Patrick Vieira: Legend | Gervinho is the new Theo | The madness of King Wenger!

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It really is tough to know how to take Arsene Wenger, it’s always around this time that the sense he was talking before we renewed our tickets goes out the window, instead, replaced by plenty of nonsense that deflects attention away from him signing the players he needs to make an impact.

Arsene Wenger came out all guns blazing with an amazing statement yesterday…

“I don’t think we are weak defensively”

Right, now as far as I can see, we’ve only ever conceded 43 goals in season once under Arsene Wenger. Last year was our joint worst defensive display under the Frenchman. In our Premiership history, we’ve only ever conceded more once and that was in 1995 when we conceded 49. In fairness, we did finish 12th, Chris Kiwomya was in the side and the Premiership consisted of 4 more games.

Last year, 43 goals conceded saw us finish in 4th place. If the season was 42 games, chances are, the form we were in would have seen us finish outside the top 4. We were shocking. Some how though, Wenger has managed to take solace in the fact that 23 of those goals were conceded from set pieces.

How, in the space of 6 months, does he take Arsenal from set piece disaster merchants, to kings of defence?

Deciphering the logic…

Well, the first thing I can imagine he’s thinking is that Thomas Vermaelen is back in the frame. The 5ft 11 Belgian is quite good in the air, though as we found out in his first season, he’s only good if he has a running jump. A ‘tremendous leap’ cannot occur from a standing position as we found out numerous times.

May I just refer Arsene Wenger to the small fact that we conceded 41 goals in a season when Thomas Vermaelen played nearly every game. I don’t have the statistics to hand, but my guess is that if we conceded less from set plays, we conceded more from open play. So basically, what I’m saying is that by bringing back Thomas Vermaelen, we’re not solving a problem. We’re merely jumbling up how we concede goals. Also remember that Thomas had the luxury of playing with an experienced Premiership veteran. Namely Silvestre. Oh, sorry, I meant Gallas.

So, if swapping personnel isn’t going to do it, what about more team preparation.

Well, that’s not going to happen is it? Pat Rice was forced to sign on for another year and as far as I can see, no changes have been made back room. Cesc did mention last year that Arsenal didn’t do much analysis into the opposition. Could this defensive problem be solved by forgetting about the individual and focusing on the additional 15-20% you can gain by knowing your enemy?

Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger are poles apart in managerial philosophy. Arsene Wenger is the extrovert rock star obsessed with creating a great show. He is the U2 of management, spreading beautiful football wherever he goes, sprinkling it with some profound comments and some politicised views. Wenger is Bono and Pat Rice is the Edge.

Jose on the other hand is the James Ford, the perfectionist in the back ground, doing the unspectacular boring stuff to produce the awards with many different bands.

Wenger needs to be more James Ford. He needs to start formulating dossier’s on the opposition players. He needs to work out where Bolton’s players are going to run from corners. He needs to tell Kieron Gibbs what to expect from his wing man. He needs to make sure someone is covering the back post. Accountability is key to great defending and if you get it right and create a unit you can take an average group of defenders and make them far more solid. You also know who to blame when something goes wrong. That’s difficult to do when no one really knows what they’re doing.

So the optimist in me tells me that’s what he’s thinking. The pessimist tells me if you’ve got a problem as outrageous as 23 goals from set pieces, your issues lie deeper than merely making sure everyone knows their role. Squillaci is arguably one of the worst signings of Wenger’s rein, he’s been systematically found out by good and bad teams, he’s part of a back 4 we know are injury prone and the manager is sticking by him?

Simple facts are as followed…

1) Wenger doesn’t like to be proved wrong on a player. It takes a minimum of 3 years for him to see the light. See Denilson, Eboue and Senderos for evidence of that.

2) Wenger doesn’t have an extensive list of players he will try for. He has a small list, if he misses out on those targets, that’s your lot. There are no surprises any more. This has been happening since he missed out on Baptista all those years ago. If Mata and Cahill fall through, I don’t see him going for more players. He’s already missed out on Friedel, Jones, Alvarez and Samba. As far as he’s concerned, the market is inflated, he’s had a go and his players have great mental spirit. Jeez people, did you not see what we did to the best Malaysia had to offer?

Ever wondered what Geoff is like to watch football with?

Poor bloke has just watched the Manchester United of Argentina go down! Things could always be worse eh?


Wenger reckons Gervinho is the new Theo Walcott. Fantastic. Exactly what this team is looking for. Give Wenger his dues though, the Ivorian bagged the most assists in Ligue 1 last year and he can play anywhere. Seems to a be a requisite of an Arsenal player these days, you have to be a jack of all trades… and in cases, master of none… as poor old right winger Nik B has found out to his demise. Things are so bad, his father has started making up clubs that are in for him..


Patrick Vieira announced his retirement from the game of football yesterday. The man was a legend, one of the most inspirational players I’ve had the pleasure of watching. He also had one of the most legendary songs to cement his reputation in the hearts of Arsenal fans all over the world. His contribution is up there with the best, his superb goal against United when he turned it in Berkamp-esque was as memorable as the screamer he scored against Newcastle at Highbury. I even enjoyed all his completely outrageous red cards, none of which he deserved.

Fittingly his last contribution to the club was the penalty that won us our last trophy against United.

A moment captured on a crappy old Samsung when Geoff and I went to the game!

Good times! Probably the worst cup final I’ve ever had the pleasure of sitting through from a footballing perspective, but equally, one of the sweetest!

All I’ll say Paddy is don’t get too involved in the transfer of Samir Nasri to City… we don’t want any soured reputations now do we?

What what was your favourite Patrick Vieira moment? Share in the comments!

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812 Responses to “Patrick Vieira: Legend | Gervinho is the new Theo | The madness of King Wenger!”

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  1. Mink

    I used to get angry but now I am just amused. I honestly think that Wenger has literally gone a bit crazy in recent years. Not strengthening the team defensively would be an absolutely shocking decision.

  2. Grimandi

    great post, totally agree with you re Wenger!

    I think he’s doing what he does every year, and that’s to prepare us for no major signings

  3. Grimandi

    We need

    one of – Cahil, Mertersacker or Samba

    One of – Nzogbia, Hazard or Douglas Costa

    And Benzema

  4. PragmatistGOONER

    Paddy scoring the first goal against CHelsea at Bridge in 03-04…And YESS after Vieira was red carded when RVN did a great acting job to send him off at OT…Just think what Vieira would have done to RVN after he missed the penalty!!!

  5. Doublegooner

    The Melting Pot is ticking away.

    All we are hearing is signs of Groundhog Day.

    IWithout any significant signings when we have a poor start then Wenger WILL & DESERVE to be Hounded mercifully.

    I fail to see how Le-Grove could do nothing else but support this action.

  6. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    good read… i said he wont sign anymore players… also i think he will try and develop Carl Jenkinson into a CB, he fits the bill tall,plays with both feet, and we all know how wenger likes to reinvent players in different postitions. hope i’m wrong , but this is our squad for the season.

    good point that he dont see the wood throuigh the trees on players for 3 years… or 6 in alumania case!

  7. PragmatistGOONER

    Should we sign Harry Houdini? Good news grovers Pascal Cygan retires from football..Afterall nothing is impossible for Mr. Wenger….

  8. OPG

    Vermaelen was sat next to him so don’t expect him to say the defense is shite but the BS spin about us being close to winning the title and all the usual excuses (young team and injuries) is getting ridiculous.

  9. PragmatistGOONER

    I will be happy to see Jenkinson in for Squillaci….An AKB said Squllaci >>>> Jagielka…The AKB is known as @positivegunner

  10. Walking Wounded

    So yesterday an Arsenal legend retired. He will always be remembered by all Arsenal fans.

    Good luck in your retirement…..

    Pascal Cygan

  11. Moray

    it’s crazy. every year I think Wenger must have realised, or at least the Board must be exerting pressure on him…but then he reverts to the same threadbare story. Players coming back are like new players, no defensive problems, only lost out by a cigarette paper etc. For many years now he has had this personal defensive position which is extremely damaging as it blinds him to critiscism, even the constructive stuff.

    Like him or hate him, Mourinho is a pioneer. And the young guy at Chelski has already taken some brave steps to take the team by the scruff of the neck. Wenger acts like a man in denial. Like the captain of the titanic, explaining that the hole is not so big.

    This summer we desperately needed a statement of intent to repair the belief which left our team after the Carling Cup. Both belief inside the team and in the fanbase. None was forthcoming. No stirling speech by manager, Board or owner, no call of unity from the captain, no exciting signing to galvanise the club. Wenger does not understand this at all, and he is patently unable to engage with the excitement of the fans which a marquee signing would bring.

    To simply ignore a defense that is getting steadily worse every year, to let players leave and insult the club with no action taken, it really is pathetic. Realistically, it would be surprising if we bought more than one more player, or offloaded more than one more; and our slide will continue.

    By the way, I though Clownmunia was out of contract?? Did Wenger extend it this summer on the sly or somthing?

  12. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    so maybe our CB’s are

    Bartley (if not onloan)
    Carl Jenkinson

    whateve happend to Jamie edge the CB we signed two seasons ago from cheltnham?

  13. Doublegooner

    R S P C

    Just to let you know…Grimandi ‘found’ Denilson.

    Does that mean he’s still a legend ? !

  14. incesc

    did anyone think wenger was going to go out a buy some proper players this summer?



    we need to get the chinese to kill wenger, what do they hate?

    sharks and tibet?

  15. Grimandi

    PragmatistGOONER says:
    July 15, 2011 at 09:29
    We have Gervinho…No need to bring greedybayor back.././././.

    Agree with that

    R.S.P.C.Arsenal says:
    July 15, 2011 at 09:30
    grimandi…. greart memories…

    That Vid brings tears to my eyes!

  16. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    DG… no i was refering to the post of vieira… all those great goals!

    Dennilison was captain of brasil u18 at one point in his career… did AW kill his football career? he must of had something at one point?

  17. Mr Arsenal

    Begging Pat Rice to stay and Arsene missing out on PV4 shows we have ambition to win jack shit this season.

    Our current defensive set up is poor and if Wenger does not get in a new defensive coach and a leader Cb, then i fear much of the same shit next season.

    Watching Squallaci and Djourou in the game vs Malaysia made me cringe every time they touched the ball

  18. Grimandi

    Doublegooner says:
    July 15, 2011 at 09:32
    R S P C

    Just to let you know…Grimandi ‘found’ Denilson.

    Does that mean he’s still a legend ?

    I’ll let you decide that

  19. Kapslock

    PV4 legend.

    Goal against the scum at shite hart lane > *

    Grimandi is a cunt.

    Wenger is a bigger cunt.

  20. Skandibird

    The Wenger situation and his own ‘belief’ about the team reminds me of the story;

    The King’s New Clothes :-

    ‘Now there was once a king who was absolutely insane about new clothes and one day, two swindlers came to sell him what they said was a magic suit of clothes. Now, they held up this particular garment and they said, “Your Majesty, this is a magic suit.” Well, the truth of the matter is, there was no suit there at all. But the swindlers were very smart, and they said, “Your Majesty, to a wise man this is a beautiful raiment but to a fool it is absolutely invisible.” Naturally, the King not wanting to appear a fool, said,

    “Isn’t it grand! Isn’t it fine! Look at the cut, the style, the line!
    The suit of clothes is all together
    But all together it’s all together
    The most remarkable suit of clothes that I have ever seen.
    These eyes of mine at once determined
    The sleeves are velvet, the cape is ermine
    The hose are blue and the doublet is a lovely shade of green.

    “Look at the King! Look at the the King! Look at the King, the King, the King!
    The King is in the all together
    But all together the all together
    He’s all together as naked as the day that he was born.
    The King is in the all together
    But all together the all together
    It’s all together the very least the King has ever worn.”

    All the courts positioned to call an intermission
    His majesty is wide open to ridicule and scorn

  21. Moray

    Adebayor was largely shit for us. He is still a 7m pound player for me. And he is a royal prick. Fuck, I’d rather have Teddy Sheringham playing for us than Adebayor back. I hope he enjoys warming the bench at Shitty reserves…

  22. gnarleygeorge9

    Ray Parlour has claimed the Premier League’s top midfielders would dread the thought of playing against Patrick Vieira.

    The Frenchman retired from the game on Thursday and will take up a coaching role at Manchester City.

    Yes, its great to hear Romford Pele say this, & they were great times, but geez they won a lot of trophys Keane & Scholes. Thats what its all about. Fancy footy don’t mean shit really.

    But when Paddy V was onthe pitch The Arsenal stood tall.

  23. PragmatistGOONER

    We will sign Cristoper Olsson…He will be a legend in 4years..He is 16years now but he will improve!!!

  24. Skandibird

    What I am trying to say is that Wenger comes across such a deluded individual at times, it is quite sad to listen to him, it is almost reminiscent of my poor dear Mother who is on the verge of Dementia…. (truly)

  25. obum

    and that is all the signing for the season (gervinho and jenkinson). We need to add to our backroom more than the playing unit.

  26. gambon


    Wenger is SUCH a deluded cunt, lets look at the bullshit he has spouted in the last 24 hours.

    “I knew at some stage that it was lost and I had so much hope for the team because through November and December, you could feel that the team had really taken off and could win everything.

    And it was so close”

    -Fucking demento

    I believe that the real destiny of this team is now there. They know as well as I know that we were very, very close

    -Only mentally ill cunts talk about destiny.

    “Which is what I think we can do because we are a young team”


  27. PragmatistGOONER

    I will go mad if Wenger gives any excuse if we lose against Liverpool or ManUtd this August….And mind you grovers should boo Wenger if we concede any silly goals…

  28. Fatboy

    How the fuck is it Grimandi’s fault Denilson did not fulfil his potential??

    What about all of the good work he has done for the club as a scout and player?

    Show some fucking respect.

    You sound like a fucking 3 year old.


    Cygan was still terrorising home fans at some unlucky team?……lol……..
    Fav vieira moment? hmm………………Him scoring the last goal in the invincible season versus leicster city i think…….then lifting the prem title as the skipper…….GREAT LEADER, GREAT MENTAL STRENGTH, TOOK NO SHIT FROM ANYONE, FOOTBALLING HARD MAN, MADE ROY KEANE LOOK LIKE A NUN AT TIMES………..THE REASON WE WERE FEARED ALL OVER EUROPE!

  30. Rob The Goon

    Great post Pedro

    Paddy is a Legend…its a shame we didnt offer him a coaching role at our club

    Touching on your comments about defending…James Milner had a few words….

    England man Milner, speaking in San Francisco, said: “Gael hasn’t been here too long but he’s seen a few tackles fly in.

    “He’s surprised at that because at Arsenal they don’t tackle too much in training.

    Wenger doesn’t teach defence! Clichy is SUPRISED…wtf! all this tippy tappy shit in training doesn’t prepare us for the likes of stoke and others. I get the feeling clichy will become a better defender

  31. Goonerfied85

    Can’t believe the rubbish thats comes out of Wengers mouth.

    We all as supporters want the club to do well, not finish fourth & not win anything & then get a massive rise on our season tickets.

    Lets be honest as much as we all would like world class signings as Wenger promised at the end of the season we all knew it was ot going to happen & dont say we have signed Gervinho he is still unproven & not world class.

    We definitely need signings of intent to put fear into other teams again. We dont have that any more like we used to which gave us an edge before a game even kicked off.

    Arsenal forever but infortunately Wenger needs to wake up & make the changes before its too late or leave now.

  32. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    i think the blog siummed it up perfectly, and opredicted by many. at the close of the season they trumped off how much we need to stregthen the squad links with all what we would hope for ,, now a month to go no one! this me thinks is that the trummping off served its purpose get all the ST to renew, red level renes etc.. lie lies lies

  33. Skandibird

    Aston Villa bidding for NZogbia, obviously AFC not interested, and quite frankly I’m not that bothered; if true, Parker & Agent have been waiting for AFC to get in touch but nothing so far(??) and that I am bothered about, Cahill, John Terry ”wants” him at Chelsea – if that is true, I am really really bothered if AFC do NOT bid!!!

  34. gambon

    “He’s surprised at that because at Arsenal they don’t tackle too much in training”

    Now you see what Wenger has done to this team.

    RIP Arsenal.

  35. PragmatistGOONER

    He will surely say “We lacked a bit pace in the 2nd half” “Overall I am happy with the team performance” They showed,team spirit,mental strength” “The power generator of the team went off”…….FUCK FUCK FUCK Please Gunners beat United and Liverpool…

  36. Arsenal Tom

    what the fuck is wrong with wenger?

    the guy is a total fucking embarrassment to the club at the moment.

    something has to be done

  37. Bush Gooner

    Stone the crows!!

    Wenger seems to think that we clearly have enough strength and depth in defence NOT to buy a top class defender. Even though we conceeded 40+ goals last season!!

  38. PragmatistGOONER

    gnarleygeorge9 :

    Vieira would have killed RVN after that miss….But alas Ref of the Fergie Association sent him off!! 🙁

  39. OPG

    It’s only Pre-season but the spin has already started, also people are over analysing things when pre-season is about fitness.
    Some fans are going crazy about Pre-season after that season I had enough of it there’s better things to do.
    I still think we’ll sign some more players but it’s already so frustrating, last month without him giving these press conferences was heaven.

  40. PragmatistGOONER


    What can you and I do if Wenger’s diet doesn’t contain too much calcium??? Do you see some tackles nowadays for which we can rejoice?? No we only see headless tippy tappy football without long range shooting,committed tackles and yess we score so less from free kicks and corners…

  41. gnarleygeorge9

    Lets have a better look. Note Edu & Romford Pele. Without starting to sound nostalgic but, some winners out there wearing yellow & blue.

    Footnote: I believe the downfall started the day Edu was shown the door 😉

  42. gazzap

    Great post. Let me be logical and optimistic for a while about our squad. What every good squad needs is a great player as first choice and a nearly as good back up to that position. I remember when Mourinho took over at Chelsea he went through the team and named 2 players in each position who were exactly that, and he went on and won the league with the highest ever points total.
    I will start at the back.
    In goal we have a very good up and coming keeper and a talented number 2. The only issue I spot here is the injury prone-ness of Fabianski. At this stage I wouldn’t say in goal is a huge worry, but it could become one.
    At right back we have Sagna and the brilliant young Jenkinson. So we just need to shift the awful Eboue, which could happen now wenger has seen Jenkinson.
    At left back we have Gibbs and Traore. This for me is the first problem. Traore should be sold, and Gibbs should be the number 2.
    Centre back we have Vermalen and Kozzer as first choice, JD and Squill as back up. For me Squill has to go as he is not good enough for us, and we need to get in an experienced tall centre back. Wenger has talked all summer up to now about doing exactly this but now he has gone cold on the idea. If we do buy a Cahill or a Mertesacker then we are fine.
    Defensive Midfield is Song. The other options are Coquelin and Frimpong. Coquelin has had a whole season playing in the top league in France and Lorient want him back desperately – that tells me this boy has what it takes. He is with France U-20 right now but I want to see more of him. Frimpong should be great but for me its too big a risk to bring a player like that in with hardly any top flight experience. A loan of 6 months is needed at least.
    Attacking midfield – Wilshere, Ramsey, Nasri, Diaby and Rosicky (possibly Lansbury). I will assume Cesc is going and Den as well. If Nasri and Cesc leave then we need to buy here but if one goes then I don’t think we do. For me the weakness here is Diaby – he is lazy, has no disclipline, and is very inconsistent/unpredicatable. But he is a Wenger favourite so he will stay.

    Wings: Arshavin, Theo, Gervinho, and Vela. I have very high hopes for Gervinho, but my main concern here is that both Theo and Andrey want to play in a central position. Andrey would be great behind RVP but he doesn’t like the left and fails to protect his full-back most of the time. I would like to see Gervinho and Vela as the left sided players (possibly Miyaichi helping out if not on loan?) and Theo plus one new player on the right – or can someone like Lansbury play back up to Theo? I wonder whether Arshavin can share the old Cesc position with Nasri and sit behind the striker? Up front we have RVP and Chamakh. Clearly Chamakhs form is an issue but in theory we should have enough here.

    So really only a centre back and left back is an absolute must for me. The other positions may have enough but that will depend on how good certain players are like Lansbury, Coquelin, Vela, and Gibbs too.
    So from all this in order of importance I would buy 1) a centre back, 2) a left back, 3) a defensive midfielder, 4) a right winger, 5) a striker, 6) a goal keeper, and 7) an attacking midfielder (which would increase if both cesc and nasri left).

    I still think we need to change back to a 4-4-1-1. The 4-3-3 is not good defensively. Even Barca can defend in a 4-3-3 – they are just so bloody good going forward. We are not. So we need to set ourselves up better to defend. No matter who we buy if wenger cannot change the system, we will not win the league.

  43. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    you know what … i dont want to read what ever wenger says its alwys sprinkled with lies and sugar!


    Prag, lol @ power generator of the team went off…..hehe…..
    Patrick would have beaten the leaving horseface out of him……

    Wenger after liverpool beat us..” We could not release the hand break, so we played with the hand break on…”………you know it will happen mate!

  45. PragmatistGOONER


    You live in earth or in some other galaxy??? Wenger will never sign Mata and Cahill in one transfer window….He will leave Nasri for free but will not sell him and buy Mata this season..And for Cahill Squillaci also knows Arsenal needs a good CB…But will Wenger buy a CB?? I don’t know tbh

  46. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Gazzap.. hiow can you call jenkinson ‘brilliant’ ?

    what has he done to be called that in your eyes?

  47. Markyboy

    I really really REALLY hope you’re wrong. Naively, I really started this summer full of optimism. This time its going to be different I said. ‘Busy’ summer I said. He knows he has to step up and buy players I said. Hell, there was even a point (mirrored in these hallowed halls) when I thought he might be buying Cahill AND Samba. And Alvarez and Benzema and Enrique and Viviano. I really thought it. I told people – 6 in, 3-4 sht ones out. This is what we have been waiting for. And I, like you, checked newsnow/arsenal (or whatever is your poison) 200 times a day waiting to see Samba and Cahill in a joint unveiling, Arsenal shirts aloft. And then the doubt started to creep in. The ‘what if i’m wrong and the boys at Le Grove are right again’, the ‘why isnt it done yet, Fergie’s got 3 in the bag and we’ve done fk all’. I briefly tried to give myself a talking to, tried to frown at you all sternly and convince myself its ‘only the end of june/beginning of july/middle of july’. But now the negativity is back, seeping through my little brain with nothing to stop it. We’ve been overtaken by chelsea for cahill and spurs for samba. We’ve missed Alvarez, prefer Gibbs and Traore to Enrique, and all murmur of Benzema has gone quiet. There’s been brief mention of an unheard of danish kid for centre back and, as you’ve all wisely said a million times, it would be just like Arsene to deliver that up and tell you he promised you defensive reinforcements, and here they are.

    The long and the short of my longwinded stream of nonsense is that a) I didnt come in (wisely) cynical like you, I came in with refreshed hope that this summer was different b) feeling that optimism drip away has been like water torture c) I am now overwhelmed with resignation that you were probably right all along and we’re going to go into YET another season ill equiped, we’re going to look exciting for a while, but ultimately we’re going to fall short AGAIN for EXACTLY THE SAME REASONS.

    Someone once told me that the first sign of madness is doing the same thing over and over and over again expecting a different result. I really am starting to think that Wenger has lost it. Too proud, too blinkered, too obstinate, too sure he HAS to be right.

    Great post by the way. Am a seaosn ticket holder for several years now and Le Grove is THE Arsenal blog i read every single day and you boys do an absolutely top top job. Shame the same can’t be said for those making decisions at our beloved club. Feel better for the rant though. Marginally.


    Edu was agreat utility player……did everything right……we lack that king of player at the moment…..
    We need that fire we had back then………we were such a violent team, fisicuffs and counter attacks, that us back then……….now, we are softies…..except for jack and robin ofcourse!

  49. Pascal Cygan

    So the games have started again. if Wenger does not sign new defence this year, let’s start a “cheer the opposition goal” campaign – cheer every goal your opponent scores. This is ridiculous.

    Fav Paddy moment – ManU match – in the tunnel – some Manscum tries to smile and make polite conversation. Paddy is swigging Gatorade or something, arms on his hips – glares at him . I’m sure he wet his pants right there.

  50. Rob The Goon

    R.S.P.C.Arsenal says:
    July 15, 2011 at 09:48

    I’ve mentioned that before…this board have they’re tactics in place every year

    between the end of the season and the deadline for all renewals, this cunting manager will show all the ambition in the world saying things like…

    we can compete with chelsea, its going to be a busy summer etc

    as soon as that deadline passes…he spits out the same spin…the new one being…”I dont think we are weak defensively”.

    I feel like smashing my screen every time I read his comments!!!!!

  51. finestcuts

    Arsenal are still trying to push through a couple of deals, and we all know that Wenger likes a bit of last minute action.
    Regardless of how Wenger assesses us defensively, it would be good to see a top quality centre back. He shouldn’t be worried that he might be better than Koscielny or Djourou. Squillaci is probably more suited to the less physical Spanish league, we need a centre back who will be one of the best if not the best in the Premier League.
    Hopefully our tactics in defending set pieces will change. For this team, zonal marking against set pieces doesn’t work, it was proved last season. Other teams knew what we were doing, found ways to exploit it and we suffered. Dangerous players need to be marked, they can’t be given any space, half a yard is enough for Premier League players. It’s impossible to stop every goal, mistakes will be made and players will get lucky….but we need to reduce goals conceded from set pieces to a max of 10 a season.

  52. gazzap

    RSPC. Trust me, I can tell – Jenkinson is the real deal. His height will also help at set peices but of course sagna will be number 1. The top clubs were all after him. Dont be fooled just because he has come from Charlton, he is very highly rated. You could see the other day some of the passes he made (and he could cross), and his pace and tackling were all there. He had a better game against Malysia than Eboue had all of last season.


    Pascal cygan, i am sure if it had been cesc he would have hugged that manc scum and gave him a gentle tap on the bum……..typical cesc eh……..what a captain……NOT!

  54. wardo

    Spend our fcuking money Wenger !!

    We didn’t win the EPL last year cause we were not good enough. So, you have added one senior signing so far… that enough?? What about Samba.

    I’m starting to fcuking hate Wenger……speaks so much bullshite !!

  55. Pierre

    “we are not weak defensively” he can only mean we aren’t weak on numbers, same bullshit he gave in January for not buying a CB, thought TV would recover sooner. Last 3 games of last season, when TV came back into the squad we conceded 7 goals, 3 against Stoke (lost 3-1), 2 against Villa (lost 2-1) and 2 against Fulham (drew 2-2) so scored 4 conceded 7 against 3 shit teams. Well done Arsen, you have clearly solved all our problems by buying Gervinho!

  56. Rob The Goon

    let’s start a “cheer the opposition goal” campaign – cheer every goal your opponent scores….

    Great idea!



    Wardo, he won’t spend cash on another defender……..i assure you mate……we will not sign any other players this summer ………..FACT

  58. Markyboy

    PS Skandibird – your ‘Kings New Clothes’ comment is SPOT ON.

    To the various points on formation, I would love to see us go back to 2 up front, or 4-4-1-1 or however we want to think of it, chiefly to put RvP back in the position he was born to play.. in the hole. He is devastating from a little deeper, as that withdrawn forward/traditional number 10. Give rvp Dennis’ job and get Benzema in up top.


    Robin saying this could be his best year!…………stay injury free all season mate, then start talking like that………TALENTED GLASS MAN


    Wilshere is the reason wenger will not buy any other player this summer……….THE KID’S JUST A GENIUS IN MIDFIELD…….NO POINT BUYING ANYONE ELSE………NO POINT REALLY………

  61. OPG

    Just to mention it again Vermaelen was sat next to him in the conference, hopefully he does sign a defender but someone like Samba fixes some things but breaks others. Cahill would be good (mobile and good in air) or Jagielka (quality defender and calm influence) and also Enrique is for sale and won’t take much to prise him from Newcastle.

  62. IvoryGoonz

    @Pedro; nice post, at work, so I won’t check comments til the afternoon.
    Favourite Paddy Power Moment:
    “they play pretty football, but they lack focus and leadership”.

  63. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    RTG… he is fiull of lies, remember him standing on the step and say the next bunch of youngstrers are his best…?
    remember JET his comments were he is banging on the door with both hjands where is he now?

  64. Bush Gooner

    Arsene Wenger: “It is Arsenal’s destiny to win the Premier League after terrible end to last season”

    No it aint son. Its YOUR destiny to buy the players to win the Premier League starting with the defence. Then sort out the loose ends with Nas and Cesc, then buy a striker.


    Wardo, arsen is going to psg after this season, that’s why he is recruiting as much english talent as he can. He wants to leave us in the same way he found us………RICH WITH A BRITISH MIDFIELD/SPINE

    note that he found us rich with a BRITISH BACK FIVE!………..IRONIC AIN’T IT?

  66. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    i do a lot of paper readingbroads and tabs.. as well as a bit of net searching, and i cant recall any obne else being linked with Jenks?

    he may well develop into a good player hhowever to call him briillant judged on one bit part friendly game is a little bit prematurte!

  67. Moray

    gazzap. you really think RVP and Chamakh are suitable as our strikeforce? RVP normally misses at least half of our games, so you really want Chamakh leading the line against Liverpool, Man Utd, Barca, Inter Milan etc…?

    and gnarley, I agree about Edu. Though he wasn’t shown the door, he simply found the key and let himself out. I remember this being a big shock at the time.

  68. PragmatistGOONER

    Wenger thinks Arsenal is a research centre….He thinks the money is his….He pisses to control a world class player that’s why he loves to play kids and mediocre players….

  69. gnarleygeorge9

    I know we all reckon that old mon ami is the wrong side of relevant. But no one is talking about Rambo 😉

    Lets just stop & think for a minute about this Welsh boyo.

    Nice goal against Manu in a dead rubber, but it was 100% placement, not power. I gotta be honest here. I forgot about this kid 🙂

  70. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    FBP… no dont sack him just move him upstairs… and bring in a more hands on talented manager.

  71. Rob The Goon


    Wenger has already said he wont be replacing clichy…enrique is on his way to liverpool


    I remember all too well…he also said the first team was his best squad ever!

  72. Arsenal Tom

    FPB… are you mad?

    so just cos we’ve got a great young midfielder we don’t need a CB, LB, DM or CF?

    no wonder we never win anything with reasoning like that


    Prag, wenger is afraid of world class players because he can’t handle the pressure…………i actually think that VIEIRA AND THIERRY WON US THE TITLE BACK IN 04, NOT WENGER

  74. gnarleygeorge9


    Edu was in my top 3 players @ the time. He had such an innocant smile, but was never to be fucked with. I liked Edu 🙂

  75. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    so we will find ourselves in a game this season where we have Gibbs in LB AA23 at LW and diaby on the left of the midfield trio…

    now which of the last two are gonna come back and cover and support gibbs ..?

    he will be exposed more often than jjordan this season, so maybe a 4 4 2 would be better away from home?

  76. PragmatistGOONER

    Rob The Goon :

    I had a minor heart attack when he said this team is stronger than the invincibles!!!


    Send him to psg in a sealed box…………his grey suit must be burned in public outside the emirates……

    I can actually see fans reacting violently towards this guy if he is not carefull………the fans are not stupid, they are just waiting for the right to react…..WATCH THIS SPACE..

  78. PragmatistGOONER

    There were English defender’s..Sol Campbell,Keown,Ashley Cole,Ray Parlour….Can you sense something common???

  79. Moray

    gnarley, I can’t really disagree with that. Edu did a fantastic job for us. His leaving left a big hole. I liked Freddie, Loved watching him pop up and bury the ball in the net when we needed it. Even with that ridiculous red hair.

  80. Rob The Goon

    Edu, would have become a star if he had stayed…

    but i’m sure he had a serious injury while he was at valencia


    Prag, xavi has come out saying he wants to make love to cesc……..nonoono, he actually meant to say he wants cesc to feel loved at barca….THE CREEP

  82. Ian Selley

    I remember feeling oh so proud of our captain Patty when Steven Gerrard was interviewed on TV after a game (may have been the cup final robbery) and admitted that he had been schooled by the best CM in the world.

  83. Doublegooner

    Gambon, Finest.

    Its guys like us who’ve stayed consistent against Wenger. The man is doing my blood pressure in.

    I’ve been a game going fan since 66, so if any cunt again tells me to support that lot down the road I’ll resort to a smack in the mouth.

    So many are in denial like they are hypnotised by some cult.

    Wenger shows no signs of change. What fucks me off most is his disprespect to anyone who dares criticise him.




  85. OPG

    Linked to Joel Campbell apparently but he’s a striker again.
    Less caps lock and dots would be nice reminds me of Gstar..

  86. cygans love child

    I said after we signed jenkinson that wenger wouldn’t sign a centre back, I was hoping he’d prove me wrong but its looking likely wenger won’t sign a centre back. I’m tired of calling wenger names, I’m tired of moaning about him, because nothing I say will change anything. All I can do is not buy any arsenal merchandise and not purchase any tickets. I said the same thing last week, come on people, boycott every game till wenger and the board get the fucking point

  87. PragmatistGOONER

    Walcott runs like a headless chicken..Hope he improves on that….He has to use his brain while playing!!!

  88. Arsenal Tom

    Double… unfortunately mate its not ours anymore, hasn’t been since dein left and wenger got absolute power.

    until the day he goes and/or there is a serious restructuring what we do, say and think wont make a bit of difference.