Gervinho, the new Ian Wright? Same problems at the back but please leave Jagielka alone.

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Great to win in Cologne yesterday as those boys are no mugs, fantastic debut for new boy Gervinho, he looked sharp as a pin and shot on sight, I bet he got a bollocking for that!

He reminded me of Ian Wright, I know it was only 25 minutes, but he did score 2 goals and he did hit it first time, very, very Wrighty!

Jenkinson scored an outrageous own goal but at least he was defending, I don’t blame him for that and I’m sure Lee Dixon did something similar on his debut, didn’t Silvinhio do the same on his? That will build his character.

The first half was as good as the second half was bad, apart from Alex Song giving away his usual sloppy, dopey foul on the edge of our area inside the first five minutes we had the game under control, the second half went back to tippy tappy boring football again, so no change there but we really do have defensive issues, we need a centreback and a DM, if we do that the team will get confident and we will be a force next season.

Unfortunately for us, Ramsey and Wilshere looked a great pairing, so good that I’m worried we’ll lose Nasri and Cesc and won’t replace them, which is great until we get injuries. I’m not sure what role he has in mind for Conor Henderson, but he does seem to play him a lot, bringing Afobe on at the end suggests to me we won’t be going after another striker, so Gervinho looks like a direct replacement for Bendtner, if of course he eventually goes.

I was looking at Wilshere and thinking this kid really is world class, and miles better than Cesc was at his age, we really are lucky we have him, and with Ramsey alongside we have the makings of a long term partnership there, so I think we should forget Cesc, get in a replacement and move on.

There are rumours that we are ready to accept Thiago and £25mil for him, now I know a lot of you are worried that this is a shite deal as he’ll want to go home, he won’t, Barca don’t value him as much as Cesc so he won’t want to return.

I think Thiago will be better long term and his value will go up, if that deal is on offer we should seize it with both hands, but cash up front, no more credit, get it done soon though before they change their minds, mark my words Cesc will be more injury prone than Robin Van Persie.

I remember watching Joe Hart at the under 21’s a few years back, I said on this blog we should buy him as he’ll be England’s new number one, I watched Thiago at this years under 21’s, he impresses me massively, him and Mata, so I would be very surprised if this deal is on the table, delighted, but surprised.

I was trying to put a team together from what I saw yesterday, what do you think?

Mannone or Chezzer

Sagna Koscielny(no choice) Vermaelen Gibbs(no choice)

Wilshere Song(no choice) Ramsey

Theo Robin Gervinho

If we bought Cahill over Jagielka and a top, top DM then I think we have the makings of a top team, I would also get a decent left back because Gibbs will get injured, and another midfielder like a Mata or a Schweinsteiger. I would get a big lump in like a Tiote or Sissoko, a nutter like De Jong who has stalled on signing a new contract or don’t laugh but a Joey Barton type.

The forward movement of this team was wonderful to watch in the first half, with Arshavin, Rio and Robin in the mix we have options, Nasri I would keep but only if he signs a new contract, doing our transfer budget on pay rises is not only a bad idea it would set the tone for the remaining players.

In Theo, Ramsey and Jack we have players that can pick the locks of defences and once Jack finds the net they’ll be no stopping him, yesterday really cheered me up but it also showed how desperately we need those two players we don’t yet have, it would be great to sign them in time for next week, Jagielka is 3 years older than Cahill and not as good, he also has a bad injury record. I hope we aren’t going after him over Cahill, I’d have him for sure, but I would prefer Cahill.

I would also have Hummels, Samba, Sakho, Shawcross or even Scott Dann, but one thing is for sure, we do need someone in there. A lump would be good, but a lump with skill even better.

Squillaci and Chamakh really are woeful, it’s unbelievable that Arsene can’t see that, I think he can though, but just won’t admit he was wrong, like he couldn’t with Senderos, Almunia, Bendtner, Eboue and Denilson, he thinks we didn’t (or won’t) notice them slipping out the back gate like Rupert Murdoch at number 10. Errrr, we did boss!

Finally a word for the tragic events that unfolded in Norway, our heartfelt sympathies go out to all our Norwegian Grovers, how does this world give birth to so many bad people, as I write this I read another nutter has gone on the rampage in Texas, so a cyber 2 minute silence for all those poor people, it puts signing overpaid players into perspective.

Have a great day Grovers, the post was on time and our new boy did good, plenty to smile about!

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  1. Goon from BD

    If u ask me…..I get an erection when I get to learn about these stuff specially if it makes sense and is related to something really important. I don’t know a lot but my thing is would love to know… Some video you posted on the EU and stuff got me real crazy. Just hits the nail on the head.

    The great flood……ummm bro don’t know nothing about it 😛

    I’m a muslim bdw when I learned about my religion it seemed as if fantasy and all that but things currently going on just made me think differently. In our religious book everything is just spot on about what directions things will take. Not “properly” religious but yeah am faithful.

    Just feed me with whatever engages you cause I think I’ll find interesting as before xD.

  2. uzerschik

    tiarnan, oh that pic! check your breast pocket, it should still be there. But like I’ve been telling you I am NOT your daddy! it’s gambon, and all your problems are hereditary. and because you are a good girl daddy gambo loves you very, like he loves all children in his sick way.

  3. Goon from BD

    @ Tiarnan
    Thanks bro! no worries gonna check em out. And yeah give links to the great flood if you ain’t busy. Thnx mate…..take care…Goodnight/day

  4. David

    Yeah Lurch

    Seemed we missed the whole calling of “Wenger a cunt day”

    Its crazy that this place turned into what it did with some truly awful commenting and Im surprised it didnt involve certain individuals.

    No offense Dale.

  5. David

    Its very easy to call Wenger a cunt. And i for one am guilty of it as you see my previous post but its bleeding obvious that Arsene is far past his sell date.

    He’s good enough to keep us in the top four (barely) but from his recent mutterings that sounds like that is in jeopardy as well.

    I hate ManU with all my heart but its rather obvious the Fergie is a far more better manager than Wenger. Fergie adapts to any and everything.

    The fact that Fergie won the league last year with that Mexican tarantula as first choice in his first season without even being first choice for his country and the fact that he did it with “kids” who played most of the season like the likes of smalling and the brazillian twins just says it all that Fergie gets the best out of his players.

    While Fergie was prepping himself up for the business end of the season. Wenger was bitching, Moaning, complaining, assaulting water bottles, blaming the pitch, blaming the fans, blaming the refs, blaming the FA cup loss (hilarious) blaming himself a few times but only a few and added that we are not too far away.

  6. gnarleygeorge9


    On a day of such horror, here is something to cheer you up with.

    And translated to English, it reads WE WIN!!!!!!!!!!

  7. dennisdamenace

    So, have we sold Bentner, Eboue, Fabregas, Almunia, Squillachi & Nasri, and bought Mata, Cahill, Samba and Benzema yet??

    Is Wenger still bigging up the EPL’s fourth worst, and his personal worst Arsenal defence, the same defence that is holding us back??

    Yep, thought so…….

  8. dennisdamenace

    If only his mug defenders were as good at defending set pieces as OGL is at defending them……

  9. the vanster

    No comment on JET? The fact that’s he’s being sold for 1m as opposed to loaned out again. In comparison to the years of chances we gave to Mark Randal.

    And let’s not kid ourselves Geoff. Cesc was fucking quality at 19. At that age, he almost single handedly led us to a champions league final. Although, a wonderful defence and nutty Jens played a part in it.

  10. dennisdamenace

    The defence is key to ALL on-field successes.

    The best attack in the world will rescue you in the occasional game, but with an indisciplined, average defence you cannot ever hope to win a 38 game competition.

  11. chozzer

    Oh, and I wasn’t saying the defence was good enough, just that we conceded 43 goals (tied with Fulham), with only citeh and chavs on 33, manyoo on 37 conceding less.

  12. abnet

    Chozzer its obvious we lost the league because of our defense its should be arsenal’s first priority to improve it , if our target is to win the league next season

  13. Geoff

    Vanster, what’s your point on Cesc, he doesn’t want to be here, end of story.

    As for JET I haven’t read anywhere we are selling him, and forget Randall for chances, what about Eboue, Almunia, Senderos, Bendtner and Denilson?

  14. abnet

    Geoff Morning
    you have to control some of the comments in here it was ugly yesterday, Remind them we all r supporting one club