Did we learn about defending at Arsenal? Did we hell, zonal marking has to go Arsene.

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The Emirates cup, the preseason tournament where Mexican waves are standard and high pitch shrieking is the norm.

The first half was a bit of a midfield bore-fest. Jack wilshere deserved a penalty early on, but the ref decided he’d rather ignore it.

Boca Juniors broke our high line early on but were adjudged to be offside. Pretty scary defending if I’m honest. It’s like our defence are told about the high line, but never ordered to practice is. Our defending from corners was a touch suspect, I do get tired of the sad fact that no one in our defence truly attacks the ball. You’d think after winning the worst set piece defence of the season award, we’d can in this zonal marking nonsense as just that.

Watch us on corners, we are marking fresh air, the opposition go where they want, follow the ball and often score as a result. What on earth are you doing there Pat, earn your money, stand up to the Emperor.

Just get it out. No nonsense. Give John Smiths a call, they’ll have a solution.

We broke the deadlock after Gervinho latched onto a long ball out wide, he walked the ball into the box, cut a perfect pass to RVP who buried it with no problems. A beautiful move. The simplicity of Gervinho is what I like about him. He’s no frills, direct and hungry to succeed. I’m pretty sure he’s been talking about joining Arsenal for years being his dream… now he’s got it, it looks like he wants to prove himself. We need players like that, he gets a big thumbs up from me.

‘He’s quick! He’s black! His forehead needs a slap! Gervinhooooo! Gervinhooooo!’ via @Ore_A1

I suspect he’ll get told off for not passing it across the line more, we need to make 55 passes to score, not one fool!

Jenkinson looks great as well, it’s hard to believe he was in the stands last year as a paying customer, now he’s holding his own as a right back. He has terrific control and a nice calmness about his game.

Traore started at left back and I can’t help but think he’s the man who will be starting against Newcastle. He’s played for Pompey in left midfield, he started plenty of games for Juve last season at left back and broke into the French squad last year. He has all the attributes to be a great player, bar a brain at the moment. Let’s hope he can develop that this season… and fast.

Nasri certainly didn’t do anything to satisfy me that he could be our solution in the centre of midfield. He’s powerful and direct, but he’s no Cesc Fabregas. Frimmers looked ok, a little rusty with the passing but rawness is to be expected with someone so young. Still have him over Song though.

Andrey was looking lean… like he’d said no to the summer pies.

Carlos Vela cut in from right, laid off the ball to Ramsey who nipped inside his defender and rifled the ball into the top corner with his first touch!

Mannone made a superb save from a long range Boca effort. Is it me or does anyone else think he Commodus from Gladiator.

Squillaci did his usual, lost the ball in a dangerous area, allowed Boca to run at our box, the end result, a goal. It does beg the question, what does that man have to do to be deemed not good enough? I’d rather take a risk with a player who could go onto to great things, over a player we know is at the peak of never seen powers. You know, like a benched Bartley. The crowd seemed to agree with muffled boos.

Moments later, JD slipped over a through ball allowing Boca to slip in and score another shocker. Slightly louder jeers. It was shambolic defending, but to those of us who can remember as far back as 3 months, not exactly shocking. The same players, same coaching staff, same result.

Nasri wearing the captains armband made me laugh… a day after complaining that we shouldn’t give the armband as a bribe, Wenger’s at it again. What a f*cking joke. Has the arm band got no prestige anymore? It’s embarrassing Nasri took it… shameful stuff all round.

Jenkinson got skinned again conceding freekick in a dangerous area, the resulting freekick was well kept out by Mannone.

Eboue coming on the pitch made it even worse… what he’s even doing in the squad? He seems to be saying all the useless players he can’t get rid of, aren’t useless, Bendtner, Eboue, Squillaci, Denilson, I expect we’ll see Almunia today!

I just hope he’s not paying Cesc, all that money to be sitting in the stands, it’s obvious Barca don’t really want him, stick him on the transfer list and think about Arsenal for once Wenger.

Interesting to see Thiago scored again for Barca against the Mancs yesterday, I really rate that kid and I suspect he’ll get the nod over Cesc before too long if he went there, that would be poetic justice on a Hlebesque level.

Red Bull New York up today, I wonder if he’ll stick Bartley on with Vermaelen at the back, I hope so, we’ll find out soon enough.

You sometimes wonder if Wenger likes hacking the fans off?

Have a great day Grovers, at least we get to see us win some silverware if we win today! Well and hope that Boca don’t score more than we do.

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701 Responses to “Did we learn about defending at Arsenal? Did we hell, zonal marking has to go Arsene.”

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  1. naija soccer

    anyway back to footie , i noticed something again today , our so called forwards seems to be allergic to the opponents box because they refuse to make runs in there.

    Thats one of the major difference between us and barca. when barca plays , u see villa , pedro and the rest making runs all day long.

  2. leon

    i did see the game it not realy need i feel these games are good try get players fitness back up but nothing not realy compedative.the real question is wenger to bottle like he has the past 5 years or is going realy start to invest in the squad.

    i have to say everytime i see vela just see player that needs size 10 up back side very little urgency that difference between him and hernandez he runs all over pitch and never disapears.i know for a fact nasri is going sign new contract and i dont blame and i think cesc is certain toleave this or next summer

  3. Tenerife Gerry

    Can we just all be friends, right the balance and discuss some really shit Honkies.

    Wenger, you really piss me off
    Bentdner, why are you still here
    Rosiciky, done
    Almunia, do one
    Squillaci, great name shit football player
    Ivan The Worst, you pale faced, snowflake piece of poodle poo, please don’t insult the legacy that David Dein left you.

  4. zeus

    Don’t u just love pompous fans that quickly jump on top of their high horses …………(from facebook)

    The situation at the club needs improving. But in the grand run of things…we’re not doing too bad are we. We haven’t been relegated. So I find it hard to understand why the fans boo our team off after a friendly draw, particularly when an Arsenal legend is on the field.

    Not sure I want to be part of a club where the fans spit their dummy out at the slightest sign of something going wrong. Utterly fed up with it. As much as I’ve had it with certain players, I don’t boo my own team thanks very much. I was there when the fans booed Eboué. That was bad enough. Getting pretty sick of it now.

    If the only result you expect from a football match is a clean sailing 5-0 victory, then you are not only massively naive, you are not a football fan. Go support Man City.

  5. G STAR

    Bendtner > Chamakh

    Ramsey > Nasri ( IN Midfield)

    Koscienly > Djourou

    Traore > Gibbs

    Song > Frimpong

    Afobe > Vela

    Gervinho > Arshavin

  6. zee

    I’m sorry to say peeps that we will not be signing the much heralded Valencia forward. Seems Uncle Arsene got confused again, this time he’s been attracted to the prices available on matalan.com

  7. lamia

    This is a regular issue with Gambon. He seems to have this obsession with denigrating the continent of Africa Is it because wenger has signed french players who have origins in Africa. If so, why should this be an issue. Some of these players have been really successful and others less so. Just has there has been mixed results with English and European players. There is no doubt in my mind that his remarks are racist and the fact that this has been recurring matter that the owners of this blog have done nothing to address this leaves one to question there stance on racism. The fact is that we are a club facing a season where were promised that all our shortcomings would be addressed in the transfer market. This wenger has lamentably failed to do. Why gambon should bring in Africans into this debate is a mystery to me. And those bloggers who fail to see this or dismiss jokingly are just as stupid and ignorant as he is.

  8. Yandi


    We really must be in quite a state if Laurent Koscielny is our best defender. That skinny fucker lost us a cup final. I can’t be bothered to emphasise the rest of his Arsenal resumé. He’s below average and inexperienced at the highest level after a grand total of 2 seasons in the top flight and no international caps, and that is exactly what this current team doesn’t need. You my friend are suffering what we call “Beaten wife syndrome”… “I know he loves me. He only beat me up 5 times this month, which is 2 down from last month”. So because Koscielny doesn’t trip over his boot laces, he must be good right!?

  9. naija soccer


    Most of the great defenders out there all started out being inexperienced and as good as your vidics and ferdinands are, they all make mistakes from time to time.

    But that doesnt mean they arent good. Unlike most fans here who like to follow the crowd , i actually watched the guy and i know for a fact he is NOT a shit player.

    hes gonna improve massively as some of u here have already noticed this pre season.

  10. jack

    Gambon is a typical english lout, with no education, parents who didnt give a fuck about him and who blamed everything on the immigrants. In other words. A scumbag

  11. Cloggs

    Good thing Wenger got sick of buying french speaking african players and signed Brazilian striker Gervinho.

  12. jack

    Im not ant english you clown. its retards like you and gambon that use supporting Arsenal as a means to spew your racist venom instead of supporting the Arsenal. im anti wenger by the way and my support will be 100% when this deluded idiot finally leaves.

  13. Jerry

    Drove past the Arsenal crowds these past couple of days and can’t say I envy’d them for a minute, ok so watching a game of footy again would’ve been nice in the sun but not with our current bunch of crap. Even found myself sticking 2 fingers up at the club shop & stadium whenever I go past lately. Loosing the love quite rapidly if I’m honest, not spent a bean on merchandise as yet which isn’t like me.

    And just what’s with that cheap shite looking transfer on the new shirts, where’s the fucking badge you cheapscate bastards, looks like some sniyed shit you’d pick up in Thailand for a fiver. Sort it out Kronke, your supermarkets may thrive on being middle of the road quality but don’t drag this club down to ASDA levels eh. Even Action Man has a real embroidered fucking badge these days, and a better syrup than yours by the way, suppose we’ll have to iron the next kit badge/sticker on ourselves next season. Can’t believe how cheap it looks, fucking dreadful, worse than a Sunday Lge team.

    Off on me Hols for a couple of weeks with the family so will have to get my updates in some internet cafe, can’t be dealing with checking out the imported day old papers. Probably best I’m away from it all for a while anyway although I’ll be back in time for the Newcastle game and another defensive masterclass from our boys.

    Keep up the fun, the gossip & the bitching. See you in a couple of weeks when I’ll no doubt look like Kunta Kinteh, without the limp of course…..oh and the lips. Fuck it man I may even be our next signing…….


  14. Dial Square

    jack you made two anti English comments that makes you anti English in anybodys language. Gambon is an idiot that i comment on many occaisions, mainly regarding is paedo comments,but attack my nationality and i will defend it.

  15. Zee

    Jack what an idiotic thing to say. The owners of this blog have consistently asked for people not to be racist or bicker. Unfortunately some prefer to stir shit up about racism as it’s their favourite subject. Hence calling yourself Biko in an arsenal blog rather than say vieira (or Adams or fucking inamoto)

  16. Cloggs

    From the proud Arsenal Crest to a disney styled badge to a recycled rubber sticker. yes we’re going forward.

  17. gambon


    I can promise you I am vastly better educated than you, not that it has any relevance.

    I am not in any way racist, im just anti wengers crazy policies.

    You on the other hand, come across as a bitter, angry cunt who more than likely is attracted to his father.

  18. incesc

    “Gambon is a typical english lout”


    whats a typical english lout? putting people in pigeonholes are we?

  19. Yandi

    Keeping with Le-Grove’s new political, social and philosophical scope, I’ve decided to call myself Karl Marx starting from tomorrow. Yandi doesn’t sound as politically intimidating or socially aware. I can from there bang on about topics ranging from the Cold War, the current energy crisis and the age-old Le-Grove favourite racism… And French/Africans for good measure. What about Football you ask? I’ll visit “A Cultured Left Foot” for that!

  20. jack

    Zee, it speaks volumes that you only mentioned Biko. Enough said i think. And DS, i admire your Patriotism.

  21. Dial Square

    Normally i can’t wait to go to the first game of the season, but i just feel so pissed off, the journey to and from Hatton cross is filling me with dread.

  22. incesc

    “Even found myself sticking 2 fingers up at the club shop & stadium whenever I go past lately.”

    see there are some funny people on le grove 🙂

    biko wont ruin us with his moaning

  23. (bernard) bade the gooner

    ….. and the delusion continues…..

    now add to that jack’s injury, how do you think we’re going to face the coming august?

    are stupid fuck or what? don’t you get it? get him out and we are saved, keep him and we are fucked


  24. Zee

    Jack. Read this slowly, it’s not joined up writing. I mentioned steve Biko as to my knowledge he’s the only one on here named after an anti apartheid activist, rather than, for example, a prominent arsenal name. You utter dipshit

  25. gambon

    Having watched all of our last 20 or so games its pretty clear that next season is gonna be a disaster.

    The defence is worse than ever, which means you can guarantee there will be 2/3 goal leads surrendered. If we sign Mata we will probably be strong going forward, but Gerv & Mata will both need a year to fully adapt.

    It will be a typical weak wenger team lacking leaders, height and any kind of defensive cohesion.

    4th at best, 6th at worst im afraid.

  26. (bernard) bade the gooner

    ha ha ha
    it is hilarious to read arsene’s comments on the official’s stubbornness not to let henry play the last five minutes….

    it is nice for you arsene to taste your own medicine, how was it? bitter? are you talking about stubbornness? what the hell were you doing for the past 6 years you arrogant donkey?


  27. jack

    I agree totally Gambon, i want Arsene out so much, i hope we do end up 6th or worse. Might not be popular saying that, but whatever it takes for Arsene to go IMO.

  28. (bernard) bade the gooner

    6th as worst? i reckon you’r an optimist …..
    with the way things going right now, 6th would be our new 4th……

    judging the questions quoted on arsene.com, he might well be rethinking the CB addition, as the defensive display was so impressing through the pre-season and the last third of last season, mind you all we still have the rock squillaci playing our side eh?


  29. Santos

    Is Wenger preparing us for mid-table obscurity? He is of no use anymore. I predict football sorrows next season with this expired French manager at helm.

  30. (bernard) bade the gooner

    santos jack,
    instead of just wishing him sacked, join aboard and sign your posts, here and in other blog, with…..


    that what i’m trying to do, and will keep until arsenal board fing their cojones again and sack the manager who’s just on verge of losing 4 players of his “best ever squad” (to mention bendtner, denilson, eboue and almunia)….. so


  31. Zee

    The chairman needs to go.
    The chief executive needs to go.
    The major shareholder needs to go.
    Most of the other directors need to go.
    The manager needs to go.
    The assistant manager needs to go.
    Most of the coaching staff need to go.
    The commercial staff need to go.
    A large proportion of the first team squad are not good enough and need to go.

  32. (bernard) bade the gooner

    cheers jack

    the thing is to hold firm on it, until he’s fucked off our club…..

    if you just sign once for the amusement, it is nice, but not worthy.

    we should show this blind arrogant donkey-behave, we ain’t less stubborn than him……


  33. Zee

    Quits jack. Let’s get back to how fucked we are, we can’t even win the emirates cup anymore, a team of Americans proved too strong. And it’s nearly aug 1…

  34. Willie_Young_Is_A_God

    It was lovely seeing all those sad deluded fans making their once a season visit to the Emerates for the pre season tournament. Happy mum and dad faces proud to be taking little johnny or johnyetta to see their team the only time they can coz their beloved club is harder to get a ticket for than for willy wonkers choco factory – that is unless your rich enough and daft enough to have a fabled season ticket.

    They were giving out free beach towels with every kit bought at the weekend. This is a new trend at Arsenal these days. Football not god enough to generate merchandising income so offer a bribe and hope it solves the problem. Its like giving us slap head and saying look at the attack how good it is but the buy is a bribe to take our eye off the crap thats behind the forward line.

    Having said that it was nice to see a little kid of 8ish loose it and scream out “you dont know what your doing suckers” How wenger could turn the broad grin of an innocent wide eyed lad making his first trip to the hallowed ground into a cynical grown up in under 75 mins is truly amazing. How we will have to educate him if he comes more often!

    Now having been stupid enough to decide to actually go and deprive some once a year fan his seat I must say I was shocked at how empty the ground was on Saturday. I hope the board was watching not only the dross at the back on the pitch but the lack of bums on seats. FFS it might have been a friendly but I hear so much bitching by supporters that dont have season tickets that its not fair they cant go so where were they Saturday!!!

    BTW anyone explain the small yellow card thing at the top of the North bank? Seemed about half a dozen big yellow cards being held up?

    So we have two weeks to go to the big kick off but dont worry chaps as wenger says defending is not important. Maybe he is up to some master plan of inserting an invisible defensive shield into the goal line technology we were going to be trialing at the weekend before Step Ladder and his cronies pulled the plug.

  35. jack

    Good man Zee. When i watched the match today and we scored I felt absolutely nothing. when The yanks scored i felt a perverse sense of enjoyment, if anybody can understand that. Ive had enough of wenger to the extent that it has added abit of anger to some of my posts. When my partner tells me its only football, i say, I know. But when watching the bottlers and losers again, and listening to the deluded clown, im away again.

  36. Zee

    If people pay it’s their right to boo. Show wenger the most important people at the club do actually have big club expectations, big club aspirations. He needs to feel some fucking heat. Ain’t ever gonna come from the boardroom. At the end of our last league game it was spend some fucking money. And at the end of both home games this pre season there’s been booing.

  37. Cloggs

    To be honest, I feel deflated and I’m past the stage of getting upset from a defeat.
    Yesterday when we’re 2-0 up I knew we would draw, this arvo a large part of me wanted Henry to score. Wasn’t even bothered to go the tournament, didn’t even bother to go to Koln which is only a 2hr drive from my place but I preferred going out for dinner with the missus.

  38. Zee

    And dont give me ‘but the players should be supported’ they’ve been cotton wooled for years. Sign some winners arsene.

  39. incesc

    cloggs i took my girlfriend to see harry potter today and only saw the last 15 mins.

    im gonna watch all the league games and cup games but yesterdays draw just turned me off of today.

    we had a great chance to strengthen this summer but we are just significantly weakening the team instead.

    if the board and the manager cant be arsed to make an effort to change why should we bother?

  40. reggie 57

    One word to describe these last 5-6 year’s is shambles what the fuck is going on we have a manager who see’s nothing a owner who say’s fuck all a ceo who is as much use as a chocolate fireguard and as for the new badge well wonders never cease slowly the Arsenal we all love is being dismantled piece by piece by Wenger and co where the fuck is the club going? who answers to who it’s a fucking clusterfuck or what!! enough is enough time for Mr Wenger to do the decent thing and resign and take the rest of the piss taking cunt’s with him……

  41. Cloggs

    That’s exactly how I feel it. Each home match will cost me about 300 quid, used to do about 7 each year and some away matches on the continent but the last home match against Villa really got me pissed off. Didn’t see the effort I have to make to support my team reflected in any way on the turf. Add to this a 30% membership rise, thank you very much for your continued support, yeah my arse!.

  42. naija soccer

    jesus christ!

    if u are feeling down about the current affairs at Arsenal and u r looking for a hint of hope or optimism , Le-grove is the wrong blog to go look for that bcuz gambon and the rest would just depress u even more with their rantings.

  43. zeus

    Don’t u lot get tired of arguing, or posting on le-grove for that matter.

    Walk away, go outside, drink some alcohol, get laid and be eeeeeazy.

    The debacle of the upcoming season starts in 2 weeks. We have 10 months of bitching and moaning to get through. No point in getting a head start. There is no prize.

    Top marks for the ‘I stick up two fingers everytime I go past the Emirates Stadium’ comment.

  44. OPG

    Don’t visit here then or just cover your eyes with your hands,like Wenger has given us much cause for optimism or change so far.
    We know the changes that need to be made,pre-season is not the best way to judge how a player will do in the regular season most of the time but there are cases that you already know what to expect with a few pleasant suprises but there should not be too many risks taken with the squad as it is.

    There’s still hope for Wenger to make the right ins and outs by the end of month but time is running out.
    There’s possibly 10 months of even more frustration to come but even during the international breaks nobody takes a break here anyway lol.
    Maybe it might help if we all went on holiday and took a media blackout for a couple of weeks from June to August cause the weather has quite gloomy if you’re from England until recently ..

  45. zeus


    I do steer clear of LG m8.

    And just so you don’t get your hopes up..

    ‘There’s still hope for Wenger to make the right ins and outs by the end of month but time is running out.’

    Don’t hold your breath on that one.DON’T DRINK THE KOOL AID.

    At most its Mata + a CB IF we are lucky. The ins and outs that are required to give us a real chance of glory can’t be done between now and the start of the season. Stop dreaming.

    Acceptance is the first step.

  46. OPG

    Yea I’m getting that feeling when we didn’t sign a keeper last summer and kept Almunia and also after signing Squillaci.
    We should have made more signings and got rid of more players especially during preseason not after there’s now only virtually 1 week left of pre-season.
    It’s been 2 months of speculation and not much movement (mind you there are other clubs in the same position) and Cesc and Nasri futures are still unresolved but its still not as frustrating as a period of false hope during the season.and then collapsing.

  47. DaleDaGooner

    So i purposely stayed away yesterday and today…I’m happy my MLS team came in and showed the league isn’t a “Championship standard”

    Bitter sweet for me, but more bitter, Arsenal are still my first love, and Arsene is determined to put the middle finger at the fans everytime he can, it’s like he can’t stand the fans opinion

    Squillaci is just not up to it, why does Wenger insist on adding crap French defenders at the tail end of their careers? Silvestre? Squillaci now?

    Koscielny has proven that he actually might just be better than Djourou, or is it SS that makes them both look shaky? Kos+Verm are miles better than any combo we have now, that being said, we need to get in world class partner for Vermaelen or a bigger version of Kos.

    Man, we aren’t really in crisis, but you bet the media and the state of things will break our season, haven’t seen it this bad in a long while.

    Nasri wearing the armband was disgusting, Cesc leaving early, These 2 are far more our problems this season, and it’s telling Arsene has no clue, it’s like it means he has to spend and that is more worrying to him…hence the delay in signing Mata and proper CB and possibly LB and DM, We cannot rely on Traore\Gibbs and we cannot rely on Song\Frimpong

    Enrique is available
    Mata is there
    Cahill is waiting
    Samba is crying for help
    Jagielka can be brought in to play DM

    These signings would do a lot if Cesc and Nasri goes (Traore and Gibbs can come in as subs for attacking or defensive replacements)

    All in all, I’m glad for RBNY and Henry, this had to happen, Wenger can spin all he wants, he won’t succeed with status quo

  48. DaleDaGooner

    DS, and others since there seems to be racist or no racist themes on Le Grove often, and English\Anti-English or French\Anti French jibes on here

    What’s with the “Yank” label, it’s a bit offensive, if you asked many “Yanks”


    The team that won the Emirates cup, by beating French version of Manchester City and drawing Arsenal is called New York Red Bull, I’m sure no one would refer to Manchester United as “That Limey team”

  49. Persie

    I’m sorta getting tired of the whole moaning bout racism. I’m Nigerian and to be honest while folks like Gambon say stuff, most of the time they’re just taking the piss. That’s why it’s a blog. People come, say ish and get reactions. If you’re going to be sensitive then go read arsenal.com. No one forces you to come read this blog, if you’re offended don’t read. Simples.

  50. dennisdamenace

    So, we have or had an English bashing little soiree did we.

    Nice little side step from the real issues eh.

    However, i feel i need to remind you that Arsenal are an English club, in an English league, and until recently owner predominantly by Englishmen.

    Also, this website is written and owned by Englishmen from England. So, if the English are a major problem to you may i politely suggest you piss off somewhere else, presumably you’re own country, and go support your local (non-English where applicable) team.

  51. dennisdamenace

    Well i get really fucked off with this sort of crap, we (as English/British) tolerate (or basically have it rammed down our throats) all the human garbage from all the crap around the world, while our own history, culture and identity is shat on from every corner, including the garbage that sets up camp in my country. So, i come on here and have to read from so-called informed individuals.

    Not only do we have cunts running our club, and cunts playing for our club we’ve obviously got cunts “supporting” our club…….

  52. Gambit

    Has any body noticed that everytime eboue comes on the pitch we concede very stupid goals…? happened against boca aswell……..that guy should be sold……..if i see him in a prem game again it will solidify my belief that wenger is a spent force………

  53. dennisdamenace

    Aaaaaaand, i’m getting royally fucked off with Google Chrome at the moment, ever since the OS Lion upgrade it’s been fucking shite….

  54. SUGA3

    there you go…

    it is my belief that if someone comes to a country, accepting the local customs, etc. should come as standard…

    I have been in the UK for nearly 7 years and it really amazes me how certain groups are allowed to walk all over this requirement or even have the front to demand for their needs and customs to be catered for left. right and centre…

  55. Geoff

    Well I just got through reading the many varied comments of last night, it all seemed to start with Gambon mentioning what Wenger would do if he managed an F1 team.

    Then Jack I think called him a little Englander and off it all went.

    I don’t condone racist comments any more than I do anti-English comments, I am defending no one, but Gambon didn’t start the African F1 drivers argument, that was Wenger’s odd analogy.

    The reason we get people arguing on here is because of Wenger’s inability to buy what’s needed, he appears to delight in getting fans to go against each other, like last season when the anti Wengerites were fighting with the AKB’s in the North Bank, Wenger to this day has said nothing, why? Because he cares about no one else but himself, his earnings and his daft experiments, ask anyone from Monaco.

    So to sum up, I suggest the anger is directed at the root cause.

  56. dennisdamenace

    Sug – Did you read about the community (somewhere up North i believe) that has declared their “area/street” controlled by Sharia Law!!!!

    WTF is happening to my country?

    They state they are disgusted with the Western values/way of life etc etc, well here’s an idea then fuck off to Pakistan, or whatever fucking muslim country that offers the warped stuck in the medieval ages life style you crave….

    There’s toleration, and then there’s abuse of the system.

    These cunts are basically shitting om my country’s hard fought freedoms and constitution.

  57. DB10


  58. dennisdamenace

    Wenger is the root of all of our problems right now, HE is the reason fans are at each other’s throats. Surely it can’t be much longer before he goes.

    The Emirates was cold, quiet and fairly empty on Saturday, then boos from a largely passive/pro Wenger audience. The writing is on the wall.

    Then on Sunday, am almost full house, and let’s be honest here, not to see our half hearted, over paid failures, but to get the chance to see a real Arsenal legend play at Arsenal for the last time.

    What do those two days say about this current Arsenal regime and team?

  59. SUGA3


    and the sheer disgust with the Western values does not stop them from living on the fucking government handouts, does it?

    I agree, if they don’t like the system here, there’s the door…

  60. angeausarsenal

    Who votes for the fuckers that let shit like that happen, excuse me Mr Ahmadinejad us Christians/buddhists/jedi’s have declared our street exempt from Sharia law, yeah right take this shovel, dig yourself and your family a hole then kindly suck on this Ak47

  61. dennisdamenace

    Sug – Those, and their views disgust me, yet “I” have to show toleration of their backward, retarded beliefs…..

  62. gambon

    It has to be said that its clear Arsene has completely lost it. He should retire. A psychiatrist would be the best person to explain it but im pretty sure he has sever mental problems.

    He is utterly in denial, a pathological liar & has a god complex.

    This season is going to be a disaster, although if the board grow a pair and sack wenger we can start building for the future.