Joel Campbell: Is that a signing Cesc and Nasri will see as ambitious?

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So a bit of a mad day I had the pleasure of not really being involved in went off yesterday.

We were in for Costa Rica striker Joel Campbell, Sky Sports News said we’d tied up a deal, then, apparently another club had come in with a better offer. It’s a better financial offer, so one would assume Kenny Dalglish has been thrown by the English name or Spurs are looking to disrupt our dealings. Anyway, the deal no longer looked certain and Arsenal fans were spitting feathers.

We hadn’t tied up a deal for a player Arsenal scouts had only been aware of for about 3 days. We hadn’t secured the signature of a player so random, even Wikipedia can’t tell you which club he plays for or his goal scoring record of the last 2 years and Arsenal fans were cursing. I can imagine why as well, our striker plans for 2012 are totally up the spout now…

Did anyone get my sarcasm?

We’re in for a player we haven’t been tracking at all, based on 2 games because he’s available for £900k. Sure, that might represent a bargain in 2 or 3 years time, but right now, is that the area club resource is best spent when we’ve got a first team squad that is in desperate need of attention? Why are we sending execs half way round the world to tie up deals for unproven talent that probably won’t be able to gain a work permit?

More to the point, why are we chasing ANOTHER under 20 player in a position that is apparently well stocked? If Joel Campbell comes in, he’s just killed the career of Afobe, Freeman, Sunu, Watt and JET. Weren’t these the players we were getting excited about last season? Where are they going to play?

What is up with out obsession with players that are under 20. I find it almost perverse. Below is the list of players we’ve purchased (Or nearly purchased) in 2011 kindly put together by Gambon in the comments section.

Player table

– Wellington (Age 18)
– Miyaichi (Age 18)
– Siemann (Age 15)
– Gnarby (Age 15)
– Bellerin (Age 16)
– Toral Harper (Age 16)
– Jenkinson (Age 19)
– Olsson (Age 16)
– Gervinho (Age 24)
– Campbell (Age 19)

10 players

Avg Age – 17.5

What does this say about us as a club at the moment?

Firstly it tells me our obsession with youth is absolutely out of control. It tells me that the manager hasn’t changed his policy to focus more on first team players and it tells me that our youth academy must be pretty bang average. Why?

Well, what the hell is Steve Rowley doing buying up that many players around the age of 16 if Liam Brady is doing a good job? How does Liam feel knowing that all the work he does bringing players through to the age of 16 is ruined when the club go out and stick a foreign kid on a contract 10 times what the English 16 year olds are getting and then sees his boys sent out on loan forever.

The homegrown lads at Arsenal seem to get a bum deal if you ask me. Denilson was never worthy of 160+ games, yet he got them, bombed and now he’s back in Brazil. Will players like Aneke, Freeman and Afobe ever get a crack at first team for us? Will they ever be given 50 games to prove themselves? Well, on the face of who we’ve just signed this summer probably not.

People will say that’s because they’re not good enough, well, like Geoff has pointed out before, maybe if they’re given the chance to grow like the foreign players are they might be. Remember, Ashley Cole was a dodgy passport away from being booted out all those years ago.

Final Salary table for last season courtesy of @TimPayton

1. MCFC = £167m

2.CFC = £160m

3.MUFC = £140m

4.AFC = £122m

5.LFC = £115m

6. THFC = £75m


Wenger has spoken of his desire to keep Cesc, but only if he’s 100% in it… like he was last season.

Samir Nasri? He’s staying. Whether he likes it or not. This is where the outrageous contradiction is. Why is Nasri 100% in, despite all his bleatings in the press, but Cesc might not perform if he’s asked to stay? Surely they both want out and they’d both play the same if told to stay. If you’re going to keep one sulker, doesn’t it make business sense to keep the one you can sell next year?

Wenger said that we shouldn’t complain about throwing £20million down the toilet by keeping Samir for another year because that’s him spending £20million and people complain he doesn’t spend money.

Can I get a FFS?

Have we ever heard a crazier line from Arsene? If it’s not players coming back from injury being new signings, or Silvestre being our summer surprise, now spending money is keeping a £20million player and letting him go for free in a years time.

This is why I think it might be his last year in charge at the club. Letting Nasri go for free is kamikaze management, especially when you consider what we have to do as a club to get £20million back. He doesn’t look like he’s too interested in signing any proper players, so he’s risking the long term fitness of Jack and Aaron. He won’t replace our left back and we’re out there stocking up on kids like they’re going to be extinct after August 31st.

With the PSG role looking ever more appealing, Cesc, Nasri and Arshavin both leaving within a year, Robin and Theo into the last year of their contracts next summer, Pat Rice certain to leave, I wonder if Wenger has half an eye on handing up the spectacles next year?

We’ll see. I’m just staggered that a man supposedly under pressure to achieve some success at the club can be behaving like this during one of the most important windows of his career.

As for Mancini’s comments, how about these from Arsene on Eden Hazard?

‘It’s a very good question. We follow him. And personally I think he’s a real talent, and he’s good enough to play for Arsenal, yes.’

It’s his dream to join Arsenal Mr Wenger…

‘It’s important for your dreams to come true’

Pot. Kettle. Black.

I don’t like what Mancini said, his comments have all the class of Barcelona and Chelsea… but we should get our own house in order before we start bleating about other people’s comments.

Nik B

Rumour has it Everton are in for the Dane of world class reputation. Apparently we tried to land Jagielka as part of the deal but he’s turned us down. I find that hard to believe if I’m honest. Anyway, we could let him go out on loan there for a year, then we’ll see how things are looking then. A fine idea if you ask me. He’s a good player who doesn’t get games in his rightful position. He’ll do well for Everton and hopefully, if he goes there on loan, we’ll get a nice fat fee after he bags 18 goals next season.

Good luck to him… wrong type of striker in the wrong system for us at this time.

Carl Jenkinson

As it seems to be all doom and gloom for Arsenal at the moment, I’m going to leave the post with a positive note everyday.

We’ve seen Carl play in two games so far, it’s difficult to say anything too categoric about his game thus far but if we can sign a player based on two games, I can judge one after two. I like his height, I like his athleticism and I like the fact that he seems to be more of a defender opposed to an attacker we’ve converted. His pace is impressive and he’s not afraid to put a boot in. As far as I’m concerned, he looks like he could be the perfect foil to Sagna. Great thing about his Arsenal career? He’ll learn his trade from one of the best in the business, so when it’s time for Sagna to leave for pastures new, he’ll be ready.

That’s kind of the shame we have with Kieran Gibbs. He’s been injured most of the last 3 years and even if he was fit, taking lessons in leftbackery from Clichy would be a bit like taking best practice journalism lessons from Rebekah Brookes. It’s going to be a massively steep learning curve for Gibbs this year and I think it’s a real shame he’s been put in a sink or swim situation. Good luck to him… he has all the raw ingredients to make it, can he mix them in time is what we’ll all find out pretty quickly.

@SabeelMK sent me this video of Asian fans going all Jihad on a Barca shirt… very funny. If we could get some of that passion back at the Emirates, there would be plenty of arrests!

On that note I’ll leave you… good day to you!

See you in the comments…

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    yeah love the militant grey as well… they sound nice and lumpy.

    you’d get 2 on that seat, she’d have to squeeze up.

  2. SUGA3

    now that’s pimpin’ :mrgreen:

    different class altogether!

    I am fishing for a few old cheap Chevy Caprices for a little project I have in mind…

  3. SUGA3

    oh yeah, for me it’s a two door only if I was to buy!

    I would love an El Camino, now that’s a car and a half – yee haw!!! 😆

    on that note, I am off, need to get some sleep, nite!

  4. Lurch LeRouge

    lol, who really gives a fuck if they watch us?

    the www changed consumer patterns, social behavior and facilitated a few terror attacks, but which hegemony has it really threatened?

    storm in tcup.


  5. Rohan

    Damn, those are some talented hackers.

    haha, Bieber’s down to 0 followers. hahahahhahaha. Absolutely brilliant. They are my heroes.

  6. Rohan

    Fuck everyone’s down to 0.

    It would be hilarious if all that data were lost and Twitter would have to start over from scratch. Absolutely fucking hilarious. Pedro would be devastated.

  7. Rohan

    One of my very good friends is interning at Twitter. I just gave him a call and apparently there’s a big commotion there.

    I don’t normally post inside info. but that’s the sort of sauce you’re going to get from me.

  8. LeProf

    I just hate that Lotto jersey logo. Mafia-owned garment factory.

    Anyway, benefit of doubts for Joel Campbell. If he can speak Korean better than Eboue, that’s a good sign!

  9. Rohan

    Either way, this is going to go down as the stuff of legends as far as nerds go. 😀

    Twitter just got fucked

  10. Lurch LeRouge

    weird… check out yer followers… they are still actually there, they only messed with the gui…

  11. Rohan

    If they lost their social graph (a small part of me hopes they did) it would be the single greatest feat by a hacker ever.

    I know it’s illegal and all but I can’t help but admire their technical genius.

  12. Rohan

    Ignore these pretentious spam tweets. They’re just post-wreckage celebratory circle-jerkery as we dine with the pixel devil.
    pixel devil= yeah, it was just the GUI.

  13. tiarnan

    tiarnan says:
    July 19, 2011 at 00:10

    If they create chaos – then they create the order……


    By knocking all “Tweeters” down to Zero – what do you achieve?

    Just more chaos……

    They’ll keep on doing this kind of shit….robbing peoples passwords etc until the sheeple are all screaming for INTERNET 2….which will be a totally censored version of the one we have now….

    Theres no doubt in my mind LulzSec are an insider group

    Just watch the coming Chaos –

    And then wait for the Order

    The Order they wanted all along.

  14. Sabeel

    morning fellas

    like i said last night,it is kindof true now that

    “Arsenal pull out of Campbell deal”

    we are just another stepping stone club now,which is losing its attractive powers for youngsters like alvarez,now campbell….lets hope we do something to change this image quickly…..

  15. ARSENAL come back

    looks like his father wants more money and not interested in the future of his son….very sad state of football nowadays..everything depends on money

  16. Moray

    so, according to Gazdis, we are “busy” and “active” in the transfer market…

    Fuck me – if this is busy, then I must be in the wrong job: how do I apply to join Arsenal’s marketing department?