Arsenal to end the summer +2 better off at best…

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So after 2 months of pretty much silence, after a disastrous end of season where we were promised early signings, Wenger has come out and started the ball rolling for the usual disappointment. He’s missed out on 3 targets already and he’s gone into sulk mode. Yesterday on, Arsene Wenger confirmed he’s working very hard on signing players, much in the same way a naughty school child confirms he’s working on his homework. He said,

 “For me, the best thing is not to talk too much about it. The more you speak about things, the less chance you have to achieve them. The only thing that I can promise you is that we will work very hard and we have had some long nights to achieve what we want to achieve.”

“I have said many times that we were very close to winning things last season, despite the disappointment we had at the end. I hope that provokes a response from my players. We were so close this time we want to come back and achieve it.

Uh oh… we were very close? 2 points out of the last 13 games Arsene? Finishing 4th and going on the worst run in your history? Second worst points total in your career and you’re talking about close? Jeez… this has all the ingredients of a ground-hog summer again.

“My responsibility is first of all not to lose players and then to add and make us stronger.

“Let’s hope we can bring in one or two more additions of top quality.

Fair enough Arsene, let’s concentrate on bringing in one or two additions of top quality. Firstly, we should be replacing the quality that just left to join Manchester City. Regardless of what you think of Calamity Clichy, he still made it into the Premier League team of 2008. We’ve shipped him out and instead of going out and buying some top quality, Wenger has confirmed that he’s replacing him with Kieron Gibbs. Now, the last seems nice enough but a few pointers before we get ourselves into a world of mess next year.

1. He’s played 13 games in the Premier League

2. He’s rarely looked anything other than average. His positioning is suspect and his defending is far from top 4.

3. Has he ever made it through 3 weeks without picking up some sort of major injury?

How can we possibly be looking at this man to give us stability in a position we’ve struggled in since 2008? An amazingly risky tactic, but one that was all too straight forward to make for a man obsessed with being a king-maker.

So, looking at what’s going on, if we leave things as they are and don’t let anyone else leave. We’ve signed Gervinho which is marvellous and we’ll be adding 2 more players to the squad. Namely, Juan Mata if we land him and some sort of centre back, possibly Gary Cahill.

Is that enough to kick us on to titles and glory next year? Two wide men and a centre back? If we keep Nasri and Cesc, is the squad spirit going to be right next year?

“Our position is always the same, we want to keep Cesc and I will fight as hard as I can to keep him,”

Samir Nasri is exactly the same. We will do everything we can to keep him.”

I admire his stance with those two, but at the same time, I find it hard to give those comments any weight when he’s leaving the ‘injured’ Cesc to train here while the rest of the team float of to Asia. Why are we into preseason without deciding the futures of our two best players? We should have set Barcelona a deadline, if they didn’t meet it, then we close the talks for the summer. The same goes for Nasri, his dithering is precious time ticking away on us signing a replacement which as you know, will take our board a minimum of 2 months to negotiate.

For me, it sounds like whatever happens, don’t expect the correct amount of bodies to come in, because I’m going to do this on the cheap again. To me, it sounds like the players Wenger has been champing for the last 4 years were never that good because no one has come in to buy them… so what are we doing? Keeping them on and flogging them one last time.

Very disappointing. United win the league and they go out and sign 3 quality players. We throw the league away in embarrassing fashion and our coach is reluctant to bring in more than net two.

How can we ever progress if we have a manager who is never interested in giving the club the best possible chance to progress?

In other news…

FFP died a quick and painless death yesterday as Manchester City announced a £400million stadium naming rights deal with Ethiad over the next ten years. Like I said months ago, FFP won’t make things easier for Arsenal, because only a chump would allow the rules to get in the way of dominating the footballing space. City have been picking up curious sponsorship deals all over the place lately, so they’ll still be dominating the transfer market for years to come. A massive two fingers up to Platini and co, but what did he expect?

Perhaps Arsenal should get in there and have a word with Usmanov and Kroenke about setting up something similar?

Happy Saturday Grovers!

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437 Responses to “Arsenal to end the summer +2 better off at best…”

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  1. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    Maybe we should be careful what we wish for…
    Kroenke’s missus owns Walmart…that means ASDA in the UK…

    The ASDA stadium?

    Not even for 400 million thanks…although it would be the perfect match for our brand.

  2. Paul King

    I can’t disagree that we finished last season in relegation form…we were fuckin’ terrible…similar to a winter period in 2005-06 when we nearly allowed the Spuds to finish above us.. I’m just not expecting a big shift in working practices from our board…things will be done in the “Arsenal Way”….whether we like it or not.

  3. kwik fit

    Paul King is an optimist . Perhaps the le grovers should listen to this man ? life may be easier if we stop hating our manager? Mr wenger is after all the le professour he could defy the inevitable and turn this thing around? Maybe we should back le boss?

  4. Paul King

    Le Fart Face you prick….What’s the qualifying procedure for Le-whine then….Follow the clueless mob or don’t post??

  5. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    Paul, clarify what you mean please? I’m open to persuasion – in what way do you think we are close to trophies?

    For me Clichy leaving is the signal that raising youth together to form a bond and win things is a failed method. He is leaving before his peak due to not winning a title.
    If a player starts at 17 or 18, and by 23 or 24 has no titles, they will lose interest – more so if they have no regional allegiance to the team.

    For me, all signs point that we are going backwards – but I hope to be proven wrong before the end of August.

  6. SUGA3

    kwik fit,

    there is ‘optimism’ and there is ‘sheepism’…

    and calling people ‘village idiots’ every day points to the weakness of his argument…

    Wenger OUT!

  7. SurferX

    lol @ this- spot on mate 🙂

    Martin Hayes Never Missed says:
    July 9, 2011 at 11:56

    The ASDA stadium?

    Not even for 400 million thanks…although it would be the perfect match for our brand.

  8. Paul King

    Martin Hayes….

    We lost the good day out cup to Birmingham in the final minute… We lost the other good day out cup to the Mancs in Q/F….We lost in the CL to the eventual champions…By the way no other team came as close to beating Barca….I went to the Liverpool home game with 7 matches to play and we were still very much in the fight for the title.
    Look… I couldn’t give a toss who manages Arsenal as long as we are successful. I just don’t agree that the Northern Chavs party cruise is the only way to be successful.

  9. naija soccer

    Wenger wenger wenger.

    1 or 2 players huh. I really really really hate when he says 1 or 2 players . As a matter of fact , I now hate the numbers 1 and 2 bcuz of him saying it so much.

    I used to be the chairman/ceo of AKB , now I m the chairman/ceo of AKJ( arsene knows jack).

    Wenger is like an architect who constructed a magnificent building. People travel from the world over to admire this building. Now while the people were gathered around the building checking it out , wenger starts burning the structure down from floor to floor , top to bottom.

  10. SUGA3

    Paul King,

    we lost the CC due to Wenger being an idiot and thinking that signing a CB with one season of top flight experience is a way to improve the defence…

    guess what? OGL thinks it was such a great idea that he has signed a kid with 9 senior games two divisions down under his belt, ffs!

    lost the FA Cup to Manc team with two fullbacks in the midfield, a team we never saw playing together before and will probably not see again, not to mention that we have played practically our first XI and we were embarrassed by them!

    as for CL, I can live with that, never thought we had a chance in hell of winning it if we were to beat Barca and get to the final, we would get dicked by Mancs buzzing after winning the record breaking title anyway!

  11. Paul King

    Gambon you cock… I come on here to read your deluded posts…you can’t normally read that shit outside of an asylum.

  12. kwik fit

    Paul King’s opinion is very valid . Arsenal FC is what matters nothing or nobody should deflect us from this fact. Arsenal FC is what this grove is all about. We need more opinions such as PK to have balanced viewpoint. Le fart face le prick!

  13. E4 Paul

    FFP was destined to fail. It was obvious big clubs would find a method of enhancing their revenue to make them appear financially healthy. There’s no way you can restrict a club doctoring their accounts even if you limited the club’s spend based on gate receipts and match day income.

    Arsenal’s attempt to “play fair” and work within the restrictions suits them because the present board don’t wish to add to the existing debt. They want to continue with their “self-sustaining model” and project youth because the board lack ambition. They are not desperate to raise Arsenal’s profile, win trophies or attract the biggest stars to the club. They are happy to plod along in the hope UEFA regulations would allow them to compete on equal footing but it’s not going to happen in the way they hoped it would.

    It’s no coincidence that the big clubs are pulling in these deals all over the place and this is what’s getting up the nose of the present Arsenal board. They lost their opportunity to become a major team when they shamefully sold short on their deals. United’s and City’s deals dwarf Arsenals and puts us at a distinct disadvantage now.

    It;s also no coincidence that major organisations who are prepared to throw money at these clubs, do so because they wish to be attached to another winning team. At this rate, we will become so mediocre that the only sponsorship we’ll attract in the future would be from the butcher on the Blackstock Road. Great!.

    It’s clear football success is not the priority at Arsenal and as customers(as they like to view us), we reserve the right to withdraw our custom until they give us what WE want.

  14. Le Profarter

    Players who can play at LB
    -Jenkinson (Played half of last season at leftback for Charlton)
    -P Bothelo

    That’s 7 players…
    Not exactly Groundhog’s day, is it?
    Straight from the horse’s arse.

  15. Yandi

    A Wenger interview during a transfer window is always a great way to start the weekend.

    Anyways, contrary to popular belief, the sun does NOT shine out of Wenger’s arse. And I fucking dare apologists like willybilly to defend the man after the latest installment of his rhetoric. In fact, I double dare them! I also don’t know why people are always up in arms after every interview. It’s been going on since 2005! If you expected any different this year, then as gambon said, you’re a MUG.

    “I know he’s been beating me up since ’94, but I know he’ll change. He loves me”

    God help us.

  16. yangkamp10

    we’re done. Arsenal FC need a revolution. We set our stall out in the wake of Abramovich style ownership as a the youth and self sustainablility model. Cesc will leave and that will be the final nail in the coffin.
    If we dont make the signings we need to compete I will be boycotting the club. I urge you all to do the same.

    No action this summer and I say sack the board and give the russian/yank a chance. Anyone who is going to COMPETE!


    so sign gervinho and 1 other player like cahill and we are ready to win the league

    what bollocks

  18. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    Paul – I agree there was improvement in the attitude towards the Carling Cup, where we ended up in the final…but again blew it. What’s the stats now on finals lost v’s finals won under AW?

    Unfortunately for every beating of Utd, Chelsea, Barca and Man City…you have twice as many fk ups!

    Spurs at home, Newcastle, West Brom, Liverpool, Wigan, Stoke, Sunderland….I could go on…

    AW is too ‘one dimentional’ – no plan B and as ive said before, he could spend 100 mil and we will still not win anything with him and his team in place. This was the perfect chance to freshen up and replace Pat Rice, but no. Arsenal is an old boys club. 2014 his contract runs out!!! God help us!

  19. Le Profarter

    It was a post from one of those wankers at ACLF, who said that we can cope without a LB. Are these wankers Arsenal fans for real?

  20. Gunner90

    I understand the Gervinho transfer is held up because of paperwork problems. How is it that every transfer into the club has all these problems that are not experienced by any other Premiership club? What we need right now is at least one ( really need two) commanding centre back, an experienced left back, an experienced defensive midfielder and a top quality striker to replace RVP when he has his usual 4/8 weeks out with injury! I do not want Fabregas to stay – he was injured for much of last season and was totally disinterested when he did play! Nastri is being offered far more money by clubs that have a better chance of winning things than Arsenal so cannot see that he can be persuaded to stay. In any event he can go on a free transfer at the end of next season so let us get some big money now for him anf Fabregas and get 2 top quality players in to replace them right now. Everybody knows the players who should be tripped out before we can get replacements so let us get rid of them as soon as possible on low transfer fees!! If Wenger continues to drag his feet then we will be a mid table club next season for sure!!

  21. Wenger the liar

    Arsene Wenger is a total fucking cunt and the day he fucks off I will feel the same elation I did on the days Bergkamp and Sol signed.

    A cunt of the highest magnitude, fucking prick faced mother fucker tight fisted wanker. I cant wait for him to fuck off.

  22. Gunner

    Seriously how can you put those on together on sky sports news ? They have no charisma whatsoever and sit there blandly reading out shit, it’s like they would rather be anywhere else in the world

  23. Yandi

    So let me get this right, according to some people, Wenger’s gonna go from…

    – Signing Silvestre and Bischoff in 2008.
    – Signing an over-the-hill Campbell in 2009.
    – Signing Koscielny, Squillaci and Chamakh, and also getting 41 year old Lehmann out of retirement in 2010

    To now signing Benzema, Mata, Cahill, Samba and Baines this year!? Really!? Gullable much? Expect the norm. And since it’s now annual straw-grabbing time, Gervinho looks like a fucking superstar.

  24. Samir

    The club asks so much from the fans via highest ticket prices etc, but yet not only do we not get much in return, we’re also ridiculed by our chairman.

    Honestly, which other fans would accept this? Imagine this was done at an Italian club with ultras? There would be hell to pay. The amount of crap and general club mismanagement we’ve had to deal with is unacceptable.

    “I agree that current board should all go,” Bracewell-Smith said on Twitter. “They are passe. Have nothing more to give to the club at all.”
    She is 100% right…We need to do something before we get knocked out of the top 4!

  25. Wenger the liar

    Kwik –


    Taking pleasure in someone elses misery is not something I would normally do, however when Arsenes chickens come home to roost and the camera shows his face and that fucking stupid smirk disapears to be replaced by the look of realization that he has fucked up royally I will actually laugh out loud.

  26. kc

    Wenger is the problem! Blaiming these tactics on the “Yank” whose owned the team all of 5 months is just pathetic. This is all typical Wengerism. The Yank owners of ManUre and LPool are strengthening their clubs properly so why not us? This is all on Wenger.

  27. Paul King


    We’ve won 4 finals and lost 5 under Wenger… One final lost on Pens and 3 more to late winners…..fuckin’ depressing…where’s Alan Sunderland when you need him!

  28. IvoryGoonz

    @surfer and suga: just a quick one. How about option d)?
    “ransom mode: Pay us some bribe and we’ll consider it?, will save you loads on lawyers fees, and this way we don’t make a scandal that would be bad for your sales”
    Because at the end of the day, this is how it works.

  29. kwik fit

    Read this and you will LOL big time!

  30. naija soccer

    Barcelona has consistently been the best club in the world since 2008. They have the best player , 2 of the best midfielders in the game right now , and they ve won 10 trophies since (2008).

    And yet season after season , despite all the trophies won and all the great players they possess , they keep buying (or trying to buy) world class/very good players. Footballers like Ibrahimovic , Mascherano , Afellay, David villa, Cesc , Neymar comes to mind.

    Now thats what you call forward thinking and ambition.

    Arsenal on the other hand has consistently came 4th since 2008. And who are the players we buy or try to buy to help us win the league ? Silvester , Squillaci, Defoe, Chamakh etc.

    Forward thinking and ambition ???

  31. IvoryGoonz

    @all: I can’t wait for the FIFA/UEFA to announce the new Wenger trophy for Financial Fair Play though. I’m sure he will manage a job at Goldman and Sachs New York after that.

  32. Rhyle

    Confession time – I love Wenger and am grateful to him for the best 10 – 15 year period in terms of football in the whole of my life. BUT. He’s not a coach – he’s an economist / administrator. He applies his beliefs to his coaching staff and let’s ‘em get on with it. This is not a man we need on the bench but in the boardroom.

    Wenger up or Wenger out – let’s get in someone with ambition and who’ll help us attract and retain the best players. The image of Arsenal in the press and with players in the EPL / big leagues is that Arsene’s Arsenal is a failed project. What’s next?

    Enough bullshit – let’s move forward before we get left behind.

    As for FFP – looks fine (and even a little dandy) on paper, but let’s face it…the moment FIFA / UEFA start banning the big boys and fining people is the moment the big boys start putting their heads together about spinning out and forming an organisation / European super league of their own…MEANINGLESS PAPER RULES.

    One of the main reasons for clubs wanting to do this at the moment (and we’re key proponents of this) is that teams are sick of their “assets” being allowed to be shipped off for a friendly game halfway across the world, get injured and then a minuscule amount being levied against the relevent FA.

    Anyhoo…wanted to make a couple of little points and it’s turned into a bit of a rant…sorry for that…

  33. Samir

    Now we all know “ICE” talks shit…
    He said today 2 transfers would be unveiled along with Nasri signing a five year deal on 110K a week…
    “Insider info” my arse!

  34. Gunner

    Speaking of sky sports news, dec was out last night with charlotte jackson. I bet georgie thompson has a face like thunder this morning

  35. Gunner

    Samir you’re only realising now, you gullible gordon you. ROFLMAO. It didn’t dawn on you that he was just some muppet talking shit to get attention ?

  36. Gunner

    Yes now I know, why didn’t you kindly answer straight away instead of the nonsense with the “comedian” ?

  37. Strikeforce1

    on a more serious note, CESC and NASRI are staying with the addition of Gervinho, Mata, Gordon and Samba, now that’d be good news

  38. kwik fit

    Gunner never mention that Georgie Thompson name before 9pm!
    What a super babe that is! I sometimes have dreams about just me and her on a desert island!

  39. Mkv

    All of you guys on here tell me, if you were in Nasri’s shoes would you sign a new contract under rhe current conditions. If it were me, no, this club lacks ambition. The statement about one or two signings really killed my spirit, Nasri can go and i wont be mad at him though Wenger the maniac should actually be the one leaving

  40. scott

    Suga lol no. He lives in Dubai selling timeshares with all the chavs and plastic gangsters over there.

  41. Scorpion

    what I cant understand is that how can players like Mata be marquee signings for us. He is a decent player but a club of Arsenal stature (third richest or fourth???) should be adding two or three players like him every season.
    We have seen so much mediacority in recent seasons that we are over the moon. City United Inter AC Milan Bayen Chelsea buy these sort of players each season mosylt for their bench strength. Aguero, Tevez, Sneijder yes but Mata is marquee signing for us No Sir
    Though it does not mean that i dont want him at the club

  42. kwik fit

    Mkv If I were nasri I would sign on cos potentially he could become the
    Arsenals main midfielder . Cescesq if you like. He could be the link from which everything flows. However unlike cesc ,I feel he is a greedy so ans so and he has adebayhoor tendencies.

  43. kwik fit

    Currently at Oxegen .Next up on stage is two door cinema club. Can’t wait. Keep you informed fellow Le grovers.!

  44. scott

    Scorpion totally agree. I have always said the top teams strengthen after successful seasons, let alone a team with a 6 year barron spell.

  45. frenchie

    hello grovers-

    excellent news: the greatest striker to ever grace a football pitch and manu have been told they are not going to asia. that should increase the team revenue; especially that the indonesians and chinese will not have to see the mouthbreather attempt to stand in goal.

  46. naija soccer


    unfortunately our coach doesnt seem to have that thing called common sense anymore.

    sometimes i wonder if an alien( created by man u and chelsea) havent eaten wenger and took over his body.

  47. Paul King

    Scott the simpleton….when you find a timeshare in Dubai, let me know, I’ll sell you one you thick cunt! I’m a retired Golf Professional who stood on the clock end from 77, had a season ticket from 95-06 and still have 2 at the Grove now… before you start all your “never been to a game bollocks”.
    I’ve forgotten more than you know about top level sport….mug!

  48. naija soccer


    Unfortunately our coach doesnt seem to have that thing called common sense anymore.

    Sometimes i wonder if an alien( created by man u and chelsea) havent eaten wenger and took over his body.

    That will explain his bizarre behavior since 2006.

  49. scott

    Haha. Caddyshack cunt. 2 season tickets still so you fly over every week to watch us do you?
    Bet you stop over at Bangkok and have a ladyboy who looks like Ian Dowie.
    Don’t deny being a plastic gangster eh!

  50. Paul King

    As opposed to a real gangster like you….what a cunt…North London’s very own village idiot!
    This is Arsenal’s fault for building affordable housing!

  51. gnarleygeorge9

    Thank Baby Jesus for The Arsenal. My Club, My people. Now lets get out there & sign some stars & win some trophys. Come on Arsene……….JUST DO IT!

  52. bade the gooner (bernard)


    i started writing a comment on here, but it went too long, so i e-mailed to you

    i hope you & geoff will read it and make use of it….

  53. scott

    I’m not a gangster and I don’t live in a place full of chavs nor pretend to have a superior knowledge of all sports unlike yourself haha.deluded cunt you’ve had too much sunshine.
    brothel bred cunt!

  54. Paul King

    Dubai to London via Bangkok….mug! Unlike you…North London to the Grove via Manchester to nosh your favourite sweaty manager.

  55. Baafuor from Ghana

    Cant believe Denilson is on da plane to Asia!After all the bullshit he spewed about da team,how can he get on with his team mates?

  56. Yandi


    Trust me, Juan Mata is a top talent who’s value will only multiply in a few years (I say this because Arsenal will be looking to flog him off at some point for a profit). He may not be a big and glitzy name, but he’s the type of signing this Arsenal team needs, and at the values being mentioned an absolute bargain. He’s better than most of our attackers. Close to 40 goals in 3 seasons in La Liga from a wide position. It’s all speculation though, based on hot air, as just a few days ago the Valencia CF President declared he wasn’t for sale.

    Well, in other news, Denilson is on the plane to Asia. Believe Gooners. Believe.

  57. frenchie

    denilson is an amazing talent. pure quality. at one pint he captained brazil…ok, that was a dodgy vindaloo. 😉

  58. scott

    Haha what’s your obsession with the Mancs?
    Must be because you live amongst Chavez Mancs you sand lover.
    I live in north London. Used to live in Copenhagen street Islington. Heard of it?

  59. Paul King

    Fuckhead… Call the PGA, I was a full member from 86 until 2003 when I applied for amateur status back…. Now happly retired avoiding welfare chislers…

  60. Paul King

    Fuck me…You’ve got google in Islington! Things are on the up… Scott just confirming what a mug you are when it comes to sport…

  61. scott

    Yeah got the internet hee and a electric kettle too.
    that’s how I found you as a amateur golfer. And now you’ve lost your argument .
    now be a good lad a fuck a camel looking gangsters moll for me tonight. 🙂



    all travelling to asia

    i was hoping these usless lot would be gone by now

  63. Paul King

    Congratulations mug! Next a portable TV and you can learn which end of a golf club you hold. Now run along and wank all over your Manc team pictures…. mug.

  64. scott

    Mancs again???? Deluded!
    You know lies come back to haunt you. And you’ve Been totally Fucked over by you own lies and anger management issues.
    go and have some bumsex with a lad boy .
    ohhh the shame. 🙂

  65. Francis Jayadurai

    Arsene Wenger and Arsenal FC has simply lost the plot.They are not interested in silverware at all. Analyse the pass six years and the picture/intent of the club is pretty obvious. Well Arsene and the board should be ashamed of yourselves. Arsenal will be involved in the dog fight for relegation this season if no improvements to the squad is made. The current AFC squad and the manager is crap.

  66. Badger10

    BBC says Almunia and Brenda are in transfer talks and thats why they haven’t travelled to Asia…best bit of news this transfer window 🙂

  67. Paul King

    Still celebrating your ability to use google mug…. I won’t even try to explain how a golf professional becomes amateur again because your a fuckin’ retard! No lies here mug! But please don’t stop posting your opinions on Arsenal Football Club…. They always give me a good laugh!…Mug!

  68. Samir

    Denlison on the plane is a joke…
    Rosicky aswell…Last season he was one of our worst players! He lost us games single handedly giving away silly pens!

  69. scott

    Its the Akb and his Manc love in. Can’t work him out.
    he goes off about we’re all taking nonsense blaming wenger and the board and then spouts off about us being man Utd fans.. too much sun I think.

  70. gambon

    So we fly to asia with EXACTLY THE SAME squad that embarassed Arsenal last season.

    Top manager that Arsene Wenger is.

  71. G STAR

    Isn’t BENDTNER leaving a bad thing.

    If RVP gets injured, we are fucked, then Chamakhs plays but he will go to ACN, then WALCOTT will play as a striker.


  72. Wenger the liar

    Gambon –

    No thats not true. Our best player didnt fly and Ryo is included.

    Thats Ryo hes the answer to our prayers.

  73. Wenger the liar

    I am just shocked that Wellington Silva didnt push us on to title glory as many predicted this time last year.

    The futures bright, the futures fucking years away.

  74. supergunner14

    Hope fabianski stays I know he fucked up,but what goalie hasnt.I was impressed with him at the start of the season,he was solid.I don’t understand people thinking chezneys so great,his ok but he fucked up this season big time but no one slates him?he also talks to much like johan because they fear there be replaced.

    Oh wengers a cunt and should stay in Asia,as if most people thought he turned over a new leaf lol

  75. Gaston

    let’s be positive here! too much whinging does not help. come on you ARSENAL! Time to step up. At the end of day, we still have a squad which is more experienced on the top level then everyone appart from 2-3 teams. Boys are year older and offseason surely did them good. Batteries recharged and raring to go.

    And few words to Dani Alves – shut the f@ck up you w@nker! I hope when we play that scum again, boys will rough em up.

  76. SUGA3

    Szczesny pisses all over Fabianski, third best shot to save ration behind Cech and Hart, you will find it difficult to argue with that…

  77. Maciek


    Po pierwsze, czesc Mistrzu! How is your Saturday going?

    Secondly, maybe Fabianski is off, and Gordon will take over and replace him?

    Have a nice weekend guys!

  78. Spanish Dave

    Wenger will not go until we are mid table which we will be by mid October. Has Wenger looked at our starting fixtures yet, he’s finished.

  79. Maciek

    Spot on Spanish Dave.

    The thing is he won’t be sacked. He could relegate us and our brainless board will offer him his job for life.

  80. SUGA3


    niezle, zuchu, zaraz zbieram sie na jakis melanz, a za 2 tygodnie lece do PL na 3 tygodnie…

    I hope Fabian is off, this is simply not his level…


    I thought Chezzer fooked up badly against Spurs!
    He took Bale out so well he thought he do Lennon too but forgot to get the ball !

  82. IvoryGoonz

    @Paul King: well… Now we know. How about starting to call a cat a cat and stop calling LeGrove Le-whine for a starter? Maybe you won’t get that much kicks.
    If you know what to expect coming onto here, why do you even come?

    Also, you say basically you retired long time ago and have forgotten about top level sport… Do US a favour. Show Wenger it’s time for him to retire as well.
    If he had just half decent class, he’d offer his wages to buy players until we get back to winning ways. After all he’s already rich and doesn’t need more.

    We are not all “blasés” by life and deception. Most of people posting here are not as old as Wenger or you and still have ambitions.

    Moan with us, express you discontent, but don’t ask us to read your propaganda about Wenger. You are blind, and I can’t blame you for buying Wenger and the board’s shiny pictures.

    I look at facts, and sorry, I’m not impressed by being qualified for CL every year. I’ll be even less when we drop from top 4.
    if there were less Wenger tambourine men to keep on buying his self-satisfactory fantasies about winning titles with the youngest team possible and more people to just show him a mirror, he might actually evolve.
    Until then, go preach the good Lord Wenger somewhere else, and let us moan together with the other poor bastards like me who actually dream of winning titles. Not earning CL’s qualification money every year.
    (oh but let me guess, there must be too many people on those so called AKB sites to actually support him, so that might be the reason you feel lonely and need people to actually talk to, after all it must be difficult for AKBs to find friends these days, might as well check on the “enemy” … Wake up! Satisfaction on mediocrity is the enemy.)

  83. Samir

    Wenger said: “The reasoning is that Kieran Gibbs at some stage has to get a chance to play. And Gael had only one year to go.

    “I rate Gael very highly but I rate highly as well Kieran Gibbs, and he is now at an age where he has to play. And that’s the main reason behind that, to give Gibbs a chance”.

  84. IvoryGoonz

    @ Suga3: the save/shot ratio is one thing, but that doesn’t say all about a keeper. Just by checking the Castrol Index, you’ll find he’s number 972. 18th GK in the EPL just after Fabianski in 17th (850 overall)
    The fact that Poland prefer to give Szczesny game time instead of Fabianski might be same reason France plays Lloris instead of Frey… But Frey is still the better of the 2.
    Though both coaches preferred to prepare them for future, I’m convinced if Frey had been France captain at the WC it wouldn’t have ended like that… Anyway. Let’s see…

  85. IvoryGoonz

    Right. Nice one. Although it looks like a head picture taken at the WC photoshoped.
    Anyway. Mata and Gervinho on the wings would be at least a good pair. Would still need decent cover for Chamakh and RVP, a proper DM, a quick CB to partner Vermaelen, and we might have at least a Carling.
    We missed out badly on Stekelenburg, might as well stick to Szczesny without better option available…
    I’m off. Have a nice day Grovers and Gunners.
    And don’t forget. We can still petition Usmanov to ask him to open a New Arsenal!

  86. arsenesabemejor

    Ivorygoonz that one of the funniest posts ever, you clearly dont have a clue, you are part of a tiny theres no such thing as a AKB, it only exists in the imagination of children