Arsenal have bid for no one | No one has bid for Cesc and Nasri

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Thierry, Denilson has been loaned back to Brazil

Gooooood morning Grover’s! We appear to be in a bit of crap situation here. No one has bid for Cesc and Nasri by the sounds of it and by the looks of things, we’ve also bid for no one… bar Joel Campbell, who if I’m honest, I reckon I could bid for out of this months pay packet.

Wenger has been talking to the press and apparently, this is the case…

‘Business will be done sooner rather than later,” he said. At the moment you have two categories of movement, one from zero to 10 million, and one from 30 to 50 million. We are in between. In between nothing happens at the moment, there has been very little movement.’

Ahhh, of course Arsene, Ashley Young (£15mill), De Gea (£22mill), Jones (15mill), Downing (£20mill), Henderson(£20mill), Sahin (£8mill), Santi Carzola (£19mill), Toulalon (£10mill)… you see where I’m going with this, right? It’s like Wenger doesn’t think the world has been introduced to Newsnow and 24hour Sky Sport News.

The reason there is very little movement in our price category is because it appears we’re doing what we usually do… making sure any transfer is a reaction, not a preemptive move.

‘He will not be involved this weekend because at the moment he is not settled. He is coming back from an injury and is not settled with us. There is only one deadline, it is on August 31. The other deadline is for us to get everybody focused, the players who are really committed to the club, my energy and my focus goes on them.’

Should we really be hearing talk like this two weeks before the season starts? We’re allowing Barcelona the chance to grind us down and just accept that the only way to deal with Cesc is to sell him at a knocked down fee. The absolute deadline should not be the 31st of August, if we allow that, we’re putting the power back in Barcelona’s court. They don’t really want him, they’re just playing with us, probably because we keep nicking they’re youth kids. They are take it or leave it because they can leave it and it won’t have any effect on their trophy dreams next year.

I’d imagine what Arsene has said to Cesc is along similar lines to what he said last year,

‘Cesc, if Barca wanted you that badly, they’d put a proper bid in for you’

Should we be talking of him as a Captain, absolutely not. That should be given to someone because they’re a worthy leader. It shouldn’t be used to bribe anyone and it shouldn’t be used as a CV booster. I’d give it to Vermaelen. Interesting that people are demanding Cesc speaks, if you want to know what he thinks, read this.

Kind of like Owen Coyle has had to say to Gary Cahill…

“There had been tentative enquiries, but there has certainly not been firm offers,I have said to Gary that as soon as there are, then he will be the first to know. But I think a lot of the speculation is certainly unfair on him at this moment.’

We’re playing a dangerous game if we’re waiting until we’ve qualified for the Champions League to make signings. So much for going into the season with a settled squad? I don’t think we’ve ever gone into a season in such an absolute shambles. This is where there is such a huge difference between the way United are run and the way we’re run. It’s almost like we’re an amateur outfit when it comes to the summer. Wenger doesn’t make a splash, the whole summer is about doing just enough to hopefully sustain a full season. With news that Diaby is out for 10 weeks minimum, you wonder what the hell Wenger is doing going into a season with just Frimpong to cover Song.

We’re still in talks for Joel Campbell, great news, not really what we need now and certainly not the type of player who will convince the rest of the squad Wenger is serious about winning the title this year. They must all be as perplexed as us. They know the limitations of the squad, they’ll know the defence needs addressing and the manager is sitting idly by whilst we bend over to the big boys of Europe with our star men.

Juan Mata has been the subject of a Spurs £22million bid. We still haven’t made an offer according to the Guardian. I wouldn’t be surprised if we ended out losing out to him, after all, there’s competition for a signature now and I’m guessing £18million was a good deal, £22million might represent value for Valencia and we all know how Arsenal feel about offering value to the other club.

Thierry has been creeping up the back passage of Arsene saying he’d keep him in charge for life. Well Thierry, I’d kiss up to someone like that if they’d sanctioned £10million in my last season at the club. The Arsenal legend had this to say about Gervinho…

‘“He is skilful, versatile and you will see that in one-on-one situations. Ee is going to kill a lot of defenders in this league. Gervinho is fast, has great vision and everything to succeed at Arsenal.’

I hope he does start killing defenders… if he could do that to Evra in the literal sense, perhaps with a removed boot, we’d all hold him in high regard!

Today we play Boca Juniors at 1600, it’s always interesting to see how good the South American teams are, I’m looking forward to seeing some exciting players and I’m looking forward to seeing how they compete with a European team. Hopefully we’ll spank them and hopefully the ground isn’t too empty today!

Have a great day if you’re going, the sun will be shining for the first time in July, take advantage!

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  1. Skandibird

    So….. if we DO NOT buy Mata and either of Cahill/Samba/Jagielka we are basically fucked, aren’t we? Surely the Manager cannot suggest to all season ticket holders and fans alike that Squillaci and team that this current team will win something this year? If we do loose Cesc, is he saying we need not buy anyone else because we already have Ramsey and Wislhire and poss Nasri? Please explain to someone who is obviously totally stupid……….

  2. Cloggs

    He refuses to see the importance of having a reliable, stable and experienced physical defence.
    He refuses to see the importance of having a world class GK that
    can make the difference when we’re in trouble.
    He refuses to see the value of a good DM.
    He refuses to anticipate to the opponent’s way of play.
    He doesn’t believe in controlling a game after we lead.
    He doesn’t reflect on why, how and where we concede goals
    and he doesn’t take action to improve our conceding sheet.
    He believes he can win the title with an all attacking team with kids
    that don’t need the help and guidance of older more experienced players.
    He only believes in playing forward and score more goals then our opponent, if that doesn’t work out for whatever reason (most of the time because others simply have sorted us out during the season and now how to play against us) then he blames the ref, the turf, the injuries, the fixture scheme, the press, the lack of mental strenght, the sugar daddies, the lack of luck but he never blames himself. Never. It won’t get better. His philosophy is flawed, it won’t work for a top team in the league, it won’t get us trophies, the whole world knows it yet Wenger thinks he is re-inventing football and he’s hijacking our club to prove the world he’s right.

  3. yangkamp10

    Well I guess there’s no point in me going on about us needed a centre half….

    But something is becoming increasingly clear to me is that we can’t keep lining up with 3-4 central attacking midfielders in the first 11.
    Nasri, Wilshire, Cesc, Arshavin have often all started together in the past and is it any wonder we go missing when there’s a battle on?
    Wenger has mismanaged this side for the past 6 years but he is now being presented a way out. Today I realised we MUST sell Nasri and Cesc.
    Mata is someone who can play wide and do it properly. So if our crack team of negotiators can steal him away from the Spuds he’d make a great signing.
    Next, we sign scott Parker to play alongside Song in the centre of midfield. No more pussying around.
    Wilshire and Ramsey can share the attacking midfielder role. In two years Ramsey will be able to replace Parker in the heart of it.
    Chamakh will have to be bumped to No.3 striker also if we are to have any chance of the title. The guy is a grade A tit.

    ————Song Parker
    Enrique Cahill Vermelean Sagna

  4. Samir

    Guess what…

    Mata didn’t start for Valencia tonight…Even though he is meant to be fully fit…

    Hmmmmm 😀

  5. Samir

    Anyone else heard…That there is some clause in Mata’s contract…It lets him depart Valencia for €21m before 1 August ONLY?

    So if we’re going to sign him…It will be before Tuesday?

  6. (bernard) bade the gooner

    it is nice when arsene talks about nasri…..
    we are not doing good financial wise, maybe, but sporting wise yes we do……

    well arsene, if that’s your motto, why doesn’t it apply about buying a 17m’ defensive rock even if it the last year of current deal so you maybe wasting 2-3 m’ by that to secure a worthy player for the next 4-5 years, and not throwing 20+ m’ for one year of a suspiciously committed one, eh?


  7. incesc

    dennisdamenace says:
    July 30, 2011 at 20:56
    “You never want to concede goals, but overall I do not give too much importance to that,”

    Well is it any wonder with that sort of stinking attitude why our defending stinks……

    haha its hilarious

  8. Arse&Nose©

    I told you all last fucking season that that fat ponce is rubbish in the centre, yet still some of you want to make up bullshit about Nasri being able to take over from Cesc!

    Then there are the deluded fools who say “Nasri will stay if Cesc leaves because he wants to play in the centre”

    “Nasri is waitng for Wenger to sign some big names, then he will sign his contract”

    wtf??- do you really think a cunt like Nasri is basing his decision on where he plays? it is purely about money, he is a complete cunt of a man who has pissed all over us by wearing the armband

  9. David

    Same O’l Arsenal.

    Who the fack is surprised eh?

    Arsenal could get relegated & I’ll support them,but I will not accept the club I LOVE not fighting to win. I do not need glory but a fight.

  10. nasridane

    Whoever is saying Nasri isn’t good knows nothing about football. Hating him is one thing, doubting his ability is just plain stupid.

  11. Kushagra India

    nasridane but when it comes to pulling the strings in the middle he is nowhere near Cesc or even Wilshere…

  12. Arse&Nose©

    Nasridane- your psuedoname tells me you are a fan of the fat ponce, but dont let that blind you. He is technically gifted but technique doesn’t make a great player alone, he lacks character and guts and that is why I think we should get rid.

  13. TOMTOM

    Ha ha classic squid and Djourou today,fucking shambles of a club at the moment and it wont matter who we sign as long as Wenger is in charge. So sick of this shit.

  14. incesc

    do you really think a cunt like Nasri is basing his decision on where he plays? it is purely about money, he is a complete cunt of a man who has pissed all over us by wearing the armband

    haha so true.

    its all money agents and greed.

    Still in disbelief he got the arm band,

    wenger is in such a bubble its terrifying really. He has no idea anymore of how the people who pay his wages think

  15. Nasridane

    Haha A&N I knew someone would point to my name when I wrote that. Although, I don’t think he’s suited to the cesc role, he is important to us. One of our best players when on form and consistency comes with age.

    Bottom line is no one would be doubting him had he signed a mew contract in jan and kept a low profile this summer. Just because he’s flirting with the exit doors, doesn’t make him shit. I think people are tying to convince themselves that he’s not that good, so if he does go, it won’t be too big of a blow.

  16. Just Stick It In !

    Watched the game today.
    Gervinho is quick & very direct much like Henry used to be. Long may it continue.
    Frimpong is built like a tank, is he the new midfield enforcer?
    Jenkinson has been playing so far up I thought he was a forward!
    Rvp has turned into a stringbean has he lost weight?
    Cesc’s body language is worrying, he is leaving as so is the defence.
    Not sure if Jagielka is the answer.
    Same suicidal tendency at the back, oh uh here we go again.

  17. incesc

    frimpong and jenkinson

    ones for the future but we cant blood them this season at the same time as wilshere, ramsey, gibbs, chesney, walcott to an extent and kocielny.


    we need a midfielder and sagna needs to stay fit.

    and we desperately need a left back

  18. Arse&Nose©

    Nasri as a player is useful as he has that rare quality of being able to keep the ball under pressure and is well suited to the wide role.

    Don’t think he gives enough centrally to be anywhere close to cesc. Also think he is a ball hogger, he is not a team player like Cesc and slows down play far too often.

    Nasri plays for himself and always will because while I can not question him technically I can doubt his character.

    This is a cunt of the highest order. He is mr.bling bling and hung around with prats like Cisse in France, as seen in mtv cribs. Now we hear that in London he lives in one of the most expensive streets mixing with other big headed millionaires. This is all in stark contrast to Cesc who keeps a low profile, goes home and watches desperate housewives(admitted its his fav in an interview) and gets an early night.

    As I have stated a million times on here, technique alone does not make a great player it is character that sets one apart from their peers, and this cunts character stinks.

  19. dennisdamenace

    I suppose when someone like him has to deal with fuckwits and yes men all day he loses the ability to relate to every day people who have opinions of their own and don’t have to cow-tow to his every word.

    Hence when he comes out with his pathetic bullshit everyone at AFC nod their collective heads in Stepford Wives style agreement.

    But, the rest of the World see it, and him, for what it is an old man on the wane….

  20. incesc

    do you think we’ll struggle for top 4 next year ddm?

    its so fucking annoying we havent strengthened and arent thinking about challenging this season with some quality.

    the back 5 were amateur today, why werent we playing our top 5 at the back so they can gel today? have vermalaen, kos chesney sagna and gibbs ever played together? no partnerships there at all!

    if we cant keep hold of a 2-0 lead against an unadventurous boca at home in a friendly im very worried about up for teams coming in the league

  21. dennisdamenace

    incesc – You know what mate, i don’t give a fuck anymore.

    Wenger and his cronies have sucked the very life out of me.

    The ONLY signing i want now is a new manager.

    Quite frankly, i don’t think it would make an ounce of difference who or how many players we get in, we’ve still got the same cretinous manager, with the same cretinous one-dimensional style of play……..

  22. incesc


    the worst thing is if wenger leaves they’ll probably bring in a shit manager on the cheap, cutting corners to save money is so ingrained in the way arsenal works these days.

  23. zeus

    Thiago finding it a bit more difficult vs a top side now.

    Was cesc on tue barca bench? Listening to Spanish commentators and his name fell out of their mouths every 5 minutes.

  24. Rohan

    My sauce tells me that we’re lining up a super managerial masterclass of the man they call Gilles Grimandi.

  25. dennisdamenace

    incesc – mate, that’s the one time they can’t afford to be cheap.

    Those muppets know we gotta be up in the top four with or without Wenger, so a replacement will have to be of a decent level.

  26. nasridane

    A&N C. Ronaldo is the C**t of all c**ts and i’d happily have him playing for Arsenal. Nasri is a game changer and works a hell of a lot harder than Arshavin and Theo to name a couple. His personality might stink but him as a footballer (not just technique) smells beautifully.

  27. nasridane

    Watching United vs Barca… United have already got ashley young putting on weight. They don’t muck about!

  28. incesc

    id love hiddink

    think he would get a lot out of our squad and his a good man manager.

    at the same time to be fair to wenger he gets a lot out of some fairly bad players but he shouldnt be sticking by them in the first place.

    we just never feel like a team anymore. just some good individuals and loads of complacent cunts

  29. dennisdamenace

    incesc – c’mon, you know for a fact that if Hiddink, Ferguson or Mourinho were in charge of us for the last three months of the last season we would’ve won that fucking league……

    A bunch of wank players, mixed in the some decent players who either no longer believe, no longer care, or can’t be motivated by our excuse maker par excellance….

  30. incesc

    growing up supporting arse we went to anfield when no one thought we could or the cup winners cup final when we were written off.

    it was substance over style and a great team ethic.

    its all style over substance now.

    the players seem to cite wengers influence over being proud of creating their own success on the pitch

  31. nasridane

    Very impressed with Thiago. I’m struggling to see where cesc would fit in, in the barca team. We need cesc. Really hope he stays.

    Could see Sanchez slipping right into barca though, he’s a typical barca player.

  32. DaleDaGooner

    So, Cesc is “torn” between Barca and Arsenal? He didn’t even wear one apparel of AFC garb today……meanwhile Thiago is making him even more irrelevant, what a goal, Manure held on long enough, what if Messi and loud mouth Xavi were on?

  33. Rohan

    Jesus Christ. Thiago’s nothing like Cesc. Completely different player. Wonder if he has the passing ability and creativity that Cesc has. If he does, he’ll be absolutely world class.

  34. DaleDaGooner

    And good to see we still have a swiss cheese defense, good job Arsene, Just get in the CB and do away with some of these dross already….Michael Owen doing Barca

  35. Rohan

    You do have to question it though? What exactly is in Barca DNA ?

    How come they manage to cultivate so many talented cunts

  36. zeus

    Rohan says:
    July 31, 2011 at 01:49
    You do have to question it though? What exactly is in Barca DNA ?

    How come they manage to cultivate so many talented cunts

    I think the Barca success in recent years has overblown the sucess stories of La Masia. They do spend a gr8 deal as we know.

    Additionally, they’ve always produced players of technical ability, Xavi and Iniesta are the 2 REALLY special ones that makes everything tick.

    As good as some of these youngsters look, I don’t think any of them will reach the level of those 2.

    As for our reserves, we may have to wait a fucking generation to produce the conveyor belt of talent (English) to reach La Masia’s level. The Wilsheres are few and far between.

  37. OPG

    Thiago is a top quality talent but seems a bit different to Cesc and Xavi, he’s skillful and direct and has a good passer but the latter both have the passing range, vision and ability to control the game.
    Xavi is turning 32 next January and it seems his achillies is causing him problems he will probably have to play less games.

    Anyway it may be only pre-season but the same old problems appear for us, lack the concentration, organization and quality. We are 2-3 proven quality experienced players from being good enough, at least 3 if Cesc or Nasri leaves.

  38. PragmatistGOONER

    ‘We played at a good pace for 60 minutes’

    Hahaha what a deluded manager he has become..A South American team holding us why not other English….

  39. PragmatistGOONER

    Wenger KnowsBest

    If you want to start a crisis before the start of the season I can understand that but we have the whole season for that

  40. Moray

    it’s unbelievable that we’ve spent all summer doing nothing. Absolutely nothing to address the problems in defence, attitude, training and size. What the fuck are we paying these comedians for? What has Grimandi found? What negotiations has Gazidis carried out? What has Wenger done other than go on holiday and commentate for French tv?

  41. (bernard) bade the gooner

    morning love boys….

    i went to sleep, woke up, and sadly arsene still in the manager’s seat

    what a mockery management we have there eh?


  42. Moray

    Villas-Boas: ‘Everybody is strengthening and as long as everybody feels happy with what they have, everybody competes in a different way,’ the Stamford Bridge chief stated.
    ‘Arsenal are always a threat – we haven’t seen the last of them in the transfer market,’ he added.”

    AVB showing his inexperience there…

  43. OPG

    Wenger as usual needs to get the balance of youth and experience right to compete but it looks like the same old thing is happening unless something happens in the next month.
    We may be getting younger by the end of the window so his excuse of being a ‘young team’ may start making sense, but it’s his fault for keeping faith in certain players who have had years experience that have let us down for so long until now who may not be replace with the right players needed.

  44. zeus

    Mata will join I feel.

    As for defenders? The beauty of it is Arsene has never been a fan of changing the CBs so it’s TV5 plus 1 as long as he is fit.

    Though that means we will revert to throwing the cups because JD and Squid have to get playing time to be happy.

    Why are we not in for Mertersacker though? He is not as slow as some make out and would need no time to adjust to the physical aspect.

  45. tdot08

    This is a MUST watch! Classic AW here!

    Says one thing to the press, and continues to do another thing when running Arsenal.

    This is what separates good coaches from AW. Others are blunt and face/state their problems head on. AW just points out one or two bright points, and fails to acknowledge his weaknesses.

    Look at him running circles around the Nasri and Fabregas questions.

    The guy just doesn’t get it. He can’t imitate a Barcelona team by having an incapable and lightweight bench. Along with the terrible team mentality, poor player loyalty (or their desire to go to a club that has higher ambitions) and the neglect to fix their issues appropriately will lead to continued failure (no titles or cups), or in AW words- success (top 4)!

  46. LeProf

    Jenkinson = white Eboue

    Frimpong is ready to take over from Song.

    Gervinho, RVP, Nasri, Wilshere all worked their ass off.

    But seriously without Jag, Cahill, Samba joining it’s big trouble for Arsenal.

    Ugh! Sucks!

  47. patthegooner

    I have to say this club is a fucking shambles at the moment, and the same mistakes are so clear to see.

    At the time of kick off yesterday all of our summer business should have been finalised. Cesc should either have left or we should no longer be dealing with Barca. A deadline should have been set for Friday. Likewise Nasri, He should have either signed or sold.

    Nasri is a lazy complacent fucker at the best of times let alone when he wants out. Take the season before last, he was lazy and his mind was already on the plane to the World Cup. He got dropped and I dont think it is a coincidence that he played his best games at the start of last season. He had a point to prove, he proved it got himself back into the French squad and guess what, he got all complacent and lazy again. If we go into the season without him signing a new contract, then it is another massive FUBAR call from Wenger to join the many other fucked up calls that seem to litter his recent managerial career.

    Not only that but Mata is available and cheaper. We sell Nasri for the 25m that Man City are offering and buy Mata for less than 20. Jesus it is a fucking no brainer. Keep Nasri he has a shit season (and he will), and leaves for nothing next year and we have to replace him. Sell him and we have a player hungry at a new club and even for some reason it doesnt work out, we have a sellable asset.

    As for the Captaincy issue and Wenger only saying he has a problem there if Cesc goes. What a fucking cock. Seriously is the captaincy of a club that unimportant. What fucking sort of example does it set when your club captain wants out and yet the club reward with offers of more money and a public promise that he is still captain. what a fucking joke and what does he then tell Ramsey if he stays. Sorry Aaron, I know despite the 100+k a week Cesc is on, he just could not focus pre-season so thanks for filling in, but Barca wont pay the money so Cesc is taking the 2nd option and will play next week instead of you. Cesc should have been stripped of the captaincy last summer, but to let him keep it now is fucking scandalous and another example that Arsenal no longer do things the right way.

    Defenders. Jesus where do you start. You can get a coaching setup of George Graham, Paulo Maldini and Tony Adams, but it does not alter the fact that our defenders are fucking shit and not good enough and I include Squilacci, Koscielny and Djourou. Dont get blinded by Koscielny as he stood out from the bunch, he stood out because the others are so shite. We should be looking at Samba and Jagielka and should be getting rid of at least Squil and Djourou.

    And is anyone else surprised that members of the best squad Wenger has ever assembled cant be moved on even though we want to get rid. Eboue, Bendtner, Rosicky, Almunia, Mannone, Fabianski are still there….Why? If we cant sell them we would be better off just releasing them. Their shitness rubs off. Jesus even Denilson could only go on loan.

    I think next week is a massive 7 days in Wengers tenure. They simply have to get the fans back onside before the season otherwise the boos will come very quickly and the negative chanting that we heard in the last few games will be heard as soon as we see the same old Arsenal making the same mistakes. The Emirates Cup is the perfect opportunity to do this. New players should be have been in place and players futures should have been settled.

    So this time next week, the futures of Nasri and Cesc must be settled and that either means committal to contracts and clubs long term or cabs to the airport. Defenders should be brought in and not more 16 year olds.

    Failure to do this will further widen the gap between fanbase and Wenger and if that happens, I can only see a finish outside the top 4.

  48. SUGA3

    morning sports fans, let me indulge you with a little pearler found on another blog that shall remain nameless:

    My view is that to all intents and purposes Arsene Wenger is the Captain of Arsenal.

    He has onfield Lieutenants but when a club has a leader as strong and clear as he is, any Captain is only ever going to be that – a Lieutenant; and a figurehead for the fans.

  49. Arse&Nose©

    Nasridane, you say the fat ponce is a game changer

    name 1 game he changed single handedly last season apart from the one against fulham???

    he is a coward, he hides.
    C.ronaldo has character, he never hides and works extremely hard.

  50. ritesh

    Would Usmanov have let this shit happen time and time again?

    If he had been on board, we would have had the best defenders around.

    And if he had been on board, Wenger would have been answerable in more ways on results.

    But as it stands, this shit will go on. We’ll hear that we were linked to such and such defenders but could not do a deal.

    We were linked to Samba in January and still are playing the same 4 suspect central defenders. People forget easily how many games TV was shit before, maybe cuase its been so long. Our best CD so far is Kos. and for a club like Arsenal, this has to be a joke.

    Wenger is destroying the club slowly…so slowly he has not noticed.