Arsenal have bid for no one | No one has bid for Cesc and Nasri

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Thierry, Denilson has been loaned back to Brazil

Gooooood morning Grover’s! We appear to be in a bit of crap situation here. No one has bid for Cesc and Nasri by the sounds of it and by the looks of things, we’ve also bid for no one… bar Joel Campbell, who if I’m honest, I reckon I could bid for out of this months pay packet.

Wenger has been talking to the press and apparently, this is the case…

‘Business will be done sooner rather than later,” he said. At the moment you have two categories of movement, one from zero to 10 million, and one from 30 to 50 million. We are in between. In between nothing happens at the moment, there has been very little movement.’

Ahhh, of course Arsene, Ashley Young (£15mill), De Gea (£22mill), Jones (15mill), Downing (£20mill), Henderson(£20mill), Sahin (£8mill), Santi Carzola (£19mill), Toulalon (£10mill)… you see where I’m going with this, right? It’s like Wenger doesn’t think the world has been introduced to Newsnow and 24hour Sky Sport News.

The reason there is very little movement in our price category is because it appears we’re doing what we usually do… making sure any transfer is a reaction, not a preemptive move.

‘He will not be involved this weekend because at the moment he is not settled. He is coming back from an injury and is not settled with us. There is only one deadline, it is on August 31. The other deadline is for us to get everybody focused, the players who are really committed to the club, my energy and my focus goes on them.’

Should we really be hearing talk like this two weeks before the season starts? We’re allowing Barcelona the chance to grind us down and just accept that the only way to deal with Cesc is to sell him at a knocked down fee. The absolute deadline should not be the 31st of August, if we allow that, we’re putting the power back in Barcelona’s court. They don’t really want him, they’re just playing with us, probably because we keep nicking they’re youth kids. They are take it or leave it because they can leave it and it won’t have any effect on their trophy dreams next year.

I’d imagine what Arsene has said to Cesc is along similar lines to what he said last year,

‘Cesc, if Barca wanted you that badly, they’d put a proper bid in for you’

Should we be talking of him as a Captain, absolutely not. That should be given to someone because they’re a worthy leader. It shouldn’t be used to bribe anyone and it shouldn’t be used as a CV booster. I’d give it to Vermaelen. Interesting that people are demanding Cesc speaks, if you want to know what he thinks, read this.

Kind of like Owen Coyle has had to say to Gary Cahill…

“There had been tentative enquiries, but there has certainly not been firm offers,I have said to Gary that as soon as there are, then he will be the first to know. But I think a lot of the speculation is certainly unfair on him at this moment.’

We’re playing a dangerous game if we’re waiting until we’ve qualified for the Champions League to make signings. So much for going into the season with a settled squad? I don’t think we’ve ever gone into a season in such an absolute shambles. This is where there is such a huge difference between the way United are run and the way we’re run. It’s almost like we’re an amateur outfit when it comes to the summer. Wenger doesn’t make a splash, the whole summer is about doing just enough to hopefully sustain a full season. With news that Diaby is out for 10 weeks minimum, you wonder what the hell Wenger is doing going into a season with just Frimpong to cover Song.

We’re still in talks for Joel Campbell, great news, not really what we need now and certainly not the type of player who will convince the rest of the squad Wenger is serious about winning the title this year. They must all be as perplexed as us. They know the limitations of the squad, they’ll know the defence needs addressing and the manager is sitting idly by whilst we bend over to the big boys of Europe with our star men.

Juan Mata has been the subject of a Spurs £22million bid. We still haven’t made an offer according to the Guardian. I wouldn’t be surprised if we ended out losing out to him, after all, there’s competition for a signature now and I’m guessing £18million was a good deal, £22million might represent value for Valencia and we all know how Arsenal feel about offering value to the other club.

Thierry has been creeping up the back passage of Arsene saying he’d keep him in charge for life. Well Thierry, I’d kiss up to someone like that if they’d sanctioned £10million in my last season at the club. The Arsenal legend had this to say about Gervinho…

‘“He is skilful, versatile and you will see that in one-on-one situations. Ee is going to kill a lot of defenders in this league. Gervinho is fast, has great vision and everything to succeed at Arsenal.’

I hope he does start killing defenders… if he could do that to Evra in the literal sense, perhaps with a removed boot, we’d all hold him in high regard!

Today we play Boca Juniors at 1600, it’s always interesting to see how good the South American teams are, I’m looking forward to seeing some exciting players and I’m looking forward to seeing how they compete with a European team. Hopefully we’ll spank them and hopefully the ground isn’t too empty today!

Have a great day if you’re going, the sun will be shining for the first time in July, take advantage!

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686 Responses to “Arsenal have bid for no one | No one has bid for Cesc and Nasri”

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  1. JJ

    Our CBs do nothing for 85 minutes in a game and then are completely useless when needed. We need 2 established CBs. Anything short of that is negligence.

  2. Samir

    Sell these cunts:

    Also…Why are Bendtner and Almunia still here? FUCK OFF!

  3. OPG

    Why oh why do we still have Squillaci should have sold him before preseason. Waste of money to watch this dross even though it’s preseason.

  4. Rhyle

    our defence buckles more than my belt, it folds more than a bad poker player and collapses faster than the twin towers…not good enough

  5. (bernard) bade the gooner

    our goals: anti tippy tappy, one classy counter, the second is a drive with a shot-on-sight finish

    the goals we conceded, nothing changed really….. CB, LB, DM … sound familiar?

    frimpong really excites me, but he still needs a mentor above him, and need experience, even though he’s already better than song and looks much stronger….


  6. Pasman

    Just like last season, JD has been shit in pre-season.

    Song is a lot better than Frimpong. Frimpong was better last season than he is now.

    We still need a LB.

    We still can’t defend or score from set-pieces.

  7. Black Hand Ninja

    Surely Bartley must get a game. Squilacci, poor last season, poor this pre-season, i doubt its going to get better for him when the season actually starts.

    He’s gotta sign at least 1 CB if he’s not gonna give Bartley a chance.

    Our 2nd team’s attacking is not great either is it? Without the direct edge, we seem to have no cut n thrust.

  8. Evan

    I wasn’t going to comment anything negative today, well fuck that!! This is shocking, i don’t care that its pre season the same team will start the league and nothing has changed. Wenger is a loon


  9. Samir

    This shit is slowly killing me…Not looking forward to the season starting with such a shit defence…And overall second string team…

    Wenger out!

  10. Black Hand Ninja

    Koscielny looks good compared to these two right now, and that’s saying something. I’m not convinced by Djourou at all anymore. I thought he had potential to be really good, looks like he’s gonna end up being pants.

    Squilacci should just retire from football, he quite clearly can’t play anymore.

    We’ve seriously got to buy some players. I can’t see how we can go into the season with no changes in it. Gervinho looks really good, but he won’t be available for the full season.

    This season is gonna be intense to watch…….

  11. incesc

    wengers got his head in the clouds, he thinks no one has any idea about football that doesnt get paid 7 million a year to ruin a football club

    he wont listen to anyone

  12. Evan

    Incesc: Don’t be so sure the main pub in my town recently served me a pint in a plastic cup, not trying to rain on your evening tho 🙂 enjoy

  13. Samir

    Oh ye…This is BOCA JUNIORS guys…

    Not Man United, Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool…Or any of the other top teams in Europe…

    We have NO CHANCE at all…

    7 years without a trophy!

  14. Graham O'Keeffe

    fucking ridiculous. the commentators have repeatedly said exactly what weve all been saying. Is the whole world wrong and Wenger right? I dont think so. djourou and squallaci are shocking. Jenkinson looked good though which is one posative as did gervinho. Le prof you cunt spend some fucking money you muppet. Personally id buy samba rather than jagielka. Confirm the mata signing flog cesc as its obvious he’s no longer interested and buy enrique and benzama with the money and pocket the rest including the money for bendtner.

  15. JJ

    We are serial chokers. The lack of passion after they leveled was disgusting. No fight in this team whatsoever. No leaders. No respect for the badge.

  16. zeus

    I bet Wenger was hoping this performance will help to change Cesc’s mind about leaving.

    How could Djourou look so good for 5 consecutive months last year and then look so shit towards the end of the season through to now?

  17. Paulinho

    Completely rudderless and lacking direction. Typical Wenger team.

    Can’t believe we have another season of this cunt. At the very least……

  18. Paulinho

    The last twenty minutes showed the callow nature of the side ; the lack of core power and experience.

    Looked like an under 21 side that had shot their bolt. Embarassing.

  19. reggie 57

    Who is gonna be the first person on to say “it’s only a friendly” yeah fuck that!!

  20. Samir

    What we need:
    TOP TOP striker

    And get rid of:

  21. nasridane

    At least second half was more entertaining. Frimpong is already better than song. I wish he’d try and get back sometimes though, like he’s not bothered. Jenks was the the only positive imo. we badly defenders, cm and winger. stick vela up top and make chamkh 3rd choice.

  22. Gooner786

    Any other top manager would’ve addressed the defensive problems as soon as the transfer window opened.

    Wenger just go please I beg you.

  23. Pasman


    JD was shit from pre-season through to early last season. It clicked for him when we played Newcastle away in the CC if I remember correctly. Maybe it takes him a long while to get going! When he started playing well, it was after he ‘popped’ his shoulder, away at manure in the FA Cup, his ‘shitness’ returned.

    Anyway, looks like our first choice CB pairing will be Koscielny and TV. Decent but could be better!

  24. incesc

    “There are two categories of club – those who travel with sweat and those who travel with petrol. We are those who travel with sweat.”

    what a nutjob

    essentially he is saying either that he is trying to run a car on sweat instead of petrol which is just retarded.

    or his trying to beat a car in a race by running which is also retarded.

  25. nasridane

    I wonder who he’ll play as the wide men tomorrow. kinda out of options what with theo injured and miyaichi ineligible. Maybe gervinho and arsh again?

  26. JJ

    Zeus – To answer your question, DJ looked good for 5 months because he was probably injured for 4.5 months of it. By my recollection he had about 2 decent games out of 10. He is a diabolical defender. He makes Clichy’s calamities look like regular reading. He is dumb as dog shit and plays that way too.

  27. Kushagra India

    Same old fuck ups should stick to cricket fucking ruined this team is,
    Nasri in the middle is crap would rather sell him than watchin his 3rd degree tippy tappa in the centre when he doesn’t have the tools…

  28. MD


    Flimpong (still raw but already better than that ponderous and arrogant twat Song)

    Gervonho – very interesting player, can’t wait to see him in action in proper games, direct and savvy, quick and easy on the ball, – all in all cool cat…

    same old, same old ;(

  29. Kushagra India

    My guess is defenders like Djourou ,Wes Brown,Anton Ferdinand are able to sustain world class levels only for a certain period of type,most of the time it will mediocrity ,their true selves

  30. incesc

    Rohan says:
    July 30, 2011 at 18:24
    Djourou you fucking dick! At this rate, we won’t even win our own fucking tournament.

    which is pretty funny considdering they invited shit teams this year.

    top 4 is a real concern especially with cesc gone

  31. zeus

    Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest-paid player in the world. Now he’s also a loan guarantee

    Can you use a person as collateral on a loan? That’s what a struggling Spanish bank just did with soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

    The Bankia group of savings banks needs money desperately and has asked the European Central Bank for a loan. Well, the ECB doesn’t hand off cash to just anyone, so it asked for some guarantees, Presseurop reports. Bankia offered up Ronaldo and the Brazilian player Kaká, otherwise known as Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite.

    Where does Bankia get the right to do this? Back when Real Madrid was recruiting the Portuguese Ronaldo, it turned to Bankia to finance the acquisition. Bankia lent the club 76.5 million euros, which helped it get the 100 million euros it needed for Ronaldo and the 60 million for Kaká.

    So in the most ridiculous scenario here, the European Central Bank could seize a soccer player if the loan went bad. But according to European newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, many things would have to happen first. Bankia would have to become insolvent. Real Madrid would have to default on its loans. And the Spanish government would have to refuse to bail out its soccer team.

    All of that is extremely unlikely.

  32. nasridane

    Cesc watched us bottle it again. Then he’ll watch barca tear united a new one tonight and we wonder why he wants out.

  33. JJ

    I would hate to be an attacking player in this team. You do all the hard work to put the team ahead only to be undone by schoolboy defending.

    I agree, what is there to keep Nasri and Cesc when Wenger shows no intention of fixing the obvious problem?

  34. Doo Woop

    djorou was not looking good last season

    The thing is that we didnt have anything else to compare!!!!!

  35. Kushagra India

    Rohan this is fucked simple as the test match is the best you can have ,we need 3 defensive signings or someone like Vertonghen..

  36. wtf wanker

    henry will be licking his lips for tomorrows game….he will want squillashit to play for sure….

  37. nasridane

    Why on earth was eboue even in north london??? Knowing Arsene he’ll probably play Almunia and Bendtner tomorrow!

  38. JJ

    I like Gervinho but adding attack-minded players to this team is like adding water to a bucket with a hole in the bottom.

    Wenger – there is an analogy you can use.

  39. Pasman

    I wouldn’t mind if Barca threw in Abidal as part of their bid. He is still a good LB, can play CB too, experienced winner and unlikely to stifle Gibbs’ development.

  40. Graham O'Keeffe

    notice wenger hasnt spoken to ESPN…………..whats up ARSEne dont want to have to answer any difficult questions you senile, stubborn old fool.

  41. ritesh

    Wilshere has lost a bit of his competitive agression, he is being wengerised.
    Nasri slows our play and reverts us to crab football.
    Rambo, Song and Wilshere is our best midfiled combination.
    Frimpong is good.
    Traore is better than Gibbs.
    Gervinho makes things happen…an improved version of Arshavin
    Walcott, Arshavin, Gervinho, RVP are good up front.
    Sell Nasri and buy a decent winger, not a spanish minnow who will struggle up north.
    we need more passion.
    …and oh, we need a professional defender, preferably a local; no worries if he is from a lower league, will still be a value addition.

  42. Graham O'Keeffe

    can someone answer me this “does martin keown work for arsenal?” It seems to me hes spouting the same shit the monsieur le twat keeps spouting. Robbie and ESPN have pretty much said the same as us. But us fans according to le wanker “know nothing” as you have to work in the industry to have “le knowledge”.

    Wenger either buy some quality or fuck off!

    final note anyone know why sceszney wasnt playing today?

  43. ritesh

    Zeus, ya it happened Wednesday and Kaka is also part of the guarantee package.

    You Europeans are really fucked with leaders like that.

  44. Bush Gooner

    We had 2 out of the 3 stooges playing at the back! Calamatous, basic, intermediate defending in royal fashion, in front millions of viewers. Losing a 2-0 lead in our OWN tournament with crap teams was an absolute fail in epic proportion…

    2-0 up and when u change the defenders look what happens???


  45. Graham O'Keeffe

    Q Arsene “who do you think has strengthened the most this transfer window”

    A “Strengce, beleeef, solidarity. FUCK OFF” Arsene at his best…………..denial,denial,denial. He really is starting to talk “sardines” more and more. Does he really believe we are all sucked in by it? …………… word “wanker”

    Even Espn put keown on the spot by saying a lot of arsenal fans no longer stand by the “in Arsene we trust”. Keown like wenger just side stepped it. Denial denial denial…………..keown=legend. But with his statements on ESPN= wanker.

  46. nasridane

    Wenger: “What is important is to find collective rhythm. At the training camp, we had heavy work, I knew the second half would be hard”

  47. nasridane

    Wenger: “We can be extremely dangerous on counter-attacks. When we win the ball, we are very quick going forward. Gervinho adds to that.”

  48. Tinyspuds

    Not sure whether to be pleased or miserable after that game.

    On the one hand after the positive performance of the 1st half the 2nd half was a bit of a calamity.

    On the other hand had we kept it at 2-0 Wenger might have been tempted to stick rather than twist.


    Wilshere didn’t get injured and looks superb

    Gervinho looks like an Arsenal player of 6-7 years ago

    Jenkinson knows when he has to foul

    Ramsey can shoot

    Squillaci was shown to be not good enough

    Frimpong is looking very good


    Clearly we aren’t practising free kicks

    Squillaci was shown to be not good enough

    Djourou looked slack

    Frimpong probably needs another year before he’s good enough for us

    We are going to get caught playing a high defensive line unless defenders practise their line and the midfield press more than they were. (preseason games aren’t a good barometer of that to be fair)

    Making Nasri captain is a very worrying sign for the season and really poor form for today. (unless something weird is happening behind the scenes that we don’t know about)

  49. Graham O'Keeffe

    Arsene blamed the 2 goals on fatigue? WTF arsene the GPS will dispute that. both players only came on at half time and had thereofre only played 25 mins ish? Ridiculous.

  50. Tinyspuds

    Apparently Walcott rang up ESPN at half time to put Savage right about his stats.

    Savage is such a knob

  51. MatthewT

    The only thing that supprises me is that people thought something other than this would happen this summer.

    The whole rotten culture at the club flows directly from Wenger and until he leaves and a strong character comes in to replace him that can restructure the club we will never win anything.

  52. Graham O'Keeffe

    incesc…something about end product and gervs pass. Along the lines of theo could learn a lot from gerv.

  53. Graham O'Keeffe

    yep, apparantly he gave savage a right roasting and said what about the 13 goals and 8 assists from last season. lol

  54. incesc

    be good if feo can get 15 league goals this term,

    should be his target.

    25 wouls be very nice


    expect about 10

  55. Pasman

    Isn’t it Gazidis’ job to sell and buy players? It’s two weeks to the start of the season and we still don’t know if key players, Cesc and Nasri, will be in our squad.

    Very poor stuff!!

  56. Arse&Nose©

    NASRI as captain??

    What a fucking disgrace
    a fucking abhorrent repulsive vomit inducing mess
    i felt physically sick
    i felt like I had to watch a puppy being raped by a rabid 3 legged horse

  57. Wengerssweeties

    What an absolute JOKE!!

    Defence is as BAD as it’s ever been!!!

    Can’t believe the turn out!!

    Our fans are as shocking as the manager, we let him get away with murder.

    We are nothing compared to football fans like:

    Aston Villa
    Man Utd

    Its a joke!! we’re embarressing…..

  58. Lurch LeRouge

    Hey Kush, sorry i passed out!

    Yeah cricket is a little uplifting, but can you hear the meh in my voice?

  59. A.GIBBS

    we are already a laughing stock, didn’t you guys read Frankie Boyle column in yesterday’s Sun about Wenger should have Osborne as an assistant because of their excuses in the way the economy is performing?

  60. Arse&Nose©

    I’ve always respected Wenger, never insulted him and hoped he always gave his best.

    Today is the first time I feel real resentment towards him. He has shown me that he has no respect for me, that I am worth less then the scum on the bottom of his shoes. Here I stand as the mug who pays his wages and he walks past and spits on me like I am a worthless leper.

    What was it that made me feel this way? Lies
    Lies, after Lies after Lies

    and to tip me over the edge was one of his most barefaced lies

    for him to say we were tired from our training, for him to suggest fatigue was the reason we lost a 2 goal lead is one of the most stupid lies he has ever told. There were 6 fucking changes in the 2nd half, how the fuck can he say we were tired!!!!!

  61. Cloggs

    Wenger on;

    on letting in two second-half goals…
    You never want to concede goals, but overall I do not give too much importance to that. What is important for us it to find a collective rhythm. When we could we managed to play at a good pace for 60 minutes, after it was much more difficult. It was expected, we came back from a training camp in Germany with heavy work and I knew that the second half would be much more difficult.

    Same old shit, I rest my case.

  62. Yandi

    Jesus. Fucking. Christ. What a shower of shite we get exposed to. I was actually quietly cheering Boca’s goals. Honestly. It’s that bad! I feel no excitement about The Arsenal. Calamity after calamity in defence and Wenger blames it on fatigue!? Frankly, fuck him and his excuses… He’s a prize cunt.

  63. Lurch LeRouge

    Wow did you just awake from a coma A&N?

    Can’t believe that little lie is the one that pushed you over edge.

    Oh well another at least it’s another set of hands to scrub the decks of SS DOOM.

    Welcome aboard. Remember you have to call the boss a cunt now and then or you’ll get put in the crows nest in rough seas.


  64. Graham O'Keeffe

    Can somebody within the ranks of Arsenal educate the senile old fool that a football match lasts 90 mins plus some added mins NOT 60 mins and the idea of a football match is to win it by a) scoring goals and b) not conceding them ie defending. “Sports
    a. To attempt to prevent the opposition from scoring while playing in or near (a goal or area of a field, for example).”

  65. finestcuts

    Same old eh chaps? We look like we’re going to win a game and then we come unstuck. Better now than during the season. We NEED a commanding centre back… was a classic 2010/11 season game.
    Skillachi is a major liability. It’s good that we have pre-season to cope with screw ups and test players out. These games are only for pride which was a little wounded….well done to Boca Juniors for not submitting and fighting until the end.
    Tomorrow Thierry Henry will give our defence the once over, just what the doctor ordered, so lets hope we can keep him at bay and that Wenger will have everything sorted by the beginning of the season. We have the a hectic August ahead of us and we need to get off to a bright start.

  66. Yandi


    So Wenger doesn’t place any importance in losing yet another lead drenched in defensive calamity, and figures “collective rhythm” is more important? What the fuck does that mean anyways? That man’s sleepwalking in the midst of a fucking disaster. There’s evidence of smoke, but he refuses to believe there’s a fire… He’s totally lost it.

  67. finestcuts

    He’s saving face Yandi……..we can have a few screw ups pre-season, the most important thing is learning from them.

  68. Samir

    Anyone else think Nasri is a waste of time? Or is it just me? He was terrible today…And to be honest…He didn’t do much last season either…He usually goes missing for 80% of games…

    I hope Nasri is off, and we get Mata in.

    City get their mercenary, we get our Spaniard. 😀 😀 😀

  69. Baafuor from Ghana

    You are a cunt of the highest order for saying that.Just fuck off and go lick the Master cunt Wenger’s ass.
    Fucking AKBs with no brain!

  70. Evan

    The dickhead also said this

    “Let’s be relaxed. If you want to start a crisis before the start of the season I can understand that, but I don’t see the need.”

    He doesn’t understand that nothing has changed, it a rolling disaster. How many times can you go back to the training ground and practice defending before you either

    1. Realise your defenders are not good enough and bring new people in, i’m sure they train really hard and sweat loads, but it ain’t working.

    2. Realise that you can’t teach the likes of Squid and Djourou how to be Tony Adams and that the defensive coaching at Arsenal FC need a serious klck in the bollox

  71. pharo9ja

    we Plastic fans are waiting to see what you real fans are going to do after today’s performance. Dont get me wrong you do alot behind the keyboard but seeing that it hasnt done much, we’re hoping for something much more effective.
    PS: double I would love to ..have one of those T shirts but it would achieve the purpose cos I dont live in england. Nice idea tho, if only real fans have bottle

  72. Mayank

    Yes Baafuor how dare he have his a different view to you on something we all apparently love. And to air publicly on a blog. Disgusting.

  73. Skandibird

    Can someone please confirm or deny latest rumour that the Spuds are in fact in talks with Valencia & Matas’ poeple, if true I will so totally give up!

  74. Mayank

    Skandi I can confirm that it’s paper talk as much as ours is. I’m sure Mata would want CL footy though..

  75. Evan

    As much as i love Thierry i’m getting fed up of seeing his naked body everytime i auto refresh. Tomorrow i want something hot

    Samir: I agree i think Nasri was piss poor second half of last season and especially today. He appears to have lost his creativity and if we can manage signing Mata or someone equal to then get rid.

  76. OPG

    on the futures of Nicklas Bendtner and Emmanuel Eboue…
    They are both on the verge of a move but nothing has been concluded with anybody. I don’t have any club in mind for Nicklas Bendtner because we are far from having done anything with anybody. I cannot give you any club because we have given him the permission to move.

  77. Samir

    Nice one Evan! Happy it’s not only me who wants his arse out of here A.S.A.P. He offers us nothing at all…Has one good half season and wants crazy wages!

    Harry did confirm that he is interested in Mata…He also confirmed our interest. Which was awfully nice of him. 😀

    And finally, Benfica are rumoured to be the club taking Bendy off our hands!

  78. Cloggs

    you just said it. It’s unbelievable. Same old story, same old excuses.
    Refuses to address the real problems. I’m sick of it.

  79. dennisdamenace

    “You never want to concede goals, but overall I do not give too much importance to that,”

    Well is it any wonder with that sort of stinking attitude why our defending stinks……

  80. Evan

    Mayank: I have my doubts as i’d expect Fabregas to be injured most of the time and Nasri is bang off form. I think that team would secure fourth place, nothing more

  81. Bush Gooner

    Wenger. Do you think Fergie will allow his defenders to constantly fuck up on basic defending skills and STILL put them in the side?

    We are sick of your lame ass excuses. The evidence is there for all to see.

  82. Bush Gooner

    Redknapp is a fucking cheesy nob end!! coz they cant affford him they are raising the price to scupper our so called interest.

    Go back to Sandbanks and finish off your ironing you mug…..

  83. Pasman

    Question time, if we keep Nasri and Cesc don’t add Mata and add Jagielka/Samba can we challenge?


  84. Yandi


    It’s all well and good making statements like that when defensive mistakes are uncharacteristic. But we’ve seen that bullshit for 6 years! 6 fucking years! I’m personally fed up. To the point where even talking about Arsenal is depressing these days. Watching that match was difficult enough without reading more of Wenger’s useless rhetoric. Who does he think he’s kidding? My God do we put up with bullshit.

  85. Pasman

    Of course, Harry is a fucking cunt but less of a cunt than his son though. What gives that cunt Jamie the right to hug our fucking screens, wear tight trousers and spout shit after shit after shit after shit….then cliché after cliché after cliché after cliché….fucking cunts the lot of them cunts!!

  86. Cloggs

    Wenger still believes we’ll score another goal after we concede one.
    That, in a nutshell, sums up his “strategy”.

  87. Graham O'Keeffe

    Mayak that it is until wenger states in feb ” we lacked the mental strength to sustain our title chances”

  88. Rhyle

    Love the fact the twitchiest man in twitchydom is discussing signing players under contract to another club – what was he saying to Chelsea about Modric??? I know Wenger (and pretty much everybody else) does it but TWITCHY HYPOCRITE is all I’ve got in mind.

    Potato in a suit.

  89. Tinyspuds

    Looking for positives from the game to try to cheer people up
    1) I guess if we buy a central defender Squillaci won’t be getting many if any minutes on the pitch this season.
    2) Arsenal typically do run out of steam early in pre-season games because of the heavy training.
    3) Gervinho did look pretty good.
    4) So did Wilshere
    5) Frimpong is a bit of a beast
    6) We wont be playing those 11 players that we had in the 2nd half very often (or in fact at all) unless we suffer a load of injuries….

    …hmm ok maybe I’ll stop now 😉