Arsenal to end the summer +2 better off at best…

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So after 2 months of pretty much silence, after a disastrous end of season where we were promised early signings, Wenger has come out and started the ball rolling for the usual disappointment. He’s missed out on 3 targets already and he’s gone into sulk mode. Yesterday on, Arsene Wenger confirmed he’s working very hard on signing players, much in the same way a naughty school child confirms he’s working on his homework. He said,

 “For me, the best thing is not to talk too much about it. The more you speak about things, the less chance you have to achieve them. The only thing that I can promise you is that we will work very hard and we have had some long nights to achieve what we want to achieve.”

“I have said many times that we were very close to winning things last season, despite the disappointment we had at the end. I hope that provokes a response from my players. We were so close this time we want to come back and achieve it.

Uh oh… we were very close? 2 points out of the last 13 games Arsene? Finishing 4th and going on the worst run in your history? Second worst points total in your career and you’re talking about close? Jeez… this has all the ingredients of a ground-hog summer again.

“My responsibility is first of all not to lose players and then to add and make us stronger.

“Let’s hope we can bring in one or two more additions of top quality.

Fair enough Arsene, let’s concentrate on bringing in one or two additions of top quality. Firstly, we should be replacing the quality that just left to join Manchester City. Regardless of what you think of Calamity Clichy, he still made it into the Premier League team of 2008. We’ve shipped him out and instead of going out and buying some top quality, Wenger has confirmed that he’s replacing him with Kieron Gibbs. Now, the last seems nice enough but a few pointers before we get ourselves into a world of mess next year.

1. He’s played 13 games in the Premier League

2. He’s rarely looked anything other than average. His positioning is suspect and his defending is far from top 4.

3. Has he ever made it through 3 weeks without picking up some sort of major injury?

How can we possibly be looking at this man to give us stability in a position we’ve struggled in since 2008? An amazingly risky tactic, but one that was all too straight forward to make for a man obsessed with being a king-maker.

So, looking at what’s going on, if we leave things as they are and don’t let anyone else leave. We’ve signed Gervinho which is marvellous and we’ll be adding 2 more players to the squad. Namely, Juan Mata if we land him and some sort of centre back, possibly Gary Cahill.

Is that enough to kick us on to titles and glory next year? Two wide men and a centre back? If we keep Nasri and Cesc, is the squad spirit going to be right next year?

“Our position is always the same, we want to keep Cesc and I will fight as hard as I can to keep him,”

Samir Nasri is exactly the same. We will do everything we can to keep him.”

I admire his stance with those two, but at the same time, I find it hard to give those comments any weight when he’s leaving the ‘injured’ Cesc to train here while the rest of the team float of to Asia. Why are we into preseason without deciding the futures of our two best players? We should have set Barcelona a deadline, if they didn’t meet it, then we close the talks for the summer. The same goes for Nasri, his dithering is precious time ticking away on us signing a replacement which as you know, will take our board a minimum of 2 months to negotiate.

For me, it sounds like whatever happens, don’t expect the correct amount of bodies to come in, because I’m going to do this on the cheap again. To me, it sounds like the players Wenger has been champing for the last 4 years were never that good because no one has come in to buy them… so what are we doing? Keeping them on and flogging them one last time.

Very disappointing. United win the league and they go out and sign 3 quality players. We throw the league away in embarrassing fashion and our coach is reluctant to bring in more than net two.

How can we ever progress if we have a manager who is never interested in giving the club the best possible chance to progress?

In other news…

FFP died a quick and painless death yesterday as Manchester City announced a £400million stadium naming rights deal with Ethiad over the next ten years. Like I said months ago, FFP won’t make things easier for Arsenal, because only a chump would allow the rules to get in the way of dominating the footballing space. City have been picking up curious sponsorship deals all over the place lately, so they’ll still be dominating the transfer market for years to come. A massive two fingers up to Platini and co, but what did he expect?

Perhaps Arsenal should get in there and have a word with Usmanov and Kroenke about setting up something similar?

Happy Saturday Grovers!

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437 Responses to “Arsenal to end the summer +2 better off at best…”

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  1. Lurch LeRouge

    Samir its a fake, a good fake but a fake nonetheless… It had me on first glance as well, perspective’s good but the lighting’s all out, especially the blue reflection of the sky on his forehead when he’s indoors…

    look at the recent video on atvo “Arsenal stars on the Asia Tour”

    its gerv’s head comped on JD’s torso.

  2. cj

    Funny how all these reporters who seem to have the ‘inside’ stories from the emirates on cesc, nasri etc didn’t know Bendtner and Almunia were in talk with other clubs…

    And when they have been asked today on radio none of them know who they are being sold to.

  3. IvoryGoonz

    @arseneknowsbest: nice to meet you, you’re so funny too, care to explain which post you refer to?
    Oh, and if “Arsene sabe mejor”, care to explain why we are 6yrs without a trophy? It’s all a conspiracy right?

  4. Lurch LeRouge

    bout time the team had some ugly in it Rohan, all this pretty boy biznis is getting us nowt.

  5. Paul King

    IvoryGoonz….so just for you I’ll start calling a cat a cat!…wtf!
    As far as I can tell everyone on here dreams of winning the title again….and the Champions League for the first time in our history….but guess what?….last time I looked it didn’t matter what your view is to post on here. I find it entertaining that anyone who doesn’t think Wenger’s a cunt…is an AKB. I’m a realist, I’ve supported this club all my life and would happily see Wenger replaced if it guaranteed success… But this is the real world..not the tiny one le-whiners live in…Wenger’s a cunt! Sack the board…sell the dross..spend the 100 million the le-whiner accountants say we have…A new goalkeeper, 2 new centre backs…a defensive midfielder and a new captain…just like the Northern Chavs….
    I just don’t expect that to happen anytime soon. We have always conducted our business quietly and discreetly. I don’t blame the club with a manc biased News International dominated media trying to upset all things Arsenal. Remember BSkyB trying to purchase the mancs?
    You say you look at facts… well last time I checked, for all is faults we still have the second most successful manager in Premier League history….and he’s the cunt??

  6. zeus

    Yandi says:
    July 9, 2011 at 13:05
    So let me get this right, according to some people, Wenger’s gonna go from…

    – Signing Silvestre and Bischoff in 2008.
    – Signing an over-the-hill Campbell in 2009.
    – Signing Koscielny, Squillaci and Chamakh, and also getting 41 year old Lehmann out of retirement in 2010

    To now signing Benzema, Mata, Cahill, Samba and Baines this year!? Really!? Gullable much? Expect the norm. And since it’s now annual straw-grabbing time, Gervinho looks like a fucking superstar.

    The mosT soberingly honest comment of the day.

  7. Lurch LeRouge

    it’s not just us Ivory, there’s a few others about that spotted it as well.

    Have to admit being in the biz I should have spotted the MASSIVE BLUE reflection a little sooner 😉

  8. Paul King

    LLR…. Keep the faith…You’ve got to be in it to win it!!….unlike the Spuds and the bin dippers who spend till they can’t spend no more!

  9. Lurch LeRouge

    I’ve ceased at calling the guy a cunt out of respect for the club PK and I appreciate your stance, but I just don’t see our squad overcoming our malaise.

    For me a clean is in order and I am ye of little faith, very little faith indeed.

  10. Paul King

    LLR…Fair one… If we slip into mid-table as many are predicting, Wenger probably won’t survive the season..

  11. IvoryGoonz

    @Paul King: he’s the second best because he’s one of the oldest still serving, and most other clubs would have fired their manager long time ago… Also because he had had 10 years of brilliant supporting who believed it would only be a short barren run without titles.
    He’s not the only problem, but he’s got more influence on the board than our second main shareholder.
    And you keep using this le-whine.
    You didn’t even bother to actually try to comment on whatever I say? Why should I bother? You can say what you want here, true. Not like the censorship on Untold.
    But don’t expect most of us to still be supporting Arsene.

  12. IvoryGoonz

    @PK/ I’m afraid even if we end mid table, the board will stick with him. And it will take more than just a small moaning on a blog to get him out.

  13. Lurch LeRouge


    I don’t see mid table approaching, I just don’t see us challenging higher than 4th until we find a manager that respects the defensive side of the game as much as the attack.

  14. IvoryGoonz

    Right, really off now. Was hoping to at least see Gervinho signed and on the plane to the tour. But we can’t even get that.
    Just check on Marseille, and you’ll see how you’re supposed to prepare a season and buy good players even when you’re poor as they are for the next 3 years with a big portion of the stadium unusable while extension works are performed.

  15. BOOZY

    “I can understand that people say ‘you have money, just go out and buy’. But it’s not only that, we want to find the quality we need”

    arsene wenger.

    has he been watching the copa America?

  16. Lurch LeRouge

    Gerv not going to Asia is ok imo.

    He’ll need a load of fitness work to get him up to the pace of the EPL for a sustained season – if Chamakh’s recent evidence is anything to go by.

  17. Jerry

    Gibbs may be Arsene’s option now but when he fucks his ankle, hammy, groin, back or toe (basically take your pick) getting off the plane then he’ll have to buy someone. I say have to then immediately doubt it myself.

    I like Gibbs, great little player and I’ve seen him have some great games but I’ve also seen him blown away at times. He’s probably our most injury prone player and with so much at stake will be a gamble too far this season. This is not the year to be fucking around, yet here we go again showing ourselves up whilst the big teams point and laugh. How can you go on pre-season with 1 new signing and still loaded down with dog shit no other fucker wants? Unbelievable!

    As for us being able to afford not having CL for a couple of years, I say bollocks. For one we, more than any club, would be fucked without the cash, we hardly spend now ffs. Secondly, I really don’t see us getting back into the top 4 if we fell out. Add to that the detrimental effect it would have on the upcoming sponsorship deals and we’d be left in a position that even Uzminov’s billions would raise an eyebrow to.

  18. G STAR


    1) Chelsea = 82 Points
    2) Man City = 80 Points
    3) Man United = 79 Points
    4) Liverpool = 75 Points
    5) Arsenal = 74 Points
    6) Tottenham = 70 Points
    7) Everton = 68 Points

  19. BOOZY

    Seriously any coach not watching the copa america, isnt really serious about his job.

    i can bet fergy is kicking back and scrutinizing this tournament- loads of talents in every game- its like watching barca play barca.

  20. David

    Paul King says:
    July 9, 2011 at 18:42
    I’m a realist, I’ve supported this club all my life and would happily see Wenger replaced if it guaranteed success… But this is the real world..not the tiny one le-whiners live in…Wenger’s a cunt!


    You dont even realize what youve done and what your doing to yourself.

    When you make such silly statements its rather odd that the first thing you say is that you are a “realist”

    but you’ve cleverly decieved yourself into conjecturing a very Un “real world” scenario where there are no guarantee’s in life but yet you argue that if there be any such a guarantee it is to be the conveyance to Wenger’s sacking.

    Since no guarantees in life exist you are basically saying Wenger is unsackable.

    Which my dear friend is quite frankly dumb fucking stupid.

  21. Mkv

    Only difference between a mid table club like Aston Villa for example and Arsenal is that Arsenal have been in the champions league each year but the big similarity is that at the end of the season they all end up trophyless so as long as we remain trophyless we must consider ourselves an average club and i see us sliding further down to the level of the likes of Stoke/Wigan if things continue like this. Being trophyless once or twice in six seasons is understandable but six consecutive seasons trophyless is unacceptable. Now i dont really know whether i should blame Wenger or the board, is Wenger trying to protect the board or he is just a stingy ass old man disillusioned by his self beliefs and policies

  22. IvoryGoonz

    @lurch: Gervais is Ivorian. He’s a fighter. Lot of stamina. I’m not worried about his fitness at all.

  23. Black Hand Ninja

    disappointed that Wenger won’t be signing a left back to replace Clichy (who was on the wane admittedly, I’ll be watching to see how well he does at City).

    As optimistic as I usually am, I’m not sure how next season is going to pan out, it could be really bad for us. Arsene moving terribly slow, there’s a whole world of players out there, it’s kind of annoying me. We have quite a bit of money, so it is not like we’re broke at all. All we need is someone who fits the system and is consistent and determined enough to do the job, and they are around. I know Wenger likes to be “meticulous” in his approach to the transfer market and that there is a lot of time, but if he doesn’t sort the squad out, it could be quite bad. Nevertheless, I remain quietly optimistic that it will work out, but I’m losing faith ever so slowly……..

  24. zeus

    THE message could not have been clearer.

    Parked outside the manager’s office at Cobham were two boxes overflowing with mementos of previous regimes.

    Celebration pictures, Manager-of-the-Month awards, pennants and keep-sakes.

    Andre Villas-Boas had stripped the walls and cleared the cabinets of reminders of every Chelsea boss from Jose Mourinho through to Carlo Ancelotti.

    There was no arrogance in his actions. He simply wanted to make a statement to those at Cobham.

    This is the fresh start. I am the new man. The future starts here.

    The impact Villas-Boas, 33, has already made is powerful. Certainly player power has flexed its muscles for the last time at Chelsea. ]

    The hierarchy at the club had grown increasingly concerned at the influence the dressing room had under Ancelotti and Guus Hiddink.

    But the appointment of Villas-Boas has seen him stamp his immediate authority with a set of guidelines that make it clear in no uncertain terms exactly who is in charge at Chelsea Football Club.

    His attention to detail puts even Mourinho’s preparation to shame and the players were made firmly aware of their responsibilities when they returned for pre-season training this week.

    They now have to report to Cobham by 9am with anybody late – even if they are out on the training pitch in good time – hit in the pocket with a sliding scale of fines.

    All players MUST eat together at the Cobham canteen instead of being allowed to leave as soon as training is finished, which has been the norm under previous regimes.

    Villas-Boas insists the only language spoken at Cobham is English to help prevent cliques forming in the dressing room among Chelsea’s foreign players.

    Watching television is now restricted to certain times of the day and any player receiving treatment or a massage is not allowed to watch TV, read a newspaper or use a mobile phone.

    There will also be a clampdown on visitors to the training ground.

    In the past, players have been allowed to bring in family, friends, agents and business advisors for meetings at Cobham before and after training.

    Incredibly, some players have even brought in their own hairdressers to Cobham for a quick trim.

    But Villas-Boas has called a halt to that, demanding the training ground is the players’ workplace and there can be NO distractions while at work.

    But perhaps the most radical departure from the old days at Cobham is in the pre-season routine.

    Chelsea players are used to double sessions, yet have witnessed nothing like the Villas-Boas level of preparation.

    Under his regime, they will train in the morning but immediately training has finished, they will be bussed to a local hotel where they will eat together and then be sent to their rooms to relax and unwind.

    During that time, nobody will be allowed out of the hotel. After a few hours, they will be taken back to Cobham for the second session before being allowed to leave.

    It is all part of the Villas-Boas master-plan to build more unity within a squad which has gained a reputation since the departure of Mourinho for fracturing too easily.

    There has also been a growing feeling among Roman Abramovich’s lieutenants that the dressing room has grown too powerful and populated by players used to getting their own way.

    Discipline at Cobham had also become lax under Ancelotti, most notably when Ashley Cole shot a work-experience student with an air rifle earlier this year.

    A Chelsea source said: “The players are under no illusion as to what’s expected of them. Villas-Boas made it quite clear he’s willing to treat them like grown- ups, but if they can’t handle that responsibility and live up to the standards he expects, then they’ll be treated like children.

    “The biggest difference is that Cobham will no longer be treated like a social club with everybody bringing in guests and their families whenever they feel like it.

    “It’s a place of work where everybody is expected to knuckle down.

    “There will be no free rides at Chelsea any more. Players won’t get into the side on reputation, they’ll have to prove their worth all over again.”

    Despite the new hard-line attitude from Villas-Boas, most of the Chelsea players have responded well this week.

    They have recognised the power had strayed too far towards the dressing room and they have immediately welcomed a firm hand on the tiller – even if some of the rules are tougher than they have known.

    Villas-Boas’s first big test comes on next week’s pre-season tour of the Far East.

    A source said: “It will be interesting to see what happens when everybody is living out of each other’s pockets for a few weeks.

    “That’s when little groups form and test the boss. If he’s strong, then he’s set for life.

    “If he bends even a little, they’ll see it as weakness and exploit it.”

    Villas-Boas is prepared, though, and anybody who tests him will find their Chelsea careers could be all too short-lived.

  25. Henry14

    The only thing keeping me going at the moment with Football is the thought that the media will be waiting to pounce next season as soon as Wenger fucks it up – which he 100% will.

    You can write this season off today.

    The players we have now, with a serious coach, with fresh ideas would get more out of this squad than Arsene does now.

    There is no way on planet earth with our manager, his stinking attitude, his bolloxs policy’s and his wanky coaching will ever win anything.

    He will get crusified next season, his legacy will be tainted and he’ll be out of this club. The pressure will tell.

    I’ll start enjoying football again as soon as he’s gone.

    How anyone can still maintain any optimisim with AW i honestly don’t know – all i can think is that they – like he – are serious losers content with fuck all.

  26. Wenger the liar

    Gibbs is at an age where he needs to play


    Gibbs is a fucking useless cunt.

    Wengers a fucking grade a pussyhole.

  27. Henry14

    Hopefully we can go back to be “Arsenal” The ENGLISH club, in the ENGLISH premier league, build a british spine like all the other successful clubs have and like we used to have.

    Get rid of all these shitty french, african league 1 dog shit rejects and stop being a fucking french club in the premier league.

    All these fucking swiss center halves – when the hell have switzerland EVER produced a truly world class player??!! never.

    Djourou, classic example, decent but will never win you anything.


    “hopefully we can bring in one or two more players”

    wenger fuck right off with that bullshit

    1 or 2?? should be 5 or 6

    we need a LB and back up goalkeeper, a centre half and a striker and obviously replacements for cesc and nasri (who should be sold to highest bidder)

    so expect gervinho and one other (probably cahill)

    meaning yet again we spend fuck all

    lets say gervinho is 11million and cahill 16 and with jenkinson 1mil
    total 28mil

    losing clichy, almunia, bendtner and hopefully denilson

    we will have a net spend of about 5 mil

    and after the shit we witnessed last year and what we have seen in last 5 years its a fucking joke

  29. kev

    i have just one comment to make – financial fair play my arse. anybody that actually believes the biggest clubs will roll over and let themselves be held back by these rules is a moron.

    as if uefa will turf the likes of united and barca out of their competitions. ha!

  30. yangkamp10

    WTL “gibbs is at the age where he needs to play”

    just where do you start? Gibbs is getting a starting role at Arsenal, because of his age??? Somewhere Evra is sharpening his next barb.
    Is Ivan or anyone else at the club listening to this stuff? Arsenal are plummeting and the coach is letting the better LB go because the shitter one is getting to the age where he will demand games?
    I am competely at odds with this club now. I support from a safe and guarded distance. They wont hurt me again, the wont caviar up my money anymore.

  31. Rohan

    Even if Gibbs is our first choice LB, who the fuck is our second choice LB if god forbid, he gets injured? Eboue? Jenkinson? Vermaelen?

  32. Wenger the liar

    Nonetheless, City face the possibility of other clubs raising the matter with Uefa. Arsenal’s Supporters’ Trust has already signalled its intention to ask the London club to request that Uefa look into it as a priority and deliver an early verdict.

    Tim Payton, the Trust spokesman, said: “The deal at Manchester City stretches credulity to the limit. The numbers just don’t stack up.”



    maybe we should lobby Uefa so that every club has the handicap of having a senile one trick pony french cunt as a manager to even things up.

  33. A.GIBBS

    I’ve been lurking on this site and never commented til now,for real all you Gooners if you are all so passionate about the team then why not show it by arranging some sort of protest to kick out Wenger,Gazidis and Kroenke?Move the protest from the internet to real life,don’t be like them fat kids who stay locked in day in and day out on computers,ACTION NOW!

  34. kev

    lets just hand a petition to the man city hierarchy requesting that they do things “the right way”. itll raise a laugh if nothing else

  35. Rohan

    WTL, did you read Surfer’s comments earlier today?

    I thought he made a very strong point. The ball is very much in UEFA’s court as far as what their next move is. I’d like to think other clubs like us will raise the issue with them. Especially one’s that are less endowed.

    It really is dodgy as Etihad (unlike Emirates which is Dubai’s) is completely under the control of Abu Dhabi govt. , and more clearly, ADIA (Abu Dhabi Investment Authority) whose chairman incidentally is the President of the U.A.E. Under ADIA and it’s sister entities (all controlled by the same people) are ADUG (City’s owners) , Mubadala Development Corp (who own large chucks of Ferrari, AMD , GE, and Lockheed Martin) and ADNOC( national oil company) and it’s natural gas subsidiaries. This 400 million deal is just an internal transfer of money shifting the accounts for want of a better word. It doesn’t in anyway represent proper market value.

    Of course, City’s lawyers aren’t stupid. They will be expecting some sort of response from UEFA. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

  36. chozzer

    “Gibbs is a fucking useless cunt.”

    WTL, your bitterness has seeped into every pore of your being. You ought to give it up before it kills you.

  37. Rohan

    UEFA should look at City not just as ADUG, the daughter entity but the whole fucking Abu Dhabi public sector imo.

    How do I know all this? Used to live in Abu Dhabi.

  38. Wenger the liar

    Rohan –

    No need to tell me the details cheers. As far as surfer is concerned I dont read the posts of someone who bills themselves as the Ldwig von mises of football blogs yet comes out with statements like “weve only had money for 18 months” Alright Ludwig thanks for the insight.

    chozzer –

    Nah thats ok, its a personal battle nw to make sure I live long enough to see the cunt Wenger sacked.

  39. Rohan

    400 million dollars to them is well 100 dollars to you or me. (Well, probably more to you)

    They’re incredibly astute with their investments and asset purchasing as well. The oil they own extends to more than just the U.AE but to places like Libya, Kazakhstan and places like that. Needless to say, oil running out is really a trivial matter for them.

  40. zeus

    Its safe to say that we are fucked on the left of defence this season. If Gibbs is first choice, it certainly means that we are gonna have a novice backup.

    To answer Rohan’s question, we may finally see Pedro Botelho IF wenger works out a visa for the Brazilian. And he is more of a winger than a specialist defender. So defense will still be an issue.

    But dont worry, Vermaelen is like a new signing.

  41. Yandi

    In a way, I’m glad all of this is happening. Arsene Wenger can do whatever the fuck he wants to this summer. He’s only digging his own fucking grave. The fact that he still has herds of sheep just waiting to blindly follow him defies belief. He’s slowly killing all the joy or enthusiasm I had for my club. If finishing 8th means Wenger leaves Arsenal, then so be it. Football happens in cycles, and Wenger’s Arsenal cycle is over. He looks like a broken old man, and speaks like a loon. His recruitment policies and sources don’t change. His team is silently imploding. This rot hasn’t just sprouted… It’s been building up for years, and now it’s stinking up North London. It’s all a fucking joke, and we’re not the ones laughing. Everyone else outside the club is though.

  42. Samir

    YoungGunsBlog Jamie Sanderson
    Levante say they have reached an agreement with Arsenal to buy Wellington Silva.

    What a fucking wate of money buying him…What was he meant to be again? The next Kaka/Robinho?


  43. Samir

    Woops…Another tweet guys…Hold your horses!
    YoungGunsBlog Jamie Sanderson
    Got it checked out and confirmed by a Spanish speaker, it is a loan deal.

    Loan deal it is…

  44. Big Dave

    If Man u pull off the Sneijder signing, then realy wants the point anymore with us, and he says 1-2 players ffs

  45. ardentgooner

    A but late…but why the fuck is Denison going on Asia tour…FUCK OFF YOU CUNTTT….what integrity does the team and wenger have when a player who bashes the team/captain in the media and wants to leave is taken for a holiday 2 months later……Wenger has ruined the values and culture of the club… If Denilson is still an Arsenal player in August I think i will stop watching football altogether…

  46. ardentgooner

    Can we ask Arsenal fans in Malaysia and China to put up a GET OUT WENGER banner? or atleast a SPEND SOME FUCKING MONEY banner for the two games….. he needs to realize the extent of disappointment among fans not only in england but outside too

  47. zeus

    What the he’ll happened to A?

    How is it possible that we never seem to get the Kaka type brazilians but we get the Gilbertos, baptistas, denilsons, and silvas?

    Is Botelho any good? No idea.
    Doesn’t play as LB, more of a winger and at any rate FAAAAAAAAAAAAR from PL proven.

  48. Lurch LeRouge

    don’t think denilson made the decision yo go to Asia, AW chooses the squad, as far as blame is concerned the ball’s in his court as per…

    Henderson or LeCoq should have gone.

  49. Wenger the liar

    Expect some sort of bullshit statement, that youll be able to read between the lines of, from OGL that Ryo will be ample replacement for Nasri after he puts in a good shift against the Ho Chi Minh Dog n Duck 11.

    Wenger confirmed that the Japan forward Ryo Miyaichi will be on the plane today and suggested that if the 18-year-old impresses he could be given a chance to play in the first team when the new campaign starts. Miyaichi, whom Wenger signed in January, finished last season on loan at Feyenoord and scored three goals in 12 games.

    “He is on the plane because he is quality,” said Wenger. “We want to give him a chance to show his quality and I think everybody will be curious to see him play in Asia. I rate him personally… He has done extremely well at Feyenoord.”

  50. Bolo

    Wenger stated he knew defence was a problem and was going to sort it out. Now, Gibbs is going to be 1st choice left back, wtf? Gibbs is nowhere near ready to be 1st choice for ay team the has serious title aspirations. Expect more calamities as he is worst than Clichy, how he got a england cap is beyond me.

  51. Black Hand Ninja

    gambon says:
    July 9, 2011 at 21:59

    Reading BHNs post i cant help but think ‘i told you so’.


    You could say that. I would still rather be an optimist than a cynic (no offense lol). Glass half full and all that.

    I would like to start my own football club one day, provided I make enough money lol.

  52. Wenger the liar

    Bolo –

    Gibbs is first choice LB now because Arsene is a grade A cunt.

    The more the summer rumbles on the more I get the feeling we wont sign any defenders, CBs.

  53. Bolo

    So basically, because a player is the right age he has to play? Regardless of his talent and quality? Seriously, I think Wenger is smoking crack.

    He played Gibbs against United a few seasons ago in the CL. How could you put a novice against Ronaldo who was current world player of the year? Why not play a senior player? Anyone remember his fucking slip at a crucial moment for park ji songs goal? But Wenger is to blame.

    Anyway that was was about 2/3 years ago and the guy is still not ready from what i have seen of him. I actually think Armand Traore is better than him, Anyone remember how good he was under Harry on loan at Portsmouth?

  54. Lurch LeRouge

    ….less injury prone Bolo at the least, neither of them are good enough so its a pointless comparison. we’re gonna get shanked from the lhs like never before if nothing changes, and TV5 will get it in the neck as a result.

  55. Lurch LeRouge

    can’t believe SK hasn’t put his hand in his pocket as a measure of goodwill for one signing at the least.

    One descent signing to herald his arrival, statement of intent… meh.

  56. Black Hand Ninja

    Lurch LeRouge says:
    July 10, 2011 at 00:05

    don’t think denilson made the decision yo go to Asia, AW chooses the squad, as far as blame is concerned the ball’s in his court as per…

    Henderson or LeCoq should have gone.


    Le Coq and Afobe are at the U20 tournament. Bartley should have gone instead of Squilaci.

  57. Bolo

    Sometimes I think Wenger is just kidding when he comes out with some of his shit because I cant believe he would seriously say some of the things he says.

    “I hope that provokes a response from my players to think we we were so close. We want to come back and achieve it.”

    When is this guy going to learn that most of our player are not good enough. What team can win trophies with Almunia in goal?

  58. Black Hand Ninja

    Bolo says:
    July 10, 2011 at 00:30

    no guys im not mad, I honestly think Traore is better than Gibbs


    I’ve thought that for about a season now. Gibbs would be better in midfield IMO. Traore had an ok-ish loan spell in Italy, he didn’t play a lot, but when he did, he was very solid defensively (doesn’t say a great deal, when defence is worked on a lot in Italy), but could serve him well on his return. I tip him to usurp Gibbs in fact, Gibbs is a good player, but too injury prone and positionally very poor for a left back.

  59. Bolo

    He made a good impression on me when he was on loan at Portsmouth. Him and Belhadj were decent on the left side. Didn’t see him in Italy.

  60. Black Hand Ninja

    Lurch LeRouge says:
    July 10, 2011 at 00:43

    thought Afobe got pulled from that tourney Ninja?


    Don’t think he has yet as far as I know, but Arsenal have requested that he doesn’t take part. Don’t think theres any news on Coquelin so he must be going.

  61. Bolo

    Anyway fuck that, this isnt the season for silly experiments and potential. We need players that are ready to go. Dont give a fuck if he’s the right age to play, he isnt good enough, buy a serious left back.

  62. Lurch LeRouge

    last i saw of traore was at nevilles testimonial, giggs raped him a couple of times, didn’t look all that improved…

    granted it was an exhibition game.

  63. Gooner49

    David Dein. David Dein. David Dein. David Dein. David Dein.

    David Dein was the last board member who really cared about Arsenal winning. He was kicked out because he cared more about winning than the Sustainable Business Model. Or you could say he knew that Winning is more important and that it enables you to do other things.

    I am utterly convinced that had Dein not been sacked we would not have gone 6 years without a trophy. That is to say Dein was a major reason we won so many trophies in Wenger’s early years. Perhaps he deserves more credit and Wenger deserves less for the trophies we won under Wenger.

    Dein brought Wenger to Arsenal and he championed him because he saw a talent in him, an ability to transform us from “Boring, Boring Arsenal” into an exciting attacking side who could still win trophies. But Dein must have spotted a weakness in Wenger, a reluctance to demand anything from the board, to demand money for transfers. So Dein became his perfect business partner. Wenger drew up his wish-list and Dein went and got them. Dein was behind he singings of almost all the Invincibles.

    This coming season should be seen as Wenger’s last chance. The past 2 seasons has seen Wenger’s stock fall dramatically amongst fans and critics alike. He has gone from Le Professor to Stubborn to a Fault and seems to have lost his desire to win. For him to announce that finishing anything but 1st is a success is a seriously worrying sign for all us Gooners and would be for the board if they cared anything about the success of our team. But no, all they care about is money and they are exploiting the blind love we all have for our team. They know that if they put season ticket prices up by 6.5% there are enough of us that will have to pay it – even if it was a raise of 20% they will know people will pay. Because being a football fan isn’t rational, its emotional. The fans who switch allegiances to whoever is successful at a particular time are never the ones who fork out money week in week out to go and cheer on their team. No its the die hard fans who live and breathe Arsenal who the board are taking advantage of. The ones who CAN’T just stop caring about Arsenal because the manager seems to have lost his desire to win, or because the board are only interested in making a profit.

    If Wenger delivers another trophyless season littered with the same weaknesses we’ve all been moaning about for the past 4 years then the board will have a big decision to make. They will know right now that Wenger has lost the faith of a worrying number of fans and they will be taking a massive risk if they stand by him after a 7th straight year of failure. They will show their true colours next season. If Wenger wins nothing yet again having not invested enough, having underestimated the strength of United, City and Chelsea yet again, having refused to buy in Jan because “so and so will be back from injury soon”, because more of his world class players lose faith in his ability to guide them to real success then he HAS TO GO. The board will lose what little credibility they have if they back him. Then it will be Kroenke’s turn to show what he’s made of. He will have to act – get rid of the losers on the board who would be satisfied with simply a top 4 finish every season because he will know that sports fans do not accept failure.

    Wenger is a dead man walking this coming season. The only thing that can save him is a major trophy and next season will be the hardest ever to achieve that.

  64. OPG

    Honestly now a LB seems more important than a CB right now, it makes sense after he said we need more PL quality defendersand LB is short of players.

  65. Black Hand Ninja

    Suga knows his hip hop lol.

    My mate did a track with canibus the other day, not sure if they’ve put it out yet…..

  66. tiarnan

    Arsene Wenger stars in a movie about walking up the stairs….if youre dying for a weird wank then this is for you…(cough cough Lurch)

  67. tiarnan

    Fuck if Id known Debbie Does Ghana was on here tonight Id have shown up earlier …!

    What you wearing tonite u lil tramp?

  68. Moray

    what’s the update on our season ticket sales? Do the club ever release this sort of information?

    We have signed two players so far. Does that mean it’s it?

  69. (bernard) bade the gooner

    its good morning from the other side of the day……

    i just woke up to get myself ready to a court hearing….

    arsene, i hope you work as hard as i do, to give us those signings…. ha ha ha

    anyway, boys go to sleep! it’s dawn already!

  70. cesc rule

    any gooners frm asia region coming to kuala lumpur next week?..we can put up a ” in wenger we rust” banner,since ill be goin..

  71. tiarnan

    No, but I could grab a hammer and lump a Koala if that helps?

    (Does that win me the coveted”letter” of the “week” “prize” “?” “)”

  72. SurferX

    Amateur-hour is back at the Emirates…

    Gervinho’s £11m move from Lille to Arsenal will be delayed by at least another week due to visa problems, so the forward will miss the club’s seven-day pre-season tour of the Far East.

    The Ivory Coast international completed a medical at the Emirates on Wednesday but ran into unexpected problems as his paperwork was not in order.

  73. SurferX

    This is where I have sympathy for those calling for Dein’s return. Personally, I wouldn’t have him back. BUT, credit where credit is due- this type of amateur fuck-up never seemed to happen in his time.

    We have presumably had hundreds of conversations with the guy’s agent. How hard would it of been to insist that a copy of his visa was sent in advance? Jesus- this is a multi-million pound business- why are stupid loose-ends like this always an issue for Arsenal?