We won the survey! | Cesc stifled by Barca… for now | Jags and Cahill rumours

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So I broke the news yesterday that the club fully expect Cesc to be at open day this Thursday, providing Barcelona stick to their guns in not offering the £40million Arsenal are expecting for him.

Poor old Cesc, he’s been hung out to dry by the club of his dreams.

This isn’t cause for celebration though… From what I understand, Cesc is making no secret of his upset about the situation, but at least he’s given up on his ‘injury’ and rejoined the group. He’s in no shape to play though… Hopefully Barcelona will offer up the money we need sharpish, so we can move him on and buy in a replacement. It’ll be a waste of £140k a week if we keep him here next year, but don’t be surprised if he lines up for us in August. We don’t need to sell him on the cheap.

Samir Nasri has been good as gold apparently… Just coming in and working hard, so even if we do get just one more year out of him, at least it won’t be a sulky one.

I asked around about Jagielka and Cahill, all I can say is that we’ve been looking at both but there’s been no movement at the training ground and none of the players are aware of a deal in the offing. That doesn’t mean a one isn’t being thrashed out by Dick Laws as we speak…

So all in all… Not much to report except the continuation of a bad summer.

Arsene and the backroom staff have gone stale if this is what they call progress… Ivan Gazidis has very publicly put pressure on Wenger this summer by offering up the money he needs. If he doesn’t spend it and it goes tits up next season at least the next coach will have the funds to play with.

One thing I do find interesting is that Nik B is on the exit list over Chamakh. He’s been awful this summer and has shown no signs off picking up from the 3 months if good form he displayed last year. From what I’ve heard, the Moroccan enjoys himself in his private life, I wonder if that’s reflected in his football and the fatigue he suffers? Nik B is also one for a party, but at least he can last a season without complaining about how tired he is. Still no move for him, that £52k a week he’s earning seems to be a bit of a sticking point for the paupers of Europe.


To Tony Roberts for taking up a full-time post as goalkeeping coach at Arsenal. He’s credited with the progression of Chezzer at the club and he’ll be a welcome addition considering the problems we’ve clearly had in the keeping area.

Season ticket prices…

Yesterday, the BBC released the results of their survey, of which Arsenal topped their table as the most expensive day out in the Premiership. Our pies top out at a staggering £4 a pop and the cheapest day out an Arsenal fan can expect is £44. £1200 sounds like a pretty modest outlay compared to the sort of money Geoff, myself and the people we go with spend out over the course of a season, but it’s still the richest ticket in the Premiership. That’s why I find it staggering Peter Hill-Wood can come out and say that Arsenal didn’t profit from the VAT increase when he should full well know tickets went up by 6.5% this season. If you’re into listening and stuff, I did a piece for BBC London last night about season ticket prices, it’s about about 30 minutes in. The Professor on before me was quite interesting as well, but nowhere near as educated as me… so sorry about that.

Fantasy Football…

That time of year has arrived again where we pedal a bit of Fantasy football! We have a £100 prize for the winner, which basically feels like I’m gifting myself and Geoff £50. The league comes with an app for your phone and it’s all very sophisticated! If you fancy your chances…

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  1. BillikenGooner

    Gago wants out of Real and they are willing to let him go, most likely we aren’t even interested.

  2. IvoryGoonz

    A&N: Im sure you’d have prefered “no, im gonna die soon, and leave you happily forever with Wenger” ;).

  3. BOOZY

    And for all our frustrations, isn’t it shocking that chelsea haven’t signed a single player?

    i mean the clearly need a striker, winger and a midfielder.

  4. Danny

    When WillyBilly has kids, he will praise em, and take em to McDonalds when they finish fourth in the Egg and Spoon race…

  5. BOOZY

    gutted about enrique- apparently pool paid just 6mil now, and a further 2 mill later.

    but i got a feeling if wenger had made a bid they’d had asked for 15mil – i think league managers really dont like doing business with wenger.

  6. IvoryGoonz

    boozy: Romeu is a kid, but a good one who actually played one game for Barcelona main team last season. Courtois is also a very good youngster, that can take over Cesc. 40 appearances for Genk is not no experience at all of first team football. piazon is also very young and was part of brazil youth setup. And you didnt answer my question.

  7. gambon

    Fuck me wengers bonus is gonna be huge this season!


    Eboue £4m
    Clichy £7m
    Bendtner £9m
    Cesc £37m


    Wengers cut will be £5.9m

    Hope the cunt rots in hell.

  8. Rohan

    How many gooner sites are there exactly? There are new ones popping every day.

    We have to be the best supported club on the web.

  9. G STAR

    With news concerning Barcelona and their President Sandro Rossell, who has apparently been sending text messages to Cesc Fabregas, keeping him up to date on the ongoing transfer saga involving the player.

    According to the Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo, Rossell has been keeping Fabregas up to date via the medium of SMS text messages with regards Barcelona’s attempts to prise the player out of Arsenal’s grip and Fabregas out of his long term contract at the Emirates.

  10. JJ

    Is Eboue really gone? Link please.

    I think Wenger is waiting to sell the dross before he buys. The problem is that no one wants our dross… Mainly because they are dross. Expensive dross at that.

  11. IvoryGoonz

    Boozy: we agree then.
    I was calling your wind-up. purely

    BOOZY says:
    August 3, 2011 at 21:47

    And for all our frustrations, isn’t it shocking that chelsea haven’t signed a single player?

    i mean the clearly need a striker, winger and a midfielder.

  12. (bernard) bade the gooner


    its a draw against either of

    odense (denmark)
    zurich (switzerland)
    benfica (porugal)
    rubin kazan (russia)
    twente (holland)

    we might get lucky there….. 60%… just don’t get benfica or kazan


  13. (bernard) bade the gooner

    we are the undoubted kings of plogsphere….
    there are more than 120 gunners blogs…..


  14. (bernard) bade the gooner

    big dave,
    odense from denmark, not udinese from italy….


  15. IvoryGoonz

    My ideal Arsenal team would have Kolo and Yaya Toure, Drogba, Kalou, Eboue and Gervinho in it…
    Well. Thats only one left.
    Do me a favour Gerv. Dont ever leave.

  16. Arse&Nose©

    Ivory, we are online because we have more to moan about then everyone else

    everyone else is out getting drunk, shagging their girlfriends, shagging our girlfriends all while we sit here and moan

  17. IvoryGoonz

    oh, Gervais, si tu nous lis: n’ecoute pas Wenger s’il te conseille de passer plutot que de tirer 😉

  18. Samir

    A turkish news channel has said Eboue has agreed a 3 year deal with Galatasary and their sporting director has said the deal is almost done.

  19. timao

    …Then, quoting author George Orwell, Barton added: “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.” …

    possibly the most unlikely conjunction of words i have seen in a long time. it seems barton is really serious about playing for us, showing he is not only a good player but also he has eentelligence

  20. (bernard) bade the gooner

    big dave,
    i just know we are going to be drawn against one of the above mentioned five teams……. i’m not sure if udinese is on the mix as one of the 5 better sides of the “non-champions” draw….


  21. zeus

    Sweet lord, Eboue is gone. If only Nikki B and
    almunia could agree terms tomorrow. Even with no transfers in that would be a brilliant week.

  22. incesc

    Arsenal target Juan Manuel Mata is staying at Valencia, according to the club’s manager Unai Emery.

    The Spain international has been linked with a move to the Gunners as a possible replacement for Cesc Fabregas and it was even rumoured he was present at the Emirates Cup over the weekend.
    Gunners boss Arsene Wenger has admitted an interest in the midfielder and Mata’s father, Juan Manuel Mata Rodriguez, who is also his agent, has claimed Arsenal have had their first bid dismissed by Valencia.

    And now Emery has insisted the player is staying with the La Liga side, despite the interest from north London, and made the 23-year-old captain for Tuesday night’s friendly over Hamburg.

    “Mata has gone through a process of doubts about his future,” Emery said after the winger scored Valencia’s first goal in a 2-1 victory over their Bundesliga opponents.

    “But now we all believe he will stay at Valencia.”

  23. Moray

    how the fuck has it taken till now to discover that Jagielka is not going to leave Everton? And as typically Arsenal never have a plan B, it looks like that is our transfer dealing done for the summer. One fucked up attempt at Mata, who we lost by trying to wait to see if Barca wanted Cesc enough to pay his minimum transfer figure, Jagielka who doesn’t want to come to Arsenal anyway, and some Chilean child whose dad is holding out for a better offer.

    Pathetic! In a normal company, our Marketing and negotiation teams would be sacked right off the bat.

  24. tiarnan

    In typical pervert mode, I wait till u all go to bed before spunking words all over your virginesque mouths….

    forget what I was going to give out about ..so on that note good nite

  25. tiarnan


    Perhaps Arsenal fans are the lucky ones….since Ive realised this team is a load of shit and in fact the idea of a load of over paid disloyal whores are really not worth watching – Ive actually begun to masturbate more freely…..

    I offer my free flung spunk (thats not my half Chinese/half Bela Russian son) as proof of my freedom.

    Join me in not caring any more.

    Join me in a big wank.

    Join me.




  26. tiarnan

    Seriously tho – stop watching those over paid useless fucks…

    Make ure mom a cup of tea…

    Read a book – I recommend Huckleberry Finn or The Life of Reilly or 1984 (on behalf of Joey B)…

    Have a Wank

    Buy a Washing Machine

    Go for a Walk

    Tell someone you love them…

    or buy a baby lion…………

  27. zeus


    U have one messed up mind my friend. The way I see it, Mata still is in the final year of his contract. Wenger needs to stop fucking about and just do it, the cunt.

    Also fucking Cahill and let’s be done with it. It’s too late to do a meaningful player cash deal with barca (mascherano & Thiago) and money to Aesenal is money in the bank.

    Looking forward to the 2012-2013 season already. This one is a write off.

  28. OPG

    Mata is under contract until 2014 but I think they’ll sell for if we pay a good amount. Jagielka has not rejected us that is a bs rumour from the Mirror it’s thought he would consider a move but only if we agree a fee, though of course Everton are skint but maybe £15m with add ons or a player on loan might make them budge.
    So much should have resolved by now it’s a total farce from the board and Wenger which he will spin and sweep under the carpet until we fail again.

  29. dennisdamenace

    I’m with Myles Palmer, sack the accountant, and hire Carlo Ancelotti with Martin Keown as his number two, sell Fabregas & Nasri, spend the money and move on…….

  30. dennisdamenace

    So, so tired of the penny-pinching incompetence that is holding us back at the club, no excuses, there is absolutely no need for this policy to continue anymore.

    That is the bottom line, dress it up any how you like, but the policies of the club (nee manager) are holding the club back, and the “direction” of the club is flawed.

    That is unless this is where the current management want us to be, the just do enough attitude, after all we’re all assuming that we ALL want on-field success. Personally, i believe that the management, including the manager of the first team, are only concerned with off-field “success”, and currently to achieve that they have no incentive or need to invest their “hard earned” profits on playing staff for the first team.

    That philosophy reeks of short term pain, for long term financial gain for a select few.