Alvarez shirks physicality and can’t last 90minutes… | Ivorian signs today | 2 of the best to leave?

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Rome isn’t just burning… it’s just been hit by a nuclear bomb.

Well, that’s how it’s felt over the past couple of days. Online chatter is desperate, it’s angry and it’s quite sad our club has put us in this all too familiar position during the summer again.

We have to sit idly by why the ramifications of 5 years of behaving like we’re skint take effect. Here are some things I’ve learnt about football and Arsenal this year.

1) Project Youth is up in smoke, it’s clear that if you lure young mercenaries into the club and teach them that disloyalty and pound notes are all that matter at an early age… chances are, you’ll get your fingers burnt when a bigger richer club offers them more money.

2) Loyalty doesn’t exist. Wenger had a dream that if he grew a team of young players, they’d love the club and never want to leave even for greater riches and more trophies. Wrong again, Wenger is a dreamer and very idealistic one at that. This comes back to the pound notes again. If someone is willing to betray their home club at 16, who in their right mind expects them to change at 23? It’s like people who start a relationship out of an affair and wonder how they ended up in the same situation…

3) Players like to play with great players. This is a simple lesson we’ve preached for the full 5 years we’ve been posting on Le Grove and a lesson that has been ignored time and time again. We sold Thierry, we never replaced him. We sold Vieira, we never replaced him. We shipped out Lehmann, we still haven’t replaced him. If you hemorrhage all your talent and never replace it, you’ll never win trophies. Great players don’t want to play with kids. Thierry leaving the club he loved should have set alarm bells ringing. He was tired of playing with kids that lacked a champions mentality.

So… with all the above points being ignored, we’re in the situation we’re in right now. Two of our best players wanting out of our club. Does any other team have this many problems?

Fans will sit there posting comments like, ‘if players want to leave, f*ck em’, that’s all well and good, but it’s not really productive. It’s not really the truth is it? We all know players don’t give a crap about the shirt, doesn’t mean we’re ok with the best ones leaving. I’m not a fan of Nasri, he’s good for three months but when it comes to the crunch… he’s not really up for it is he? Doesn’t mean he’s not talented, doesn’t mean I want him to go.

Cold hard facts that us Gooner’s are finding hard to swallow are that Manchester City are a better team than us and they’re showing us more ambition. The self sustaining model might matter on a moral level, but even that message is diluted when you’ve got two of the richest men in the world as key shareholders in your club. Do the players care about our business model? Perhaps if we were showing ambition with the money we have things would be different? Perhaps if a signing wasn’t always a response to a loss, Nasri would be signed up now?

Cesc is a different kettle of fish. Now, I work in marketing. Geoff also works in marketing. We have spoken. We have decided that selling one of your star players is disastrous from a marketing perspective, but to sell two would be verging on a squad crisis. Ivan is a marketing man. I’m sure he realises this. If he doesn’t, I’d imagine, Tom ‘the doss’ Fox will. That’s why I can’t see both leaving. F*ck Cesc and how he feels about this, Arsenal have to make a statement to the fans who’ve been spanked with a 6.5% price hike in their season tickets, they have to make a statement to all our spoilt players and we have to make a statement to the bully boys of world football.

Arsenal are not for sale.

Unless the price is right….

The key thing to note is that neither player has left yet, I just wish the club would make a statement, because right now I feel worse than I do when I lose a Nando’s loyalty card right before you’re about to land a free whole chicken.

Gervinho looks likely to sign today, just like he looked likely to sign two weeks ago. Good news is that he’s here to win trophies, not just take advantage of London’s super shopping facilities.

“I chose Arsenal because it’s a young group within which I will be able to integrate easily. I could develop more over there. There’s only a few details left to sort out.

“A risk? Not at all. I’m going to Arsenal to play. The best risk to take is to look to score goals and to play a lot.

“In football you have to take risks if you want to win. I’m going to Arsenal to win.”

Good stuff Gerv… looking forward to seeing what you’re all about!

Gael Clichy is on his way out to Manchester City. Good luck to him. In fact, good luck to City. If you can get more out of him than we did, bravo. Deep down, we know there is a beautiful left back looking to break out. My worry is that the defenders we’re letting go aren’t bad players, they’re just not prepared properly. Kolo was at the centre of a pretty mean defence last year that conceded 10 less goals than us. Pound for pound, are City’s defenders better footballers than ours? I’d argue no… which begs the question eh?

I read Denilson’s pathetic agent has said his client will be starting preseason with Arsenal. Shocking if true. He should be loaned out to whoever will take him. If no one will take him, he should be told to train with the reserves. His petulant outburst should be punished, he should never be let near our first team again. If he’s given a way back in, it’ll be yet another example of a soft Arsene Wenger letting the kids do what they like.

In other news, one of my Grover chums (@S_Croyance) on twitter forwarded me this podcast that speaks of Alvaraez, here is the summary…

‘ Move to 44min 20sec, very interesting, resounding verdict, he isn’t a player for 90mins, not quick, super sub at best. Crucial comment from the lady, she says he was avoiding contact with players, if true EPL will not be for him. Based on this we may have a Silvestre/Bischoff/Eduardo rolled into one. In theory talented, over injury, mental blocks. The new Cesc? No way!’

Make of the podcast what you will, it’s not my opinion… my 9 minutes of YouTube don’t qualify me to be a scout like they do YouGile Grimantube. It’s in interesting conversation, the last person to question the stamina of a player was Arsene at Euro 2008 when he posed the question about Andrey… In retrospect, Arsene knew!

Finally, as it’s Friday and we’ve STILL not shifted on any of our dross, I’m going to need to call on the creative powers of you guys! Maybe our approach of talking negatively about the poor players in our squad is having poor effect on club Chairman. I mean, anyone looking at the comments of the Arsenal blogs when researching Nik B is not going to come away enlightened. So, today, the focus of my energy is going to be on Nik B. I want everyone to contribute three nice comments about our star Danish striker so I can knock something together that will help speed up the sale of Denmark’s greatest export. I’ll get the ball rolling…

  • Nik B is incredible at tight control with his right foot in important games
  • His dancing moves are so hot, his belt will disobey him outside night clubs
  • His confidence inspired Tony Robbins to start his self-help books
I’ll collate the best attributes and I’ll show you my findings on Monday!

P.S. A massive thanks to all the people who visited last month… we had our best ever month visit wise, double what we had last June and about 120,000 more visits than our best ever month. Thanks for making sure that if we ever did turn this Arsenal blog into a business model, we’d be the most sustainable business model in town!

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  1. zeus

    And that is why Aguero is a star. Any team would be better with him in it.

    Argentina 1-1 Bolivia.

    Messi underwhelming again.

  2. kwik fit

    Lurch this final request iis for the man who is le grove A song fpr our generation
    I give it to you That That!

  3. zeus

    Had no idea it was disco nite on LG…..

    No idea of 1/2 the artistes posted. I will give thematic listen though….

  4. Jim

    Bendtner is like a new signing to Arsenal. Surely he can be the new signing to you.

    Pedro: 1.056 responses on this thread already. How do you get to my Bendtner entry?

  5. OPG

    Ah tommorow is the usual Sunday transfer BS, at least Murray lost and hopefully Sharapova wins later today and Novak on Sunday.
    Hopefully its a positive week next week but I doubt it the media are enjoying themselves, the club need to make some positive news and show some intent.

  6. OPG

    I doubt he wants out NOW but he won’t sign until we match his ambition (obviously) he’s 28 in a months time.

  7. big ernie

    2 things :

    1) Why post all the youtube stuff ? this is a football site not a music site …. Victor Meldrew moment over now :0) …….

    2) That article you posted made the most sense of any Arsenal related forum I have read for a long time !! well done Fella ….. We all know that we are stuffed. He won’t buy the quality we need, we will loose the decent players we have got (the ones who work with AW every day, so know from the inside that we are going nowhere) and we can’t offload the crap he’s spent the last 3 years trying to “let them reach their potential” cause they don’t have it ……

    In May my neighbour a life long City supporter held a party in his back garden for the FA Cup Final, you could hear the cheers halfway down the street and I thought to myself, That was me about 10 years ago ……… oh how I miss those times !!

    All we currently have is a very faint hope of ever repeating those days and with each year, that hope / light dims a bit more, until it goes out and we become a clone of that team up the road, who can’t even procure a free stadium …..

    Solution :

    Current board to go, AW upstairs or off to PSG, Dien back in, Usmanov taking over and putting his hand in his pocket and Arsenal becoming the most successful club in the world …… That’ll do for starters ………

  8. Rhyle

    Confession time – I love Wenger and am grateful to him for the best 10 – 15 year period in terms of football in the whole of my life. BUT. He’s not a coach – he’s an economist / administrator. He applies his beliefs to his coaching staff and let’s ’em get on with it. This is not a man we need on the bench but in the boardroom.

    Wenger up or Wenger out – let’s get in someone with ambition and who’ll help us attract and retain the best players. The image of Arsenal in the press and with players in the EPL / big leagues is that Arsene’s Arsenal is a failed project. What’s next?

    Enough bullshit – let’s move forward before we get left behind.

    As for FFP – looks fine (and even a little dandy) on paper, but let’s face it…the moment FIFA / UEFA start banning the big boys and fining people is the moment the big boys start putting their heads together about spinning out and forming an organisation / European super league of their own…MEANINGLESS PAPER RULES.

    One of the main reasons for clubs wanting to do this at the moment (and we’re key proponents of this) is that teams are sick of their “assets” being allowed to be shipped off for a friendly game halfway across the world, get injured and then a minuscule amount being levied against the relevent FA.

    Anyhoo…wanted to make a couple of little points and it’s turned into a bit of a rant…sorry for that…