Jagielka, Cahill or Samba will sign and that’s it says Wenger. I won’t name names but…

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So reading between the lines, Arsenal.com says one of Jagielka, Cahill or Samba will sign, Wenger doesn’t want to destabilise clubs by naming names, so he’ll use Arsenal.com to do that, I had to laugh, listening to our manager was like listening to Rupert Murdoch last week, smart once, but past his sell by date for one liners. It’s hypocrisy on an absolute staggering scale. Thing is Bolton keep telling Wenger if they want Cahill it’s £17mil come and get him, we could have done that in June, strange the way we do our transfer business isn’t it?

So that means no Mata, no Hazard and no Benzema. So we get Gervinho, and maybe hang onto to want-a-ways and do our entire budget on pay rises for two that may well be gone next term, smart.

So much for substantial investment in the market, we will soon have to add Ivan to that list of liars and in all probability do another season when more players leave than we sign, unless you include 16 year olds. In which case we can add another trophy-less season and Theo, Robin, Jack, Andre and Ramsey will want out next season. Can’t wait.

Onto today and our eagerly awaited match against German giants Cologne, I’m not sure what to expect other than another game of two halves, Our full squad minus our club captain will be there and we may see Bartley on show as he is now injury free, Diaby our perma-crock is recovering from his 14th operation but don’t worry, news is he is being handsomely paid whilst recuperating somewhere exotic.

Thank goodness we at least pay the people that are no good to us so well, it’s a sustainable model and a great way to use the transfer budget and keep the rest of the squad happy. Ask to leave, get the captaincy and regular, out of proportion pay rises. Great example to set the other players, lob your toys out of the pram and get a big bag of sweets as a reward.

I am looking for something positive to say but I’m struggling, but don’t blame our manager, that’s my fault. Hopefully we’ll se Gervinho today, it will be interesting to see where he plays, then we can watch the Grand prix qualifying, maybe there will be an African in it as Wenger has mentioned it. No offence to Africans, but our manager did draw the parallel, why? I have no idea, I would have Eto’o in a heartbeat though, but he won”t make that sort of purchase will he!

There are some great African’s out there, hopefully the one we just signed is too, we’ll see today maybe.

So in theory we will lose Eboue, Bendtner, Almunia and Denilson. I mention those as they have not featured in pre-season, well Denilson did but has now gone. Possibly Nasri and Cesc as well. But we signed Gervinho and possibly a centreback.

I’m happy with the leavers but I would be happier if he added Rosicky and Squillaci to that list, I used to love Rosicky but I think the magic has gone from him now, Squillaci is just rubbish, but he ho! Maybe Kyle Bartley will show us all what a proper centreback is today, I hope so because we sure need one.

I hope we can keep Nasri, but if he has turned down the latest offer then we must sell him and replace him, it’s madness not to, same with Cesc, using the entire transfer budget to keep them in gravy for one more season is even madder, act now Arsene, the new season starts soon and by then it will be too late.

Let’s hope for a revelation in defence today and a good strong performance from the boys, we all need cheering up! Have a great day Grovers, football’s back again!

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  1. jeremy

    As far as Wenger’s deals in the market are concerned,most have lost faith in him.The thing is he has promised so much and delivered so little .
    Wait till he gets the epl defenders as opposed to defensive players with wc potential.Senderos springs to mind.granted injuries might have blighted his edge but there is no doubt this type of defender won’t even get into any side of the thop three.Thats shows the quality Arsenal are lacking.

  2. nishanth

    Has Wenger not learnt anything??Alcuntara is 20 now.Not the finished product.In 3 years time when/if he becomes the real deal the same situation that happened with Cesc will repeat itself.And is this kid better than Jack or Ramsey?I don’t think so.Take the cesc money and buy some top defenders

  3. tiarnan

    Its only 4am – wheres everyone gone….hiccup?

    Ive spilled a load of wine down another top, more proof that I should only wear black…

    Zee, WTL and whoever else…I appreciate your lovely words…words are nice when used nicely – but yes the truth is, as I hurtle towards a viagra induced impotency – I merely come onto this site in a Jack McMurphy “One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest” kind of way….we’re all fucking mental to support a club that literally has been taken over by a Fidel Castro-esque vinegar faced communist…year in year out he incrementally tries to lower our expectations….when we, the ones with memories and ambitions die off…what then of our lovely club?

    What then.

  4. OPG

    It’s only a rumour btw Thiago was impressive in the U21’s £30-35m including sounds alot better but I doubt this rumour atm.

  5. Maximus

    How the fuck can the executive for Qatar be found quilty of bribery charges yet no investigation into the awarding of the World Cup be examined. Explain?

  6. tiarnan

    Just reading on twitter that Michael Jackson was found dead?

    Is that true?

    Fuckin hell……….can anyone with access to a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) – confirm that?????/

  7. tiarnan

    I hate having no alcohol, its the equivalent of having to take a shit in a library – it stinks, its boring and seeing as though Ive nothing else to do and my pants are around my ankles I may as well masturbate into a dictionary.

  8. tiarnan

    I dont mind you doin my bird up the arse, but please spell properly.

    This is Julie Bowen from “Boston Legal” in a webisode….

  9. Rohan

    Just got back from a pretty shitty day negotiating with shady used car dealers.

    Just saw the game and thoughts:

    1.Surely we aren’t going with Gibbs at LB? He’s our weakest defensive player imo. About as good as playing Eboue there. I’m really worried about LB.

    2. Unlucky Jenkinson. I do like the look of him though.
    3. Aaron was uncharacteristically poor. Along with Song. Especially with Song in the form he’s showing and fucking off to the ACN, I’m a bit worried about our lack of options in defensive midfield. It’s imperative that we buy someone like Vertonghen who can play all across the back 4 and in midfield.

    4. How good was Gervinho! Very impressed with his running. Not as raw as I thought he’d be either. Have a feeling some people will have to eat some French-African humble pie.

  10. Rohan

    jeez, getting Thiago isn’t very smart. If he comes good, which he probably will, no shit the same saga’s goign to start again where he wants to return that fairy land of cunts, Cuntalonia.

    I’ve vowed never to go there on holiday or spend a dime of my money in the shithole.

  11. Wenger the liar

    Rohan –

    “Eat some French African humble pie”

    No mate. just like the fake crozillian before him, that we signed to replace the best player in the world the season Torres left, he sums up everything thats wrong with the club.

    Were gonna win fuck all. Regardless of your AKB stance, which you are lets not fuck about, Gervinho is a cunt. A man who solves no problems in fact the better he plays the more problems he creates. Think about it. Meanwhile those set plays continue to kill us. Open play too, did you go to WBA? But worst of all is the absolute lack of motivation that Arsene cunt face Wenger can inspire out of the pricks that we cant shift for love nor money, thats the real crime and French Africans by the lorry load wont solve that.

    Our problem is the stinky fish head thats the size of an elephant standing in a small room, SAF would have won the league with our squad last year regardless of talk of money and oil and russians etc etc etc, thats the fucking truth ruth.

    Wengers a cunt.

    I have joined the side of hoping we fail, thats what its come to. theres no pleasure without pain.

    No excuse me, my nipples need rubbing.


  12. Wenger the liar

    Olso is the real right wing crime of constant PR bullshit propaganda that we are exposed to.

    Fuck the commons select commitee bullshit, this the reality that we created by buying into the lies of the right wing.

    I need some coke.

  13. goonerton

    alan b’stard M P says: July 23, 2011 at 11:50.

    Cheap fucking shot from a prize cunt. What the fuck does it matter where they come from?

    In case you missed it. It was an African who brought a smile to Gooner faces with a brace.

    Silly fucker.

  14. William

    You can’t really find a midfielder of Rosicky’s quality to be a squad bench warmer so It’s a good idea to hold onto him. We don’t really need to change our midfield too much. We just need another striker, LB and CB. Why arent you guys talking about the LB space?