Arsenal to end the summer +2 better off at best…

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So after 2 months of pretty much silence, after a disastrous end of season where we were promised early signings, Wenger has come out and started the ball rolling for the usual disappointment. He’s missed out on 3 targets already and he’s gone into sulk mode. Yesterday on, Arsene Wenger confirmed he’s working very hard on signing players, much in the same way a naughty school child confirms he’s working on his homework. He said,

 “For me, the best thing is not to talk too much about it. The more you speak about things, the less chance you have to achieve them. The only thing that I can promise you is that we will work very hard and we have had some long nights to achieve what we want to achieve.”

“I have said many times that we were very close to winning things last season, despite the disappointment we had at the end. I hope that provokes a response from my players. We were so close this time we want to come back and achieve it.

Uh oh… we were very close? 2 points out of the last 13 games Arsene? Finishing 4th and going on the worst run in your history? Second worst points total in your career and you’re talking about close? Jeez… this has all the ingredients of a ground-hog summer again.

“My responsibility is first of all not to lose players and then to add and make us stronger.

“Let’s hope we can bring in one or two more additions of top quality.

Fair enough Arsene, let’s concentrate on bringing in one or two additions of top quality. Firstly, we should be replacing the quality that just left to join Manchester City. Regardless of what you think of Calamity Clichy, he still made it into the Premier League team of 2008. We’ve shipped him out and instead of going out and buying some top quality, Wenger has confirmed that he’s replacing him with Kieron Gibbs. Now, the last seems nice enough but a few pointers before we get ourselves into a world of mess next year.

1. He’s played 13 games in the Premier League

2. He’s rarely looked anything other than average. His positioning is suspect and his defending is far from top 4.

3. Has he ever made it through 3 weeks without picking up some sort of major injury?

How can we possibly be looking at this man to give us stability in a position we’ve struggled in since 2008? An amazingly risky tactic, but one that was all too straight forward to make for a man obsessed with being a king-maker.

So, looking at what’s going on, if we leave things as they are and don’t let anyone else leave. We’ve signed Gervinho which is marvellous and we’ll be adding 2 more players to the squad. Namely, Juan Mata if we land him and some sort of centre back, possibly Gary Cahill.

Is that enough to kick us on to titles and glory next year? Two wide men and a centre back? If we keep Nasri and Cesc, is the squad spirit going to be right next year?

“Our position is always the same, we want to keep Cesc and I will fight as hard as I can to keep him,”

Samir Nasri is exactly the same. We will do everything we can to keep him.”

I admire his stance with those two, but at the same time, I find it hard to give those comments any weight when he’s leaving the ‘injured’ Cesc to train here while the rest of the team float of to Asia. Why are we into preseason without deciding the futures of our two best players? We should have set Barcelona a deadline, if they didn’t meet it, then we close the talks for the summer. The same goes for Nasri, his dithering is precious time ticking away on us signing a replacement which as you know, will take our board a minimum of 2 months to negotiate.

For me, it sounds like whatever happens, don’t expect the correct amount of bodies to come in, because I’m going to do this on the cheap again. To me, it sounds like the players Wenger has been champing for the last 4 years were never that good because no one has come in to buy them… so what are we doing? Keeping them on and flogging them one last time.

Very disappointing. United win the league and they go out and sign 3 quality players. We throw the league away in embarrassing fashion and our coach is reluctant to bring in more than net two.

How can we ever progress if we have a manager who is never interested in giving the club the best possible chance to progress?

In other news…

FFP died a quick and painless death yesterday as Manchester City announced a £400million stadium naming rights deal with Ethiad over the next ten years. Like I said months ago, FFP won’t make things easier for Arsenal, because only a chump would allow the rules to get in the way of dominating the footballing space. City have been picking up curious sponsorship deals all over the place lately, so they’ll still be dominating the transfer market for years to come. A massive two fingers up to Platini and co, but what did he expect?

Perhaps Arsenal should get in there and have a word with Usmanov and Kroenke about setting up something similar?

Happy Saturday Grovers!

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437 Responses to “Arsenal to end the summer +2 better off at best…”

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  1. SUGA3

    oh well, who was expecting anything different?

    and ha fucking ha about the FFP, calling all naive wankers to come out and say they, as always, were wrong!

  2. Gooner Sam

    I’ve never been one to say this…but we need to sack Wenger. He has lost it and it would now be a miracle if we won anything next season. He’s lost it and his obsession with the bank balance and youth is dragging us down. Get ready for a groundhog season!

  3. ardentgooner

    where’s willybilly

    i told him the big clubs will find a way around FFP. There was no way FFP will be affecting big clubs. We are utterly royally ( literally by sheikh mansour) FUCKED!

  4. Ali Saljuk

    Yesterday’s interview was all of AW’s cliches rolled into one mega let down interview just when the fans are on edge.

    Just see our season preparations , the opening fixtures and the likelihood of players remaining at club , i see a train wreck coming !

    Disgraceful isn’t even the word , utterly fed up now ! Yesterday’s antics were a slap in the face of loyal fans who have suffered for the last six years.

    I say its time we slap back ! They can shove a stable business model up theirs , cause city just came and pissed on their parade big time.

  5. Andy

    It’s getting so frustrating.
    Why is Gervinho’s signing still not confirmed?
    If we were prepared to pay £16M for Jones why not the same for Cahill who is more experienced?
    None of the deadwood been moved on. Season ticket feels extremely expensive at the moment

  6. scott

    1 or 2 new players. I bet Nasri can’t wait to sign a new contract. We needed 4-5 last season, the 2 new signings we need are a new CEO and new manager.

  7. Danish Gooner

    This is starting to look more and more like a train wreck wrapped inside a plane crash rolled in to a tsunami,my God this is one stubborn frenchman.Personally i am not looking ahead to the new season and it sends shivers down my spine without Fab and nasri being present.

  8. Hitman

    Wakey wakey. Top 10.

    Thats also my prediction for Arsenal next season.

    5th will be a struggle they way the board and OGL are carrying on.

  9. Skandibird

    Morning; totally agree with the why hasn’t Arsenal set a deadline to Barcelona? Who ‘runs’ the business side at Arsenal, is it Gazidis?. Even Bolton has set a deadline for offers on Cahill, allegedly.
    ManU runs a totally different business; Fergie probably identifies the players end of the season, Gill then goes and buys them at the opening of the Transfer window, done and dusted! Now, why can’t AFC do the same? Surely Arsene MUST know which players he wants at end of, or even during, a season? Have no idea if Gervinho will be any good, have only heard French journalists opinion and seen a few YouTube clips, but that means jack shit to me, until I see a player in a game with my own eyes. SSN reported last night that ”according their sources Nasri has said he wants to leave Arsenal?
    Regarding the ‘1 or 2 quality players’ ; as you say Ground Hog Day. I think Arsenal will have an exact same season like last year, i.e. win shit all!

  10. kzgunner

    RE Gibbs for Clichy
    ***AW sacrificing team balance for potential
    ***Selling a player reaching his peak for the sake of keeping & nurturing another kid
    ***Wilshere & Gibbs were both given chances. Wilshere took it but Gibbs has shown he’s not ready yet.
    ***If Gibbs wants to play he should be loaned and prove he’s ready. Arsenal should sign Enrique and recall Pedro Botelho from loan
    ***Imagine Gibbs facing Valencia/Nani/Messi/Ronaldo/Lennon/Suarez/Kuyt etc. Ripped apart
    ***No wonder our players want out. repacing Clichy with Gibbs shows we’ve got no ambition. We are a training center
    ***Gibbs’ Positioning, marking, heading, intercepting are awful
    =AW out! He cannot be trusted anymore!

  11. ayaj12

    Top 20?? I can’t believe Fabregas is still injured… He will go down in history as d guy with an hamstring injury that has become the longest to heal

  12. SUGA3


    difference being that the threat of falling out of the top four is more real than ever…

    Gazidis has already said that the club is prepared financially for a few years without the CL football…

    what the plank does not get is that once you drop out of the elite club, it takes some beating to get back in it, with inability to attract top players without chucking stupid amount of money at them, which we are not in position to do!

    here we are, from needing one or two players to be realistically able to compete, to the need of serious investment, which the blinkered manager is afraid to do…

    Wenger, Gazidis, Kroenke OUT!!!

    Usmanov woooah, Usmanov woooooah
    He comes from Uzbekistan
    He’s better than Silent Stan!

  13. (bernard) bade the gooner

    good morning pedro, geoff, grovers and gooners from all over our tentative globe …….

  14. Skid 64

    Where’s the expierence we’re crying out for ? The decision to start Gibbs at LB is a mistake ! Obviously Baines & Enrique would stop his development ! Fifth place finish at best !

  15. scott

    The scoucers and Mancs went ballistic with their yank owners over the way their clubs were being run etc. Its time to protest! They need to know this bollocks ain’t on and we won’t let our club be ruined. Boycott. Emirates cup boycott merchandise. And burn that “in arsene we trust” cunts flag St the first home game thus season.

  16. SUGA3


    after the final whistle against Fulham on May 22nd the convo between AW and Ivan should have looked more or less like:

    Option 1*

    CEO: Arsene, have you got your targets and ‘out’ list identified?

    AW: Yes

    CEO: Sweet, who are these? Let me get on with it!

    *subject to assessment of quality of targets

    Option 2

    CEO: Arsene, have you got your targets and your ‘out’ list identified?

    AW: No, not yet.

    CEO: Go and clear your desk, I am expecting your resignation on mine in 15 minutes.

    but we all know this kind of stuff is reserved for clubs that are serious about winning stuff, so the convo probably looked a little like this:

    CEO: Well done Arsene for scrapping 4th from the jaws of winning the league.

    AW: Thanks

    CEO: Do you think Barca will give us the £45m for Cesc we held out for last year?

    AW: Yes

    CEO: Who will we bring in to replace him?

    AW: Dont worry no need to spend I have many internal solutions such as Frimpong

    CEO: Will we still manage to qualify for the CL next year?

    AW: Thats why you pay me, no?

    CEO: Arsene youre the best. I have bought you this action man to sit next to you on the bench next season so you dont miss Pat Rice, pull the string and it talks!

    *AW pulls the string*

    Action Man: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

  17. Hitman

    Oops. Missed out on top ten. Didnt expect that. Too slow off the mark. Others got in before me. Must be my self staining policy.

  18. Ramy

    Lol….if Abramovic wants, he could buy 100 million Chelsea shirts and put it in the books as revenue and continue spending as usual!

  19. Baafuor from Ghana

    Why are people making noise about Wenger’s interview yesterday?
    Were you people expecting anything any thing different?
    I cant believe people can be that stupid.
    You the fans in London should join forces with the Black Scarf movement and demonstrate against those greedy bastards who have killed Arsenal Football Club!

  20. Danish Gooner

    This FFP rule were never ever gonna stick there are thousands of ways to circumvent it,Wenger is naive and stubborn.Wenger is like some sort of spoilt child in the first grade that tries to suck up to his teacher in this case Mr.Platini by being Uber correct.Mr.Platini i have done my home work without any artificial help(mom,dad) yes,little Wenger but you are le
    ft behind with the worst score in the whole class,what are you gonna do about it.Little Wenger starts sulking.

  21. Nick the Greek Gooner from Ealing

    Expect another season like last year, possibly worse. This is the final year that I renew my season ticket. The club has no ambition and is just happy to bleed us supporters dry. Sad to say really. I say let’s redevelop the Emirrates and move back to Highbury, because I’m sure we had more ambition back then.

  22. Thekidoffucial

    The club is dwindling too much,were being left behind by lots of teams around us,wenger is a stubborn old man with a sidekick who is more interested in PROFIT then Winning on the pitch,why are we more interested in what the board does now then the playing side?
    All I hear is withing our budgets!,but if you look at businesses they All work off the bank or loans one way or another,but all this manager is interested in now is profit.
    Well old man and your new yankie friends when the season starts off Shit with our tough start and your swanning off to the Far East on a tour of PROFIT,whilst you & your inept Gazadis smooth talking Pratt should be back here to bring in defensive cover,but we all know what’s going to happen!,don’t we..Fuck All,were be left with your failed project pawns.
    Just fuck off now and remember This Ain’t your club,it’s the Fans,who have had enough of your copy & paste slogans.

  23. Iceman

    More bollocks from AW -groundhog day for sixth year in a row – ‘yes, we are looking to bring in one or two super, super quality players…’ Do me a favour AW, fuck off and take Gazidis, Kroenke and all the other wankers with you! You are ruining our club.

  24. the voice of reason

    Great fun… Who cares ? I mean I have be going to arsenal almost 40 years, players & managers come and go. Personally I would welcome relegation if it got rid of the yuppie fans we have acquired over the last 10 years an the foriegn mercenaries who are not fit to wear the shirt. Like a phoenix from the ashes we will rise again via leeds, cardiff and leicester (? sp)there will always be Arsenal so just Relax and enjoy he ride. One bonus of relegation would be a cheaper season ticket. Should keep the yid missus happy.

  25. SurferX

    This is completely wrong Pedro- Im surprised at you as well being a Finance man….

    In other news…

    FFP died a quick and painless death yesterday as Manchester City announced a £400million stadium naming rights deal with Ethiad over the next ten years. Like I said months ago, FFP won’t make things easier for Arsenal, because only a chump would allow the rules to get in the way of dominating the footballing space. City have been picking up curious sponsorship deals all over the place lately, so they’ll still be dominating the transfer market for years to come. A massive two fingers up to Platini and co, but what did he expect?

  26. Ross Tommey

    An opinion … Not mine! AW is a canny bird as you all should know! Gibbs as LB well he’s goona say that isnt he! Gibbs will be LB pre-season (probably get injured) and then Clichy’s replacement will be brought in (all the while the press and ‘Arry are off the scent). The defense will be strengthened when we return from Asia with whom? Only AW and his team know again to keep the hounds at bay!

    As for FFP – this was ever the case and Kroenke is likely to set negotiations in place during 2011/12 – Pepsi and Nike will step up with mega money … mmw!

    Don’t see us far off during 2011/12 but new money will push us to the top in 2012/13.

    Patience is virtuous! Victoria Concordia Crescit

  27. Ritesh

    I am glad Groovers finally realise that Usmanov is good for the club 😉

    But its too late…we fucked!!! Enjoy your season…well, till next March at least ….. hahahahhah

  28. Baafuor from Ghana

    Thats wat u people say every summer,yet you quickly go on to renew your ST,just for your HARD EARNED cash to be used to pay Arsene Fucking Wenger and his players like Denilson,Eboue,Almunia,Diaby etc.
    U guys should grow some balls!ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  29. Scott

    Have to disagree a little re Gibbs. Was playing well and looked a cert to go to the WC in SA before picking up an injury. But injuries are my concern with him so should buy at least some cover.

  30. SUGA3


    I knew all along he was better for the club than Kroenke!

    he can just come in, pay off the stadium debt with pocket money, which is outside of the FFP nonsense, because it qualifies as ‘inftrastructure investment’, no?

    can/will Kroenke do this? nope, he is in it for a quick buck, he will get in excess of 20% profit by just selling to Jabba…

    12 months from him buying the shares can’t come soon enough!

  31. Wenger out NOW

    £2,620 of my hard earned cash down the fucking toilet again!! And that toilet is Denilson, Almunia, Rosicky, Bendtner ,Gibbs ,Eboue, Squillaci, Song, Djourou, Fabianski, Vela, Diaby, Chamakh, Traore And imo even Walcott (As Wenger has ruined him by plating him out of position for the last 4 years)

    Im 100% sure the only reason wenger went in for jones is knowing he wouldnt get him and so telling the world he tried. There are so many better players we could get on the market that are cheaper and more experienced (Cahill, Samba) that he could of wrapped up by now!!

    I honestly feel wenger does’nt know what the hell he is doing (Just like what happened to him at Monacco) And has fucked up out club with shit players that are not even good enough for championship teams!!!

    Go now for God sake!!!!

  32. SurferX

    FFP has never said that deals like this wouldn’t be allowed (in the sense that clubs would be allowed them- its up to them how they get their revenue). What it has always said is that transactions would be assessed at fair value- a common accounting technique you should be aware of.

    UEFA have said they will test such deals for “fair value”, and if an owner has over-paid for services, the income will be adjusted down to market value.

    Rather than wrongly identifying the death-knell for FFP- you should of been highlighting its first test- which was always going to come. It may still die of course- but it would die if/when UEFA make a U-turn when it comes to the assessment. But, you can’t declare it dead because City did what everyone knew they would- test the rules.

  33. Raif

    Wenger is a Clown, the only thing missing in his interviews is some kind of clown music playing in the background

  34. Nick the Greek Gooner from Ealing

    The biggest shock yesterday was ‘ we need to add 1 or 2 players ‘ Fuck a Duck!! I say we need possibly 6-7, but then I’m just a mug of 60,000 who follows us week in and week out that see this shower of shit, that our legendry manager thinks has ‘ top quality ‘ and great ‘ mental strength ‘.

  35. (bernard) bade the gooner

    it fucking ain’t a happy saturday …… not that i believed arsene even for a second, but cant get myself cool about those comments

    arsene is keeping his delusion alive in our very own expense, financially & emotionally….

    how can we set while seeing him ripping apart our team?

    let him do what he wants this summer and you can say goodbye to real silverware competition for years to come….

  36. Mr Arsenal

    I have a feeling Arsenal are waiting for to see if we qualify for the champions league before they decide to spend.

  37. wtf wanker

    Be prepared….
    gibbs as clichy replacement..
    gervinho as nasri replacement….
    no replacement for fabregas…..

  38. Gooner Sam


    Ha ha ha, very funny bur sadly true. Isn’t it a shame that a man can go from such a hero to a zero. Like Fabregas in some ways I would just wish that Wenger would go this year so that we can rebuild now. We will only have to go through it next summer. As for PV not joining a sinking ship who can blame him……Arsenal: no ambition, no fight, no clue!

  39. SUGA3


    if I was a billionaire owning the club and pumped the money into it, if UEFA even farted at my direction, I would just send my team of parrots to their place and tell them that I will take them to court and fuck them up…

    besides, £40M p.a. for stadium naming rights, is it excessive? is it fuck…

  40. scott

    Depressing. I hope both cesc and nasri leave. Cahill nor Samba nor Mata join. If it means coming 8th gets rid of the deluded wenger then it will be worth it. And hopefully all his flock of inbreds will go with him as willybilly as captain.

  41. Ritesh

    Dont think stan will sell Suga. He’s here to grow his empire.

    Unlikely he will press Wenger to change his policy in his first full year in charge, its too big a decision for a Yankee to take.

    If it goes wrong this year, he’ll just fire Wenger and put all the blame on him…if there is a backlash from fans. Then get another few years to juice that balance sheet again.

    As years pass, the expectation level of fans will adjust automatically 😉

    Thats your fate now….Enjoy being an Arsenal supporter!!!!!

  42. Baafuor from Ghana

    Nothing of that sort will happen.We will just get some crap team and wallop them 5-0 at the Emirates and qualify.
    Wenger will then come out with his usual bollocks of him having faith in the team,and the team having matured by a year,bla bla bla.
    Wenger is not about to give up on his stupid pet project!

  43. henry

    I wanna spend my last penny to encourage loyal Arsenal fans to demonstrate against the Board n Wenger. They should be kicked out immediately. They av shown they are increasingly been very irresponsible n incompetent. Kick their asses folks in London.

  44. (bernard) bade the gooner

    well, fuck you all AKB’s……
    go out of your holes …. so how do you feel now eh? you still want to wait for those changes your liar just promised you?
    you know i had such a perfect week why you ruin it to me you crazy m*****fu****er??????

  45. Monkeyjeffrey

    I’m quite a placid and calm kinda person but after those comments from wenger yesterday I really can’t stand it anymore.
    Someone arrange a protest ! You can count on me and at least 3 of the fellas that work for me. Then there’s about 4 supporters in the road I live in who would come. I think we could get quite a sizeable number together
    Demonstrate at the emirates cup ! Maybe

  46. Ritesh

    wtf, playing a bastard who never really wanted to wear our shirt was never a great idea.

    If he is not sold, bench him for 4 years and let him go on a free after. If Nasri wants to go, kick his ass out. Get average players who will wear their socks off for the club….English players come at a premium…bkoz english fighting spirit has a price….Wenger should put that variable in his excel goalseek training models!!!

    We never failed in the talent dept. We failed bkoz our players did not want it.

  47. Pedro

    Surfer, £40million a year for naming right of a Stadium that has already had a name for 5+ years… who is going to tell them that’s bollocks?

    This is the debate I had ages ago… how do you dictate market value? How can you tell a commercial enterprise they’ve offered too much… after all, sponsorship is always speculative, right?

  48. SurferX

    I have no doubt FFP will end-up in the courts Suga. But, what City (if it were them) have standing against them is that we are not talking about a normal legislative body- ie one that can easily be challenged in court (as a local tax authority could, for example). As Ive said before, UEFA are judge and jury here. Its their competition, their rules, their assessment. All clubs have to agree to abide by them when they sign up. It makes a legal challenge difficult at best.

    And as for the ‘market value’ what they have said they would consider is;

    a) is the sponsorship from a related party (yes)
    b) is it over-valued in terms of similiar deals made (we dont know yet)

    There are conflicting reports on what has been agreed, and the exact amount pledged from what Ive read. But one things for sure- it won’t be realised as a £400m credit to the profit and loss. It will be apportioned over the duration of its contract.

    If we say the agreement was for 10 years- then thats 40m per year. Which would be overvalued. But, Ive also read its consitent with our 10m pa- in which case they have a lot of explaining to do with what the rest of the money is for.

    Either way- really lazy blogging on this subject. I know the agenda is to knock AW (and, therefore by association, knock FFP)- but, this is GCSE-level stuff. The test comes not when the transaction is announced- its when the first set of accounts are assessed. Thats when we’ll find out whether FFP is a toothless-tiger.

  49. gazzap

    The rule on FFP is that no sponsorship can be significantly above market value. UEFA could look at it and throw them out of europe. I guess their legal team are confident that City can make deals like this but i’d laugh if they got chucked out of europe. See them attract players then.
    if they dont, then Arsenal need to drop this self sustaining model and get Usmanov in asap.

  50. SUGA3


    exactly! Yoonited have just got themselves a £400M kit deal, hence the ‘fair’ market values are going to go up, plain and simple…

    the problem is that without success we will not be able to get anywhere near these heights and it will leave Wenger wallowing about the financial doping in the senior player market ’til kingdom come!

    at the same time, he won’t say a word about the financial doping in the youth player market, eh?

    FFP were supported by the top clubs to preserve the status quo by the way of preventing new Chelseas from emerging, anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional…

  51. gazzap

    Pedro, if an unrelated company came and offered £400m then that becomes the market value but Etihad are related so it looks dodgy straight away. I reckon if City start blowing everyone away UEFA will be strict about it.

  52. henry

    It is only at Arsenal that when a team gets 4th position, the Manager will say “we were very close” or maybe the Carling Cup fiasco. Isn’t this strange? Only at Arsenal that no one at Management n Board levels feel bad. This is very strange. Are we sure those out there are loyal Arsenal fans? close” or maybe the Carling Cup fiasco. Isn’t this strange? Only at Arsenal that no one at Management n Board levels feel bad. This is very strange. Are we sure those out there are loyal Arsenal fans?

  53. SurferX

    Assess fair market-value? Accountants do it every day Pedro. Its common- I don’t understand you’re confusion.

    Besides- your getting confused. Nobody will tell them they cant accept it (they could accept £1bn per year for naming rights- City would be a very rich company). What FFP states is that transaction would be assessed (down) to market value. Which means they’ll look at similiar deals. And, once the transactions are restated to fair value- have they met the requirements of FFP necessary for European competition.

    City could be the most profitable company in the country and still get barred from Europe. The test is in the assessment of the accounts.

  54. Baafuor from Ghana

    Fuck FFP!We will continue to decline as a team with Wenger and this current board.ith Wenger and this current board.

  55. Skandibird

    Suga 3 @9:43, very funny, and maybe not far from the truth/reality. Can’t see Nasri being sold now until Wenger returns from the tour unless he has already sanctioned sales before departure?
    ”Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn” anymore……that’s how I feel to-day/this morning.

  56. SUGA3

    of course it’s a toothless tiger!

    football fans want to see football played at the highest level and hardly anyone gives a fuck who is paying for this and how…

    Real and Barca have no chance in hell to meet the requirements,
    ditto Chelsea, City and, to an extent, Yoonited…

    will they be chucked out of Europe?

    Not. A. Chance.

    UEFA are just a bunch of fat cats living off the constant stream of freebies, they need big clubs more than the clubs need them, these five clubs can start a breakaway federation and the other big clubs will follow suit in no time at all…

  57. Gareth

    If Nasri and Fabregas want to leave he club so badly why do they not hand in transfer requests ?
    Because they’re greedy selfish bastards, thats why and they would prefer to have months of speculation while they shit mix rather than lose their signing on fees !

  58. Ross Tommey

    Doom and Gloom! O woo is me! Get a F’in grip people! Pre-season and we have failed!? 50+ days of the window open! Player contracts in house to be negotiated before we buy! Normal business practice! If you ran a business you wouldn’t fill a post before the person left. You wouldn’t recruit someone just because some said they might leave. You’d sit that staff member down and ask the question: why do you want to leave? (unless they were a useless waste of a resource) you would try and NEGOTIATE for them to stay! But knowing they wanted to leave you’d send out your headhunter/HR/Scout to find a potential replacement!

    This is not a happy Gooner place to be!

  59. SurferX

    The kit deal is irrelevant to a large degree anyhow. Its like saying Eithad will sponsor the match-ball for £400m would be allowed because of the kit deal.

    Any fair-value concept in accounting seeks to estimate true value against similar deals. A shirt logo which is seen continuously for 90 minutes every match is an entirely different proposition that a stadium name- which has far less prominence from a brand perspective.

  60. RockyPires

    Ah yet another depressing day, one or two signings oh lord will you do us a favour . We need at least 5 and get rid of the dross end of.

    We will end up 12th at this rate be like watching Gooners under Grahams llast year.

  61. SUGA3


    I, for one, will not be trying especially hard to find me a pub to watch the first game, as I will be enjoying myself at a reggae festival in Poland…

    just got in touch with one of my mates and he said he’d sort me out with access all areas passes – sweet!

  62. ahmeed

    FFP is an excuse for the delusional Wenger to cover up his failures and to cover up for the board’s deep pockets.

    Wenger bidded for jones that much because he wanted to create the impression he is trying to sign players with no holds barred. The same person is not willing to pay for the more experienced Cahil or even Alvarez.

    Wenger does not have any ambition left in him. He wants to prove Monaco was wrong for sacking him when he embarked on a similar project.

    The only plausible way he can keep the stars is if he shows intent. Selling clichy to your rivals while pronoting Gibbs is no sign of ambition and it tells you a lot about his clear intentions of balancing the books with the imminent sale of Fabregas and Nasri.

    Wenger and the Board share common goals and we are all stupid expecting them to show ambition.

    I can tell you here that the Nigerian fan of Arsenal is dwidlling by the day and noone here has any reason to add Wenger’s foolishness to the problems we face in Africa.

  63. SurferX

    Suga- your talking out of your arse. Madrid have recorded a huge profit two years on the trot. They comfortably meet the regulations.

    Barca, with all the talk about the debt, will still meet the requirements. So too will United know they have restructured their pik-loans. Only Chelsea and City are in danger in this country.

    Inter are the other big club in trouble.

  64. Tenerife Gerry

    If Denilson or Bendtner kick a ball in an Arsenal top next season I’m gonna go mental.

    That French wank is gonna piss off to the far east, with tens of millions of our hard earned cash sitting in an Arsenal bank vault and twiddle his fucking fingers, whilst that red nosed cunt of a jock laughs his cock off at our dithering antics in the face of our footballing colapse.

    Can anyone in any position of responsibility see that both fan and team morale are rock bottom. Half the fucking team don’t wanna be there! If Wenger, after donkey’s years of experience, struggles to find replacements for some of our tosh. If Ivan can’t close a fucking deal then GET DAVID DEIN BACK.

    Jesus Christ my mates that support other teams are calling me up with real concern like someone in my family has died and asking me if I’m alright and asking “what the fuck are your team up to”? My missus ain’t got a scooby doo about football, we joke about her footballing ignorance, my Mum is in her 70’s and comes from the depths of the west of Ireland and could just about name one Arsenal player. THEY TOO ARE AWARE THAT WENGER HAS LOST CONTROL.

    How can he say he is up late on the subject of transfers? The shit are still on the payroll and the talent can wait to do one!

    Get David Dein back first of. He also might stop his son punting our talent to them fucking northerners. Blow the dust of that fucking cheque book and sign Cahill, Samba, Mata and Benzema. And if that homesick granny shagger wants to go back to Catalonia then let him jog on, he is insulting our club, the club the fans love and adore. I just wish SOMEONE on the payroll showed the same love and adoration!

  65. Baafuor from Ghana

    Ross Tommey
    Fuck off to another blog then.What da fuck is wrong with all these AKBs?Cant you see the ship is sinking?Or you want to see it totally wrecked before you get back to your senses? all these AKBs?Cant you see the ship is sinking?Or you want to see it totally wrecked before you get back to your senses?

  66. SUGA3


    no, it does not, a stadium is not just football games, it’s a number of other events, besides, it’s a big prestige value to have your name plastered all over the news about the successful (which City will be without a shadow of doubt) football club…

    as for the ‘fair’ commercial value, mate, I have been working as a legal advisor for the last few years and ‘fair’ is about as ambiguous as ‘reasonable’, all comes down to the decision of a single person and it’s the judge…

    two deals worth £400M in the space of a few months make it ‘fair’ and no amount of Wenger crying foul will change that…

  67. SurferX

    Oh- and just to add- agreed with everything else you said today. Really pissed off about all the crap AW has come out with over the past couple of days- see my comments this morning (yesterday’s post) if you didn’t before.

  68. SUGA3


    fuck him, there is no talking sense into some…


    how can RM possibly make profit with all that spending and the tickets being WAY cheaper?

    have they got themselves some ‘ridiculous’ sponsoring deals?


  69. SurferX

    Not in an accounting perspective it doesn’t Suga. Fair value is a commonly used phrase…

    Listen- Ive said before how I think this will play out- and I cant be arsed going over it again. Needless to say, it will end up in the courts- I think City will initially be warned and then barred from Europe- at which point it will all kick-off.

    But, to say that just because this deal has been announced, FFP is toothless- or is dead, is a naive as AW thinking his team gets stronger every year.

    Its going to be an interesting couple of years for UEFA and FFP. They have largely backed themslves into a corner with it. They have three choices;

    a) look inept for not carrying it through
    b) have a fight with one of the big offenders (City)
    c) find a way to wriggle out it without looking inept.

    c) gets less likely the further they progress. a) is possible (it is UEFA after all)- but, if I was a betting man, we are looking at b).

  70. Ross Tommey

    Well considering Baafuor from Ghana’s comments that is what I will do … this is obviously an abusive environment and not a place for an Arsenal fan. AKB is a term that I hadn’t considered but if I am from The Brigade so be it! Thought the strap line of the blog was “A blog where you can have an opinion, not get one!” I offered mine and get abused … the second comment I made was not relating to AW it was business practice! Keep your misery! Pedro: I shall not return! Prefer to keep HARMONY with fellow Gooners! Not as this prescribes which is NO Victory and No Harmony! Disgusted from England!

  71. SurferX

    Suga- Madrid are a cash-cow of an organisation. They have the largest revenue in the world. Their dominance comes from

    a) Spanish TV rights (individually rather than collectively negotiated)- which means Madrid & Barca take a shed load more than everyone else (this is due to change)

    b) Commercial Income. They are the largest supported club in the world. As such, their commercial income is the highest. By some distance. Not ‘ridculous’ deals- just deals that put them on top of the pile. Which you’d expect (unlike City- with no European or worldwide herritage- taking money from a company that is owned by the same family as them).

  72. SUGA3


    ‘reasonable’ is probably the most often used word in the areas of the law other than criminal…

    but yeah, there is probably no point in continuing this speculative discussion…

    if I was a betting man, I would also say it would be ‘B’, with the UEFA lawyers being blown out of the water by those representing City and the like…

    it will all come down to ‘It’s my money and I shall do as I please, the fans don’t seem to be complaining’

    and the fans will not give a flying fuck, they will just expect their respective teams to beat whatever is in front of them…

  73. gambon

    Anyone that believes a word that comes out of wengers mouth is….whats that thing i have my coffee in?

    A MUG!!!!

    Is this a Pedro post, seems AKBish!

    We wont be signing anyone, well maybe some 15 year olds, the child catcher is ready to pounce.

  74. SUGA3

    Ross Tommey,

    mate, you should be disgusted with the way the club is being run…

    amateurish is the word, there is not a single person with the business brain big enough at the club since DD left, simple as that…

    bunch of amateurs, the lot of them…

  75. Baafuor from Ghana

    Ross Tommey
    Good riddance then.This blog is for intelligent Arsenal FC fans who can reason for themselves,not stupid sheep who blindly follow what ever their sheperd ‘Lord Wenger’ tells them!
    Come back on here when you finally see the light.
    Oh wait,you won’t because you will follow Wenger to PSG next season.

  76. SurferX

    In what court Suga? Its a UEFA competition. With a UEFA regulator (the FFP panel headed by Jean-Luc Dehaene- ex-Belgium PM and a man who was appointed in Belgium to sort out the banks their after the Financial crisis). In a market (the champions league) that all companies (the clubs) agree to adhere to the principles. Its not like over here when big organistions can challenge HM Revenue & Customs through the UK legal system.

    A restraint of trade challenge in the European courts would seem the most likely- but, its a hell of a fight to take on. Especially when the outcome would most likely be a) they get barred b) they then fight in the courts (1 or 2 years min).

    Thats why its interesting. I think first year of assessment they’ll get warned (UEFA fudge), 2nd year they’ll get barred if they haven’t taken steps to reduce losses.

    Interesting times…

  77. Kipmonster

    8 weeks have passed since the end of the season & whilst the Champions have concluded 3 major signings & expressed desire to buy one of our star players, we have done nothing bar of course the usual ‘kid’ signings !
    Instead of seeing the signing of the type of players clearly needed, Arsenal fans have had to endure stories of the impending departure of several star names ! ……… DISGRACEFUL !!
    Whilst that goes on there is NOT one impending departure from the deadwood. The following players ….. Bendtner / Eboue / Arshavin / Denilson / Almunia / Fabianski & Squillaci should have publicly been told to find new clubs as under performance & lack of guts would no longer be tolerated.
    Cesc Fabregas is clearly going to leave & as a passionate fan it’s sad for me to say I don’t blame him as your actions or in truth LACK of action to significantly strengthen the squad where necessary means you have no positive argument to persuade him to stay.
    Barcelona have disrespectfully AGAIN !! publicly courted the player whilst publicly dictating what the transfer fee value is & what has Arsenal done about it ? ………. NOTHING AGAIN !! Another example since the ground move where Mr Wenger & the board have betrayed Arsenal fans.
    Cesc’s imminent departure is an obvious flaw from a football playing perspective in your obsession with ‘ Project Foreign Youth ‘. Foreign kids signed at the ages 15 to 17 are NOT going to play the peak years of their careers at Arsenal. It is fair to deduce that this policy is an ECONOMIC one & NOT a Football one.
    Nasri & Denilson stating they wish to leave the club & now Gael Clichy who has left Arsenal today ‘in pursuit of silverware ‘ is a big joke !
    Mr Wenger you are to blame for such statements as it’s your indulgence, protection of them whilst refusing to ever criticise them that has given those players an arrogant sense of entitlement whilst they fail to see or believe they contributed to the implosion of our season.
    Half a good season in 3 years & Nasri believes he deserves better ! He obviously forgets for example Bolton away when his profligacy helped turn victory for the taking into a painful costly defeat.
    Denilson is a player who has shown ZERO improvement at Arsenal but in fact deterioration instead. Clichy too often made glaring mistakes due to not being a defender FIRST, which have resulted in crucial conceded goals
    Who will Clichy’s replacement be ? ……….. Gibbs ? …. Well he has the Arsenal disease of struggling to string a run of games together without injury absence. If not him & we bring in a replacement it won’t be the most expensive option even if that option is the best immediate one. It will be a cheaper one no doubt who of course will need time to settle in rather than be able to hit the ground running.
    Arsenal FC now have a ‘ BIG Club mentality ‘ when it comes to fleecing fans for more & more money but display a ‘ Small Club mentality ‘ when it comes to buying star players ready made.
    I crave the buzz & excitement of a superstar & it just NEVER happens.
    It’s become as boring as our plodding sideways & back slow passing style which contrasts badly against the previously successful & eye catching swift passing & player movement.
    The move to the Emirates was supposed to start a new era where Arsenal would compete with the biggest clubs in Europe.
    As season number 5 in our new home is soon to begin, fans despairingly await such action.
    Why when other clubs can swiftly conclude player purchases, are ALL of Arsenal’s signings tortuos sagas ? One can guess it’s because we always submit derisory bids for targets
    Silence often says more than words ever can & in the week of players returning for pre season training you Mr Wenger have been conspicuos by your silence.
    You usually are never short of a word to the media, holding court with them & pontificating on any matters in the game to people who reward you & the club by systematically trying to undermine Arsenal FC & report on the club in any negative way possible.
    The fact you do that & the fact that yourself & the club has been silent this week has been a deep betrayal of the club’s fanbase. Astonishing that in the light of a torrent of negative stories you have done nothing to allay the fears & serial disappointments the fans are having to endure.
    There is no other ‘big’ club in World football that treats their fanbase with as much contempt & ignorance as Arsenal FC do.
    Tonight Friday 8th July, Skysports triumphantly broadcast that Nasri has told the club he wishes to leave & that Sir Bobby Charlton has ‘urged’ him to join Manchester United. NO HE DIDN’T !! I watched his interview & Sir Bobby said he is a good player & that he leaves transfer dealings to the appropriate people. That’s it ! NOT the anti Arsenal biased garbage that typically is broadcast by Skysports who have a permanent agenda against Arsenal FC.
    What will Arsenal do in response to yet another example of this behaviour by Skysports ? …. NOTHING as always !!
    I have always despised Alex Ferguson but at least he fiercely defends his club against the media even when he is unjustified in his complaint.
    Late today Mr Wenger you have feebly & belatedly stated you will fight to keep Fabregas & Nasri.
    The ‘Spin Doctor’ in you is exposed again by your obviously cosmetic nonsense statement designed to con us fans into believing you desperately wish to keep the 2 players.
    The truth is you know Fabregas has gone & it’s simply a matter of agreeing the sale. Also at this late stage you see £20 million plus for Nasri as a good deal & frankly I do agree with that for a sullen ‘one half season ‘ performer with just a year left on his contract.
    What I object to is that you are waiting for these deals to be done so you then have your transfer fund to spend belatedly on signings thus meaning YET AGAIN there will be no capital investment from the club in incoming transfers & you ‘proudly’ maintain Arsenal FC’s transfer dealings in the black.
    RIDICULOUS !! for a club of our size & financial resources especially as at this time serious investment in the team is desperately needed to particularly strengthen the Goalkeeper, Defensive & Defensive Midfield positions that have repeatedly been proven to be weak & lack depth of numbers, physical strength & quality.
    I see that today you also trotted out a familiar statement about the long term injury player being like a new signing ! ……… ‘ “I think you can say already we have got Thomas Vermaelen, who did not play last season at all ‘. If you are going to continue playing the Spin Doctor at least please be ORIGINAL !
    Whatever disagreements I have with decisions you have made, I had previously always thought at least you were a decent & honourable man.
    The fact though you accepted a 20% pay rise to £6 million a year having failed to win a trophy throughout the duration of your previous contract is disgusting & only goes to prove you are being rewarded FOR financial management & NOT football management.
    The disgraceful price rise on ordinary Arsenal fan tickets which already were obscenely priced is shameful at a time of economic recession.
    That price rise on that sector of Arsenal Fan tickets cumulatively will cover the cost of the obscene pay rise you will receive over the course of your contract …..
    SHAME ON YOU !!!!
    The ‘ AKB ‘ say ‘be careful what you wish for ‘ , well there are no guarantees in this game but I want a manager who is managing the club aiming to win silverware now & leaves the finances in the hands of the appropriate people. Mr Wenger you are delusional if you think the ‘ UEFA Fair Play ‘ rules are suddenly going to thrust Arsenal into an almighty position when they commence. Clubs will find ways of circumnavigating tne new rules as Man City already have done with the ‘ Stadium Naming ‘ deal . All it takes for a club with a benefactor is for example to agree a sponsorship deal for say £100m & then the benefactor to secretly transfer a similar amount to the sponsor to add to the deal & hey presto ! it’s a £200m deal. There will always be ways & means and I’m sure you know this but it’s been a convenient ruse for you to hide behind. The likes of Platini have introduced the plan for their own future ambitions when they will require support. Ultimately UEFA don’t want equality as if the best playing talent in the game is spread too thinly then mediocrity will follow.

  78. Gavqatar

    I cannot believe that I woke up to his usual ramblings again this morning. Unbelievable.

    Boycott the Emirates Cup, its only a revenue spinner anyway.
    Its the only way that they will listen if arses are not on seats.

    The self sustainable business model he loves cannot work without the fans, so dont go. Simples

    Dont but the new shirts either. Hit them in the pocket….you spend, we will spend.

  79. SurferX

    And, for the record, I think City know its coming. Put another way, if you KNEW that you wouldn’t be inside the rules- what would you do? You’d try and play dumb- say the rules weren’t clear and try and buy time.

    Which is exactly what they are doing. They are trying to buy enough time for their revenue to close their big amortisation and wages gap (£100m+ losses pa). If they get thrown out of Europe for a couple of years- who cares? They’ll still be champions of England.

    Thats what I think the plan is. Getting thrown out of Europe for a couple of seasons is a risk worth taking in order to muscle onto the big table.

  80. Pedro

    Ross, you’ve got to man up in the LG comments… you’ve taken offence to something that wasn’t directed at you.

    Gambon, ACLF called, they want you back…

  81. SUGA3


    the thing is that they can comfortably live without the CL money for a couple of seasons, hoovering up the domestic trophies and going on about the injustice…

    and as far as I am concerned, UEFA will be fucked in the real world courts, then the compensation floodgates (lost CL revenue) will open and this will be the end of UEFA!

    being the old cynic I am, I can’t see them making that rope for themselves 😉

  82. Pedro

    Surfer, I don’t see how they can tell City £40million a year isn’t fair?

    I’m sure City have done the sums and can make a case. If Barca can land a £150million deal with Qatar, which equates to £30mill a year… why can’t city do a deal for £40million a year?

    We all know it’s bollocks… but it’d be very hard for UEFA to block it or prove otherwise.

  83. Pedro

    … and I absolutely disagree that City would be ok being kicked out of Europe for a couple of years. Europe is what will allow them to attract the best players going forward.

  84. gambon

    I personally think the FFP thing is ridiculous.

    Since i was young I remember chairmen putting in and losing money with football clubs (Whelan, Walker, Al Fayed).

    Football should not have to abide by such silly rules.

  85. SUGA3


    one of the ACLF wankers said that you are in for a (quote) ‘very interesting season’, now that they know what (quote) ‘one of the snickering little weasels looks like’…

  86. GunnerShabz

    Whas crackin gunners

    i can see the groundhog season happening again this new season

    am hoping his comments are just to decieve other clubs

  87. SUGA3


    people are being told to fuck off on here left, right and centre, you should take some lessons from the great sensei WillyBilly and then come back when your kung fu is awesome enough 😆

  88. SurferX

    Im not so sure Suga. In legal terms its like you agreeing to a contract- then, when the terms of that contract end up you paying a penalty not in your favour, you then try and argue the penalty wasn’t legal in the first place.

    The first question the court would ask is- well why the hell did you agree to it then? City will have to argue that they had no other choice given UEFA is an effective cartel- hence restraint of trade. Its an uphill legal battle at best.

    Im no expert on the legal matters- but what I find interesting is where UEFA have managed to get themselves politically with this. A climbdown would piss off too many other big clubs that wanted it (including Madrid, Barca, Utd, etc). They almost have to press forward on with it. If anything, they did too good a job in the regulations around FFP.

    This is an irresistible force (City) meeting an immovable object (FFP). Its probably going to be more interesting than the football as far as Im concerned- especially since AW seems determined to spend fuck all and persist with the dross.

  89. Pedro

    Suga, picture or not, people have known for the last 4 years where we hang out before a game… no one has ever come down to see us.

    Web warriors truly are embarrassing.

  90. WWW

    Kipmonster, Man United have lost 6 of title winning squad and replaced them with 2 kids and an England reserve winger.
    Van der Saar, Scholes, Brown, Oshea, Hargreaves and Neville all gone. They have also had to loan out 2 players who are taking up spaces in their 25 man squad.

    At the moment we have 25 players in our 25 man squad over the age of 21 so until we line up some sales or loans for some of them, there will be little movement.

    I think leaving Cesc behind, is to 1) keep him and his current state of mind away from Nasri and the rset of the squad. 2) so that Wenger install another captain. 3) so that Wenger can convince Nasri that he is the man to replace Cesc and that he will spend the money he gets for Cesc on top replacements. I believe that if Wenger could land Benzema, Samba and Taarabt, Nasri will stay.

  91. SUGA3


    the thing is that they will argue the following:

    if £30M (Barca) is fair, then how is £40M (City) not fair?

    no, City don’t have the same heritage, but a football club is a football club and everyone had to start somewhere, no?

    I would love to see the UEFA lawyers defending that, given that UEFA are unable to organise a piss-up in a brewery…

    the next year’s Euros are already shambles ticketing wise and it’s not the host countries fault…

  92. SurferX

    Your wrong Pedro- they dont have to prove anything. Its not a court- or, if it is, its one tilted in UEFA;s favour (they are judge and jury). The onus of proof is on City- not UEFA.

    They will look at similar naming deals for stadia. They will of noted that the transaction is not at arms-length (related party). They will reduce the value recorded in the accounts to a level similar to other renaming deals (has the nou camp been renamed?). City may argue- but to whom do they take the complaint?

  93. Pedro

    Surfer, I’m not sure… but there must be legalities around FFP, it can’t solely be about opinion? If UEFA just decided they didn’t like Arsenal and threw them out Champions League, are you saying there would be no recourse?

  94. kwik fit

    Kipmonster excellent post . Everything you said I was thinking but unable to correlate as you have!

  95. SurferX

    Everyone keeps saying ‘UEFA’s lawyers’. Which court is this being argued?

    And on what grounds? The grounds of not liking the membership requirements for a private members club?

    City would have to prove that the legislation was in some way against the laws of the European Parliament.

  96. the voice of reason

    Calm fucking down!!!
    Am I the only one happy about the prospect of real football and proper fans passionate, lairy and proud when we are in the championship?? Too many have you got too complacent and take success for granted. Fuck success. I want a good saturday afternoon out after a hard wee at work, havig a crack with my mates, travelling to shit holes and the occasional dashed hope . For millions of proper fans that is football. I want that, and my club back. Embrace the chaos. When I pay for my season ticket I pay for Arsenal, not trophies, not world class players, not soul less stadiums, I pay to go to ARSENAL a huge part of my life for decades a place where I have memories with mates that wil never fade. Fuck the football it is only the conduit to which I have been able to partly define myself and my culture. Now calm down…

  97. Doublegooner

    Stagnant dithering Wenger.

    Disrespectful tight fisted Silent owner.

    Puppet meister CEO.

    All = Backward Arsenal FC

  98. scott

    ROSS Tommy. . Replace people before they have left.. how about the 4 players we needed in the first place regardless of selling deadwood first. Get you nose out of wengers arse. You might see some daylight.

  99. SUGA3


    they are not dim enough not to plan for that and if anyone can afford a lawyer to tell you as it is and then fight it out in the ECJ or wherever the fuck they will take it, it’s them…

  100. SurferX

    UEFA is a private members club. They can throw out whoever they like, for whatever reasons they like. To get any recourse you’d have to argue that their reasons for throwing someone out weren’t legal- and retribution would come from reinstatement and damages (if loss were proven).

    But- the onus of proof is on you- not them.

  101. SUGA3

    it’s not, it’s a football federation…

    and like I said, they need big clubs more than they need them…

    OK, picture this: City gets chucked out of Europe, their internationals get an instant ban on representing their countries…

  102. Paul King

    ADIA – Abu Dhabi Investment Authority is the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund…basically the ownership of the Northern Chavs and Etihad Airways are all held in one big toy box.. Etihad Airways have never posted a profit in any year of their existence and Abu Dhabi are busy constructing some of the world’s largest “white elephants”. Yas Marina circuit, Ferrari World, Yas Island, Saadiyat Island, a Guggenheim museum, a Louvre museum etc…. They build them not because it makes any economic sense, but just because they can. My point is…it doesn’t matter if we had 2 russians owning Arsenal Football Club, you will never be able to compete with this type of wealth. It cannot be easy trying to negotiate deals, contracts etc….in this non-sensical environment that’s existed in the Premier League for the past 7-8 years.

  103. incesc

    is it financial fair play to sell your left back for 7 million pounds and replace him for free with a kid that gets injured every other game?

    i wish had billy zane turned up on that yacht

  104. SurferX

    Why would their players get a ban? I dont understand what it would have to do with their players?

  105. SUGA3

    Paul King,

    well, perhaps we should just give up and continue with the nonsense perpetrated by the club at the moment, which does not give us a fair chance to compete on the pitch then?

    we have Usmanov, who may not be Arab kind of rich, but dismissing his financial muscle is just stupid…

  106. SUGA3


    the club would just say ‘OK then, since we are not welcome in Europe, our players are not allowed to go to ANY internationals’

    then what?

  107. SurferX

    And thats exactly what City are planning for. I honestly believe they are gearing up for the fight.

    Put it like this, if their worst case scenario is that a) they get barred from Europe b) they are going to drag this through whatever courts they can c) they are Champions of England in the process- then why change course?

    Aim to be Champions, do everything you can to present yourself as being compliant- create enough grounds for legal mitigation why the revenue catches up with the spending; and, then when the inevitable challenge comes- fight it knowing your still Champions.

    Money talks. They’ll still attract the players without Europe. Maybe not the cream of the crop- but still, enough to dominate domestically.

  108. SurferX

    Down to the players- nothing to do with FFP. Im not sure the club could contractually prevent their players from playing- but if they tried to, the grievance would be between the players and City. Nothing to do with UEFA.

  109. SUGA3


    and that beats the whole idea of the Champions League, IMO…

    and the top players will come to City regardless, more money, less games and the virtual bragging rights to the tune of ‘Champions of Europe, my arse’

  110. incesc

    Garry Cook, the City chief executive, described it as “one of the most important arrangements in the history of world football”, made even more remarkable because City do not own the stadium.

  111. SUGA3

    trust me, there would be no grievance, when you are paid that much money, when your boss tells you to jump, you simply ask how high and whether he would like a somersault with that…

    the grievance would only come from the national FAs and they ain’t shit…

  112. Paul King


    Who’s giving up???

    It sounds like the majority on Le-whine have given up! It seems like the whiners & village idiots can see what no mortal has ever seen: the future! I’ve read 8th at best, mid-table, relegation!! Do me a fuckin’ favour!!
    I was as depressed as I’ve ever been supporting Arsenal last season post the 4-4 @ the Geordies… but I still believe we are closer to winning trophies again than you obviously do…I’m keeping the faith in Arsenal Football Club.

  113. SurferX

    Exactly. Citeh’s worse case scenario isnt that bad. Everyone talks as if it would be the end of the world for them. If they get kicked out, lose the fight in the courts- then that puts them in the theoretically same position they are in now doesn’t it? Having to reduce their spending to become compliant.

    Only difference is, they would of had 2-5 years of revenue growth and domestic success in the process..

  114. incesc


    we ended the season on a long long run of games in relegation form and we are losing clichy fabregas and nasri.

    wenger and the board cant close a deal to save they’re lives, see alvarez, schwarzer, alonso, ribery and so on.

    so we wont get adequate replacements.

    do me a fucking favour.

    we might get close to winning stuff if we get rid of the real le whine (arsene)

  115. Le Profarter

    Paul King

    If you are so happy about it,why do you come and post your bullshit here at ‘Le-Whine’ you tool

  116. leon

    its real shame that wenger has chosen to go dwon this route because he is killing the legacy he left fans are not going remember what he has done for club all those years thier just going remember what he done the club which turning theminto the fans are seeing wengers true calours can you realy blame nasri for not signing a new contract.i for one i am 100% behind nasri wenger has made it very with actions he totally unwilling to realy invest in the squad we have all seen how many good players that have slipped through our fingers wenger does not want be spend and last season was last straw for me this team were homulated by a team that could evon cut in inthe prem to this team could not evon win the carling cup

  117. SUGA3

    Paul King,

    the future? let me tell you a little something about the future: we will be out of the CL spots, come next May…

    we can’t ship out the deadwood, our best players want to leave and we are NOT improving…

    sure, I am supporting the team, but I am not supporting Wenger’s blinkered policy…

    if we start the next season with the same squad minus Clichy, then Flying Spaghetti Monster help us all…

    and no, Gervinho is not a ‘super, super signing’

    but hey, we will win the best balance sheet trophy once again!