Exclusive: Official leaked data on Arsenal fan opinion sourced | Transfer ins and outs

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Good morning Grover’s. A couple of days ago, some leaked data made it into the hands of Le Grove. Has Pam involved herself in some sort of break and enter scandal, I’ll leave that to the police to decide.

Anyway, here is the jist… we’ve seen a sneak preview of a YouGov/Cambridge University Poll of over 13,000 premiership club football fans – to be published next week – which tabulates the the opinions of club fans about their own team’s performance in the 2010/2011 season – creating league tables of what each team’s fans think about their own team, their manager, and each of their players.

For those that don’t know, YouGov are a hugely respected pollster whose results are often used to help shape Government policy. This survey will have been carried out to the highest standards.

Here are some of the headline grabbing bits…

The players Arsenal fans are most satisfied with at the moment are Robin Van Persie and Jack Wilshere. Two players who just got on with the job last season and put their all into everything they did. If Arsene Wenger was looking at a new captain next season, it’s to imagine he’ll look further than Robin Van Persie and it would seem that perhaps, fan sentiment would ok that decision. A player who didn’t fare so well was our current captain, Cesc Fabregas. A season of niggly injuries, poor mistakes and constant speculation have probably led to a low satisfaction score.

In satisfaction rating for overall team performance last season, Arsenal were a dreadful 16th out of 20 teams. That’s pretty awful. You’d have to imagine that much of this was down to the lack lustre performances, the huge prices we’re being forced to pay and once again, the lack of a trophy.

Considering we finished 4th in the league, that’s an incredibly low position. But don’t argue with me… this is a cross-section of fans from all over the UK partaking in this. It should also be noted that according to my leaker, this survey wasn’t taken straight after the season finished… this is fan sentiment a month after it’s all happened.

The final satisfaction poll surrounds the manager.

When I’m asked about whether Arsenal fans would like to see him sacked, I always say that’s the wrong question to ask. A better question would be to give him an approval rating. If you asked Arsenal fans on a scale of 1-10, how pleased they were with the manager, that might reflect differently than the usual, ‘he’s a legend, we could never sack him.’

Well, out of all the managers in the Premiership, Arsene Wenger was 14th for fan satisfaction. That’s pretty low considering some of the shocking managerial performances of the last season. Not surprising though. It seems all this fan angst that people keep telling me is in the minority, is, apparently not… it’s a majority opinion.

The rest of the survey will be out later on in the week, so it’ll be interesting to read who was lower than us, where Spurs finished up and how the other London clubs did comparatively.

Arsenal still seem to be lagging way behind everyone else in the transfer market. We’re doing a marvellous job of making top 4 rival Manchester City stronger. Giving them two of our starting 11 seems a bit crazy to me, but we just can’t resist the pound notes can we? We’ll no doubt be going back and forth over the transfer fee of Alvarez which appears to have alerted Inter who take a distinctly, ‘we’ll just pay it’ approach to transfers.

Arsenal will tie up a deal for Gary Cahill in the next two weeks providing no other club bids for the centre back. Once again, we’re only able to acquire players if we’re the only club involved. Other than that, there isn’t really much going on. Preseason training is due to start next week and so far, all we’ve managed to do is land one player in the shape of Gervinho… and to my knowledge, that hasn’t been officially announced.

People can keep on saying that we’re only a week into the transfer window, but I’m sure I remember Wenger telling us he’d get his business done early. Once again, that appears to be something of a lie. We’re not talking about bolstering the squad this summer are we? We’re talking about bringing in at least 3 first teamers. They’re going to need time to bed in, there is not point in bringing them in in August is there?

Still, we’ve signed Barcelona youth product Bellerin. Thank god for that. I can’t wait to see him leave for a £1million in 5 years time.

Benfica have moved for Nik B, about time too… he’s the greatest player everyone seems to have forgotten. What are his agents doing? Mind you, finding someone £50k a week when they’re the equivalent of a failed graduate must be tough going.

So while Rome is burning, Wenger is sitting there with all the clubs who are actually in poverty waiting for the others to move. The guy is ridiculous…

Still, we should be thankful for a wonderful sunny day. That always excites me. Beautiful sun!

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948 Responses to “Exclusive: Official leaked data on Arsenal fan opinion sourced | Transfer ins and outs”

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  1. Ricky

    Ray- Wengers got to your head mate.. Even your dreams have no ambition.

    That selection of DM’s & MF’s look weak. Song, frimpong & coquelin? Wowsers!

    How long has coquelin been at arsenal now? I think we need to realise that he’s another one of wengers faliures.

  2. Wenger the liar

    Suga –


    Also I doubt SK has a clear idea of whats going on in terms of fan sentiment only a third party explanation as percieved by Gazidis.

  3. RayGooner

    ok SUGA3,

    How about this DREAM:

    Starting eleven:

    Sagna, Cahill, Vermaelen, Bastos
    Cesc, Arshavin
    Walcott, Van Persie, Benzema


    Eboué, Djourou, Koscielny, Gibbs
    Ramsey, Diaby
    Gervinho, Chamakh, Vela

  4. Le Profarter

    Gems of the day
    Thierry Henry is not a legend.
    Clichy has always been an error prone mediocre LB. We will cope without him.
    Gibbs and Traore are good enough backups
    Its too early to start worrying about the transfers.Arsene has learned from his mistakes and will sort this out.Be patient

  5. Wenger the liar

    Suga –

    No he isnt but theres two important questions:

    1. Does he realize the real feeling right about now with the pure negative vibes that have killed any good that the “we will be busy” bollocks created.

    2. In passing information to SK how much is being watered down because of politics that may exist within the club?

    I wiuld kill to be privy to the correspondence of G and SK, someone needs to wikileak that shit.

  6. RayGooner

    And also Ricky,

    My only ambition is to ALWAYS BE A GOONER!


    That don’t mean i like us not to win anything….

  7. SUGA3


    to be fair, I don’t think SK is dumb enough to base his perception on Gazidis’ reports alone…

    frankly, given the cut-throat nature of the top business, I wouldn’t if I was in his place…

  8. Wenger the liar

    Suga –

    You think?

    I doubt that he has many people that he trusts in place that can give him information he thinks he can rely upon.

    He will know that PHW is a doughnut and keeping him in place was PR.

    All in if he spends more than 6 hours a week, talking to and thinking about the club Id be amazed.

  9. leon

    its pretty clear that the clichy departure will soon be followed by nasri and fab and very players that need to be sold like bretna delinson vela etc are still there,i feel this is sign of things to come i feel eventuly you will see players like wilshire will follow.alot of fans of got on nasri back but me i am 1000% behind nasri he like any other he wants yearn top money and play with and against the best and most of all win things and thats never going to happen at arsenal.as time goes on wenger is being exposed the very few wenger supporters are starting see what wenger is realy about

  10. zeus

    BREAKING NEWS: Carlos Tevez confirms his desire to leave Manchester City this summer

    Manchester City captain Carlos Tevez has rocked the club again after releasing a statement saying he wants to leave the club with immediate effect.

    The Argentine international has reportedly struggled to settle in Manchester and has spoken of his desire to leave the club in the past, however after lifting the FA Cup and qualifying for the Champions League it was thought Tevez would stay at the club however after discussions with club owner Sheik Mansoor the Argentine has gone public with his desire to leave the club.

    Tevez’s daughters currently live in Argentina with his estranged wife Vanesa, and the striker admitted not being near his family had a huge influence on his decision.

    “It is with great regret that I have to inform Manchester City of my wish to leave the club,” Tevez said in his statement.

    “I would like to state that I have great respect for the club, its supporters and the owner, Sheik Mansoor, who has been nothing other than respectful to me.

    “I hope that the people understand the difficult circumstances I have been living under the past 12 months, in regards to my family.

    “Living without my children in Manchester has been incredibly challenging for me. Everything I do, I do for my daughters, Katie and Florencia. I need to be closer to them and to spend more time with them.”

    “I need them to be happy because my life is about them now. I need to be in a place where they can adapt.”

    Tevez made 44 appearances for City last season, scoring 24 goals and driving them to a third placed finish in the Premier League and winning the FA Cup – the club’s first major trophy in 35 years. However despite this success and being idolised by the club’s fans the Argentine asked for understanding in his decision.

    “Being captain of Manchester City, qualifying for the Champions League, winning the FA Cup and finishing as top-scorer last season has made me very proud,” he added.

    “I hope that most of the City fans will understand that I have given them my all on the pitch and that my dedication to the city cause has been 100 per cent on the pitch.

    “I hope I have done my bit to help City continue their progress towards their ambition to be champions of England and to advance in the Champions League.

    “I have no doubt that the players and management of City will achieve great success in the future.”

  11. zeus

    Funny how he wants to be closer to his daughters, but he is gonna move to Real or possibly Italy. hehe

  12. SUGA3


    if keeping PHW was supposed to be a PR move, I want his PR man’s job and his head on a plate as a first gift for my nw boss 😆

  13. ardentgooner


    His daughters are really better off in Italy spain or London 😉 than Manchester of course..

    Sign him up ARSENE!! but thats the thing Mancini never sell their players who want out to their rivals…they sell them to teams in other leagues something which Arsene hasn’t learned yet…

  14. Wenger the liar

    Suga –

    Yeah mate you know the way it goes just like Ken Bates, one minute he is lording it like he still runs the place and the next minute

  15. Wenger the liar

    You may have an ugly child, who is a total failure at school/college etc, but you are still going to truly love that child just as much as anybody else loves their children good, bad or indifferent.



    The justifications given for next years failures will be worth the entry fee here alone.

  16. BOOZY


    the reason we wont get enrique is because wenger would want him at a cheaper price than what clichy was sold.

    while newcastle would probably want 15 mil, which would be accepted by dalglish- just to get one over wenger.

  17. incesc


    what a stupid thing to say.

    firstly he is calling arsenal ugly

    saying people who want good players bought dont love arsenal? Surely its the other way round, maybe caring too much?

    if your kid is stupid ie arsenal defending freekicks, you’d give him extra lessons at home? ie defending


    and shit like that

  18. Wenger the liar

    Has anyone seen the back page of tomorrows mirror?

    Scholes basically calls us a bunch of cunts LOL

    WTF is going on.

  19. incesc

    or your kids ugly but you have the money to get him braces and an awesome spray tan, but instead you get denilson to put some make up on him and pray for the best

  20. Alw

    Not sure how true this is but I was surprised to see clichy leave so easilly till I was told it’s part of an agreement to bring in Vertonghen city stepped aside going for the Belgian after we agreed to sell them clichy otherwise the deal was not worth doing as with city involved the price was ridiculously inflated

  21. 1886-2006

    “Jerry says:
    July 4, 2011 at 22:03
    Gunnersaurus has already gone mate, next season we’ll have a six foot veiny penis in his place.”

    Thought we had one of those on the touchline already.

  22. Gunner

    I only brought it up bcause I read an article saying city were linked with van persie and he has been making dodgy noises

  23. Gooby

    Who was having a debate about henry being an arsenal legend?
    defo the best plaayer in arsenal’s history if not, he’s in the top 3

  24. Gooby

    it would be odd to see clishit in a shitty shirt, i am actually a little sad but deep down he was part of the problem wasn’t he?

  25. Tenerife Gerry

    I hope wenger and his board end up sitting alone in an empty stadium watch project fucking youth, cock suckers!

  26. SUGA3

    incesc 😆

    ‘justice will be done’, i.e. the parrot and that student will get paid off and the matter will be swept under the carpet, simples…

  27. Rohan

    Fuck me. Shit really is going downhill. Can’t wait for the first comment saying that they hope he gets done so that Wenger will be forced into buying someone.

    Don’t tell me it hasn’t crossed your mind!

  28. Lurch LeRouge

    hes a good footballer no doubt, could go either way though, last thing we need right now is weird squad cliques.

  29. SUGA3

    be careful what you wish for, we still have one ‘DM’ mandoline player to shift:

    ‘Deni, please stay, I will pay you £110K, just don’t gooooo’


  30. Wenger the liar

    Fuck that, Fringpong will play then when Song has his midnight express moment Arsene will say he is like a new signing.

    Arsene visits Song in Prison

  31. incesc

    sorry rohan didnt see you there.


    I guess his “body guards” would have been the ones roughing people up…

    A representative of Song told the judge: “Some fans asked for his autograph including a young woman.

    “The plaintiff later caused a scuffle and Alex’s bodyguards reacted. But at no time did Alex lay a hand on the plaintiff.”

  32. zeus

    Bobby Mcmahon on andres Santos………..

    Brazil coach Mano Menezes sent out an experienced back four with a youthful attack against Venezuela. The centre back combination of Lucio and Thiago Silva was no surprise. At right back Dani Alves was given the nod over Maicon while on the opposite flank Andres Santos was back in favour.
    Santos played at the 2009 Confederations Cup and stood out. Unfortunately he stood out as one of the few weak spots in the Brazil side.
    By the time the World Cup Finals rolled around it was no surprise that the defensively suspect left back with a proclivity to check inside when going forward was overlooked in favour of Bastos.

  33. Lurch LeRouge

    great hair light in the booth.

    idiot looking at photo albums, missed opportunity to knock one out.

  34. Wenger the liar

    Lurch –

    Either my memory is warped or that is an edited youtue version of the scene.

    Great movie BTW, total classic.

  35. incesc

    theres probably about as much chance of song going to prison as arsenal fans being happy with our summer business.

    or a calm day with no one freaking out on le grove this summer

    (which would be well boring)

  36. Lurch LeRouge

    yeah WTL i remember it a load darker as well. Moroder won the oscar for the score so it could be a real outtake.

    I seem to recall his girl getting raped by the guards or was that just wishful thinking?

  37. Rohan

    That’s the point SUGA. The quote itself went into moderation. American History X was a classic movie. Probably up there in my top 10

  38. Wenger the liar

    Lurch –


    Cant remember that but I do recall a tender gay love scene, for all that says about me.


  39. Lurch LeRouge

    rohan i’ll have to try & hook you up with Tony kaye sometime, a mate of mines good friends with him. you might find him a little disturbing however.

  40. Wenger the liar

    Chief executive Ivan Gazidis has overseen increased spending on wages, but the priority has been to reward squad players rather than focus on the elite. As a result, Arsenal pay competitive wages to players such as Nicklas Bendtner and Tomas Rosicky; however, they still recoil at paying anything over £90,000 a week, which inevitably leaves them vulnerable to clubs who are willing to pay much higher salaries to their best players.


  41. Rohan

    haha, I can imagine Lurch. Don’t think he’s made another movie though?
    Other than Zack and Miri make a Porno which is a bit weird I guess.
    This one’s his as well.

  42. Wenger the liar

    Was hoping to see one positive story before bed but alas it wasnt meant to be.

    Laters people.

  43. Lurch LeRouge

    kind of like the way i felt seeing deliverance for the first time im guessing WTL


  44. Lurch LeRouge

    couple of things in the pipeline i think Rohan, but my guess is he’s been hitting the brown a little too much… and shooting shit tv commercials in the states.

  45. Rohan

    Anyone know where that Irish bloke Stu has fucked off to?
    It’s always the same bunch on here at night these days

    Same goes for sixx pac.

  46. Vengrzahkunt

    Hey Guys!

    I’m new here just thought Id say hello, and see if you were all looking forward to the opening game of the season!

    There seems to be a great buzz, alot of optimism with an understandable hint of caution too…I suppose thats normal, for all fans its the same!!

    It’s a pity to see Clichy go, but Wenger has Gibbs and Traore, and so many other promising players so I’m not really worried!!


  47. Moray

    Scholes dismisses ‘pointless’ Arsenal

    United’s player-turned-coach criticises philosophy of Wenger, who will reluctantly let Nasri leave if he receives £25m bid
    Manchester United’s Paul Scholes has questioned a beleaguered Arsenal’s ability to challenge for any silverware next season, declaring as Arsène Wenger considers allowing Samir Nasri to leave for a sum of £25m that the club “just flatter to deceive” and “are potentially going to lose their best players.”

    Scholes, who will join United’s coaching staff in September, said he hoped Nasri would join United and clearly believes that he will join Cesc Fabregas and Gaël Clichy – who completed his move to Manchester City yesterday – in the procession out of the Emirates. “They may play the prettiest football, but it doesn’t always produce the results they need,” Scholes said. “It doesn’t irritate me [that people say they’re the best footballing team], because while they are doing that, we are winning games. They do play the best football to watch at times, but what is the point of that, if you are not winning anything? Not only that, they are potentially going to lose their best players, in Fabregas, Nasri and Clichy.”

    So, now we’re the laughing stock again as another Man Utd player laughs at us. This time it’s that blind ginger cheat, Scholes.

    I can’t even disagree with what he says, except for the quote about Clichy. Fucking ass!

  48. Moray

    Nasri: “We all need to get out of our comfort zone to grow up and test ourselves. I am hungry for titles. I play football because I love this sport and want to feel the emotion of winning.”

    The presumption here is that he can’t get out of his comfort zone at Arsenal. The Colney Creche tells the kids how good they are, how it’s not their fault when they lose, and hands them new contracts even when they’re underperforminig, putting on weight or sitting injured on the bench. They want away because they know they will not be challenged or pushed at Arsenal. Denils*n said something similar, and Clichy…

  49. Paul King

    So the fuckin’ manc ginger troll has found his voicebox! Let’s pray he transfers his tackling abilities to the current crop of manc cunts! Disregard these comments from an international footballing bottler!

  50. Larry kamvy

    Paul……..this ginger cunt basically has admitted that we are better than them…….

    This is the time to channel our seige mentallity……..no one does it better than arsenal me thinks

  51. dennisdamenace

    Gael Clichy – “I joined Manchester City to win trophies”.

    Has no one told him the 4th is a trophy!!?

  52. Paul King

    Clichy had a lot of potential but ever since the “massive rick” in the final seconds of the Eduardo Birmingham game in 2008 he’s fucked mentally. He’s become a total choker under pressure who will be a squad player mercenary at the towel-head’s “new toy!”

  53. Larry kamvy

    Everyone is now having a pop at us from all angles…….if only cesc would speak up and commit his future to us………that would send a big fuck you to all our haters…..

  54. Larry kamvy

    If nasri leaves for city aswell then the boy has no ambition whatsoever………even kaka refused city’s millions in order to maintain his credibility!

  55. Larry kamvy

    strange though that it’s the ginger asshole saying this………..orders maybe from gumchew?

  56. SUGA3

    siege mentality, no one does it better than Arsenal?

    what a load of tosh, if Wenger had any idea how to instill that, we would not have gone trophyless for all these years, because you could not think of a better environment for this kind of approach…

    but then again, I am not really surprised that you are talking shit, Larry, nothing new here…

    Arsenal voyeurs? why would they? they have it better at home, don’t they?

  57. SUGA3

    no ambition? as it stands, City have more chance of winning the title next season than us and that is the bitter truth…

    and if Fabregas stays, it will be another season wasted for him and for us, he is clearly not 100%…

  58. Larry kamvy

    Suga3………you really are not a believer are you? why do you hate your club so much? Please tell me your not a manc in disguise…….coz u sure do sound like one……..or is it the henry debate that has rocked you to the core?

  59. dennisdamenace

    Siege Mentality under George Graham won titles.

    Siege Mentality under Arsene Wenger is just another excuse maker for ongoing failure.

  60. Larry kamvy

    The silence coming from the club tells me something will be announced in the coming weeks…….probabaly 2 to 3 signings in a row…….WATCH THIS SPACE!

  61. Paul King

    Everybody without a clue has recommendations and most of the shite that get’s posted on here removes all doubt that very few fans understand the fine line between failure and success at the very top of sport!

  62. Larry kamvy

    Dennis….have u forgotten 01/02? We were being unfairly treated, red cards all over the place, people mocking us………what happened? WE WON THE DOUBLE under arsen for the second time and my friend i guarantee you seige mentality and a bit of bobby magic saw us through that season…..DISAGREE?

  63. dennisdamenace

    So, because you’ve had enough of the current managerial regime, you are suddenly a Manc!!

    What a fucking myopic attitude. If that’s the sole basis of your argument against anyone who dares raise a dissenting voice against Arsene Wenger (and that’s the difference, Arsene Wenger NOT arsenel……GEDDIT?) then maybe you should really be watching the Disney Channel instead of commentating on here.

    This is a blog, a blog for differing opinions, if someone’s opinion is not to your liking dela with it, debate the pint(s). Dismiss others opinions by suggesting they are really Mancs or Scum or whatever is quite frankly pathetic.

  64. SUGA3

    no mate, I am a realist, I love the club, but I have certain issues with the way it’s being run…

    Henry debate? get your facts straight, it was not a debate, you said Henry was not a legend and got laughed out of court, simples…

    believer? I am too old and cynical to believe in miracles matey, and I hope you will be back here next May to hear the annual ‘We told you so’…

    not holding my breath tho…

    I am off to work, laters…

  65. reggie 57

    The silence from this club is a fucking disgrace Kroenke,Gazidas,and Wenger hang your head in shame!!

  66. SUGA3

    Paul King,

    the only person without a clue is you…

    oh, and Larry ‘Henry is not a legend’ Kamvy 😆

    what a pair of vaginas you are…

  67. Jimbo

    Best thing for Arsenal now is to wait it out until the cancer Wenger is cut out from the club.

    Until that happens, we will slowly die.

  68. Larry kamvy

    Suga3…….then why do you support arsenal if you don’t believe in miracles mate………coz this season we will need one.

    Wenger is not perfect anymore……..but i believe he is building something special, we may not like it as fans but he is is onto sumfin…..the good times are coming back…..MIRACLES DO HAPPEN SUGAR3! you maybe too old but it’s better late than never eh sugar3?

  69. Paul King


    Please don’t stop writing your views about Arsenal Football Club….everyone needs a good laugh.

  70. Larry kamvy

    Once arsen cuts back on french tarts and penny pinching, things will get better! STUART TAYLOR WAS A GOOD KEEPER…….SEAMAN’S NATURAL REPLACEMENT AT ONE POINT!

  71. dennisdamenace

    What are we dealing with here, a fucking ten year old?

    “Henry’s not a legend”

    “Seige mentality was perfected by arsen wenger…….FACT”

    Certain people shouldn’t be allowed to fucking breed.

  72. SUGA3


    ‘Wenger is not perfect anymore’ really? we knew that for about 3 years, what is your next revelation, ‘Pig’s arse is pork’?

    I support Arsenal, because I love it as a club, I loved Graham’s early 90s, I loved early Wenger’s years, I could understand constraints shortly after the stadium was built, but I am opposed to what is happening right now…

    and I don’t believe in miracles ANYMORE, this does not come back, once this goes, ‘seeing is believing’…

    now run along, as I have to…

  73. Larry kamvy

    Paul, suga3 has has sugar so let’s take it easy on the poor guy! But you do have a point……….he does provide a good laugh…….when his sugar is high!

  74. dennisdamenace

    Stuart Taylor? What the same Stuart Taylor who’s currently THIRD choice at Aston Villa.

    Jesus H Christ, please refer to my earlier comment.

  75. Larry kamvy

    Suga3…..Everyone loves Graham’s team of the late eighties to early nineties mate…duh!!!!THE FAMOUS BACK FOUR!!

    i am not an AKB(hate these guys), but i am a fan and i love my team through thick and thin, i also support the manager through these difficult times coz when he gets it right, usually the results are record breaking and EPIC……so suga3 calm down, suck on a titty and lets support the team in malaysia……..suck on that titty suga3!

  76. Larry kamvy

    Dennis you really are a child aren’t you! This guy had the potential…..but we let him go too early……he was a proper keeper.

    Dennis, are you Almunia in diguise?