dude posted this on the Arsenal football club Facebook page

    Heed the words of a Gooner who can talk..”I can claim to be an Arsenal fan since the mid-1930′s and have supported them through triumph and disaster for nearly 80 years. I see them now, in my declining years, as playing the most attractive football ever, the best trained and looked after and the best managed. You Gooners simply don’t know when you are well off. You are chronic moaners. If you can’t criticise the Manager, you pick on a player. The cost of living increases and so does ticket prices and you moan at that, conveniently forgetting the odd wage increase. It’s about time you appreciated your luck in supporting one of the most popular Clubs on the planet. Forget all the nonsense about the lack of silverware in recent years. Think instead of the attractive football you’ve witnessed and remember that 99% of UK Clubs and their supporters would give anything to copy the Arsenal style.
    Along with many old Supporters I may not live to see our Captain lift another trophy…..but so what. As long as I can watch the team play as they do, I count my blessings. So should you all.”

  8. RayGooner

    quotes from “The Sun” today:

    “Cristiano Ronaldo has told his Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho not to waste £12.5million on Manchester City striker Emmanuel Adebayor.”

    Poor, poor Adebayor….

  9. Moray

    ZAR, it is clear where much of the ridiculous salary bill goes to: paying their online Marketing team to hijack blogs and try to rouse morale with shit like this.

    Some 80 year old guy posting on twitter was he?

  10. Marcus

    Signed any1 yet? No? I don’t even know why I bother to check every morning.. starting to feel like the loser ex-boyfriend who just won’t realize it’s over…

  11. Goonerfied85


    Nicely picked out, this guy is old school.

    Would he want to see us play the nice football but get beaten by lesser or even better opposition.

    I agree I love the style of football we play but not if it doesn’t get you any where.

    I was optimistic about signings yesterday but got a horrible feeling in my gut today.

    I will always follow the mighty Arsenal no matter what but can’t help but feel we are in decline & are getting left behin by other teams.

  12. Arsenal Tom

    why do people keep thinking this will be wengers last year?

    regardless of winning anything or not he wont quit, why would he?

    and we dont even have the balls to force players to leave what makes anyone think we’d force the manager out?

  13. Moray

    can we really say we play beautiful football? We did a few years ago, for sure. With physical strength and pace throughout, and a fluidity of movement, players interchanging effortlessly, it was a pleasure to watch. And we could adjust our play too. Henry wasn’t embarrassed to score cheap and easy goals.

    Now, we just seem lumbering and slow to counter. Yes, we pass a lot, but half the time this is because the opposing team let us do it because they know we are most ineffective WITH the ball. when they chase us down,like Man Utd or Barca, we are found wanting.

    I believe this is another myth which needs expounded: like a guy who thinks his 70 year old wife is still beautiful (and if he does, then why is he knocking off young French rappers?)

  14. bade the gooner (bernard)

    now reports suggest JAG won’t be joining us, even if we meet everton’s asking price.

    now i don’t think he’ll have that much to worry about when d-day comes knocking. its likely we won’t meet their asking price. as we all know the arsenal way is a one way traffic. we expect other clubs to meet our asking price, even for underachievers, which is nice. but when it comes to other clubs players, even if they’re that good and that worthy – and i’m not referring to JAG in person – suddenly the asking price is some kind of an unreachable figure, dizzying one even…

    hypocrisy anyone?


  15. Marcus

    @Arsenal Tom

    When he realizes that project youth has failed, he might return to france where he, for some reason, appears to have a good reputation.. so he could go to PSG? 🙂

  16. Thomas. it's up for grabs now...

    reported on sky news tv this am… Arsenal may take two team photos. One with and one without Cesc in it!

    Pub team stuff..Not sure who will tog out until we turn up on a sunday morning!

  17. gambon

    “One thing I do find interesting is that Nik B is on the exit list over Chamakh”

    Bendtner isnt French.

  18. tharik

    I think may be one more addition.our current squad is not good enough to challenge the title.we need quality replacements in midfield and addition in defence.otherwise things will going worse than the past season.cesc’s departure (may be nasri)will negatively the confidence in the current squad …..for the past six seasons we all know we dont have adequate squad due to lot of injuries.why did wenger forgot these things and the recent defensive tragedies..he will also say at the end of the transfer window that “we didnt get the quality players in the current inflated market and once again faith in the current team”. i dont say our team is bad, we are absolutely a great team with a bunch of promising big talents.but right now we have to strengthen some areas otherwise the story will be similar.All of us have to regret once again after this season……………

  19. ian

    Sell Cesc now. I don’t care about holding out for an extra 5 mil. He can only have a negative effect on Arsenal if he hangs around the club. I read all these posts about hanging in for more money. But please lets just sell now and turn the page.

  20. Arsenal Tom


    chances are if he went to PSG they’d expect him to win something with the investment their making or he could stay at arsenal with no pressure earning 6-7m a year! what would you do at 65 years of age?

  21. Geoff

    Ha, ha Pedro you are deluded if you think another shit season from Wenger ends up with him going, what about the 6 previous shit seasons? 7 if you include the FA cup win against the Mancs because the only bit of that I enjoyed was Patrick’s penalty and the final whistle!

    Wenger is un-sackable and he still has 2 years left on his contract.

    As far as Henry is concerned, saying Wenger should have a job for life has stopped me wanting him back as part of the DB10 and him dream management team, if he thinks what Wenger is doing to my club is good, he can stay in New York.

    Dennis when I get your address from pedro, I will email you.

  22. Geoff

    How can Hill-Wood think it’s Ok to have a team photo without the players we are buying, why don’t they wait until the deadline has passed before they do it, unless of course the fat bastard already knows we won’t be buying anyone else.

  23. Moray

    I can’t believe Fabregas would remain our captain next year, even if he stays? That’s the last straw…why would VP10 stay if we reward wantaway players like this? we did the same thing with Paddy and Henry of course, but the situation was never as bad as this.

    I read somewhere that Arshavin will be in the last year of his contract too next summer. That makes Theo, Arsh and VP10 at the very least. I can imagine next summer will be even worse, as we will probably have to replace half a team and not be in the CL.

  24. gambon

    – Too young
    – Too small
    – Too weak
    – Too inexperienced
    – Too nice
    – Too poor defensively
    – Too quiet

    – We used to have Gilberto & Vieira, now we have Song & Diaby
    – We used to have Keown, Adams & Campbell – now we have the chuckle brothers
    – We used to have Henry, Bergkamp & Wiltord, now we have VanPersie & Chamakh
    – We used to have David Seaman, now we have a 21 year old polish GK
    – We used to have a team full of 30 year olds, now its full of 20 year olds
    – We used to be respected, now we’re a laughing stock

    Why did Arsene Wenger decide to destroy Arsenal?

  25. incesc

    Internationals next week so unless the signings are done this week they won’t happen for a while. It just baffles me the lack of intent we have shown

  26. Bush Gooner

    I can honestly say that if we start the season with the current squad we will honestly struggle. Teams have already sussed out our tentative style of play and will definitely cause us problems. Our fear factor has completely gone. Our aggression (apart from Jack and RVP) has gone, and most of all our so called capitan IS GONE!

    The whole Cesc saga is like my wife having an affair with my boss..

  27. Marcus

    Arsenal Tom

    Well maybe that will be the case. But however he did consider a move to Real Madrid and I don’t think his plan for that club was to start a new project youth, but to splash some cash and go for titles.. Maybe if he leaves for PSG it’s a way for him to get out of the current disaster project at Arsenal, without officially admitting his failures… but one can only hope of course…

  28. incesc

    If barton was a midget playing in france we would have replaced denilso by now. Same with parker if he was unheard of and african

  29. Arsenal Tom

    marcus, yeah i agree but i think his stubbornness and arrogance will lead him to atleast see out his contract which means another 3 seasons of this.

    i reckon the real madrid stuff was just to get more money out our board, he hasn’t got the bottle for a job like that

  30. Arsenal Tom

    we should joey barton just on the off chance he might do what we all want to do and beat up diaby or almunia

  31. incesc

    If we lose the first 3 games the call for signings and change will be insane! It will just give wenger a bigger boner to prove everyone wrong with these players!

  32. gambon

    Reporter: “Arsene, why did Real Madrid sack you”

    Wenger “Disappointed love”

    Reporter: “Do you think it has something to do with the fact that you took them from second to 6th in the league, and refused to touch your £80m budget, preferring to make a profit”

    Wenger: “6th is a trophy”

    Reporter: “Do you think you might be mentally ill?”

    Wenger: “It depends what you call mentally ill”

    Reporter: “You look ill, you need to eat”

    Wenger: “I will not be eating, I cant afford to spend £50m on dinner, we live in a world where we compete with teams with unlimited resources”

    Reporter: “Cant you just buy a scotch egg from sainsos, Man City cant buy them all”

    Wenger: “The answer isnt always to buy”

    Reporter: “You can have my sandwich if you want”

    Wenger: “Why do you keep on saying this, i dont want to eat”

    Reporter: “No need to get defensive”

    Wenger: “I have no idea what that word means”

  33. Matt

    I hate the way that we claim not to do our business publicly, like we should be proud of that or something. I couldnt give a shit how publicly we do our business, just fucking do some!!

  34. Geoff

    How bad is the fact that we could still be paying the wages of Almunia, Eboue and Bendtner until the next transfer window, appalling business management.

    That’s why we’ve got no money, well that and the ransom money he’ll pay to keep Cesc and Nasri.

  35. wardo

    Gambon @ 09:57

    I really hope that doesn;t happen but I can 100% understand why.

    I just can not believe that Arsene and PHW (who imo is an even bigger c**t than wenger) have managed to avoid spending big once again.

    oh and you know what Gambon, there is a real danger of that happening……….

    I said in a previoud post that I hope the fans give it to Wenger big time for his lack of transfer activity. It now seems to have gone ever further as he wont even sign a player to keep Nasri happy and stay at the club. Wenger is in charge so he is either good enough or not. At the moment it seems not. I have a feeling Wenger will spit his dummy out and go when the fans give him hell once we are found out in the EPL this year !! he’s a fcuking disgrace tbh.

  36. wardo

    Geoff, there is a real chance those three will run their contracts down and leave on a free.

    How bout that for youth policy and pro management !!

  37. gambon

    Arsenal Tom / Wardo

    If we lose our first 3 games the fan discontent will reach levels unseen in this league.

    There will be booing, empty seats, protests and even the Arsenal fans will be calling wenger a you know what (Paed….).

    He will be forced out. If he doesnt walk he will get sacked, like Gazidis said the fans have the power to make his job impossible.

    I actually hope it happens, I hate that i want it to happen, but it needs to happen.

  38. Arsenal Tom

    theo wouldnt leave its too nice and soft at arsenal… like him

    RVP might if we dont get our acts to gether, arsh will probably just disappear back to russia and chill out

  39. wardo

    I would love for the following chant to be sung at the Grove at our first home game

    “Peter Hill Wood, Peter Hill Wood, Peter you’re a bloody c**T. Peter you’re a bloody c**t”

    fcuking out of touch w4nk3r……has no idea.

    Hate the heirachy at Arsenal. We’ve lost it

  40. Arsenal Tom

    “I actually hope it happens, I hate that i want it to happen, but it needs to happen” couldn’t agree more with that mate.

    still cant see it though, we’ll just get more “we need to be patient, we have to believe in this YOUNG team, and we don’t have the resources of other clubs” bullshit

  41. Matt


    I want Wenger out, but I dont think it happening at the start of a new season would be a good thing. Look how long it takes this current Arsenal board to sign a player, let alone a new manager. We would be left with Pat Rice in charge for half a season and then by the time the new manager comes in, they might not have the opporunity to make the signings that we need.

  42. gambon

    The players that you can guarantee will be asking to leave within a year or so:

    – RVP
    – Sagna
    – Wilshere

    You could already say theyre too good for us.

  43. gambon


    If wenger is incharge this season we will fall out of the top 4.

    If you leave cancer too long you cant save the body. We dont have the luxury of waiting.

  44. wardo


    99% agree with that.

    Don’t think the fans will actually call wenger THAT but, booing and anger will be heard from the fans.

    Don’t know who Wenger thinks he is…..JUST WANT HIM TO DO HIS JOB.

    Hate it when he says bout Chavs City haveing unlimited budgets that we can not compete with.

    Bit like going to your boss and saying “I want a payrise” then when you boss asks why you say “Cause he gets more than me” golden rule as a no no !! You don’t mention others. So Wenger should not really mention other teams but just use the resources ARSENAL has. If City and Chavs were skint would Wenger bang on about them being skint and then go and spend big ?? No course he wouldn’t.


    So why is he still not buying……..

  45. Matt

    I agree, we dont, but that is exactly what this board will do. And judging by the way they conduct every other aspect of ‘business’ cant you just see them making a royal fuck up of appointing a new manager!!

  46. N21 Tone

    Morning all, now don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating a Chelsea policy here but just hear me out a second. In Italy, Wenger would have been “let go” after the CL Final v Barca as it was plain to see that he was not capable of winning that trophy. I know it sounds ruthless but that is it. How many time have we seen a manager gain promotion for his team only to slump the following season in the PL. What they should do is thank him very much for getting us promoted – now get lost we are gonna appoint a manager to keep us in the division. We should have adopted this mindset instead of making Wenger comfortable in his job.

    He’s gotta go!

  47. gooner


    Myles knew as he wrote a book on Wenger. He has taken a keen interest in his career. The difference is he saw the writing on the wall 6 years ago, whilst many of us fooled ourselves that he would sort out what was needed and would change

    Wenger wont chage

    Its last chance saloon this summer, and it looks like its about to all come crashing down

  48. OPG

    I want my 4 weeks back of little activity, take me back to July instead of a week away from the season which gives more opportunity for him to spin in his interviews.

  49. wardo

    We need a protest now.

    What could that complete utter retard PHW come out and say then ??? Arsenal fans protesting would take him to bits with funny chants etc etc etc. No one at the club could tell us to stop. no one at the club could control what we say. The press would LOVE it (Keegan style) and either Wenger would resign in a huff or be forced to do his job.

    Otherwise, I have a feeling Wenger will leave the club in a worse state than what George G left it in (I know Wenger took over from Bruce Rioch but we cant measure the club on Bruce)

    Wenger has done well but what he is doing now is shocking.

    Brian Clough was great once…..didn’t last a life time though did it.

    Protest anyone ??

    If Master P agrees and goes, I’ll hang out with him!! Be a nice chilled out evening…..

  50. N21 Tone

    On the captaincy, I agree, strip Fab of it but all Wenger will do is find the next player he wants to bribe to stay and give him the armband. The captaincy at AFC has been devalued by Wenger.

  51. wardo

    I’m in one hell of a foul mood with Arsenal at the mo !! and I’m not even hungover.

    Haven’t touched a drop since Friday !

  52. HumAnimal

    LOOOOOOOL gambon… thats made my morning.

    weve missed out on Mata officially. Valencia want +/- 50m wenger’s waiting for his price to come back down to 18m.
    Also, he wont sign him if cesc stays.

    This latest nearly team
    Samba/Sakho Izaguirre /Enrique
    M’vila Mata Parker

  53. charliegeorge


    You are on fire pal.

    Loved the mock interview bit. It was absolutely hilarious but, sadly, not far removed from the truth.

    If he does go mid-season, will it be a caretaker’s role to begin with and after that, who do you fancy as the new head honcho?

    Also, who do you think Arsenal might opt for (will it be someone cheap and nasty?)

    Thanks in advance.

  54. wardo

    Whoever goes to watch Arsenal this season is a mug imo !!

    No way on earth am i going to part with my hard earned to support the people who are running the club i love into the ground.

    I hope there are loads of empty seats this season (if we don’t spend). Could there be a cleared message to Wenger??

  55. gambon


    Arsenal have today announced that they have agreed a deal to bring Barry Jones in as the new Manager of Arsenal FC.

    Barry is unknown in the football world, having previously been an accountant at Pricewaterhouse Coopers in London. He also has an NVQ in Childminding and a BTEC in French, all important qualities needed for the role of Frances premier club side.

    CEO Ivan Gazidis was delighted with the deal: “We have secured an outstanding individual that is capable of delivering success by following or self sustaining model, We operate a self sustaining model, and the key to this philosophy is that we are self sustaining. Our future plans involve self sustaining models, and looking at new models that are self sustaining”

    When asked if he had anything to add regarding the management situation, the CEO said “Self sustaining”.

  56. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    so we have allowed this cesc fiasco to go on, covering it in a tissue of lies that he is injured,

    i find it very unprofessional that the club and wenger have allowed this to disrupt pur pre season plans for this make or break season!

    shocking no other club would allow. united sold ronaldo at the end of a campaign. said the price real paid the price!

    but sadly we diont do business like that!

  57. sparky

    I never thought I’d say this but wenger has gotta go! Our whole team is falling apart! Cesc and nasri going! And how is Chamack vela and squalachi still there! We won’t sign anyone! Another trophyless season!

  58. terry

    JUAN MATA- 20M
    DE ROSSI- 15M
    ZAPATA- 15M

    TOTAL: 85M

    FAB- 45M
    NASRI- 22M
    DIABY- 10M
    CHAMAK- 7M
    NIKKI B- 10M

    TOTAL: 95M












    and 1 more thing i see Gibbs as a left midfilder he will never in his carrer be a successful lb he has all the qualities to be a very good winger and will easily surpass bale if he plays there regularly.

  59. Moray

    “not doing our business in public” is another way of saying “lacks transparency”.

    The reason why people demand transparency in governments, public authorities, commercial organisations, SPORTS TEAMS etc. is that otherwise people act without censure or control.

    What is difficult with sports teams is that they have fans rather than customees: fans that have an emotional interest in the team and what happens there.

    It sounds like Wenger is paid and incentivised for something other than winning trophies, by a Board who are clueless and an owner who probably hadn’t heard of Arsenal five years ago.

    The fact is that Wenger has been paying his favourite players well over the odds for years, and giving them playing time, regardless of their ability or performances. In a way, bribing the loyalty out of them. Unfortunately, this is crumbling now, and we have the embarrassing state of events where players are publically seeking a way out of the club but are tied to the club because of the obscene remuneration they receive, out of all proportion with their abilities. to have Bendtner on over 50k per week is truly criminal, but doing our business in public means we will never know for sure, expect for the fact that he cannot move. Also, I wonder how much we are paying the Brazilian club (can’t remember which) to take Denils#n on loan?

  60. NickW

    That old fella who thinks we should be happy just playing pretty football obviously didn’t go to the Blackburn and Sunderland home games last year. I did and they were the most frustrating impotent performances I have ever seen. I vowed not to waste my money doing something that unenjoyable ever again. Of course I will that’s the curse of being a fan but don’t expect me to praise the manager for such dross.

  61. OPG

    Think I’m almost done scrounging for rumours, people believe anything and are beginning to believe Joey Barton would be a good signing! Parker is on the market still and so is ………… Upson.

  62. Markyboy

    No he won’t gambon. That is wishful thinking. As wishful as my thinking we might sign Jags AND Cahill.

  63. wardo

    OPG, i think Barton would be a shocking signing (even though i would be happy if we did sign him).

    I don’t think our players would get on with him at all. He is a bit scummy tbf. I just don’t think our players would be able to stand up to him.

    someone like Viera would though. And I get teh feeling Joey would not dare mess with him so would be under control.

  64. Markyboy

    And another thing, if there is any truth to the Dann rumour… WHY do we have to check him out this weekend? SURELY YOU KNOW HOW HE PLAYS BY NOW???

  65. bade the gooner (bernard)

    that convo is truly hilarious!
    i think NB52 didn’t want to keep his position as a winger! that’s why he asked for a transfer. i bit you all once he’s gone, you’r all gonna hear from perils about arsene’s management


  66. gambon

    Joey Barton would be a good signing, undoubtedly.

    He is twice the player Diaby or Denilson are. You dont lose at home to Villa & West Brom with 11 bartons in the team.

    However he is too much for Wenger to handle, too opinionated for Wengers creche, too old for wenger to give a 4 year contract to, and he’s not French which means it just isnt going to happen.

    If he was Jobaluewe Bartonule, a congolese born frenchman from St Etienne, he would already have 150 appearances and be captain.

  67. PV4

    Oh oh, Internationals next week – lock RVP and TV5 in a cupboard somewhere, otherwise our squad will be even smaller! Guaranteed to get a season long injury from a useless and pointless friendly one week before the season begins. Great planning!!!

  68. Moray

    Wenger would never sign Parker or Barton. They are just not players he would be interested in. this much we know already. Forget about those rumours.

  69. Moray

    we don’t even allow tackling in training. Clichy was shocked about the tackling going on on the training ground at Shitty. Barton wouldn’t put up with that…never gonna happen.

  70. terry

    sparky i already am a arsenal manager on football manager and ma team is doing really well. lol .

    by the way we dont need barton where would he play in a 3 man midfield.

    wilsahre ramsay nasri fab song and rosicky will be all ahead of him we need a def mid tiote or de rossi would be better over him, jus coz a player is available for free dosent mean we need to buy him.

    lansbury if given a couple of games would do much better than him.

  71. realistic tony

    i want some of the happy pills that ZARGOONER is on…apparently he is happy watching us play exciting football and believes we are lucky to be supporters of arsenal. We are moaners that dont know how good we got it!.
    My considered comment is this: zargooner is a complete idiot, unable to comprehend the massive problems this useless management are creating for themselves and us fans

  72. PV4

    Arsenal Need A Thug
    Barton is exactly what is needed at Arsenal. The lacklustre Diaby is renowned for his inability to, well, not do anything and Arsenal need a tough player and perhaps more importantly a tough personality amidst a group of, so far, utter pretenders. Incredibly, Wenger’s side need a thug.

    Everyone knows it – just gotta convince Le Professeur!

  73. OPG

    Wouldn’t be against Barton but not really a great sign of our ambitions. Think I’ve had enough frustration I’m beyond caring the mess this club and Wenger is in, its not a crisis but still could turn into one. I’m still waiting to see and hoping though.

  74. wardo

    Real Tony,

    ZARGOONER copied that from somewhere else……its a post from an 83 year old (who happens to be pc literate at that old age)….its not Zargooner though

  75. Pepperoni

    What if Arsenal win their first 3 games and qualify for Champions League? What will you same people say then. It’s not that out of reach. All that has been posted all the time is the same shit about doom. I agree we need signings, I agree that there is a lot of bull shit that comes out of our hierarchy, but we still have a great team, we still have more leaders than what you think. When one leader falls, there are many others waiting to take the post up. There isn’t anything we can do besides support what we got, even if we don’t agree with it.

  76. gambon

    For fuck sake

    Lansbury is absolutely nowhere near Barton, not even close.

    Lansbury couldnt make the Norwich first XI, Barton would comfortably be the best player in the Championship.

    Im not too keen on Barton cos hes a nutcase, but lets not pretend he wouldnt imrove us dramatically.

    I REALLY…REALLY….REALLY dont get the massive Lansbury love in that goes on amongst a lot of gooners. Its like a cult.

  77. Pepperoni

    Arsenal Tom,

    If you weren’t excited watching Arsenal v. Barca, you are full of shit. Our counter attacking that game was at a level never witnessed before. The problem is we don’t face every game with that same mentality.

  78. Dutchman

    The day that clichy went to city:

    Gazides: You have 50m to spend wenger, i think we need to buy a LB, because gibbs and traore are not that good.

    Wenger: They are good, they have quality and mental strength and i believe in them. And it is a cheap option.

    Gazides: But if they are shit in the first weeks the fans will boo them. And they will be very angry with your transfer policy.

    Wenger: 4th is a trophy already and i believe that we can win the fourth place with this young team. Remember that our team is 21 years old.

    Gazides: But wenger, fans wants to win real trophies such as the FA cup or the PL.

    Wenger: Judge me in may

  79. Yandi

    Reporter: “No need to get defensive”

    Wenger: “I have no idea what that word means”

  80. Moray

    Pepperoni, if we have so many leaders on the pitch as you say, then why do you think we fail to face every game with the same mentality?

  81. Dutchman

    No seriously, this frenchman thinks that we can win something with traore and the always injured gibbs??!! Traore is one of the worst leeft backs around. How can wenger not buy a LB. Absolutely incredible that we haven’t bought a defender yet. That was the real problem last season and i really thought that wenger saw it. But he is too stubborn.

  82. bade the gooner (bernard)

    arsene’s english isn’t as perfect as shakespearse’s (ok, neither mine…. but at least i don’t live in england for 15 years and don’t earn 7m’ for allegedly running an english football club), so he made ARSENE’S FULL DICTIONARY, as reported by a reliable inside source (pam)…..

    now that source sneaked a copy of arsene’s full dictionary. it appears that it’s built like WIKIPEDIA, where anyone can add entries, if he knew or heard from arsene…..but only authentical ones will be allowed to get in the dictionary.

    so that’s my first bit of arsene’s full dictionary. any other helping hands to complete it ASAP will be largely gratituded…..

    ARSENE ACTIVITY IN TRANSFERS = ars inactivity in transfer

    I’M WISHFUL = i’m wish-fool

    WE HAVE MENTAL STRINGTH = we have mental shrink, or we have menthol strings


  83. realistic tony

    correction (and apologies to zargooner)i want some of the happy pills that the guy ZARGOONER is referring to on…apparently he is happy watching us play exciting football and believes we are lucky to be supporters of arsenal. We are moaners that dont know how good we got it!.
    My considered comment is this: This guy is a complete idiot, unable to comprehend the massive problems this useless management are creating for themselves and us fans

  84. PV4

    @Gambon – agree totally – not sure what Lansbury has? Trouble is that he will cost nothing so he is ‘like a new signing’ to the French twat!

  85. Big Dave

    Honestly felt that when I got back their would be at least a signing or 2. fool me, stupid fucking club. Shit in the EC can’t defend from what I was told, no change their then.

    Lies spin lies again

  86. dennisdamenace

    “Fergie said I was a Manchester United player in the wrong shirt – I said he was an Arsenal manager in the wrong blazer.” Tony Adams.

  87. Jonas

    This is desperate, Dann has played in the Premier League for the last few years but we wait until he has a game in the Championship until we make up his mind if he is good enough.

    You couldn’t make it up.

    Cahill – too expensive
    Jagielka – too expensive
    Mata – too expensive
    Parker – too old
    Barton – a trouble maker
    Enrique – too good and would kill Gibbs’s career
    Samba – too physically intimidating

    But the good news is that we are going to sign a 16 year old from Real Madrid. Happy days.

  88. Pedro

    Bade, I think you should give your signature a rest!

    It’s a touch militant… like you’re setting up some sort of jihad…

  89. wardo

    Gambon, i’m guessing that he has judged Arsene in May and wants him out….referring to a previous comment made about judging him in May.

    Although, I know for a fact (almost anyway) that you know this already……… where are you going with this?

  90. Dutchman

    Jonas, and a 19 year old player from costa rica who isn’t as good as afobe and miyaichi. Fuck wenger, he is obsessed with his youth.
    Where are our signings??!!! We were told that it would be one of the most busy summers ever for Arsenal. Again lies!!!! It’s all lies at this club, they are joking with the fans. This club is a disgrace under wenger, How can it that we haven’t sign a defender??!!!

  91. bade the gooner (bernard)

    and more to come from arsene’s full dictionary:

    TROPHY = wherever arsenal is placed end of may
    GREAT ATTITUDE = complacency and acceptance of mediocrity
    100% EFFORT = getting overtaken by the game’s official during a cup QF, when your team being counterattacked
    FIGHTING SPIRIT= jogging in the middle of the park in a competitive game
    INVISTING = splashing unjustifies money of teenagers when only 1% of them will make first team football
    SPENDING = invisting in adult, proven and reliable players who could win us actual trophies


  92. abnet

    hahrs always DDM great players turn up with great quotes like the king/TH14- “You need big shoulders to play for Arsenal. The cannon is heavy. ” loved this

  93. gambon


    Although i dont understand it, i do like it.

    Not quite on the level of In Arsene we rust…..I really hope to see a banner like this at the emirates.

  94. nuudles

    hi, I have been busy all morning, seems like Arsenal have yet again not.

    Spectrum, nothing wrong with bringing in talented 16 year olds as long as they do not take priority over bringing in talented first team players… Was the kid in the article not the one who did so well at the u/17s? £500k or whatever the deal is is nothing, but I agree that it should not cause us to not go out in the proper market and get a CB, LB & DM (and CF while we are at it)

  95. Dutchman

    I think that wenger really thought that he would be some good defenders. But then the holiday is over, all the players are back in training and on the first training Squillaci makes a brilliant block and wenger thinks by himself. Why do i need a defender?? He is a fucking cheap man but he is the best paid manager in the PL. Disgrace , wenger!!

    What does that say that we have the best paid manager in the PL??? That means that we have loads of money but our friends on board and wenger put it all in their own pockets.

  96. Arsenal Tom

    Pepperoni… and if you think passing sideways for 80% of the time and getting fuck all joy from it is exciting then your full of shit mate.

    if we played like we played against barca or chelsea (at home) every week then yes we’d be exciting but we dont, so we’re not.