Arsenal have bid for no one | No one has bid for Cesc and Nasri

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Thierry, Denilson has been loaned back to Brazil

Gooooood morning Grover’s! We appear to be in a bit of crap situation here. No one has bid for Cesc and Nasri by the sounds of it and by the looks of things, we’ve also bid for no one… bar Joel Campbell, who if I’m honest, I reckon I could bid for out of this months pay packet.

Wenger has been talking to the press and apparently, this is the case…

‘Business will be done sooner rather than later,” he said. At the moment you have two categories of movement, one from zero to 10 million, and one from 30 to 50 million. We are in between. In between nothing happens at the moment, there has been very little movement.’

Ahhh, of course Arsene, Ashley Young (£15mill), De Gea (£22mill), Jones (15mill), Downing (£20mill), Henderson(£20mill), Sahin (£8mill), Santi Carzola (£19mill), Toulalon (£10mill)… you see where I’m going with this, right? It’s like Wenger doesn’t think the world has been introduced to Newsnow and 24hour Sky Sport News.

The reason there is very little movement in our price category is because it appears we’re doing what we usually do… making sure any transfer is a reaction, not a preemptive move.

‘He will not be involved this weekend because at the moment he is not settled. He is coming back from an injury and is not settled with us. There is only one deadline, it is on August 31. The other deadline is for us to get everybody focused, the players who are really committed to the club, my energy and my focus goes on them.’

Should we really be hearing talk like this two weeks before the season starts? We’re allowing Barcelona the chance to grind us down and just accept that the only way to deal with Cesc is to sell him at a knocked down fee. The absolute deadline should not be the 31st of August, if we allow that, we’re putting the power back in Barcelona’s court. They don’t really want him, they’re just playing with us, probably because we keep nicking they’re youth kids. They are take it or leave it because they can leave it and it won’t have any effect on their trophy dreams next year.

I’d imagine what Arsene has said to Cesc is along similar lines to what he said last year,

‘Cesc, if Barca wanted you that badly, they’d put a proper bid in for you’

Should we be talking of him as a Captain, absolutely not. That should be given to someone because they’re a worthy leader. It shouldn’t be used to bribe anyone and it shouldn’t be used as a CV booster. I’d give it to Vermaelen. Interesting that people are demanding Cesc speaks, if you want to know what he thinks, read this.

Kind of like Owen Coyle has had to say to Gary Cahill…

“There had been tentative enquiries, but there has certainly not been firm offers,I have said to Gary that as soon as there are, then he will be the first to know. But I think a lot of the speculation is certainly unfair on him at this moment.’

We’re playing a dangerous game if we’re waiting until we’ve qualified for the Champions League to make signings. So much for going into the season with a settled squad? I don’t think we’ve ever gone into a season in such an absolute shambles. This is where there is such a huge difference between the way United are run and the way we’re run. It’s almost like we’re an amateur outfit when it comes to the summer. Wenger doesn’t make a splash, the whole summer is about doing just enough to hopefully sustain a full season. With news that Diaby is out for 10 weeks minimum, you wonder what the hell Wenger is doing going into a season with just Frimpong to cover Song.

We’re still in talks for Joel Campbell, great news, not really what we need now and certainly not the type of player who will convince the rest of the squad Wenger is serious about winning the title this year. They must all be as perplexed as us. They know the limitations of the squad, they’ll know the defence needs addressing and the manager is sitting idly by whilst we bend over to the big boys of Europe with our star men.

Juan Mata has been the subject of a Spurs £22million bid. We still haven’t made an offer according to the Guardian. I wouldn’t be surprised if we ended out losing out to him, after all, there’s competition for a signature now and I’m guessing £18million was a good deal, £22million might represent value for Valencia and we all know how Arsenal feel about offering value to the other club.

Thierry has been creeping up the back passage of Arsene saying he’d keep him in charge for life. Well Thierry, I’d kiss up to someone like that if they’d sanctioned £10million in my last season at the club. The Arsenal legend had this to say about Gervinho…

‘“He is skilful, versatile and you will see that in one-on-one situations. Ee is going to kill a lot of defenders in this league. Gervinho is fast, has great vision and everything to succeed at Arsenal.’

I hope he does start killing defenders… if he could do that to Evra in the literal sense, perhaps with a removed boot, we’d all hold him in high regard!

Today we play Boca Juniors at 1600, it’s always interesting to see how good the South American teams are, I’m looking forward to seeing some exciting players and I’m looking forward to seeing how they compete with a European team. Hopefully we’ll spank them and hopefully the ground isn’t too empty today!

Have a great day if you’re going, the sun will be shining for the first time in July, take advantage!

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  1. Ricky

    reggie 57 says:
    July 30, 2011 at 16:25
    All them mugs applauding Wenger tut,tut!!
    It’s a good thing most of them wont be at the emirates when the season starts.

    Mind you it was a quite applause.

  2. Samir

    This team is bloody toothless!

    RVP is useless upfront…We need a pacy forward with RVP playing behind them!

  3. reggie 57

    Im glad the footie is back mate but wish we would do our buisness in the transfer window a bit quicker soo boring!!

  4. CM

    Strange how they wont make their mind up about gervinho number, since 9 is available…maybe just a pipe dream that we could get a real number 9 in..

  5. Black Hand Ninja

    Just managed to get the goal, albeit choppy quality, good ball and finish, we need to counter like that ALL THE TIME!!!

  6. Black Hand Ninja

    anyone got sopcast links, i can only use that and the one link I’ve got is shite, guys cable doesnt work.

  7. nasridane

    Commentator just said around 2000 people didn’t renew their season tickets but there is a 40000 waiting list. lol. so much for hurting them in their pockets.

  8. Black Hand Ninja

    I got shafted, I should have got the 3 Dongle, its unlimited until your top up runs out.

    Arsene actually has money to be frugal with, I do not lol

  9. (bernard) bade the gooner

    frimpong is already looking far better that song! he just should concentrate more on his passing though…..


  10. deano

    fringpong looks like mr T haha and i must say is doing a good job well positionally anyway looks better than song by far

  11. incesc

    we clearly need a midfielder

    wilshere cant play 50 games this season although it would be nice

    parker on loan?

  12. nasridane

    Must say Koscielny looks good. Jenkinson is gonna find himself on the transfer list if he’s not careful. He crosses at every opportunity and actually clears the ball when defending.

  13. Al

    Same problem as last year. All the possession in the world however hardly any chances created . Really impressed with Frimpong and tenacity he is the type of midfielder we have lacked since flamini

  14. JJ

    I picked Frimpong to be the new big name last year before he got hurt. If he stays injury-free he will have a Wilshere-like breakout season. He is already better than Song IMO. Much cleaner in the tackle and has more pace. Everyone says he needs to work on his passing but it is not like Song is the best passer anyway.

  15. Ricky

    Incesc, those love handles need to go..

    I dont know what he’s been doing during pre season but it needs to stop.

    Im suprised the old tool would allow him to get like that. He’s usually strict when it comes to fitness.

  16. Spanish Dave

    If we win this Wenger will not buy anyone as he will think hes got the players ready.I cant bear him anymore he is so negative about buying players and he finds it hard to do so.Eboue on the bench ffs you cant make it up

  17. JJ

    Why have we gone back to zonal marking for corners? No one ever does well with this system? Has Wenger forgotten what happened last time we tried it?

  18. nasridane

    Chamakh looks like he went supermarket and bought a bottle of confidence. Hope he turns back to his early season form.

  19. Black Hand Ninja

    just got my sopcast working, saw squilaci make another mistake. Surely Wenger’s worse signing, I don’t even remember Silvestre being this bad.

  20. Black Hand Ninja

    Djourou’s attempt at covering was pretty funny to watch. I doubt I’d have been laughing had it been a serious game. Defence needs so much work…….

  21. Ricky


    You watching these cunts you paid millions of puonds for wenger? Im glad there fucking up now. Maybe the old fool will have enough time to get he’s wallet out.

  22. Doo Woop

    djorouu and squilaci are always a tragedy waiting to happen

    only in arsenal, only in arsenal to have a defense like this, sigh

    stubborn wenger

  23. Geoff

    Squillaci is so fucking appalling, almost as bad as Djourou and Eboue comes on for fucks sake, what a cunt Wenger truly is, he has Bartley on the bench as well.

    Of course he doesn’t look at passports does he.

  24. Spanish Dave

    Same old crap defending Wenger knows best, quality my arse. one new defender will not solve the problem.

  25. Rhyle

    *to the tune of James “Say Something”

    Sign someone, sign someone
    We need a Centre-Back
    And ain’t got much tiiiiiime

  26. Geoff

    He’s not stubborn, he’s just too old. And stupid. We zonal marked to corners and we marked no one, except ourselves, and we wonder why we concede at set pieces.