Arsenal exposed by a pub team. What’s changed Arsene?

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Sure there is not point in getting too deflated about a bad result in a preseason game. But for Arsenal, this was more than just a preseason. This team has been together for many years now, we’ve made no additions to the squad that failed last season, we conceded from a set piece as usual, so it begs the question… what has changed at Arsenal?


What can you expect to change though? You can’t keep on flogging the same group of players and suddenly expect them to come good on set plays. You can’t keep using the same back room staff and expect them to see the light after 5 years. Football doesn’t work like that. We were nothing short of terrible in the first half yesterday.

JD looked awful. Mind you, Tony Adams would have struggled playing with the wholly inadequate Squillaci. The Frenchman is a walking disaster. What is going to click for him next year? What is the point in people saying he’s only 4th choice? 4th choice ALWAYS gets plenty of games during the season, usually the crucial ones at the back-end.

We conceded our first goal after a set piece was glanced on, Mannone parried it and we weren’t first to the rebound. A typical goal conceded in typical Arsenal fashion. The first twenty minutes of defending were atrocious, we were lucky not to be down by more.

Gael Clichy said he left Arsenal because he wanted to win trophies. He said he was sick of playing for a great side that wasn’t a great squad. When the good plays breakdown because they’re over used, we don’t have the resource to step in and take baton. From what was on show yesterday, we’re still in the same situation.

We did equalise when Arshavin looped a ball over to Robin, he shot, the keeper parried and Vela bundled the ball in. What of Carlos Vela eh? He did  well in preseason two seasons ago and was never seen again. He’s like this player we wheel out to prove we have squad depth who never gets a go again.

Attitude is the biggest problem we had last year. Our players haven’t been finished since the end of May, they went on holiday in April. Yesterday it still looked like they were on holiday. That lack of urgency they showed last season seems to have picked up where it left off. Screw it being a preseason, these boys have something to prove to the world of football. They should be taking teams of that calibre apart right now. Winning at all costs should be visible to every fan watching because you know what? 70% of those players have a point to prove.

People will call a post like this knee jerk, failing to notice that Le Grove have been putting up posts like this for the best part of 4 years. I’m posting this because I can see what is going to happen again. Team culture doesn’t change over night. We weren’t close last season, that was a deluded thing to say. We’re not going to be any stronger squad wise if we’re shifting on our only left back and potentially losing two of the best players in the league. United are the target. They won the league, landed a spot in the Champions League Final and they’ve spend £50million+ on players already.

Where are our signings? Why are we waiting? It’s not good throwing bodies into the squad at the end of August is it? New players need time to bed in, get used to their team mates and understand how the club works. We should be out there snapping up a Cahill right now. We should be bringing in a striker. I like the sounds of Lukaku, a player of youth that has a fantastic goal scoring record behind him. Perfect as a 3rd choice striker. We desperately need a centre midfielder with a bit of get up and go to add some experience to the middle.

Scott Parker is available on loan for a season, snap him up right now, he’d jump at the chance to prove himself at the highest level. I think a proper leader in the dressing room could have an infectious effect on the players. One thing I learnt last year is that it only takes one bad egg to poison a company. One miserable attitude in a position of power can ruin the vibe. That vibe can take hold quickly. The same can work the other way. Some people encourage you to be the best because they lead by example and inspire you to raise your game.

We need some squad changers. We need someone to raise morale and inject some proper belief back into the squad. Sorry… but Gervinho isn’t that man. Lukaku and Mata won’t be those players. We need to make a splash on a big character who is a proven leader. We need someone who can come in quickly. Where will that players come from? I have no idea. I’m not a paid scout. But guess what? AVB will find players. Ferguson has already found his players. Mancini is spending away. Kenny Dalglish is doing his best, bless him.

We’re not in a position to be snobby about the transfer market. Wenger needs to get real and start doing his job. He’s responsible for the team on the pitch. not the spreadsheet off it.

Other news…

According the the NoTW… oh wait, that shut down. haha!

According the ever reliable People, we’ve offered Cesc a 2 years extension worth £7million a year. If that is true, it’s an absolute disgrace. Bribing players to stay on has failed in the past and it’d send out the wrong message to everyone in the squad.

Eboue has been offered and escape route to Galatasaray. I wouldn’t fancy it I’ve gotta say. Still, best of luck to him. They love all that slap stick comedy out there!

Right, see you in the comments!

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  1. Rohan

    Yeah, was surprised with the quality of women’s football this time round. Much much better than previous years.

  2. zeus


    Agreed. Thought the US would walk it, but credit to Japan they came back strong. Never panicked or went of game plan a proper South American passing team they looked like.

    And that winning penalty was a peach, from a defender at 20 y.o. no less.

  3. Rhyle

    the quality of this years womens world cup is testament to the recent “professionalisation” of the game in the US – as we all know, we lost half of our best players to that league a couple of years ago…

    Still, it really has raised standards in the womens game in general. Good to see.

  4. Samir

    Guy’s…News all over twitter is that we’ve agreed a price for G.Cahill!
    Loans are involved…
    Apparently he’s signing this week!

    May be a load of bullshit though…Just like the Samba story!
    EVERYONE start praying though! This week could be a good one…
    Campbell signs.
    Cahill Signs.
    Parker on loan/Barton signs 🙂

  5. OPG

    Almunia and Denilson could be gone by next week, well Denilson at least is on his way. I expect Bendtner will follow at some point and decisions on who will go on loan should be made soon.

  6. OPG

    “We don’t conduct our business in public,” Gazidis told Sky Sports News. “I don’t intend to put my voice into the mix.

    “Arsene has been very clear and explicit on all of those subjects. I’ll leave the voice of Arsenal to be his.”,,11095_7045684,00.html