Mata in for medical, Cahill is waiting for a call and Benzema’s on his way, how’s that for ambition Samir?

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If Cesc Fabregas goes to Barca it will be the dumbest move by a player and a club (Barca) I have witnessed since Alex Hleb left co-incidentally to go to the same club.

He’s not in the squad this weekend, and he’s not injured because if he was he’d fail the Barca medical, he’s sulking, the captain of Arsenal is sulking. What a joke.

I watched Alcantara score two goals for Barca last night and he was a joy to watch and he’s what 19? Iniesta is in his mid twenties and Xavi is just thirty, so where does Cesc fit in? Why would Barca spend big money to get a player in a position they have surrounded?

And he’s fast becoming a crock, snap off their hands and make Nasri sign a long term contract. If he won’t, then sell him too.

Make Mata a priority and unveil him at the Emirates Cup and sign Cahill or Samba, both have prices on them, Samba has tweeted that the Arsenal rumours are disrespectful, if only we got that from Cesc, if only. Point is both players are available and we know what their price is, so what’s difficult, sell Squillaci and bring in Bartley, then we’ll have cover.

Not sure who would buy Squillaci though, he’s a complete enigma, no wonder Nasri won’t sign a new contract.

Today’s rumour is Tevez to Madrid and Benzema to Arsenal, so if we did all the above I could see us ripping the league, all are available and all would transform this team, Theo getting injured in pre-season worries me enough to get a world class striker in now.

Crazy thing is we could get all those players without needing to sell Cesc, but his silence is deafening and it will be the same forever, so sell him and be done.

All the pundits are predicting will will finish 6th, if we play the team I’ve seen so far I think that’s a good call, if we make a few of the above signings I think we can win the league, it really only needs tweaking, but we have been here before so I’m not holding my breath.

The Mancs beat New York Red Bulls 4nil last night so I’m expecting a big win at the weekend, in fact it doesn’t look like a big workout like we normally have so with luck we won’t get too many injuries.

In my heart I would have Cesc stay and play with Mata, but at what cost because you know that Wenger will throw money at the problem and that will stop us signing more players, I still think that we need a big DM, maybe Frimpong will have a Flamini season and solve the problem.

Either way we to resolve this problem for good, if Cesc stays then he needs to tell the Barca team, the Barca manager and the Barca board to stop harassing the Arsenal, it has to stop, if not the please sell him.

I wonder why we took Ryo on our pre-season when he hasn’t got a work permit yet? Maybe a deal has been done already, I’m not sure he’s ready yet, but you can never have too many wingers, well not unless you are Man City that is!

Have a great day Grovers, hopefully Mata will happen today.

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513 Responses to “Mata in for medical, Cahill is waiting for a call and Benzema’s on his way, how’s that for ambition Samir?”

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  1. Lurch LeRouge

    yeah frenchie Kos is best out on point for that reason, its telling that with tv5 back in the squad that’s how they’re setting up.

  2. frenchie


    dave played dm for a bit in ligue 2, before moving to lorient. i think he is also an adaptable player and would not be fussed if placed in the middle to defender the back 4.

  3. Lurch LeRouge

    Besides I recon Moyes has to sell, he needs a consistent striker to rotate with Saha. Beckford and Yak ain’t enough to guarantee top 8.

  4. OPG

    As Yandi says I can’t see Mata and Jagielka happening at the prices quoted right now and with varying conflicting reports I think the media is just copying each other and spinning things their own way but John Cross and the Daily Mail reckon a fee has already been agreed for Mata..

  5. frenchie

    i still have a hard time understanding why bendtner has not been punted up for a makeweight. both sides would then have needs met…

  6. Lurch LeRouge

    whats the Dave reference Frenchie?

    yeah he can DM, I’ve said the same in the past but he lacks a final ball ball, so tactically our AM’s would get crowded out if he played there.

  7. frenchie

    kos’s nickname in the side.

    but he could fill that role as you suggest jags could…in the final stages to park a bus, as they say.

  8. Samir

    A few sources are saying any potential Mata deal is dependant on what happens with Fabregas.

    The Mirror says we’ve set an August 5th deadline on the Fabregas saga.

    If all that is true, we may not hear anything on the Mata deal until next Friday.

    Then again though…We may try to get it done before Fabregas is gone. As if you go to a club and they know you’ve just received £40m they’re going to put a few extra million on the asking price!

    So…We shall all just have to pray and wait!

    Fabregas stays…
    Nasri stays aswell…And sign’s a new contract with the ambition of:

    Campbell (Costa Rican)

    AND Enrique on deadline day for 4M 😉

    I’d be a very happy Gunner…Surely we’d compete on every front with these signings! 😀 😀

  9. Samir


    Arsenal land Juan Mata – Phil Jagielka is next

    ARSENAL hope to seal a stunning £34million double swoop for Juan Mata and Phil Jagielka.
    Valencia winger Mata has told friends he is joining the Gunners in a £19m deal.

    And boss Arsène Wenger, rapped for not being more active in the transfer market, hopes to snap up Everton defender Jagielka with a £15m offer.

    Arsenal’s £13m bid for Jagielka is set to be turned down – but they will make another immediate attempt to land the England centre-back.

    Both buys will smash the club’s £12m record fee paid to Zenit in 2009 for Andrey Arshavin.

    The arrival of Mata, 23, would be seen as a coup as Spurs have also launched a last-ditch bid.

    Jagielka, 28, is expected to demand a four-year contract and wages of up to £100,000 a week.

    Gunners striker Nicklas Bendtner is set to finalise a £9m move to Sporting Lisbon this weekend.

  10. Samir

    If my sums are correct:
    Our summer dealings…

    Gervinho 10.5M
    Mata 13.5M
    Jag 15M
    Jenkinson 1M
    TOTAL: 40M


    Clichy 7M
    Denilson (Loan)
    Bendy 9M
    Eboue 4M
    JET 1M
    TOTAL: 21M

    Net spend of around 19M-ish
    All approximates!
    But as you see…We don’t need to sell either Cesc or Nasri 😀

  11. incesc

    like this in the independent

    Juan Mata scores very well on the Arsène Wenger index: lightweight, under 6ft tall, technically gifted, young enough for the Arsenal manager to refer to him as “still young”, intelligent both on and off the pitch and not over-priced.

  12. incesc

    But Arsenal have their own secret weapon – Mata’s fondest footballing memories. He grew up adoring Dennis Bergkamp and is more than capable of playing just off the centre-forward as the Dutchman did for Wenger’s “Invincibles”.

  13. Rohan

    lol, “he grew up adoring Bergkamp”

    Dunno, there’s too much smoke for there not to be fire. I’d be well chuffed if he came in. He’s the sort of signing we should be making. Those on the verge of stardom.

    Told ya my links were spot on. I AM THE MESSIAH.

  14. Ricky

    Wenger cb signings & im not including the reserve players cos lets face it, he’s never bought one decent enough through the ranks. Only players to have spells in the first team.

    Campbell (free from spurs)
    Toure (im sure he was converted to cb)
    Gallas (part exchange for cole)

    Im sure theres more but apart from gallas & sol the rest were reletavley unkown. So you see the pattern here? If wenger dont get an already established cb on a cheap or free he’ll usually end up with crap like silvestre, squillaci or senderos.

  15. Marko

    In fairness you can see the logic in going for Jagielka, given his age he wouldn’t hog all the playing time and over shadow the promising Djourou or the potential of Koscielny

  16. Wombledin

    Theo’s a crock, sell him quick! So is RVP and Rosicky. Get rid of the crocks. Crocks ruin seasons.

  17. Moray

    From the Indpendent: “Arsenal fear that their move for the Valencia midfielder Juan Mata could yet be hijacked by Manchester City, with the FA Cup winners taking a keen interest in the player after failing to land either Samir Nasri or Ashley Young this summer.”

    If this happens, then I guess it’s our own fault. Teams like Shitty just hang around our backsides, waiting to outbid us every time. If we take too long and keep haggling, then it gives them more time to do this.

  18. Rohan

    Jagielka is apparently 6’0 tall. Eh, that’ll do I guess.

    Wenger’s really starting to have something for the Poles ain’t he. Fabianski, Koscielny, Chesney and now this bloke.

  19. Moray

    at 6 foot, Jagielka will be like Andre the giant at Arsenal.

    and at 28, he will look like the paedo gym teacher

  20. OPG

    Prefer Cahill to both but happy with Jags but it’s all paper talk right now, Bolton are waiting for a offer right now and would like the money.

  21. zeus

    I hope Miachi and Campbell gets their work permit in place. Last thing we need is for them to go out for 36 months.

    One of the two I feel could really surprise us ala Macheda for Man Utd couple years back.

  22. nishanth

    If wenger is willing to pay upto 14 for jagielka might as well pay that 17million for the taller/better/younger Cahill

  23. Moray

    So Campbell has come back to the table? Man Utd no longer interested?

    I’d tell him to fuck off, if the stories were true about him and his old man not turning up to the last meeting.

  24. abnet

    David says:
    July 29, 2011 at 05:13


    We are due for one of these Project Youth youngsters to really surprise us.
    didnt jack surprised us last season ??? i’m sure if permitted Ryo will this term


    I think you are being very harsh about Fabregas. He has been a fantastic player for us and he deserves more respect. He is not denying the rumours because he wants to play for his boyhood club. This saga is the fault of Barcelonas not stumping up the cash, not Cesc’s. You would hate it if he committed himself to the club and left the next so not too sure what he can do……

  26. js

    mata coming and he lloks good.
    fabregasa and nasri gone thank god fabregas is leaving for a good team nasri just for money.
    Jagileka preferred but vermaelen will be the cover for LB i would buy both Samba and Jagielka and keep one of Kocileny and Dhjorrou the rest should be given away
    I would also consider Parker in Song out, he is not good enough and Frimpong is the natural successor expect a big season from him. in my eyes he is potentially world class in that position infront of the back four.
    up the arse

  27. Arse&Nose©

    Why is Wenger so bullish about Nasri? He has 1 year left, Cesc has 4 yet its OK to let Cesc go? but when questioned about Nasri it’s a

    “He stays”
    “He loves the club”

    and here is me looking and idiot for saying Wenger doesn’t look at passports. Feels as if all of the people who said Wenger prioritises French speakers is correct. Myles Palmer was spot on 3 years ago when he said Wenger dreams of making Nasri his midfield general.