Arsenal’s Cesc debacle is getting boring, Nasri is staying, how do I know? The Kit…

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Talking of which I have to say I love the new away kit, about time, something I can wear! I really like it, it has no redcurrent. And yes, it’s all about me!!!




Thing is with Arsenal they are so tight, they never want to have players model it that are destined to leave, I haven’t seen our captain in any of the new kits but I have seen Nasri and the one of Vermaelen says to me that he will be next seasons Captain, I am now officially an KKB, the Kit Knows Best!




The continual Cesc debacle is really becoming boring, when Wenger was crowing about Cesc signing a long term contract, and Gazidas was telling us last year how important it was to tie all our best players to long term contracts I wrote a post saying they aren’t worth the paper they are written on, so am I right?

Damn right I was, if cesc has a 4 year contract then he’s staying, if we shift him out because Barca have decided they want him, then we should do it on our terms.

Here’s what I would do. We asked for £60mil, they laughingly offered £27mil. Ok, we should now say if you sign Cesc with Xabi and Iniesta in the team, he will be the cover for Xabi, therefore you don’t need Alcantara, so we’ll take him plus £25mil, but we want the cash, now and not when you feel like it, now.

Do that and he’s yours, don’t and he will stay, in the reserves if need be, but without the armband, he has disrespected that and he should lose it.

Failing that, transfer list him and sell him to the highest bidder, he may not like it but I don’t like what he’s been doing, and I sure as hell don’t like what they have been doing and frankly his feelings are unimportant to me and my beloved Arsenal.

Arsenal it’s time to stand up and act like men, we aren’t Barcas bitches, so we shouldn’t act like we are. Cesc for me is either injury prone or he just doesn’t fancy it any more. Either way it’s time to close this sorry chapter.

Sign Mata as well and we have the whole midfield covered, give the Cesc role to Nasri, I think we’d play better, faster football that way. I would stick him on Ebay but Talkshite already did that and I would hate to upset anyone by doing that again.

I have this problem if current or ex players slag off my team, Denilson did that, so for me as someone on the payroll he should be dissed, the way Pedro did that yeserday was funny, well at least I thought it was, if people thought that brought down the tone of the blog, they should take that up with the one who started it, Denilson. Pedro was upset that some thought it wasn’t very nice to Denilson, he has called him and they are now going to become flatmates. I’m putting the flat on Ebay. Anyway, that was yesterday, today is well today, so we’ll move on (See the final bid here and the Q&A here).

Nina has gone on the attack, good for her, but if she felt that way then she should have sold her shares to Usmanov, not Kroenke.

We need to sign Cahill and Samba, Mata, Alcantara, Benzema and Gervinho or Hazard, but I can’t see it, and for me I don’t know enough about Gervinho to offer a proper opinion, the rest I do though and as our main problem lies at the back, pay what we need to and let’s get on with pre-season, £30mil for a fantastic defence is nothing, the Mancs just spent £20mil on a kid and look what City spent on defenders last season.

Stop being so mean with our money Arsene, it costs us, if you want to save money, stop give players extended contracts they walk out on.

Time to try Vermaelen as our new DM, him or Kozzer, either would be an improvement and speed up our passage of play, if we bought Cahill and Samba we would have CB and DM options coming out of our earholes.

Time to get rid of the deadwood, time to sort out cesc once and for all and time to win some silverware.

Start today Arsene, Cesc wants out, make it happen but if you don’t play hardball and make a deal for us, what final respect I have for you as a dealmaker will vanish.

Now I know Geoff from Le-Grove doesn’t feature high on your list of priorities, but it should, as I am an Arsenal fan and all who read this blog that are too, we can all see it, we are all hurting, you made a start with a decent away kit, finish the job and get us a team capable of cleaning up, any of the above would be good, all of the above would be great.

Have a top day grovers, let’s see what today brings us!

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639 Responses to “Arsenal’s Cesc debacle is getting boring, Nasri is staying, how do I know? The Kit…”

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  1. Lurch LeRouge

    hope he stays another season and gets booed and humiliated until he cries with his little wobbled head spiting tears like a lawnmower.

  2. Pat

    Its a bit worrying that Bolton were even worse than us on corners last season. Cahill isn’t really the dominant aerial defender we need.

  3. Pat

    9 – Only Xherdan Shaquiri (10) created more chances from open play at U-21 Euros than Juan Mata who also recorded most assists (2). Spark.

  4. Ricky

    Ha ha!!

    On that note im going to bed & hope to dream that denilson & diaby died after falling through a scummy drain on tottenham high street, just outside shitehart lane in broad daylight.

  5. Pat

    Only Everton (65%) hit the wall with a higher percentage of their direct free kicks in the 2010-11 Premier League than Arsenal (49%).

  6. incesc


    im no expert and dont like statistics

    but didnt cahill have the most headed clearances in the league last year? guess that means he can head the ball.

  7. Pat

    He may be a good header of the ball, but we need someone to take command on set pieces, and he doesn’t.

    That statistic could have been just heading long balls away, which isn’t really our problem.

  8. Pat

    Payet chooses Lille ahead of filthy rich PSG. Expect to see Gervinho soon if we’re still interested (cause I don’t think we’d get him AND Mata).

  9. Moray

    @Pat: “Only Everton (65%) hit the wall with a higher percentage of their direct free kicks in the 2010-11 Premier League than Arsenal (49%).”

    That’s funny, as VP always seemed to blast it wide or over…I wonder if anyone has his stats from free kicks over the last couple of seasons?

    Just a thought – if Denilson is on ebay, then perhaps we should place Eboue on craigslist?

  10. Moray

    It appears that Real are trying to beat – or have already trumped – the offer of Barca for Cesc. This will raise a few interesting moral and legal issues, especially if Cesc clings to the Barca-or-nothing gambit that his agent has mentioned,

    For instance, can a player break his contract because a team will not let him move to the club of his choice? Especially if there is a better offer on the table? 50 mill euros is much nearer the mark. We could even ask 25 mill and Benzema or Ozil. For me, that is the best way for us to recover something from this situation…

  11. gnarleygeorge9

    I see the fella who has had his father pay for everything in his whole life, Peter Hill-wood is still under fire from Lady Nina.

    Hill-wood sounds a bit like English tennis, stale & out dated. Time to put the broom though & wipe the slate clean.

  12. Moray

    the simple solution is to sell Nasri to Man Utd for 20m, then buy Wesley Sneider for 30m from Inter. And pay him wages on a par with VP, our other Dutchman.

    Nasri will fail at Man Utd, as Ferguson will confiscate his cakes. We can then bring in a world class striker and winger with the profits from Cesc(and our two CBs and DM out of our existing transfer budget. We play too much through the middle as it is. Some width will actually help to diversify our attack.

    If Ferguson really wants to pay Nasri 150k per week, and he can find the money, then there is not a lot we can do about it. It is just surprising and disappointing that we have Denilson, Rosicky and Eboue on longer contracts than Nasri…though hardly surprising.

  13. gnarleygeorge9

    G’Day Moray

    The last time a “local” won Wimbledon Robinsons Lemon Barley was the rage 😛

    And local doesn’t mean Scottish 😉

  14. gnarleygeorge9

    Calm down fella’s its all a press beat up about Nascar. He won’t go, & by staying that means AW will have signed some goodies.

    Oh! Who am I trying to kid. He won’t sign anyone 🙁

    Evening Suga

  15. SUGA3

    g’day gnarley 😉

    I hope that Arsene knows…

    knows that it’s a ‘do or die’ transfer window for him, I seriously dread to think what the atmosphere will be like at the Ems if we go into this season with sub par squad…

    the knives will be out at the first sign of weakness!

    what I am afraid of is that all the darkest visions of DooM are coming to fruition as we speak…

  16. Moray

    haha afternoon, gnarley. It was Fred Perry in 1936. I am guessing that might even pre-date Robinson’s barley water

  17. SUGA3


    dude, this is no laughing matter: what we are witnessing is all the aspects of mismanagement bearing crops as we speak…

    we can’t shift the dross, players we are being linked with are pretty average and we are about to lose our captain for peanuts…

    Nasri does not want to sign a new contract as he must have witnessed a lot of broken promises, like these made to RvP when he was signing his extension…

    I say let’s wait two more days, as far as I am concerned, we should be announcing at least one signing then, otherwise it will be a sign that OGL and Uncle Festah have been doing bugger all for the last month…

    Neron fiddled when Rome burned too!

    I am off to work…

  18. Moray

    SUGA3, I know. To be honest, I’ve reached a point where I don’t feel the pain any more. Uncles Festa and Bulgaria have been on holiday, living the dream, so I wouldn’t expect immediate water on the fire.

    What is more worrying is that – according to recent history – even 40m for Cesc does not necessarily mean 40m added to our Transfer Budget.

    But there must have been some realisation this year that the present embarrassment can’t continue. And we have to offload some dross. Best to do now before the upcoming global economic collapse engulfs us!

  19. Geoff

    Gnarley, he’s half English, anyway I remember when Evonne Goolagong won Wimbledon, you all claimed her though.

    Can’t get more local than her. A real Aussie!

  20. dennisdamenace

    willybilly says:
    June 28, 2011 at 23:14
    incesc says:
    June 28, 2011 at 22:02
    “How do you know we haven’t signed anyone? Had tea with Arsene recently?????????????????????????????????”

    what are you going on about????????????

    so you think with a disgruntled fanbase and hes managerial reputation going down the pan hes made loads of signings and kept the, all secret????????


    Jesus it’s insane to think that people still can’t comprehend this simple thing.

    Errrrrrrrrrrr, no it doesn’t, the TRANSFER WINDOW OPENED on the 9th June for the EPL, the 1st of July is for Europe!!

    Jesus it’s insane to think that people still can’t comprehend this simple thing!!

  21. Geoff

    Dennis people are banging on about July 1st yest Rednose has already signed 3, one of them would have been perfect for us but he is obsessed with bargain basement Gervinho. Twat!

  22. dennisdamenace

    Pathetic excuse makers Geoff, i have an email from The FA stating that the EPL transfer window opened on the 9th June. So, British players can be transferred AND registered after the 9th, hence the two completed transfers by ManUre and the other one by Liverpool.

    People STILL defend Wenger.

    When the 1st comes and goes, those same deluded idiots will start spout we still have ‘x’ amount of days before pre-season, then it’ll be we still have ‘x’ amount of days before the start of the season.

    Then those fuckers will disappear from here, and suddenly reappear once the season is a month old, all is forgotten, all is forgiven, cunts just like their fucking idol.

  23. Geoff

    Can’t fault any of that Dennis, then one day he’ll go, a new guy will come in, start winning and spending, and those same people will begin the cycle all over again!

  24. gnarleygeorge9

    Geez Geoff you know your tennis 🙂 I think The Gong won the same year the Gooners won the double in ’71. Then 1980 the last time my other footy passion won.

  25. JonTron

    I don’t know what it is, but I just don’t like this jersey. It’s been around for months, but I just don’t get it. Superficial I know, but I can live with it. Anyway I’m really excited for the upcoming month, and hope the we see some new signings. Maybe I’m being naive, but fingers crossed.

  26. gnarleygeorge9

    A word of warning to the people who will in the suburb of Wimbledon today. There could be A Tomic reaction. The fall out may be devasating for another 10 years. CHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAMMMONNE!

  27. PragmatistGOONER

    @Pedro—Eh I am also from India and I’m a teenager too but I hate peoples here who always praise Wenger..They even praised Wenger when LeProf said “Finishing 2nd best is not a disaster” :'( You know there are some nuts in every fan section…arsbiswas is one of Loser mentality AKB’s

  28. TOMTOM

    So we are in a battle with Newcastle and Palermo to sign Gervinho and Alverez,that says alot about our ambition. We wont be signing any world class players and its possible that Cesc and Nasri could leave. We really are fucked but I dont really care anymore because its obvious that we cant come near challenging for trophies next season as Wenger is taking the piss with his penny pinching ways and we slip further behind the big teams.