Patrick Vieira: Legend | Gervinho is the new Theo | The madness of King Wenger!

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It really is tough to know how to take Arsene Wenger, it’s always around this time that the sense he was talking before we renewed our tickets goes out the window, instead, replaced by plenty of nonsense that deflects attention away from him signing the players he needs to make an impact.

Arsene Wenger came out all guns blazing with an amazing statement yesterday…

“I don’t think we are weak defensively”

Right, now as far as I can see, we’ve only ever conceded 43 goals in season once under Arsene Wenger. Last year was our joint worst defensive display under the Frenchman. In our Premiership history, we’ve only ever conceded more once and that was in 1995 when we conceded 49. In fairness, we did finish 12th, Chris Kiwomya was in the side and the Premiership consisted of 4 more games.

Last year, 43 goals conceded saw us finish in 4th place. If the season was 42 games, chances are, the form we were in would have seen us finish outside the top 4. We were shocking. Some how though, Wenger has managed to take solace in the fact that 23 of those goals were conceded from set pieces.

How, in the space of 6 months, does he take Arsenal from set piece disaster merchants, to kings of defence?

Deciphering the logic…

Well, the first thing I can imagine he’s thinking is that Thomas Vermaelen is back in the frame. The 5ft 11 Belgian is quite good in the air, though as we found out in his first season, he’s only good if he has a running jump. A ‘tremendous leap’ cannot occur from a standing position as we found out numerous times.

May I just refer Arsene Wenger to the small fact that we conceded 41 goals in a season when Thomas Vermaelen played nearly every game. I don’t have the statistics to hand, but my guess is that if we conceded less from set plays, we conceded more from open play. So basically, what I’m saying is that by bringing back Thomas Vermaelen, we’re not solving a problem. We’re merely jumbling up how we concede goals. Also remember that Thomas had the luxury of playing with an experienced Premiership veteran. Namely Silvestre. Oh, sorry, I meant Gallas.

So, if swapping personnel isn’t going to do it, what about more team preparation.

Well, that’s not going to happen is it? Pat Rice was forced to sign on for another year and as far as I can see, no changes have been made back room. Cesc did mention last year that Arsenal didn’t do much analysis into the opposition. Could this defensive problem be solved by forgetting about the individual and focusing on the additional 15-20% you can gain by knowing your enemy?

Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger are poles apart in managerial philosophy. Arsene Wenger is the extrovert rock star obsessed with creating a great show. He is the U2 of management, spreading beautiful football wherever he goes, sprinkling it with some profound comments and some politicised views. Wenger is Bono and Pat Rice is the Edge.

Jose on the other hand is the James Ford, the perfectionist in the back ground, doing the unspectacular boring stuff to produce the awards with many different bands.

Wenger needs to be more James Ford. He needs to start formulating dossier’s on the opposition players. He needs to work out where Bolton’s players are going to run from corners. He needs to tell Kieron Gibbs what to expect from his wing man. He needs to make sure someone is covering the back post. Accountability is key to great defending and if you get it right and create a unit you can take an average group of defenders and make them far more solid. You also know who to blame when something goes wrong. That’s difficult to do when no one really knows what they’re doing.

So the optimist in me tells me that’s what he’s thinking. The pessimist tells me if you’ve got a problem as outrageous as 23 goals from set pieces, your issues lie deeper than merely making sure everyone knows their role. Squillaci is arguably one of the worst signings of Wenger’s rein, he’s been systematically found out by good and bad teams, he’s part of a back 4 we know are injury prone and the manager is sticking by him?

Simple facts are as followed…

1) Wenger doesn’t like to be proved wrong on a player. It takes a minimum of 3 years for him to see the light. See Denilson, Eboue and Senderos for evidence of that.

2) Wenger doesn’t have an extensive list of players he will try for. He has a small list, if he misses out on those targets, that’s your lot. There are no surprises any more. This has been happening since he missed out on Baptista all those years ago. If Mata and Cahill fall through, I don’t see him going for more players. He’s already missed out on Friedel, Jones, Alvarez and Samba. As far as he’s concerned, the market is inflated, he’s had a go and his players have great mental spirit. Jeez people, did you not see what we did to the best Malaysia had to offer?

Ever wondered what Geoff is like to watch football with?

Poor bloke has just watched the Manchester United of Argentina go down! Things could always be worse eh?


Wenger reckons Gervinho is the new Theo Walcott. Fantastic. Exactly what this team is looking for. Give Wenger his dues though, the Ivorian bagged the most assists in Ligue 1 last year and he can play anywhere. Seems to a be a requisite of an Arsenal player these days, you have to be a jack of all trades… and in cases, master of none… as poor old right winger Nik B has found out to his demise. Things are so bad, his father has started making up clubs that are in for him..


Patrick Vieira announced his retirement from the game of football yesterday. The man was a legend, one of the most inspirational players I’ve had the pleasure of watching. He also had one of the most legendary songs to cement his reputation in the hearts of Arsenal fans all over the world. His contribution is up there with the best, his superb goal against United when he turned it in Berkamp-esque was as memorable as the screamer he scored against Newcastle at Highbury. I even enjoyed all his completely outrageous red cards, none of which he deserved.

Fittingly his last contribution to the club was the penalty that won us our last trophy against United.

A moment captured on a crappy old Samsung when Geoff and I went to the game!

Good times! Probably the worst cup final I’ve ever had the pleasure of sitting through from a footballing perspective, but equally, one of the sweetest!

All I’ll say Paddy is don’t get too involved in the transfer of Samir Nasri to City… we don’t want any soured reputations now do we?

What what was your favourite Patrick Vieira moment? Share in the comments!

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812 Responses to “Patrick Vieira: Legend | Gervinho is the new Theo | The madness of King Wenger!”

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  1. DaleDaGooner

    Alright my little rosebuds…i’m offski…Goon from BD, post earlier in the day, evening times are for the like of incesc, zee and tiaraman, orgy filled time.

  2. Samir

    Denilson is leaving now
    Almunia, Bendtner are already negotiating with other clubs
    at least the deadwood is being moved on

    As for out transfer ins
    Apparently according to an ITK Arsenal are negotiating with two clubs, one in England and one abroad

    lets hope one is Cahill and other Mata

  3. BillikenGooner

    Wenger has issued a statement on the new Forbes’ sports team rich list:

    “7th is like a trophy.”

  4. Jerry

    And just what’s all this shite about us “kidnapping” Cesc from the Barcelona mayor? Cunts need to shut up, sort their lives out & sell some more chorizzo to come up with the required pesetas. Cheeky fuckers!

  5. Dan

    Did anyone see the article in the sun where Milner is saying that clichy was surprised that man city tackle in training.
    Maybe that’s where our dog shit defending stems from..

  6. IvoryGoonz

    That just tells me how much you know about football, politics, and finances. You’re so sure of yourself. Like the CL has always been named that way and never changed president… You don’t know what’s gonna happen. No You dont. Neither do I. At least I don’t pretend I do…
    And for your information FC Tom is the club Putin saved from financial crisis by pushing companies to help them out. There’s more than half the clubs who don’t pass that FFP. Tell me, do you really think they’ll be all clean by the end of the 3 years? I don’t. And I don’t see UEFA to financially/mediatically be able to punish all those teams.
    Anyway. Don’t worry, ’bout a thing, cause every little thing’s gonna be alright.

  7. IvoryGoonz

    @Dale: I don’t see what’s to answer Gooner BD anyway. The young man seems to have a good overview of the current situation on ownership at arsenal already. Why do you need to try to piss off incesc?
    @tiny: if clubs are banned, it probably wouldn’t be just Man City, they’d have to do it for all those not following the rule. If the effect is all billionaires fuck because they prevent them from basically spending, where will they go? you perfectly know the result will be a levelling down of the overall quality of the CL.
    Money grow on trees.

  8. Rohan

    Fuck Barcelona. I’m not going there on holiday even if someone pays me to. I’d rather go to the fucking South Pole.

  9. incesc

    its probably a nice city but undeniably full of cunts

    magaluf is probably a good alternative.

    fuck madrid, moronhole lives there

  10. IvoryGoonz

    @gooner BD, my only comment would be that right now, Kroenke won’t sell to Usmanov, we are stuck with that sustainable model, til Wenger and the board goes or Kroenke does sell, while we still had a chance to pump our finances and profit of Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Man U’s non-respect of FFP to spend enough to strengthen the team and ensure new deals. Usmanov-Dein-Wenger I think would get the best of both world ATM (and yes ill eat my shirt and apologies to Wenger if he does succeed with an EPL or CL title, but I so much see him focusing too much on fa and carling cup again…).

  11. Gooby

    mayor of cesc’s hometown says that we kidnapped him and we should let him go back to barca.

    This is getting really funny. bunch of clueless cunts who are allowed to speak to the press, what a shithole is cuntalonia.

  12. incesc

    we should hold on to cesc till the end of his contract, cut off his ear and send him back in a suitcase as a laugh


  13. incesc

    be good to get a modern manager with some fresh ideas but im sorry if wenger leaves arsenal will go for the cheap option

    grimadi probably or someone equally as shite

  14. Rohan

    Fuck me. Arseblog got a reply on twitter from Cesc. That’s pretty impressive.

    How come LG can’t manage that?

  15. incesc

    dunno what all the fuss is about

    if their club offer more than what any carrol is worth they will probably get the best midfielder in europe.

    its not our fault they still have hleb, ibra, afellay, masch, pique, villa and so on who they deemed more worthy to spend millions on than cesc

  16. incesc

    although anr has gone to the shit now all he does is post readers emails rather than write and say stuff like this

    Afterwards the lad came up to me. He as quite agitated. He was amazed by the tone of the exchanges between manager and reporters.

    The press conference was nothing like what he had assumed it would be.

    He said, “Why do you give them such an easy ride?”

    I can’t remember what my reply was.


  17. gnarleygeorge9

    I saw that Goobs about the mayor of cescville.

    The way to end this kidnapping saga is for Barcalonely to deposit 50 million euros into Arsenals bank account, then once that is cleared, tell them they can pick cesc up at some disused airfield.

    Tell the barca officials cesc will be tied up and gagged in a building that resembles their clubrooms so they know where to go . A run down toilet block.

  18. Tinyspuds

    @Ivory 23.13

    You’re right I don’t know much but I do know this

    . It doesn’t matter who owns FC Tom because as far as European football is concerned the club is nowhere. Just like most of the others. The champions league is a cash cow for the big players and that’s exactly what they want to keep and they don’t want any upstarts taking their share. Whether they’re matching FFP rules at the moment isn’t really that important. All the big clubs are run as businesses. One way or another they can’t keep making losses. So FFP works for them. Especially if it also means that these new billionaire owned clubs don’t start taking their places at the feeding trough.

    So UEFA have the ability to make it work. It’s simply whether they will or not. Whether they have the balls I don’t know. I hope they do.

    By the I do like the way you said:

    Ivory: “You don’t know what’s gonna happen. No You dont. Neither do I. At least I don’t pretend I do…”

    After you said this:

    Ivory: “I say Platini wont do anything about billionaires spending”

    And before you say this:

    Ivory: “Tell me, do you really think they’ll be all clean by the end of the 3 years? I don’t.”

    That’s funny.

  19. SUGA3


    but he did not say he knew, he said what he thought was going to happen…

    and I take the same stance 😉

    I say FFP will not be Wenger’s God’s given Wunderwaffe, not in the world where Qatar gets to organise the World Cup…

  20. Evan

    Morning Grovers

    Danny: ARSENAL last night tabled a £14million bid for Anderlecht superkid striker Romelu Lukaku

    I just read this article, if Youtube is a true reflection of a players worth then this kid is friggin good, although he has numerous occassions said he wants to join Real or Chelsea, could be signing a cunt 😉 (as if we don’t already have enough of them)

    SUGA3: Seeing as how your the only grover awake or never slept lol.. Do you know about the Arseblog and Fabregas comment above?

  21. SUGA3

    actually, I’ve just woken up, hangover thirst is a bitch 😉

    IMO, Lukaku is just a bit better Adebayor and yes, he is bought for resale value…

    a player and a blogger exchanged comments on Tw*tter, that’s all I know, Arsenal’s info lockdown is in full swing…

  22. Evan

    Cheers Suga3 hangover full stop is a bitch.

    Lockdown, fairplay i didn’t know it was via twatter, i assumed it was the mighty Arseblog exclusive

    Resale value agreed or though majorly flawed, thats how our lovely sustainable feeder club business is run, we create superstars, let them run there contracts down and then sell on the cheap.

    I reckon Wenger uses Clockwork Orange therapy i.e. strap them to a chair, tell them we will win trophies and you will not shoot etc vid below ha ha

  23. Tinyspuds


    I’m not saying that FFP will necessarily work either. But what I am saying is a breakaway league is not a reason for it not working.

    Which is what Ivory WAS saying.

  24. Cartman

    I’m sorry if this has already been posted but did u guys see this??

    Chelsea hero Wilkins tells Arsenal, Liverpool fans to forget about title challenge
    Former Chelsea No2 Ray Wilkins has told Arsenal and Liverpool fans to forget about a title challenge next season.

    Wilkins feels Manchester United and his old club are a class above the chasing pack.

    He told talkSPORT: “The Premier League has really become an extremely competitive league but I don’t see Liverpool being up there, I really don’t.

    “I’ve been saying for years [Arsenal] need to build from the base, you can’t put the roof on first and if you don’t put the base in then you’ve got a big problem, they need to shore up their defensive situation at Arsenal.

    “I’ve been saying for a long, long time now if they don’t do so they will struggle. They have wonderfully gifted footballers, the club itself is class, it’s a fantastic football club but if they don’t put the defence in first then they will not win anything for the next couple of years.

    “If they’re going to lose Nasri and they’re going to lose Fabregas then we are talking about a number of years before they actually grab a bit of silverware.

  25. Cartman

    is ethan still on LG??? or did he lose his house in a bet and can no longer have access to this blog! 😛

  26. Tinyspuds

    @ Cartman

    Summers are all about dragging out unemployed footballers who used to BE someone and getting them to make a comment that is designed to cause consternation. Gets hits on websites and keeps the advertisers happy.

  27. Cartman

    maybe Tiny but he’s spot on and that’s also what all fans (i suppose) are asking for, to shore up their defensive situation. i mean if wilkins can see it, how come neither wenger nor the board can see it??

    Suga, it confirms my doubts then. Ethan’s lost his house… hehehe

  28. SUGA3

    Ethan moving into the cardboard city villa aside, I am watching the transfer window in disbelief, seeing Wenger prepared to lose Nasri for nothing next season and testing CB pairings from hell to see if he HAS TO dig up a chest of money from his back garden and buy someone like Cahill or not…

  29. Tinyspuds

    @ Cartman

    I’ve read similar things before the start of seasons where we’ve been successful and when we haven’t been successful. I’ve read similar type comments about other teams before the start of seasons.

    Of course we need to improve defensively. Everyone knows it. Just because they wheel out butch to repeat it is nothing new.

  30. IvoryGoonz

    @TS: timewaster again. Suga read it pretty well why cant you?
    On another note didn’t I name lukaku just few days ago?

  31. IvoryGoonz

    @Pedro: I had replied to Incesc about the tweet /arsenblog? Seeems it’s gone, looked like someone about Vela being terrible.
    Lukaku can be better than Drogba. I think at 18 he already had 10 national appearances for Belgium, as a target man striker that’s pretty impressive to me. He’s strong, very tall, good at headers, good with his feet, and if Wenger doesn’t feed him with overconfidence (which by the way is Wenger’s plan to deal with our set pieces problem but will certainly have effect on fitness and performances one way or another…) or try to make a VB out of him, I’d say go for him. The kid’s first team material, and would force Chamakh to not work more (he already is a work horse) but be more efficient…
    At least that’s a good news to me.

  32. Goon from BD

    Ivory……… I agree with you. I honestly don’t give a fuck who owns the club as long as they put there money in the team. We challenged Manure on a regular basis without that financial backing then came Roman and now its a Sheikh. Liverpool have a new owner who is willing to spend.

    Now as for Cesc……..well he is a superb player but I believe if are to move forward we must get rid of him in exchange of good money and we can only pray we invest that whole thing in the squad. If we get Abidal in that deal then great. It would satisty Wenger also as he won’t kill the kids. I from my point of view I don’t want to see that cunt in an Arsenal shirt ever again.
    Reasons…….1/ after we won the first leg it looked like he wasn’t happy after WINNING then his post match interview…..i felt like if I slap him and strip him of the captaincy then and their.
    2/ he announces he would leave Arsenal after he has won something for us just when we were favorites for the CC. CUNT
    3/ then the second leg……..1/ he fucks up just before half time after we defended so well 2/ he was injured but he didn’t tell anyone 3/ he was fucking smiling while Messi scored from the penalty spot….this was it for me

  33. SUGA3

    he is not exactly ‘gone’ mate, it’s a loan and we are probably will be covering some of his wages, given that it’s a club in Brazil…

  34. Tinyspuds

    Ivory: “@TS: timewaster again. Suga read it pretty well why cant you?”

    Well if you can’t understand why you’re wrong after I’ve explained it several times then it seems I am wasting my time. I will give up 🙂

  35. IvoryGoonz

    @tinyspud: you misunderstood again: a separate league would happen if FFP is enforced on clubs too harshly. And I’m no the only one to think the same (not counting Suga)

  36. IvoryGoonz

    @goonfromBD: I wouldn’t take Abidal personally. Yes he’s been brilliant for Barca. But I think he’s past, and in any case, if I took over Wenger, I’d make it clear as a statement of intent that I’m not buying any la masa players. And will never sell a player to Barca.

  37. Goon from BD

    @Ivory: Yeah true but you know experience at the back could help and as we are doing a deal why not get a left back as we are looking for cheap options all the bloody time? But I do get you as he clearly looks better than he is as he has to defend very less. But he has been one of their best players last season. I would be also happy to get Mascherano also in the deal. I just can’t understand why Gazidis handles transfers. He always fucks up. We missed a lot of good players on the negotiations stage. He can’t handle European football.

  38. Tinyspuds


    Chuckle. My last post was simply saying I’m going to give up trying to explaining it to you. What did I misunderstand with that post ?
    However you can carry muttering about superleagues with FC TOM and other such clubs if it makes you happy 🙂

  39. IvoryGoonz

    @tinyspuds: the day you realize the current UEFA is about corruption, bribes, and themselves rather than football itself, and that the ones that actually benefit the most from it are the Platini and Blatter of this world, then maybe you’ll start seeing the benefit of such a league, and if it started, I’d bet my shirt it would dwarf the UEFA in matter of tv rights, players transfers, media coverage and sponsorship.
    How much does a club get from UEFA for being in it as you seem to want to participate? Care to actually answer with something constructive rather than just spending your time trying to show everyone wrong? Thats fucking annoying, like WilliBilly. Also, funily enough, its like Superman and Clark, he disappears you appear. how much money more arsenal gets for being in CL? If you want things to be fair and equal which is what I’d like to see, then the only real way is get rid of that cancer that is UEFA and rebuild it with current finance data. Would the American soccer model fit here? You might say no for whatever reason, Beckham and Henry being over there, let’s just ask them………. Are there other models that would work to limit transfer fees and amount money transferred to reduce inflation, and costs on teams. And will this FFP actually work as intended without killing players?
    Well. Tell messi he can fuck himself with his 385-400k a week, tell everyone that there wont be a bigger transfer fee than what’s happened in the game in the last 10 years and they won’t be able to brag about it or make millions out of it.. Tell everyone that even if they are superfootballhero they’ll still be paid like shit, what’s your incentive for sponsors, and moneyspenders?
    Nothing… The same way as when last recession happened, companies and people withdraw their funds from risky investments, put it back on the engineering/energy/banking sectors, and forget about Messi.

    Suga: only got woken up by an old friend’s call from south of France who called me back for some Scubba diving down the Riviera… Somehow I’m glad I don’t get myself plastered anymore ^^

  40. IvoryGoonz

    @tinyspuds: you are the one who twist everything like Billy. I just proved you again. YOU do the twist.
    Now you’re right let’s just ignore each other, but don’t count on me shutting up if you keep bullshitting people or actually agressing them without a fucking clue of what you talk about.
    I will stop educating you for now, seems like you reached a Denilson barrier.

  41. IvoryGoonz

    @tinyspuds: Tinyspuds says:
    July 16, 2011 at 08:25

    I’m not saying that FFP will necessarily work either. But what I am saying is a breakaway league is not a reason for it not working.

    Which is what Ivory WAS saying.
    No, that is not what I WAS saying. Once again I’m not saying a breakaway league is a reason for FFP to not work.
    I’m saying the reverse of that, that if the FFP doesn’t work as intended, and forced teams out, that nothing prevent them from creating a super European league as in a real European league and not a tournament based competition which YOU twisted into your sentence trying to be right.
    You can try as much as you want to take a piss on me, I’m not the one who will stop a conversation, even with the dumbest ass on the planet.