Patrick Vieira: Legend | Gervinho is the new Theo | The madness of King Wenger!

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It really is tough to know how to take Arsene Wenger, it’s always around this time that the sense he was talking before we renewed our tickets goes out the window, instead, replaced by plenty of nonsense that deflects attention away from him signing the players he needs to make an impact.

Arsene Wenger came out all guns blazing with an amazing statement yesterday…

“I don’t think we are weak defensively”

Right, now as far as I can see, we’ve only ever conceded 43 goals in season once under Arsene Wenger. Last year was our joint worst defensive display under the Frenchman. In our Premiership history, we’ve only ever conceded more once and that was in 1995 when we conceded 49. In fairness, we did finish 12th, Chris Kiwomya was in the side and the Premiership consisted of 4 more games.

Last year, 43 goals conceded saw us finish in 4th place. If the season was 42 games, chances are, the form we were in would have seen us finish outside the top 4. We were shocking. Some how though, Wenger has managed to take solace in the fact that 23 of those goals were conceded from set pieces.

How, in the space of 6 months, does he take Arsenal from set piece disaster merchants, to kings of defence?

Deciphering the logic…

Well, the first thing I can imagine he’s thinking is that Thomas Vermaelen is back in the frame. The 5ft 11 Belgian is quite good in the air, though as we found out in his first season, he’s only good if he has a running jump. A ‘tremendous leap’ cannot occur from a standing position as we found out numerous times.

May I just refer Arsene Wenger to the small fact that we conceded 41 goals in a season when Thomas Vermaelen played nearly every game. I don’t have the statistics to hand, but my guess is that if we conceded less from set plays, we conceded more from open play. So basically, what I’m saying is that by bringing back Thomas Vermaelen, we’re not solving a problem. We’re merely jumbling up how we concede goals. Also remember that Thomas had the luxury of playing with an experienced Premiership veteran. Namely Silvestre. Oh, sorry, I meant Gallas.

So, if swapping personnel isn’t going to do it, what about more team preparation.

Well, that’s not going to happen is it? Pat Rice was forced to sign on for another year and as far as I can see, no changes have been made back room. Cesc did mention last year that Arsenal didn’t do much analysis into the opposition. Could this defensive problem be solved by forgetting about the individual and focusing on the additional 15-20% you can gain by knowing your enemy?

Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger are poles apart in managerial philosophy. Arsene Wenger is the extrovert rock star obsessed with creating a great show. He is the U2 of management, spreading beautiful football wherever he goes, sprinkling it with some profound comments and some politicised views. Wenger is Bono and Pat Rice is the Edge.

Jose on the other hand is the James Ford, the perfectionist in the back ground, doing the unspectacular boring stuff to produce the awards with many different bands.

Wenger needs to be more James Ford. He needs to start formulating dossier’s on the opposition players. He needs to work out where Bolton’s players are going to run from corners. He needs to tell Kieron Gibbs what to expect from his wing man. He needs to make sure someone is covering the back post. Accountability is key to great defending and if you get it right and create a unit you can take an average group of defenders and make them far more solid. You also know who to blame when something goes wrong. That’s difficult to do when no one really knows what they’re doing.

So the optimist in me tells me that’s what he’s thinking. The pessimist tells me if you’ve got a problem as outrageous as 23 goals from set pieces, your issues lie deeper than merely making sure everyone knows their role. Squillaci is arguably one of the worst signings of Wenger’s rein, he’s been systematically found out by good and bad teams, he’s part of a back 4 we know are injury prone and the manager is sticking by him?

Simple facts are as followed…

1) Wenger doesn’t like to be proved wrong on a player. It takes a minimum of 3 years for him to see the light. See Denilson, Eboue and Senderos for evidence of that.

2) Wenger doesn’t have an extensive list of players he will try for. He has a small list, if he misses out on those targets, that’s your lot. There are no surprises any more. This has been happening since he missed out on Baptista all those years ago. If Mata and Cahill fall through, I don’t see him going for more players. He’s already missed out on Friedel, Jones, Alvarez and Samba. As far as he’s concerned, the market is inflated, he’s had a go and his players have great mental spirit. Jeez people, did you not see what we did to the best Malaysia had to offer?

Ever wondered what Geoff is like to watch football with?

Poor bloke has just watched the Manchester United of Argentina go down! Things could always be worse eh?


Wenger reckons Gervinho is the new Theo Walcott. Fantastic. Exactly what this team is looking for. Give Wenger his dues though, the Ivorian bagged the most assists in Ligue 1 last year and he can play anywhere. Seems to a be a requisite of an Arsenal player these days, you have to be a jack of all trades… and in cases, master of none… as poor old right winger Nik B has found out to his demise. Things are so bad, his father has started making up clubs that are in for him..


Patrick Vieira announced his retirement from the game of football yesterday. The man was a legend, one of the most inspirational players I’ve had the pleasure of watching. He also had one of the most legendary songs to cement his reputation in the hearts of Arsenal fans all over the world. His contribution is up there with the best, his superb goal against United when he turned it in Berkamp-esque was as memorable as the screamer he scored against Newcastle at Highbury. I even enjoyed all his completely outrageous red cards, none of which he deserved.

Fittingly his last contribution to the club was the penalty that won us our last trophy against United.

A moment captured on a crappy old Samsung when Geoff and I went to the game!

Good times! Probably the worst cup final I’ve ever had the pleasure of sitting through from a footballing perspective, but equally, one of the sweetest!

All I’ll say Paddy is don’t get too involved in the transfer of Samir Nasri to City… we don’t want any soured reputations now do we?

What what was your favourite Patrick Vieira moment? Share in the comments!

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  1. willybilly

    @ Ivory

    Thats why the next day I wrote a “continuation from yesterday” on my post, I’m new to blogging and thought thats they way it rolls.

    Any way ill catch u in a bit, i’m still writing my response to the 4 in the morning one.

  2. zee

    where’s gambon when you need a spot-on point highlighting the futility of life under our manager (under his leadership before some get excited)

  3. Arse&Nose©


    I bow down to your greater knowledge on such matters what with being so close to his knob on a daily little testicular tumor

  4. zee

    josip – and if they take ade permanently as well. Did anyone get back about whether we have a sell on for ade? Apart from the easy, if accurate, reply that it doesn’t matter as it won’t be spent anyway.

  5. zee

    A&N i’m sure you’re a lovely guy, judging by your last tumour remark. You spell it with a u by the way – I can only speculate you were sucking cocks in the spelling tests.

  6. zee

    wardo don’t be offended if i’m already there. She’s not even that good, but she is easy and grateful. You do have to get past gunner’s dad though, she’s her pimp. Perversely, he’s ok.

  7. Arse&Nose©

    zee, that was a brave move there. I don’t often see you try and play the intellectual I thought you were more of the cursing and swearing type.

    Incidently you can spell it both ways, but top marks for effort,it made me chuckle 😀

  8. IvoryGoonz

    JimmyRimmer says:
    July 15, 2011 at 14:59


    I’m new here so thanks for putting out the rules. I fucking love rule fucking 4. It’s fucking funny for fucks sake!
    you’re welcome, at least YOU get it. Swear as much as you want, as long as you dont direct it to someone … I think that’s pretty easy to understand … unless you have no brain.

    July 15, 2011 at 15:06

    Willybilly devours another victim……..2 in 2 days, not bad dude……….yesterday it was gambon………today it’s ivory……..well done mate
    It’s already over since 2 days. why dont you just step aside FPB, havent taken any pain trying to comment on whatever you say, you really want me to start? at the end, neither of Willy and you and G Star are worth any of my time. I knew Willy didnt have a clue and wouldnt even know how to check if I actually answered. that’s why I pointed it again to him last days. My “copy paste” again.
    I invite everyone to actually check that. I answered straight after his last hallucinations, just sorry it took me 2 hours to actually just go through all your rubbish

    wardo says:
    July 15, 2011 at 15:08

    Pasman, i was thinking the same mate !!

    I read an Ivory post that was pretty funny also…

    Gunner, dont even bother responding you plick
    thanks mate, always good to hear

    Right, really off now, long time I didnt shoot with projectile ammo for a while now (did some laser game lately, but nothing like a good facepainting and cammouflage.)
    Enjoy the sun while it last Grovers. Off to shoot some Birmingham and Man U fan … muarf (they don’t even know … I’ve been a sharp shooter in the french legion … muarf …. want to come WillyBilly? G Star? )

    No idea for the game, I wont even check on it to be honest, real tests will not be until after the Emirates Cup anyway.
    Anyone knows when’s the next game?

  9. wardo

    Pasman, Pam will have her strap on and will be rimming Gunner in the A-hole!

    Zee, lmfao mate. I would say you can go first but in reality its more like 1,001st

  10. zee

    A&B – I don’t come on here to swear and curse, but i do unfortunately find it difficult not to respond to resident Triggers like gunner, who make up shit even though they dont know the first thing about me. Poor I know, I should rise above it. But I dont like being bracketed with people who come on here making shit up. I wouldn’t have the motivation to do that. Gunner, being extremely stupid, comes on here and raises the same tired thing every time I come on here. He’s a bit of a village idiot, gets a shit gag, then repeats it, every day, until he stumbles across some other dull subject he finds amusing. He probably can’t do his shoelaces up.

  11. timao

    hmmm… if they just paid 40m for Neymar they will want to get plenty back for Benzema. more than we’ve got to spend anyway. but i like your optimism!

  12. zee

    gunner @ 1533 – there he goes again. The coiled spastic spring. Gunner, bring some variety to your day and pop out for a bit and be a professional sperm bank for a few hours. Computer will still be there when you get back. If the police haven’t taken it

  13. wenger on holiday


    I intend to make psg a sustainable model with my sustainable friend ivan sustainable gazidas.

    have a sustainable day

  14. wardo

    Gunner, don’t tell EVERYONE mate !! jeez.

    I must stop these threesomes but you mum is pretty cheap…….we’ll have one more go then i’ll leave.

    Does cost a little extra double bagging me ol chap though. Have to do it cuase she’s a dirty one

  15. DaleDaGooner

    I’m not a complete doom and gloom brigade person, but i am not a Wenger disciple either, But his comments are getting ridiculous and the actions or inactions if i may say so, are recipes for either a stagnant Arsenal or a fall from grace, Why oh why can’t the board and Arsene see this?

    Buying Gervinho early on (and him not even starting the pre-season after months of spec) is showing a lack of ambition. Gerv should have been the topping on the big bucket of ice cream, Wenger clearly does not have his priorities and it’s telling, he is a joke now.

    A statement of intent would be to bring on 2 beasts of defenders, loaning Gibbs out and bringing in an experienced LB (I’d take Abidal from Barca or similar) Get on Loan Scot Parker, Go out and splurge on Juan Mata and bid on Benzema (This to either persuade Cesc and Nasri this is were it is happening or to ready their departure)

  16. Gunner

    Zee wanted us to believe some reporter rang him that found out something from the arsenal camp in malaysia. ROFLMAO

  17. zee

    Dale – gervinho should certainly have been tied up comfortably before the far east tour – ridiculous – he would have benefited so much from getting to know the players etc especially when we’ll have to hit the ground running next month. Missed chance but we probably saved 26p

  18. willybilly

    @ Ivory

    You twist more than the freakin beatles.

    YOu responed to me at 4 in the morning and I carried it on the next day!! sorry if that contravened EU blogging rules. I’ll remember for next time

  19. wenger on holiday

    Zee we actually saved about £200K by signing him a few weeks later in wages, and the costs of flights and accomodation for taking him on the tour to asia. However he now misses out onc crucial team bonding and and match practise, so will take several extra months to fit in, costing us several points and ultimately the premiership title

  20. IvoryGoonz

    @WillyBilly : Last one for the road

    willybilly says:
    July 15, 2011 at 15:19

    @ Ivory

    Thats why the next day I wrote a “continuation from yesterday” on my post, I’m new to blogging and thought thats they way it rolls.
    yeah, but you have been banned in the past and came back, still new to it?

    and obviously you didnt notice any of that:

    “IvoryGoonz says:
    July 12, 2011 at 14:43

    @willybilly: before you start again pissing other people off, how about you check the post from 2 days ago where you gave us all bs… Unless you actually agree on all I said… Which would surprise me given your attitude…”
    “IvoryGoonz says:
    July 13, 2011 at 03:14

    Hmmm WillyBilly promised he’d be back soon from work… That was 10h ago. Think he had the time to actually check my response on the post from 2 days ago? Didn’t spend 3 hours answering his “points” for nothing. Bugger.”
    “IvoryGoonz says:
    July 13, 2011 at 09:21

    On a good note, I haven’t seen any answer from WillyBilly… I guess he got stuck at work between a colour printer’s toner and Rossell…”
    “IvoryGoonz says:
    July 13, 2011 at 12:55

    @willybilly: ahh willybillysilly, was wondering when you’d show your head up… so you were waiting in the wings somewhere hiding, just to pop up at the right time to troll again didn’t you?
    I guess you just didn’t feel like admitting you were wrong, so in absence of actual reply to my vain attempt at communicating with you, I can only assume that’s the case, and I rest mine.”
    “IvoryGoonz says:
    July 14, 2011 at 20:38

    @WillyBilly: again your 74 Holland team? so you really didnt even take the time to actually read my answers to you last time? took 2 hours of my sleep time for that. Ok, I’ll re-say it…”

    Pedro, this guy is definitely Wenger himself … absolutely blind and delusional
    Have fun peeps

  21. Pasman

    hmmm… if they just paid 40m for Neymar they will want to get plenty back for Benzema. more than we’ve got to spend anyway. but i like your optimism!

    Real Madrid have got a squad of over 30 first team players but Mourinho prefers a small squad of 22 – 24 players, so there will be enough players to sell in order to recover some of their spending. For example, selling L. Diarra, Gago and Granero, players Mourinho doesn’t seem to like, could easily generate £30M.

    All of this is pointless though if we are not going to bid for Benzema

    Wardo, Pam is the sound you hear when you are ‘rimming’ or getting ‘rimmed’. What you need is Derek Acorah to decipher the mutterings of Pam!! Except, of course, you are graduate of Pam reading school, otherwise register here

  22. wardo

    Gunner, not sure why you pulled me into that little spat…….had a feeling it was toungue in cheek. For teh record, everything i wrote was just a bit of banter…….i don’t really have a problem with anyone on here today

  23. henry14

    Gunner – what a vile pointless piece of fucking shit you are.

    I’m sat here trying to work out why the fuck you even exist.

  24. Arse&Nose©

    willy are you sure sky sports news are broadcasting it?
    What was the point in charging members £6 a year for “arsenal player exclusive content” and then showing the same thing on a free channel!?!?

  25. wenger on holiday

    Fat Ponce,

    As you appear to already know, Pat has been up to some mischief, unfortunatly he has movement problems, so finds running and taking training sessions very hard, as i dont particpate and just stand there looking in like a vuyeur, our training sessions are non existant, perhaps why we concede many from corners.

    He also has a well known sight issue, the truth is if someone fouled a player on the field, he didnt actualyl saee it, this led him to get in a messy situation in asia, mis reading a strippers for a sushi store, when the staff got touchy feely, he assumed they were just excited to see someone as famous as pat rice so he obliged by signing thier t shirts and giving them a small tip in hope for sushi…well he certainly got some prawns, they proceeded to take his clothes off, it all got messy, but he showed some interesting qualitees that evening….

  26. Gunner

    Where’s tiarnan ?, the guy who thinks he’s the comedian of the year and henry14 you can fuck right off. Nothing I’ve said is half as bad as them cunts you fucking wanker

  27. zee

    willy i think it’s unlikely they’ll be showing it live. Where’ve you seen that? ESPN even had to show delayed coverage of the first game

  28. IvoryGoonz

    @Wardo: thanks, have a nice one too

    “The next game is on SKY SPORTS NEWS ON SATURDAY about 5 oclock i think”
    thanks for answering Pedro and me, your first constructive comment of the day. mind me asking how old you are?

  29. Josip Skoblar

    Barcelona are now accusing Arsenal of ‘kidnapping’ Fabregas (Reuters). This is a relentless dirty trick campaign.

  30. zee

    gunner, tiarnan is at times quite extreme, but he’s a fuck load funnier than you. You’re just a kind of smelly, hairy, boring, FUCKING THICK cunt boomerang.

  31. DaleDaGooner

    Re Patrick Vieira: In all this “He is a legend” talk, why isn’t he in the Arsenal back room, it baffles me that a) he did not return to us for one season we needed him most b) he is not in our coaching or back room

    Wenger is clearly not doing the right things to win.

  32. Bush Gooner

    The Mayor of Fàbregas’ home town says Cesc is “expericing a kidnapping” by Arsenal refusing to sell.

    Do one!!

  33. willybilly

    @ ivory

    So it is a crime to continue a debate the next day on the next days blog is it? So just because I have been banned I should know all about blogging? Your logic is shot there mate.

    DUDE all your little quotes are you bitching that I didn’t respond to u , when what you wrote was at four in the morning!!! I continued the next day and GEUSS WHAT? I got no response from you!! You are full of grade A BS!

    Regarding your 12.55

    I clearly didn’t see that, its obvious, when have I shirked from an argument? And again you are referring to your 4 in the morning post, jesus change the record mate, I’m working on a comprehensive response to your slab of diction

    Regarding your 20.38

    I have been back and looked, and if you’d bother to look to, you would have noticed that this comment was made long after i announced that I had a gig and was off. That is why I didn’t respond to that.

    Any way regarding the Holland team,, The argument that I was disagreeing with was that “History only remembers winners”, and Holland clearly show that this is not the case. You can argue as much as you want, but if you don’t take the argument in its origional context then you will always get it wrong. Ivory you are losing your touch old bean

  34. Arse&Nose©

    tiarnan thinks she is Jimmy from south park, the crippled kid who wants to be a comedian but no one finds him funny.

  35. Josip Skoblar


    Agreed, another missed opportunity. AW does not working with strong personalities. Why does the Board allow this to happen?

  36. willybilly

    @ Arse and nose

    Yeah my bad dude. Its on ESPN on saturday. The reason I thought it was on sky sports news, is that it was advertised on sky sports news.. I remember being weirded out by the fact they were advertising ESPN on sky. Thats why my brain must have confused its self. Must be the haze!! 😉

  37. leon

    wengers lastest comments come as no suprise to me i know it would take wenger to long back track wenger would be based of keeping is mouth shut because he know he will never backup his words

  38. Arse&Nose©

    …and finally le grove is back to being a beautiful and serene place full of grown up people debating football.

  39. scott

    My new girlfriend said I have to wait 6 months before she’ll suck my cock. I told her I totally understand and respect her decision and I’ll give her a call then.

  40. scott

    I was in a taxi yesterday and the cabbie was telling me how great it was being his own boss and that he didnt have to take orders from anybody… so I said “Take a left here mate”

  41. IvoryGoonz

    oh, almost forgot:
    here’s at what Wenger has been training our team to defensively rock:
    “The game starts at 12.30pm (UK time) but our coverage begins 15 minutes earlier.
    Our live video stream of this match will not be available on iPhone or iPad. ”

    Jul 16, 2011, 1:15pm
    It’s on ESPN


  42. DeiseGooner

    How does signing a player a few weeks later than the start of the transfer window amount to a saving on wages? Surely a contract will run for calendar years from the day of the signing – a four year deal is a four deal. Yes it would be of benefit to the team and player but in no way is it a saving on wages paid!

  43. IvoryGoonz


    “continued the next day and GEUSS WHAT? I got no response from you!! You are full of grade A BS!”


    “IvoryGoonz says: July 12, 2011 at 14:43
    “IvoryGoonz says: July 13, 2011 at 03:14
    “IvoryGoonz says: July 13, 2011 at 09:21
    “IvoryGoonz says: July 13, 2011 at 12:55
    “IvoryGoonz says: July 14, 2011 at 20:38


    “History only remembers winners”, and Holland clearly show that this is not the case.
    You can argue as much as you want, but if you don’t take the argument in its origional context then you will always get it wrong.


    LIKE “HOW OLD ARE YOU”. YOUR ONLY ANSWER IS ” Ivory you are losing your touch old bean”.


    IvoryGoonz says:
    July 12, 2011 at 03:45

    (right, with the quotes this time, I hope)
    Well Pedro, I didn’t think that one would be so long, and I actually had to shorten it, as I still intend to sleep 2 hours tonight, but there’s only a maximum of abuse I’m ready to let happen, and there’s just too much of it in Willy Billy’s comments to be addressed, so enjoy the reading for now.
    Also, forgive me for doing it here, but I don’t think it would be wise for me to ask you to post this as a main post as it is, there’s already enough evidence, and in the end, I don’t want to victimise him.So it is only in the form of a response to WillyBilly, but I’ll send you a more general post to publish if you don’t mind soon about these so called “anti-doomers” (IG Copyright).
    In the meantime, I hope this reading will at least wake him up.

    I admit I haven’t been as nice as I could have been towards you. But you didn’t exactly deserved it.
    Yes I do re-arrange, I try to organise so that I don’t repeat 5 times the same thing, and group ideas by topics, that’s called formulating a dissertation, you should try, that’s great for mind exercise. Just take the time to read, and you will see how stupid you appear to all the other posters who insulted you in return.

    Just to prove you that you can actually take the time to read people’s post, and not just shoot everywhere. I want to end this once and for all. And I thought I’d give you one last chance to actually try to communicate. Next time, I clearly wont prevent myself from calling Zeus’ thunder after your ass – and no, that is not a threat for banning you, I don’t have this power, and I can just ignore completely what you write in future. I’ll just hope you’ll be big enough to actually admit your mistakes, and your behaviour.

    I will make it simple. I’ll sum up once again all your points, and bring again supporting evidence of my argument, AGAIN, rather than doing like you and just avoiding to actually answer and admit your bs.
    Hopefully you will admit and stop your over-exaggeration about “dooming ”and many more futilities, or tactics to avoid admitting you are wrong – Id almost suspect you’re Wenger himself based just on that 😉 – … Mostly we are individuals, who all love Arsenal to bits. If you generalise things, don’t get surprised if group solidarity will turn against you. 2 brains is always better than 1.

    You started being aggressive/sarcastic towards all previous posters, (««Right, I’m seeing a lot of madness on here today, as usual! … Honestly the reactionary views posted by some on here are laughable… you doomers… Le Love …«) adding lot of exaggeration to “our claims” (««how the squad is so VASTLY weaker… and its suddenly one of the most shockingly inexperienced and shit teams in the history of the prem…»«) , which in the end destroy your basic argument.
    At least, admit the obvious.

    We didn’t say VASTLY weaker, only media would do that and you bring it here.
    But yes the squad is weaker compared to the strengthening of other teams since january, and we will lose more than Clichy, besides, despite what people reproach him, he still served us nicely all this year, and it is one less player who actually one a trophy. We do need to strengthen as well, not just to compete with other top 4-5 teams for a CL spot, but for a real PL title. We still have to make up the numbers with quality, although we lose 3 players at least, we only signed so far 2 youngsters, and Gervinho (I was born in Abidjan same year as Drogba so I refrain to comment on him – I’ll just say Im an admirer and being biased towards Ivorian players, I’d rather not comment, as I’d have signed him a year ago)

    «« we have gervinho, jenkinnson, traore, wellington and Miyaitchi who weren’t there B4 … Jenkinson is very hot property.»«

    Wellington is on loan, Jenkinson is mostly a right back, and is there to prepare departure of either Eboue or Sagna, Miyaichi is a midfielder and not yet sure of having work permit, Traore mostly an attacking midfielder, Gervinho a right winger. We will hopefully lose Bendtner and Almunia, but if we do, it’s to bring quality. Not just to make some space to more youngsters.
    Then we are told by Wenger for left back we can use Gibbs, Traore and Vermaelen. You should have a strong first team player for each starting position, and 2 covers. Gibbs is no way 30 games / season yet, and Traore will be a disaster at left back. Vermaelen is our first choice DC, and we shouldn’t have to deputise him on the left flank unless we bring better than him or that we cant find a left back for £15m. -> Balzaretti for a LB would be a good pick IMHO. Gervinho is there to be our first team Right Winger. Taking over Walcott, Walcott can be played as ST to replace RVP in second half, to bring more pace and kill the games, and avoid some injuries to him, also developing Walcott where he should be.
    ««This “one or two signings” , what if they for example they were Benzema and cahill»«
    Benzema would have to accept a big paycut. Can’t see it happening. Cahill is too expensive for Wenger at his age to ensure a minimum R.O.I. otherwise, yes, fine, please do it, and surprise us Mr Wenger.

    ««So if you look at it realistically we ARE looking stronger already, and there is plenty of time left for signings.»«
    Counting players you sent on loan the previous year doesn’t really count as strengthening, they were there, and you could have recalled them if you at least put that close in their contract. We need to improve on what we have, not just count on unproven youngsters at EPL level. Overall we are realistically –3 squad players, +1 squad player, +2 youngsters. That for me is weakening, and we really need 3 players at least of the level of Gervinho to be square with where we were, and counting the CAN possible effects. We have 50 days left for signings You lost already 30. Everything could have been wrapped up between 9th of June and 1st of July. And only Wenger finds some benefit to not doing that. – that’s why our players never have complete pre-seasons and get injured more often by the way.
    No we weren’t close. We completely lost the plot straight after Birmingham. We basically gave up while there was still 1/3 of the season to go. Gave away stupid come backs. That’s not close. Man U weren’t even trying and were being very lucky, but we still are some points away from being “close” to actually challenge them.
    You even say it yourself, «« July 10, 2011 at 15:48 … yes our football became a little directionless for the last 12 games ««
    that’s 30% of the season. Close? And why blame it on media and the fans rather than Wenger for being too over-confident, and not prioritising the League title (like saying we are competing in all 4)? who actually lost against Birmingham ? the fans? Or Wenger and his team? Why can’t he accept there’s still a gap between us and Barca?
    ««It seems that I was right all along about why we have been quiet on transfers thus far… because Wenger is trying to keep Cesc and Nasri(the very thing that you doomers say he can’t do)»«
    as you seem to include me in the “you doomers”, I actually keep saying I don’t see them living. I don’t think this year for Fabregas although it can still happen, just a few couple millions away at the end – by the way doesn’t want to play for Barcelona, but for Guardiola (yes, not Gaurdiola), ask him.
    Nasri wouldn’t go to one of our rivals. He wouldn’t have done it to Marseille, and won’t do it to Arsenal. But thanks for generalising. Makes it so much simpler to write bollocks right?
    ««If you think that Wenger has “had funds since highbury” you are sadly deluded.»«
    Just ask Wenger and check the board’s accounts and history, the board and Wenger have always said “they have money, but we will spend it wisely”. Lot was spent on renewing contracts to players who should have gone. Lot was spent on renewing our dear Wenger’s contract., or on youngsters. Rather than selling low quality and replacing with good quality. Would Barca buy Jenkinson? Wenger only bought him cause he didn’t want to spend £20m on Phil Jones, and because he had promised some English blood.
    ««Yes we could have got into serious debt over players while paying off the ems, ««
    No we couldn’t. not with billionaires for shareholders. Just let Usmanov spend his money were he likes. But Mr Wenger prefer to play with his toy alone, and doesn’t share. That’s his choice and the board’s. Never forget that. We could have negotiated much better sponsorships, tv deals, kit deals, had we actually spent a little more or let Usmanov in, and this only so that they can make more money when they sell than if they sold now to Usmanov, who actually want to spend his money, and clearly sees if we don’t win the EPL this year, or at least Carling+FA we are in trouble to renew our sponsorships deals at good rates.
    Besides Wenger did spend loads on players who didn’t work, still don’t, or don’t work anymore. Squillaci? Denilson? Diaby? Rosicky ? and that’s just few names from the current first team squad. Is that wisely spent?
    You exaggerate things, and that kills all your logic. Like that “extreme example of Leeds”. Of your own admission.
    Nothing is all white or all black, but you do act like you are all white, and we are all black.
    ««Right so I’m wrong in saying that Gibbs is touted as ashley’s replacement? It has nothing to do with being mixed race, in fact that is the first time i’ve ever thought about that similarity between them. ««
    Replacement in what sense? As English left back for national team? Yeah maybe in few years if he stops being injury prone, but at the moment he’s far from the necessary sustained fitness level needed in EPL. Still needs a couple of years, and that’s why we should get decent LB replacement for Clichy. Even if it has to be a loan until Gibbs can safely be given the keys to that position.


    Now for your crap about Vieira:
    You had replied earlier to InCesc:
    ««July 10, 2011 at 14:31 @ Incesc Do you ever listen to things in CONTEXT???»«

    ««July 10, 2011 at 15:37 @Incesc Yes we do play the best football in the league, Vieira said that exact thing a couple of months ago, and sorry i’d rather listen to him than you.»«

    no mention of “best to watch” or technical side, you’re talking best football. Period.
    Pedro and myself try to give you that context, which is actually extremely relevant as he clearly said we play pretty football, but lack leadership and focus. Then you keep on.

    ««July 10, 2011 at 17:02 @pedro
    Whilst the rest of what Patrick said does provide context, it still doesn’t change the fact that he said we play the best in england. He said we lack leadership and belief, neither of which are to do with the technical style of our play, which was the topic being discussed»«
    Then you kept on going how you were talking technically, stylistically.
    You just keep re-adjusting your bs along the way. You never mentioned technically or stylistically or best to watch. I quote you again: “YES WE DO PLAY THE BEST FOOTBALL IN THE LEAGUE”.

    I hope that clears the matter. Next time, call a cat a cat from the start, don’t call it a dog first, change it to a dog with moustache, and finish by a cat. Unless you’re into Peter Sellers movies, but then you got nothing to do here… there are plenty people here with lot of moaning humour. None of us want to spend more time on this, but I thought I’d be kind for all your non insulting (and bear in mind clean words can be much more violent than swear words, or insults. Next time just say “I think technically we play the best looking football”, and if you quote Vieira, quote the whole sentence, not just the bit that arranges you. Or don’t complain if you get abuse.


    IV) MONEY! or is it Money, Money, Money!?

    ««July 10, 2011 at 16:10 … and the FFP rules will only go to prove that we have been doing things the right way.»«
    The FFP will not change anything for clubs with bilionnaires spending, or huge sponsors backings. They will always find ways to spend their money, whatever rule is implemented. It will save lower clubs from going bust in theory, but all this is still very speculative, and will not put Arsenal at the same level. Platini hates Wenger. And vice-versa. He wouldn’t accept something that would make him “perdre la face” with Wenger, like he refused the video. Why would he let go through the FFP if it would kill all those big teams to play in it, who are the ones who attract the fans? Big fish always find a way around.
    ««Now we are secure, over the next couple of seasons we can invest in big players without compromising the long term stability of the club»«
    No we can’t. We don’t even have enough to raise Cesc or Nasri to their real market value. How you gonna pay 200k a week for a David Villa for example?
    ««July 10, 2011 at 16:34
    1) @ Pedro … I’m not going to get into measuring the size of our season tickets, it is irrelevant, and by saying that you are alienating 99% of arsenal fans across the globe, not very smart…
    2) So what has cesc said that makes you know the reason for wanting to leave?, he has simply stated that he is happy and loves arsenal. We all know he wants to leave, but you are speculating on the exact reasons why.»«

    1) don’t measure, you would lose. (though you do specify you went 6 times and watch all games. Safe bet. A la Wenger.
    again, exaggerating, and not seeing clear. Are you saying there are only 1% AKB left (cool !?!).
    besides, if Pedro/me/Grovers do paint a more realistic picture, it can only be to the benefit of the mass. Lies and false expectations are the source of divorces and disappointment. Nothing else. Just accept your club at his current level, and accept we/Wenger/the board need to do more if we want to keep up with the pace, and finally get to winning ways again.
    2) everybody in Spain knows that Fabregas picked his playstyle after Guardiola, and that is why he wants to play under him. With the current climate between Rossell and Guardiola, if Fab wants to play for Guardiola at Barca, he’d better be quick. Other option is to ask Guardiola to replace Wenger, and we’ll see if Pique doesn’t want to join the Arsenal rather than Fabregas going the other way.

    I will stop at comments at 17H40 on that day, there’d be too much to comment again and again and again.
    If others fancy spending more time on this clown, feel free. I’ve done my homework.

    Now WillyBilly:

    Just admit you’re a clerk paid by Wenger to troll this neo-realistic-post-Wengeristic blogg! Does he send you his used cheque-books? Or his used shoes?

    PS: Forgive me for not going through all MY posts as well, I’m sure if you see a question I haven’t answered you’ll ask again, and that if you see a question you haven’t answered, you’ll do the decent thing to answer it by yourself – cause I’ll just have to come back and read it again when I’ll have nothing to do. I need some sleep now.
    Night Grovers.

  44. IvoryGoonz

    And with your last piece you just answered it all yourself:

    “Must be the haze!! ;-)”


  45. bade the gooner (bernard)

    So now we don’t have defensive problems eh? True those problems seems to pop up during the real season, not the preseason!
    I wonder how many of you still believe in him?
    I believe in love and romance, but those beautiful and worthy principles have nothing to do with arsene

    He is an ego maniac trying to prove some pervert pionts to himself… Why should we accept this self-crusade upon the back of our beloved arsenal?

    It is beyond me, it is beyond any sense or logic. This man is getting more and more pathetic!


  46. DeiseGooner

    Explain how its saving money? A four year contract is a four year contract, if its signed 2 weeks later than you think, it runs 2 weeks past when you think it would end ……so how do you save money?

  47. IvoryGoonz

    @WillyBillySilly: Oh, and I forgot as well.

  48. willybilly

    @ Ivory

    Are you completely insane. You posted that at night, The last comment I read from you was from earlier on, around midnight. Excuse me for thinking that you were done for the night. I posted the NEXT DAY in response to the comment I thought was your last. It is only today that you have shown me this one 4 TIMES in fact , and i’ve told you I’m writing you a response, and considering how long took you to do yours, gimme a chance.

    So you mentalist, your post that you r so obsessed that people read, that you posted it 4 times now, is the post you wrote BEFORE I responded the next day. I didn’t see it because it was 4 in the morning. I continued the debate the next day, thinking that was the right thing to do, and I got NO responce; Misunderstanding or not, that was the situation. So why are you going on like a broken record repeating yourself over and over?

  49. bade the gooner (bernard)

    I have to admit, the judgement may brigade is a fucking winner eh!!!!


  50. willybilly

    @ Ivory

    you continually accuse me of lying, and neglecting peoples points, dude you are ignoring that sometimes loads of people are talking to me, and I might miss stuff like everyone. But you, like you say I do, ignore valid points if they don’t suit what your saying, you call me a spinner, you are exactly the same.

  51. Arse&Nose©

    gunner , just seen this lucy cohu and can confidently say you won’t have much competition there- go for it! haha

  52. willybilly

    @ Ivory

    Fool, stop re posting things over and over, to try and convince people that you have a lot to say.


    He accuses me of taking things out of context!! HAHA! Sorry grovers in advance for the length of the post that I am writing to take down ivory, you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to.

    I’ll promise you one thing though, the majority of its bulk will be made up of my words, not like Ivory’s, who’s post is mainly comprised of other people’s words.

  53. PragmatistGOONER

    How is this team??


    Eboue Squillaci Kozzer Gibbs

    WINNER Diaby

    Walcott Nasri Arshavin


  54. Arse&Nose©

    you hear that the mayor of Cesc’s catalan town said Arsenal have kidnapped him and won’t let him come home. hahaha

  55. IvoryGoonz

    @WillyBilly: I excuse you, first, second, you are so exceptional. I love you. now care to actually answer anything at all to my answers to your pathetic attempt at being logic while being stoned?

    yeah! its not raining, lets paint some face.

  56. Lurch LeRouge

    “Q. Rebekah Brooks, would you?”

    ….from secretary to editor in 11 years.

    clearly old ruppey fancied a bit of the ginger minge,


  57. IvoryGoonz

    willybilly says:
    July 15, 2011 at 16:57

    @ Ivory

    you continually accuse me of lying, and neglecting peoples points,

    One song for you and Arsene:

  58. PragmatistGOONER

    Dumbass mayor….@Arse&Nose—Hehe…Let the mayor of London say that Barca are molesting fabregas..But who will speak for Wenger the liar??

  59. Tinyspuds

    “We want him to come right away, he is experiencing a kidnapping,” Estanislau Fors i Garcia, the mayor of the Catalan town Arenys de Mar where Fábregas grew up, was quoted in Sport.

    “If the English are so honourable they should behave properly,” he added. “Arsène Wenger has to stop clowning around because it’s disorienting for all of us.”

    If that is a correct translation then that guy is seriously mental.

  60. IvoryGoonz

    Sh*t my handicap is waiting in the base camp.
    please rain!
    @pharo9ja: he can’t say I didn’t warn him. now he can say whatever, I dont care about this clown anymore. I dont spend my time on this blog to misinform and write Wenger’s propaganda.

  61. Tinyspuds

    IvoryGoonz: “The FFP will not change anything for clubs with bilionnaires spending, or huge sponsors backings. They will always find ways to spend their money, whatever rule is implemented. It will save lower clubs from going bust in theory, but all this is still very speculative, and will not put Arsenal at the same level. Platini hates Wenger. And vice-versa. He wouldn’t accept something that would make him “perdre la face” with Wenger, like he refused the video. Why would he let go through the FFP if it would kill all those big teams to play in it, who are the ones who attract the fans? Big fish always find a way around.”

    How many clubs are being bankrolled by billionaires in the English Spanish German Italian French leagues ?

    The vast majority of the big clubs want FFP. As does Platini. He may hate Wenger but he’s not going to scupper it just to piss off Wenger.

  62. Josip Skoblar

    Since you ask, Pedro, one of my favourite Paddy moments was in October 1996. I saw him play one of his first games in Highbury against Leeds Utd (managed by George Graham). Young Paddy was magnificient from start to finish, and was named man of the match. We beat Leeds 3-0 that day. Do you remember that game?

  63. TOMTOM

    Haha Wenger really has lost the plot. “I believe that it is our destiny to win the league” Get a fucking grip you deluded French cunt

  64. SUGA3

    Wenger comments are worrying indeed…

    that, and the way the CBs were deployed against Malaysia:

    – Koscielny in the right CB slot, where he is lost, having played the entire last season in the slot occupied by Verm

    – Koscielny’s partnership with Djourou broken up

    – Djourou played in the left CB slot, despite having played the whole last season in the other one, just to accommodate Squillaci

    that way, instead of admitting a mistake, buying that big fuck off right footer to partner Vermaelen with, we have complete disarray in the defence: both Koscielny and Djourou made mistakes that were IMO caused by being played more or less out of position and with an unsuitable partner…

    and don’t even get me started on how much of an abomination Squillaci is…

  65. SUGA3

    destiny indeed, Jesus, this guy’s levels of delusion are now officially in the ‘early 1945 Hitler’ areas…

    awarding medals to kids, believing in the messianic influence of the ‘Wunderwaffe’ (FFP), does that sound familiar?

  66. IvoryGoonz

    @tinyspuds: I think I didnt express that point clearly enough. On the number of teams bankrolled by billionaires OR HUGE SPONSORS BACKING.
    In all europe not only 4 leagues, including Russia, Ukraine, same as CL…ok, when Im back I’ll dig that up. Im sure I can find 12 teams at least to start a european super league.
    Platini: its all about the money, corruption, and if he can fk Wenger in the way (and Arsenal because of that) he wont hesitate. Its more than 10 years I believe Wenger asks for video, and its still not happening. why?

    FFP: big clubs dont care. they said yes to not upset UEFA, but they know it wont prevent City from spending more than their actual “real” net income, and Arsene himself said it:
    “It raises the real question about the credibility of the financial fair play,” said the Gunners boss. “They give us the message that they can get around it by doing what they want. The difficulty and the credibility of the financial fair play is at stake.”

    Wenger doesnt have the corones to stand up for the club and challenge directly.
    Like even admitting Barca is tapping up, contradicting himself as he did receive offers from Barca. He just said no, but that’s still a negotiation. and he won’t be doing anything about it:

    “I don’t think it’s a sentence big enough to report a club to FIFA,” said Wenger. “The impression I had was that it wasn’t respectful to our Club or to Cesc. I don’t make more than that.

    “It has to stop, of course. If there is a transfer negotiation between two clubs, I don’t think it is healthy if players come out [and talk] who are not concerned by it. Unfortunately, in this case, it has happened a few times. It will not contribute to sort any problem out.

    “Xavi has no direct part to play in that story and I don’t see why he should, unless he has an official job to do for Barcelona. I don’t see why he can go on the [official Barcelona] website and make this kind of statement.”

    At the end, I think Wenger also suffer from one main disadvantage: if he was english he would find the right words straight away in english. he still think as a french when he speaks in english, and do same as I do. I know. He should know. Difference is that he’s paid in a year what would take me maybe 20 years to do, or more, and should be able to have a communication team to prepare his speaches if he’s got to make “politicaly correct” answers
    took me 30mins just to write that, started just after your post, got paint all over me. cool. going home.

  67. SUGA3

    I like Djourou as the ‘large’ part of the second choice CB set (with Koscielny), he is good enough to keep another ‘large’ on his toes and deputise whenever necessary…

  68. TOMTOM

    If Wenger wants Cahill why is it not a done deal yet? Why cant he just do what is required and at least try to save his reputation. Really cant understand why he wont even try to sign quality players.

  69. TOMTOM

    Djourou is a disaster,he constantly makes mistakes and lacks the confidence to lead a defence. The dogs on the street know that our defence is a joke yet Wengers solution is to sign Gervinho,why is the defence not his priority?

  70. Rohan

    Wouldn’t read too much into that. It’s just a slip of the tongue really. He already speaks better English than 99% of English managers. 😀

  71. IvoryGoonz
    “UEFA’s Executive Committee unanimously approved a financial fair play concept for the game’s well-being in September 2009. The concept has also been supported by the entire football family, with its principal objectives being:

    • to introduce more discipline and rationality in club football finances;
    • to decrease pressure on salaries and transfer fees and limit inflationary effect;
    • to encourage clubs to compete with(in) their revenues;
    • to encourage long-term investments in the youth sector and infrastructure;
    • to protect the long-term viability of European club football;
    • to ensure clubs settle their liabilities on a timely basis.”

    you notice the -in- between brackets? its between brackets. its not within.

    have a nice reading of the full text.

    check page 76, relevant income, (e) and tell me it says a billionaire can’t spend his money how he wants, if he wants to.

  72. willybilly

    @ pedro

    Fair enough, sorry for going on.


    Guess I’ll save what I’ve been writing for another day, soon.

  73. BillikenGooner

    I had a conversation with an “everything is rosy” fan the other day and they said with all earnestness that our 4 CBs are talent wise, in total, the best 4 in the PL and possibly Europe and that all they need is another year to gel.. so if not this year, the following we will have the best defense in the game.

    They then asked me to name a team with a better 4 when I said, “What the fuck are you talking about?”

    I had to resist the urge to punch the guy in the face and went to the other side of the party and didn’t talk to him again.

  74. IvoryGoonz

    Rohan says:
    July 15, 2011 at 18:16

    Wouldn’t read too much into that. It’s just a slip of the tongue really. He already speaks better English than 99% of English managers. 😀
    you know i was being chicky 😉

  75. SUGA3


    FFP is OGL’s ‘Wunderwaffe’, which will not help one bit…

    but how on earth can we compete with the setup in charge? our kit deal with Nike is worth £8M per annum, just extended because there was such an option in the previous contract…

    how much do Manures get again? or, dare I ask, even Liverpool?

    this club could and should do MUCH better in that field, but they are not exactly the quickest thinkers if ditching the colour coded quadrants in favour of the old ‘stands’ took them what, 3 years?

  76. Rohan

    Suggest you read this.

    A billionaire can “spend” what he likes , yes, but then the club need to generate sufficient revenue to break even within 3 years.
    As it mentions in that article, which is surprisingly good for, it remains to be seen how hard UEFA will step down on the likes of City who are basically testing the waters.

    While I don’t really think it’ll help to really bridge the gap between the elite and the smaller clubs, it will stop the likes of City/Chelsea from “trophies’ which imo is a good thing.

    Platini’s role in this has nothing to do with him hating Wenger. That’s an incredibly naive way of looking at it. He stands to lose credibility if UEFA come out looking as a bunch of losers.

  77. Tinyspuds

    IvoryGoonz: “check page 76, relevant income, (e) and tell me it says a billionaire can’t spend his money how he wants, if he wants to.”

    I’ll have a good look through it at some point. There’s a lot to get through but I found something quite easiIy I suggest you keep reading past that point. The next few pages will help you:

    “j) Income transaction(s) with related party(ies) above fair value”

    You mention a 12 team Super league. I’d be interested in which teams you think you would form that if UEFA put their foot down concerning FFP. The only teams that don’t want FFP are the ones that require outside monies. That’s basically Chelsea and ManCity.

    And I have to ask again.

    Are you seriously telling me Platini will dump FFP just to fuck off Wenger ? A simple yes / no will suffice

  78. Rohan

    FFP does mean that Spain (Barcelona and Madrid) will continue to dominate over English football for a long time since they are able to generate far more revenue because they’re able to draw up their own individual TV licensing deals unlike the Premiership where it’s split evenly.

  79. Tinyspuds


    I guess the hope is that when (and if) we get some decent commercial deals in place and if FFP actually works we ought to be ahead of LIverpool ManC and Chelsea and close to ManU.

    Going to be a while though 🙁

  80. IvoryGoonz

    you say sorry and then you keep on?
    @Pedro. no comment.

    @Rohan: what I meant is that basically Wenger does lack vocabulary in english, and it makes his repeated “politicaly correct” answers boring.

  81. SUGA3

    no one will bat an eyelid at City’s £40M deals, they will argue that they are going places, hence the fairness of the amount requirement is met…

  82. Rohan

    I wonder if City’s lack of distinct activity this summer has anything to do with FFP. Still fail to see how they’ll break even with the wages they’re paying.

    The Etihad deal is a joke. It’s just an internal transfer of funds from one account to another.
    What UEFA’s response is will make of break FFP in my eyes.

  83. IvoryGoonz

    @Suga3: im on your side on this one, I didnt say anything else. Pardon me if that wasnt obvious…

  84. Garetgax

    My mrs is a manc and she’s been saying it for about 4 years and before last season I admit I was in the AKB camp but surely there arent many left? Why are we as supporters doing nothing? Are the majorirty of our fans that stupid or blind as well? I can see us starting well actually as our first team will be fit and fresh. The problem is in the key part of the season as we still dont have the depth.

    Wenger is a senile stubborn deluded cunt. Ivan is a close second and Kronic has proven all he cares about is money and not our beloved football club. Utter Utter disgrace!!

    Can we not get a petition or something together?

  85. SUGA3


    ever since DD left, the overall management of the club as the enterprise has gone to pot…

    in the survey Dein was wanted back at the club by what, 70 percent?

    *Ouch* :mrgreen:

  86. Rohan

    No it’s not. Etihad, ADIC are all part of the same entity/governing body. The 40 million comes from the same source. It’s a farce imo.

    It’s up to City to prove that it really is the market price. Which they can’t unless someone else strikes up a similar deal.

  87. Rohan

    Though Liverpool’s owner John W Henry, who is clearly deeply unhappy with the transparency of the Etihad deal, backed Arsenal manger Arsène Wenger’s criticism of the deal as “financial doping” yesterday, City are comfortable that it represents “fair value” and is not simply a means of the Abu Dhabi royal family, which founded Etihad, artificially inflating the balance sheet of the club owned by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al-Nahyan and enabling it to meet the FFP rules.

    haha, “financial doping”. Wengerism’s are becoming popular.