Exclusive: Official leaked data on Arsenal fan opinion sourced | Transfer ins and outs

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Good morning Grover’s. A couple of days ago, some leaked data made it into the hands of Le Grove. Has Pam involved herself in some sort of break and enter scandal, I’ll leave that to the police to decide.

Anyway, here is the jist… we’ve seen a sneak preview of a YouGov/Cambridge University Poll of over 13,000 premiership club football fans – to be published next week – which tabulates the the opinions of club fans about their own team’s performance in the 2010/2011 season – creating league tables of what each team’s fans think about their own team, their manager, and each of their players.

For those that don’t know, YouGov are a hugely respected pollster whose results are often used to help shape Government policy. This survey will have been carried out to the highest standards.

Here are some of the headline grabbing bits…

The players Arsenal fans are most satisfied with at the moment are Robin Van Persie and Jack Wilshere. Two players who just got on with the job last season and put their all into everything they did. If Arsene Wenger was looking at a new captain next season, it’s to imagine he’ll look further than Robin Van Persie and it would seem that perhaps, fan sentiment would ok that decision. A player who didn’t fare so well was our current captain, Cesc Fabregas. A season of niggly injuries, poor mistakes and constant speculation have probably led to a low satisfaction score.

In satisfaction rating for overall team performance last season, Arsenal were a dreadful 16th out of 20 teams. That’s pretty awful. You’d have to imagine that much of this was down to the lack lustre performances, the huge prices we’re being forced to pay and once again, the lack of a trophy.

Considering we finished 4th in the league, that’s an incredibly low position. But don’t argue with me… this is a cross-section of fans from all over the UK partaking in this. It should also be noted that according to my leaker, this survey wasn’t taken straight after the season finished… this is fan sentiment a month after it’s all happened.

The final satisfaction poll surrounds the manager.

When I’m asked about whether Arsenal fans would like to see him sacked, I always say that’s the wrong question to ask. A better question would be to give him an approval rating. If you asked Arsenal fans on a scale of 1-10, how pleased they were with the manager, that might reflect differently than the usual, ‘he’s a legend, we could never sack him.’

Well, out of all the managers in the Premiership, Arsene Wenger was 14th for fan satisfaction. That’s pretty low considering some of the shocking managerial performances of the last season. Not surprising though. It seems all this fan angst that people keep telling me is in the minority, is, apparently not… it’s a majority opinion.

The rest of the survey will be out later on in the week, so it’ll be interesting to read who was lower than us, where Spurs finished up and how the other London clubs did comparatively.

Arsenal still seem to be lagging way behind everyone else in the transfer market. We’re doing a marvellous job of making top 4 rival Manchester City stronger. Giving them two of our starting 11 seems a bit crazy to me, but we just can’t resist the pound notes can we? We’ll no doubt be going back and forth over the transfer fee of Alvarez which appears to have alerted Inter who take a distinctly, ‘we’ll just pay it’ approach to transfers.

Arsenal will tie up a deal for Gary Cahill in the next two weeks providing no other club bids for the centre back. Once again, we’re only able to acquire players if we’re the only club involved. Other than that, there isn’t really much going on. Preseason training is due to start next week and so far, all we’ve managed to do is land one player in the shape of Gervinho… and to my knowledge, that hasn’t been officially announced.

People can keep on saying that we’re only a week into the transfer window, but I’m sure I remember Wenger telling us he’d get his business done early. Once again, that appears to be something of a lie. We’re not talking about bolstering the squad this summer are we? We’re talking about bringing in at least 3 first teamers. They’re going to need time to bed in, there is not point in bringing them in in August is there?

Still, we’ve signed Barcelona youth product Bellerin. Thank god for that. I can’t wait to see him leave for a £1million in 5 years time.

Benfica have moved for Nik B, about time too… he’s the greatest player everyone seems to have forgotten. What are his agents doing? Mind you, finding someone £50k a week when they’re the equivalent of a failed graduate must be tough going.

So while Rome is burning, Wenger is sitting there with all the clubs who are actually in poverty waiting for the others to move. The guy is ridiculous…

Still, we should be thankful for a wonderful sunny day. That always excites me. Beautiful sun!

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948 Responses to “Exclusive: Official leaked data on Arsenal fan opinion sourced | Transfer ins and outs”

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  1. ardentgooner

    Sorry Santos plays for Fenerbache…I think he could do well for us…We need to replace clichy and none of this Gibbs bullshit….

  2. Wenger the liar

    Gibbs played three games and everyone and his dog thought he was the next roberto carlos.

    Easily pleased cunts, the lot of you!

  3. SUGA3

    Big Dave,

    we all know already that he is a stubborn fucker, starting the season with Gibbs as the first choice LB would prove that he is fucking clinically insane!

  4. Wenger the liar

    Geoff –

    Do you think Cesc and Nasri will both leave?

    Do you have ANY positive news to share with us along the lines of last years reina?

    Please do if you have, I am considering killing myself, or maybe Keyser and Gambon instead!

  5. Big Dave

    Gibbs is poor, to soft as well. Look at his defending v fulham for their 1st goal totally away from the guy who crossed the ball in.

    The fee for clichy, 7m rising to 9m depending on what they win etc

  6. scott

    Harry the twitch redknapp just said on ssn. ” if you want top players, you need to spend top money. Top transfer fee, to salaries ”
    Sums it up really. Although OG doesn’t agree.

  7. Nasridane

    Harry Redknapp on Ssn saying united, Chelsea, city and Liverpool are all gonna be stronger. Notice how he didn’t mention us. He already knows arsenal are gonna be weaker. We’re a joke… No one gonna take us seriously anymore.

  8. finestcuts

    “I really believe if you are a player who thinks only about money then you could end up at Manchester City.

    You have to think if you want to play for a big club and have your image or if you want to play for a good club and earn big money.

    I’ve been here six years and this is not the first summer where a club have spent big money to get big players.

    But it does not always mean a team will play well.”

    This is what Clichy said in 2009. I’m actually glad he’s gone, he was part of the problem in defence. I’d say a big part and we should be grateful Citeh paid us a decent amount of dosh for him.

    Onwards and upwards, time to shift these so called Arsenal players who reluctantly wear the shirt.

  9. incesc

    has wenger said he doesnt want to kill gibbs or whatever bullshit his gonna give us to save buying a left back?

  10. JJ

    Surely Clichy leaving means that Jose Enrique is coming in. Wenger is crazy but no way can he make Gibbs first choice. The question is, what makes Enrique the answer? Sure he is 6ft and is quick but to me he is nothing special. I hope Wenger unearths a gem. If we go Cole, Clichy, Gibbs then we are going the wrong direction quick-time!

  11. SUGA3

    all there is left to be said is ‘Taxi for Wenger’

    Dear Arsene, we know you are a tight fisted cunt, therefore we will pay for the taxi if you get in it and fuck off to France pronto…

  12. ardentgooner

    Andre Santos and Enrique should be the ones we should be looking at I feel..Neither Gibbs nor Traore are ready….

  13. ikon

    big big loss imo…
    clichy appeared to be becoming more error prone because of the clowns of the Cbs that were playing besides him. At city i think he is going to look to ppl as hitting the form that he is capable of.
    Huge loss, Wenger is a nutcase.He and the board have become a sorry bunch.

  14. Wenger the liar

    Finest –

    That made sense when we finished above them, not really anymore.

    Incesc –

    Yes he said that, he also said he looking to sign Uniteds left back as a replacement

    Arsene: Petit prince, you must sign for Arsenal for me to give you career a lift

    Sly Sports reporter: Arsene, you do realize dennis Irwin isnt French?

  15. kapslock

    Wenger is a deluded cunt. I’ll be happy if we make top 8 next season. Senile cunt. I’m glad Clichy is gone because he hasn’t been the same for a few seasons but I just have a feeling Wenger won’t replace him.

  16. Rohan

    I don’t really want Enrique. Or Baines really, although I’d settle for him.

    Definitely not Gibbs though. He makes Clichy look like Roberto Carlos.

    Best bet is to hope Wenger unearths some gem from somewhere.

  17. lou

    i believe wenger is a deluded cunt… he has the wrost arsenal squad ever and we will not make top four next year… spurs liverpool man city everton chealsea manu stoke bolton fulham are all better than us

  18. JJ

    Wenger said that Nasri would definitely not be going to Utd… Which probably means that he is going to Utd…

  19. kwik fit

    Players linked with Arsenal FC Downing,Doyle,Dann
    The press are now starting to take the piss!

    Will Wenger please open his mouth and at least tell us a few more lies! lies I can take but this silence is killin me!

  20. JJ

    Any defender Wenger gets in will need to be experienced because Wenger wont be teaching them anything about defending.

  21. kev

    top four is surely gone out the window now. im not clichys biggest fan but he is going to be really hard to replace. with the likes of gael gone cesc and nasri wanting out and denilson and bendtner being up for sale its time to just go balls out and totally rebuild.

    clear out the dross and the players that want out and start from scratch – its the only way. well be uncompetitive for a couple of seasons but itll be worth it in the end. get good quality in and change the mindset and attitude.

    has to be done

  22. CarlJenkinsonIsOurNewLeftBack!!!

    Personally i’d rather us do our business earlier but if we have a surplus of players (ie we buy 3 new players and dont sell any first) then it makes it more difficult to sell the players we want rid of (Eboue, Denilson, Bendtner etc). Hopefully we’re lining up a few options at the same time though.

  23. CarlJenkinsonIsOurNewLeftBack!!!

    Gavin Hoyte can play there too if necessary so its not all doom and gloom

  24. Ricky

    Pedro says:
    July 4, 2011 at 17:51
    Saying Thierry isn’t an Arsenal legend is almost a banning offence.


    Worse then cursing every single persons mother on here.

    Ban him! lol

  25. BOOZY

    kwik fit-

    have you not been listening to his interviews- ok let me give you one lie.

    1. we have been busy on the phone – FAT LIE.

  26. Sabeel

    Gibbs/Jenkinson/Traore the order for Left back…

    wenger is famous for playing players out of position…he may well have seen jenkinson as a Left back,though he has mostly been reported as right back, and hired him as backup for clichy…..

  27. Larry kamvy

    Give Gibbs a chance! He has that Ashley Cole vibe about him.and about Henry,he was fantastic but is not a legend in my book! Bergkamp is.Gibbs will improve vastly this season,plus I am sure arsen has a back up plan up his sleeve.Pedro, bergkamp was better than Henry!he just could not travel mate!

  28. DaleDaGooner

    I don’t want to sound like a bitter Arsenal fan, but to be honest, Clichy was a huge liability, I missed Cole, there i said it! I just hope we use that 7 million to get a proper Leftback, who? I don’t know, even Barca have a problem at LB bar 31 year old Abidal, ManU, Chelsea and a few others have a proper true LB. I’d take Enrique if I were Wenger, Enrique wants to get into the Spanish team, and surrounded by a better team and CL + 4 years of better pay, he’ll go over and beyond for us. Baines would be perfect, but Everton would ask for too much.

  29. gambon

    Project Youth:

    – Buy average kids
    – Play them way too young and way too often to get them up to speed
    – Win nothing due to said young team
    – Sell players when they are worth £££
    – Reinvest in kids

    Fucking joke of a club.

  30. DaleDaGooner

    Clichy credits Kolo and Patrick for his Arsenal run, no wonder he went to City, they have advised him

  31. Squirrel

    Good shout,get rid of the players that don’t want to play for the arse and the dross and rebuild with players that show a bit of commitment to the cause who want to achieve something at the Arsenal.
    Honestly these players that want out should fuck off,they’re a fucking disgrace spouting desire to win something,are they not part of the team they capitulated at the end of the season?.
    I would rather have a 5-8m signing who shows a bit of passion on the pitch than some cunt who wants to fuck off to city,barca or whoever for a fucking pay rise and a trophy.

  32. Larry kamvy

    This cumming season arsenal will prove us all wrong!I believe in arsenal!do you? We as fans must believe, we know we have short Cummings but guys, we are the arsenal, no matter who we field we will always be the arsenal.always remember that guys.always!

  33. Ricky

    gambon says:
    July 4, 2011 at 20:21
    Project Youth:

    – Buy average kids
    – Play them way too young and way too often to get them up to speed
    – Win nothing due to said young team
    – Sell players when they are worth £££ (to your main title rivals)
    – Reinvest in kids

    Fucking joke of a club.

    Thats better… One big fucking merry go round!

  34. SUGA3


    I am sorry mate, but you have lost every motherfucking last ounce of credibility after defending the statement of TH14 not being a legend for half of the afternoon…

    give Gibbs a chance? how many Prem games has he played? how many games without getting injured did he manage in the past?


  35. simon mcmahon

    wenger is a failure and I would like to ask any of his blinded followers , If they really think that at this moment in time he and ivan and his yank buddies are really bothered about OUR CLUB.
    I, love the sabre rattling done after fulham regards getting our business done early in perparation for the next season .
    To be honest the only way to change is for us to fail miserably fish 6th and out of the cups early , i’m sick to death of all the bullshit spin , you would think that buy now they would bbe trying to build bridges with the fans by making a statement of intent whewith new players

  36. SUGA3

    it depends on how high you are setting the bar for your ‘belief’:

    do I believe we will win the title? no…

    do I believe we will remain a top four outfit come next May? no…

    do I believe we will once again finish empty handed?

  37. incesc

    he wont rebuild squirrel

    arsenes plan is to give the vacant postitions to youths and reserves and unknowns, hes done it for years.

    he replaced vieira with a teen, henry with an unknown croatian, lehmann with fucking almunia…

  38. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    Fact is the club is not going to be self sustaining at this rate, with a lack of investment in top quality playing staff –

    1. Fans will stop coming in such large numbers = Less match day revenue
    2. Poor players will mean no CL qualification = Less TV money
    3. No trophies = Lower sponsorship revenue
    4. No stars = Lack of attraction to the next generation of supporters

    So it’s all well and good having a great stadium payed off and a big fat bank account – but investors will need to chip in with some cash in years to come if the ‘self sustaining’ money drys up due to the strategy Arsene Wenger is being allowed to indulge in now!!

  39. Larry kamvy

    Now we should offload cesc! We need committed Players, not home sick players,after that nasri then our summer business will have been completed.good times ey gents?

  40. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    People question our link to players like Kevin Doyle but a few of these lads in the team might do us a favour. I want players in the team that wake up in the morning and think they’ve won the lottery to be playing for us.
    If you come in at 15 or 16 and get spoilt rotten then it’s not a surprise you are complacent by the time you are 22 and especially if you haven’t won anything with your team mates to add to the bond of the group. Plus add to that – no ‘legends’ to look up to and work with….

  41. Larry kamvy

    I have one question for every gunner out there……………..is there anything better in the world than seeing the gunners play?………………we love this team guys,no matter who is playing………and this season they will deserve all our support coz they are gonna need it,big time.

    Ps Henry is a legend!who remembers his celebration at witan after scoring from a free kick “is that enough”.that’s what he said to the bent ref.buuuuuuuuut Dennis pips him to first place.l8r guys!

  42. Ricky

    SUGA3 says:
    July 4, 2011 at 20:34
    Eboue a leftback?

    fuck me, this is officially insane, I am out of here…


    LMFAO! I got tears in my eye’s. that was some funny ish..

    Mind you i wouldnt put it past the toss.. Over the last 6-7 yrs wengers replacments have got worse.

  43. Rohan

    This kamvy bloke is pretty artificially annoying!

    We really should be buying before selling. Teams are going to know we’re going to be desperate for players now.

  44. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    That’s true Rohan – it would be great to hear from an agent how exactly the process works. If a club is asked by us to name their price and we agree to it – what’s stopping them bumping another 2 mil on top 3 days later?

  45. Graham O'Keeffe

    Wouldnt surprise me if the cunt thinks he can play bellerin out of position at left back seeing as hes promised the kid “fasttrack to the first team”. Wenger is a prize twat if he banks the money from Gael.

    LArry your a complete and utter fwit………….Henry Arsenal top golascorer of all time and utter genious. If Theo could be half the player Henry is/was we’d have a massive threat up front.

  46. Lusekelo

    Wenger has discovered that his project youth has failed dismally hence he is bent on going down with the Arsenal for he is proud to admit his failings. From now on he should be placed on a twenty four hour suicide watch. Only a man who has lost the drive and passion to live can do what he is doing. I am also ashamed of all Arsenal fans who renewed the season’s tickets for they have supported this dross at the club and they have allowed the Board to treat them as their milk cows.

  47. Wenger the liar

    Martin –

    What about we round up some guys from Hackney marshes, theyll be happy to wear the shirt.

    Better yet we can get Visas for some Afghans stuck at Calais, they will be super super appreciative.

    I know the point your making but quite frankly I cant take any more wanky cunts coming to the club this summer, Gervinho has filled the quota already.

    Time to buy someone who gives you the same feeling as the day we signed Bergkamp, thats what is needed at this point in time.

  48. Ricky

    Larry, you seem like the type who catches he’s missus in bed with another man every weekend & still wont let go.

  49. RayGooner

    The Last player (though he only had 7 starts) remaining from our “Invinsible” Team of 03-04 has left us…
    So now we can FINALLY form our NEW INVINSIBLES!!!

  50. Evan

    It wasn’t even Larry who started this henry bollox, it was someone called Ruud Vand probably horse face Nistelrooy. Ban them both

    Telegraph on wenger: Yet there is now a dangerous disconnect between the expectation of fans and a grand vision that, with every player who agitates to leave, looks flawed. Wenger’s greatest challenge awaits.

    Dutchman @ 18:58 If we replace him with traore and gibbs then i will kill him. He won’t do that. lmfao. Send in the dutchman

  51. ardentgooner

    Alan Pardew seems to be hinting we could make a move for Enrique….Problem is they will now bump up the price knowing we need a LB and we have the money from Clichy’s sale…also Pardew suggested he is looking for an alternative incase Enrique leaves….which is great considering he has a back up plan while we dont seem to have plan B atall…….Even Pardew has outspend and outthought wenger this summer….. WENGER NEEDS to smoke some weed and be given the cheque book……let him go crazy in the window 😉

  52. SUGA3

    now, isn’t it pathetic that the longest serving player has just left and he is only 25?

    where are the legends? what a fucking shit feeder club we have become…

  53. G STAR




  54. SUGA3


    biggest task awaits Wenger?

    you can bet your bottom dollar that the senile nearly man cunt will once again choke!


  55. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    WTL – Didnt Ian Wright start on Hackney Marshes ;0)

    But yeah, you get my point. I’m all for a star name but a few grateful Brits could make a change to the vibe of the squad as well…

    Unfortunately we live in a different world now to when Bergkamp came so our chances of getting a Kaka or Benzema are low – although I do think Etoo is attainable and worth big wages with his proven record.

  56. BOOZY

    y’all should get used to the fact that wenger isn’t going to buy a left back- the sooner y’all realize this, the better.

    the options for left back next season according to rank are-


  57. Ricky

    G star,

    Nobody would be stupid enough to risk buying RVP. I guarentee if he was’nt so injury prone he’d be all over the papers like cesc & co.

  58. kapslock

    If your reading this Gazidis you’re as much as a cunt as the senile old man. I hope you had fun on ”getting freshened up” for your flight the other day you bald old cunt

  59. SUGA3

    playing Vermaelen as leftback is a considerable waste of a valuable asset…

    Eboue? do me a favour, Sagna can play LB, but Eboue?

    Jenkinson? no comment!

    Gibbs? permacrock

    Traore? not a leftback, he is more of a left wide man, ‘Arry played him there at P’mouth and he was quite deadly…

    Botelho? really?

  60. gunner mac

    only arsene wenger can mismanage a team this badly.
    only he can get us in a situation where he has to call back a retired keeper in the form of lehman after two transfer widows elapsed last season! What a Wazzuk. he must GO.

  61. kapslock

    I can’t believe this silent dirty yank is taking this shit. Watching the club he owns now in meltdown as the fans stand up against the senile baguette eating wanker. Yet he just stays silent. Prick

  62. SUGA3

    still, Gazidis is a twat…

    and so is the whole Team America on our books…

    gash kits, gash commercials, commercial revenue on the wane!

    Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

    if a photographer/photoshopper brought me these new kit photos, I would tell him to go fuck himself and start afresh…

  63. Wenger the liar

    Fucking hell weve fallen a long long way since the move to the Emirates.

    The directors all stuffed their pockets and we got Diaby, Song, Eboue, Almunia, Rosicky and Bendy to look forward to next year!


    Bollocks to this.

  64. MatthewT

    If Man City get Nasri and manage to keep hold of Tevez then on paper at least they have the best squad in the premier league. They just need to get shot of some of the troublemakers and misfits they have aquired on their acsent into the top 4.

    I wish Arsenal showed a bit of their ambition.

  65. Ricky


    Vermaelen would be worth putting in LB if we had reliable CB’s but lets face it, we dont & probably wont come the start of the season.

    As much as i dont think gibbs is good enough if we bought in the right type of CB’s & bought in keown to coach then he could become a very good player but since i cant see any of that happnin we need to go & bring in someone ready for the job.

  66. RayGooner

    I heard the same rumour as last summer…We are ready to splash the cash on “Noe van Els”!

    I hear he is GREAT!!!!

  67. Pedro

    What about the font now? How does that sit with everyone?

    Geoff is working on a new banner… it’s looking pretty damn cool!

  68. SUGA3

    Vermaelen is a fucking shit in leftback position, plus, he is quite an asset more centrally…

    if we don’t strengthen, I hope Le Senile will be hounded out before the January TW…

    it’s official: now I hate OGL…

  69. Squirrel

    Vermalean is not a left back,wish people would stop mentioning this

    eboue is a right back/useless cunt

    Jenkinson is a right back and a gooner,looking forward to seeing him in an arseal shirt

    gibbs is injury prone but poss 1st choice now

    traore in prob 2nd choice now

    Botelho has been playing in the 2nd div in spain,not ready yet

  70. zeus

    3RD IS A TROPHY………..

  71. Frank

    It’s pretty clear Wenger will need to perform on the transfer market this summer, and make the Arsenal team perform this season.

    I have never seen so much negative comments from Arsenal fans like it this year, and without positive dealinger on the transfer market and a strong season this year Wenger will loose a lot more of the supporters support. Already he has lost a lot of the support which has been so massive over the years.

    It’s incredible in my eyes if the board and Wenger doesnt open up their eyes this summer and are able to see how big the frustration and problems has become.

    It’s now or never in my opinion. This summer we must see some real changes in the ambitions of our club. I’m not willing to sit here and watch the team fall apart like it looks and feels today, although i don’t have so much power to do anything anyway though.

    Maybe Usmanov wouldn’t have been such a bad choice afterall? I dont want us to become a new Chelsea or Man city, but the feeling is that everything falls apart in our club at the moment.

  72. RayGooner

    Last time i saw the Belgian National Team Vermaelen played left back…so that would mean he’s very capable of playing there, right?

  73. Rohan

    Don’t like the font, Pedro. More importantly, get the dog of the week section out. It’s been on for ages.

  74. Wenger the liar

    The one thing I thought about Arsene, regardless of him not winning trophies, is that he would leave the club in rude health when he left however he is doing his best to leave us in a bad state, his fucking utmost no less.

  75. Rohan

    When he played as captain, I distinctly remember him playing as a CB.
    Him playing there on occasion for Belgium is simply a case of them trying to accommodate all their best players.

  76. kapslock

    When we come outside the top 4 next May –

    ”We lacked little bit of sharpness towards the end. They have been fantastic but fell short at the end – they flirted a little with success. If you see the average age of this squad is young. They have been together for a long time and can only get better. I say we are 8% away. Being outside of the top 4 is not a problem. We will strengthen this summer. Other teams would love to be where we are. We have to live within our means. We can not go out and spend 100 million on players.”


  77. BOOZY

    pedro- i’ll need to increase the power of my glasses, to keep up with these font- they are getting smaller by the day.

    are we trying to do a wenger on legrove?

  78. RayGooner

    Sagna, Cahill, Samba & Vermaelen sounds good to me…with a back-up of Jenkinson/Eboué, Djourou, Koscielny & Gibbs/Traoré

  79. SUGA3

    defensive pairing of Samba + Cahill would not be anywhere near mobile enough…

    Sagna/Ebowie – Cahill or Samba/Djourou – TV/Koz – Baines/Gibbs

  80. Ricky

    I agree with ray,

    It could work.. Vermaelen’s no slouch, he can tackle & the boy can most deffo shoot.

    I just cant see wenger bringing in cahill & samba together, It’s not he’s style.

  81. OPG

    Alvarez is off to Inter apparently, did we even want him?
    What’s going on with the club? Why has there been so little going on apart from Clichy which didn’t take long to get done?

  82. Wenger the liar

    Who here reckons Ashley was probably worth the extra 5k a week?

    Or put another way, who here thinks that the man who earns 20k a day as the boss fucked up by letting Ashley go?

  83. Jerry

    Once Clichy, Nasri & Fabregas are gone replacements will no doubt come in. Problem is that there’s not a chance in fuck that they’ll be of the same quality let alone an improvement. Who of any quality would want to come here in all honesty, we are a club in decline and can’t come close to matching wages or ambition. We will become the new Ajax, without the historic European trophy’s.

    Time is up for this current set up, get Uzminov and Dein in.

  84. zeus

    Larry kamvy says:

    July 4, 2011 at 20:25

    This cumming season arsenal will prove us all wrong!I believe in arsenal!do you? We as fans must believe, we know we have short Cummings but guys, we are the arsenal, no matter who we field we will always be the arsenal.always remember that guys.always!


  85. RayGooner

    I love to dream, and in my dream i saw this squad:

    GK’s: Szczesny, Fabianski, Martínez
    RB’s: Sagna, Eboué, Jenkinson
    LB’s: Vermaelen, Gibbs & Traoré
    CB’s: Cahill, Samba, Djourou, Koscielny
    DM’s: Song, Frimpong, Coquelin
    CM’s: Wilshere, Ramsey, Diaby, Lansbury
    AM’s: Cesc/Nasri, Arshavin, Rosicky
    ST’s: van Persie, Gervinho, Walcott, Chamakh, Vela

  86. Wenger the liar

    Pedro –

    Although I know very little about you I know for a fact youve either got a great perscription for glasses or 20 20 vision that would make an owl envious.

  87. Ricky


    Ashley would have left us by now anyway. Doubt he would have watched henry & co go & hung about to watch us fall in the shit hole were currently in. As much as most gooners dislike the guy there is no doubting he’s winning mentality.

    He would have still left for chelsea but for a big sum of money i reckon.

  88. Jerry

    “We as fans must believe”. In what exactly, Wenger, the board, the players? Time for belief is well over, time for change is upon us, a change of direction and a change of ownership.

  89. SUGA3


    so, Samba and Cahill are these ‘great CBs’ who would warrant playing Vermaelen in the position where he is dogshite?

    DM choice of Song, who should have a proper competition, not Frimpong (senior games not even in double figures) and Coquelin, who is not all that either?

    Diaby? I would piggyback that cunt to any club in the world, don’t care if it’s in Inner Mongolia…

    Rosicky? ditto!

    and there is no way either of Cesc and Nasri will still be at the club, come Aug 13…

  90. ardentgooner

    I would still say we get Andre Santos as our LB…time to get a decent Brazillian and not the fake one like Denilson

  91. kapslock

    dennisdamenace says:
    July 4, 2011 at 21:58

    This fucking font has got a very short backlift…….




    dann downing doyle gervinho alvarez jenkinson samba cahill chamberlain

    you would think these are the transfer targets of a club like everton

    the board are in for some fucking fireworks if world class aint signed and we have a bad start

    i really did think wenger would admit defeat and change his ways this summer and go all out for players such as eto benzema but hes so fucking stubborn, this time it will be the end for him

  93. Wenger the liar

    Its a shame we dont play reserve games at Underhill anymore. Nothing would have made me happier than no more transfers coming in and Arsene sat on his jones at 22:00 in the stand at underhill stupid smirk on his face whilst watching Jack Jebb.