Exclusive: Official leaked data on Arsenal fan opinion sourced | Transfer ins and outs

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Good morning Grover’s. A couple of days ago, some leaked data made it into the hands of Le Grove. Has Pam involved herself in some sort of break and enter scandal, I’ll leave that to the police to decide.

Anyway, here is the jist… we’ve seen a sneak preview of a YouGov/Cambridge University Poll of over 13,000 premiership club football fans – to be published next week – which tabulates the the opinions of club fans about their own team’s performance in the 2010/2011 season – creating league tables of what each team’s fans think about their own team, their manager, and each of their players.

For those that don’t know, YouGov are a hugely respected pollster whose results are often used to help shape Government policy. This survey will have been carried out to the highest standards.

Here are some of the headline grabbing bits…

The players Arsenal fans are most satisfied with at the moment are Robin Van Persie and Jack Wilshere. Two players who just got on with the job last season and put their all into everything they did. If Arsene Wenger was looking at a new captain next season, it’s to imagine he’ll look further than Robin Van Persie and it would seem that perhaps, fan sentiment would ok that decision. A player who didn’t fare so well was our current captain, Cesc Fabregas. A season of niggly injuries, poor mistakes and constant speculation have probably led to a low satisfaction score.

In satisfaction rating for overall team performance last season, Arsenal were a dreadful 16th out of 20 teams. That’s pretty awful. You’d have to imagine that much of this was down to the lack lustre performances, the huge prices we’re being forced to pay and once again, the lack of a trophy.

Considering we finished 4th in the league, that’s an incredibly low position. But don’t argue with me… this is a cross-section of fans from all over the UK partaking in this. It should also be noted that according to my leaker, this survey wasn’t taken straight after the season finished… this is fan sentiment a month after it’s all happened.

The final satisfaction poll surrounds the manager.

When I’m asked about whether Arsenal fans would like to see him sacked, I always say that’s the wrong question to ask. A better question would be to give him an approval rating. If you asked Arsenal fans on a scale of 1-10, how pleased they were with the manager, that might reflect differently than the usual, ‘he’s a legend, we could never sack him.’

Well, out of all the managers in the Premiership, Arsene Wenger was 14th for fan satisfaction. That’s pretty low considering some of the shocking managerial performances of the last season. Not surprising though. It seems all this fan angst that people keep telling me is in the minority, is, apparently not… it’s a majority opinion.

The rest of the survey will be out later on in the week, so it’ll be interesting to read who was lower than us, where Spurs finished up and how the other London clubs did comparatively.

Arsenal still seem to be lagging way behind everyone else in the transfer market. We’re doing a marvellous job of making top 4 rival Manchester City stronger. Giving them two of our starting 11 seems a bit crazy to me, but we just can’t resist the pound notes can we? We’ll no doubt be going back and forth over the transfer fee of Alvarez which appears to have alerted Inter who take a distinctly, ‘we’ll just pay it’ approach to transfers.

Arsenal will tie up a deal for Gary Cahill in the next two weeks providing no other club bids for the centre back. Once again, we’re only able to acquire players if we’re the only club involved. Other than that, there isn’t really much going on. Preseason training is due to start next week and so far, all we’ve managed to do is land one player in the shape of Gervinho… and to my knowledge, that hasn’t been officially announced.

People can keep on saying that we’re only a week into the transfer window, but I’m sure I remember Wenger telling us he’d get his business done early. Once again, that appears to be something of a lie. We’re not talking about bolstering the squad this summer are we? We’re talking about bringing in at least 3 first teamers. They’re going to need time to bed in, there is not point in bringing them in in August is there?

Still, we’ve signed Barcelona youth product Bellerin. Thank god for that. I can’t wait to see him leave for a £1million in 5 years time.

Benfica have moved for Nik B, about time too… he’s the greatest player everyone seems to have forgotten. What are his agents doing? Mind you, finding someone £50k a week when they’re the equivalent of a failed graduate must be tough going.

So while Rome is burning, Wenger is sitting there with all the clubs who are actually in poverty waiting for the others to move. The guy is ridiculous…

Still, we should be thankful for a wonderful sunny day. That always excites me. Beautiful sun!

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948 Responses to “Exclusive: Official leaked data on Arsenal fan opinion sourced | Transfer ins and outs”

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  1. nuudles

    Dont know if it is just my Chrome browser or whether you changed the font but I pretty much hate it, cannot read it without zooming way in… Did you change something on the fonts or is it on my side?

    Im starting to panic and I hate it that we only go for players no one else really wants. While “pre-season” as in the matches start next week I think the team will start training this week with some players arriving today?

  2. nuudles

    True ZAR, Pato is class but cannot see them selling him. Would settle for Falcao & Mata because neither Pato or Hazard is likely to be sold this summer.

  3. gambon

    This is the week that Arsenal officially dies….killed by a senile Frenchman and his cunty cronies on the board.

    RIP Arsenal….Long live L’Arsenal.

  4. Spanish Dave

    As we can see Wenger is just the same old, same old rusty manager that he has become.There has been no backroom changes so far over the summer, and no one coming in for or unwanted ‘stars’. Predictable, now boring, stale man , nothing will change until he goes.

  5. goonerT1m

    7 days time and we will know a lot more. i hope the new owner wakes the fuck up.

    AFC = Another Failed Campaign?

  6. Squirrel

    Cesc expected back at arsenal for the start of pre-season training?
    Is he going or what? If Barca can’t put up then they should fuck off and Wenger can tell us that he’s fucking staying,simple.

  7. abnet

    YankeeGunner YankeeGunner
    One thing is crystal clear. A lot of gooners are going to hate each other before this summer is over. And that’s a shame. We all support AFC
    15 seconds ago
    haha arsenal

  8. ZARgooner

    Pre season training starts today right???

    So guess if Cesc or Nasri aren’t there we may have a better indication of whats happening?

  9. goonerkitt

    I have officially given up hope of us making any significant purchases, barring any parcels of land. Gambon is right Arsenal are dying. Death by a thousand cuts. Still on a brighter note I saw somebody from the Arsenal buying up some old garages in a North London property auction with the view to converting them into a caravan site for travellers. Low cost upkeep(they only need to supply water and electric) and the tenants pay their rent in cash. Also they have a ready made tarmaccing team on call and can diversify into the lucrative scrap metal industry. Just recently we have had a lot of metal drain covers go missing in the Romford area and its has Arsenal Holdings Scrap metal divisions sticky hands all over it. Long live the conglomerate!
    Bunch of cuntbuckets

  10. Baafuor from Ghana

    Pedro,there is no need for an approval rating on Wenger.He just needs to be sacked,period!

  11. gooner-pak

    at the end of this season statement was “it’ll be busy summer”.
    now it is “we’ll act toward end of Jul and start of Aug”
    last few weeks “we’re still active in the market”
    by the time deadline comes it’ll be “No more signing” – as if there were pwwwfffff

  12. bade the gooner (bernard)

    well, good morning,
    great great post pedders, those informative ones can be very handy somtimes….
    in first glance i thought our standinf actually better than i suspected, but when we are 4th from the bottom, and bearing in mind there are 3 other teams that were relegated, i feel we are in the lowest possible standing…..
    onto arse-wish-fool-thinker positioning, i think it is far better than what expected…..
    mind you’ those rating should reflect the gap between the expectations and the final product, and this wise i believe we were the poorer of all teams. don’t forget in some part of the season we were the only team fighting for all 4 trophies with great position in them all, we had our manager stating boldly somewhere around mid-february we actually can win’em all, so the fall from the highs of expectations that our own dear – 4th is a trophy – manager fulled himself, to the lows of the stinky reality we live in, must’ve given arse-wanker the bottom spot. i’m actually positivly surprised he did better than that

  13. uzerschik

    gambon has neither class nor style and is always right. We need someone like that to replace Arsene. AW out a proper cunt in!

  14. Larry kamvy

    Pre-season starts tomorrow……Cesc and nas are staying folks……don’t get carried away by the papers and “UNDERSTANDINGS”

  15. Evan

    DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM, i love how AKB’s are saying have faith in Wenger he will sign real quality and when it happens you will all look stupid.

    If thats true i will happily wear a shirt saying i’m a cunt, but for now that shirt is firmly tatooed on le boss and his minions.

  16. Larry kamvy

    Sabeel……..are you sure he’s having a medical coz if it’s true, then the curse of birmingham is well and trully exorcised!

  17. henry14

    The message that all the players are sending out about not being able to win anything with Arsenal and wanting to leave…….whilst 100% true……..it’s really really poor what with the 6.5% increase.

    Essentially if even our players are writing off the next 2/3 seasons then we are basically paying the highest ticket prices in Europe without a hope in hell of winning anything.

    Add to that the extra 6.5% they are asking this season and actually you have to ask yourself – “What exactly is the point?”

    Although i love the club and will always watch Arsenal games, paying £1500 for a ticket every season without actually having a hope in hell of any trophies just doesn’t make any logical sense at all.

  18. nuudles

    Yay for selling Clichy, he was really a significant liability in our defence last season!

    Now take Nasri with you for another £20m… He is so overrated, his stats are extremely poor, he had a good 3 month spell but the best players deliver consistently. How I wish we got VdVaart in last summer then we could easily have shipped Nasri. Sell him and please please DO NOT replace him with Downing, he is average and I would much rather give Vela a full season than spend money on Downing… Use the Nasri money and go get Mata/similar. We need quality!

  19. Larry kamvy

    Have faith gents………..FOR AARON RAMSEY AND JACK!The next paul scoles and roy kean combo……FACT

  20. henry14

    Clichy being sold is top news. He’s awful.

    However if he replaces him with Gibbs – it’ll get worse – Gibbs is even more of a defensive liability.

    If he goes out a buys a proper left back from the premier league then it’s a positive thing – Enrique, Baines – whoever to be honest.

  21. henry14

    Real Madrid is the perfect destination for Cesc for us.

    Take Benzema and Diarra and £10M and everyone is a winner.

  22. Larry kamvy

    The clich is gone! Thank fuck for that…..the man that started the whole birmingham debacle is gone……..We miss you cashley cole…..you were a legend…….could have been our captain too…..

  23. Zee

    Seriously nasri is a very good player, potentially world class but I can’t get past what he said IN FRONT OF THE FRENCH TV CAMERAS. “let’s see if united’s interest is concrete.” That is an absolute disgrace and undermines anything else he does for the club. He can fuck off, I’d be even clearer about it if i had any confidence that the manager wouldn’t replace him with a bucket of congolese putty.

  24. Evan

    Aaron and Jack are quality, when they get injured we can play Denilson and Song..can’t wait.

    Henry14 that would be a miracle, not guna happen tho 🙁

  25. jamie4741

    anyone seen the article in the mirror,might be bollox wenger ready to bid 12m Kenin Doyle/wolves wtf not really world class we require!

  26. TheBayingMob

    Although Clichy being turfed out is good news, you also have to think of the under current. He’s one of the French clique and he’s off to feast off City’s table. Samir gets to stay with AFC bitching about his wages. Wouldn’t you want out too? I’m sure most of the player unrest about wages falls into one category of jealousy abd boasting; Clichy will be straight on the phone giving it the Parisian version of “LOADSA MONEYY!!! HERE’S MY WAD, WHERE’S YOUUURRRRSSS!?”. I’d like to think it’s all a bit more intelligent than that, but we all know it isn’t. Still Arsene is busy on the phone, he’s probably phoning Tartar 15 times a day in the hope of another BJ!

  27. Larry kamvy

    Henry 14…….that’s a bloody brilliant idea…..if only arsen had the brainz and the ballz to try that….

  28. Big Dave

    Martin Samuel writes, what I have been banging on about for months, that this football can not attract the top players anymore due to the fact we do not win anything.

  29. bade the gooner (bernard)

    how it is not surprising the only two we were pleased with were jack & robin

    how familiar is that one of them will be leaving with in a space of a year or two

    how predicted, all the shite talk arse-wanker will be trying to fed us with…..

  30. bade the gooner (bernard)

    some say, think positive, then you’ll get positive outcome….

    well, ok, i’ll give it a go

    one positive thing about us finishing out of top 4 spot, is the unvealing of a brand-new trophy no one heard of, that we’ll be snatching through next season!

    mmmmm ….. i just can’t wait for the season with the new-trophy to kick-off already eh?

  31. Larry kamvy

    Thebayingmob, word is tartar gives a world class B, super super class BJ’S. I have a funny feeling that wenger will surprise us all!

  32. goonerkitt

    If we had players with enough skill, tenacity and a ‘die for the cause attitude’ coming up from the youth setup I would gladly sell Nasri and Clichy, but I fear we do not. We may promote Lansbury and Frimpong but although these players are good, they are not the answer yet. If we try to integrate these kids in with the dross we have at the moment then they will perform like said dross. Young players tend to raise their game when playing with top quality players and unfortunately they number too few. A sad and depressing truth Im afraid.
    We need a total overhaul from the very top down, but if we sack the manager there is no guarantee that the good times will return. Barring a few cup successes the mid 70’s to mid 80’s were bleak times in which we sold all our best players and replaced with shit.
    Having said that our fortunes picked up when GG brought a large batch of youth players into the squad. Could this actually be the way forward? Discuss.

  33. Baafuor from Ghana

    We should not get excited about Clichy leaving,because Wenger will not buy a replacement.He will do the usual i.e. give Gibbs and Traore the chance.

  34. gazzap

    I am shocked that we have done so little in over a month. Cesc will probably have to travel to China now with the squad. He must be gutted. I can see him being sent back half way through the tour. Wenger should just let Gazidis handle things from now. Why cant we just pay the price for Cahill and get the deal done instead of messing about trying to throw our cast offs into the deal?

  35. Larry kamvy

    Gonnerkit, that’s what barca have been doing for years now, priomoting the talented youth players into the first team…….look at jack, gibbs, afobe, frimpong…….with the right game time and mentality, theses players will be immence like tony, nigel, steve, merse, rocky once were for us back then.Oh i forgor HENRI LANSBURY…….the future is bright mate…

  36. Larry kamvy

    ZEE, those talks broke down because denilshite didn’t agree with what they were offering his lazy arse!

  37. Gillespie10

    At the end of the season my thoughts where ok the penny has finally dropped with arsene with him saying he will act quickly in the transfer market and get the deals done, so i was expecting at least 3 players in by now, so why has this not happened if the players in question we are going for is true why has it taken so long Gervinho supposed to have signed 3 weeks ago yet still has not happened, velez again whats taking so long and cahill these are not the world class players that everyone is in for so why has it not happened because arsene is doing the same shit he does every year trying to save the pennys which in the end will cost we all know and have read the players we have missed out on over the years and i’m afraid this is down to wenger we can blame Gazidas but we know arsene has the last word on everything maybe thats where the problem lies, take the power away and let him just manage he clearly does not know where to streghne anymore so bting in someone who does and if he doesnt like it let him walk i really couldnt care anymore, as for Clichy Good F**K OFF wants to go and win things well learn how to defend and maybe you will, within a year man city will sign another left back after they see how bad yoy are, Nasri wants to win things well maybe if you turned up for the second half of the season we may have as for Cesc just F**k OFF as well its clear you dont wanna so lets get someone who does

  38. emiratesstroller

    Personally I believe that there are a host of issues which need to be addressed.

    1. The club has a major shareholder who does not appear to be very proactive in revitalising club.

    2. We have a Board of Directors who are patently well past their
    sell by date.

    3. A Manager who reacts too slowly to the decline of the team and shows no ambition to ‘improve’ it by making significant changes at
    right time with proper forward planning.

    4. A group of coaches who have been too long in job and appear to
    be’ yes ‘ men rather than providing some input and addressing
    weaknesses in our tactical play.

    5. A policy which appears to pay too little to the stars of the team when compared to the likes of Chelsea,Manchester City & Utd, but
    too much to the ‘average’ players. The upshot is that our top players are being constantly targeted by other clubs and media and
    the players we would like to offload are too expensive both in transfer and wage markets.

    The consequence is that Arsenal are becoming fast a ‘sleeping’ giant who are no longer punching their weight and act as though they are still living in the world of ‘gentlemen’s clubs’.

    There is much to be admired by the club, but the level of complacency is overwhelming and it needs an urgent kick up the backside.

  39. OPG

    So it begins the battle for middle.. nevermind good luck to Gael anyway, in hindsight if only we kept Cole he would have stayed a while. Bendtner will probably go for a lower fee now and Denilson is apparently considering offers. Almunia is currently being considered for a swap deal for Inanimate carbon rod.

  40. goonerkitt

    Larry, the thing with Barca is that they supplement their talented kids with expensive superstar players. If we had brought through Messi, Wenger would play him in defence with Sqillaci. All the love I had for Wenger is draining away fast. Its like watching your favourite uncle suffer from Alzheimers. First he cannot find his keys, then he buys Sqillaci and sells his best players. Before too long we will see him throwing a wobbly on the touchline, in his pyjamas asking what year it is, convinced it is still 2004 calling for one of the invincibles to get him a sandwich because its friday and that is his favourite colour.

  41. Yandi

    Morning all

    Im as dissatisfied with the club and the players as the next supporter, but I think the vitriol aimed at them these days is a bit over the top. It all stems from people taking all the gossip as gospel just because its been branded about so much in the last few weeks. How do we then use all these unfounded stories, with no direct quotes from the parties concerned, as a stick to beat the club with? Weren’t we supposed to accept a £35m bid a week ago? Wasn’t Nasri supposed to be in Manchester already? I can’t deny that some of the better players in the camp aren’t happy, and they have every reason to be after the last few years.

    And where does this “money grabbing whore” label on Nasri come from?? He’s never disrespected Arsenal (or sounded like a mercenary) in any interview I’ve ever seen with him. He’s 24, and his next signature will more likely commit him in his peak years to a club. He has every right to stall on a contract, especially at Arsenal. Can anyone give a non-sentimental reason why he should sign? There are many clubs in Europe who’ve got a lot more going for them (trophies, ambition, money) than Arsenal these days. I didn’t see people label Vieira a mercenary when he wanted more money, and ambition from the club, and entertained at move to United in 2001 (with direct quotes).

    Don’t fool yourself into thinking we can afford to lose both Cesc and Nasri, and then still challenge for the big trophies next season. Cesc commiting to the club, and Nasri signing a new contract are the biggest signings we could make right now.

  42. Arse&Nose©

    The Fat Ponce must go, keeping him would show that we are a small club. Get him out and get someone in with character.

  43. Larry kamvy

    dARREN DEIN IS A PRIZE CUNT………could he be a manc in disguise? why is he the agent of many of our players?

    Theo to chelsea?LOL! Get the fuck out of here……..

  44. lamia1

    The Mirror reports that we are lining up a £12m bid for Kevin Doyle. Is this the silly season or what. I can’t believe this is remotely true but if we have EVEN made an enquiry, then that’s it, any pretence we are a club with ambitions should be consigned to bin. Someone please call a taxi for Wenger.

  45. nuudles

    The thing is we dont need a quantum leap. For the next week it would be amazing if we could get Cahill & Enrique.They will both be definite first team players so if they join before the end of the week then they can easily go with the rest of the team on the tour.

    We have enough attacking/midfield players to be able to bed in whoever we sign over time. Obviously signing someone earlier would be good but its not as crucial as integrating Cahill & Enrique into the defence.

    The tour would give us a perfect opportunity to try different things in attack and give players like Ramsey, Lansbury, Frimpong, Vela & Miyachi a shot. I would also play Theo or Gervinho up front as the lone striker, and I would play Arshavin a LOT to whip him into shape.

    In defence we should play our main back 4 or potentially use Sagna sparingly and give Eboue/Jenkinson a shot there.

    Bottom line: dont worry too much about the attacking options but it is vital to get Cahill & Enrique in as soon as possible!

  46. Big Dave

    DD Is only doing his job, just like you would or I.

    It is the club who who instruct the deal to go ahead, he is just their agent acting on behalf of them.

    Arsenal last yr were trying to flog him to Spain

  47. Maverick

    @Larry Kamvy, Read the book “Rebels for a cause” by Jon Spurling.

    Frankly, we are still in the same boat as last season. If we can add a couple of signings quickly, which doesn’t seem to be happening, then things might turn.
    Fans are more important than balancing the books.
    Is there any way we can find out what a club did in the transfer market once the window closes? Would be good fun to read and the club can’t keep giving BS about their dealings.

  48. Larry kamvy

    ARSE&NOSE, the fat ponce is world class……..just like zizou was at that age……no end product yet, but the class is there for all to see…..this guy at 27 will be one of the best in the world.

    We should pay him something close to what he wants, if he refuses, then sell him to the highest bidder outside the premiership!

  49. nuudles

    I am in no way positive about our summer, but remember that 95%+ of what you read in the papers is made up rubbish. Wish the silly season was over and all the dealings was done as I hate the speculation & not knowing…

  50. Big Dave


    Get used to it mate, these kind of players will be linked to us for yrs to come from now on. We can’t attract the top players anymore, those days are gone, we are not a pulling power anymore.

  51. Zee

    Wenger must be busy at the moment signing world class footballers. He couldnt help me the other day when I went to see him when my car wouldn’t stop. I needed a super super world class mental strength handbrake.

  52. Arselona

    Wenger 14th ? I am suprised he is that high.He doesnt manage and he doesnt coach. What does he do ?
    Out he goes.

  53. Arse&Nose©

    Larry, he is not world class.
    He is a choker, a coward he has always disappeared on the big stage.

    To be a great player you need character, and Nasri doesn’t have that. He is obsessed with bling and partying. Look to Cesc if you want an example of world class, and Cesc is the same age!

  54. Larry kamvy

    Maverick, i agree with youi mate, but let’s not jump the gun just yet…..the signings will be announced soon, it’s just the usual wenger tactic of making us infuriatingly upset and then BAM……..john o’shea will be presented to us on the propaganda site……imagine…a manc on our site…..in our jersey…….AGAIN

  55. emiratesstroller

    Leave aside the quotes from media, but look at what most fans do

    1. The club imploded last season with just three victories including a replay against Orient in last 15 games of season. This was not down to youth of team, but mental toughness and inadequacies of our squad. This has been symptomatic of team for several seasons.

    2. Wenger reacts far too slowly to situations not least this season.
    We had 4 centre backs on our books. Vermaelen got injured and it
    was obvious very early on that Squillaci was bad acquisition. Yet
    Wenger did not react.

    3. Similarly Wenger has known for several seasons that we were poor in goalkeeping position. Yet he did nothing to resolve it even refusing to go extra mile to acquire Schwarzer as a stop gap measure whilst he waited for Szczesny the only decent prospect to

    4. He continues to acquire average and/or unproven players rather
    than top players who might make a real difference. Arsenal are not
    short of average players as are most other clubs including Chelsea,
    Man City and Utd, but the difference is that they can and will buy
    top players as and when required.

    5. Wenger should have known long before last season that his team and the style of football they were playing was not capable of
    producing results and trophies. Yet he has resisted making changes.

  56. HumAnimal

    Arsenal starting XI next year. Official.

    Sagna Kos Verm Gibbs
    ——Jacko Song
    Walcott Ramsey Shava

    Sorry Guys

  57. Larry kamvy

    Arse&nose, cesc is a serial choker aswell……and he is mentally fragile like hell……his body language stinks………jerks off to catalan porn..hehe and to make matters worse, he can’t even man up and honor his contract and fight for the arsenal cause.

    That my friends is the pedigree of player we have at our club.Winning is not a given……you have to fight and struggle to win, sweat and bust a gut for a hundred and twenty mins, not just give up and move clubs, thats why 98 felt so good, because we had fought together for many years and finally TONY lifted the title…

    This team MUST stick together…..

  58. Larry kamvy

    We need a signing like sol campbell all those years ago……..A ROCKSTAR DEFENDER……..CHIELINNI?

  59. nuudles

    Hum, so you say we are going to be selling Clichy, Nasri AND Cesc and not bring in even one player who can play first team? Wenger is incompetent but not that bad (I hope)

  60. Larry kamvy

    If eboue rediscovered his old form, would you keep him? over to you gents coz i would!

    Before he became a clown, he was the best right back in the world!

  61. Wavy

    Interesting post. So we’re 16th in the satisfaction league, verydisappointing. However, that will be our final position in the EPL next season, unless there is a dramatic turn of events and players coming in are as good as the players going out.

    And then what? Season 2012-2013 – I feel a Brian Clough season coming on! Relegation! Unthinkable? Not so all clubs are vulnerable especially when all there besr players have fled the nest!

    Hope I’m wrong, but if the club can’t hang on to its stars then the writing is on the wall

    Surveys of this trpe and size usually reflect the truth!

  62. tiarnan

    This is the actual equation for the…..

    Self Sustaining Model =

    Steal players from Barcelonas acadmey + Cash from stupidly loyal fans – MINUS the exorbitant wages spent on duds like Denilson, Bendtner, Almunia etc = 7th place

    But at least there’s NO risk.

    This “self sustaining model” can run forever and ever, just as long as we keep stealing players from Barcelona’s youth theam and the fans are stupid enough to keep spending their hard earned cash on the follies of the most OVER RATED manager in the history of the game.

    Judge me in May – its July youre a cunt.

  63. Larry kamvy

    Pedro cummon, that season 05/06, he was and you know it.Attackers and DEFENDERS couldn’t live with him……but he regressed and has never been the same…..his crossing was top class aswell!

  64. Arse&Nose©

    Larry, when cesc plays shit he can still set up a couple of goals.

    When Nasri plays shit he is invisible, which is a mean task for a fat ponce like him.

  65. nuudles

    Watched Brazil v Venezuela last night. Thiago Silva is class, Milan got him for only 10m Euros back in 2008, would love a CB like him. That big Venezuelan CB (Vizcarrondo) had a good game too, he is 27, 1.91m (6ft3), looks decent.

  66. Santos

    Don’t compare Nasri to my all time favourite Zizou! Zizou was the man for the big stage, Nasri isn’t . But I think a better manager would get the best qualities out of him.

  67. Larry kamvy

    Could eboue actually be 35 years of age…….that’s the only possible explanation for his ridiculous regression!

  68. Skandibird

    I know Nasri may or may not have ‘flirted’ with other clubs, via representatives/agents or whatever, but, reality is, he publicly stated on Twitter that no-one should believe what the papers or any media writes, but that he will advice any news if and when there are any. Example, the so called exclusive personal interview with Christiano Roanldo in the Sunday Mirror yesterday, he personally and publicly denied having given via twitter later that day. So, until a player or his club speaks I personally will not believe anything I hear (via gossip), read in the newspapers, hear on the radio or see on SSN. Otherwise, probably not alone in this, I’ll end up totally insane and may end up in psychiatric ward somewhere screaming obscenities (nothing new there then).

  69. nuudles

    Very true A&N, Cesc was never really on form this season and his stats are almost twice as good as Nasri’s in terms of minutes per assist/goal.

    I would take an out of form Cesc over an in form Nasri. Add to that that Cesc has class and respects the club. Yes he could have done/said more but he never came out and made some of Nasri’s rediculous statements.

  70. bade the gooner (bernard)




    now things really hotting up

  71. Larry kamvy

    Arse&nose, when cesc is playing shit he backheels the ball straight to his barca BFF’ERS and cums in his pants when they score from it!

    Arse&nose, they are both leaving anyway…..lol……LETS TALK ABOUT ALVAREZ AND HOW HE IS THE SECOND CUMMING OF KAKA

  72. gambon

    Arsene Wenger has totally destroyed this club.

    This week will be the big sell off that seals his fate. I expect the fans to turn on him in a big way next season.

    You will probably see certain fans singing the song that the UTD fans usually sing, you cant say he hasnt brought it on himself.

  73. Yandi

    I can’t believe people are actually advocating selling more of our best players (Cesc and Nasri), because they’re supposedly “not commited” and not willing to wait for Denilson and Eboue to improve. Well, then get them to fucking commit by showing some fucking ambition, because at the end of the day, thats what the best players want to see!! In 07/08, our team was

    ———-Almunia, Sagna, Gallas, Toure/Senderos, Clichy
    Hleb, Flamini/Diarra/Gilberto, Cesc, Rosicky
    ——-RVP/Eduardo, Adebayor.

    Out of that 15, only 5 remain, and we’re contemplating selling the others now. That was 4 years ago!! Do people not see what’s killing us…? Its the fucking instability in the team each year!! “Sell Cesc and Nasri, Buy Mata!!”, and what then next year this time when RVP won’t sign because of another trophyless campaign? “Lets Sell RVP, Buy X and X”!? Like last year (“Sell Gallas, Sell Adebayor, buy X and X”), and the year before that….etc. And we’ve only gotten worse off for it.

    Give me a fucking break!! Last time I checked, we weren’t good enough with Nasri and Cesc last season. Aren’t we supposed to be looking to suppliment their quality by adding on top of theirs…. Instead of chopping and changing everytime and constantly trying to fucking replace!!

    For Fuck’s Sake.

  74. HumAnimal

    Nuudles i dont want to believe he is that incompetent either.
    bt wenger never ceases to amaze me. all im saying is that i wouldn be surprised if that was the squad. and id prefer that squad to some of the people were linked with… John o’shea, Gervinho and some of the others were linked with

  75. Kapslock

    lol are you idiots even comparing Nasri to Zidane. Zidane was one of the greatest ever and oozed class. Nasri just oozes being a big time bottler.

  76. Marko

    I think if both Nasri and Cesc leave moves for Gotze and Douglas Costa are a must for me it’d change the dynamic of how we play and probably for the better.

  77. Evan

    Wenger is going/gone to South America unknown signings expected. Things could always be worse, it’s not like we are being linked to O’shea, Doyle… hold on

  78. Big Dave

    Don’t just think it is Wenger is totally at fault, altho he is largly to blame, but the board should also come into a lot of blame as well

  79. bade the gooner (bernard)

    NO! i’m not, he is selling. maybe didn’t complete a deal yet, but it’s on the way…..

    now i reckon our pre-season would turn into a drama zone….

  80. Zee

    Skandi. He said on canal plus let’s see of united’s interest is concrete. He said this last month just before france played in poland. That is fundamentally unacceptable. You cannot publicly state you’re interested in hearing from a rival club. It’s disloyal, unprofessional and incredibly disrespectful. You can’t dress it up any other way.

  81. Larry kamvy

    Santos, i would worry about losing rvp than losing cesc! That catalan bottler can leave as far as i am concerned………to think we sold vieira for this cunt……

  82. Marko

    I’d say it’s more we’ve got some shite negotiators at the club I mean just some lazy wanker is doing our negotiating it seems.

  83. HumAnimal

    If cesc leaves which i dont really want but i know it will happen we should sign Toni Kroos or Arteta we need to sign some quick trickster as well someone in the Overmars/ Henry mould

  84. Kapslock

    probably for the better.

    Larry kamvy says:
    July 4, 2011 at 10:49
    KAPSLOCK, how good was zidane when he was 23?


    Went to Juve at 24 and won the Seria A in his first year and then retained it in the next.

  85. Larry kamvy

    Arse&nose, now i know he is a fat ponce…lol…. but that doesn’t hide that FACT that this guy has the talent and class to be trully phenominal when he peaks! I say we pay him what he wants and get on with it….

  86. Goonerpower

    Gambon. No Arsenal will sing that fucking song, if they do then yhey really should fuck off and support the Spud cunts. As bringing on himself, that’s fucking retarded……..

  87. Larry kamvy

    Don’t lie Kapslock, that was later when he was 26 or 27 mate.Check it out on wikki!

    Nasri will win the title with us next season…….

  88. Pedro

    Samir Nasri could be world class, he was for the first 3 months of last year… consistency is what makes you one of the best… and he’s right, trophies cement your reputation.

  89. Kapslock

    Larry kamvy says:
    July 4, 2011 at 10:58
    Don’t lie Kapslock, that was later when he was 26 or 27 mate.Check it out on wikki!

    Nasri will win the title with us next season…….


    Born June 1972 – moved to Juventus in 1996. Do the maths mate

  90. henry14

    Valbuena. Hopefully there is no truth in that.

    The guy is 5ft 5, french and from league 1.

    He’s a midget.

    Wenger wet dream.

    Seriously – what a fucking joke.

  91. henry14

    Alvarez – i’m pleased Inter have got him.

    Honestly what a punt that would have been from us. Hardly any game time, injury’s not highly rated in Argentina………….and if he was replacing Cesc as was mooted then i would have been devestated.

  92. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!

    Gambon –

    In all likelyhood the first sounds of discontent, after the ire directed towards the players, will be towards the board.

    Faced with the prospect of saying a bad word about Arsene or slagging off the board, 50% of the fans will go straight to Go and collect 200.

  93. Evan

    The Marseille boss told La Provence of the stories relating to Mathieu Valbuena Arsenal: “That is just rumours.

    “For the two years I have been here, no concrete offer has ever arrived. That doesn’t mean Mathieu is not a player of great value.

    Wenger wet dream indeed

  94. henry14

    The problem we are going to have is that Cesc isn’t replaceable.

    There isn’t another player that can do what he does, the whole barca system is built around Xavi – let’s face it.

    Wenger tried to re-create this with Cesc but it’s failed because we don’t have the 3 best players in the world in our system.

  95. Paul King

    So we finished 4th in the Premier League, but 16th in the satisfaction of fan base table…..Pedro, did your source reveal where the Chav’s fans were placed after finishing runners ups??

  96. gambon


    I wasnt overly keen on Alvarez, but fuck me, the way things are going we will have a midfield of Wilshere, Frimpong & Jebb, with Miyaichi & Freeman wide.

    What the fuck is Wenger doing?

  97. Arse&Nose©

    Nasri thinks he can win trophies by playing well for 3 months,scoring a few goals against rubbish teams. Grow up Nasri!

    Winning trophies is not a right, its a privilege that needs to be earned !

  98. henry14

    In fairness – Nasri has a very similiar style to that Chilean player that everyone is raving about.

    Similiar build, quick with skill.

    As i said the other day, i think Nasri is good, but i wouldn’t be suprised if he signs a huge contract and regress’s next season at Arsenal.

    At Utd, Chelsea, City, Inter etc.. he will mature as a player within a year and be a much better and more consistant footballer as much as it hurts me to say.

    At Arsenal under Wenger and the current set up, you just can’t see him maturing as a player – he’ll never develop the mental aspect, winning attitude, hard work, commitment etc..etc..

    The clubs completely not set up for that at the moment.

    Serial losers, second place is OK for 20 years, lot’s of money for no trophies, colney cresh.

    It’s disgusting.

  99. dublin gunner!!!

    you guys may already know this but there is strong reports in ireland linking us with kevin doyle. i rate him. he has donr great with wolves up front on his an i think him a rvp would be savage up front. wat do u guys think if this was to happen?

  100. henry14

    Gambon, i’m working on the basis that he’ll have to sign someone, so hopefully now the argie is off the market, it’ll be someone a bit more serious.

  101. HumAnimal

    We cant expect Sami to carry the team by himself, it was a capitulation from the whole squad that cost us. Players like sami play at there best when every1 is clicking. Samir is too young for that kind of responsibility same thing with cesc. Stop calling sami a bottler… remember WBA at Emirates? he has the spirit to be a great player in a few years time but the whole squad needs to step up and play well together.

    Our starting 11 is top quality but they need competition to keep their legs fresh and their spirits competitive. the squad failed last season and thats no fault of the players but of Arsene by not having a deep enough squad.

    The only reason cesc and Nasri rushed back from injuries is cos they felt that without them the team was fucked. if you ask me thats too much pressure for a men of their age. and its wengers fault for havng too much faith in his squad.

  102. Walking Wounded

    Wenger’s reactive stance to transfers has really got me angry.

    Him saying, no one is buying, so we will wait, is scandalous.

    Arsene’s Arsenal is all about balance books.

    We can’t spend more on transfers then we receive.

    We can’t bring a player in without one leaving.

    Nasri can only get the money he wants if Cesc’s salary comes back into the coffers.

    When Cesc is sold, we will then start negotiations to replace him, but by that stage only Kevin Doyle will be available. Ridiculous.

    As Cesc missed half of last season, why don’t we take a risk and get the replacment in before he is sold, then if Barcelona don’t stump up the money then we have an influential back up, so Cesc can be rested/recover. If Cesc is sold, then the selling team would not have had the heads-up that we have £40 mill in the bank and over inflate the price.


  103. henry14

    HumAnimal – i can tell you now that Nasri didn’t carry the team at all last season.

    If anyone carried us it was Van P in the last 3 months of the season.

    Without the goals he scored, we wouldn’t have got Champions League.

  104. OPG

    I don’t even see a point in signing Alvarez its not even ambitious, he may be talented but he’s unproven and not played much in recent years.
    Unless Rosicky is wrong when he said he was told to stay then I don’t see how you can have him replace 2 more proven PL experienced players..

  105. gambon


    I really dont think he will be signing anyone of significance this summer.

    He was looking to bring some class in, heard the prices that were being quoted and retreated back into his shell to scout for French/African 16 year olds.

    He is an utter fucking mentalist.

    I can tell you exactly what will happen. He will sign a few kids, sell off some of our good players, keep the dross, and we will have a shocking season.

    At the end Arsene will walk because he will be hated at the Emirates.