Patrick Vieira: Legend | Gervinho is the new Theo | The madness of King Wenger!

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It really is tough to know how to take Arsene Wenger, it’s always around this time that the sense he was talking before we renewed our tickets goes out the window, instead, replaced by plenty of nonsense that deflects attention away from him signing the players he needs to make an impact.

Arsene Wenger came out all guns blazing with an amazing statement yesterday…

“I don’t think we are weak defensively”

Right, now as far as I can see, we’ve only ever conceded 43 goals in season once under Arsene Wenger. Last year was our joint worst defensive display under the Frenchman. In our Premiership history, we’ve only ever conceded more once and that was in 1995 when we conceded 49. In fairness, we did finish 12th, Chris Kiwomya was in the side and the Premiership consisted of 4 more games.

Last year, 43 goals conceded saw us finish in 4th place. If the season was 42 games, chances are, the form we were in would have seen us finish outside the top 4. We were shocking. Some how though, Wenger has managed to take solace in the fact that 23 of those goals were conceded from set pieces.

How, in the space of 6 months, does he take Arsenal from set piece disaster merchants, to kings of defence?

Deciphering the logic…

Well, the first thing I can imagine he’s thinking is that Thomas Vermaelen is back in the frame. The 5ft 11 Belgian is quite good in the air, though as we found out in his first season, he’s only good if he has a running jump. A ‘tremendous leap’ cannot occur from a standing position as we found out numerous times.

May I just refer Arsene Wenger to the small fact that we conceded 41 goals in a season when Thomas Vermaelen played nearly every game. I don’t have the statistics to hand, but my guess is that if we conceded less from set plays, we conceded more from open play. So basically, what I’m saying is that by bringing back Thomas Vermaelen, we’re not solving a problem. We’re merely jumbling up how we concede goals. Also remember that Thomas had the luxury of playing with an experienced Premiership veteran. Namely Silvestre. Oh, sorry, I meant Gallas.

So, if swapping personnel isn’t going to do it, what about more team preparation.

Well, that’s not going to happen is it? Pat Rice was forced to sign on for another year and as far as I can see, no changes have been made back room. Cesc did mention last year that Arsenal didn’t do much analysis into the opposition. Could this defensive problem be solved by forgetting about the individual and focusing on the additional 15-20% you can gain by knowing your enemy?

Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger are poles apart in managerial philosophy. Arsene Wenger is the extrovert rock star obsessed with creating a great show. He is the U2 of management, spreading beautiful football wherever he goes, sprinkling it with some profound comments and some politicised views. Wenger is Bono and Pat Rice is the Edge.

Jose on the other hand is the James Ford, the perfectionist in the back ground, doing the unspectacular boring stuff to produce the awards with many different bands.

Wenger needs to be more James Ford. He needs to start formulating dossier’s on the opposition players. He needs to work out where Bolton’s players are going to run from corners. He needs to tell Kieron Gibbs what to expect from his wing man. He needs to make sure someone is covering the back post. Accountability is key to great defending and if you get it right and create a unit you can take an average group of defenders and make them far more solid. You also know who to blame when something goes wrong. That’s difficult to do when no one really knows what they’re doing.

So the optimist in me tells me that’s what he’s thinking. The pessimist tells me if you’ve got a problem as outrageous as 23 goals from set pieces, your issues lie deeper than merely making sure everyone knows their role. Squillaci is arguably one of the worst signings of Wenger’s rein, he’s been systematically found out by good and bad teams, he’s part of a back 4 we know are injury prone and the manager is sticking by him?

Simple facts are as followed…

1) Wenger doesn’t like to be proved wrong on a player. It takes a minimum of 3 years for him to see the light. See Denilson, Eboue and Senderos for evidence of that.

2) Wenger doesn’t have an extensive list of players he will try for. He has a small list, if he misses out on those targets, that’s your lot. There are no surprises any more. This has been happening since he missed out on Baptista all those years ago. If Mata and Cahill fall through, I don’t see him going for more players. He’s already missed out on Friedel, Jones, Alvarez and Samba. As far as he’s concerned, the market is inflated, he’s had a go and his players have great mental spirit. Jeez people, did you not see what we did to the best Malaysia had to offer?

Ever wondered what Geoff is like to watch football with?

Poor bloke has just watched the Manchester United of Argentina go down! Things could always be worse eh?


Wenger reckons Gervinho is the new Theo Walcott. Fantastic. Exactly what this team is looking for. Give Wenger his dues though, the Ivorian bagged the most assists in Ligue 1 last year and he can play anywhere. Seems to a be a requisite of an Arsenal player these days, you have to be a jack of all trades… and in cases, master of none… as poor old right winger Nik B has found out to his demise. Things are so bad, his father has started making up clubs that are in for him..


Patrick Vieira announced his retirement from the game of football yesterday. The man was a legend, one of the most inspirational players I’ve had the pleasure of watching. He also had one of the most legendary songs to cement his reputation in the hearts of Arsenal fans all over the world. His contribution is up there with the best, his superb goal against United when he turned it in Berkamp-esque was as memorable as the screamer he scored against Newcastle at Highbury. I even enjoyed all his completely outrageous red cards, none of which he deserved.

Fittingly his last contribution to the club was the penalty that won us our last trophy against United.

A moment captured on a crappy old Samsung when Geoff and I went to the game!

Good times! Probably the worst cup final I’ve ever had the pleasure of sitting through from a footballing perspective, but equally, one of the sweetest!

All I’ll say Paddy is don’t get too involved in the transfer of Samir Nasri to City… we don’t want any soured reputations now do we?

What what was your favourite Patrick Vieira moment? Share in the comments!

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812 Responses to “Patrick Vieira: Legend | Gervinho is the new Theo | The madness of King Wenger!”

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  1. Tinyspuds

    Rohan: “It’s up to City to prove that it really is the market price. Which they can’t unless someone else strikes up a similar deal.”


    As John Henry said…

    ‘How much was the losing bid?’

  2. Tinyspuds


    Dein was obviously very good for us. But I’m not sure his time hasn’t gone. What exactly is he doing now for instance ?

  3. Rohan

    What do you mean, “no one will bat an eyelid”

    Everyone except City will object to it. People already have. If not Wenger, then Liverpool’s owners for one.

    “detailed analysis of Uefa’s 91-page Licensing and Fair Play regulations by The Independent reveals that the family relationships between City and its sponsor may fall foul of Uefa’s “related party” test. Uefa will consider that club and sponsor are related parties if a family relationship exists. The rules stipulate that a club will fail the “related party” test if money comes in from a “close member” of the club owner’s family who “has significant influence over the [club]
    It will be for City to demonstrate that several members of Sheikh Mansour’s family who have been integral to Etihad do not exert that influence over him. They are the sheikh’s elder half-brother, the Abu Dhabi ruler and UAE president Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahyan, who founded the airline, Etihad chairman, Sheikh Hamed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, and vice-chairman Sheikh Kaled, both half-brothers.

    Uefa will come under intense pressure to submit the £40m-a-year Etihad deal, the largest in world sport, to rigorous scrutiny when FFP comes into force, for the 2013-14 season, with some Premier League owners readying themselves to press the organisation to disallow any income from related parties.”


    The main point in this whole argument is that UEFA really do have the balls to do something about it. That remains to be seen.

  4. tiarnan

    G STAR says:
    July 15, 2011 at 17:57

    These Catalans are bigger cunts tha Tiarnan and IvoryGoonz


    Gunner says:
    July 15, 2011 at 18:09

    G STAR Tiarnan is a bigger one


    I totally agree I am the biggest cunt of all and every time I see you pair of Disney Characters Im going to grab my air-gun, hop in my golf cart and hunt you fuckwits down…

    Now I know alot of people will say “Ooooh its not fair to shoot mentally retarded Disney characters!”
    “Ooooh dont kill them before they get the chance to lose their virginity…”

    But the way I see it is, its fun, so thats all that matters.

  5. SUGA3


    just wait and see, then you will know exactly what I mean…

    they don’t have any balls, plain and simple, why ruin the party over a lousy few tens of millions, risking the court battles that are destined to lose and all that?


  6. Samir

    Had Etihad done a simple and cheaper deal, say costing £150m, very little comment would have been forthcoming. The nature of the deal and the money involved has ensured that Eithad’s name has been splashed everywhere and it continue to be for a considerable period time. The PR people will be loving every minute of it; Eithad’s name recognition score, a key measure of the success of any sponsorship deal, will be going throug the roof. By the time UEFA get around to checking the deal out Etihad should be able to demonstrate it was fantastic value and at a lower figure would have been poor value; strange but true. Keep up the carping!

  7. Santos

    Your favourite player has come with an equivalent of a blog fart today, saying we are going to win the League. Hehehehe!

  8. Rohan

    They aren’t “destined to lose” court battles. That’s just what you’d like to think.

    It’s up to City to prove that the deal is within the rules not the other way round. UEFA could just very well kick them out of Europe.

    UEFA will also be under immense pressure to do something. City are trying to break into the old boy’s club of Utd, Barca, Madrid, Arsenal, ‘Pool, Milan, Juve etc. Every single one of the aforementioned will have some sort of objection.

  9. frenchie

    got on here to see any talk of arsenal and i see that zee and gunner are in the throws, ivory and willy are at each other…what happened to the days of suga and QoS actually talking arsenal, gambon and QoS actually having arguments ABOUT arsenal.

    so, any transfer gossip? 🙂

  10. SUGA3


    what I have seen in that Malaysia game gave me enough to think that he will do anything to wriggle himself out of buying anyone…

    court adjourned until 01/09…

  11. tiarnan

    frenchie –

    I see your point – I just like the comfort of being around Arsenal heads – but hate talkin bout the club bcoz everythins been said n done – until that cunt leaves whats the fucking point?

    Anyway Im off ouddy – peace out homies – and homos (u know who u are)

  12. IvoryGoonz

    first you suggest I didnt read it, just fucking say it while you comment without actually reading it Bob. Or is it Billy?
    “Are you seriously telling me Platini will dump FFP just to fuck off Wenger ? A simple yes / no will suffice”
    no, thats not what I said.
    I say Platini wont do anything about billionaires spending. they just have to buy more shares, or other loopoholes. there are more than half the 660 clubs not breaking even in 2009.
    And I say that wont change Arsenal’s financial power in the matter by much, as we don’t have huge tv deals or huge sponsorships as Rohan reminded.
    why do you always have to transform everything?

  13. frenchie


    i am terrified that my season is going to end up like that old river supporter…

    wenger’s statements re: transfer talks with barca and cesc and the tapping up by xavi…unbelievable. well, actually, really believable. doesnt want to rock the boat before making some cash he will not spend.

  14. SUGA3


    peace out!


    whoever said it, he has got the correct attitude 😉

    I want fighters in the team, but I am petrified ahead of the next season, simply because we still can’t defend for shit and Wenger is clearly slightly insane…

  15. DaleDaGooner

    SUGA, quick one

    1) Did you watch Arsenal at all last season? And did you know Koscielny is in deed a right footed player?

    2) Do you know right footed players can play on the left side of a field?

    Just asking.

  16. Santos

    Its good to be positive but Chesney was not being realistic. We all know what lies ahead, although I didnt expect him to doom.

  17. SUGA3


    Koscielny is in fact a two footed player, but since he spent the entire season in the ‘left’ slot and in a partnership, prehaps it’s better to continue with more of the same, given that he has a grand total of two seasons in the top flight under his belt and it’s not exactly the right stage to shift him somewhere else…

    besides, Koscielny and Vermaelen are essentially the same player, which leaves the centre of defence unbalanced…

  18. Santos

    Je vais bien. C’est mon anniversaire aujhourd’hui. Les joueurs d’Arsenal n’ont pu pas me donner une retweet sur twitter. Imaginez!

  19. IvoryGoonz

    Dale: I wouldnt try to beat a pole with questions about the most polish player of our french bunch 😉

  20. frenchie

    i am not so concerned with where arsene plays his cb’s during pre-season. i am concerned however with which cb’s he plays during the regular season. he has not addressed the big red wart on the fanny of arsenal and appears to not be concerned. i get it, making a comment about the defense when sitting next to tv5 at a conference is not his style, but he backs that comment up with his inactivity in the market.

  21. Santos

    Je vais bien. C’est mon anniversaire aujhourd’hui. Les joueurs d’Arsenal n’ont pu pas me donner une retweet sur twitter. Imaginez!

  22. IvoryGoonz

    @Santos: happy bday Santos ! RT seeker?
    ils sont oqp en chine!!! ca m’etonnerait que Wenger leur ai fait transferer leur telephones pour 1 semaine 🙂

  23. bade the gooner (bernard)

    Arsene is the arsenal cancer

    Arsene ios not the deluded blind… It is in fact you, the fans that do believe in the nutty!


  24. Samir

    Arsenal will appeal to special requests to Joel Campbell plays in the Premier

    Joaquim Batica, representing players and members who brought Arsenal to Costa Rica, told in case of the hiring of Joel Campbell, the team will appeal to a special request to be given the possibility of playing in the Premier League immediately.

    Batica said that there is a kind of “clause” in which assessed whether the player has “special talent” and approved it could evade the rule that must be played to 70 percent more for his country in the last year.

  25. Santos

    L’utilisation des portables etait interdit? C’etait bien. Il peut-etre pourquoi LJW, le long de Djourou n’ai pu pas me repondre

  26. bade the gooner (bernard)

    Wiseman man said once, only time can tell between success and failure

    Well arsene, time said it all already. You failed to meet your own standards!


  27. DaleDaGooner

    @ SUGA, Koscielny can operate either side of the center, He is right footed predominantly, it’s a bit farcical to say both he and Vermaelen are the same, no facts behind that, in the few times they have performed together, they have looked a tad bit solid, we will know as the season progresses.

    Bringing out how many times a player has been in the “top” flight does not justify their natural born skills, We cannot tell how Messi will perform in the EPL based off of him playing with Barca.

    The center of the defense is unbalance in your opinion.

  28. IvoryGoonz

    @Santos: lets keep it in english … I was just kidin, dont know why they dont rtwt you, Id suspect they are just too busy atm.

  29. DaleDaGooner

    Ivory….I’m not even trying to beat in an argument, just pointing out some flaws in his statement.

  30. IvoryGoonz

    Dale: we need a more agressive one to break oppositions, and a quick and tall one for the cover CB.
    Yes Koscielny can pay both, but ultimately we need someone taller than both, and keep Koscielny/Vermaelen rolling

  31. DaleDaGooner

    Has anybody realized that maybe our 43 goals concession maybe due to not settling the goalie riddle?

  32. SUGA3


    partnership of Djourou and Koscielny performed better that a sum of ingredients would suggest, you know why?

    because they were complementing one another, whereas Koscielny and Vermaelen are both the same ‘smaller, quicker, more mobile’ CBs, who need to be paired with a monster, it’s not rocket science, if you want to see what shortcomings I am talking about, see Toure + Gallas and Gallas + Vermaelen partnerships, and add the fact that Koscielny is no Gallas or Toure to the picture…

    yes, I think the defensive partnership of TV + Koscielny is unbalanced and is doomed to failure, this is not rocket science…

  33. SUGA3

    as long as Szczesny does not get too big for his boots, we don’t have a problem there…

    buying a ‘better’ GK would cost us upwards of £15M and that is just not happening, although I would buy Sorensen for no.2, as both Fabianski and Mannone are pap…

  34. IvoryGoonz

    Santos: this way if it does materialise, you’ll have a nice surprise, rather than the contrary…

  35. DaleDaGooner

    Ivory, again, it’s a matter of opinion, Chelsea or United’s Center can be described as unbalance based on the assumptions, but it doesn’t stop them from being effective.

  36. Tinyspuds

    @IvoryGoonz 19.23

    Well you clearly hadn’t read through it or even the next couple of pages or you wouldn’t have posted all of your 18:20 post.

    I’m not transforming anything. It’s simply that you seem to misunderstand FFP. (I’m sure I do too though to be fair.)

    You said: “Why would he let go through the FFP if it would kill all those big teams to play in it, who are the ones who attract the fans? Big fish always find a way around.”

    FFP won’t kill all those big teams. It will only stop the few that have rich owners that are bankrolling them. The big teams as you put it are the ones that don’t want the likes of ManC breaking into their little party. The likes of (god I sound like Brian Marwood) Barca and RM don’t want any more competition than they already have.

    So when you say “FFP: big clubs dont care” Of course they do.

    And if you want to compare me to Billy feel free I’ll just keep asking you to let me have the names of those 12 teams in your super league 😉

  37. Samir

    Newcastle manager Alan Pardew is resigned to losing Jose Enrique.

    Arsenal have contacted Newcastle about signing the 25-year-old defender and they have been quoted £8million.

    Arsène Wenger’s first choice to replace Manchester City signing Gael Clichy remains Leighton Baines but Everton would want at least £15m. Blackburn left-back Martin Olsson, 24, is another that has come under consideration.

  38. DaleDaGooner

    Paolo Maldini 6’1″ fast and aggressive younger years, partnered a 5″11 Franco Baresi…that was one of Milan’s best partnerships…now i’m not saying Verm and Kos are Franco and Paolo, but it breaks that myth of yours about height balance, it’s all about patnership, communication, positioning and tackling instincts

    Kos is a very good tackler , verm is too, both are fast, so far, we have seen that partnership a total of….what? 4 times? and it looked solid, now, I’m not saying this should be it, but i’d rather these 2 if we aren’t getting anyone. Djourou wasn’t consistent enough for me.

  39. bade the gooner (bernard)

    It is strange you all deal with the players needed or not when our main problem lays in the manager position….

    Get the best players, and be sure arsene will play them out of position, only because he is obsessed with the idea he’s a king maker, he can shift players from one position to another ….


  40. Tinyspuds

    SUGA3: “buying a ‘better’ GK would cost us upwards of £15M and that is just not happening, although I would buy Sorensen for no.2, as both Fabianski and Mannone are pap”

    and neither are exactly full of PL experience…

    I’m happy with our present keepers but we could really do with a guiding hand…

    whats Seaman doing these days ? fishing I guess

  41. IvoryGoonz

    Santos: main reason for me is that he’s basically paid same as Fabregas, more than RVP, while he’s 23 and RVP more proven in EPL.
    IF Benzema came, he’d have either to take a pay cut, or we’d have to give better deals to both Fabregas and RVP.
    And I dont see this happening with the board hiding behind “gonna cost us 25m” to give Nasri a new contract who’s currently much below any of them, for what? 4-5 years? its not a one off payment.
    I dont see Wenger giving Benzema a 100k deal, that would be off limit for him. cause he couldnt keep him on the long term under his current way if doing things, that would be much more expensive than giving Nasri a new contract counting Benzema’s transfer fees on top

  42. IvoryGoonz

    Suga: I know, I checked, as I do in meters first, then convert … was actually wondering what minimum size you’d think would be enough to deal with these long balls?

  43. Tinyspuds

    Djourou might be larger than Koscielny but he doesn’t really throw his weight around. I don’t know how much he weighs but he ought to be pushing more people off the ball

  44. incesc

    koz, got skinned by diouf and cost us a goal, gave away lots of pens, the worst one lost us the tie vs barce,

    fucking liability of a player.

    not looking forward to watching him fuck up again next season

  45. bade the gooner (bernard)

    One of arsene’s major obsessions, is the fact he never quits trying to re invent the wheel. The wheel was already invented you j**k arse, why don’t you try to roll it better than others you psyche, instead of wasting your energy and our team and nerves in re inventing what is already exist!


  46. DaleDaGooner

    Tiny, do you know how many times Djourou was in the box for a corner, and he was push to the ground???

  47. DaleDaGooner

    incesc….ok, Sagna got skinned twice (forget other countless times) in a game Versus WBA, costing us 2 goals, does that make him pap (using SUGA’s words)

  48. SUGA3


    defending in Serie A is a whole different affair to defending in England, especially for Milan back then…

    a tall CB has the natural advantage and a few more tricks up his sleeve than a short one…

  49. incesc


    how many times was campbell or this guy you wont know called tony adams, or keown pushed to the ground at a corner throughout their whole careers?


  50. DaleDaGooner

    by the way, Diouf was on the left side of the attack, a place where Sagna should have been tracking him, Kos chasing Diouf should not have happened.

  51. bade the gooner (bernard)

    Well dale, spare me this losers stance will you

    If that was the case then why to bring in new players, why can’t we deat with what we have eh?

    Stand up like men and call for arsene’s sacking… It’s far more realistic than those virtual deals you all draw here, as if the nutty is there he won’t let it go, he keep chasing his self-ego-crusade….

  52. DaleDaGooner

    incesc, if you want to be a little kid with me, i’ll make you sit in a corner, i thought you wanted to discuss like a sensible person, if you want to join the clown circus show of Le Grove with the other koko the clown troupe, i can put you back in there….

  53. Tinyspuds


    no. How many ?

    Oh that’s not what you meant 😉

    It’s not so much about him being pushed over it’s more about him easing people off the ball. I’d just like to see more of it.

    Just checked. He’s 90kg apparently which is over 14 stone. From watching him my personal view is he ought to be more dominant against other players.

    It’s a subjective view though

  54. incesc

    koz was well out of position and got skinned like a cunt.

    he cost us a cup final because he was too stupid to kick the ball.

    got loads of red cards and gave away lots of pens.

    id give him 3/10 for last season. Not a player a title chasing team should have in the team.

    but oh well, some fat american thinks he is technically good or whatever

  55. DaleDaGooner

    bade, if this forum is a direct link to Arsene’s sacking, then by all means, till i’m told Le Grove has now owned 70% of Arsenal, it’s pointless, let’s talk Arsenal like Gooners, not like some fucking spuds or manure supporters.

    I don’t support ARsene, i support Arsenal, before Arsene, Rioch….the real cry should be the fucking board and where they are driving this club.

  56. Tinyspuds

    Bade: “Stand up like men and call for arsene’s sacking… It’s far more realistic than those virtual deals you all draw here”

    Wenger will be here till at least the end of this season.

    SUGA3: “Sagna is currently our best defender, period”

    Agreed. He might not be able to cross a ball but he’s a top defender and a great RB

  57. DaleDaGooner

    SUGA, no arguments, BUT even our best defender has some poor judgments and has cost us some goals too, it’s a collective problem at the back 5.

  58. SUGA3


    ‘what you have to realise is that there is no spoon’ 😆

    for the umpteenth time: there is no board, just one gash toupee wearing Yank, who happens to be a fucking mute, unless he opens his mouth to say that someone who owns 30% of the joint is not allowed on the board…

    and he has been on this board for a good few years…

  59. bade the gooner (bernard)

    Yes dale
    I want to talk the arsenal…
    Problem is, it is piontless to talk about unrealistic dreams when arsene is still there… He don’t listen, he won’t listen … Mind you he has the best squad ever….
    Call me naïve, dreamy, whatever, but I believe we can drive a net rebel to sack him, he is hurting our club so severely, it would be too late to amend later ….
    I support arsenal, you’r damn right the fuckers at the board are accountable at least as arsene is….

  60. SUGA3


    if I only had to deal with each and every defender only making as many lapses as Sagna does, I would be one very happy football manager…

    IMO, Wenger should not fix what is not broken and do the bleeding obvious for once…

  61. DaleDaGooner

    SUGA, i’m not going to even dignify you with a long argument on your continuous abuse of Stan K. You want your Eastern European guy there, that’s fine, but no need to twist the truth….Stan has owned 60+% of Arsenal shares for what? Less than 4 months? And all of a sudden he is to blame for Arsenal’s 6 no trophy years?? Get a grip man.

  62. DaleDaGooner

    bade, oh believe me, noise of fan discontent is reaching him, hence the wanky interviews he is giving lately, he loves to piss the fans off.

  63. SUGA3


    is he a Yank? yes.

    does he wear a toupee? check.

    now, is the said toupee gash? affirmative.

    Stan was on the board of directors for what, 4 years? if he was an ambitious owner, he would sweeten the summer for the fans, especially after that Greek tragedy of a business end of the season!

  64. IvoryGoonz

    @tiny: in the current english league, every team of the top 5 that is not Arsenal are all not following the FFP.
    Man U
    Man City
    I’d had Usmanov with Arsenal and without Wenger but that’s just me
    PSG just got a billionaire. im sure he’d prefer to spend freely as well.
    Queen’s Park Rangers, with their new owners lol (yes, thats a joke, but we’ll see where they end this season 😉 )
    Deportivo Curuna
    AC Milan
    FC Zenit maybe?
    FC Spartak Moscow
    FC Terek
    FC Tom

    ok, there’s more than 12, thats a good start just like that thinking …

  65. DaleDaGooner

    SUGA, the FAT one had a chance to put hand in his pocket and invest int he squad directly…..if A QPR fan can buy a player for the team, I see no reason why The Fat eastern European “allegedly” rapist one should be able to.

  66. Tinyspuds

    SUGA3: “if he was an ambitious owner, he would sweeten the summer for the fans”

    That doesn’t necessarily follow.

  67. DaleDaGooner

    SUGA, yet, Friszy boy, The Lord, PHW and co did no wrong, yes sir, Dein and the inheritance queen did no wrong, no sir, Toupee lord fucked it all up.

  68. SUGA3


    since AU is the minority shareholder, I think it should be for the main man to lead the way investment wise and then invite the former to join the board and match it…

  69. DaleDaGooner

    As it stand, board or no board, Fat Eastern Uzbek owns 30% of Arsenal shares, Arsenal is still owned by a PLC, Uzbek should go to the board, ask them that should he purchase Aguero and Cahill, he’d loan them to Arsenal and pay 50% wage…That would be some fucking statement to the fans….is that even possible? I mean the slave owner who rented Tevez and Masch to WHU and then to Yoonited, he did it.

  70. DaleDaGooner

    Lets not get it twisted, I don’t like Stan, but SUGA goes on about it like fucking PHW and co are not idiots.

  71. SUGA3


    now why would a businessman give the money to another businessman, who has just gained control of the club in the way that was not necessarily in the club’s best interest and who is denying him a voice on board?

    come on, don’t be silly, why doesn’t Kroenke do it then?

  72. DaleDaGooner

    Ellis Short did exactly what Stan did, buying up shares in Sunderland, he didn’t invest in players till he bought the team outright…I won’t either, why should I? Arsenal was already a “SUSTAINABLE FUCKING VEHICLE” before he came on board, and it was Dein who brought him on…the irony!

  73. DaleDaGooner

    insect, live with it, we aint going no where, maybe you should fuck off and go support Crystal Palace, they aren’t a yank team….yet, they are still English…you fucking little cunt, incest

  74. IvoryGoonz

    DaleDaGooner says:
    July 15, 2011 at 20:41

    SUGA, i’m not going to even dignify you with a long argument on your continuous abuse of Stan K. You want your Eastern European guy there, that’s fine, but no need to twist the truth….Stan has owned 60+% of Arsenal shares for what? Less than 4 months? And all of a sudden he is to blame for Arsenal’s 6 no trophy years?? Get a grip man.
    ————but he was already on the board at the time, when he didnt have as much as usmanov has now.

  75. Tinyspuds

    @ Dale

    Once Kroenke had full control of the club Usmanov would be very unlikely to ‘donate’ to the club. Kroenke sees the club as a ‘business’ so any money that Usmanov donates to the club is to some extent a donation to Kroenke.

    Having said that there was definitely a period of time previously when he could have done it.


    Nice list. Shame it’s simply not going to happen…

  76. DaleDaGooner

    SUGA, be careful, you might switch from a combover style to wearing toupees’ soon…I wouldn’t mouth off on the internet….just in case Pedro and Geoff decide to do a “Le Grove meet and greet” I’d first of all seek out the clowns and fuck incesc face up, then look for the tiaraman and his sidekick zee.

  77. DaleDaGooner

    *hitting with a shoe* “Not funny now! Funny girl…what? Tiaraman….i said not funny you axe wound bleeding twat!”

  78. DaleDaGooner

    Tiny, and i was talking up that time, the time Silent didn’t have control. At the end, it was a Brit that brought Stan on board, a Brit that the fans trusted!

  79. SUGA3


    don’t you worry, if there is one thing that life does not have in store for me, it’s going bald 😉

    mouth off? who’s mouthing off matey?

    those who mouth off make me laugh, because they never know who the fuck they are mouthing off to…

  80. IvoryGoonz

    Tinyspuds says:
    July 15, 2011 at 21:02
    Nice list. Shame it’s simply not going to happen…
    you bloody Thanklesses

  81. frenchie


    was thinking something a little along the lines of this:,r:0,s:14&biw=1024&bih=603

  82. Tinyspuds


    Chuckle. You weren’t actually meant to bother trying to come up with 12 teams because the point is that teams such as ManU and Liverpool are not going to break away…

  83. frenchie

    wait, i found him,r:3,s:60&biw=1024&bih=603

  84. IvoryGoonz

    @ tinyspuds : time waster, know you understand why I compared you to Bob. I kneel in front of your miraculous foreseeing talent. Never heard of FC Tom I bet. well, just check who saved that teams ass lately…

    Im talking hypothetically if UEFA kicked Man City’s ass for that bloody deal. Kick-Ass! All other teams would see that they cant invest as much as they want anymore. good luck keeping the billionaires happy.
    If Man City get banned for that, with UEFA making them an example, good luck keeping billionaires happy

  85. DaleDaGooner

    Arsenal midfielder Denilson will fly to Brazil on Monday after the Gunners accepted a season-long loan offer from São Paulo’s for the wantaway 23-year-old.
    More to come.

  86. DaleDaGooner

    Arsenal FC Reserves beat Woking FC (WTF) 3-0, Aneke and JET on the board….JET, won’t he get a chance???? with the senior squad?

  87. Samir

    Denilson to Sao Paulo?
    Best news of the year! 😀

  88. Tinyspuds

    @ Ivory 21:43

    Sorry but I have no idea who this so called Bob is. Never mind hey ?

    And as you seem to be actually being serious with your superduper league thingy lets continue that theme because you’re right I have no idea who FC Tom is and I don’t really care and the thing is…and you’ll laugh at this…. neither do most other people.

    The CL is all about money and little split off leagues with FC Tom FC Dick And FC Harry simply won’t generate any.

    Which is one reason why ManU won’t join it and why Barca and Liverpool and Real Madrid (and various other big teams who I have heard of) that aren’t owned by people who can throw 100 million at them every year (just for a laugh) wont join it. And those teams also happen to be the teams that people do pay money to watch in the CL unlike FC Tom…

    So if UEFA do own a set of balls and decide the deal breaks the rules then yeah the billionaires won’t be happy but the owners and the presidents and the boards of all the important teams will be…

  89. Tinyspuds

    @ Dale

    JET will get a chance with the senior squad if he sorts himself out. Personally I don’t think it will happen. He’s undoubtedly got potential (chuckle) but he’s not fulfilling it…

  90. Goon from BD

    Hey guys its the first time I’m posting but have been following this blog for a while. Its great stuff you have here I must say.

    My main motivation behind this comment is something which concerns me more than Arsene Wenger, Cesc Fabregas, Samir Nasri and bla bla bla. My major concern is the ownership. I hope no one gets offended by this but I feel that should be our major concern more than the manager and the players at this very moment. Previously in a post it was made clear we cannot really go for big money transfers unless obviously we sell someone big( which looks more likely is Cesc which I would give a go ahead after the two games last season against Barca ). I must confess that I’m just 20 and don’t know much about finances and obviously won’t claim to know more about Arsenal’s off the field situations as I am an overseas fan. But I also must confess that it seems we have been punching above our weight if I look at our rivals. Its clearly not a level playing field at all. We seem to have acquired a bigger and better stadium but our financial backing to compete with others look zero compared to our rivals. Bad deals and owners who never seem to be interested in putting something into the team to improve and notably very happy to put extra responsibility on the manager. Another thing is that there seems to be a war in the boardroom. To me its seems no manager in the world can help us to climb up the ladder when they are in charge of our club specially considering the modern coaches. Our owners do have the financial muscle to help us but they never have done and they don’t look like they ever will. I feel that we will only buy if one of our big players are sold. Its been a trend and soon enough this tactic won’t work anymore when our rivals can always provide a better platform to success and money. Its already started. The disharmony within Man City players don’t hold them back on the field. All this makes me think that we won’t be flying high anytime soon if we don’t get our owners to spend( which they won’t as history suggests ) and better get someone who would be willing to invest in the footballing side to improve us on a regular basis.

    Feel free to educate me as I would appreciate it.

  91. Rohan

    JET isn’t even that talented. He can showboat, but he’s not exceptionally creative, not a great passer or a shooter and he’s not an exceptional finisher . Not great defensively and pretty average workrate.

    He just has some tricks up his sleeve which imo means fuck all in professional football.