Arsenal have bid for no one | No one has bid for Cesc and Nasri

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Thierry, Denilson has been loaned back to Brazil

Gooooood morning Grover’s! We appear to be in a bit of crap situation here. No one has bid for Cesc and Nasri by the sounds of it and by the looks of things, we’ve also bid for no one… bar Joel Campbell, who if I’m honest, I reckon I could bid for out of this months pay packet.

Wenger has been talking to the press and apparently, this is the case…

‘Business will be done sooner rather than later,” he said. At the moment you have two categories of movement, one from zero to 10 million, and one from 30 to 50 million. We are in between. In between nothing happens at the moment, there has been very little movement.’

Ahhh, of course Arsene, Ashley Young (£15mill), De Gea (£22mill), Jones (15mill), Downing (£20mill), Henderson(£20mill), Sahin (£8mill), Santi Carzola (£19mill), Toulalon (£10mill)… you see where I’m going with this, right? It’s like Wenger doesn’t think the world has been introduced to Newsnow and 24hour Sky Sport News.

The reason there is very little movement in our price category is because it appears we’re doing what we usually do… making sure any transfer is a reaction, not a preemptive move.

‘He will not be involved this weekend because at the moment he is not settled. He is coming back from an injury and is not settled with us. There is only one deadline, it is on August 31. The other deadline is for us to get everybody focused, the players who are really committed to the club, my energy and my focus goes on them.’

Should we really be hearing talk like this two weeks before the season starts? We’re allowing Barcelona the chance to grind us down and just accept that the only way to deal with Cesc is to sell him at a knocked down fee. The absolute deadline should not be the 31st of August, if we allow that, we’re putting the power back in Barcelona’s court. They don’t really want him, they’re just playing with us, probably because we keep nicking they’re youth kids. They are take it or leave it because they can leave it and it won’t have any effect on their trophy dreams next year.

I’d imagine what Arsene has said to Cesc is along similar lines to what he said last year,

‘Cesc, if Barca wanted you that badly, they’d put a proper bid in for you’

Should we be talking of him as a Captain, absolutely not. That should be given to someone because they’re a worthy leader. It shouldn’t be used to bribe anyone and it shouldn’t be used as a CV booster. I’d give it to Vermaelen. Interesting that people are demanding Cesc speaks, if you want to know what he thinks, read this.

Kind of like Owen Coyle has had to say to Gary Cahill…

“There had been tentative enquiries, but there has certainly not been firm offers,I have said to Gary that as soon as there are, then he will be the first to know. But I think a lot of the speculation is certainly unfair on him at this moment.’

We’re playing a dangerous game if we’re waiting until we’ve qualified for the Champions League to make signings. So much for going into the season with a settled squad? I don’t think we’ve ever gone into a season in such an absolute shambles. This is where there is such a huge difference between the way United are run and the way we’re run. It’s almost like we’re an amateur outfit when it comes to the summer. Wenger doesn’t make a splash, the whole summer is about doing just enough to hopefully sustain a full season. With news that Diaby is out for 10 weeks minimum, you wonder what the hell Wenger is doing going into a season with just Frimpong to cover Song.

We’re still in talks for Joel Campbell, great news, not really what we need now and certainly not the type of player who will convince the rest of the squad Wenger is serious about winning the title this year. They must all be as perplexed as us. They know the limitations of the squad, they’ll know the defence needs addressing and the manager is sitting idly by whilst we bend over to the big boys of Europe with our star men.

Juan Mata has been the subject of a Spurs £22million bid. We still haven’t made an offer according to the Guardian. I wouldn’t be surprised if we ended out losing out to him, after all, there’s competition for a signature now and I’m guessing £18million was a good deal, £22million might represent value for Valencia and we all know how Arsenal feel about offering value to the other club.

Thierry has been creeping up the back passage of Arsene saying he’d keep him in charge for life. Well Thierry, I’d kiss up to someone like that if they’d sanctioned £10million in my last season at the club. The Arsenal legend had this to say about Gervinho…

‘“He is skilful, versatile and you will see that in one-on-one situations. Ee is going to kill a lot of defenders in this league. Gervinho is fast, has great vision and everything to succeed at Arsenal.’

I hope he does start killing defenders… if he could do that to Evra in the literal sense, perhaps with a removed boot, we’d all hold him in high regard!

Today we play Boca Juniors at 1600, it’s always interesting to see how good the South American teams are, I’m looking forward to seeing some exciting players and I’m looking forward to seeing how they compete with a European team. Hopefully we’ll spank them and hopefully the ground isn’t too empty today!

Have a great day if you’re going, the sun will be shining for the first time in July, take advantage!

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  1. (bernard) bade the gooner

    morning gooners…….

    a bad morning, personal life wise….. try to log on later…..


  2. Geoff

    Good post Pedro, Thierry saying we should sign Wenger for life, what a cunt, imagine going another 5 years and winning fuck all, someone should ask him why he left and Cesc wants to.

    Wenger, listen to me, it’s up to us when Cesc goes, not him, he signed your long term fucking contract, remember? The one you were bragging about.

  3. Zee

    So here’s what I think happened. Gambon got leathered and before he went to bed, he thought he’d throw in a hand grenade to shake it up.

  4. gambon

    Wenger “Henry is torn between 2 loves”

    Erm….no he isnt. He hates Wenger and loves Barca you freak.

  5. reggie 57

    Wenger is such a a pussy when it comes to real managerial deceisions grove some back-bone you limp wristed twat!!

  6. ME

    @Geoff Why do you want to keep a player that doesn’t want to play for us? There will be no benefit from keeping him. It’s best to take the money and run with it.

  7. Nick Drago

    This is bullshit, we’ll end up finishing 6 this season, get
    Spanked by the spuds down the lane, we’ve become a laughing stock, sell nasri for 20mil and replace him, if we let him go for free next season that’s got to be the worse business decision ever, as for fab he has shown no respect for the club he’s not injured, strip him of the captaincy and give to someone way more deserving.

  8. Zee

    Pedro good point re the ‘no movement’ I don’t buy that shit even if there was no movement, because, guess what, we do have money, so gives a shit if no one else is buying? You can ridicule something arsene says literally every press conference these days.

  9. cygans love child

    I had a feeling the Mata thing was too good to be true. Arsenal is like a never ending conveyer belt of dissapointing news. In a sick sort of way, if we keep the current squad as it is, and maybe bring in a pony unknown, I wouldn’t mind seeing us finish 6th or 7th. Hopefully then wenger might be given his p45

  10. Nick the Greek Gooner from Ealing

    Let’s please fuck Fabregas to the reserves for the season, disgusted by the little cunts actions. Unsettled? Do me a favour. I’d love to be unsettled on 150,000 notes a week!

  11. Doublegooner

    A another day in another month in another year at Stagnant Arsenal FC.

    Would EVERYONE like to join me on a bright stagnant morning to wish EVRY AKB…


    I feel better now 🙂

  12. (bernard) bade the gooner

    great post pedders,

    TH14 made a poor comment there, but would you expect? he’s coming to arsenal, the team is already unsettled, he’ll be meeting arsene, the manager who saved his career (don’t ever forget it)… can he say: “arsene lost it, he should be sacked”… it’s not he’s bade the gooner or so……


  13. ayaj12

    First 30???? Hahahahaha

    Dear Cesc,

    If you love Barca so much, how about paying the balance for your transfer fee or simply buy out the last four years… Silly boy

  14. Wengerssweeties

    I can’t FUCKING believe with all the problems we had in our squad last season and voicing our concerns in the Q&A with Ivan we still haven’t acted in the transfer window!!

    What was the real point in that Q&A!!?

    The club is ignoring the fans!!!

    This window so far has all been about Cesc and Nasri and I wouldn’t mind betting Wenger has loved it deep down because it’s taken away the pressure to invest in that diabolical JOKE of a defence we have!!

    It’s not as if there isn’t any options out there!!! Cahill and/or Samba would improve our defense 1000000%

    FUCK the Emirates Cup!! they can stick it up their ARSE!!

  15. cygans love child


    How’s this?


  16. Arse&Nose©

    Ee has a very very short back-lift

    he will kill you

    he does not play with handbrake

    we are looking for super super class

    we are looking

    we will try

    it is difficult because everybody looks for the same

    our squad is stronger than last year

    I believe in this group

    Song can also play CB if we need

  17. mjgooner

    If it sounds too good to be true, then it most certainly isnt true…….I knew all the ”unfounded optimism” yesterday was only going to end in disaster.

    Seriously Pedro, I cant believe you fell for it too……..

    Mata to Arsenal for 17m, only in my dreams do such deals happen and immediately I am awake, reality takes over. I suppose the comment section can now go back to its normal mode after yesterday’s craze.

  18. leon

    the fact fab has no secret that he wants to go to barc it was only a matter of time everyone knew it this does not come as any suprise to has been a complete shambles the way wenger done business he still has that save buck mentality so instead of having signings he wants early he having fight over single penny the squad right is a complete joke.liverpool are not messing about either they will be up there for sure so i think its 4/5th place next season

  19. DeiseGooner

    If Cesc isnt right mentally now whats he going to be like when Barca cant stump up the monies to sign him? How can you expect him to captain the team? Time for the armband to be given to someone else. Verm/RVP/Sagna are the only candidates

  20. TransGunner

    Tbh I was always fan of Wenger and probably he is the reason that I’m a gooner for 8-9 yearsn but this is the point where I really want him to leave, and Cesc also. We need only players who knows what they represent and this two are not capable to represent our famous club. His arrogance why we don’t won anything in the couple of years. We are too passive, they are focused only on the style of play and money, never in succes.
    So this is the the hardest period for a supporter, what can we do?! Nothing, just wrinting in a blog and that’s all.
    Every year I was really optimist, even I know that in the PL are 2-3 teams with better squard. But if we look back our trophiless seasons depends only on 10-20mil..

  21. Wengerssweeties

    Cesc needs to fucking wake up!!

    If Barcelona wanted him-as much as they’ve been saying then they would have used the Sanchez money to support the move.

    Pedro is right, Barca are tiggerling our balls with this situation and we are letting them.

    We should have set a Price (£48million – £52million) and you have until the 20th July to make an offer.

    After that the price goes up (every day) by the same 5% we were off from winning the title last season.



    I strongly believe that our captain Cesc will stay at emirates and play for the GUNNERS next season, Barca do not really need him in their squad considering that their not willing to pay the selling price. signing mata and jagielka as well will also strengthen the team.

  23. Mouse

    Its shockin hw wenger can build up 1z hopes then jst SHITS ON U. If mata goes to spurs….. Arsenals finishn 6th. N wenger will jump ship.

  24. Taxi for Wenger

    Fuck the Emirates Cup Fuck the fat ponce Nasri Fuck the snide CUNT Fabregas and last but not least FUCK YOU WENGER

  25. dennisdamenace

    It’s being reported that a certain Daniel Campos ( Barca Press) has stated that arsenal have signed matta! And, Cesc leaving to Barca is near completion!! Cesc to join Barca for €40m!

    Also, that on Monday if Cesc is not sold, he will pay the difference himself, and be compensated later by Barca, Just like Mecerano did a year ago!

    Daniel Campos Longarela apparently is the most reliable Spanish sports journalist & main Barca press representative. In Spain he is a big shot, a reliable journalist and Barca press representative for Catalonian paper Elentorno! He just released this memo on the Barca press site!

  26. Arse&Nose©

    Ivan bring in SuperNanny
    she will whip our spoilt brats into shape.

    Wenger has let them dictate to the club for far too long, Arsenal is not about it’s players it is about the fans.

  27. gunner mac

    Wenger makes me feel like a battered wife.

    always promising to” learn from mistakes” or “not going to hurt you anymore” blah,blah,blah, but all the time he just wants to punch yer face in!!

  28. Geoff

    So apart from Gervinho, we have bid for no one and by that I mean a first team player for this season.

    Squillaci still plays and he’s completely useless, all his crap players no one wants, we lost an average left back and replaced him with a young crock.

    Diaby is in to his 5 year of operations and nothingness.

    We are still pandering to a player that has 3 years left on his contract to a team that doesn’t really want him. And we call him captain.

    So what has Wenger learned from last season? And if he thinks we were so close last time, he really is mentally ill. We were miles away.

  29. jules

    We will do business early to everyone is standing still , nothing will happen till the end of July which is erm .. now . Now I hear sooner rather than later . you all know the next statement will be , there will be a lot of activity at the end of the window .

    It is like comical Ali with the US tanks behind him

    Wenger ……………….. The new Comical Ali

    Don’t worry , nothing is happening , no one is moving , we will win a trophy !!! FFS .

    Comical Arsene

  30. .

    Wengers actions,all talk and no action suggest its time arsenal f.c get themselves a new arsenal f.c so poor we seem to be never serious in transfers.why can’t wenger stop bullshitting and buy a player like gary cahill,a player who many fans want instead of jagielka

  31. Geoff

    Dennis if he is that desperate, transfer list him and sell him to the highest bidder, if he won’t go, shove him on the bench for a season.

  32. DeiseGooner

    Well despite the tale of 2 loves quotes i dont think Barca will get cesc any cheaper than what the club want for him. This also happened – the question was asked of le boss if we’d be prepared to let cesc go for a lower price just go get things sorted. He said:
    Frankly again I don’t know because that would mean that anybody who just wants to leave we will have to let him go – and for any price. We have a responsibility towards our club and I have that responsibility to sell the players at a decent price. Or I take money away from my club.

  33. jules


    think you should do a picture of Comical Wenger in a military outfit with a few tanks behind him being driven by fergie , mancini etc

    Don’t worry , nothing is happening , we will win !!

  34. Tenerife Gerry

    Senior players that don’t want to be there. Shite players that disrespect the club and are so fuckin bad we can’t off load them. The clubs whole business stratergy of building a team of kids and turning them into men is in turmoil. The very kids Wenger has nurtured have told him to do one and are ready to jump ship (a ship that was designed and centred around them) like manic rats.

    Jezzus H please tell me I’m dreaming this is the biggest pile of bollox I’ve watched in more than 30 years of Arsenal. I love Arsenal them cunts are milking us. Cesc fuck off, Nasri jog on, Ivan earn your fuckin wages, Wenger get in a fuckin time machine go back 10 years and put on your old lucky undies or whatever the fuck you used to do in the good old days. Rosicky just give him away. Denilson don’t ever come back. Diaby just say on the fuckin sick bed. Someone get in a car go up to Bolton and sign a fuckin cheque for 17 bigguns.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put a stop to this nonsense, oh and I’m that daft I check Newsnow every hour hoping for a gain of news. What a joke, the season is nearly upon us and the captain is sulking. David Dein please come back.

  35. bergy

    Wenger is a cunt..

    every season the same old bullshit.promise players early on and then leave it till last moment.what a clown

    how many goals we gonna concede this season?

  36. (bernard) bade the gooner

    it’s all down to wrong attitude…..

    the bear is right, pedro is right, why should we bend for those fuckers? why should be acting like wankers? a total fucking losers?

    last year arsene made it clear, cesc is staying no matter what the price offered. albeit i believe if we were offered 60m we would’ve offload him, that was the right stance. when barca made their first bid we responded with some great statement within two seconds time, stating the rejection and cesc is staying………
    this year arsene it talking about an actual end of august deadline! what the fuck?!?!?!?!? we should be making a state about cesc, he is staying, fuck barca, fuck his wish, fuck those 40m’. we should strip him the captaincy burden. he should be given a thinking time on the sides, to see how barca truly rate him (fuck shame rate). he must be out for a month or two, just to get how the feeling to be benched, something he’s gonna do if he play for barca in the next 2-3 years…
    look how red nose dealt with rooney…. and after two months he gained back his star man…… why can’t arsene show the same mettle? cesc is still a great players football wise, no doubt, although i’m totally irritated from his behavior. he is bitching himself and arsene & arsenal are doing just the same the way they act.
    PHW said barca are messing with us. the first time i agree with that c**t…. but we should lifted from there and close the door, even if they come with tentative 40m’…… blimey, we can live without that money. he’s tied up for another 3 years (apart from the one coming), so we still have 1-2 years to negotiate about his true value. we also might let other bid for him. milan and real or even shitty can bid the asking price and even more, so why to act with such a losers attitude…. it’s beyond me….

    ah, sorry, it’s the arsene mental strength there……

    i prefer to lose cesc for 2 months now, although it might cost us due to the importance of the coming month, but to win a player used to play great football for us till the last two years…… and then to win bach his true value market, that should be 50m’ or even more….


  37. GunzSp

    Does anyone actually believe how much of a stupid twat wenger really is? He is yet to buy a centre back, even though he “realises” the defence is weak, he wants to keep nasri, lose out on 20 m, so he has an excuse not to play him, ALMUNIA is STILL THERE, raking up 60k a week. Constant lies are given to us ” we will have significant funds to reinvest in the squad”
    We have spent 10 m on gervinho in Almost 2 months and and the new season is two weeks away.

    Europa league here we come

  38. (bernard) bade the gooner

    the bravest bear of’em all
    spot on, highest bidder or bench! but i wouldn’t say a year, i reckon few months will do the job and he’ll get the message….. also barca will


  39. Othello

    Nobody actually wants Cesc

    We want to get rid of him and buy amazing Mata, and Barca ain’t paying the money, cause, they just won CL without him.

    And no other club actually want him, disloyalty is a bad stigma

    poor Cesc..

  40. Doublegooner


    Lets hope this Spanish story has legs.

    I was told yesterday from a lawyer close to a wenger confidant ( yes there are at least 2) that its very likely we’ll sell Nasri to citeh for £25m.

    FFS, Wengers time is running out, both in the transfer window & his tenure.

    Fuck what TH says, he doesnt have to pay to watch underperforming bland circus acts every week,

  41. Tinyspuds

    Bade: “look how red nose dealt with rooney…. and after two months he gained back his star man…… why can’t arsene show the same mettle?”

    Totally different situation

    1) Rooney took ManU to the cleaners wage wise
    2) Rooney bad mouthed ManU in the press to get it
    3) Rooney doesn’t have a massive love for his hometown club

  42. Wengerssweeties

    Ready for a new season of……..

    “If we find a player that improves this team then we will buy him”

    “We deserved to win the game”

    “We will try to buy the right players”

    “Spending is not a purpose, it is not a goal”

    “This is the best team I have ever had”

    “We gave everything, but it wasn’t enough to get the result”

    “We have to give credit to Man Utd’s defence”

    “It was a disappointing result”

    “Overall it was all us but we were unlucky I think”

    “There was a few poor decisions and we hit the post”

    “It’s differcult to lose a game like that”

    “The performance was not at the expected level”

    “The players gave a lot”

    “I believe we have made good progress”

    “We now need to show a good response”

    “We made too many mistakes to win a game like that”

    “We were not a the level of Stoke”

  43. dennisdamenace

    DG – I was told in midweek that once City offer £25m he’s gone.

    Then we’ll sell Fabregas for £35m.

    TBH i wouldn’t trust that senile old fool with that sort of money anyway.

    But, he’ll have made £60m, bought Mata for £15m, and his job will have been done, a tidy little £45m profit, fucking pathetic the way we are “managed”……

  44. bergy

    We wont sign any ready made players.if any it will be more unknown ones.

    im sure most fans want wenger gone.stupid fucking french goat

  45. Bengali Gunner

    We’re a club in decline. Wenger’s idiotic transfer policy is the reason for our downfall. Why is there absolutely no pressure from the board to make our Arsenal into a title-challenging team?! We look so fucking average atm it’s embarresing

  46. Pasman

    We have the known knowns, the known unknowns, the unknown knowns and the unknown unknowns. I think Arsene will go for either the known unknowns or the unknown unknowns

  47. TOMTOM

    Wenger: Stars must drive us forward
    Arsene Wenger has challenged want-away captain Cesc Fabregas and contract rebel Samir Nasri to nail their colours to the Arsenal mast and drive the club on to long-overdue success next season.

    Fabregas will play no part in this weekend’s Emirates Cup as constant rumours over his future and recovery from a troublesome hamstring have, according to Wenger, left the midfielder “unsettled”, with Barcelona looking to bring the World Cup winner back to the Nou Camp. Nasri, meanwhile, has yet to pen a new deal.

    “The players have worked very hard, are determined and the competition is a high level,” said Wenger.

    “We analysed it all again and you look at all the performance indexes from last season you will see we were very close. That is why my desire is so big to keep the whole squad together.

    “I talked about Fabregas and Nasri because I feel a good response would be to say ‘okay, we missed it last year. Let’s show that we can do it together, with maybe one or two more players’.

    “That is what we come to expect from champions.”

    This time last year, goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny was third choice.

    Now the young pole, whose mix-up with centre-back Laurent Koscielny cost Arsenal the Carling Cup at Wembley, has his eyes on the jersey full-time.

    “I enjoyed my spell last season and I want to do my best to convince the boss that I should be number one,” Szczesny said.

    “We are all friends – all the players at the club are all friends – but at the same time, we want the same spot.”

  48. Wengerssweeties

    Bengali Gunner says:
    July 30, 2011 at 10:58

    We’re a club in decline. Wenger’s idiotic transfer policy is the reason for our downfall. Why is there absolutely no pressure from the board to make our Arsenal into a title-challenging team?! We look so fucking average atm it’s embarresing



    The board are selling their shares, they don’t give a fuck!

    There’s more wrong at Arsenal than simply buying players.

    Relegation, new manager, new board get rid of Estate Agents and Financial adviser fans!!

    And that’s all I want for Christmas.

  49. Steve

    “The reason there is very little movement in our price category is because it appears we’re doing what we usually do… making sure any transfer is a reaction, not a preemptive move.”

    Many of Wenger’s signings have been preemptive moves. If transfers this summer are a reaction, they’re a reaction to precisely the sort of negative, coercive ranting that this blog typifies. Grow up.

  50. (bernard) bade the gooner

    you’r lucky i have to run to hospital as my gramma feels bad…..

    it is the attitude wise, but as always you’ll never see the facts, will you?

    the only thing is, rooney situation was totally harder that cesc’s, as he bad mouthed his club acted in a vicious way, still they managed to keep him and please him, not quite the way we did with crockey-birden-captain-cesc……

    if to mention, we should be in a better situation the mnac’s….. by the way i don’t buy this love shit, why did he sign that contract if he that much loved them? why did he leave in the first place, why did they never bid for him, bar the last two season

    this love story is a fucking fake to sell to losers, to soften the bell…..

    i’ll try to tune in later……


  51. Dave

    I am 48, supported Arsenal since I was 9 and am a season ticket holder for more years than I care to recall. I have watched some shit in my time but for the 1st time I can’t get excited any more – I just can’t be arsed. This is what the last few years have down to me. It has worn me down. It’s not the lack of trophies it’s the lack of ambition.

  52. Wengerssweeties


    City felt right for Aguero!!

    Fuck me….

    Absolutely nothing to do with that £200,000 per week contract then?

    Did he even know who City was before that take over?

  53. Othello

    Thank god there’s some football today and tomorrow cause I can’t stand the stupid fucking transfer rumors

    Pointless stupid transfer rumors, only of interest to the journos that make them up.

    I fear the disappointment if we end up keeping Cesc and not buying Mata.

  54. richard

    Come on please Lets wait till deadline has passed before passing Judgement on Wenger’s transfer dealings. I also like the fact you think Frimpong is going to be Songs backup. In pre season Frimpong has done ok his passing has suffereed a bit but I think this is down to him trying to force his way back into contention after missing out last season to a bad injury. If he calms down and realises short accurate passes and strong tackling is what is needed he will shine let Wilshere and Nasri or Ramsey worry about the killer passes win the ball and give it to these two whenever possible. In pre season frimpong has done the tackl;ing bit well.I would also like to say how dissappointed i am at the level of noise and atmosphere at the emirate where has our voice gone we need to make the emirates intimidating for visiting teams like old trafford the san siro the nou camp and like highbury was support the team voraciously then at the end of season if the silverware is not there then lets examine What Wenger’s done not before a ball has been kicked in anger. I urge you to look at the support we received in malaysia and china the noise level there for a part filled stadium on training sessions was massive so was the support during the friendly noise level was massive lets create that at the emirates and let the opposition play to a wall of noise rather than let them play in a library.

  55. Wengerssweeties

    Well said Dave.

    Make a stand, boycott this tone of shit!!

    I don’t even pay for SkySports anymore!! I stream the Arsenal matches!! let alone paying for anymore memberships!!!!

    Fuck that!!

    I really hope Wenger gets booed within an inch of his life today!!

  56. Geoff

    Why Richard, we’ve been asked that for the las three years of deadlines and nothing happens.

    He said judge him in Mat 3 seasons ago and fuck all happened.

    When will you realise he is a bare face liar that bribes his players.

  57. Dave

    Richard – did you cut and paste your comments from the last 4 seasons. It has been the same for that long.

  58. kapslock

    Reckon Wenger will get some abuse from the crowd today regardless of the result. He’s lied consistently since the season ended, and it’s about time fans get to vent their frustration. This has to be one of the worst summers we’ve had after the season we’ve just had. Gervinho, Jagielka, Mata is not a great summer imo. A great summer would have been 2 CB’s, DM, Gervinho/Mata & striker. I would have liked a GK to keep Chezney on his toes – he’s a bit of a cocky one and that sometimes can get out of hand – you need a more mature experienced GK to keep him playing up to a good standard.

  59. Wavy

    Interesting remark you made about the Champs Cup –
    There should be no doubt that we won’t qualify!

    However, if we don’t make any signings of quality players before we playing our pre champs league game it’s absolutely certain that there won’t be any purchasing of quality players if we lose!

    Where will that leave us? down amongst the also rans. Probably finishing 6th would be deemed a good season!

    Cahill? Have we tapped him up? We got Chamak in similar circumstances, didn’t we? Well maybe he’s one for the future!

    I’m not filled with optimism.

    Hey ho!!

  60. Trickygonner

    I think we all feel the same as you mate. Its just the lack of ambition thats so frustrating. It just gets us all down.
    I think thats why there is so many rucks on here.
    Everyone is pissed off, coz we all know with 2 top class CB’s and a decent LB

  61. OPG

    Emirates Cup is no patch on the Audi maybe back-ish but this gives Wenger a chance to give his ridiculous interviews.

  62. Dave

    To be honest – I don’t care if we qualify for the CL. I think that this has become an obsession to the board just so they can make more money. We don’t buy world class players anyway, we can’t keep the world class players anyway and we have no chance of winning it so what’s the point. All it does is deplete our threadbare squad throughout the season.

  63. Taxi for Wenger

    Dave well said as a 45 year old I’ve seen some shit but the shower of shite that Wenger lords over is taking the piss too far . Wenger has destroyed his legacy and needs to go

  64. pv4

    Swap Nasri the rat for De Jong, sell Cesc for as much as poss, buy Mata, Cahill, Richards…uuurgh!! Damn it, I’ve been drinking again!! Of course that ain’t gonna happen. We are now officially a laughing stock – a feeder club who are even going to be pipped by the spuds for Mata. What the fuck has happened to the mighty Arsenal?

  65. pioneerunit

    There is no way the current team (even including Cesc and Nasri) will win anything this season. I don’t believe that a manager should have his hand forced by the fans but Wenger has put himself in a very difficult position by raising expectations about signings. If we start the season badly – which could easily happen with us failing to qualify for the Champions League – his position at the club will quickly become untenable and he’ll have to go.

    Cesc should have been stripped of the captaincy the second he made his desire to move to Barca public. This transfer window Cesc should have been told that Barca have until 15th July to meet the asking price. If they fail to do so he will be expected to re-focus on his Arsenal career or spend some time in the reserves thinking about it. End of.

    Nasri should be transfer listed immediately, £20m is fine. Get rid and re-invest. It’s financial suicide to even consider letting him leave for free next season.

    It’s an absolute disgrace that our pre-season is being dominated and disrupted by 2 players who want to leave. Our board, Silent Stan and Wenger should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this situation to develop. It’s pathetically weak management.

    Man U, Chelsea and City all have stronger squads than us. Finishing 4th is our only realistic expectation – that’s just not good enough.

  66. Arse&Nose©

    Why would Spurs want Mata??

    They have Lenon and Bale on the flanks, Modric and VDV in the middle so I really don’t see a place for Mata there.

    Also Mata wants CL football, he has that at Valencia so he wouldn’t move to spurs and sacrifice it.

  67. Dave

    Jon. Wenger wasn’t that bad when Madrid were in for him. I don’t hear any big club asking about Wenger now – just a thought

  68. emiratesstroller

    Wenger has done his usual and sits on his hands with just one incoming transfer for first team squad completed. I don’t consider
    Jenkinson anything but a reserve team player.

    This means that we are now two weeks away from start of season
    with games against Newcastle [a],Liverpool [h] and Man Utd [a]
    before transfer window closes plus our Champions League

    Our season could easily be over by end of August if we perform badly in those games.

    The fact is that there is uncertainty over Fabregas and Nasri plus
    no clear indication whether any further quality players will arrive.

    Noone believes seriously that we are in good shape at moment for start of next season. This is typical Wenger!

  69. Rhyle

    I truly felt “spoilt with fame” watching us lose the CC final to a relegation quality team and then falling apart at the end of the season, as well as losing at the Emirates to clubs of the quality of West Brom, Newcastle & Aston Villa

  70. Geoff

    If this is true it will be good, Ricky, whilst I understand your frustration we can’t go wishing stuff like that, this is the love blog, not the hate one.

  71. bade the gooner (bernard)

    Geoff, dave and other true gooners, if you meet or debate any AKB, and we still have many of them out there, sadly, just ask them the simple plain question, how many trophy less years should take the arsenal board, or them, to sack arsene? No AkB can actually answer this, as all of them don’t really support arsenal, they are arsene’s fans….
    Anf those who would tell you give him one more final year, go and check back, they probably said the same the last year and the one before (if not more)…


  72. Rhyle

    Just working back in the comments and came across one which summed is it up perfectly – Dave:

    “it’s not the lack of trophies it’s the lack of ambition”

    Completely agree – and that goes for the players as much as it does Wenger.

    I’ve been going to the Arsenal for as long as I care to remember and have some great memories of some pretty mediocre sides – Raphael Meade scoring a hat-trick v Watford is one of my earliest, doing Spurs 4-2 at the Lane in my first away game is another…when players like Nicholas, Woodcock and Anderson came to the club. These were not players who delivered us a trophy (until Nicholas in ’87) but ambitious signings, the kind of players whose name got fans excited for a season before a ball had been kicked.

    The last summer I felt truly excited about our signings, our overall spending as opposed to one player signing, was back in ’97/’98 when Petit, Overmars signed. I just felt it – I was on holiday in Turkey and turned to my then girlfriend and told her we’d win the league. I never imagined we’d win the double, but again that proves what can be accomplished when you show some ambition in the market (and inherit the best defence in the history of club football).

  73. bade the gooner (bernard)

    Mind you, our display of last third of season was a relegation team display, so nothing to be surprised for there, two relegation teams battling for the CC … Fucking pathetic!


  74. arsenesabemejor

    bade do you really think that footballs only about trophies, if thats the case we might as well close down the majority of team as most have no chance of any trophies, what do you think fans from lower grade teams would say if you told them not to bother following their team as they cant win trophies? We have glory hunting fans like you who just want bragging rights over their friends, get in the real world, footballs about so much more than trophies, I would rather watch great football and win nothing than go back to the boring boring arsenal years that we had to witness. Perhaps we should also close down many of the poorer international teams as well as they have no chance of winning the world cup and are only their to make up numbers.

  75. Ricky


    Im really not the type of person to wish death on any human being but with arsene it seems the only way possible we’ll see the back of him right now.

    In reality the board should be to blame but the fact that wengers acts as if he’s some sort of financial advisor for the club is what does most gooners heads in.

  76. Geoff

    Ricky I hear you and feel your pain, and Bernard’s, but if we say things like that we will get banned from the news feeds and then we will all suffer.

  77. arsenesabemejor

    Anyone wishing death on a teams manager needs committing and help as they have serious mental issues

  78. Dave


    You’re not getting it. It hasn’t nothing to do with just winning trophies. We moved from Highbury so we can compete for better players – that hasn’t happened. We have been lied to for years and years now. Do we have money or do we not. We are one of the richest clubs in sport, not just football, and yet haggle over every transfer. Wehave the highest ticket prices and the club just seems to want to bleed loyal supporters more and more. I could accept all of this whilst we played attacking football and the players showed some passion. We don’t even play good football any more.

  79. bade the gooner (bernard)

    First answer my simple question… Then I’ll reply to your pathetic post, a typical AKB post, the one with hard denial process, grade 5 (very severe)…
    You just can’t imagine arsenal without the nutty arrogant, can you?
    Give me a number, answer me, even if you say for life you’d have arsene as arsenal manager… Just face it, answer, why can’t you answer it, AKB’s? Hilarious…

    By the way I’m an arsenal fan for more than 25 years… And never thought of converting, no matter what the circumstances are… I doubt you have the same pidegree there…


  80. Taxi for Wenger

    Who gives a fuck about the Emirates Cup? The only signing I’m looking forward to is a new manager .WENGER OUT

  81. Dave

    By the way – don’t call me a glory hunter just because I question Arsene Wenger’s ability. I have been going to Highbury / Emirates for 39 years

  82. incesc

    the cesc stuff is a fucking disgrace

    his captain of arsenal and his not settled to play for us.

    he should just fuck off, sell him to fucking city and let him wait for barce there.

  83. bade the gooner (bernard)

    Geoff, just for the record, I never wished or asked for wenger’s or others death, surly not on the blog of love…
    It’s totally different to show my anger and legitimate critics on the manager…
    Just to note also, I don’t judge arsene’s personality here, I don’t know him in person, I’m only judging his behavior and attitude to my love, my arsenal. He is addressing our problems (the ones he created) with so much arrogance, it irritates me!


  84. incesc

    over a hundred thousand a week and not settled to play

    wenger is a cunt

    he should be made to play this weekend

  85. Ricky


    You friggin idiot! Are you on some sort of winde up!? Arsenal football club is all about winning trophies, look back at our history. Domestically were up there with 2-3 other big clubs in the country so how dare you call fans glory hunters when the club had a glorified history before many it’s fans were born?

    People like you are an embarrasment to the rest of the fans, (your comment) “I would rather watch great football and win nothing than go back to the boring boring arsenal years that we had to witness.”

    Your not a fan of the mighty arsenal fc, just admit it.. Your a fan of wenger ball.. Fans like you are fastly becoming a minority, your like dinasours. very soon your type will be extinct!

    Now go kill yourself for that stupid comment, you poor excuse of a arsenal fan.

  86. bade the gooner (bernard)

    Spot on mate…
    Couldn’t agree more, couldn’t say it that good myself either…


  87. silentstan

    u assume the 22m bid is factual. if u were spuds and knew someone bid 17 why would u go in 5m over. its nonesense

    no bids? jagielka?

  88. arsenesabemejor

    bade typical response from you, there is no such thing as an AKB just a silly name made up to insult other posters, I have never met any Arsenal fan who think Arsene knows best, have you. Personally I love the way we play , we were competitive for a long time last season and I think we will do even better this season. Trophies are the icing on the cake, we now are acknowledged as one of the best footballing teams in the world that was never mentioned prior to Wenger joining us, yes we have ups and downs but which team dont, spending doesnt guarantee anything and we certainly cant compete with the likes of citeh and chelski, I hope we never go down that route. As for pedigree I have supported the team for a lot longer than 25 years and will continue to do so. As I said Footballs about so much more than trophies , we have too many glory hunters picked up on the back of the success we have enjoyed under the current manager

  89. Rhyle

    I think Ricky wants the whole of the Emirates to himself, that’s the 2nd person he’s wished death on today…

    calm down Rickyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy it’s not worth it!

  90. arsenesabemejor

    Ricky its medication time, funny how you doomers always resort to insults and name calling maybe its just a reflection of your own intelligence level, I can see why you are only attracted by shiny things

  91. Rhyle

    £22m is meaningless…Mata’s release clause is £13.5m – this means Valencia either have to accept the bid or pay him an extra 700,000€ a year, which they can’t afford to do. This renders any bid of over the release price meaningless as Valencia still have to do business with consideration to both the release clause and Mata’s wishes – he could stay at Valencia for CL football so why would go to the Lane for Europa Cup? Meaningless speculation.

    If I was spurs fan I’d be more worried about the fact that Harry doesn’t seem to be able to find players to go for himself, he just waits to see who we get interested in then tries to gazump Gazidis! A lack of imagination, knowledge and ability…so much for his legendary shrewdness in the transfer market!

  92. incesc

    cant believe we are letting barce fuck us over like this when we have the start to the season we do.

    wenger also being fucked over by nasri and cesc.

    his had all summer he should have sorted this out.

    manager is a disgrace and the players.

    and his not replaced diaby or denilson.

    why do we bother

  93. Dave


    You’re still not getting it. I don’t know what you wre watching last year but we didn’t play the best football – most of the time it was pretty rubbish. Please don’t quote the odd game as I acknowledge we did did play some good football sometimes – albeit very rarely. Also – the only reason were in contention for so long was because the other teams – namely Man U and Chelsea were playing so poorely as well. To be honest they came down to our level and not the other way round.

  94. bade the gooner (bernard)

    One of my major worries the fans are getting so low standard winning and achieving wise that lot’s are actually happy with what we get! That poor 4th spot! It’s not the arsenal DNA, go ask jack or henri even, they”kk tell you what is arsenal all about…
    The same in the transfer market, we are so desperate to make signing that most of you will cheer for doing half a decent business… That is totally down to the underachieving arsene tamed lots of you in to…
    We need LB, DM, CB at least. Cesc and nasri replacements and a striker would be great too (and I’m not referring to joel campbell there)… Without all of it, we will win zilch! Kapeesh…


  95. Ricky

    Your a dinasour, just remember that..

    Your like one of those nutters that still think elvis & bob marley are still alive.

    Enjoy the little time you got left getting your invalid points out out on here.

  96. Rhyle

    incesc – we’re not letting Barca “fuck us over”. We’re rejecting bid after bid.

    Personally on the back of Thiago’s recent performances I don’t think Barca need Fabregas and are starting to realise that – I think what Fab’s going to find is that his opportunity to join Barca was last year. If they wanted him that badly they’d pay for him. Think they’ve woo’ed him so strongly that they feel bad now and are making token gestures toward signing him! Poor lad…………

  97. Taxi for Wenger

    bemejor you enjoy the way we play? Tippy tappy spineless and getting turned over by a relegation team at Wembley one of the best football teams in the world…………. that wins nothing

  98. Samir

    My “sauces” 😉 tell me that Fabregas is only a smokescreen for Barca…They’re number one target is surprisingly Bendtner! 😉 😉


  99. bade the gooner (bernard)

    Bla bla bla
    Why don’t answer my very direct question eh?
    How many years do you think arsene should keep leading us, without winning trophies?
    What is so complicated to answer there eh?
    Why can’t you face it? Number please, year, two, for life, just answer…if you dare


  100. Geoff

    arsenesabemejor it’s funny how you resent the term AKB and call it silly, made up by Pedro and I on this blog by the way, then you insult realists by calling them Doomers, you seem to want your cake and to eat it.

    All you are doing is causing rows, we are Arsenal fans, you are obviously an Arsene one, hence your name, so by virtue of that, you are indeed an AKB.

  101. Squirrel


    Sold Clichy 7m
    loaned out Denilson
    Sold Jay Thomas 1.1m

    Signed Gervinho 11m
    signed Jenkinson 1m

    Total spent to now= 3.9m

    3.9 fucking million,that shows our ambition

  102. Dave

    Robel – I don’t understand your post. Just because I question the ambition of Arsenal I am a Wenger hater? I acknowledge that Wenger changed our club and appreciate that. But, do you know what, things change and if the board / Wenger can’t see that then they need to move on. We can’t keep bedding 19 – 20 year olds (ala Wilshere / Ramsey) and waiting till they get to 23 – 24 and sell them on and still expect to be successful. If that is the project then just come out and say it. Don’t go on about being a big club / best squad ever etc etc. By the way, spouting “go and support another club ” is a bit childish as well

  103. incesc


    we are waiting for barce to bid enough to fill wengers pockets with spare cash to spend on kiddies

    unsettling him for our hard start to the season when he should be captaining and leading us.

    his basically on strike till we sell him.

    what a cunt and what a cunt manager

  104. arsenesabemejor

    Dave we were only outscored by utd last season and we hit the woodwork more time than any other team so dont know where you get this “we play rubbish football ” from, you may think other teams played poorly but it may also be down to the fact that the poorer teams have got better. Its obvious we arent going to agree but for me the situation is no where near as bad as many like to make out, the windows not closed yet and I am prepared to see what happens before jumping to any conclusions. I honestly believe that Wenger wants the best for the club and anyone who thinks he still doesnt want to win things is grossly mistaken

  105. bade the gooner (bernard)

    Robel, will you kindly answer my question, simple and plain, @ 12:00 if you dare to of course …


  106. Goon from BD

    Good post……I read we are on the verge of signing Juan Mata and then Spuds bid for him? Great! I mean if we even bid 2m less and he has two options its gonna be us unless he wants to continue his career the same way. On the other hand Henry speaking on behalf of Wenger? no big issue and expected.

    IF WE ARE GONNA SIGN JAGIELKA ITS STUPID. If its because Cahill’s fee then why not go for the usual cheap but good option? Mertesacker is better than Cahill and is obviously the cheapest option out there. He is a German international…experienced at the highest level…..could solve our leadership and set-piece issues. I don’t understand it.

    BDW if anyone hasn’t seen this take a look………

  107. incesc

    on a happy note, looking forward to seeing gervinho today.

    and hoping people boo nasri and give wenger loads of stick

  108. Geoff

    Ha, ha we were also humbled in a cup final by a team that got relegated, had to face Barca because of stupid team selection by our manager and capitulated in the league because we had gutless and injured players, impressive that.

  109. arsenesabemejor

    Bade there is no need to put a figure on it, as I dont want to see him gone at the moment, for me its not just about the trophies, I wouldnt want to go back to the Graham style of football even if it meant us winning trophies, I like to watch good football and the best football I have ever seen Arsenal play is under Wenger